Ask PoopReport: Innie Or Outtie?

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Dear Poopreport,

Much like a belly button can be described as an innie or an outtie, my anus is an outtie. In the past, I have had considerable constipation and have even had a hemmoroid (it has gone away). I guess my question is: is it normal to have an outtie anus???

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I think I would be terrified if I ever saw my putterfish sticking out!

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Cheers crapper critic.
I really needed to know why you had an "outtie" anus.

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I normally have an innie... but after a particularly difficult poop, I will have a temporary outtie. I guess my starfish misses the log it just passed, and is reaching out for it, crying like a mother who's lost her baby.

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An innie anus is normal. An outtie anus occurs in a person who's had frequent anal sex.

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I don't have an anus, so I have neither an "innie" or an "outtie."

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I love tydirium's post on this one. In case you really want to know, mine is an innie. I think I would freak if it suddenly became and outie!

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Wow...I never knew you could have an innie or outtie! Mine is an innie! :D

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

Innie most of the time.

When I am grunting out a huge shit, I can get quite an outie.

Green Dave's picture

I would be horrified if my balloon knot were ever to become an outie.

shiza's picture

Yo! How the hell do you know you have an outtie? Its pretty fuckin difficult to get a good look at your butthole in a mirror or something and I know you bastards didnt ask your wives or girlfriends to describe your assholes...did you?

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Well, I sometimes spread my butt cheeks in front of the mirror. Then I looked behind me.

I did this when my ass hurt, and I wondered if I hurt myself.

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It is very easy to feel when you have an outie. Your pucker is puckering, like it's trying to suck through a straw. It's a pretty unmistakable feeling.

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actually, wouldn't an anal-sex anus be even more of an innie, being constantly pushed in?

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as opposed to an outtie anus, which is exit-only...

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No, tydirium. Frequent anal sex can result in a permanent outtie anus. The pulling out causes more stress on the anus than the pushing in. Large bowel movements can cause a temporary outtie anus, but after the waste is excreted the anus retracts and is once again an innie. The anus is there to excrete solid waste material from the body, it's not supposed to be used for sex.

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funny joke whoever. next time you fake my name, remember: crappercritic is one word not two, and i dont use capital letters. bravo though. i usually do some insulting as well. keep trying!!!!!!

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Not looking to fake anyone's name, you choose to spell it as one word, I use two. No capitals either, it's all good. To avoid confusion, maybe I will change my name to crapper critic of chappaquidick.

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hold on now...... are you REEEEALLY perry como?

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Is an outtie a prolapsed rectum?

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32 year old female here, 5' 6"- shoulder length brown hair- about 140 lbs. I'm not a big girl, but I enjoy food, and have a hearty appetite. I have a bowel movement once about every 3-4 days. When I take a shit, I always go a lot. The movements are usually hard, fat, and very long. I sit on the toilet for a long time, I sometimes have to grunt and strain until everything finally comes out. Although I have very large bowel movements, my anus is definitely an innie.

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j 1000+ points

Gina...are you from Parma, Ohio?
Your description matches a chick I dated...her name was Gina...

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Gina, you need more fiber in your diet.

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btw, sorry for posting off topic, but i didn't know where else to post.

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wow, i just found this page from and i just can't believe there is a site devoted to shit. . . i guess people will just put anything on the web these days. . .

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1 - thanks for the look into your personal life, gina. i've always wondered if there are people who like to talk about the way they look then describe the way they take a shit, and now i know. shitting isn't sexy. it's a very personal, private moment.
second - aren't outtie anuses considered hemorrhoids?

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So wait, what constitutes "frequent anal sex"? I think I have to go with Ty on this one and his exit-only argument. I've never noticed any change in protrusion for any reason, so perhaps this is something genetic, or a problem that an appropriately anally-focused doctor might be able to resolve?

Gustav's picture

I think the term for an outtie anus is "trunk butt"

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I'm sorry Gina, shitting 3-4 times a day is not alot. You should be shitting 3-4 times a day!

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This is quite an intersteing thread... No an outie isn't a hemmoroid, that is a weakening of the walls and the corresponding blood vessels. By teh Bye. Innie....

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Wouldn't an 'outie' leave pucker marks on your drawers?
Mine is definetly an 'innie'.

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i have an innie, but sometimes i'll get in front of the mirror and bend over and squeeze *innie, outtie, innie, outtie* if you do it just right it kinda looks like your blowing a bubblegum bubble out of your ass... except its brown.

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No, I'm from Philly. My husband and I have tried anal sex, but his cock is pretty big and it hurts me when he pushes it in, so we just have sex the regular way now. Actually, we're trying to have a baby. My hubby likes to watch me when I'm taking a shit. He says I look sexy when I sit on the toilet, and because I really shit a lot it turns him on. I think he's crazy.

BTW: The above post has already been deleted twice. Message to the dip-shit running this page- There is such a thing as freedom of speech. If you don't like what some people have to say, then I suggest you shut down the entire fucking page. Don't start a web page devoted to shit and expect people to behave like angels. Stupid idiot.

koonass's picture

I would tell all of you what my anus was, but i can't see it through all of the hair and pimples. But I can tell you that it looks like a diseased monkey eating cauliflower.

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well put gina. dave deletes lots of my stuff too.

morphius501's picture

i've never really looked, but i'm guessing that i have an "outtie" due to the lack of things going IN my anus,most everything comes out therefore the constant pressing out of my back-door lumber would logically dictate having an outtie.

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I've got the rear beef curtains.

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too much butt"talks" for me! Crappers!

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I dont mean to brag, but I've baked some pretty large sized peanut loafs... but never has my anus just gotten lazy and flopped around like beef curtains on a chick. I wonder if I eat a shwack load of peanuts like lbs of them... if my shit will look like an oh henry bar???

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Man, when I got to the bathroom I seem to be spending entirely too much time enjoying my poop. I might take 2 to 3 mags in with me. I pretty much make an event out of it. I believe I could do my days work from the mighty thrown. My favorite poop is when it

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you kids... freaky

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I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Hey power to my raza, oh i think this is a bad ass web page. Peace out blaze the maryjane

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All I have to say is wow... you people have made me more comfortable with me and my pooping - thank you.

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No, I've never had this happen and I've had some huge turds. I was pretty grossed out when I looked at this question a year ago, but now I can give some input.

If your anus has an outtie you just might have scar tissue from a hemmeroid. This happened to my father once and he his asshole stuck out for five years. Then one day the hemmeroid popped and filled the whole toilet with blood. After this his asshole was normal.

Perhaps this can happen to other people with "outie" anuses.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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You guys are freakin weird! Get a life and stop being such idiots!

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Amy, why do you bother to come here if you have such a wonderful life. Go back to beating off to old Backstreet Boys albums and leave us alone.

...'s picture

How the hell do you tell if you have an innie and an outie.
Do you take a mirror to your ass?

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uh hello.....i am here to tell you that i have an outie,and i have NEVER had anal sex. why would anyone want to play there when there are other places just waiting for attention?!

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Shelley, I had a girlfriend who was very into anal, she brought it up not me, so different strokes.

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I have "OUTIE" experience to share. I personally have an innie. I did not realize there was such a thing until I was fucking one of my ex-girlfriends doggie style when I got a good look at her butthole. It pooched out about an inch and I was horrified. I thought it was a hemeroid but it never went away. Eventially, I just realized she had a strange butthole. After coming across this emails string, I see my ex-girlfriend is not the only one with a protruding butthole.

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