What December brought to my inbox

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Inspired by the news of the day, Dee writes in: "hey dave, that gary moody guy is a real sicko pervert! i can't believe he got off so easy. anyway, i havea bit of fun with photoshop with old gary..lol."

Rick Popko, the genius behind Monsturd, says, "Hey, Dave, I thought your readers would find this news interesting." And we do. Imagine being on an airplane without a crapper..."

Scatoman asks: "Have you ever seen this? I want some."

Crapola brings us a thesaurus: "Maybe you've seen this already. But maybe not! This has some funnies in it..."

"Is this," Larfus wonders, "something of your doing?" I wish it was.

Jennifer has found a review of poo.

Di Uhreea reminds us that foreign names can be funny.

From Brian H.: "Dave -- Thought this was funny. My local NBC station has a weekly talk show about medicine, and a guy called in about valproic acid and how it turns his poop to pudding. The Dr. tries to remain professional and the hostess scrambles for damage control. Here's the link."

When someone writes to me asking me to link to their website, I ask them to write up a paragraph describing it. Here we go:

Poop is my friend!
Poop is your friend!

Shazam! Welcome you to the wonderful world of the Poop Friends! They are here to make you happy and poopy all day! And that day can be today for you! Have you ever been sad because you can't poop enough? Pooping enough is never enough! You can see Junji, Momo, Kengo and now Unkochan pooping more than you could ever poop yourself! Watch their slick moves. Marvel at their fancy dancing! Also! Coming soon! Poop Fighter starring the Poop Friends!

Make sure to visit the 'toys' section where you can make them dance and Poop. Also, if you have a moment to leave a message in the Poop Forum or purchase one of many fine products from the Poop store. Do you have any special idea in mind? It is a wonderful thing! Thank you! Poop is our friend!

Dinopoop jewelry

I began making jewelry about ten years ago, specializing in opal. I had an idea come to me about a year ago to make something fun that made people smile - dinopoop jewelry. Without exception, everyone always laughs and then says "really?" - it is a fun product that always puts a smile on everyones' faces, something we need a lot more of. There are a variety of different colors in the material, based upon the mineral content of the soil where the item was "dropped" and how quickly the organic material was replaced with minerals. It doesn't stink and can be quite attractive in jewelry. The majority of the pieces I cut come from plant eating dinosaurs because that is more common. In original form they sometimes resemble "cowpies" but I do have a few small aquatic ones that resemble modern human or animal equivalents. Because they vary greatly in hardness, they are extremely hard on equipment, especially saw blades. I have had situations where I have gone through two blades cutting a single slab. The scientific name for dinopoop is coprolite. I have ready made jewelry available on www.dinopoop.com in the "Dinopoop Store" and if you happen to be in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area, they can be purchased at the Science Museum of Minnesota in their gift shop, the Explore Store. They are one of my best customers. I also make custom pieces on request. More information about dinopoop can be found on the website, on the "About Dinopoop" page.

Finally, some random links: snowblower, Olestra, transvestite bathrooms, diarrhea vaccine, surprising ways to unclog a toilet, a new Turdzilla video, and the toilet PC.

10 Comments on "What December brought to my inbox"

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Awesome! This just took up my whole morning. I love the cute little poop movies.
Rectum Rector
The Church of Poop

The Emir of Crapistan

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k 500+ points

Very interesting stuff. The unclogging the toilet one was very useful to me.

"KOC -- the Cool Crapper" - Rat Droppings

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

I always wondered what transvestites, transexuals, and hermaphrodites did.

Still, it seems like eliminating divisions in the restrooms would be more effecient.

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l 100+ points

Dinosaur poop is for lovers

Crack kills

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Dinosaur poop? Now that I would have given as a gift!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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j 1000+ points

Dishsoap to unclog the toilet? That's a new one for me. I'll have to try it next time our toilet gets clogged.

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j 1000+ points

I would love to see fossilized dino poop up close. All kidding aside, I'm sure that the some fossilized dino poop can be very colorful, and expensive. Has anybody heard of the petrified forest?

I never knew that there was a vaccine for diarrhea.
"-55F, a new record low? Nope, thermometer went bad. Looks like -50F still stands"

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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Cool. I think I'm going to have to resign my job out of guilt. So much poop. So little time.

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i fing love poop its funny
and everyone does it lol

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This is totally hilarious! Old stuff, but never fails to crack me up. I vote this for web entry of the decade.