Ask PoopReport: The Red Brown Blues

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Dear Poopreport,

Has anyone, other than myself, experienced pooping blood after heavy
hard alcohol drinking the night before? It's happened three times to me and
never unless I had consumed alot the previous evening. The last two times were
somewhat painful, but that was several months ago.

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As detailed in my infamous story (found here:, I suffered from poop in the stool once. I went to the doctor, and after violating me, he declared that I was fit as a fiddle, and this blood was an anamoly. However, he did sufficiently scare me with stories of colon cancer, so be aware: blood in poop can be a big warning sign of colon cancer. And while the idea of pooping into a detachable bag because your colon has been removed sounds like fun, I'm sure the novelty would wear off, so its probably best to get your bloody stool checked out.

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>> I suffered from poop in the stool once


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Again, my endless attemp to explain blood in the stool. If it's bright red, don't panic. If it is dark and tarry and maroon, panic. Bright red indicates a surface level cut or 'fissure' in the anus. Dark and maroon indicats possible colo-rectal Cancer. In either case, consult your doctor if it has happened rarely in the past.

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This probably has nothing to do with this case, but I've heard eating beets can lead to red spots in the feces. I guess they don't fully digest and come out the other end.

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Back when i was in 8th grade i had blood in my stool. I had it checked out and i was fine. Then in 9th grade i got ecoli. i had tons of blood in my crap. Now this very year i had a slight fissure by my anus. So after reviewing my crap in the toilet i was surprised to see tons of blood. my advice is that if there is blood in your stool, you don't have to panic. There are lots of other things besides colon cancer that could be happening.

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When you get super drunk you get dehydrated, right? Hence, a hangover is a dried out brain. Well, when you dry your system out your poo is not well lubed up, shitting everyday poop out could actually match an attempt at squeezing a brillo pad out of your ass!!! Drink lots of water after boozing! It's not just good for your brain!

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I have heard from Vita before. She isn't too bright. She thinks a hot date is a night at McDonald's with a fresh pack of cigarettes. The dumb bitch was probably having her period, but is too fucking dumb to know that her cunt will bleed once a month.

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Oh shit Vita posted this shit, Hey vita, you dumb bitch, it's not from the alcohol, its from your fucked up eating habits! McDonalds, ciggs, your colon is full of bacteria, and rotting meats.

It's called McDonalds Colon.

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I got a bit freaked out the other day when I saw thick red spoltches in my poop. I had to look real close to realize that they were undigested red peppers.

I disagree with Trashcanman's prognosis: if you find any blood in your poop (blood that's not obviously coming from an anal fissure, and you can usually use toilet paper to test that), you should go to the doctor.

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Is it really bad if there is blood in my poop?

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my girl only eats one time a day and she has blood in her stool. I keep telling her to eat and she dont want too.Its her new way of dieting. I hope that she will wake up one day and see what shes doing to her self. I love you Joanne and I don't want anything to happen to you Baby..,.

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hey, i'm a skinny guy, and i just started a new diet of eating about 6 meals a day. . . i also just started to work out. . . AND, am taking suppliments to gain weight. anyways, i pooped a couple minutes ago and there was a lot of blood in the toilet. it didn't hurt and it was pretty bright red. i don't feel like anythings wrong. can anyone fill me in?

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Same things happened to me. I have a regular diet but when I pooped there were spots of blood around the bowl and a fair bit of blood on the toilet paper. It didnt hurt but its happened previously and seems to be getting more frequent... so im gonna go see a doctor

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I am a pretty cut guy for skinny guy, and started to eat atleast about 6 meals a day to gain weight. . and started to work out with taking suppliments to gain weight. I pooped blood "once yesterday" in the toilet. it didn't hurt and it was pretty bright red. havent seen it today. Should i be worried ?? (same issue like pablo had listed on 9-15-02)

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I do occasionaly get drunk on the weekends but I noticed one day little spots of blood on the toilet paper none on my stool in the bowl though. The blood has been appearing for a week now and it does hurt a little when going to the bathroom. Should I be worried? By the way the color of the blood is light.

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hey, 15 and i exercise a lot, with running crosscountry and indoor track, it's hard not to...well anyway, i have a regular diet, and exept for the past few days when i only at 1 meal when i was sick, i eat a lot of food for a guy my size. Well, getting to the point, i felt as if i was gonna get some diarea or something, and when i finished with my buisness, i couldnt tell if my feces was bloody or not, but when i went to wipe, my toilet paper had a lot of blood on it. Would this be normal?

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It's me again, I layed another turd, and this time expamined it, there was a bit of a normal color red mixed in with my feces, and there was more blood on my toilet paper, please help me, im kinda wondering if there is something wrong with me

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How much blood did you guys poop?

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not much

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I'm very worried right now because this is a first. I had a really BAD case of the stomach flu. It lasted for about 3-4 days and I pooped around 30 times on the first day alone. I have went off and on pooping and just tonight I came across tarry blood in my stool. I have went so much I'm raw when I wipe and wanted to make sure it wasnt from my anus or a possible hemroid.

I am considering talking to my doctor because all of the symptoms are gone besides the constant runs.

What else could it be?

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i havent really had any changes in my diet lately or anything but i have noticed that recently i have been pooping blood. i am getting kinda scared. the first time it happened it was a lot of blood and it looked pretty red... it also hurt. lately it has been happening, and there is still blood but not as much... im not sure if it is just an anal fissure (i am really hoping that it is only that) i am thinking about going to my doctor? should i try and wait it out? please help!

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I've shit a couple of times since my origional post, and theres been no blood. If this happens again though I will definatly see a doctor.

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I took a shit tonight and when i got up my toilet was filled with BRIGHT red blood. And I mean a lot of it. It came out pretty easily. I'm scared shitless. I've been feeling tired alot for the past few months but I work alot of hours and don't get alot of sleep, so I figured that was why. But now I'm wondering if the two are connected. This has never happened to me before. Should I wait and see if it happens again, or see a doctor right away? By the way, I'm 20, and in pretty good shape, a little on the skinny side. Thanks for any help.

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I have been seeing blood in my stool for the past three weeks. The blood is bright red, just like the color of blood if I cut my finger. It is also on the surface. Everytime, I move my bowel, I put a paper under my ass and catch the stool and look at it very very carefully. I don't see blood mixed in the stool, just on the surface. What could this be? This is the first time this happened. My ass has been itching for a long time though.

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I am getting some muscle after working out for about 9 months, and started to eat atleast about 6 meals a day to gain weight. . and started to work out with taking suppliments to gain weight. When I pooped there was light lines of blood around the curves of my crap and when I wipped my butt there was more blood there. it didn't hurt like when you force your stools. its been three days and the same thing happens. today I used the toilet and there were lines of light line again and I saw like a small cuagulation of blood in the toilet very small. I am freaking out. Should i be worried ?? (same issue like pablo and Mike had listed on 9-15-02) guys what supplements are you guys taking. I take GNC multi vitamis and vitamin c and AMIMAL MSTACK. LET ME KNOW. SREYES@CORP.GOAMERICA.NET

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Same thing with me.First time though.It scared the shit out of me when I saw a few darkish red spots in my poo.But unlike everyone else,there wasn't any blood in the toilet or on the toilet paper just spots in the poo

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for two days now my stools have hurt a lot! and when i wipe the tissues all red. my sis told me the same thing happened to her once before and someone told her it was just stress.. but i donno if this is the same. any of you guys have words of advice?

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I just found blood in my poop and a little on the paper. Im 16 so it could be anything, right? From like hormones or something, right? I workout alot and i have smoked dope for about 7 or 8 months, could it be from that? when should i get checked out by a doctor?

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I don't shit blood but I did give birth to a smelly piece of crap that moved on it's own. It spoke and said "don't flush, i won't hurt you" well I didn't and now we're married and have a shit load of kids... thought you should know.

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Hi i was wondering i been pooping blood for almost a week i dont get any blood on the paper but when i flush and the water rushs up there is a little bit of blood should i see a docter or just wait it out plzz help im scared shit less by the way im 14

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I been feeling really tired too just wanted to let yall know

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i work out as well and drink juices with vitamin c in them all the time i also am shitting out bloody shit. i didnt change my diet but at the end of this week i think i'll call the doc.

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TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE SCARED: Being scared adds stress to your life and stress can equal even more health problems. Clear your mind and GO SEE THE DOCTOR. Find out from your doc what's going on and then you can more confidently "self-assess" next time, hopefully without as much stress! Or seeing the doc may even save your life. You can't lose ...if you see the doc! That's what they're for! Peace, health, and happy poopin' to y'all.

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my poop is green and bloody, i usually only have green and red blood after i drink, but i haven't drank in a week and it is. I eat a lot of eggs that aren't cook or boiled and not even out of the shell, do you think the chickies hatched and died inside me.

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I just went and there was a lot of bright red blood in my toilet water and on the log. This has happened before, but not as much, and sometimes just on the toilet paper. Should I go to the doctor?

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I can confirm that eating fijitas with red bell peppers in them can cause quite a scare. Red bell peppers do not seem to digest well.

P.S. For those with colorful vocabularies, please use discretion for the other readers. Thank you.

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I just backed one out and had little traces of blood on the paper. I drank way too much last night. I'm wondering if it's related. I usually just fart alot. Now I'm freaked the hell out!

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For about 3 days now when I go poop there is spots of blood in my poop. There is none on the toliet paper and none other than in my poop. I didn't eat anything red either.

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Turns out I had dry skin around my anushole that cracked and bled when I wiped it. I took a shower and now everything is well and good.

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I am 13 and yesterday i poopd bright red blood what does this mean? Is it hormones, puberty?

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Hi, I thought that I just had some blood in my stool, but I don't have any other symptomes of anything. Should I get checked out anyways or wait to see if anything else comes of it. PS. Last night I ate a juicy red pepper. I am hoping that's all it is.

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Well... only 1% of Colo-rectal cancer occurs in people under 30....probably most of those people have heridatary shit like that disease where u get hundreds of polyps..its probably a fissure or a hemorrhoid if it is bright red...

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Hey my dad has had this happen in the past quite a bit and it is happening again! he said he is pooping bright red. the 2nd time it has happened he went to the doctor and he said it was some thing about his cells and he could die if it gets to bad. he wont go to the doctor! will someone fill me in?

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Well, I just pooped. It was a pretty big one and it hurt really bad coming out. Like I wanted to scream, when I finished I looked down and there was a streak of blood down it. Because it hurt so bad coming out do you think that that had anything to do with it? I don't usually worry about this kind of stuff but when it comes to blood and it coming out parts it sin't supposed to I get a little "Up Tight" about it...

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Take it from me, I have a colonostomy (a shit bag). If you see blood in your stool, just go check it out. I waited to long, and it turned into CANCER! But if you end up with cancer, it is not a death sentence, it just means your gonna fart in front of people occasionally. No biggie, fart on.

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What if you don't have to poop and blood still comes out of the ass?

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i crapped out like a handful if not more of dark, jelly, blood. when i wiped there was a good bit of blood there too. Please help

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im 17 and a girl...when i go to the bathroom i cant see anythng in the toilet but when i wipe theres just a little little bit of blood...and being a girl at first i jsut thought it was my period but its def. not that, its bright red and its barely even any at all but of course im freaked out...if anyoen really knows what to do then plese help me bc im scared out of my MIND!!!

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Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading cancer of death.

If it isn't painfull but blood, colon cancer.

If it is painful hemmoroids or gasterone bleeding or whatever it is called.

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