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Several months back I switched to a Primal/Paleo diet and noticed a dramatic shift in my poop cycles. Although much more regular now, I am not getting the "firm" satisfaction as I once did on a high carb diet. My stools now are often loose and runny. I assumed there would be an adjustment period, but now I'm wondering why the loose stools?

Would love some feedback if possible!

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Are you eating any carbohydrates at all? Remember that primitive man did eat grains, in whole form. (In fact, their teeth were often ground down to nubs by the time they were twenty-five years old.) You may just have nothing to bind your poop, and you should research this fad-sounding diet a bit more. Research the critical side, not just the gung ho side. Maybe the Paleo diet was good for cave men, but it isn't good for us now. Our digestive systems have evolved, just as our brains, skulls, and posture have, and who knows if this diet really is better for anyone. It is always a good idea to use moderation when choosing a food path.

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Your bowels are telling you something is not right. Bulk and fiber are necessary for digestive health, and some of the best sources are cereal grains as well as green leafy vegetables. It sounds like the paleo diet is not balanced well. Remember the pitifully short lifespans that fossils seem to indicate--my guess is that some of those folks expired early from explosive decompression [POW!]

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An article in Wikipedia has the following to say about the paleo diet;

"A 2011 ranking by US News & World Report, involving a panel of 22 experts, ranked the Paleo diet lowest of the 20 diets evaluated based on factors including health, weight-loss and ease of following. These results were repeated in the 2012 survey, where the diet placed 24th out of 24, stating that their experts "took issue with the diet on every measure". However, one expert involved in the ranking stated that a "true Paleo diet might be a great option: very lean, pure meats, lots of wild plants. The modern approximations… are far from it." He quickly added that "duplicating such a regimen in modern times would be difficult."

Lean meat, lots of complex carbs, fruits, and nuts and fresh water should make you healthy. Leaving out the grains and dairy, which are later day additions to the human diet, might be a good idea since they adversely effect so many of us, although life would be drab without an occasional chunk of stinky cheese.

PS, I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist but I am a highly respected glutton.

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Ok, so I eat Paleo about 80% of the time and my stools are usually quite soft but not liquidy. I think the fact that I eat barely any dairy or processed carbs has a lot to do with it. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to consume dairy or grains to be healthy; if you are getting enough nutrition from meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, and nuts, you should be fine. I think we as consumers of modern processed foods, we have gotten accustomed to having very firm stools. I don't think there's anything wrong with you--you're just getting a lot more fiber now, so that's why your poop is so much softer.

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Interesting. When I want to diet, I usually go South Beach, which greatly restricts your carb and sugar intake. My body's usual reaction is Constipation. These turds aren't just rock hard; they're diamond hard. Krikey, you can hear them thud against the bottom of the toilet bowl. We're talking turds so hard and dense I could probably sell them to Halliburton as drill bits for oil rigs.

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Runninggrrl, it sounds like you just use common sense and eat well! The paleo diet has some points in it that are in most good diets, such as avoiding non-whole foods.

There are some articles I found online that said one of the issues people forget to look at when eating any whole foods diet is where seafood comes from. Thailand shrimp is full of metals, tilapia does not have the nutrients that other fish have, and farm-raised catfish is dirty as hell. In order not to end up full of crap in general we almost have to revert to having our own gardens and buying meat from a local butcher.

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A friend of mine worked at a large chemical plant on the gulf coast. They had large chemical treatment ponds that used shrimp for removing heavy metals. Whenever a large storm/hurricane came by, those shrimp would get washed into the gulf. Yummy, yummy, clank, clank.

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