Ask PoopReport: Watching Poopers

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"It turns me on to watch cute young guys take a dump and wipe afterwards. l Iove the way the ass hugs the toilet seat, the facial expression while defecating. Does anyone think it's weird?"

-- Lipton Ice Tea

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Kilgore Trout's picture

Watching other people, men or women, poop is just nasty. I do, however, get a kick out of walking through the pastures on my uncle's dairy farm and watching the cows pinch a loaf.

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Yes. Although, judging by the amount of email I get about this subject, it's a relatively pervasive weirdness.

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I have a question. Is Lipton Ice Tea male or female?

I get no thrill by watching others shit. Actually if I am home and need to shit and someone else is on the can, it pisses me off. So I guess other people shitting irritates me.

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Male of female, I'm not quite sure it matters... would heterosexual poo voyeurism be more acceptable to you? I think its kinda spooky either way.

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This is actully quite common, it's refered to as a scatological fetish. Sigmund Freud formulated the first psycosexual theorys, indicating growth phases of sexual maturity. The theory retains, that from 1-2 we get our so called "sexual fill" orally, nipples, bottle, pascifiers, ect. 2-5 is the anal phase, 3-9 is all part of the oedipus complex, and 9-14 is the phase in which gender distinctions are learned, and 14+ is the genital phase. Most people reach the genital phase, and are turned on by genital stimulation, but for many people, there is an ever present undercurrent of sexual desire, retained from the past, a phase uncomleted one might say. This usualy merges into our now present genital phase, fusing together to form a fetish, and for some, it requires an act of fetish to reach sexual climax, for others, sex is enough.

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l 100+ points

by the way, could anyone tell that I am a psycology student? (criminal psychology)

Kilgore Trout's picture

And what does Jung say?

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So then what causes someone to get stuck in the anal phase?

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usually an experience, a fantasy that never goes away. Perhaps the scource of sexual thrills the girls restroom, forbidden, taboo. I myself enjoy watchin a gal in her private moments, a healthy dose of voyerisim is good for you. but this goes beyond, to where the actual act of defication, public, private, and act of defication is percieved as a turnon. This is a big time fetish, one of the biggest, for more information. by the way, eeeewwww. PS, I don't know how jung feels, but i'm sure he agrees with freud, as he is from the same discipline as him.

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I have to agree with doniker. Other people shitting pisses me off. Mostly because I'm in and out in less than 5 minutes. Yet some others I know spend HOURS in the shitter. We talk about poop all the time. We even used to be in the habit of admiring a nice intestinal sculpture. The Albino Poop was quite disturbing. Anway I digress... People shitting amuses me, yet angers me when the Train is coming and theres no open station.

mountin'man's picture

I am a male who gets very aroused watching guys poop. I love the sound it makes, I love the way they wrinkle up their faces while pooping, and I even enjoy looking into the bowl when they fail to flush!

potty peeker's picture

I like the SOUND of poop coming out of someone's butt. Once, while in a stall of a men's room at a busy airport, I was treated to the sound of men pooping away on both sides of me, and jacked off on the spot! I've heard that there are videos of women pooping, and I'd really like to get ahold of something like that.

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krista parkins's picture

I Love the feeling of taking a shit, Its kind of like an orgasm!!! you hold it for a long time then.....PLOP!!!! Ahhhhh......Feels Good!!!!!!

Krista Parkins- Thunder Bay,ONT

Tabitha Cartwright's picture

I'm still waiting for my prince to ride up in his white horse to where I'm taking a humongous poop beside the road and fall in love at first sight with me when he sees my heaving anus laboriuosly slithering off that brown monster!

Leilani's picture

I wanna sweet lover boy who's turned on seeing me doodoo in my pants, or better still poopoo in my dance.

Will's picture

I love to hear, watch ,and smell a woman poop on the toilet. I would love to sniff her butt and her shit that comes out of her. After that, wipe her butt nice and clean. That turns me on. I feel lke I'm in heavan.

jen's picture

Pooing in your pants turns me on until you think about what you have actually done. But it would turn me on to see a girl poop,

tyler's picture

i think the sound of some blowing ass into there toilet is nasty.. but i have another question.. i heard from numerous people that masturbating in public restrooms is a number 2 out of 10 that both sexes do in public does anyone think that is ok or right i was j\w??

Mactahula's picture

Dropping off little niblets in front of other people is the shiznit. Every once in a while, after my little sister gets done squeezing out a cleveland steamer all over the toilet seat, I rush to be first to sniff and pleasure myself on the spot with the fical matter caked between my lips and take the little turd giblets and shove them in my tiny litte pee hole. The other day, I was playing nintendo and i heard my little sister frisbee a fudge bunny and i rushed in to allow her to wipe and caress her tiny little stinkhole with my hairy, dirty tongue. Once a ficafeliac, always a ficafeliac. Mazeltov.

William's picture

It's tough to find specific pics that I would like to see, if it isn't enough that I enjoy seeing women filling their panties with a load of sticky, messy poop; my search for women messing their panties and Lycra shorts and Dress slacks will continue. Anyone with these kind of pics? I generally write Ficticious stories, but even that has worn thin.

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I must say, this is absolutely the funniest and most disturbing web page I've ever had the pleasure of stumbleing upon . . .

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Has anyone here ever cooked or eaten poop soup? If not, you have no idea what you're missing.

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I've always been really into swallowing people's farts. Once a guy who farted in my mouth accidentally let a Brown Boy loose on accident and I've been hooked ever since. But now I'm starting to get self-concious about my breath. What can I do?

Stinky's picture

you pepoles like shit well thats sick i mean i like pee and stuff and ear crust too but thats sick yall

Carl's picture

What is poop?

Someone Pretending To Be Dave From PoopReport's picture

I think I've finally had it with you people. Now I love poop just as much as the next guy-- hell, more than the next guy-- but there is one thing I love more than poop: honesty. I'm getting the feeling that some of you are making up stories to be funny or get attention. I started this site so that men and women could study and discuss feces in a respectable, legitimate environment. But it seems as if over time my vision has been warped and skewed, and I will not stand by and watch my dreams go down the toliet (I couldn't resist). Therefore it is my duty as a serious poop journalist and true poop lover to deconstruct this website and destroy once and for all. I will do so one week from today.

Someone Pretending To Be Dave From PoopReport's picture

Ok, Ok, I'm only kidding guys. The truth is I'm shutting everything down because I got layed off and I'm selling my computer next week. I was ashamed and so I pretended it was an honesty issue. But I don't think I could live with myself if you guys didn't know the truth.

cassie's picture

first i love to go poop,i use the web site to go poop,when guys call me i play with me pussy get them all hot then i let go a big tird in there faces,some like it some dont but it doesnt matter to me i like it.i hold my poop 4 several day to build up a good size dump i cumm and poop at the same time it feels so fucking good,i cant wait to poop agian, look 4 me on i got to go poop!

a55or6y's picture

I fucking love a hot dump in mouth. I tell ya', theres nothin like a wet soft serve squished into your mouth by a hot chic. Are there any REAL chics that are into this fetish and in the southeast, If so e-mailme

Tom's picture
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shitting in your pants fells so good

anonymous's picture

I love to poop, like everyone else. I like pooping in porta-potties, even in the woods. It's great!

sunshine's picture

what is this web site about. and why the heck poop? you all get mad about some weird stuff. someone from this site email me and explain it.

brad's picture

i like when other males take dumps on my chest! Email me if you might be interested! Bye Sweet Thanks

Adonis's picture

i dont think ur weird, u just have a fetish for the weirdest things

Yingbert's picture

You r sick fucking freaks. You like defeciating on eachother. My god, i fear for the children

Brandt's picture
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What's up yall! Hey, I am an african american male heavily into females farting and pooping. I love smelling and hearing a good female fart and then watching her force out a huge brown log! That is my greatest turn-on! Ladies, you can even poop on me if you want - brown on brown :-) To all you pooping ladies out there, email me if you're interested and let's talk poop! Peace from Austin, TX

Francis Drake's picture

Wassup,you guys!Well, i gotta say that i've never experienced real fecal action, but i' actually interested in that. I think seein and smellin a hot chick poop must be a great turn on, and i'd love to wipe her shithole clean after..but, sadly it's kinda hard to find some girl who's into this,huh?

Sarah's picture
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i am a uk girl who is really into watching men shitting, watching their facial expressions whilst straining and watching their arse open up, while squeezing out a huge log, listening to the plopping into the pan..... mmmmm always get turned on by this

Curious Dude's picture

Sarah, I'm into the same thing as you, only I like watching girls poop.

MasterCDG's picture

Holy crud, I love the thought of watching a guy take a dump! One day I moved from a school that had shameless shitters! NOTHING BUT SHAMELESS! NEVER DID SOMEONE TAKE A DUMP DURING CLASS CHANGE OR ANYTHING!

Well, I moved and man! I went to their toilet to make sure it was "usable." I sat down and wanted to "feel" it and I LOVED it. Well, to add to it, a guy came next to me in the left stall and took a wet shit. I got off to his taking a shit. MAn, I would skip almost everyday just to do this! Especially during lunch! EVERYDAY ALL SIX STALLS FILLED UP! MM!


Jeff B's picture
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you people that like watchin others take a shit are sick in the head. fetish. fetish. FETISH!!!!!!!!

Davy's picture

Hmmm like the thought of fits guys taking a dump but cudnt live the fantasy thru ; smells to bad!

Curious Dude's picture

Shut up Jeff. You asshole! We can't help what turns up on. I would probably think your thoughts are unclean. Probably all you ever think about is sex. sex. sex. SEX! Your the one who is fucked up in the head.

John's picture
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Tabitha Cartwright, Leilani, and ESPECIALLY Cassie, I love your poop posts. I'd definitely take you up on it. I take female poopoo and inject it up my hiny hole to get a hard on. I love your post Cassie. Female poop injections make my dick get hard. Only if your poop comes out hard. Well I just had to say that!


Johnny's picture

For almost five years now, I have been sneaking into the men's restroom at a nearby San Francisco State University, getting on top of the toilet, looking over the stall and watching unsuspecting college guys take huge dumps. I just love watching another guy take a dump, especially when he thinks no one is watching!

Phil's picture

It's a HUGE turn on for me to watch women peeing and pooping. I had one girlfriend in the past who used to let me watch her pee. A mutual, platonic female friend suddenly began to leave the door open when she would use my bathroom. This happened soon after my girl found out about my interest. Hmmmmm. I still haven't found a woman who will let me watch her poop, although I'd love the opportunity. I'm a good-looking 27 yr old guy in Austin, TX who would love to watch white/hispanic women 18-55 take a dump! No physical contact necessary, unless you feel so inclined. Ladies-send me an email if interested!

Sue's picture

I think it is watch people poop...or pee. how can that be a turn on for anyone?

kelly's picture

who ever thinks watching people poop or pee is so WEIRD...i mean who wants to watch people poop? not me..or any normal person would want to watch that!!!!!

Libby's picture

I think that shiting on people is the best thing i have ever done in my hole life......i mean...who would not want to take a BIG SHIT on someone...and not feel good....i mean..come of u hott sexy guys out there who want to get there freak on can come given me a call....686-9321 please call me b/c i am dying to taste your shit..and for you to lick me clean....bye....

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