Michigan Manure Resources Network

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Just in case you live in Michigan, and you need to get manure. This database provides resources by county, and dilineates each resource by species (rabbit manure?), quantity, description ("solid"), price, and chemical buildup. How convenient.

7 Comments on "Michigan Manure Resources Network"

Dawn Mancina's picture

If anyone needs horse manure in the St. Clair County area - I have it! Feel free to pick some up.

I have 3 horses and lots of poop available. My horses eat well and have good, quality poop (if that sounds right).

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I have used horse manure in my garden. If it is too fresh, any seeds the horse has eaten will likely germinate, giving the gardener a healthy crop of weeds. If the manure is well rotted or composted, the seeds will likely be killed (burned), and the manure will enrich the soil.

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1 lb manure
Primarily brown in color with a few yellow patches.
Consistency of soft serve ice cream.
Able to deliver 3x daily.
Serious inquiries only please.

Number One . . . I order you to take a number two.

Number One . . . I order you to take a number two.

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I am looking for some manure for a vegetable garden. Stable manure is OK, or well rotten chicken manure. probably 3 or 4 buckets would be enough. I am in Grosse Pointe area, but willing to travel.

Thank you.

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I live in Roscommon County and am looking for rabbit manure for my garden. I am willing to drive and pay.

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We are in Lapeer and interested in where you are. Do you have a way to load it?

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Dear anonymous,

You might try clicking the link in the comment that started this thread. You might remember though that the thread is ten years old.

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