Star Toilet Paper: Wipe your butt with savings!

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Personally, I miss colored toilet paper. White paper is boring, and while the average wiper might not consider it, the bleaching process that toilet paper goes through to become boring is bad for the environment *. I also like to read in the bathroom. At home I can grab a copy of Tolkien'sThe Silmarillion, Joyce Carol Oates’ Haunted, or the latest issue of Fangoria (which, by the way, is in 3D this month!), but what if I’m out and about, and I know “it’s going to be a few minutes”? Dammit, why can’t someone combine these two problems and give a girl a break?

Jordan and Bryan Silverman to the rescue. These two Rye Brook, New York brothers have figured out how to transform the open—and indispensable—resource of toilet paper into quality advertising space.

According to Jordan, people only look at an advertisement for an average of two to five seconds before moving on. He felt that toilet paper would be looked at longer because people holding that toilet paper would be captive audiences. He was right. In 2010, he and Bryan attained a patent for their idea. Here’s how it works:

The brothers produce a toilet paper filled with ads that the advertisers purchase for half a cent per advertisement. (Don’t worry; the ink is soy-based and not going to give you cancer or a rash.) Some of the vendors they’ve secured are big names, such as Ben & Jerry’s, who, if you know anything about business, began very small, fought larger corporations for product space (the attempted Nestle’ Hagen-Daaz freeze-out), and have managed to remain humble and awesome despite their success. Then you, the public, go to the bathroom. You sit down, absentmindedly grab a handful of toilet paper and start rolling it, scrunching it, or balling it up. But before you finish your rolling, scrunching, or balling, you notice there are pictures and words on your fairly decent, commercial-grade pooper paper.

“Why, what’s this?” you may ask, and you smooth out the paper that was going to go, seconds before, Downtown. You probably look through the cycle of ads and may find some that appeal to you. Even if you do not, you have been exposed to a business’ advertising and may remember its service or product later.

You may find a coupon that you want to keep, and so you put it in your wallet, purse, or pocket, Then, when you get home you find Star Toilet Paper online, as you were instructed, and you redeem the coupon on the Coupon Code Redeemer page. There you will be asked for the code on your coupon, and you can then print it out. There seems to be a nice selection of savings to choose from; I visited the site and saw quite a few vendors scroll by next to the code box.

Currently, Start Toilet Paper is being used in a few local businesses, but Bryan and Jordan understand the important of a high-turnover pooper/pee-er rate and want to work their ways into the bathrooms of movie theaters, bars, and restaurants. They are working on how to produce paper towels with ads as well.

If you have a business and would like to purchase ad space, or you own a business and would like to have free toilet paper, you can contact Bryan, Jordan, or CFO Jason by visiting the Contact Us page and sending them a line.

* Editor's Note: For a list of what toilet tissue meets what environmental standards, you can visit this page and find your favorite brands. And Star's choice of toilet paper is stated to be "100% recycled" and "environmentally friendly" on their Our Toilet Paper page. Good for you, Star!

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I was at a restaurant in Germany once where they had ads printed on the toilet paper. I saved some as a souvenir--I think it'd be cool if they did that here, but I don't know about the coupons. That's a little, um, different.

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