Ask PoopReport: Wiping Fat Asses?

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Dear PoopReport,

How do obese people wipe? I am not trying to be rude...just curious. Also, do they make toilets for people over 300 pounds?

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fuck you asshole.

I am 450 pounds and I resent your question. Where do you live? I will come over and sit on your face and shit, and then you can lick my ass clean.

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Judging from that guy's tone of voice, it sounds to me like he has a lot of trouble wiping. Hence the irritability.

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Chip Brown's buddy "Pat" used the stall wall as a rubbing post to wipe his ass:

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I am a very clean person. Yes I am fat, so what. Is every black person dumb? Is every sexy woman hot in bed? no and no. I am sick of people thinking I am stinky and lazy because of my weight. Go to hell.

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geez jim, lighten up a little. dont carry the weight of the world on your shoulder. im sure you are as clean and energetic as you are fun-loving and patient.

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keep making fun of me..I don't care. I am sure you all have problems people could insult you about too. Since I am 450 pounds and my weight is visible, it's easy for people to insult me.

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"keep making fun of me" -- c'mon, jim it was you who started the thread and blabbed about your weight int the first place. dont lead with your chins!!!

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This is not supposed to be an insult fest! Jeez... we're here to learn. The fact is, some people are so big that reaching around and/or between may be difficult. The question on the table is: how? Nobody is judging anybody.

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jim = trying to being some sort of flame war...he ought to have realized by now that stuff only happens on the forums, and only when somebody like gwisdala is around

also, you mislabeled this

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what about people with skinny butts? what about people with no arms? what about people too stupid to find there butts? how do all of them deal with shitty cracks?

Just because I am fat don't assume I am a sweaty stinky mess.

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hey now. My wife is a big woman, about 5 foot 8 and 285 pounds. Her ass is always clean and she has no problem wiping. I would assume that if you can't reach it, you don't wipe it....hit the showers!!

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That's a good question. What ABOUT people with no arms? How do they do it? We might as well include them in this conversation.

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I think poopie hygiene for disabled people is an interesting topic in and of itself -- my thinking is that the armless probably look to a bidet before they go showering. By the same token, I'd imagine that I would probably want to wash what I couldn't reach were I overweight. The question that comes to my mind is: do larger people yield larger stools?

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Jim you fat fucker, we all know you have problems wiping your ass and that is why you're so angry. it is okay.

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sarah maffey poops

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This question has always plauged really has but i think, in my opinion that they use a stick with either some tp or some wet wipe on it... that could work... as for the armless one... hmm, interesting... maybe there is a pole with some tp on with they have beside the toilet to wipe themselves down with... hell i dont know, but i might find out... hmm...

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I have a catalog of medical aids for mobility-challenged.

It has some wonderful buttwipe sticks with spring-loaded, rubber coated grips.

reasonably priced.

strangely cute models

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So.. ummm... Jim.....

How do you wipe???

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I wondered this before as well. I had a friend who weighed 400 lbs. and wasn't always the cleanest of men. I used to invision obese people having to use a sponge on a stick like the homeless people use when you get stuck at a stop light downtown. Now that that image is in my head, I'll never let one of those bastards wipe my windshield again.

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Can anyone else notice that jim is lying? why the hell would a fat person advertise that hes fat. C'mon jim tell the truth :o)

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Ever heard the term "porker porkin"? Yes people think fat people are lazy and smelly hence the compro to swine. Think about the layers of fat and skin that sit upon e/o and the sweat and nasty funk that accumilates. JIm you seem to have problems. This was an honest question and you became an asshole. This is just like male asking how females urinate and a female saying "fuck you I have no desire to have a penis". Lighten up or leave.

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I suggest you all read the book "Born on the Fourth of July". Tom Cruise did a good job of playing Ron Kovic, but you really feel for the guy if you read his own words. It's a very depressing book. He goes into great detail about how after he suffered his paralysis from the wait down, the bathroom became a challenge. In the VA hospitals they gave mass enemas where they filled 20 men with fluid at once and then in a line they would empty them into once container. It was inhumane, unsanitary, and just cruel. He later became somewhat independent. He does go into detail about how he had to put on rubber gloves and dig the logs out of his butt every 2 days cause he lost total control over his bowels. That is just too much to handle.....the guy became that way around age 20. He's around 50 now.

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It's an honest question... I did a quick test and found that one could reach their ass from the side if a front wipe felt too effeminate. The unfortunates with no arms could use a device that's like a stick that is curved from the mouth to the soiled crevice... they could wipe by nodding their head up and down like they were answering yes to a bunch of questions... Piece G Ras

Perhaps I am an asshole and so much time has pass you probably won't even read this .... but in my defense.... this site is all about funny stuff that happens to us about shit in the course of everyday living.... and may I say in my story I too got shit

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I'm pushing maximum density myself. OK, I'm large but under 350. It's easier to wipe than you think. Perception throws the whole thing into question, but what people forget to consider is that fatty tissue is VERY pliable. Just rip off a couple of sheets, push the family jewels to one side, and go for it. Your arm will automatically smush into your potbelly wiht no problem, giving you as much clearance as skinny people.

I'ma clean freak, so it's kind of weird being part of the group that is labeled dirty slobs. I even shower twice a day in the summer. Gets all of that percieved dripping sweat out of the way, plus you can always bend over in the shower and make sure you got every place last time you sat down and needed to lay cable!

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Thank you Big dave for finally answering the question.

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I am not yet as fat as other people but I am getting bigger and have noticed some difficulty reaching, especially in narrower stalls. I have to squirm and adjust my position uneasily on the seat and this is particularly annoying on toilets with the automatic flush, as such movement tends to trigger and chilly, dirty shower for my hiney.

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This question has perplexed me too...and not in an unkind way, just wondered how large people manage to reach and thinking it must be difficult. There is a large woman at my workplace and the poor woman does smell....pee and other stuff...very sad. The question that perplexes me too is how very large people, the kind that need more than one airplane seat, manage to travel on a really long flight, like 9 hours or something like that (from west coast to Europe say) and whether they can get into those tiny cramped airplane loos - no way one can hold everything for that many hours....just curious..

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You use a "Reaching Stick"... Duh..

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Another oversight is the style involved with wiping. Some people are standing wipers, and others are squatters. I've been a squatter all my life. Therefore whether or not I am 150 or 350 being a squatter is just as easy either way

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I think fat people should let the poo dry on their bums, and then it will just chunk off. No need to wipe then. As for Jim, you suck you big fat piece of crap!!

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I like the way mojo thinks. Maybe we should all do that, though with all that sweat drippin' down there it may never dry and chunk. However, a nice ass gravy is just as nice and keeps others from getting too close. I'm approaching 300#, but I have that apple on a stick type of body, so there's not much to my hind quarters. I feel for my pear-shaped counterparts who have to reach out, around, and back up in there to go mining for buttslag.

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One thing no one mentioned that is important is that fat wipers did not get fat overnight. Most people have to wipe daily, some more, some less. Maybe your arms grow to accommodate it, since there is repetition involved. Or your arms and hands are flexible.

I have been overweight all my life (right now 215 and under 5'5"). I've always managed, and I can attest to the fact that losing 40 lbs. this year has been helpful in the hygiene world. There's a little more room to move around in a stall, etc. But the paper is still scratchy.

OK, here's a great exercise I just thought of for those of you who would like to know more about how obese wiping might feel. If you have a wool sweater and a down coat, put them both on and go take a dump. Make sure a lot of the sweater fabric and coat material are wedged in your armpit like the fat would be. For you thin folks, you might need to put on lots of layers of such clothes.

I know I am getting lengthy here, but I would like to add that I have had surgery on my right hand 3 times, and have been forced to use the left for wiping, and it's incredibly inept...

PS I think fat people don't smell their own sweaty odors, because I've known quite a few who seemed so oblivious to their own unpleasantness. These folks would have been very embarassed if they knew what others thought...I aim at being squeaky clean, and hope for the best.

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Im fat and i dont have trouble so stop making fun of us because im a nice person if u realy want to know me. im 12 and weigh 192

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Do fat people use prop sticks when masterbating?I mean, seriously, there has to be some way to maneuver the fat so they can reach their ever shrinking penises. so long has it been since you have seen your cock? Or does your mom still have to check to see if it is still functioning?

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damn's picture

since I'm a tall,muscular man. My big shoulders get in

the way of ass wiping,but by no means am I fat.

limo's picture

dUde u must be som pervert and plus u hav no life to be thinking about things like that. 1)get a life 2)dont make fun!!!! of fatties... juss b/c they make big dueces in the potty hole and stink up everythin u dont hav to make fun........I to was a stinker but i lost weight......u can to jim if u put som effort into it u can hav a heart attack believe me and mostly believe in urself

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I am fatt. When I poop, I slap my rolls to shake the poo from my ass! YAY!

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Oops, I farted.

Jimmy's picture

I have a very big hiney. I never wipe it. Why? Cuz I like my poop.

Bubba's picture

I did a poop

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I have a bubble butt but my boyfriend is always tryin to stick his peepee in my poop. What should I do?

krystal's picture

i am onley 9 and i way a 130 pounds

Jimmy's picture

Bubble butt poop is fun, I'd like to lick the poop from your bubble butt. Blow a fart in my mouth and I'll poop on the floor.

Ya'll Are LoSeRs!!'s picture

omg... u guys r fightin over shitty cracks.... what a bunch of losers u all r! this makes me laugh

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This was my respones to the diggleberries question but I feel it may work for this as well....

The best way to prevent dingleberries and/or any poo left on your butt or any smell is to wipe as much off as you can with dry toliet paper, then use Charmins wet toliet paper at least 2 sheets or 3 if your real messey ... and I use it till i see nothing left on it then I wipe with dry toliet paper again just to feel dry .... yes you say that is a lot of paper.... and it usually is but I don't care if I flush twice every time i poo... Just as long as i am clean and comfortable afterwards...

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i friend of mine once had a really fat repair man round. he went to the toilet and emerged 10 minutes later, the toilet was totally blocked and they had to phone head office to get them to pay the costs for removal of the fatmans shite.

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qqqq you all - the real question is - how do fat people find the time to eat so bloody much? how do they afford it? and, they must spend a lot of time doing shite.

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I have a comment: its this: fat people are people too. Not just greasy, fat, smelly fucks with bad breath. Have you ever smelled one of their car seats? Good jumping cripey! Don't! I don't know if that's there ass, or debris rotting in their folds. Lets put this question to rest: How do fatties wipe their ass? Answer: who gives a shit, they stink regardless. Lets move on

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man u guys need to get a life and shut the hell up already

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