Ask PoopReport: How Much Paper Per Poop?

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Dear PoopReport,

I am in the middle of a two-year sponsored research project -- "Waste Transport in Pipe Systems Served by Ultra-Low Flush Water Closets" -- and one of our project deliverables is the development and testing of a solid waste substitute. We have a test rig at our lab with four different pipes (cast iron and PVC) that can be set at different slopes and are 100 feet long. We are mounting tank-type water closets to these pipes and will be flushing "waste substitutes."

So that the tests are consistent and repeatable, we are not using anything that can easily break apart or degrade. This means none of the "real poop." Our sponsor had a chemist develop some silicon samples, but they had such a tacky surface that they stuck to the walls of the pipe so securely that we had to take the pipes apart to retrieve the samples.

It quickly became apparent that to model the real stuff, we needed to know something about volume and mass. This is proving to be much more difficult than we ever thought. My grad student has been over in our med school library for over two weeks, and we can tell you all kinds of stuff about healthy poo, chemical analysis of poo, what health poo should look like, etc.

We have just recently (last week) come across some European work that says the "average" poop is 125 grams and about 500 ml in volume. That is the kind of data that we can use to develop our lab poop. We can make some assumptions about number of pieces, and the density, volume, mass data tell us how 'heavy" the pieces need to be.

It also occurred to us that, for modern, developed countries, it is normal to have paper going down the WC with the poop. That is the reason I was looking for some kind of reference out there for paper data.

So now, any help/ideas from Dave at PoopReport? I am still trying to verify, within a range, the 125-gram and 0.5-liter poop. And I have just started on the hunt for paper use data. There are some humor sites out there, but I am in need of some good data and not made up. Thought I would give you a try!!

Thanks for any help,

John B.

Construction Science Department

Texas A&M

PoopReporters, we are being called upon in the name of science. The question: how many squares per wipes, and how many wipes per poop?

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honey_monster's picture

Now thats a question and a half.

I guess its all down to whether you're a "folder" or a "scruncher".

As a "folder" I use two squares in one wipe. On average three wipes per poop. Making a total of six sheets in one visit.

I'll be interested to see how everyone else does :o)

Di Uhreea's picture
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Use squares of nine,

You'll be fine.

Wipe times three

Clean you'll be.

PoopIsMyFriend's picture

I always wipe three times out of habit. How many squares do I hard to determine. I'm a scruncher, I roll the toilet paper until i get a good chunk in my hand to wipe with. If I had to guess, maybe 5-6 squares per anywhere between maybe 15-20 squares per wipe.

GeorgeCastanza's picture

Scrunching does make it hard to estimate the number of sqares. Of course the quality of the paper is also a factor in this. As a broad average over low-quality 1-ply and plush 2-py, I'd say 4-5 squares with 2-3 wipes. So probably about 12 squares per flush for "average" TP.

Bluespoo's picture
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I'm folder/re-folder...

So six squares per two passes, average crap is accompanied by 12-18 squares, depending on consistency.

Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan.

Mad Shittah's picture
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Make that a 635 gram 2.8 liter poop with some squeels of agony and sighs of relief.

No paper here, strictly corncobs.

Milk Chocolate's picture

I'm a scruncher and really I haven't a clue. On 1 ply I just grab what I can, 2 ply, the norm, I use about a foot of TP, and in a recently discovered 2 ply that seems like it should be called 3 ply, I used about 5 sheets.

toilet fish's picture

Folder here. I would say I 5 to 6 squares per wipe. 2 to 3 wipes per occurance.

Adrian's picture

I'm a scruncher and I use as many as it takes to get clean. Sometimes that's only a few sheets but if it's been a sticky job it can be up to a dozen.

larfus's picture

I scrunch and wipe probably 6-7 sqaures. I wipe til I am clean as a whislte. No exact number there.

Turdmatic 6000's picture

I'm a scruncher--the average scrunch for me is about 1 foot to 18 inches of paper (regardless of thickness). How many times this gets repeated depends on consistency & sticking power.

5_18fan's picture

At my college, they use the cheapo TP that's only .000000001" thick, plus there's no perforations. This makes it hard for me to estimate how many "squares" I have to use, but I estimate that I have to use at least a few feet worth per duker. But that's a skewed figure, due to the ungodly thin-ness of our TP. Wish I could help more, but that's all for now.

turdgurl's picture

Well its good to see our tax dollars at work up there at A&M...3 sheets for me.

ral's picture

I'm a "scruncher", although try to keep the volume of the TP as low as I can in order to avoid clogging the toilet. I don't buy that thick quilted TP even though it feels nice -- it's too thick to use in our wussy toilet. I wipe until I'm clean, which is usually three times, and I estimate I use about 5-7 squares of TP per wipe, so 15-21 total.

It really does depend on the brand of TP, however. Cheap stuff is thinner. The "double-ply" quilted stuff, like Charmin, is impossible to flush if you use even a modest amount, and I prefer to not get poo on my hands when I wipe!

The toilets at my workplace, however, could suck a golf ball through a straw, so I'm somewhat more liberal with my TP use there.

ThreePly's picture

I don't know how many sheets are in a roll, but I can say this. I usually go through a roll of toilet paper after four hearty shits. So if you have 100 sheets on each roll, then I use an average of 25 sheets per dump. There's no way I could just wipe with two or three sheets. My fingers would poke through way too easily, and I'm there to clean my ass, not penetrate it. If I'm going to shit like a man, I'm going to wipe like one too. I deserve the comfort of wiping with a bedsheet, that's why I need a fistfull of TP after going to war with the toilet.

Stork's picture

c~ 16 squares per wipe, 4 wipes per flush.

alex's picture

i grab like eight squares, and wipe as many times as i can realistically fold.

WOW's picture

Three-ply?! That's some high-class shit!

Jeff B's picture
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I use 10-20 squares every time, depending on how messy it is back there. It'll be 10 if its a nice, clean two-swiper. But if its nasty, I use two sets of 10 squares, flush, repeat as needed.

Bryan's picture

I have IBS so It is always liquid. I use 2 flushes I for poop and wipes 1 and 2. And a second flush for wipes 3-5

Bryan's picture


Total Squares 30-50 per poop

poopmagick's picture

I'm a scruncher, I'd say about 4-6 sheets of Cottenelle (God's own toilet paper) for normal heathly poos, and for the messy ones (after hard drinking) I have to go through 3-5 rounds of wiping, which will usually include a courtesy flush after two or three rounds of wiping.

Please develop a toilet that can be flushed repeatedly with minimum wait time! Nothing worse then having to loiter in the can so you can flush the rest of your shit paper down the loo.

And let us know the results! I want to hear how your tests go.

slopslider's picture

3-4 squares per wipe and wipe till clean, usually about 4 or 5 passes. If it's been a beer and pizza night make it about 3-4 squares per and about 12 wipes. And if tis a true FAWNEW double that to 24..

Ass Phlegm's picture
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Well, I'm a scrunch/folder/refolder. I like to save money. I grab about 7-8 squares, wad it up, wipe, fold it in half and wipe again, then I repeat. So, 14-16 squares per shit trip.

The exception is when I have a rock solid turd with little to no residue left behind. That's a two wipe with 7 squares: 1 wipe to realize the situation, 1 for safety measures.

Hey, TP is cheaper than replacing painted undies! Hope this helps.


Oh-Poop's picture

im a wasteful pooper buti have a system i wrap the tp roll around my hand 3 times take it off whipe fold whipe. usually about 11-13 sheets if its messy i dont know.

Mad Shittah's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

To quote Dave Mordal from Last Comic Standing...

Sometimes you drop and wipe and there is no residue on the paper. I call this a 'white glover'. A white glover signifies good luck for the day.

doniker's picture
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I wipe an average of 3 times.

I would say the first wipe would use at least 10 squares.

The last 2 maybe 8 each.

Paul Looter's picture
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I try to always shit at work, even though the government agency that I work for buys the CHEAPEST toilet paper. A better use for it would be tracing paper, as one can look right through it. It takes about a quarter of a roll for one of those dumps where the consistency is somewhere between liquid and solid-- a dump where most of the pudding remains between your cheeks. Since I started on my Metamucil kick, to my delight that type of shit is quite rare. Now the logs just seem to hurl THEMSELVES out. Usually, I just wrap a bunch of paper around my hand and go for it. The toilets are so powerful they could probably handle an entire roll. Make mine about 25 squares, and a couple of damp paper towels on my 'off days'.

Poopedem's picture
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I'm in agreement with the 'depending on what tissue' it is. I'm a scruncher. If I'm in no hurry I acutally pull apart the plies and double scrunch giving me more tissue to surface to work with. I'm an average of 5 squares per wipe. So about 15 in all. More if I have the muds.

Carlos's picture
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I wipe a lot, since I dread having an unclean and itchy asshole. I wipe until there is no trace of shit on the paper, and then I root around a bit to get all remaining poo. So, in my estimation, probably close to 30 squares per shit session. More if I have the squirts.

Sickly's picture

5 to 6 squares per wipe. Usually 2 to 4 wipes per dump. So, between 10 and 24 squares, depending on poo consistency and butt adhesion.

crappercritic's picture

a refined answer by doniker. bravo you giggly turkey necker pervatron!

Jimmy TP's picture

Since my dumps tend to be really sloopy and painful, I've come to the conclusion that I use approx. 10-15% of a role of standard Super Absorbant Northern Quilted per wipe. General rule of thumb is to continue wiping till there is only a slight light-brown tint on the paper.

anonymous's picture

Generally 3 wipes, folded, 6-8 sheets per, two-ply paper, plus a pre-moistened Cottonelle wipe.

Sarah's picture
l 100+ points

Definitely a scruncher. I also recently encountered the "ultra," should-be-called-3-ply variety. I didn't need as much of it. Plus I had to use less because it clogged my toilet.

On the average, using reasonably cushy paper, about 5-6 squares per wipe. I also wipe till it's clean, somewhere between 3 and 7 times depending.

Ineedashit's picture

3 sheets. 1 up 1 down 1 to polish.

Randy's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

25-30 squares per wipe? You're joking, right? I'm a scruncher, but only 6-8 squares and one wipe is all it usually takes, regardless of what Skid Marky Mark says. I did say "usually", but yeah, there are exceptions.

Thunderturds Are Go!'s picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Depends on how bad the poop is. For a small poop I only use to 2 squares per wipe, 2 squares folded in half, 3 ply, and wipe from 10-20 times. However a massive poop is a different story. 9 sheets roughly folded over is for the first wipe, then going steadily down in number until I hit the 10th wipe, then for another 15 wipes its back to the normal system (or cistern,if you like)

Dumpaholic's picture

For a normal dump I use about 3 meters. For a long visit after a curry and lager evening upto 9 meters. Sometimes I need to read the daily paper after a curry and lager night because the visit to the toilet can take upto 1 hour. I have been known to have 4 visits to the toilet for a dump after a curry night out. Andrex toilet paper with aloe vera is appreciated after a curry and lager night because it is kind to your bum.

Skid Marky Mark's picture

Damn! What's up with you 3-5 square wipers? You know, I've got news for you: Your friends are too embarrassed to tell you, but...YO ASS IS STANK!!!!

Cripes, I use probably something like 20 squares per wipe (I'm a scruncher), and depending on the poop do anywhere from 1 (rarely) to 5 wipes. I don't know about you, but I like my crack to be clean, fresh, and most importantly POOP FREE. I can tell you, 4 squares at a time is not doing the trick.

I mean, the point isn't just to swish some paper through and flush it. You're supposed to WIPE dammit. Remove all those fickle feces. Be the Starship Enterprise (i.e., circle Uranus and wipe up Klingons).

Some of you folks are just plain nasty.

Rectum? Darn near killed-um's picture

Well... I prefer to wipe until clean (or bleeding) so I would have to say on average of 5-7 squares per swipe with an average of 3-4 swipes per poo(sometimes as many as 8-9 swipes the morning after chili nite). Leaving us with an average per-poo usage of 21 sheets.

Grebuloner's picture

My shits come out anywhere from extra tiny to ass-blasters. As for the TP...well, I use a hell of a whole lot. Usually 7-8 per scrunch..I don't want my hand anywhere near my stinky bum after it's made a statement. If it's a high and dry floater, I make one wipe, other times I gotta pause and flush between wipes because it just won't come clean and I don't want my crap hanging around until it breaks down enough to hear that pleasant sucking sound of the toilet after a big one.

Fecal Bandit's picture

Paper? I use a scrub brush and a brillo pad...Don't stop till ya bleed is what I say

Sir Wipes-a-Lot's picture

I feel like a jerk after reading all of these comments, but I can use up to half a roll at a sitting, when the poo is tenacious enough (I drink a lot of soda, and the poo is a lot like roofing tar, ew).

Sir Wipes-a-Lot's picture

Damn my overactive enter key. Anyway, I'm a buncher, and probably use 10 squares a wipe. I probably wipe 10 times on average, and end up having to flush about 3-4 times to avoid cloggage; one for the turds, and a few for the paper.

Sarah's picture
l 100+ points

Okay, I forgot one important fact which might be of interest to Mr. Scientist (or is that Dr. Scientist?). After taking my morning poo, I just realized that because I have an aging 1970s toilet, if I don't flush after 3-4 passes it clogs almost without fail.

eisengrim's picture

The average here seems to be about 3 wipes, with about 6-7 squares per. I fit right in there.

Make it so Number Two's picture

Let's see. I'm a scruncher. 8 squares of two ply. 3 wipes. 24 sheets per shit.

anonymous's picture

125 grams for 500ml volume would mean that the average poop is a "floater". I cant speak for anyone else but in my case floaters are a minority, not a majority.

thisissickbutanythingforscience's picture

about 5 wipes with as much TP my little hand can hold. i don't wanna be any closer to what came out than i have to be. and the crack must be clean. not even a hint of what just occured can be left. i'd say 25-35 sheets per poo. and that's 2 ply.

El Cheapo's picture

Buy three ply, seperate into single ply and use both sides. 1 three ply, six wipes...

poopooplatter's picture

I'm a folder/wrapper. I take 6 sheets per wipe and I wipe until I'm clean as a whistle, then one for good luck. I would say I use 24-36 sheets per poopanoid.

big nasty's picture

i prefer the skin method. i swipe my ass with my finger then maybe use one sheet or spalsh some soap and water on it. think globally act locally

Flash Shitter's picture

It Varies From Three Squares For a Dry Turd up To ten squares for Pizza-Beer shit.

Usually it's a three stroke affair and the a damp wascloth to finish.

Super_C's picture

I don't understand how anyone could use such small amounts of paper as is being described here. An average roll of paper will usually last through about five good dumps. However, extra messy ones take a lot more than that, especially if a get a lot on my cheeks. That's two fist-fulls for each cheek and probably a minimum of three fist-fulls for what's between them. Many times, I do a half-time intermission flush, just to play it safe. Also, I'll need to inspect the underwear... if they're stained, that could lead to a lot of scrubbing and many more wads of paper!

Phulio's picture

I do the "wrap around the hand" move and use an average 23 squares per wad. This allows use of the "Foldover" tecnique which provides at least one more wipe per wad. I wipe till clean so I use an average of 2 wads per dump. I've used many other tecniques but I think the "wad" method is the best to prevent digital penetration of the wiping paper. Cause you really don't want that stuff anywhere it doesn't have to be.

Ryan L.'s picture

My poops take about 6-8 squares, i gauge by when the roll gets goin, when it hits the floor. After that i do one really good and slow wipe, that does it for me.

poopless's picture

The real scourge of low-flow toilets are those pre-moistened Cotonelle wipes. No sewage system is strong enough to handle those thick suckers! (I'm a folder, 8 sheets, 3-4 wipes, 3-4 flushes = 18-24 sheets total).

Skid Marky Mark's picture

Randy, you're friends don't want to tell you this, but every time you get up from a chair, there's a lingering whiff of ass. Six to eight squares is Not Enough.

CyberPoop's picture

avg 8 squares per wipe, avg of three wipes = 24 squares.

gastastic's picture

I would have to say that I am the exception to the rule. I don't feel clean, no matter how much I wipe, and if I wipe too much I chafe my ass until it bleeds. So.... I don't wipe. I only poop if I am at home and can take a shower after. My shower has a "snake" attachment that I can position to blast my ass (not a handheld, but one that you can shape any way you want and it keeps the shape. There is about 3 feet length on it). Then, when I am done blasting, I soap it up and rinse it out. When I am done, I could eat off of my butthole it is so clean.

Certainly, it is the best way to do it. I just wish that everyone else agreed and put those snake style shower heads in every shower so I could travel without that problem.

Poopshipdestroyer's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Finally took a couple of good science-worthy dumps last night, so I counted up my squares and wipes, taking note of turd consistency, wiping action, and other environmental factors.

My first dump was pebbly--more gas than stool. A disappointment, really. I used 8 squares x 2 wipes on that one, as there wasn't much ass-residue to take care of. Forty-five minutes later I was back in the shitter for the second dump, which I'm happy to say made up for the wimpiness of the first in every respect. I used a little more TP on this one: 10 sheets the first wipe, 11 the second. I noticed that the second time I wiped I conserved paper by wiping once, folding, and wiping again on a different, clean part of the TP ball. When I noticed this it seemed like a familiar action, so I concluded that this must be habitual for me: scrunch and wipe once to get the messy stuff, scrunch and wipe twice to finish up, and then wipe a third time on a different part of the TP just to make absolutely sure I've gotten everything.

I should probably also report that I was at school at the time that I took these dumps, so the paper was the superthin institutional variety. If this survey is still going the next time I shit at home (wiping with normal 2-ply TP), I'll follow up this report with another.

Hankage's picture

it depends if it's my own tp at home or a public one.. i use 10-12 sheets, wipe, fold and wipe again, until i get a clean wipe. If at home, I use 4-5 squares, fold, and wipe again, and repeat until clean.

I like using odd numbers like 5 sometimes cos it gives me a slighly larger wiping area.

shiznitle's picture

I use fiddy dolla bills ya'll. If I only have hundees I rip 'em in half. i use 'bout fo hundy and fody fo yo....

Kimmerthetease's picture

The "big ten wiper" comes to mind. 10wipes x 10papers per wipe x 3flushes= 1000wp x 3f= 3000wpf. The building I live in recently put in the 1.5 gallon flush system, down from 5 g.f.s. I asked my housing specialist, well, what about people like me who poop out huge amounts, what are we supposed to do when it gets stuck in the potty?' "Always keep a cutting instrument by the toity bowl, and you should be fine." she said. Yes, but what about all that paper! It's no wonder why the Duluth Sanitary Districts poopy pollution gets accidently emptied into Lake Superior, something like 6,000,000 gallons this last time! It's about time somebody got down to business about poop standards and waste quantities. Thank you Poop Report. Ktt

Shameful_Shite's picture

I'm a scruncher...uhhh I'd say about 5 square thingys per scrunch...depending on the consistency I'd say 15 squares (I waste so much... I just realized this :S)

Diva's picture

I use scott TP, and I just wack the roll till a bunch comes down, don't know how much really....then I scrunch and then's always a good time wiping the poop from my little bum.

EricPooped's picture the morning poop deposit, I don't use TP as I usually just go to the shower and clean my butt with water. But when I make my deposit at work or whatever, it really depends how messy it is. But I like wrap I say about 6 times (never counted the squars) wipe, fold, wipe, fold till all is used and maybe have to reload up to 3 times.

doniker's picture
j 1000+ points

crappercritic (anonymous coward) -- 9.9.2003

a refined answer by doniker. bravo you giggly turkey necker pervatron!

sorry I couldn't say something to harden your dick...I was tired that night.

Are you ever going to get your own life or are you going to feed off of me forever?

Dookietyme!'s picture

I don't count the amount of squares, not enough time. I enjoy a clean efficient visit if possible, dump and run, you get the picture. It seems I use approximately 3 complete spins of the roll and get it good, double up and wipe until no more is visible on the paper. One spin may contain a certain number of squares, so I would estimate more or less. I've found that metamucil and other psyllium-husk type roughage suppliments will make quite a neat stack that takes one 3-spin wipe-n-wad. Those are the pre-shower ones. I will wipe before shower, because if I miss something en route from commode to shower, I don't want anything winding up on the floor. At work you must use more paper because you are going back to work and hopefully not carry that just-crapped aura with you. Someone told me of this lady taking a great big shiite after lunch every day and from then on I was unable to talk to her without thinking I smelled it, she standing there smiling pleasantly trying to carry on a conversation and all I could think of was if I imagined or did she really that freshly-pooped glow.

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