Ask PoopReport: The Red Brown Blues

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Dear Poopreport,

Has anyone, other than myself, experienced pooping blood after heavy
hard alcohol drinking the night before? It's happened three times to me and
never unless I had consumed alot the previous evening. The last two times were
somewhat painful, but that was several months ago.

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You are funny anonymous, the comment you want stopped was made a decade ago. You have procrastinated and waited too long to respond.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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This is a comment written with sexist tone and intolerable. If this were a racist comment there would be an uproar. Stop.

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Also pinoidal cysts can form just above the anus, they are small pinhole sized holed that can bleed, you;ll more likely find blood on your toilet seat.

I had a really dark brown reddish crap, kinda freakin me out

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look up anal fissures, i have them.

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My fiancee is a Philippina from North Cotabato, she tells me that there are worms in everyones intestines/poop. Is that because in the Philippines there are? Should we both get dewormed because we were there? Or is it just a horror story from the parents? Is there worms in the intestines/poop in America, or just if you catch them?

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like 3 time now i have crapped and like it's bright red and really bloody like the first time, i couldn't see the bottom of the bowl, so yea i'm worried like i went again the next day, which is unusual typically 1 every 2-3 days is normal but yea more blood i think it was somewhat less but i'm kinda worried cause i just went again and i held back a little so i could actually look at the red monster in question it's primarily on the surface but like i'm not woried enough to like break it open... but like i'm getting kinda pale, i have extremely breaf moments of stomach movement thats totally new, and i'm not pissin blood so i know it's not my stomach, i drink tons of water, i think it's a fissure cause i was constapated before this happened but i think it might be a big 1 like how long should i wait before i let the doctors violate me, oh and like i work out alot, it's how i lose weight i weigh about 230 and fit as a fiddle, so like bright reds a good thing huh?

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Relax everyone..... 'm popping pills and drinking...Craping blood like a champion... If you are abusing your body then these willbe the results.

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Well I am like alot of people on this topic. I checked my krap and it seems that there was a red streak in my stool. This obviously made me nervous. I am curious if this is cause by tomatoes that I have been eating, but am not sure how well the body breaks these things down. If there is anyone that knows this questions that would be great! my history has show alright stool and sometimes (usually when eating Pizza with tomatoes) it shows up.

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Blood in your poops may mean you have hemoroids people....I have been shititgn blood and then later find out my asshole hurts, it kinda gets sore so I use preperation H and in a week im good to go.

dont force your shits out and dont sit on the bowl for a logn time and you wont see any blood in your shit.

Its kinda funn the 1st time you shit blood but is a little weird when it keeps happening then when you wipe your as your toilet paper looks like a maxipad.....funny LOL but its discusting.

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Ok a while back i had pains well doing a N.2 and then i had a lump or two on my arse and then it burst wich hurt like hell but after that and few weeks on i get major pains when i do a N.2 and it feels like my poo is spikey and rips my anus apart well for some reason when i eat a tin of tuna everyday thiis doesnt happen so im not too worried about that but today i went to the toilet and at the end it felt like i need to crap one more so i guess i might of strained abit as it wasnt coming out and all of a sudden i got this major pain inside where the poop comes from it really hurt badly but the pain slowly went and i still didnt get anything out so i go to wipe my butt and theres alot of blood and also some in the toilet any help would be apreciated thanks

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my poo comes out green is this normal :~

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Yea Hello whoever reads this. I just got off work about a hour ago or so and I went number 2 . Usually Takes me a good 5 min to warm up but this time I was done poopin in 2 min.
As I wiped my backside I noticed blood on the toilet paper, scared I looked in the toilet and there was a ball of blood DId i poop a organ out or is it something else HELP!!!

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Im 19 and a few times...i notice small red areas on my stool, which is normal light brown color, except for the small occasional red area...I have only seen this about 3-4 times total, and it seems i usually see it after consuming tomatoes, but im unsure if the tomatoes have anything to do with it...One time i was def sure it was blood, since it looked like a streak on the stool. It scared me so much. I went to the doctor, told him all about it, but he checked me out and just told me its nothing...I still wonder why this happens and if its common.

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iv'e never pooped blood but yesterday i noitced there was blood in my toilet and when i wiped it was bright red and haven't seen it since should i worry ?

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this name fits my roomie best. i was making tea late tonight and had seen amy sleeping. However, while finishing up i was suprised to find her not asleep anymore. she was so worried she even decided to tell me the news. Me being a gentleman, played extremely cool and she even thought it was necessary for me to see this experience. That was alittle more than bargined for. thanks to this sight and everyone comments i beleive i have solved this puzzle? i also shared this sight with her, easing her discomfort and will be taking her to a physician tomorrow (per mothers request.) happy pooping!! we never knew it could bleed so easy..........

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I recently pooped and it was one of those "HOLY HELL......I DIDNT KNOW I COULD HAVE THAT MUCH IN ME" kind of poops. Well i got up to wipe and then i wanted to see the damage, so when i looked at the toliet paper it was a birght red.

I was expecting to see liquidy brown, but a vibrant red color.

From what i can gather from all this posting is that bright red isnt bad at all, you may have a hemoroid, or fissure, which i assume to be a cut or something. I sit quite often at my computer typing, so i assume this has something to do with it also.

Im not real worried about it because it has happened before a few times, weeks months, and years back. This is the first time i looked it up, so i decided to post about my poopy problem liek the rest of you.....

Well i hope this help.

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hi i just took a poop, and when i whiped my but the blood was bright red. this has bin going on for a wile now! pleae help im scared!

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My ex asked me a few days ago if I was having upset stomachs. Then the next day she told me she had something, took medicine, and said everyone in the house needed to take this medicine. Her mother is getting the meds prescribed today.
I just had an upset stomach. After wiping the first time I seen some blood and a clot with the feces. It was red, not dark. Then I noticed lots of blood in the bowl,with the not so solid feces. She said nothing about this happening to her. Yet,anyways.
I'm (and her)on a diet pill. I've been drinking at nights before I go to bed. Been doing this for about a month. And never ran across this problem. Until today.
Could it be that she's not telling me something?

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i drank last friday a whole 40 ounce of u.v. vodka plus some bud select and i have only shit like 2 times this week and its friday again!!! and each time i wiped it was bright red blood but it didnt hurt one bit. i am scared of doctors and need advice from usual drinkers. does this ever happen 2 u? plz plz plz give me info!!!

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has ayone found out that is bright red blood has turned out to be somthing dangerous

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hello. i have seen blood in my ass. BIG SURPRISE. haha.. yeah. well.. it's weird. because i know that sometimes when chickies are on the rags, they have ass bleeding, which is totally normal. but i did a poo tonite and like.. 2 days ago or something.. and there is bright red blood. kinda like period blood, but i know it isn't. like, it's not dark at all, not tarry or gloppy.. it's just red blood.
i don't have anal sex, i haven't been straining my ass lately.. although i did strain it a little a few days ago. but i'm still not sure. i'm not worried anymore, seeing that a lot of ppl have this same complex. it's very nerve wracking though.
i'd still like to get a bit of feedback, if you please. i really don't want my bum to be vandelized by a camera haha, i don't want a colon check.. just REASSURE ME lol

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Can drinking raw eggs affect poop color?
I've been having some problems with gasses for the past year or so... Not much helpped me, except some antibiotic medicine, but I could only take it for 10 days... The doctor thinks I have Chrone's diesease, but didn't wan't to xray me on the count I was still young, and except gasses there wasn't any other symptome (CRP blood test was less then inflamation limit of 0.05 though)...
Now I started drinking some raw eggs (it's suppose to be good for the imunity or something, don't ask me why or how), and it seems to me like my poop got darker... It's harder, kinda pebbley... Getting a bit scared?


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When I shit, it is just normal, but then once the poop is all out, there is like 2 drips of blood? is this what any of you have been experiencing.. the TP looks like when you have a bloody nose.

The only thing I have been doing different is drinking about 24 cups of water everyday, am I like flushing something bad out of my system?

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well my b.f pretty much has the same problem as all of u hes not sick or feels any discomfort but what could it be from he poops and bleeds ive seen it and its nasty

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Ive been having blood on and in my stool and some on the toilet paper, bright red i might add. Ive had no pain but feeling not so good, could be from the stress of it? Well i went to the Dr. and he probed my ass, said i had a internal hemmriod. Told me to drink lots of water and eat fiber foods. Well its been a week of the same bleeding eveytime i take a dump. How long does it take to go away? Anyone have the same problem? or have had. Thanks

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I was on a flight; ususally i wash my ass. I had to wipe it for a few days so noticed a bit of blood, thought I was rubbin the paper to hard so was external. 2 Weeks later thats today, I had a crap and noticed bright red line of blood on my shit which was pretty solid. No pain, just when I wipe my ass there is more bright red blood...looks fresh. Wondering if I should hold my crap till the damn thing heals???..will see my doc when i get back and update this post. Am a lil nervous though, whata pain in the ass!! (well no pain literally)

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Just read Constanza's post and i wanted to add when i did wipe my but there was a crap load of blood on it. (not sure if that helps any just wanted to add it )

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Just took a crap about 10 min ago....Freaked me out to see blood in my poo.not sure what to think im kinda freaking out that i pooped blood, wasnt to dark or to light but it enough to have me doing a google search to find out WTF is going on. as u can probably tell im young im only 21 i dont drink heavy and havent been dieting .... lol just the thought made me laugh lol.Well if anyone can tell me what might be going on feal free to send me an gonna go to sleep now b4 i spaz out and never get any. im gonna be racking my brains till i get this figured out (kinda want the last resort to be a Dr. (my buts an Exit only i dont want that rule broken)

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Tonight i wentto poop and when i did i had alot of blood come out, my left side hurts a little. I am older then a lot of you. i am 49 years old. I did not have aby when i wiped It must been bleeding in the inside.I had a colon check last Dec.04. and a lot of pulups. But everything looked good. Please i am scared

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i had sex with my boyfriend a couple of dayz ago n now when i poop i see red....i think itz blood...does anybody kno whats the matter...can u get colin cancer from having sex....can someone please help me me please

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All of you asking about seeing blood: check out some sites like webMD, those can help you figure out if you should go see a doctor or not. In general, if you see blood more than once, or it comes and goes, you need to go see a doctor just to be safe.

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well.. im 15 and for the past two days i have been shitting blood, im kinda worried, cause i see blodd in the toilet bowl, and when I wipe my ass their is also lot of blood!! Im kinda freaking out, I havent told anybody. Is this normal??

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ive been to the tpilet and i did a wee and there was blood. i thought tis was my period so i wore a pad. the next morning there was no blood in my pad. i had a poo and there was blood in that too. i wiped my hole (ass hole) and there was blood there. this has happened once before. but nothing came of it. ive been to the loo about 4 times today and nothing was in the toilet or on the paper then! im really worried. if any of you know email me please!

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The last 3 times I have pooped, bright red blood has been coming with it. I am 15 and a sophmore in highschool, and I havent been getting much sleep and I have a really crappy diet. It doesnt hurt at all when I poo, and I feel perfectly fine, but theres blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper. I will not go to the doctor, because my parents probalbly wont have enough money and it would be really embarrasing to tell them. I think im going to wait it out, but what do you think?

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how long will this last? and what should i do

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im 21.ok i got 2 bumps on my ***hole had one for about 5 days and barely pooped sinced. when i try only get out a very little bit and today when i woke up i had a little streak off blood on my boxers and every time i wipe there is blood on the paper i looked at the poop and didnt see any blood ...i did drink pretty heavy the night b4......

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OKOK - for those of you who think you have a hammaroid like me... i suggest you read this

even if you dont have them, read it anyways... i think it has a lot of useful info which can help many of you... please read ALL OF THAT PAGE!

Buy... hope every one gets better

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Yea ok, but how did i get this hemoroid??
I never force my crap out untill i had this large one... how long will it take to go away...???

And how do i prevent it from coming back???

Also i am going to go to the doctors soon for it.. i must find my health card :)

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To pop (

Sounds like you have a hemmoraoid. It's very common and nothing to worry about. Yes, it's very painful and you should visit the dr. for it.

If your to embarrassed to get help try buy some preperation H and take some stool softners to soften the blow.

Key is: Don't Panic
Bright red blood is actually a good sign that it's not serious. It means its a surface bleed like a hemoraoid.

Hope I helped.

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Well about 2 weeks ago a had this HUGE crap...
It hurt coming out and do my shock, when i wiped there was blood on the toilet paper...

Well it seemed to have gone away but now for the past 3 craps, its gotten really bloody and painful, and after each crap my anus tip is stinging - its almost like i ripped the end of me ass... well this last one really bled and i was so scared im looking on here for a cure...

I think i might have to go to the docotors... but this shouldn't be happining, im only 17 :(

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i have the stomach flu- diahrhea and now my ass really is hurting everytime i go- what could it be and what should i do?

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I don't think it's anything bad, but I have bright red poop. It hurts when I poop, and I'm very embarrassed by it. I've only had it for like a day so far. I told my sister, and she told our parents. Could it be really serious?

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P.S. I have pooped twice today. Once in the morning which wasn;t that red, and once after school where it was really red, BRIGHT red. When I wiped, it was just liked when you wipe with regular crap, except it was red.Help, i'm scared.

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Hi all,
younger people who have small bleedings in their feces, often have problems with the rectum being sore or its hemorrhoids. The latter also have a tendency to itch, like you want to scratch it.
Also many people wipe too hard which makes the "area" sore and start bleeding.
If you feel more tired than usual in longer periods, I suggest you see a doctor right away. Also if the bleeding is not caused by wiping too hard, go see a doctor. It might be scary with doctors, but it could save you your life and "unnecessary" pain. :)

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i have been shittin out blood 4 a week now n it dun seem 2 get betta. my mom suggests i should g2 da doctor n i fukin hate doctors will dis go away soon?

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okay...i am 14 years old, and have been noticing light blood in my stool, every once in awhile for about 1 1/2 months now...its happened about 3 times...and it kinda freaks me out...although i dont think its anything major...i still think that it is kinda not gay, so theres no reason my ass should be torn up or anything, and normally have a pretty healthy diet. When i asked my dad, he said that it was prbly from drinking all the pop i do...but i dont really know! i just assume it is something wrong with my diet, and normally let it go..but today, it happened, and it really freaked me has never really been a problem before, and it is just kind freakin' me the way, its bright red, and not very heavy... and it doesnt hurt to shit...i thought i would ask u guys becuz i am only 14 years old...and it is kinda emberassing shitting blood...and having to tell a doc about it...any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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im freaked. i just found blood in my crap. it was a bright color tho. im on my period but im sure its not from that "area." im afraid of doctors so what should i do?

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Hey, for the last couple days my stool has been darker like a dark brown almost black should i be worried or ?? my diet has been horrible i barly find time to eat or drink .. is this a cause from not eating well?

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It was new years last night and I drank 3 beers and a few shots and I came home and I am pooping bright red blood. Also I ate some really hot food that was just out of the oven so do you think that could've burned my colon and cause it to bleed? I mean the food I ate wasnt out of the oven for more than a minute? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone respond to me.

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For anyone worried they might have Colon Cancer, see

Blood swirling in the toilet should be reason to see a doctor.

Red in your poo too. I would have seen a doctor by now but my parents don't take it seriously enough.

DON'T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Tell your mom or dad.

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