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Dear PoopReport,

I have recurring dreams about poop. Often times it is overflowing out of a toliet -- there is a lot of it, and I have to pick it up with my hands. Recently, I dreamt that I was stirring a bowl of it, and then it was in my mouth. WHAT F*&K does this mean?

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I had a crap dream last night and the lotto here in New Zealand is up to $11,000,000 this Saturday...I'm so buying a ticket!!

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Hello fellow poop dreamers. Yes, I too have had these dreams of poop. Fortunately I have not had the poop in the mouth or on the body, just simply a poop in the toilet. However, in the dream I do struggle to poop but am surrounded by people who, as far as I can recall, are cheering me on. Like a grown man version of potty training. Very weird.

A small but hopefully interesting digression here. The first time having this dream I was terrified because in real life I once had a poop the size of a mug that left me in tears, fist in mouth trying not to scream. Initially, I thought I was having one of those again. Happily there was no fist gnawing.

So anyway, I've had a lot of fun reading all the dream interpretations. I think I have found the correct interpretation of my dream.

For years now I have tried to kick some bad habits. Mainly taking drugs. For about 8 years I've been going through this. Over the last year my life has changed considerably as my old druggie friends have become distant to me and I seem to be finally turning to a new chapter in my life. It has been extremely difficult but finally it seems to be happening. Lots of prayer for guidance and soul searching goings on.

So, from what I have read on the web page below, the poop signifies bad habits. The fact that it has been difficult to take a shit in the dream represents me failing to let go of old ways of thinking and acting. I guess the people cheering me on represent the people in my life that really care about me and want me to get back on track. When I have managed to shit in the dream it has been of the loud, explosive, yet satisfying and relieving style.

So anyway, I'm 28 now and I'm enjoying all the old feelings of motivation and ambition coming back to me. I'm grateful for what I've been through. I've learnt a lot about myself and other people. Moreover I feel I have a good sense of what life is about and how I want to go about living my life. So I guess my "moral of the story" is drugs are not all bad, just don't let them consume your life. 'Everything happens for a reason', 'nothing happens that is not supposed to' and all of that cheesiness.

Before I get all third eye on you, I'm gonna sign off.

Here is the dream page and what it said.
"to dream that you have a bowel movement, signifies that you
are successfully getting rid of your old habits/ways and thinking patterns. it is usually analogous to the release
of strong
emotions, such as anger and fear."

You can click to read the stuff about constipation.

Thanks for the mini therapy session people :)

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I am always having dreams about pooing too! At least once a month for the last 10 years or more. Like some others have said here, the dream consists of absolutley disgusting toilets, no privacy, and other people in view who don't seem too concerned you're about to take a duece in front of them. Sometimes I'm in a women's bathroom and there are men in there and I'm trying to chase them out so I can go. Other times, I'm in the stall, but when you close the stall door, your legs are sticking out from under the door and the door is right in your face, so everyone outside the door can see whatcha doin'. On a rare occasion, it has been a pleasant social scene, and I'm actually sitting in a very beautiful and nice-smelling bathroom, along with several others; all of us reading a magazine on the shitter... I have yet to eat poop (get that idea out of my mind; don't want to start!), but it just drives me crazy. I wake up and tell my husband "welp, had another poop dream..."

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Thanks, I needed a good laugh and certainly got it from all your comments. I have a recurring dream of pooping in a toilet and the toilet overflows and the poop is everywhere and I have to clean it up. I would have to agree with those who say that you are trying to clean up the crap in your life. I come from very dysfunctional family, and my parent's dysfunctional relationship has affected me my whole life, and continues to do so, even though they are quite elderly. So quite literally I have been putting up with their crap all my life. Understanding this dream will give me the motivation I need to "tune out" to their problems, and enjoy my life more.

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I dreamt I pooped all over myself and picked out a huge threadworm to eat. I bit into it and the threadworm turned into lots of normal sized threadworms and they were wriggling around in my mouth. So gross. What does it mean?!

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I dreamed I had extremely messy green diarrhea-type feces on both my inner cheeks and I had not actually had a bowel movement in the dream and I kept wiping away to remove this rather ample amount of green liquid unsuccessfully. The only thing I was able to accomplish with all the constant and many frustrated wipings was to keep smearing this green liquid all over my cheeks and the amount never got smaller. It seems the dream was a rather long one and I was so glad to wake up because it stopped my frustrated anxiety and disgust that I suffered in my dream.

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what does it mean when you dream your dog pooping blood and throwing up blood at the same time?

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That you either have sick mind...

or nothing at all,it's just a bad and weird dream.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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my mum had a dream where she saw her kids cos she felt it was odd since there was a big house with rooms for the family so she carried us all into the house laid us on the bed, suddenly my brother called her attention to me cos i had rolled off the bed into a pile of poop and my mum said the poop was smelling so much, the entire room was really smelly filled with poop .she looked on to her right side and saw a bucket of water which she cleaned me up with and put me back to sleep. what does this mean? i rolled off the bed and into a pile of poop!

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Yesterday I dreamed all night of poop and pooping and while searching the net about what it means, I stumbled on this page. At least I feel normal now that I am not the only one who dreamt about shit! I don't know but I woke up in the morning with a weird feeling ;)

Happy pooping.

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What if I keep having poop-related dreams about Abraham Lincoln?

What does this mean? I did a Google search, and apparently I'm not the only one thinking about it.

Is there a slave-freeing correlation? Or an underlying admiration for honesty?

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Or a connection with Lincoln logs and turds?

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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great interpretation

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So my dream goes like this : I am in a park with benches that double as toilet seats, but this is completely normal. Random friends are passing by me. I need badly to go to the toilet but I can't do it in the open, there is only 1 closed cubicle so I go into it with a roll of TP, avoiding friends from seeing me. Inside, I chose not to take a dump in the toilet bowl, but on the floor instead. To my surprise, I shit out 4 of the most massive logs - slightly diarrhea like in consistency but neatly shaped like 4 HUGE sausages. I feel physically & mentally relieved. Then I start plotting how toclean it up & at this point I wake up. Also, the lock wasn't working. I had to hold the door myself.
I don't think shit dreams are related to money, I think it's about purging negative perceptions/habits.

Any other views on this dream please?!

-1st time poop dreamer.

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I had a dream that before going to the gym (my parents & I have been going very early in the morning), my dad took a huge dump & I got to see it on the toilet & I was more amazed by the size than the smell (could not smell it actually). The more I was looking at it, the more it seemed like a huge banana, just different color than poop, but it was on the toilet, therefore, it WAS poop! Then I was kind of grossed out by wanting to cut it into pieces to see it whole! Wow, weird dream. Any ideas?

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Gack. It sounds like you want to chop off your dad's wang!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Last night I dreamnt that I was taking a poop and couln't find a toilet. Finally when I did someone else was using it so I bend down next to that person and startes pooping...the more I pooped the more I had to poop isn't that strange? Finally someone walked in the house and I didn't them to realize that I was pooping on the floor so I grabbed the poop with my hands and threw it through a hole. When I woke up my husband was pooping and the horrible smell woke me strange can that be? Please teel me that I am going to win the loto???

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I had one of my first poop dreams last night. First, I dreamt that I had to have surgery of some sort, and part of it was having a huge tube up my ass to get me to poop or something. I got home to my mothers house, went to the bathroom, and literally the poop came shooting out of my ass like a fountain on the floor. Super embarrassed and what not, I cleaned it up, and the dream continued at my fathers house, where i had to get something out of his car and...BOOM. More poop comes shooting out of my ass, again fountain-like. Again embarrassed, I clean it up and he lets me borrow a different vehicle. It was a very intense and vivid dream. What's really weird is I read this line from Tyridium... "The true surprise would be if an adult person awoke from a feces dream feeling particularly at ease with a sense of well-being" and that's exactly how I feel! I feel great today with a much better sense of well-being! So weird...

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Hilarious. This is also similar to my re-occuring poop dream. Do you notice anything in particular about the consistency of your poop. Just wondering. Because in my dream the consistency is weird exactly like porridge. What about yours?

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