Ask PoopReport: Poopsicles?

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Dear Poopreport,

Is it OK for my 2-year-old to eat poop? Several times now I have found her
sitting there with a handful of her poop, stuffing it in her mouth and chewing it up
like it was the greatest lunch ever. Does this happen for anyone else?

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Seriously! Kids eat poop! No parents let them it just happens. In the five seconds they wake up from a nap and you hear them it's too late. Seems to be mostly boys!

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Keep an eye on him and negatively re-enforce the activity without going overboard. I wouldn't make a huge deal out if, but I'd sure show my disapproval. And there's a ton to be said for the lukewarm bath to clean them up. I've heard many moms say that when they make the poop bath uncomfortable and different from the happy, funtime bath, the kids respond to it.

Best luck, mom of Poopeater.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Well, there clear answer is no. The same answer applies to McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and KFC food.

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Does anyone have a solution to this problem?? I have a 2 year old son who too eats his own poop and was wondering what to do???

Please help!!!

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That's totally sick.
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

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To Mom Of 3 is this a true situation?

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Duh? Nasty,have you actually read....... s o r r y, h a v e y o u t a k e n n o t e of t h e p r e m i s e o f t h i s s i t e?? o r i s d i s l e x i a t a k i n g o v e r y o u r w i f e_______
Did I just fart?.... Oh shit! NO!!

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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wat is wrong with you fuckin idiots!!! how the hell can you b proud of eating SHITTTTTTTT!!! i dont wat to call you ?? people or dogs!!!! that is so nasty!!!! why the hell would you think of eating it unless ur mental??? so for all those adults eating shit you need to go to a DOCTOR have your self checked for a mental sickness. for the lady with the kid that eats shit you need to go to the doctor and tell him/her the problem and dont take "its normal for a child to eat shit" as a answer.CAUSE ITS NOT .. ITS CRAZY!!!

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Should I mention 2 girls, one cup?

Na, better not.

Did I just fart?.... hope so!

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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This is the most horrific thing a parent could catch there child doing.

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This is true, kids do this, at least some do. Parents don't let them,idiots, they just catch them! They sneek and do it. It's the most disgusting anguish a parent could have to deal with. I caught my 10 yr old, today, She spends too long in the B-room. I kept checking on her to make sure she isn't filling up the camode with paper(done before)I was cheking on the washing machine when I glanced in,she was wiping her butt, I thought It's about time you get done, when she wiped she looked at the paper and put it up to her mouth, opened her mouth and was about to lick, eat, I'm not sure, I wasn't going to wait and see, I screamed noooo! She tried to deny it, I said, I caught you! She could not explain why! Well, by gosh her DR better find out why! She's gonna see him this week,and definitely start some sort of therapy! A parent that doesn't discuss such disturbing behaviors, no matter the age, with a doc, syc,ped, is not a fit parent. This is gross shocking, disturbing behavior. I stoped her from doing it this time, how many times before this? It makes me sick. She has problems with her stomach, acid reflux, I'm thinking the brown stuff she spits and pukes up may not be acid, it might be poop!!!I had her checked for H-polori, neg results. E- Coli is next, definitely. Nothing prepares you for this kind of stuff!!! I don't think the others are asking if it's OK, there dumbfounded, disturbed, confused, concerned as to why there kid did it too!!! DUH

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I'm very afraid that you're wrong.

Oh, that I could go back into the fragile bubble in which you still believe such things didn't happen.

But alas, they do.

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These people claiming to eat their own feces are joking. Their made up stories are very gross.

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Anonymous Coward 11/16/06

Yes, two words, it's disgusting.

GGG, sadly, I think that dude sees nothing wrong in eating poop.
I am winter's hurricane, I am the great blizzard of 1899, and no body shall be exempt from my wrath.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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I'm sorry; that's unclear to me. Did you actually mean to say "WAY to help"? Or do you indeed not see any "reason" to stop a kid from eating poop?

Just wonderin'.

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if anyone here has found a real reason to help this problem let me know ...

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Ok, kids eating poop. Kids do tend to stick odd thing in their mouths. Most kids have tried boogers (usually on a dare). I of coure have, I also use to chew on my fingernails.

Sometimes when a child sticks really odd things in their mouth: paint chips, dirt, of poop, it can be a precurser to a disease called pica. Pica is usually described as a deficiency of Chrommium (an essential mineral)

This is something that a pediatrician should know about.

It's not nice to fool mother nature.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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I think this is so stupid. If you love your child, you wouldn't let them eat shit. I mean, it could kill your child, but if you don't care about her...then let her eat shit.

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I know eating shit is unhealthy but I can't help thinking about eating it. I've tasted it before it's bitter don't like it. But it still doesn't stop me from thinking about eating it. The fact that it's bitter I want to add sugar in it maybe the bitter taste will go away. Like coffee or chocolate.

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This can't be good for anyone to eat shit. it contains so much bad stuff in it, and babys can get a retardation from this and affect the kidneys and die! The people who say they are eating shit are lying or are on some bad bad drugs. So please don't let your children eat thier own shit, it could kill them!!!!

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You know how sometimes, you take a shit, and they look like a bunch of little Raisinettes? Well, I tried one once, just in case they really were Raisinettes. They weren't.

You might think that's sick, but I would have felt really dumb if I had flushed a bunch of perfectly good Raisinettes.

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My comment is to add to the dogs.There is one reason why a dog would eat its own shit. Maybe because his nose was stuck in it tomany times in house training.

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your all sick fuks talking about poop from the sounds off things ya all seem to be chatting it

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If you people weren't so provincial, you would have known that people have been eating poop for thousands of years as a staple of their diet. In addition, the eating of poop has been featured in several cultural and spriritual ceremonies. For example, the Yanomamo BlowDart with Poop ceremony, where they clothe themselves in fried bananas and feathers, and blow little poo nuggets out of blowdarts into wooden pipes containing medicinal herbs, then smoking it and dancing the Ringtail.

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i hope ur jokig yuck!!!

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i wrote both those comments. i am not afraid to show my name!

u peeps r a bunch a.....'s picture

this stuff is a whole load of sh**. i am only 13 and i guarentee, any moran who eats there own crap needs to be put in a cell w/ a strait jacket and a diaper. if ur 2 and don't know anybetter thats one thing, but at the same time, even at two u have a little sense. if ur 18 and doing it for a turn on or even a habit, ITS UN HEALTHY!! thers a reason it goes in a toilet instead of a damn bowl! this site makes me sick, if this site was supposed to make me laugh, it didn't.

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thats odd

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Well theres were they get it! Eat shit and die! Dont eat shit!

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keep your comments to yourself, potty mouth

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Jesus Christ you are a pig!

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when i go poop i let it fall into the toilet. After this i wipe my ass and flush both the poop, and the used toilet paper...
this is when i return to regularly scheduled programming

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all of you that say this story is fake must have no kids, my two year old will take her diaper off as soon as i leave the room and eat it before i can get to her, lots of kids do it at that age! my neighbors kid ate every kind of poo he could find, and it isn't a bad mother that lets her kid eat poo, it's not like we LET them, they just do it, what do you expect that we follow our two year olds around every where they go every second of the day...yeah i'd hate to see what your house looks like, you would never be able to get anything done!

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I hate to tell you this, but functioning adults are quite capable of such repugnant acts as eating their own poop. I have done it many times. It bothers me only in the sense that I feel so alone in it, but it is an incredible turn-on! I have done it often with no detrimental effects. I haven't gotten sick, and I haven't turned into a dog! ;-) I am picky about it, though. It has to be very firm - no runny or soft poo for me. I stick my finger up my ass, and when I feel a hardened turd, I am instantly aroused in anticipation of popping it into my mouth. Human behavior is complicated, and only a few have delved into the "darkest" of human desires. I would love to taste the feces of a beautiful woman. That is my dream.

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I should also mention that I drink my own urine on a regular basis, and have aquired quite a taste for it. I haven't been sick in years, as urine has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is nature's best medicine.

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If the above post is supposed to be funny, I'm not laughing.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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we always shoot dogs for eating shit!

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I hate to alarm you but i worked at a correctional facility for a while that housed an inmate who rolled his poo up into litle balls and placed thme on saltines for a snack. he was not allowed in the general population. fyi he also showed me his weiner on a daily basis

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wat the fuck is wrong with u people why on eatrh would allow the behavoir of shit eating! if i ever saw my kid grabbing a log out of his traing diapers and eating it like a candy bar id ground his ass till next year for god sakes he might get collera poop isnt fun its disgusting thers a reason it comes out of your ass peple

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hiya im amy n very scared of gettin sick i was in the shower and we a no loo roll so one of our kids must of shit n wiped is ass on the towl n as i was dryin my face i got sum in my mouth could i get sick from that or wat?

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i'm shitting and eating it right now MMMMMMMMMMMMM
it tastes so good. I am tired of being told by society that I can't eat my own shit. I love the taste of my own shit. You should try eating your own shit. I bet it will taste spectacular.

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I was babysitting a 2 yr old child when i walked into the room to find her with her diaper off dipping her sucker into her own pee. And in the paste she has eaten her own poo after smearing it all over her crib. I have refused to clean up any of this crap so i dont watch her anymore i have a 2 year old sister also BUT she has NEVER done that sort of nasty thing

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Feed him some of that stuff that makes shit taste like rotten pineapples. Not that I know what shit tastes like. Ew!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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if your child eats its feces, why not ask the doctor for an herb, like a dog?

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Definition of poop:
P: Putrid
O: Oh so infested with nasty nasty bacteria!
O: Obviously clayish
P: Patriotic when digested popsicles.

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Today my chocolate took a while to get out of the oven....

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Lol, this is so funny! I am going to show all of my friends. My basset hound eats his poop and now we have to watch him and make sure to let him in before he goes snooping for poop...Yucky! We have to sprinkle powder on his food to make his poo taste bad. It makes me want to vom and I never let him lick me. So yes, I can picture dogs doing this (a sad sight) but never knew this as a human trait. Hey, if Freud said it was normal though, it must be true...He was a brilliant psychologist, we're learning about him in Social Psychology.

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you bunch of loonies are mad!

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Is it okay for your kid to eat his own shit? Here's a question: Would you eat your own shit?
Kid's sometimes play with their pooh, sad to say, but it's actually true. Man, don't let your kid eat it's own crap. What kind of moron are you? This question has to be a joke, no one would let their kid smear shit all over his face and swallow it too.

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