Child forced to eat feces

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This isn't funny. But our job is to report the facts.

"The girl told the jury how her aunt, Terri Lynn Peterson, repeatedly hit Terrell over the head and forced him to eat feces from the toilet bowl. Tasha said her aunt resented taking care of the little boy because she suspected, rightly, that he was not the biological son of her crack addicted brother."

12 Comments on "Child forced to eat feces"

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Where were the parents of this child?

Sadly, stories like this are becoming more and more common in the selfish world we live in today.

I hope that the aunt has her comeuppin's with the legal system.
A man who farts in church, sits in his own pew.

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Very, very sad story.

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The fact that the unfortunate little boy was made to eat feces makes this a Poop Report story? Aw, come on.

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The aunt should be forced to eat shit and then beat to death. There is NOTHING worse than when people treat little kids like this.

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omg dat is just soooo sad can beleive this bullshit is happening round da world!!! aww i hope dat daughter of a crack whore goes 2 jail...

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wow, BM Newswires sure have come a long way since 2002, huh??
i love poop.

i love poop.

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You know its sickos like that who make me sick. I hope she rots in a prison for the rest of her life. "I'll shit when I please, not when you tell me to." Nelson Mandela

Everything comes down to poo.

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Uh... Ew! I think I agree with DungDaddy on this one.

Still, I think any kid who eats a hot lunch at school is forced to eat feces. I know we were. Or vomit. It was really hard to tell. The smell was like shit and the texture and imagery were most definitely technicolor yawn.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Omg, that's... Horrible, wtf????!!! Who would feed their kid poop????!!!! She should die for doing this!!! I don't frigging care if she's still a human being, she deserves worse. little kids are INNOCENT and should never be treated that way!

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The sad part is that these kids that are being mistreated today are the same ones who will be running the world 40 years from now._______
Here I sit, my cheeks a flexin' , trying to give birth to another Texan!!

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That is an awesome aunt!!

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Hope the aunt likes to eat what she has served. He co-prison inmates will serve her a buffet of fresh crap right served from the bowel to the bowl.