Islamic bathroom rules

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In an effort to broaden our pooping horizons, today we explore the bathroom habits of our Muslim brothers and sisters. They may seem strange and complicated to us, but our rules, although unwritten, are probably just as weird to them. Imagine trying to explain the Urinal Rules to someone unfamiliar with our society.

3 Comments on "Islamic bathroom rules"

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The website cannot be found. Allah must've shut it down.

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Oh, man....I'm moving to a Muslim country and could really use some insight. Where OH Where is the article????? I have photos of Turkish public toilets.....Basically just a hole in the toilet paper in sight....but there is a hose. WTF? Do they hose off? if so, how do they dry themselves afterward? do they somehow manage to keep the hose sparkly clean for the next guy?

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Dear Anonymous, Just cut and paste the URL below and you can read the Wikipedia entry on the "Muslim Shower." The hose doesn't actually touch any assholes so it should remain in pristine condition for the next user.

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?