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An anonymous writer wonders about the elasticity of her bung:

I have extremely large poops in width and sometimes length, but the width is always huge. When I say large I mean like the width of my fist (I'm female, by the way). Most of the time it's painful to poop because it's so big. I have gotten used to the pain, even though it hurts. Once I spent 20 minutes trying to push a poop out. It hurt so bad I was crying on the toilet.

Its always tough pushing, and I can feel it stretching my anus. There is usually blood present, but not a excessive amount -- just a little when I wipe and mostly on my poop in the toilet. My poops also clogs the toilet every single time because it is too big to go down the toilet hole. I am not talking about the pipes, either; I am talking about the whole the water goes into in the toilet.

Sometimes toilet is clogged for days, no matter how hard or long I plunge it. I always end up waiting a day or two before I can plunge it down. Might I add there is sometimes a mucus-like substance on it. I am not sure if that's my being aroused or not. I am kind of grossed out at the thought of my poop raping me.

My question is this: Can poop stretch your anus out if the poop is big enough and persistently at that size for a long period of time, like years?

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I can't answer your question about stretching, though I know the anus is somewhat elastic. I can do two things, though: First, I ask whether you have seen a doctor to get suggestions on how to thin and soften your monster turds. Believe me, doctors have seen it all, so you should not be embarrassed (yesterday, for example, my doctor removed the remains of a tick from my scrotum). Second, I suggest more fiber: whole wheat cereal and bread, green leafy veggies plus celery, nuts and the like. That may help you to move your bowels more frequently with consequently less poop at once. Be sure to drink plenty of water with that; but also see your doctor!

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Your anus, no. Your rectum? Possibly. People who are chronically constipated can stretch the delicate rectum and make it so that it loses muscle tone, which will just make the cycle that more vicious. I highly recommend a stool softener, lots of fiber, and a ton of water to help keep your stools soft enough to pass easily.

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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Okay, I'll ask. How did you get a tick on your scrotum, MSG?

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I have no idea how the tick got there, except that I work in the garden for some hours every day, and it might have gotten on one of my socks and just walked up my leg at some point. It can't have been there very long, though it was well embedded when I found it. This is peak season for ticks here. My doctor said he had removed at least one from some patient every day this week, though mine was the first at that location for at least a week. In past years he has removed numerous ticks from men's scrota, as well as other private places. He told me I had already passed the threshold time for three of the four tick-borne diseases, but I would have to wait about six weeks to be sure I don't have Lyme disease. This doctor is a good man; it is truly wonderful to be able to trust one's doctor.

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sometimes when it feels like a large poo is coming out, and the stretching feels as if it is extending from cheek to cheek, then something tiny plops out, there's a sense of uneasiness of what just happened. buttholes are strange!

Somethin' mysterious made an exit from the gift shop.

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Are you Lindsey?

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Oh my, I don't know whether to feel bad or laugh. That is one big poop.

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I got here by searching for how monster turds can overwhelm our environmentally-conscious water-saving toilets. I have severe constipation due to pain med use (legit and legal- the pain meds that is) and after a few days of nothing I drop a multi-pound destroyer-sinking torpedo. I am male, but pretty sure I now know what it's like giving birth. How can one make it easier to dispose of these oversized bombs without flooding the bathroom with an overflowed commode? (the other night it leaked onto my downstairs neighbors' head...I lied and said it was the sink...;-P)

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I too suffer from the same problem. Never had this issue until one summer I studied abroad and wasn't able to pass a stool for 6 weeks! Since then, my stools have been very wide and hard to pass. I find that cutting it up prior to flushing prevents the stools from clogging the toilet.

First, I get a plastic bag and use it to cover my hand like a glove. Then I pick up the plastic knife and cut up the poop. This prevents any poop water from accidentally hitting my hand. Once I am done cutting it, I then pull the plastic bag over the knife (already in my hand) to prevent anything from dripping. Then, I wrap it into a second plastic bag and discard in the outside trash. NOT the bathroom trash or kitchen trash.

Also, I find that eating all bran helps to stay consistent. And if you get the occasional constipation Colace works wonders!!

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I think the tick on your scrotum was from fucking a moose in the ass.

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So as I am typing this am on the toilet trying to drop the evil monster. I have read the whole page and this beast is still just crowning my anus. This is a funny subject but the pain is not a laughing matter. I would like someone to write out a honest and well thought out reason for why I am dropping a hell beast such as this one. I'll probably still be here on the toilet when the answer is given. This will be the only way the browns get to the super bowl.

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This shit. Too funny!

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Is everyone drinking lots of water to soften their stool?
(at least 1/2 of the body weight in fluid oz of water per day).
Undigested fibrous vegetables can also cause large stools.
Maybe adding Bethaine with Pepsin (Throne is a supplement
company), will help break those fibers down, as the amount
of stomach acid the body produces slows down as we age
(think 40's). We desperately need stomach acid to properly
break down and absorb the nutrients in our food.
Take one pill with when you eat, if you don't feel like you
feel an effect, increase to 2, 3, 4 or more. Once you feel
a bubbly fullness in the upper part of the stomach back
down to the last amount that you took without having
this sensation (having this sensation is an indication that
you are taking to much. Taking to much one time will not
have a detrimental effect. ). I also suggest taking a probiotic
(Megagenics, Thorne, Dr. Ohira's), as this will help your digestion
by having more good gut microbes. Fermented foods can also
help with this, but if you have Candida, it is best not to eat
fermented food until the Candida has cleared up.
The Solving Leaky Gut program has a vast amount of gut
related info, and has helped me a lot.
Best, Cl

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First, I'm so sorry. I've been in (maybe) somewhat similar situation(s) in the past... A little info is missing. How often are you going? Is it ever / always followed by diareaha? Do you get abdominal cramping (assuming you ever see / look at this LOL), before, during and / or after? Happen to know if, when you've had labs done you have any weirdness or "derangements" in your, say electrolytes? Thyroid? Iron / are you Anemic? There's soo much stuff that can mess with your poo, and throwing fiber or Miralax at it doesn't fix (may make it worse, like in my case).
The mucus on your poo is from it sitting there too long, in your intestines. Your poor intestines are trying to protect themselves from something that's no longer supposed to be there, almost like puss.
As for damaged caused by spending 20 minutes passing a brick out of your rectum, frequently. That would be a Yes. You'll end up with either internal or external hemorrhoids. The blood most likely is from hemorrhoids or tearing, either merits a trip to a GI.

Best wishes & flushes,
~ me ~

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I had a monster poop like this once, and I think it cut something up in there because now every time I poop it hurts, even though the poop isn't that large.

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I replied to this post (over 3yrs after the original post btw) because I am having a battle with a monster myself.... And I'm a Browns fan. Just felt like sharing my story in case anyone else was like me. I have had massive poops ever since I can remember... It's a running joke in my family. (I'm a woman btw ) I've clogged 10-20 different toilets in my day, some of them several times over. I bleed considerably 90% of the time I poop(for about 8yrs now). Anyway.... Jut this year I decided to get a colonoscopy , my grandfather battled with colon cancer (and survived) for several years. I figured maybe that's what I have?! But after my procedure they didn't find any cancer just a hemorrhoid and an inconclusive non-specific inflammation. I don't know what that means but I guess some people just have big dumps and we have to live with it! I've changed my diet several times but that only works out to give me diarrhea or constipation. Just sharing my story...idk why. I recommend getting colonoscopy (the prep sucked) but the procedure was nothing. And my mind is somewhat at ease that I don't have cancer..... So it was worth it. So get that butthole checked out.

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I think I gave birth to a pineapple earlier this week. I strained so hard I saw stars and got light headed. I don't know where it came from but it hurt like hell and took several strains to get it out. I got some prune juice and after drinking that had to hurry to the toilet before it started coming out. Prune juice is my answer to pineapple turds.

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If you're not drinking half your body-weight in water everyday, you are prone to dehydration. this obviously is somewhat dependent on your lifestyle. Those in construction, military, athletics need more, Average Joe at his desk would survive on less.

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Oh my god this whole thing made me feel so much better about my life in general. But also I'm going to the doctor soon because I think I've developed a hemorrhoid :(

Reporting in as another lifetime big pooper. I know I'm lactose intolerant but I still eat/drink dairy so that probably doesn't help. Not sure if giving up cheese is worth it. Maybe I can live with big poops. I don't strain very much though.

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