Complex Shit goes on the runs

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From the early days, conceptual art, like Duchamp's urinal and Manzoni's canned shit, has always courted controversy. But it hasn't actually caused chaos -- until now.

The harmonious landscaped gardens of the Zentrum Paul Klee museum in Berne, Switzerland, have been home for the past few months to what might possibly be the largest piece of crap art ever made. American artist Paul McCarthy has created a giant inflatable dog turd, the size of a house, entitled Complex Shit.

The monstrous heap of turds was secured in the gardens by anchors and had a built-in safety system that would ensure that it deflated in times of bad weather. Unfortunately, during a sudden gust of strong wind on July 31st, the safety valve (presumably some sort of sphincter) failed. Complex Shit broke free of its moorings and sailed, as gracefully as a house-sized turd can, out of the park.

Its freedom didn't last long, however, as within two hundred meters it managed to bring down a power line. It came to ground ignominiously after breaking a window of a children's home.

Juri Steiner, the museum's director, said that they were not sure if the exhibit would be put back on display. Mr. Steiner also failed to mention what the orphans thought of their home being assaulted by an enormous mound of flying feces.

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Nice write-up, TBox! After seeing the photo, I wonder how funny it would be to see these turds made airborne and wafting above streets of New York behind UnderDog during the Macee's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I just had a vision of Woody Allen trying to corral them with a giant pooper scooper.

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LOL....I still think about that on occasion, Woody being chased through the park by a giant bouncing

The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

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If you took that shit and painted *sqrt(-1) + x* on it, then it would REALLY be a complex shit!

the square root of minus one is an imaginary number.....denoted by "i", and "x" is any real number........

then "x plus i" is called a complex number.

(for those who are somewhat mathematically inclined.....the actual proper standard form of a complex number is "a+bi", where a and b are numbers. a is just a real number, and b is the coefficient of i. Every complex number has two parts, one real, the other imaginary. It's probably called complex because it is made up of more than one type of mathematical element......

Hmmm, sounds like chemistry. One of my favorite memories of my advanced chem class in 11th grade was our teacher telling us about the "generic" chemical composition of shit.

The Integral

We three shits of Mathematica are. Laughing on the toilet, har, har!

We three shits of Mathematica are. Laughing on the toilet, har, har!