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0 is dedicated to the intellectual appreciation of poop humor. As such, it attracts a unique demographic: mature, intelligent men and women who think that poop is funny. PoopReport readers arrive at the site looking for a giggle and stay when they discover the site's true aim: to laugh AND to think about the one experience all human beings have in common.

If your #1 business involves people's #2 business, this is the advertising vehicle for you.

  • 20 thousand unique visitors per day
  • 5 - 10 million impressions per month
  • Unique content updated daily

90% of the content on PoopReport is contributed by the readers -- people with a penchant for poop who come back day after day to discuss their own experiences and comment on others'. The site has a loyal following that grows every day. As of August 2011, PoopReport averages around 20,000 visitors a day, and serves around 5,000,000+ pages a month.


No pop-ups, no smack-the-monkey ads, none of those banners that give Internet advertising such a bad name. If the product is relevant and the ad is interesting, people will click. If you're selling credit cards or spyware removers, people will be annoyed by your ad and thus hate both of us.