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Dear PoopReport,

I have recurring dreams about poop. Often times it is overflowing out of a toliet -- there is a lot of it, and I have to pick it up with my hands. Recently, I dreamt that I was stirring a bowl of it, and then it was in my mouth. WHAT F*&K does this mean?

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Frued often equated feces with money. So this implies to me that you feel your money is escaping you -- that you can't handle money, that you need help with it. And then with the stirring and getting it on your mouth -- maybe it means you feel that money is a poison, that's it's making you repulsive to others?

I'm no psychologist. Yes, it's true.

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Before explaining it all, ve need zome more information. What's your gender and age? How long have you been having dis dream? Are you married, and if so have you been concealing an affair or huge gambling loses from your spouse?


Darth Flatulent's picture you work at Taco Bell? You could just be dreaming about work.

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Ty, that might make sense to me. I never considered Freud to be anything more than an anal-obsessed quack, but the shit-money equasion does suit me well. I usually drop a deuce every other day instead of every day, so I guess this means I'm a conservative prick who wants it all for himself, and only giving it up when he has to. Who knew my ass and my bank account were so closely related? I think I'll start reading more about Freud and his ass-influenced theories.

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I believe in an individualistic interpretations of dreams. What did poop mean to YOU? That is the question.

This is certainly a dream about your life and its circumstances. There's not enough information for determining whether it is an ONGOING frustration, or merely incidental. I'd guess ONGOING.
You're facing a tiring and relentless situation in your life which you find dirty and even disgusting.
The key is to comprehend that you feel POWERLESS over it. No one would willingly put shit in their pie hole.
So the issue at hand indicates that the most vile and disgusting thing keeps occurring to you and that you FEEL like you have NO CHOICE IN the matter.
The feeling is quite common.

Other examples could be recurring dreams about crashing planes, violence, or social embarassment.
You have gotten so accustomed to being defeated by it that it is akinto having shit INSIDE you all the time. See?

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I think it means you have to take a dump.

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Maybe you've been eating too much cheese.

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Here we go: "According to Freud, feces is related to possession, pride, shame, money/financial matters, or aggressive acts."

And even better: "For many people, the feces have been a portend of good fortune or wealth. This may include the actual conveyance of wealth or the desire for such a "find." In either case, the interpretation reverts back to Freud's own feelings that the feces were perceived by the infant as being something they created and therefore something valuable. The true surprise would be if an adult person awoke from a feces dream feeling particularly at ease with a sense of well-being.

"The origin of the feces and means of discovery are both important issues to discern in the meaning of the dream. For example, if the feces comes into the dream through direct biological means, who it belongs to and your interaction with it-visual only, cleaning up, etc.-may say much about your relationship with the other characters.

"If it is simply discovered, or known about without actual visual participation in the dream, then the possibility that another's influence is upon you is troubling. At this point, it is conceivable that the dream could relate to money if your influence is far reaching, or if others are odorously impinging upon you."

That's all from

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One time I had a dream that I was sitting on a toilet, pooping backwards (the poops was jumping out of the pot and stuffing themselves into my ass). It was weird. I dreamed Yakov Smirnov was standing next to me saying, "In Soviet Russia, dumps take you!"

But then I woke up in a gutter with a pounding headache, surrounded by empty 40-ouncers, and my pants were pulled down and it appeared I'd been repeatedly sodomized by winos. That might explain my dream.

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Sometimes a dream about a turd is just a dream about a turd.

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I have had dreams about shitting, however, I havn't had to touch the stuff.

However, I had this one dream where I plugged a shitter in the Empire State building, and I had to run for it, with 3 other people.

There was a narrow rescue by helicopter.

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I think you have a fear and distast of poop, or maybe you love poop and wan't to eat it, I think you fear it....

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Now if the turd were cigar-shaped, then Freud would have enjoyed a field day with this dream.

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I had a recuring poop dream also.

for about a year, i had dreams about having to poop REALLY badly, going into the bathroom in my dream and finding it to be more discusting then a freddy krugger nightmare. the dreams were quite vivid. Green slimy titles walls, with every type of waste on the seat of the toilet bowls. but having the incredible urge to poo i would dream myself hovering or tring to poo off the bowl in someway, Of course in my dream there was no TP.
usually in my dream i would fall into the discusting toilet in some way and wake myself up.

the dreams progressed and got worse over the year.
eventually i would dream i was at some sporting event and have to poop. entering the bathroom would be the most dusgusting site ever. toilets with no stalls lined up. the toilets that had stalls would always be Half height walls made of rotting wood with holes so anyone could see you droping a deuce the toilet of course would be gross. i started to dream of tring to clean the toilets before finding the least gross one to use.

eventually in my dream i stopped caring, and would just crap away in the gross green bowls and then leave like other people i would see in my dreams. I would never recognize any of the people in my dream and eventually they stopped. I guess i resolved the issue and became a shameless shitter or something. i never had any problems pooping in public, i did with really gross toilets and i still do hate them, and hover.

i didn't have any money issues. But a few years after this first series of dreamed stopped a new set began. I know what started it too. I went to a new gym in my area and managed to pick up Athletes foot in the locker room :( it was the first time in my life i managed to get it, and it horrible, i ended up having to get some special anti-bonics to kill it, but anyway. the dreams started up again, with the gross toilet, but soon turned into the most horrific Lockerroom you could imagine with the same slimy green and black walls i would dream i was bare foot and had to tiptoe through the slimy floors to get to my clothes on the other side. Its pretty funny when i think back on this now. Thankfully after the foot fugus died the dreams stopped also.

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Dear Feces Theses:

Best I can tell, your dream simply says that you are completely full of shit.

Regards. And have a very shitty day. TH.

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The recent health awareness concerning diets in the news is producing subliminal anxiety in your subconcious. You feel your diet is very bad for your body, so much that it cannot get rid of the toxins and waste fast enough, and that you are jsut basically eating shit. Analyze your consumption habits and moderate on the garbage. When you feel you are living more healthy with regard to your food choices, your anxiety should diminish.
Dreams are often when your brain is sorting the most important information for further problem solving and storing. An unanswered question will stimulate each night until resolved or abandoned.
If diet modification fails, a quick-fix may be to just taste some of your shit. Your fresh memory of tangy turd should wipe over your brains attempt to determine if your eating right, as it will now have positive confirmation that you are not. You may also want to try reading some of the recipes at Surely that memory will at least replace your shit eating fantasies with pole smoking nocturnal emissions. Then, to avoid your feelings of turning gay, youll go get laid. Getting laid will always alleviate mental anguish. Good luck, my son.

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Hey, Furball, you can't spell worth a hoot.

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I find that the content of most dreams is comprised of data that arrives brainside either during the day or actually while we are in REM phase.

Therefore, I would suggest that you either clean your bathrooms or stop shitting in bed at night.

Regards. His Turdship.


Just take a poop already and move on!!!!!!!!


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I had a dream about shit just the other night. George Bush walked into my dream and I had to flush him.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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WHen i was a child i would have dreams like that. I'd dream i was taking this huge crap and that the shit was sticking to me, and that i was shitting in my pyjamas an that i was stinkingup my bed with shit. Big shitlogs oozed out of me like a giant brown version of those play doh shit factories they used to sell. I could feel the chunks of food amidst the smoother bile brownie batter catching and smooshing against my legs.

Then i'd realize i was awake the whole time.

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I didn't raise no liar. What the boy says is true.

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i like poop. It makes me horney and i take the poop and rub it on my s. and stick it in my mouth i like poop so much i could sniff my a33 all day long.

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Maybe you have a secret fear that your toilet is going to overflow and plungers will suddenly become nonexsistant and you'll have to eat your own poop to keep the stinch out because you don't want anyone to know what a poo poo head you really are!
Close To Being A Psychologist - MAGULA!

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i had a dream of me pooing jus the other night..
i like literally pooped and wiped my ass!! hahaha..wat does that mean???

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maybe it's a dream about poop spewing out of your butt like lava and there not being any

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uz are all god damn crazy...

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My dream just grossed me out. I was out to dinner with my family and my boyfriend (although it wasnt my real boyfriend, it was a kid that I just know). I went to the bathroom and in the bathroom some people could see the toilets from up above. Don't ask me why. I then waited for the stahl where no one could see. When it was empty, I went in and all I had to do was pee. When I wipped myself though, there was poop everywhere. The toilet was plugged, it was on the seat, on the toilet paper, all over me. In my hair, my clothes, eventually it was in my mouth. I ran to have a friend help me get it out and the more she helped, the more I had to spit up the poop. What the hell does that mean!?!

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okay you guys are really retarded... like , hardcore, you ovbiously need medical attention of you keep having dreams that your shitting... its kinda disturbing in a hilarious way... but none the less i consider some hard core pills to help you... its seriously not good to dream you have shit problems with slimy floores, or peeing and shiting instead, or eating your own shit!! like come on!!! i think your all just full of the stuff that your dreaming about... (aka)shit!!

yours trully,

the one that doesnt need hardcore pills

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Well, I think you just are smiking too much pot.

"KOC -- the Cool Crapper" - Rat Droppings

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Once I dreamed I shit a Turkey all wrapped up like at the grocery store. And it wasn't fowl smelling!


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Good one 3flusher, I think I am the only one who got the punchline, turkey, fowl.

According to my dream book, dreaming of shit indicates coming dissapointments in money matters.
Watch out for the deadly F4, though he's been gone since '53, he will be back.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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I just took some muscle relaxers last night and had a dream that I found a brick of cocaine and tasted it and got high just from one taste so I was going to bag it up and sell it, just this one time. I was in a motel room and I pooped on the floor and took my poop and rubbed it all over my arms and face and then I was eating my poop! I took a shower and tried to get the poop off of me, but no matter how hard I scrubbed, I couldn't get it all off. Then I was spitting in the shower trying to get the poop out of my mouth and rinsing my mouth with water over and over. What the hell does this mean?

Also, I have a recurring nightmare that I'm in a lockerroom where all of the toilets are out in the open and they're all poop-covered and there is poop and pee flooding the room and I'm so grossed out because I'm trying to walk through it to go to the bathroom, but I can never find a clean toilet. Sometimes in this dream I will try to go to the bathroom anyway and there are always people standing around and I'm extremely embarrassed, but I have to go so bad that I go anyway with them watching.

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Hello all!!!

I was very interested to read about the post comment in this site...i am bigginner...

I am married and pregnancy 5 months,my ages 19 years old...

By the way,I dreams about pop many times in my life...even it crazy but true!!!

The Poop meaning:if you expected a money or Salary or you play the gambling example:CASINO.
possible,you will win...
nothing is bad to dream about pop...this is not dirty and this is a pleasure,something good.

it difficult to understand what i tried to explained...but believed me or you don't believed,you can't loose anything.

Just say,i was poor young girl and no education..i am only waiting salary my husband.

ask me if you missunderstood..

God bless you

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dream of shitting. always looking for a clean space. aboard a ship or another place where i dont belong.

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ok, i'm totally researching this because my sister said rumor is if you dream about feces u should go buy a lottery ticket.. so i have..
could be a load of crap, but i will repost to tell u of my experience.
" i had a dream my husband was somehow having sex w/ me from my rear and for some reason i felt uncomfortable then i looked at his peepee and it had poop all over it so i was like oh my god u just butt f**d me.. anyhow i was mad and somehow the poop got all over him and all over me and all over my face and i think it was in my mouth... so we were showering to get it off, then i woke up thinking i had sh1t in my mouth.
lets see if i hit the jackpot!!!!!!

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i have had several dreams night after night about shitting- me shitting -other people shitting - horrible endless diarrhea - toilets after i clean them are suddenly covered in shit again, my mum pooping- so many variations! I can't work it out but from visiting this site it seems it may be in line with my lack of control over my income as i am waiting for great job to start in few months with big money. freud was right!

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I must say- this website is the most intriguing thing I've read in ages... But I have quite a doozer to contribute to this civilized conversation for you poo observers.

I had a dream the other night, where I was craving orange juice. So, I drank an orange cooler. Immediately afer the delightful cooler, I sat on the can and pinched a loaf. Once finished, I picked up the rather large slice of poop and began to knaw on it. It was completely normal- my brain couldn't decide whether it was a large brownie or a hunk of onion meat-loaf. I continued walking with this piece of poop in my hand, knawing on it, when I walked right past my mother. She just looked at me and said "Ah, I see you had an orange cooler." And then I awoke.

Anyone care to take a stab?

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Maybe you think you want something in your life (orange juice), but you actually want something else (meat - brownie poop) that might be forbidden or not completely acceptable for you to have. Your mother, being the know all moms are, is onto you, or maybe she represents an authority figure.


It's just a guess. Are you in a relationship or job that's not working out? Are you checking out someone else on the sly or thinking about quitting your career?


Are you satisfied with your current long distance carrier?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I think it means that you should start encouraging your pet Saint Bernard to sleep with its ass at the foot of the bed instead of on your pillow.
Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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My name is asstree. and am 20 years old. My dream last night has left a scar. Basically, I was shoving poop into my face and had it all over. I don't know what it means. Do you think it has something to do with my name... ASS? You may think this is a joke, but seriously, I don't think it's healthy to be eating poop. Do I need help? Do I secretly enjoy poop? Please, help me.


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This is the funniest shit I've read in a long time! Made me forget my wierd dreams for a moment. At least I know that I'm not alone having these aborant dreams. Regarding the money angle . . does having a lot of money, or very little money, cause the shitty dreams??

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Whenever I dream about sh*t I ALWAYS receive unexpected money. This also happens whenever I accidentally hit my elbow or my knee really hard. Weird, but it works everytime! :)
Next time I dream about sh*t I will buy a lotto ticket or do a little gambling.:)

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WOW!!! if dreaming about shit means that I am going to get a lot of money...then bring on the dreams of poop!!!

In search of the ever evasive BM

In search of the ever evasive BM

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Ok, here is the dream I had last night. I first felt poop in my mouth which I thought was incredibly gross. I started trying to spit them out but there was always more. Then it was smeared all over my butt crack and the flies came and they were SOOO annoying! I couldn't manage to fight them off.

And here's what I think my dream means. I'm making someone very VERY uncomfortable and annoyed by sending them e-mails. They equate my words to "poop" comming from my mouth. And they couldn't care less as long as I'd just leave them alone.

How did I do on that interpretation?
And by the way, I intend to stop contacting this person. I didn't know that's how they honestly felt about me. Oops!

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I had the weirdest dream last nite. I dreamt I took a shit in the toilet and the turdlets looked like sea shells. ouch! and then one had tentacles like an octopus? Later the shit started overflowing and turned into snakey worm things that I had to kill upon exiting the overflowing tank.
any interpretations?

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About the poop dreams, when I began taking SSRI medications, I researched them prior to beginning the initial dose. Someone mentioned that a side effect for them was that they were having very vivid dreams. Once I began taking the medication, I began noticing myself dreaming of things like being in public restrooms where toilets were overflowing, and feces (turds) were all over the floor. I was suspended in air, looking down at it on the floor. Following several of these dreams, they stopped. Perhaps others who may be on certain types of medications may be experiencing the same.

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Hey Tak:

I agree. They'z all nutty. I haven't laughed so hard and long in too long. This is truly insane.

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OMG - This is so funny. I came here because I've been having poop dreams too. Similar ones about the toilet over flowing and not being able to find a toilet that doesn't have overflowing poop and walking through pee and overflowed water on the floor...then I find one and it ends up being flooded. The other night I had one that I had poop covered on my legs like it was lotion and I was carefully cleaning it off with a squeegie type deal...I keep having poop dreams lol...

This stuff is too funny :)

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So, I had a dream that I went poop on a toilet in the middle of the living room and the toilet was overflowing with the poop. I felt a real sense of releif in having gone to the bathroom, but then, was mortified at all the poop in the toilet. I tried to flush it but it got clogged and the swishing of the water sent the poop circling and flying across the room. I was very embarrassed since I knew the home's owner would be coming into the living room soon, where the toilet and all the flying poop now were. What on earth does all this mean!???

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Last night I had a dream that I went to the bathroom like normal, but took a huuuuge shit. I guess maybe the toilet was a weird shape because I think the bottom was flat, and I could see that it was really two sets of shits, the first I think was the darker brown and had a few HUGE ridiculously long columns, and the second I think was the lighter brown one and was a veritable mountain also. I didn't see how they could possibly have fit inside me. I was worried about it going down when I flushed but I don't think I actually tried flushing. I don't think I've ever dreamed about shit before. I didn't remember it till a good few hours after I got up when I was actually on the toilet taking one. Money problems would make sense though, I'm putting every cent I have towards my student loans every paycheck I get.

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The whole poop-money thing may be right on target. I've never had a poop dream before, but last night as I was making dinner I was listening to "For the Love of Money" by the O-Jays and I started thinking about $$$ - (my desire for it and lack of it!!!) and last night I had a poop-in-my-mouth dream. I could not, for the life of me, figure out WHY I had that dream, but now it makes better sense.

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Im glad I found this site, I have had a couple of dreams of taking a shit.
The first dream i can hardly remember, although in the dream I took a shit but it was like a massive pile in less than two seconds. In the dream though I felt physically lighter.

The second dream, I also took a shit but it was sticky and got stuck between my butt cheeks! Again, I could physically something between my butt-crack.
Both times when I woke up, there was no shit.. nothing! I wonder what the hell happened and what this means?

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pls help me understanding my dream.
yesterday in my dream, i saw that i had a pressure but all the shitpots from all my 3 toilets are missing.
Then to avoid making my house dirty, i shit in my hands and take it in my mouth. In next scene, I was vomitting.

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Wow. That could be taken quite a few ways. One might be that you're not feeling like you have friends or support right now in your life, so you're having to take all the "shit" in your life and discussions/issues that might be shared with others unto yourself.

I don't know... do you feel lately like you've got no one?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Rox, your dream is clearly about your religious beliefs. Your psyche is telling you that you cannot offload your sins on the Holy Trinity as you were taught you could, but must learn to swallow them yourself. Yeah, that will sometimes make you vomit, but at least you are finally seeing life as it is. Embrace it. Get on with it.


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Hi, last night I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was cleaning in this house that is familiar to me. My father left for a meeting and when I went outside the house there were poops on the sidewalk to come to my house. I had to clean it. I was using a big spoon and something else so that my hands wouldn't touch it. It was gross but I wanted to do it anyways. While I was cleaning I felt a satisfaction that my dad was going to come back and not see that again. Yet there were more in front of the door and my sister spread water on it and it ended up all over the place.
I had never had a dream like this before and I wonder why today?

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Wow, I must say, this is the most hilarious, yet disturbing website I have ever seen. Anyway, I don't have recurring poop dreams, lol, but did have one last night. I was upset about this wedding, well my husband was telling everyone I didn't want his sister and her boyfriend to come to vegas and get married, I didn't really care if they did or not, but was mad because he was making it out like I didn't want them to come...anyway, I walked across this green field of grass and went into this restroom because I needed to poo. Somehow, I kept pooping on the toilrt seat, but had used a seat cover so was able to slide it into the toilet without getting my hands dirty. It was like it kept repeating, Ikd keep going into the stall and sometimes there would be someone elses poop already sitting there on the toilet seat cover, so I'd clean it up and do my business. Then, as I was sitting there, I looked out into the peep hole and saw that ronald mcdonald was there with two people, they were tiny and were plotting something against me. I was freaking out cause I thought I must be hallucinating. That was it, then I woke up and actually did have to poop, so I'm guessing that was why I had the dream. I dunno. What do you guys think?

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Well AC, I'm convinced your telling us a real recollection of a dream, since there are no green fields of grass in Vegas. The rest is obvious, Mcdonald, and two otherwise unidentified dwarves, ARE plotting to get you. Watch your back, those little people are sneaky, and who trusts a clown?


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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I hate clowns. John Wayne Gacy and Stephen King did not help with that.

Anon, thanks for sharing your dream. I wish I remembered more of my own.
.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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No you don't, Daphne, you'd just embarrass me if you did.


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points


.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I'm having poop dreams, but have yet to find anyone online having the same kind. I have these reoccurring dreams where I can not stop pooping. I will be going about my day like normal and I will uncontrollably start pooping my pants. I will eventually make it to the toilet,pooping all the way, where I poop another large amount. Just when I think that I'm done and I wipe up and leave, I start pooping my pants again.

maybe I should expect a LOT of money...

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i had a dream last night i was in the toilet taking a dumb at a party in front of every one people just said hi like nothing was happening i was right in the middle taking a dump..does this mean anything

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I had three dreams about shit..
First, It was year 2004, I dreamed I was inside a native bathroom, I saw my mother giving me a pale of water with full of green shit... I just pour over my body, surprisingly it was full of green shit... In real life, after that dreams, a month ago, my mother was able o sell our land property and she gave me shares of $4000 for my personal savings.

Year, 2007, Another shit was in my dream, I saw it somewhere in a soil (it was a brown color), In real life, after two months, our copra property in the provice was able to sell and another money was share to us by my mother.

presently, just last night (Dec 21, 2009) I dream and saw a puppy in my bed and the puppy was playing, then suddenly i saw two bunches of brown shits were in my bed, I look for a paper to clean and was able to hold the shits because there will be relatoves coming...that was I remembered,,, I hope it another windfall of money? its Christmas time, and bonuses is coming ahead for few days... I feel glad and blessed when I dreams this thing....

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I guess I'm odd, but in spite of thinking about pooping every day (checking this site; having my b.m.'s), I never dream about it. Some of my dreams are very short: in one, I was Noah, shaking my fist at the darkening sky and saying, "But I paid for 40 days and 40 nights!" In another, I am on the phone, saying, "No, there's absolutely no obblegobble." Nothing about poop.

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I had a dream tonight? I don't believe it has anything to do with money in my case; it doesn't. I had a bad yesterday & I slept in another room of my house I normally don't sleep in. Yesterday is complicated so I don't even know if I'll get into it but in my dream I fought three girls who seemed to not fight very well & give up easily. That's funny cause I usually don't win in my dreams. Then I was in someone's place, no one I know, it was a guy & the guy explained that when he would get scared he would eat too much and have bowel issues(cause I was wondering why when I went to the bathroom there was urine & feces on the floor, feces in the toilet & just eventually the whole place smelled like feces and it was covering the sort of living room that was there by the bathroom). I have had dreams of disgusting public washrooms before but this was different. I think I agree with Shawn St. James, maybe that is a good interpretation for my dream??

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I have never dreamed of shit and I was researching for an essay on psychoanalysis and the super rich when I found this page. You are all very funny. Freud used to dream about shit but he used to wash his away with his urine.

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Well, this has all been rather enlightening!

I'm glad the shit dreams resonate with money and success because after last night's dream I thought having shit in my mouth might be a bad omen!

My dream is a little less straight forward as I somehow ended up having my mouth full of nail clippings. Not sure if I bit my nails or what, but it was chock full of them, making me gag, so I ran to the bathroom sink and begun spitting them out. A few did come out but I felt like a bolus of them was stuck further back in my throat.
Finally, I heaved a large chunk of them and guess what should land in the sink? A nice, mouth sized turd, much like the colour of this web page!!
So, I actually shat through my mouth - does this mean I'm leaking money?
I have recently quit full time work to study full time and am feeling the pinch.

; P

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Hi Guys - I'm left enlightened and full of intrigue. Last night I dreamed of sitting on a nice white toilet in a nice clean bathroom - overlooking a nice clean beach - and saw a nice healthy shit in the bowl. Today - on awakening - I have since visited the toilet bowl - 5 times - to empty my bowels... and I also got paid $300 more than my normal pay! My dad got a lotto ticket today - but I'm thinking now - that it should have been me! I was there when he bought the ticket so I'm a winner by association! haha thanks guys ~ and here i was searching for some deep dark mysterious interpretation to the meaning of seeing poo in my dream! Love it love it love it! ;)