Student suspended for "stealing" bathroom spy camera

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Two weeks ago we reported the story of a school superintendent in Texas who placed a hidden camera in the female restroom at the district's administration building. He was suspended from his job and is facing criminal charges. Last week in Georgia there was a similar drama -- with a very different outcome. The principal of a high school in Jasper County was found to have placed a camera in a boy's restroom. An eight-grade student discovered the camera mounted in the ceiling and ripped it out.

When the shit hit the fan, what happened to the principal? Nothing. And what about the student, Mack Bedor, who discovered and removed the camera? He got a one-week suspension for stealing school property. Principal Howard Fore says he installed the camera to discover who had been vandalizing the restrooms, which are shared by the high school and middle school. Howard Simms, the District Attorney of Bibb County, claims that this surveillance was legal because schools have more leeway on privacy issues. In other words, he believes that kids surrender some of their rights when they are forced to attend school.

Mr. Fore's explanation leaves unanswered the question of why he didn't consult with the middle school principal or the teachers before he chiseled a hole in the ceiling tiles and stuck a camera up there. They knew nothing about it. We might like to hide a camera in the principal's office to see what he does when the door is closed or search his home to see what he's got in his video collection -- but as much as we might like to, this would be illegal unless we obtained a search warrant.

And rightly so. Principal Fore's determination to set ethics aside to catch the guys trashing the restroom -- if indeed that was what this was about -- may be in part a sign of these torture-tolerant times. But additionally, there is a long history of treating school kids with "more leeway" than we treat their parents. And the way many schools try to regulate students' bladders and colons is certainly one of the more outrageous of these double-standards. For example, here are restroom rules I found a few months ago posted by one Mr. Eastham, a teacher chemistry at Hughson High School in California:

  1. No restroom passes during the first 10 minutes or the last 15 minutes of class.
  2. Time limit for the restroom pass is 3 minutes.
  3. Only one student at a time may go to the restroom at a time.

Got that? If my employer imposed those kinds of regulations, and I didn't have the option of quitting the job, I'd probably brush up on my vandalizing skills, too.

As advocates for Shameless Shitting, we should do all we can to secure reasonable access to toilets in our children's schools, with the assurance that not for any reason will they be videotaped (or viewed through creepholes) while in there. Not even to catch mischief makers.

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I'm in a bit of a rant-mode about CCTV as it is today, having read about a couple of council workers who were using CCTV to spy on some lady in her apartment, rather than using it for its proper purpose (monitoring the streets for trouble).

The headmaster who put the surveillance camera in the boys' toilets should be charged with voyeurism. Oh, and those restroom rules amount to a breach of human rights.

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I think back to my high school days and realize both how innocent and 'liberal' those times were. Of course, we had five minutes between bells to use the restrooms, and most of us did during that time.

But if you had to use it during class and weren't too Shameful to do so, you asked for a pass, and it was always given. There was no time limit on the pass, and there were never any restrictions on how many people could be in a bathroom at one time.

We never had any vandalism, and I can't even remember any graffiti. Those were very innocent, untroubled times, indeed.

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I went to a middle school several times to put of theatrical stuff for them, and twice I was confronted with terrible bathroom situations. The first time, I found 2 pairs of restrooms to be LOCKED. (granted, there are only 7 pairs of restrooms in the school) The next time I went there, all the restrooms but the pair by trh office were LOCKED. I gasped, thinking of how at the high shcool where I work, the restrooms have no doors (the stalls somtimes do, but not all, but I'm talking about the entrance) and they are never closed. So I asked why they would commit such a terrible atrocity. A student told me "Oh, some girl wrote a bomb threat in the bathroom." And so you close all the bathrooms but one! Good god. And at that school there is the 10 min begining-10mins. before end rule too. And ther are security cameras outside the bathrooms pointed at the doors as well. (Though on day I notice that the cameras were only reciving power, and nothing was plugged into the video out port)Thank you god for faculty only bathrooms at my High School.

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This came to me via email:

From: Cheryl S****
Subject: Mr. Fore Jasper County High School

"Mr. Fore is a good principle but yall can believe whatever you want my principle is not a pervert he is a good hearted principle."

So there you have it.

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Cheryl. Thanks for taking the time to share this information with us. I'm just wondering what you think of putting the camera in the restroom to try to catch the guys that were trashing it. Do you think that was OK to do?


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If he had put the camera in the girls' restroom, he would have surely been arrested.

This really bothers me, because even if he did put the camera in there just to catch vandals, he never got permission to put it up in the first place. Even if he had permission to do so, who the hell can give a man the right to look at our sons using the bathroom?! If I were one of the parents with kids at that school, I would be suing the hell out of that principal.

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I found this site by accident and some things disturb me and some sound pretty innocuous. I wonder how many of you have ever taught and had 25 6th graders ALL want to go to the restroom EVERY DAY (during a 45 minute period)? Many use it as a social time...why the heck they do that is beyond me, other than they just want to get out of class. Perhaps if you had more experience with middle schoolers you would understand...

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I think that the principle had the camera in the boys room for other reasons than what he says.

I was in 6th grade in 1989, and the class consisted of 18 students. We never all went to the bathroom at the same time in a 45 minute period.

Maybee we were the exception to the rule, but bathroom breaks were never a problem for us back then.
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As a member of the class of '99 and now the parent of a five-year-old daughter, I see both sides of the restroom situation.

Three or four times a week I had to move my bowels at school and once or twice a day I had to pee. It wasn't a pleasant experience and each day the condition of the restrooms would get progressively worse as the day wore on. Cameras were set up outside each of the bathrooms and pointed at the entrance, videotape was made and could be (but usually wasn't monitored)by para-professionals or the deans of students in the main office. As an office aid during 9th hour, I sometimes observed the cameras and know that after incidents were reported, the tapes (which were logged by a computerized timing device) would be played back and students in most cases would be identified as having entered a vandalized bathroom at a given time. The problem, however, was that administrators were not eager to confront students about the bathroom incidents because of the workload of paper involved and the fear that parents would not support after school detention or Saturday study hall.

On day, immediately after lunch, I was on the stool on the fourth floor, when I grabbed the toilet paper and found there was none. The two rolls as well as their plastic holders had been completely broken off the stall partiition and even one of the screws had been removed. I heard another person coming into the three or four stall bathroom so I remained seated on the cold seat (the window had been partially opened probably by smokers)while the door opened in the stall next to me. I was surprised that I didn't hear the stall door being latched but instead heard some farting and then some toilet paper being pulled (the answer to my need!) before the door opened and the person left without any activity at the sinks. I flushed, partially pulled up my jeans and went into the stall, which I noticed had almost two complete rolls of toilet paper, and as I was about to sit down, I found why I had not heard a flush and why there was an excessive smell. There was a long log over the right hand side of the seat and some residue over the front of the bowl! I pulled up my jeans and left without wiping--going to the 3rd floor which was closer to my upcoming class anyway. It took me checking four of five stalls before I found the toilet paper I needed.

I reported the 4th floor incident and time (I had checked my watch at 12:55 p.m.) to the dean of women but, after thanking me and talking in circles (something about hygeine v. parent support and limited resources) I noticed she wasn't taking any notes and seemed disinterested. I doubt that anything was done. If other students, in the same situation as me, received the same message when complaining,then I can see why there's so much apathy.

However, in nine years my daughter will be attending that school and potentially be in a hurry and sit in the deliberately left shit! I hope the administration is more caring by then!

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My daughter is 16 and a junior at one of the largest high schools in our state. Two weeks ago she got called in to the office and was questioned for over a half hour by one of the vice-principals. The subject was her restroom habits.

She was told that she was seen on a bathroom entrance spy camera (the boys and girls bathroom entrances are doorless and use the same cooridor)entering the bathroom at a given time and exiting some 19 minutes later. While there are no pictures being taken inside the bathroom (thank God and the lst amendment!)the surveillance equipment apparently has a timer that tracks the time a student enters and exits the bathroom. It then, among other things, alerts administrators to students who take a "longer than normal" time in the bathroom, and when incidents happen or are reported, the "evidence" is reviewed and students and parents are called in.

The problem is that my daughter hates her 2nd hour English class and is bored beyond sanity at the slow pace and low expectations the teacher has. So after she turns her daily worksheet in and still has more than 30 minutes with nothing to do, she signs out on a log kept on a clipboard on her teacher's desk and goes to the bathroom.

Once last year when she had a similar situation in her Adult Living class, one of the security guards patrolling the restrooms looked through the space between the partition and door and was suspicious as to why she was just sitting with her jeans up, reading a novel. She admitted to being bored with class but also said she was contstipated (three days--true story!)and wasn't sure when her laxative would kick in. She was given an office referral, but it was dropped after I intervened, and she now drops her jeans and sits "normal" on the stool.

Still "normal" isn't good enough as she was questioned as to why she spent so much time in the restroom, how she selected the stall she used, and other activity that might have gone on in there during her 19 minutes of vulnerability. There are about of dozen stalls in the bathroom and she prefers the one at the very far end--apparently for whatever privacy she can get. She said she peed and then when she was ready to wipe, she found there was no toilet paper. She then noticed a couple of squares on the floor next to the toilet in an adjacent stall and used her foot to bring them in. The administration claims that the adjacent toilet was vandalized and that anti-administration/school messages were written in feces on the stall walls and that the messages constituted a threat to the entire school community. She signed an affidavit saying that she never went into that stall and that it was not used during the time period she was in the restroom.

I accept the fact that there are girls (and I suspect boys too) that need counseling big time but I feel that the restroom "security" is not being used in a way that's fair to all the students--espeically the 2,200-some that don't cause problems. Even accusations and questioning can be traumatizing to good high school students who have done nothing wrong.

I haven't seen any evidence that school bathrooms are not invading the privacy rights of students. My daughter's now "holding it" as much as possible so she doesn't even have to enter a school bathroom!

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I read with interest the postings of Farrah and Patti. I believe that school bathrooms--especially at the high school level--are very unkempt. Both students and the administration need to find common ground.

My daughter is a freshman who regularly complains about the condition of the bathrooms, how embarrassing it is to interrupt a class for permission and then to have to sign out (and by the fear of God remember to sign back in because the logs are being monitored.

Last month I got a detention referral form on my daughter (an honor student and athlete) for a "bathroom violation". My first thought was that she had forgotten to sign out or worse yet didn't sign back in (would that mean that she was perpetually lost among the rooms of toilets and basins?). SHE GOT A 30 MINUTE DETENTION FOR USING HER LAPTOP WHILE SHE WAS ON THE STOOL DOING HER #2!

The security matron, who I learned checks every stall in every girls bathroom each hour for vandalism, grifitti, truants, etc. apparently didn't think multi-tasking was appropriate. I would think that if more students took their laptops into the restrooms they would have less time on their hands to engage in grafitti, vandalism of the stalls, etc.

One afternoon last week I was late in picking her up and when I went into the school to find her, a friend said she was in the bathroom. I checked and sure enough she was, jeans down, taking a pee and reading her e-mail! That's my girl!

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Proud Mom--you have a very legitimate concern. I don't know what the administration is thinking in giving your daughter a detention for using her laptop while she's moving her bowels. I also don't understand what cause the security matron would have to peak in on each and every girl on the toilet. It's just an invasion of privacy. What's wrong with using the lap top? Is it any different than when I was in high school 30 years ago, there were guys who would sit on the shitter and read the school newspaper if it had come out that day or who would do other homework on the stool. It's down time, damnit, and why wouldn't we want them to be as productive at school. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this issue. My son attends one of the top school districts in the country--a district that checks out a Gateway lap top to every freshman using the same concept as issuing textbooks. He regularly takes his lap top into the bathroom and in addition to using it when sitting down (in an OPEN STALL mind you), it also, he said, covers up his small johnson and pubic area. He said this is especially true when bathroom is packed and there is a line for all 12 stalls. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING IT OUT AND BEING ON-LINE WHEN YOU ARE ON THE TOILET! My wife and I don't always agree on these things but she agrees with me that Proud Mom is right to resist administrative intrusion on a private need sit on the toilet, relieve yourself and to do it while you perform other needed tasks. My wife, who is a few years older than me and attended high school in the 1960s, said in her school girls regularly read in the stalls. There were postings on the inside stall doors about STU-Co activities, sports scores etc. As a student leader, she remembers the administration (vice principal I think) telling the girls that they had a "captive" audience in the restroom stalls. They better not try and give my son detention time for something as normal and routine as using the computer while you're on the stool. I believe its the students who have too much time on their hands, who don't know how to manage time, and those who are not emotionally ready for high school who are the trouble-makers. Lap top-using students on a school toilet differentiate themselves and in a most positive way.

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Why would you want to sit in a toilet and use a laptop, at the school I went to if you were unfortunate enough to have to use the toilets you got in and out as fast as you could, nobody sane would have stayed in there longer than they have to. In the time it takes to have a crap your laptop would only just have booted into windows.
if your kids are bored in class then why don't you as parents raise your concerns with the school.

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Dave wrote:
Dave (11254) -- 12.09.2005

This came to me via email:

From: Cheryl S****
Subject: Mr. Fore Jasper County High School

"Mr. Fore is a good principle but yall can believe whatever you want my principle is not a pervert he is a good hearted principle."

So there you have it.

Obviously this guy isn't much of a princiPAL, when his students can't use proper words in their sentences, use goofy white trash slang, and have no sense of sentence structure. I'm willing to bet most of his students spend the rest of their lives auditioning for Jerry Springer.

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Confused non american may not understand that high school study halls here in the U.S. are both boring, and for those of us who take AP courses and actually have to study for our grades, they are too loud. Three or four faculty are not able to manage 150 to 200 students in a large cafeteria. So two or three times a week, I sign out, take my laptop, and go down to pee. When the seat's cold--and that's often the case this time of year--it takes me a while to get my flow going. Sometimes in my peeing which can be from 5 to 10 minutes, I will feel a crap coming on and I will stay down and while continuing to wait for it to come, I will be working on my computer. I've read and answered e-mail, sent a paper to one of my instructors, and sometimes I will even be surfing sites as I take my grades/responsibilities seriously. Since I'm on the stool during a class period, there's no reason why I shouldn't take extra time to make sure I completely empty my bladder and bowels in one sitting. And that one sitting will usually take me through the day. I think if you have to do something quite natural like going to the bathroom, you should take pride in it and be as productive as possible. Yes, many of my friends too are able to multi-task. I just like to use technology to do it and I don't have the hang-ups about using the bathroom at school like confused non american does.

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This reminds me of my high school. I remember how they try to be "energy-saving" and look cool, by installing infrared-activated sinks. Anyway, these sinks cost about ~$5000. And they're all fancy metal, and guess what? They don't work. You put your hands under the spout (which gives ~1 inch of clearance), and the IR beam will about 40% of the time detect your hand, which has to be directly in front of it. So you can have one hand in front of the faucet and one hand under it. Of course it doesn't actually give a constant stream of water, it supposedly gives a kind of shower-like spray, which (if working properly) doesn't work, let alone the fact that the water pressure is so fucking low that it just gives out 2 drips of water per second. In the winter/summer/whenever, it gives 2 drips of the same, 50-degree water. It takes 3 minutes to wash my hands.

I usually use the drinking fountain to wash my hands.

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A couple of months ago my boyfriend couldn't drive me home immediately after school because he received a detention for being caught in the faculty bathroom. What a wimp he is. For the first time this year, he had to shit at school and he couldn't avoid it. He doesn't like to sit directly on the seats in the boys room, so he went to the faculty room where they have those toilet seat protectors. He won't sit down unless he can use one. Well, he took his shit during a class period but was caught by the vice principal when he was leaving. He is such a baby! He makes such a big deal over having to sit down once a year, perhaps and I pee twice and shit once a day at school. I know the bathrooms won't be as clean as we have at home, but I just accept using them as part of life. Where he gets his weird fears I don't know. My mom agrees with me and said he's just unrealistic.

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I think that a boyfriend who gets detention for sneaking into the faculty bathroom is kind of cool. No one needed to know why he did it, just that he did it.

And second, that's not such an understanding attitude you or your mother have. Instead of judging him, maybe you should try to understand him. After all, you like him enough to be his girlfriend, don't you?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Just like with Experienced User, my boyfriend has had some of the same complaints. Since the guys don't have to sit down multiple times a day at school like us girls do, they do seem to make a bigger issue of it than what it should be. My boyfriend will literally spend 5 minutes standing in the stall and carefully placing two or three sheets of toilet tissue over the seat before he sits on it. I just think that's absurd. Many of us girls are sitting directly down several times a day and, although I don't like to brag, I can complete most of my pees and stools within the 5 minutes that it takes him to waste putting all the paper on the seat. And, outside of the environmental savings, there's a lot more toilet paper available for what was intended: wiping. My boyfriend says he was taught to do the seat covering by his mother; I just think its wacko to over-react that way. Although we haven't traveled together, with the exception of a few trips with our high school's marching band, I wouldn't want to be with him for the extended trip because I think he would really "freak" that far away from home and knowing that his options were more limited. And if our school did have the bathroom "spy cameras," I don't think the administration would be too happy with his waste of the toilet paper. Just think, if all the students had his seat-covering hang-ups, rolls of toilet paper in each stall would need to be replaced hourly and the school's custodial budget would run dry early in the year.

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That could be because boys have, um, "dangling equipment", or because their mothers are a bit nuts!

My point was that when you see a whole person, you will see things that are weird and things that are great. If a guy treats you well, laughs with you, and is a good listener, (not to mention cute), wouldn't be judging him on one thing like this throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

Yeah, your boyfriend might have hangups, but he might not enjoy some of your hangups that you might not even be aware of. It's a give and take. It's a lesson at real life relationships - they all have their weird spots.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Andi, Andi, Andi. You think that's a waste of paper? You should see the shenanigans I get into. Damn, I take entire rolls just for the hell of it. And then walk down the halls at 9:00 at night, trailing the paper behind me and leaving a gigantic mess.

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Daphne, you seem more sensible than some of the other posters, especially the girls. Sure, the girls may be more experienced because they have to sit down two, three or four times a day, but when we have to crap--and often in the open stalls--it is a traumatic situation. You're right, the "dangling equipment" is an issue. I go to a 7-12 middle and high school building and many of us seventh graders were, to use the words of a teacher, "harassed", by the seniors.

In my 7th grade year, during the first week of school, I had held my crap for two periods and finally got teacher permission (I knew I didn't want to go during lunch hour because the bathrooms are very busy), sat down, and as my crap started to come, my dangling equipment (pretty small) was over the front of the bowl. Because sometimes when I push to crap, I will pee a little, I made the mistake of putting both hands down to tuck it in. A senior came around the corner, saw me and said "Trying to jack-off, ******!" Even though there were a only a couple of other guys in the bathroom, that remark hurt me. I just feel that it's easier for the girls who have the stall doors and more experience in using the stalls to judge us guys who don't have the experience and privacy they do. Also, I see some guys sit right down in the urine on the seat. I don't. I wipe the seat off first. I don't see that as a waste of toilet paper. It just makes me more (not totally) comfortable.

I'm a senior now and don't have all the answers. I do know this girl, however, in my chemistry class who sometimes will be a few minutes late and borrows my notes. I asked her why once and was surprised by her answer: she goes home to crap (she just lives two blocks away)and mom excuses her tardy. That made me feel better and realize that this is a more significant issue than Andi and Experienced User will lead us to believe.

I'm not for spy cameras in our bathrooms, but it would be helpful for teachers and administrators to understand that its not easy for some of us to go to the bathroom at school.

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It was never school that I objected to, just the principal of the thing.

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I didnt mind school, except for the part about learning.

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The "spy cameras" in my school are the teachers and security monitors who walk through each of the bathrooms every few minutes and check out each and every stall. If a stall is not in use they will completely open the door and check the stall, including the toilet for vandalism, and if it's in use they will peek through space between the door and partition and ask us to hold up our student ID card or hall pass. The other day I had to pee so bad that I didn't grab my purse from the classroom, but the teacher on patrol waited and questioned me when I came out of the stall. I'm an honor student who doesn't cause any trouble but I feel my privacy is being violated. One day when I was constipated and having a hard time crapping I was probably in the stall 10 minutes or more and three different teachers and monitors looked in on me. I think that's uncalled for. I now keep my jeans and panties at stool level, but I still don't feel good about the constant peeking when I haven't done anything wrong.

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At the school where I teach there is no separate faculty bathroom, so I (and other teachers) use the same ones as the students. Some of the stalls have no doors, including the one nearest my room. I have had numerous bowel movements in one of the doorless stalls, and have had students come in while I was there a few times. I don't remember that any came close enough to see me, but I imagine at least some knew who was in that last stall. Of course, it doesn't matter. I have not entered that bathroom when a student was pooping; but if I did, it also would be (to me) a non-event. While in the bathroom I do check the stalls and flush any leftovers from students who didn't flush (rare, but it has happened). From a student I learned that the doors were removed after students swung on them and bent them so as to be uncloseable.

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I'm a senior and about to graduate and it can't come fast enough. My school's big and like the one Meredith goes to, I am constantly monitored while I'm in the bathroom. A student may be smoking in another stall but I don't really care. I grab the available toilet when the door opens, put myself down usually on a cold and often questionable seat, do my thing, and I'm out of there as soon as possible. Often I won't even wait to wash my hands because several of the faucets don't work and those that do have been sabatoged. Try giving a presentation to a class with a light colored pant suit splashed because of what some prankster did to a faucet. The worse violation of my "privacy" came in December. I'm on the stool in the middle of a shit and a teacher stands on the stool to my left and looks over the partition onto me while trying to see the source of the smoke which was about two stalls farther down. That spooked me like nothing else. Since then, whenever possible, I just try and hold it until I get home.

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Isn't it amazing how the advance of technology can foster a tempest in a turd pot? My pseudo-philosophical observation for the day. Now I can go back to watching my restroom spycam.

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I don't think Hannah has been over-victimized compared to us guys. We have doorless stalls so there's no need for a teacher to step up on a stool and look over onto our stalls. We have teachers assigned to "potty watch", which means each hour a male teacher walks through the bathroom, and although I don't know if it's necessary, will look into every stall in use to see what's going on. It's obvious what's going on when one is sitting on the toilet with their pants down. Last week I was questioned by a math teacher who, while patrolling, said he saw me suddenly flick something between my legs. I guess he thought it was a cigarette because I had seen the previous user smoke one and flick the evidence into the bowl just before I sat down. However, I was having a hard time getting my shit to come out and as I spread my legs and moved forward on the seat, my penis flopped over the front of the bowl. I had simply tucked it in with my right hand when he came by and looked in on me. He had that "Damnit, I almost caught you" look on his face but I'm a two-season athlete who doesn't smoke. The opportunity to shit and in some privacy is all I ask.

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I would have been sooo embarrassed to have been in your position, Sean. To have one of my teachers see me peeing or crapping would be bad enough, let alone handling a part of my anatony. Come to think of it, if given a choice, I think I would select the rather intrusive spy camera because our administration is so cheap, it probably wouldn't focus correctly and the resulting picture would be more grainy and suck worse than the ones on our student ID cards. Besides, I have a nice smile!

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A camera was installed in a principal's office in Chicago and he was caught banging a teacher.


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I am a retired teacher. Unfortunately I believe all these stories. Let me take one at a time.
1. Rule: First 10 minutes and last 15 minutes no restroom visits. The first 10 minute rule won't be even needed if all students can put books on desk before the tardy bell rings and then go to the restroom and as long as there is no proven dawdling no tardy is given even if the student returns after the tardy bell rings. (Usually must be within two minutes of when the tardy bell to not get a consequence.

Having the no go last 15 minutes only encourages more going in the middle of class. Need to go and there is twenty minutes brainer...go now because if you wait six more minutes and then get into an emergency, this is your lucky day for a classroom accident that will be mentioned on senior day to your embarrassment and everyone else's laughter.

2. Toilet Paper. If I were teaching in that school I would keep several rolls and those who needed it in the restroom could get some within reason,if the restrooms didn't have toilet paper, even if I had to pay for it myself.

3. Privacy. It is not what part of the body the teacher sees that is important is how it is seen. School restrooms can be monitored without embarrassing and humiliating the students. After all we all have to undress for the doctor who examines our private parts. We aren't humiliated. So it is the wAY the teacher does it that is so wrong. The best way to monitor the restroom is to be at the door or step to a place where the teacher's vision can see the entire restroom but doesn't target or appear to a student that the student is being targeted for a view. Smoking! Best way to catch that is to stand very still and see where the smoke is coming from. If a teacher does accidentally see a student on the stall, the key is don't make eye contact. Teachers can walk by the open stalls looking at the floor or keeping their eyes at the level of the student head or higher. If the student initiates a conversation, that changes things a little, but still don't stare or appear to be starring.

The easiest way to monitor the restrooms is have the senior members of the student council take turns during the class change and then be excused coming in late to class. Another way is to have volunteer parents monitor the halls and check the restrooms before and after studnets who have been let out of class in. All the monitors do is report their findings to the appropriate staff member. Don't write in the procedures that these monitors will be on duty so that if a parenet or student monitor isn't there, the students can still use the restroom.

4. Locked restrooms. There is a reason why the architect planned in the number of restrooms for a school. The math has been done on what should be the adequate number of stalls for that particular population of students. So it iws absolutely stupid and absurd to lock the restrooms while students are there.

5. And, I'll just be very pointed on this one. A teacher who knowingly refuses a student a pass to the restroom knowing the student really needs to go is a disgrace to the teaching profession. Doesn't matter if the denial results in an actual accident. If the teacher infers in front of the class that the student will have to wet his pants if he can't hold it, that teacher should not be teaching school. That should be illegal. It is physical abuse, emotional abuse and it may be sexual abuse if that teacher gets off sexually watching a student squirm or watch a wet patch slowing appear on the crotch of on of the students. Students shouldn't be punished for using the restroom. If they mess up the restroom, then give a negative consequence for messing up the restroom, but make it clear what it is that they did wrong to get the consequence.

6. As for all the sixth graders asking to go. I ahd that problem too. I looked at the schedule and realized how long it had been since the last scheduled potty break. I moved the potty break up 45 minutes and presto, the problem was solved. And I was teaching sixth graders. And it didn't cause a problem because the kids just had a break before social studies instead of after social studies.

In conclusion, the more humane I became as the years went by, the less judgemental I was, the less bitchy I was...all led to less problems. If the teacher makes the restroom an issue, then the students will pick up on that and some will give the teacher hell. I learned to refuse to let unruly students get me going. Students don't determine my behavior. But I can affect their behavior greatly in a very positive way.

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Thanks for the time to share your experiences, Caleb. Some teachers get so grizzled and bitter as they age that it's impossible to see them as someone who wanted to teach in the first place. I'm glad that you found a way to chill out and let things be.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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flameviper, isn't there something constructive you can do at 9:00. Your destructive behavior is costing tax dollars. Its because of students like you that many schools don't even have toilet paper. Oh and FYI, you will reap what you sow. And that behavior is nothing to be proud of so stop boasting.

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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I think Andi lacks sympathy for her boyfriend and his apprehensions about using school bathrooms. Good God. I remember this boy who sat across from me in study hall back in 1978 who loathed taking a crap at school. He got a couple of detentions I know of for leaving campus and walking across the street to the 300 Bowl to take a crap. When we dated beginning his junior year he would come in to my house when picking me up and put up meeting my parents just to get in the door so he could go down the hallway and crap in our toilet rather than at the theatre or mall. Sure, some of my friends thought he was strange--and while I wasn't as sensitive, thinking or clean about myself as he was--I made sure I never put him down or made him feel uncomfortable. We married three years later in college and have raised four children and our first grandchild is on the way. More empathy, especially among young people in such situations, is crucial to their development.

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I think the most important thing we need to know here is the sex of the teachers/security doing the bathroom stall spying. Are only women allowed to monitor the stalls in the girls bathroom and men, the boys, or is it normal for the male teachers to regularly watch the school girls in the toilet stalls and vice versa? If you've had a cross gender experience it must be far worse. No-one seems to have specified this in their stories though.

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Did I just fart?.... Oh shit! NO!!

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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middle school is the worst part of the school system. It is a wonder anyone can tollerate the little monsters.

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The key here, is that this happened in Georgia. Georgia considers itself a republic, and is the only state that never rejoined the union after the civil war. They have their own Bureau of Investigation, and their own insanely punitive laws. For instance, you can be arrested, lose your car, and go to jail- for tinted windows, including those that come that way stock!!! Throwing the baby out with the bathwater doesn't sound unusual here...