Ask Poopreport: Why can I feel Poop In My butt When I Finger Myself?


When I finger myself, I can feel a log of poop. It's just the end, and it's out of the way, but it is still there. Because of this, I have never let anyone else be on top or finger me. When I have sex, I don't feel any poop in my partner's butts, and when I finger other people, I don't feel any, either. This even happens when I don't need to poop at all. I think once I didn't feel any poop, but most of the time, I feel poop. If it helps, I poop very irregularly, like once every two or three days, despite having a very balanced and healthy diet and exercising regularly. Sometimes I don't poop for an entire week. What should I do?

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how many fingered butts are we writing about here? the still birth could be a lump of hemorrhoid, which are difficult to extract with one's finger. does the word "doctor" ring a bell?

Somethin' mysterious made an exit from the gift shop.

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My guess is that your "healthy diet" may still contain insufficient fiber or bulk. If you poop infrequently, there's a good chance you're not getting everything out that should go out at a particular movement. Some things to try:

For your infrequent bowel movements, sit longer and wait for more poop to come before wiping and leaving, since it is possible to poop in separate waves or impulses. If you don't wait for a second wave, you are leaving poop inside. Of course, you may not be one of the people that do this.

Eat more specifically high-fiber foods from time to time: bran cereals, brown rice, spinach, lettuce, corn, etc. Drink lots of water.

Ask your friends while feeling up their anuses: "Why don't you have any poop up there? I sure do!" That should get some results. (Note: It is also possible your finger is not getting as far into other people's rectums as it is in your own.)

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You could quit taking it up the pooper. Then everything would probably work as it should. :p

The ChrisM virus is incompatible with your current operating system. Your system will now be rebooted into DOS and return to the virus.

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Easy. You're constipated. Have more fibre-rich foods and water. You don't necessarily have to poop everyday but if you aren't evacuating your bowels completely when you do go, it's likely constipation.

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There are a number of things you must do (yes, you must do all of them), to get your digestive tract working again.

1. Remove gluten from your diet.
2. Remove cow's milk and cow's milk products from your diet. It has opioid peptides that slow down transit time in the colon. It also causes mucous overabundance, which destroys vitamin/mineral absorption.
3. CHEW YOUR FOOD WELL!! This is the most important of all these steps. No matter what its consistency (even smoothies!), chew it until it becomes liquid in your mouth. The chewing process releases the first batch of digestive enzymes into the food. This step will also improve your vitamin/mineral absorption, and help you lose weight if that's a problem.
4. Eat only a moderate amount of fiber (no more than 20 grams per day). Too much fiber will slow down your digestion, causing your feces to remain in your intestines for too long, where it will become dry and hard to pass. Fiber overconsumption is a typical of example of taking something that's good in moderation to the extreme and making it harmful.
5. Do NOT eat anything starchy (potatoes, rice, noodles, etc.) in combination with meat/fish/eggs.
6. Cook your fibrous veggies well.
7. Peel and seed all your fruits.

If you're chronically constipated, you probably need something to get you cleaned out while you're making the above changes in your diet. Go to, and buy a couple bottles of Hydro-C (you probably don't need the other supplements or the book that are sold on the site). Hydro-C is vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and a small amount of potassium. It's completely safe and if you take 1 teaspoon at night before bed and another teaspoon in the morning before you eat or drink anything, your poop will soften up and you'll be able to pass it much easier. Take the Hydro-C as long as necessary until the steps above start to work (which, based on my own experience, work within a couple weeks). If you take these steps, you won't need the Hydro-C for very long.

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This post was lame.

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My partner has this problem too. Before anal play she uses a fleet enema a couple hours prior. That will do the trick of clearing out the stuff that is in your lower rectum.

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Omg. I have the same problem. I can go for about a week without pooping. Then when my finger is up my ass I'm like what the hell? It happens all the time, even if I just pooped 5 minutes ago. And while fingering other people I go far up and look around with my finger and keep going just looking for poo. Never any though.

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Man or woman? Fingering your butt or your cooch? If it's your butt, that's totally nasty and you need to shit more. IF it's your cooch, you are probably feeling something else. WTF.

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why is your finger up your ass?

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I like to put small zucchinis up my ass and it doesn't stop my regular pooping habits at all.

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zucchinis,,,, i heard it was a large squash

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your all a bunch of ass whores

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I don't know who you are but if we should ever meet, please don't offer to shake my hand.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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I'm actually having this problem as well. I'm a gay male that likes to bottom, so I definitely need a quick solution to this. It seems to me like we just need to eat more fiber.

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i get the same problem i think u should put something else up there so you dont get gross shit all over your hands like i do or just spit om your fingers first

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I have the very same problem. If I poop at 1:10 I will finger myself at 1:15 and there will be a big turd. I try to push it out but nothing comes!

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I may be abnormal! At least I am different from most of the posters on this thread in that I normally don't stick my finger up my ass after I pinch a loaf.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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I think this happens to me too. I felt like "hey let me just see how this feels." and bam, there was poop up there. I check sometimes when I feel like I have to go but can't, and there is some up in there too! Is it just because I keep trying to strain for it to come out?

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Sometimes when I shit it is very painful, it feels like I'm shitting pine cones. My boyfriend and I love to do it up the butt, and usually yes his penis smells like shit after, but there have never been traces of shit on his dick. However, last night after we did it, we turned on the lights and there was shit EVERYWHERE!!! What is wrong with me???

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I got problems like that too!

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Put a firecracker up your ass and light it.

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I had a similar encounter when my lover was giving me a rim job,very embarrassing.

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Did he give you a "mushroom stamp"?

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