Just A Drop: The Power To Deodorize (Almost) Every Poop

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Editor's note: Chris Rockwell is the star of The Daily Download, the world's greatest podcast about poop. In compiling this report, he tried out the product live on his show; I'll link to the relevant episodes so you can hear his impressions raw and unfiltered.

I enjoy my smells.

Yes, it might seem rather gross, but I find nothing more pleasurable then smelling my own stink in the bathroom. In my opinion, nothing rounds out a good throwdown on the toilet then the reward of the warm, milky air that I leave behind. I like to think of myself as some great beast marking his territory for the world to inhale.

So when Dave asked me to review two products designed to curb one's stink in the bathroom, it was hard for me to get very excited. That said, I had to do my duty as an objective PoopReporter, and give the products a fair and balanced examination.

The first product that I pulled from the package Dave sent me was Take a Whiff, a supplement that you take orally to remove the stink from where it starts:

in your bowels. I am nearing the end of my thirty-day trial period of this product; I'll post my review when it is completed. Today I'm here to tell you about the other product in the package: Just a Drop.

Let's face it: if you are a Shameful Shitter, nothing is more embarrassing then walking out of a bathroom with the smell of dookie (or air freshener mixed with dookie) following behind you. This is where Just a Drop comes in. Just a Drop, according to the packaging, is a "magic odor neutralizer." By simply tapping one drop into your toilet bowl before you poop, it goes to work -- creating a layer on the water's surface that traps and neutralizes odors instantly. No poop smell, and no airborne air freshener.

When testing a new product on The Daily Download, I like to push them to the limits. So prior to using Just a Drop for the first time, I ate seven cloves of raw garlic -- something I nor my ulcer would suggest to anyone -- and waited for the results.

Two days later, when the garlic had finished its trip thought my food tubes and worked its way to the balloon knot, I prepared the toilet for my payload. I squeezed out one drip of Just a Drop into the bowl and watched as an oily skin covered the surface. Upon sitting down, I noticed the rather strong smell -- a mix of disinfectant and perfume. To most people this is probably a good, clean odor. But to someone with allergies like myself, it is an instant block of the respiratory system. So, inhaling through my mouth, I filled my lungs and gave a push. Out came a vile pile of garlic-smelling mush that stuck four inches out of the water.

Now, herein lies a problem with Just a Drop. If your load is not covered by water, the "deodorizing" layer will not work. Instead, the perfume will mix with the dookie smell and you will get the same effect as an aerosol spray: perfume-scented poop.

I am a fat man. I eat a lot of soy and I have very large poops. I tried Just a Drop a few times more with my normal diet; and while I did get better results, my poop always stuck out of the water, and I felt like Just a Drop never got to work it's magic. So I ended up taking the bottle of Just a Drop to my office for people to try out.

We are located in an old house that has very little ventilation in the bathroom -- a perfect testing laboratory. While nearly everyone in the office refused to use

the product and report back, one brave soul who is a very Shameless Shitter (and named Dave, coincidentally) let me record his findings. One day, after Dave pooped, he came and got me to check out his smell.

I was very surprised to find much less poop smell then I was achieving from the product. Other then the warm body odor of someone who had just finished a healthy poop, there was only a fresh medicine, perfumey smell in the bathroom. I asked Dave his impressions.

He said, "I think it covered up the shit smell pretty well. But who wants that? I like my stink." My thoughts exactly.

Just a Drop Cons:

Poop has to be covered by water for the full neutralizing effect

Strong perfume smell can cause hell with allergies

A lot of packaging for a small product

Covers up poop smell

Just a Drop Pros:

Free carrying case. Small size is easy for Shameful Shitters to conceal


Works well if you have normal sized poops

Covers up poop smell

Four out of five flushes.

55 Comments on "Just A Drop: The Power To Deodorize (Almost) Every Poop"

Go Away's picture

Alex, try the Take A Whiff - According to Chris Rockwell, after a few days of mush your shit will turn into razor blades. That should solve the problem! =P

Glutgut's picture

You would need to have a "my shit don't stink attitude" to even consider using these products.

Chris Rockwell's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Go Away - I am happy (?) to say that the razor blade turds are gone now and back to just colored green. And they still smell.

S. Phincter's picture

No use for me since all my poops are floaters that take several flushes (even several days of flushing) to make the plunge and round the bend of freedom. They gradually disintegrate but still bob about merrily, loosing their initial fruitiness and becomeing stomach churning putrid over time. If someone could invent "poop sinker" drops I would be a happy man (and so would my wife, so to speak).

MegaDump's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I don't think this product would work for me either. I put down several layers of TP to act as anti-splash before I dump. While they still sink eventually, it's those few moments during the struggle for survival above the water that they release the smell.

Dave's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content Moderatora 10000+ points - Super Pooper

I used Just A Drop for a few weeks. As long as your poop isn't sticking out of the water like Chris's garlic-fueled monstrosity, it covers up the smell.

We have to think back to our discussion about the courtesy flush, though. Just because it contains the poop smell in the water does not mean that your poop will be scentless -- the smell of your farts will still permeate the bathroom. What this product does is eliminate the smell of fecal matter in the bowl. Just like the courtesy flush won't eliminate the smell of farts in the air, either.

I pooped with the Just A Drop in the bowl. I stuck my head in the bowl and inhaled. I smelled a strong perfumy/disinfectant smell like Chris described, but no smell of poop. It definetly works.

alex's picture

It's been distressing for me lately, because my
bowel movements have been loose and mushy like
almost every day for the last two weeks, I almost
don't know what will help!

PooperGal's picture

S. Phincter, what kind of diet do you eat? Maybe that is the source of the floaters vs. sinkers.

Just a Drop seems limited in its application since not many folks shit without farting. What's the point of covering crap stench if your gassers still permeate the air? Don't shits and farts deserve equal rights to stank?

Ulala's picture

Er.. I can't see why anyone would really need to to go such lengths to use either of these products. Who cares if your shit stinks? So does everyone elses!

JT's picture

I'm quite certain my shit don't stink. ;)

CATHIE's picture


daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Cathie is no shamful shitter!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Amber's picture

I think shits should get to stink, since they make us feel so good to let out.

stinkey's picture

you could buy a vent fan for the cost of the little bottle of perfumey oil.

mott the poople's picture
l 100+ points

Lets see if it will cover-up two of my most deadly combos. I doubt it.
1) Beer and deviled eggs (no way)
2) A chiliburger and a large onion rings
WARNING! Dont EVER eat all that in one day. These toxic poops are eye-watering. Just being exposed to the air for 10 milliseconds is all they need. If it works on either...they should spray it on Mexico.(!)

Asphincter says WHAT...(!)

Anonymous Coward's picture

i'm LMAO right now (and as a shameful shitter who's also shamefully obese, i truly wish that would someday work and my ass would fall off)!

some of us out here in cyberspace have GI troubles and they aren't going away with a few days of mush. for us, we're looking for something to save us from the shame of stinking up the entire Target bathroom - especially on the second urgent trip to the toilet in ONE shopping expedition. this situation yields a lot of poop but not a lot of gas, so would seem to be perfect for this use.

unfortunately, perfumey is not much better than stinky sick shit, especially if one has allergies at all. or if two does when they're the next one in the stall.

thanks for the review! very useful.

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Hmmmn. I have some Just A Drop, but have never used it. I shall have to try it.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have been given some of this and I loved it!
I laugh everytime I see the bathroom scene in dumber & dumber. This handy product can take care of that problem and I am stinky free...
Now where can I get it?

My sh*t doesn't stink

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

I think Dave sells it! If you put your cursor over either of the photos at the top of this thread, I think it takes you to a link. Happy shopping!
"...I use public toilets and piss on the seat...I'm an asshole..."--Denis Leary. Yes, Turdgutson, I know.

Tjay's picture

Well I know my shit don't stink, it's my farts that give me away. I LOVE JUST A DROP! Works great! I bought it for my boss to use at the office because we share a bathroom and he stinks.

Fergie's picture

I have a dilema...My shameless shitter of a child decided he liked his stank so much he smeared poop all over my wood paneled walls...now for 4 days I have scrubbed and santized and tried with all my might to get the smell to go away, and much to my dismay it is still there in all its glory...Any suggestions???

healthy 1's picture
j 1000+ points

I feel blessed that I produce little to no smell in the bathroom.

It sounds like with this product, you more or less pick your poison. Either get stuck with shit stench, or get stuck with the stench of the Just a Drop.

Unless a person produces maggot gagging stench, I would not reffer this product to any body that I know. It sounds like it is not worth the headache.
I am winter's hurricane, I am the great blizzard of 1899, and no body shall be exempt from my wrath.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

bpd bypass's picture

I've had a gastric bypass. The type I had causes very embarassing public situations with gas and/or loose stool. Make that stinky stench gas and stool...that fills the entire room/bathroom and lingers for what seems like days. I thought this produce would work for me but since I always have floaters...I guess I won't be smelling like roses anytime soon.

For anyone else in this situation there is another product that can be sprayed in the air that does help more than over the counter spays...it's called OZIUM and it's a Glycol-ized air sanitizer that reduces airborne bacteria. It is manufactured by Waterbury Companies Inc. I purchased on Amazon along with an oral internal deoderizer I take called
Devrom...Amazon is the cheapest place I've found it so far...they are a bit pricy but they do help.

Stripper Poop's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I'm much more excited about Take A Whiff. I want rose scented farts. Instead of buying perfume, you can just eat a big thing of nachos and smell great all day. ;) I like how you put "Covers Up Poop Smell" in pros and cons, hahaha. I for one, am more impressed by your logs that stick out of the water. Unfortunately for me, my toilet is a producer of phantom turds, or maybe all of mine are just sinkers. ;) This product sounds like something that belongs in public bathrooms everywhere.
Strippers Poop Too!

Strippers Poop Too!

Bunga Din's picture
j 1000+ points

I was at a golf tournament last week with the proceeds going to Muscular Dystrophy, I've been to this same one many years in a row, usually everyone gets a gift bag of balls, tees and other assorted golf stuff (a shirt) this year they gave out JUSTADROP (amongst other things). This really got the smiles happeneing after a breakfast of sausages, more sausages, bacon, eggs and gallons of coffee. Stuff does work like a charm.

Miss Simone Scat's picture
k 500+ points

Bunga Din, That's too funny that it would be in a swagbag.
Producing waste since 1967

Producing waste since 1967

Eddie Haskell's picture

Floaters are caused by eating too much fat. Cut out the fat and watch your poop sink. When you're done watching them sink - think about how you may also, as a side effect, be improving your health.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I don't know if i am correct but i believe that the Just a Drop is liquid cat litter. I mean it smells like it so i assume its the same chemical they use in it. I discovered this while sharing a ski house for a weekend and i used it and the next person in the bathroom minutes later asked why it smelled like cat litter. Thats when i realized that she was right it was like cat litter

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

I happen to have some, right here, thanks to Dave... never opened the package before, but here goes...

OMG. It DOES smell like (clean) cat litter! The ingredients say simply, "Plant extract, disinfectant, and perfume".

Chlorophyl, maybe?

ONTHEJOHN's picture

This product is a scam...The not so pleasant smell occurs from passing gas WHICH THIS PRODUCT DOES NOTHING TO ADDRESS...Once the crap is under water the smell is contained by the water...This is nothing more than a gimmick!

healthy 1's picture
j 1000+ points

I feel blessed that I produce little to no smell in the bathroom.

It sounds like with this product, you more or less pick your poison. Either get stuck with shit stench, or get stuck with the stench of the Just a Drop.

Unless a person produces maggot gagging stench, I would not reffer this product to any body that I know. It sounds like it is not worth the headache.
"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

Anonymous Coward's picture

What’s in the drops? What chemicals make this product work? I know fragrance is added but that wouldn’t be enough to eliminate the odor. Are these chemicals harmful to ones health?

Anonymous Coward's picture

Business seems to be picking up!

Anonymous Coward Indeed's picture

Rosemary oil works just as well, is cheaper, and doesn't smell like cat litter. :)

Anonymous Coward's picture

Use peppermint oil.. same results.

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

So what's Chris been up to recently, anyway?

I've found that the best solution to stinky poop is to ignore it. Like Wayne Dier, it's not MY problem you think my shit stinks! (P.S. That motivational speaker is a jackass! He motivates me to take a steamer on his front porch, and I hate turd terrorism!)

Born right the first time.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

gottagoguy's picture

Cool product. I'm usually on the toilet so fast and dropping a huge payload before I even think I have the stuff on me. Oh well.

Powersoak's picture

Something that works very well at home, but that you would not want to carry around with you is plain old chlorine bleach. An ounce added to the bowl before a bombing mission produces a swimming pool smell as soon as organic material comes in contact with the chlorinated water.

Mr.Joe's picture

Sup Guys, I've found this product so great better than the chinese one I think. Well this is my third test of this kind of product and this one works very well. everyone should have one for everybody's respect.

Thanks to Just'a drop for making some lives easier

Mr.Pat's picture

I just love it and my wife is so glad, We have a small bathroom and we use it often and smaller your bathroom is, larger smell stay. I recommend justadrop ca for anyone with a small bathroom. You can go on their website and request samples in their form. Thanks Just a drop for being so revolutionary

wildness's picture

Use peppermint oil.. same results

Mr.Denis's picture

I doubt of using peppermint oil is that simple for covering the scent of a number2.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I haven't tried just a drop but use courtesy flush. It works great and makes my husbands poop smell like a fresh spring morning.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Smells a bit like an air fresher from a car. Another person's opinion...


Blind Mullet's picture
k 500+ points

Can somebody please teach this Chris Rockwell fella the difference between "Than" and "Then". He writes: "I find nothing more pleasurable then smelling my own stink" and "nothing is more embarrassing then walking out of a bathroom..."
Yeah, yeah, I'm being pedantic again, but its just as easy to get it RIGHT.

The white zone is for loading and unloading only- FZ.

The white zone is for loading and unloading only- FZ.

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

BM....Chris was/is one of the founding gods of PR...we refrain from correcting him, lest we receive a lightning bolt in the ass.


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

sittingpretty's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Have you experienced the lightning bolt in the ass, Bulgepimp?
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Anonymous Coward's picture

There is a new product in the market that works just like Just A Drop. It's called The Drops and it also covers up the smell by covering the toilet water's surface with a fragrant shield. Voila! No poop smell at all.

Anonymous Coward's picture

In a google blind search for a better cat litter,I happen onto this site. I immediately sent the link to those who will apppreciate it. I guess some ppl will write about anything. Pretty damn funny shit though.


Anonymous Coward's picture

If you put some distilled white vinegar in the toilet before you use it, it should be scent-free. Vinegar naturally traps bad smells without all of the harmful chemicals.

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