The face in the outhouse hole

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A fourteen-year-old girl enters a U.S. Forest Service outhouse in Albany, New Hampshire. She is about to poop -- but before she does, she hears a noise. It's coming from within the deep, dark pit below. What could it be? Is it a rat? She peers closer... and sees the face of Gary Moody, 45, a convenience store owner from Maine. Mr. Moody, in the toilet tank of the outhouse, swimming in the shit of countless female hikers, waiting for some unsuspecting hiker to come along and poop on him.

Dear God in Heaven.

The news media described him as a "peeping Tom." That's putting it gently.

For his June 26 crime (and who knows if this is the first time he's done this?), Mr. Moody has been charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespass. Add to that a charge of violating his probation by leaving the state and allegedly committing new crimes, and it's clear that -- OK, I'm going to make the most obvious pun here -- Mr. Moody is in deep shit.

While Mr. Moody will probably be going away for along time, the scarier thought is this: is he a lone freak? Or part of a subculture of people who do this? While we at PoopReport strive to investigate poop in all its social manifestations, I think we're going to leave this story alone. If there are other people like this out there, I don't want to know.

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“Disorderly conduct” indeed. It’s a credit to our legal system that someone can do something unimaginable like this, and we already have a suitable category under which to prosecute.

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I read about this story when it went down. My heart goes out to the cops who had to pull this guy of the shit tank below the bathroom. Can you imagine the stink? Horrible....

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this same type of thing happened in the Brecksville Ohio Metroparks here in the Cleveland area about 9 or 10 years ago.

I remember hearing that in the Brecksville incident when they fished the guy out of the toilet nobody wanted to transport him to the police station because he was completely covered in shit. They made the guy walk about 2 miles in handcuffs to the fire station as the cop cars drove behind him.

I guess they then used the fire hose to wash his nasty ass.

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He claims he was looking for his ring... yeah right

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What I can't stop thinking about is that poor unsuspecting 14 year old girl just thinking she's going to do her business and peers down to see two beedy eyes staring back at her from a pit full of shit. Wow, you could write some really bad poetry about this.

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That would be like suddenly finding yourself immersed in a Stephen King movie. It's a wonder the poor girl didn't expire on the spot!

Santa Caca!

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Nothing short of pure insanity. Never would I voluntarily crawl inside a port-a-john just to catch a peek. That's going WAY beyond voyeur. This guy needs to go back to standing at the bottom of a staircase.

Practicing the ancient Chinese art of double flushing... because sometimes, a single flush just isn't enough.

[Insert witty banter here]

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I'm from Maine; I actually live in the town between the one this guy lives in, and the one where his convenience store is located. How ironic was it that the day this story broke in the news, my brother happened to be driving by Mr. Moody's store on the way to work, only to spot a flat bed truck pulled into the store.. with about ten porta-potties lined up on the back.
Anywho, apparently this yahoo is far from a newbie to bathroom antics. He's been busted before for having video cameras mounted in the bathrooms at his store, so he could watch unsuspecting customers.

I tell you, this guy should move to Germany. He's a natural born scat porn star if I've ever seen one.

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Wait a minute. The guy is not in there to catch a peek (unless he brought a flashlight) somebody sitting on the pot would block the light. Either he went in there to just get pooped on, or he fell in accidentally. That's the ticket.

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How did he get in there? Lower himself through one of the crappers? This must have been one of those old-timey outhouses that are basically just built over a cesspit, and there's a cleanout hatch.

Hmm--"Historic American Outhouses"--interesting subject for a JOAP article.

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This takes DumpWatcher's activities to the extreme. As I recall, this asshole got away with it in a later BM Newswire report. His face was pretty creepy!

If a man farts and no one's around, does he make a sound?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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After watching Mind of Mencia...i just had to make sure this was true....that guy moody.............N A S T Y!!!

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I realize this story is probably true, but stories like it have been circulating for years. In the early 1990's we camped in Kings Canyon Natl. Park in California and someone there said, "Right there, in that crapper, some guy was caught squatting down in the tank watching women go to the bathroom." It was one of those concrete/brick little buildings built over a big tank that holds that blue water, and had those sort of column-shaped shitter pedestals. With the lid up, a medium-sized person could easily drop down in there, but it was deep enough that I couldn't imagine how he'd get back out.
So, maybe this is more common than you think. I have to wonder how many guys have died, unnoticed, in the liquidy poo tanks, only to be found when the honey dipper comes by for the once-every-three-months cleaning.

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After reading the posting of the 14-year-old, I was on the stool taking a crap tonight at a hockey game at our civic center. I heard an older lady go into the stall immediately to my right. While she's peeing, and loudly I might add, I hear her yelling to her young child not to leave the front of her stall. On three or four separate occasions I see an eye peaking in on me. "What a nosey little brat of a daughter, I thought." When I went to wipe, I found there was not toilet paper on either of the two rolls. I called to the lady in the next stall and asked her for some. She handed it to her child and when I partially opened the door to take it was a BOY! I had my jeans and panties all the way down to the floor which, in retrospect, was a really dumb move on my part! Isn't there a law about opposite sex children being in public bathrooms? He looked like he might have been about seven. I hope he doesn't become a pervert!

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There's no law about opposite sex children in bathrooms, but it's an issue that has been discussed many times on the Front Page and the Forums on PR. This often arises when a small child of either gender is attended by one parent of the opposite in a bathroom.

A boy or girl that young is generally not up to mischief--only trying to use the facilities or accompanying a parent who must do so. My overall impression of seven year-olds is that they are restless, inquisitive and hyperkinetic and that they generally do as they are told.

That said, the lady, knowing her child was a boy, should have handed the roll to you herself under the stall to protect your privacy.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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The smarter choice for Vanessa would have been NOT to be sitting on a public toilet seat in the first place without covering the seat. When she went to cover the seat, she would have noticed the lack of toilet paper. You will NEVER find me sitting directly on an uncoverer public toilet, especially in a large arena. But I know there are some girls/women dumb enough to do so....

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Holy horseshit. That's just plain frickin' sick. I feel bad for the little girl who saw that shitbag down there. I feel sorry for those that didn't as well.
I'm sory, but that bastard is way over the line.

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Everybody's got to have a hobby. His was probably catching falling toilet paper with his teeth.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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Heavens 2 Betsy-This is how I came 2 this site also.
How the hell did he fit himself in the toilet. & What kind of sikk bastard would watch females defecate?! Especially on him? Its fu**in' crap dude! If u want crap around you, go 2 fu**kin Africa where they make paper out of elephant dung, or becum Mexican sewer diver! Damn, Doez any1 else see how nasty, and stupid this is?!

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Well... yes. Did you read the comments before yours?

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DungDaddy, i'm sure he had a flashlight and just drop it in the pile of shit and I don't think the cops will go look for it!
(by the way I saw this on Carlos Mencia's show he's Hillarious!episode 8)

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You have got to be kidding me......Ewe

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How was this guy not poisoned by the blue goo?

It's not exactly people friendly.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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All I have to say is...W H A T...T H E...F * C *?

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I have been and will continue to be in the situation of having a child of the opposite gender with me in a public bathroom. My daughter will turn 8 in December but I don't relish allowing her to go into the ladies room unsupervised. Three times this month we've been at pro ballgames and fireworks shows where there have been crowds of several thousand. When I have to crap, she comes in with me and stands face-to my stall door. That way she's not facing the dozens of guys at the urinals, or peaking or roaming--as the child did that Vanessa described. Many times, however, when I have to go, she does too so she just takes the stall next to mine, closes the door and does her thing. I might add, when she's with me, I use a stall because there's usually not a line and it gets us out of there faster. I've also seen a few other girls in there with their fathers. Regrettably, I've also seen boys as young as 5 in there alone without any supervision or assistance. What are their mothers thinking???

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Maybe this guy can finally convince BVC that girls indeed do poop.

BVC, I'll try to arrange a meeting for you.

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OMG - we had some creep doing the same thing here in Canada in a provincial campground. How sick is that??? He got caught doing the same thing as this crazy f****r and was charged. It freaks me out to think that some a- hole is hiding in the "bowels" of an outhouse waiting for someone to take a crap on them. What next?
This is some crazy world we live in......

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Here in Tennessee most rural convenience stores prepare sandwiches for their customers. If Mr. Moody's store provided this service I certainly hope he was a good hand washer.

I recall a newspaper article about a similar incident in Japan when I lived there. It's
comforting to know that no one country has a monopoly on perverts.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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Cautious Father questions why boys as "as young as 5" would be in a public bathroom alone and without supervision or assistance. Duh! We want our sons to know what sex they are! My son's five, and beginning earlier this summer, I've taken him to the doorway of the mens room and I wait for him there while he goes in and does his thing. There have been no accidents and significant problems in about ten instances. Last week, when we were at the park for a fireworks program, there were three or four doorless stalls and each was in use. While waiting, he stood directly in front of them, and one of the guys gave him a hand signal to wait off to the side by the sinks and urinals. Lessons learned this way are more effective than holding off the inevitable by dragging them into the ladies room for another year or two.

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To the AC directly above Chief TB's comment of 7/12....shame on you...its ok for you to shit in a store fitting room, but you can pass judgement on some poor twisted fuck who MAY have fallen through the hole and can't get out of an outhouse? Oh yeah, baby, we know about you, its all over the internets now!!!!!

The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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Holy shit ... this guy needs to find a new hobby. May I suggest stamp or coin collecting?

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Stamp or coin collecting!!! Do you know how germy those coins are???

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This shit eating bastard just got caught again sucking shit out of peoples asses in another outhouse. he just went to court yesterday. he loves shit I guess!

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my gahd.. he's so effing weird..

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Who knows maybe he was having fun...

It would be cool if the girl came in and did and nice big one and actually liked it. Some girls like this - see