Running While Running: Imodium And The Boston Marathon

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As some of you may remember, I am a marathon runner. I also have IBS. So when I run, I run.

A few weeks ago, I wrote in to Poonurse about my problem. She suggested a low fat diet, and perhaps a Fleet enema before the race. After doing my own research, however, I've been contemplating using some anti-diarrhea medication to bung things up back there in anticipation of the 26 miles of pounding feet and sloshing stomach that will be the Boston Marathon.

Although I was a little unsure about trying out this untested (for me) method on such an important day, I decided to give it a go and packed a box of Imodium, along with some Metamucil for after the race. I was staying with friends who live in Cambridge, so I was having second thoughts right up until the day before the race -- I am not shy, but for some reason, travel usually stops me up. However, I ended up having no cause for concern. I made sure to get some coffee every morning and things kept moving right along as per usual, maybe at slightly less than the normal thrice-daily rate.

Finally, race day. I ran down to the evil corporate coffee shop down the street and got myself a big cup of coffee. I drank it with some coffee cake and then chased it down with a bunch of Gatorade and some Imodium. All that was done just in time to meet some friends and ride the bus out to the Athletes' Village. (For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of running the Boston Marathon, buses leave the Common at 7:30 in the morning to take runners to a big field full of tents, port-a-potties and other runners; you arrive around 9:00 and sit there until the noon -- ugh -- start of the race.)

The ride out was spent pleasantly, chatting with a newfound friend about bodily functions and running, two of my favorite subjects. She said she had never tried the Imodium method. So far, I was pleased with the results. We finally got to our destination and lined up for the port-a-potty. The lines were already long. I was partially pleased (and partially dismayed) to discover that, upon sitting upon the stinky throne, I needed immediately to take a dump. Well, the weather forecast had predicted record highs, so I supposed that was a good thing; after all, the less weight I'd have to carry around, the better, right? I will inform you here that the poo was nothing that interesting; it was brown with little white speckles and stood up, proud and vertical, from the heap of waste that had already collected in the bottom of the tank.

The two-plus hours spent in the field involved a lot more exciting discussions. For one thing, as we walked around the athletes' village, we couldn't help but notice all the people who were sitting between the port-a-johns eating snacks! Much speculation took place as to where their snacks came from and whether those were really chocolate PowerBars they were eating. A woman who had her own method for preventing the runs while racing joined me later. She had her very own bottle of Pepto and sat there guzzling cup after yummy pink cup. Mmmmm! I visited the poo houses twice more before heading for the start, so I wasn't sure that the Imodium had done anything at all.

As for the race itself, I am happy to say that the Imodium seemed to do the trick, although I was nauseated and had horrible cramps throughout most of the race. I attribute that more to the hot weather than to the pharmaceutical attempts at preventing butt blow-out. And I did observe some runners who had suffered from a lack of foreshit in that respect: their brown poopypants and their bowl-legged gaits made me thankful for my decision to try extreme measures. I later learned that a pal of mine had to stop seven times (!) during the race to lighten his load.

I finished the race about a half hour slower than I had hoped, which seemed to be par for the course -- the conditions were so bad that people were passing out and projectile vomiting all over the place. I am happy to report that I didn't end up needing the Metamucil at all -- everything is just moving along as usual. I haven't decided if I'll try the Imodium again; I think some more research is in order before I use it at another race.

-- In The Bushes

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I was reading this thread..honestly what I do before a race.. is if I have not gone I take 3 fleet glycerin suppositories and hold as long as I can 5 to 15 minutes..that cleans me out enough that I have no issues during the race..Could do an enema..but its messy.. The suppositories work once (and ONLY once) also does not screw up your entire digestive track. Hope that helps

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I happened to stumbled upon this page after researching "Runners Trots". I just completed yet another Marathon and I was feeling great up until mile 21. My bowels must've shut-down and I literally crapped in my pants...the first time ever in a embarrassing! There were no porta potties available, which wouldn't of mattered anyway, because I didn't have control. I had to find some bushes and then a porta potty later up ahead. I lost a lot of time...real bummer. I fueled and ate like normal too before the race. I am a woman and it's very hard for me that this happened. My triathlete friends keep telling me that they see it all the time. I am not sure what to do? Immodium? I even had a bowl movement the morning of the race. BUMMER!

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I might have to start watching marathons on tv to watch for poopypants.
"It sounded similar to a dog barking underwater" JuniorHoss

"It sounded similar to a dog barking underwater" JuniorHoss

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hahahahaha.this is very funny

take immodium, it works. people saying they feel sick after 13/14 miles after taking it....that's because you've just ran a long way, no logical reason to think immodium would have a negative effect

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Dear AC, You need to get over the mental block that prohibits you from pinching a loaf in the woods. Go to the zoo and watch a few bears, they are able to do it with great ease.

My personal answer would be, "don't run." I think that when you are born you are allotted "X" number of heartbeats. When you run your heart rate increases and your life is shortened. I prefer to sit in an easy chair drinking beer and just let the power of the universe drain into me.

Dirty old men need love too!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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OMG- seeing this thread is awesome! I'm a female runner and while getting severe trots is okay and funny for men, try being the girl who ran away from the pack of her race to dash into a church on a Sunday to take a dump!

People notice that kind of thing...

Seriously though, this pooping problem is ruining my races. If I eat within 4 hours of running- shit fest. If I don't eat, I'm weak and my time suffers. And it's not just an overwhelming sensation of having to poop-- it's sheer cramping horror for 5-6 km's and I physically can't run through it (nor can I mentally allow myself to shit in the woods. JUST CAN'T).

LOLS. So happy I'm not the only one. Next time I'm at a race I'll be looking out for the other pinched face looking people. If I wave at you, wave back!!!

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holy shiz-oly i havent laughed this hard in awhile probably because poopin my pants while running is the freakin story of my life.
i've wiped my butt with all matter of things...a plank of wood (i avoided the nail), a sprig of holly, dead leaves, and one time...some poison ivy. That. Was. Utter. Misery.
but now i have races on tracks...and i seriously need to stop pooping in races, because i immediately have to scamper to the bathroom hoping no one notices the foul scent leaking out of the small pile in my britches.
probably the worst was finishing the peachtree with chunky brown monkey all down my legs. my peachtree shirt was sacrificed for the greater good of wipin my hiney hole and abandoned in a bush.

i think that the best solution is to not eat for a long time before running so that your system is empty. But it's hard to time it right so that you aren't hungry.
props to this thing, suddenly i can relate to all the Hershey avalanches and such.

ps: ya, running has poop but the other advantages far outweigh it and make it so so fun and worthwhile.

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Try getting a colonic the day before you run, then only eat light, "binding" foods like bananas, brown rice, etc.

BTW, the colonic would help with the IBS, as would doing a colon cleanse.

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Just don't use the coma key while on the treadmill; you will fall off.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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SP ... You make me so proud I could just burst!!

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

(sniff...sniff) Would ya look at that? Our little SP is becoming to be another Grammar Nazi...(sigh) They grow up so fast, where does the time go?

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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TBM don't jog until after you've pooped.And use the shift key the period key and the coma key. That will help.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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Ive recently started running on a treadmill and im really happy with my progress average about 1.5 mile in 11 min which isnt too bad i think for someone who was more interested in xbox than running untill recently! so doing this for the last 3 months has been great,,, untill I thought i need to up my game here and head to the road,, so off i went and holy shit!! it was completely different apart from the friction issues the overwhelming need to drop a turd came on and it was horrible ive never had the need to shit when i didnt want to even being blind drunk!! this has happened twice now and i need some help,,,,, WTF is going on with my ass??

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this site is hysterical. Probably mostly because yesterday I ran my first long run training for marathon and had to cut it short through a neighbors yard to barely make the pot.

I think the diarrhea has to do with low blood flow to the bowels while all your blood is diverted to your hard working muscles.

In the Bushes are you still there? This is going on for 6 years now? Impressive. Does anyone notice that Goo makes it worse?

After my experience I am afraid to run more than 12 miles for fear of runny leg syndrome.

Enema sounds like a horrible idea.

Imodium sounds better. Maybe I'll try it next weekend.

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Nice sentence AC.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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imodium works i use it all the time on longer runs as i have ibs and often have to run for the bushes if not, i do however feel sick after about 12 miles, not sure if this would happen anyway, i actually threw up at mile 16 in my marathon but better than pooping myself

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A little bit of knowledge I picked up in the service.......If you need to keep something dry that is stored on your person put it in a condom and tie it shut. They are stretchy and will handle quite large items. We would use them for carrying matches and a pack of cigarettes when we were in a situation that caused a lot of sweating.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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i have run around 20 marathons/ultra marathons. i have never had to stop during a marathon but have had to stop during ultras since they can last 6 - 30 hours.

my two cents is not about how to avoid it but to prepare for it. if you run enough it will eventually be an issue.

i tried toilet paper but carrying it would not always work because it would eventually rip apart or get all wet from sweat. so i then started carrying it in a ziploc bag and that seamed to work.

after my kid was born i learned about baby wipes. this has proven to be the key for me. i keep a sleeve of baby wipes in the car and grab a couple and tuck them into a pocket or under the waistline of my shorts. if i do not use them i can save them and carry them on the next run.

hope this is useful to someone.

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Congrats, LA Marathoner! I have a great deal of respect for you and anyone who can run that far. I would love to say I've run a marathon, but ten miles was the farthest I got back in the days before I twice tore a groin muscle and never quite got over it. I hear there is new medicine for scar tissue - some type of either ultrasound or laser heat that even good high school sports programs have. It would have been nice to benefit from that. I hope you get to run many more, and without crapping yourself.

However, if you do drop a load on your socks around mile thirteen, you now know where to come to report it.

No marathons for the daphne. Sigh.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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l 100+ points

No problemo here. I just go to the back of the bus and take a shit , cause the only fucking way I would do a marathon is on a Greyhound Bus._______
Here I sit, my cheeks a flexin' , trying to give birth to another Texan!!

Look out for Number 1, but don't step in Number2

La Marathon 2009 finisher and regular pooper!'s picture

Greetings to all,

I finished the 2009 LA Marathon at a snail pace, but just wanted to let you all know that Imodium works wonders! Upon waking up marathon morning, I knew I had to go, but my jitters kept the turtle in. I took 2 Imodium chewables and didn't take a crap until the next day! So, to recap, take Imodium chewables before a marathon, and your crap will stay inside where it belongs! Cheers to all!

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I certainly enjoyed sh!tting all over myself in public. It was the best part of the entire night.
What marathon?

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Marathoner's poo sounds terrible.

I guess toliet paper and a bottle of water is the safest plan, just bust that loaf quickly as you can and then GTFO.

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l 100+ points

Since the people who are going to notice you browned your bottoms are behind you, it doesn't seem like it would matter as much. You pooped your pants and you're going to cross the finish line ahead of them and their clean britches.

This is assuming crossing the finishline first = winning. Which probably isn't the case. I dunno.

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All of these stories make one wonder about the original Marathon runner, Pheidippides (I think), after whose great run the race was named. I have never read anywhere that he had to stop for bowel movements along the way, but maybe the recountings of the episode were simply being reticent.

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i recently ran a five mile race and during the race i felt something going down my leg.i realised i had poopedbut i didnt actually feel the urge to do it prior to was very embassasing as the smell was obvious and i was only half way through the race .does immodium work

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Always avoid coffee before running, as it unsettles the stomach. Especially if you have IBS.

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I stumbled across this site while searching the internet for a solution to my own poop problems. I, too, am a marathoner that gets the urge to release incredible amounts poop on just about any run lasting longer than an hour. I've experimented with my diet in hope of finding a cure. I've tried a lactose-free diet, gluten-free diet, paleo diet (nothing but lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts), low fiber diet, and others, but get the same result each time. I think an experiment with Immodium is in the works for me as well. I'd be interested in hearing more from others who have tried this.

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I've had poop problems of one sort of another during my last four Marathons and during my long training runs leading up to them. The actual Marathon seems to be worse. The last one, 2007 santa Clarita, required four poop stops in the first half and one disastrous no potty poop event in the second half. Needless to say my time really suffered and my butt was sore from me trying to clean myself using the very course toilet paper. I have tried suppostories to clean myself out before the race. although they appeared to work well all it actually accomplished was to hasten the transition from clay to slurry. I would not recommend using supositories or an enema for that reason. If immodium stops up the lower digestive track it may be a solution. i'm going to try it next time. Wish me luck.

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I crapped all over myself at the boston marathon in 05. I would have stopped but I wanted to break 3 hours and I did. I'm running columbus in 2 weeks and i'm going to try using imodium. If you want to see the pic of me with poop all over myself you can add me on myspace, I have the poop picture in my photo album.

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I was on my morning run and as often happens, I felt the familiar rumbling downstairs and knew it was time again for me to interrupt ANOTHER run and walk home. Quite angry at my bowels as this was the 2nd time in a row this has happened, I refused to heed the call and trudged on to my detriment. Figured if I just ignored it would settle down. Surely evolution had equipped me with enough intestinal fortitude to hold my own. Wrong. I did not even have time to duck into a side street as the Hershey avalanche filled my shorts. Arrgh! The 3 blocks left to walk seemed considerably longer now. Fortunately it was early and there were few witnesses. I'd sit down or start stretching whenever someone came by. I cleaned off my knees as best I could with leaves, but there was no getting rid of the smell. A lady had to drag her very curious dog away from me. I ended up walking down the median amidst the sprinklers to avoid discovery. As if the walk of shame and having to trash my shorts was not bad enough, there was no hiding this from my sleeping girlfriend. My shower was clogged from the night before. SHIT! I tried to be as nonchalant as possible as I explained the tub full of brown water, "I shit myself." Breakfast was a quiet one to say the least.

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I've done a little research on this. In one study of 707 participants 18% stated that they occasionally had to interupt races to have a bowell movement. 35% attributed urgent bowell movements to running. The full article is here:

The cause is relatively unknown, but the thoughts include an electrolite imbalance in the gut that irritates the bowell causing diarrhea. Also, one would think that there would be some irritation from the physical pounding on the gut and that that irritation would also lead to the intestines trying to clear out whatever unpleasant stimulus is causing their irritation.

My question is if anyone has tried an enema before a race and if that made you feel dehydrated, or if you thought it was a pretty good deal. I would think that imodium would do the same thing (dehydration) but might be less effective at preventing diarrhea during the race, but I have no idea. I'd love to hear from someone who has tried both.

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I eat alot of fibre and have started running
recently! 2 weeks ago I was lucky and
managed to make a pile in the bushy area.
I was not so lucky today when I was a mile
from home! I started walking but without any decent cover or nearby toilets could not
hold it and let lose.

Walking home was weird because I was avoiding
everybody scared that something would drop out!
One lady thought I looked suspicious and snapped my picture with her cell phone.

When I got home I was laughing so
hard I have never washed soiled underpants before.

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>>What is all this business about pooping one's pants while running marathons??? Maybe these people get so tired they cannot physically hold in their bowels anymore and just let loose?

Well, having just completed a marathon, perhaps I can explain this occurence to some of you. I haven't seen it personally, and I would think it to be much more rare than how you guys are talking about it, but sure to happen to some out there. Here is why...

Many marathons only have port-a-potties every 5 miles or so. So, given the runner, you could be without an option for up to an hour. If woods are around, you can do that... and people do. If you are in a more urban area, well then you are kind of stuck. The second thing is that when you get to the portapotty, especially in smaller marathons, there may only be 1 or 2 of them there, they may be in use, and they may even have a couple people in line. If that is the case, the marathoner may just decide to take their chances and skip the stop unless they absolutely have the need to unload... Why you say? Well, a marathon is a big investment and takes months of training. A runner wants to put forth their best effort and the last thing you want to do after hitting all your mile markers on pace is to stop for 3,4,5, unknown X minutes while the race passes you by. This happened to me just in my last marathon. I kind of had to go, and stopped at a single portapotty in use. There were also spectators in that area. After about 45 seconds I couldn't take it anymore and decided to just deal with it and wait 5 more miles, for all I knew an 80-year old grandma could be in there for the next 10 minutes. I did hit an unoccupied one 5 miles later around mile 20 which was good, but had that one been occupied for any length of time I probably would have skipped it too. The marathon is not like a 5K race where you can try again next week, screw up your race now and you might have to wait up to a year to try again. Not meeting your goal time can be a huge letdown, and everyone knows the marathon comes with strife, so nearing the end of the race some runners probably put more faith in their bowels than they should.

On a related note - an ironman triathlon, how do they NOT poop their pants, being on a bike for 6-8 hours and THEN running a full marathon.

gastric asstrick's picture

Don't people do sports for the of it?
I know about all that endorphin stuff and the thrill of competition, but dang - if your sport takes all day - in grueling heat, and the only guanteed end results are very sore muscles, vomit out your nose, and a chaffed ass because YOU HAVE BEEN RUNNING WITH A LOAD OF ASSWATER in your shorts for the past couple of hours, then I'm afraid I must pass. We are going to stupid ourselves right off this damned planet. Mother Nature is gonna rise up and say, "get all these stupid little turdmonkey mofo's offa me". Then the palms of all the IBSer's will light up (remember Logan's Run?)and we will cover the earth in shit.

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I've always drank Gatorade diluted. Funny. And, an enema is an excellent idea, poonurse. I would think someone would do this instead of have to worry.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Poonurse's picture
j 1000+ points

I would still have gone with the fleets enema.

Don't guzzle Pepto before a race--it can be dangerous if taken in large amounts.

Are you drinking half strength Gatorade? A sports medicine doc told my husband to do this prior to a race (dirt bike). Something to do with absorption and bioavailability and other big words.

It works, and he never gets the shits.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

My man,
It never occurred to me that way. I wasn't thinking big old bulk with the swagger walk, I was thinking the athlete doing and going and something that stopped the stuff from coming actually out.

However, I do understand your thought. I just meant that there should be some marathon runner who had this trouble who would make due to hide the mess, so we say.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Projectile vomitting. Crapping your pants. Period running down your legs. Ugh! I'll stick to couch hockey, thank you very much.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Running all over the place's picture

just thought that would be a good name to have with the story and the runny shit and such. Is anyone else using their laptops while taking a shit and looking at a shit dedicated website like I am doing now?

Jimbo's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

daphne, butt tampons are called depends.

Chuck's picture

As a former college distance runner and four-time marathoner, I never had a bowel experience during any race. Usually the pre-race nervousness or adrenaline produced a productive trip to the bathroom. I have taken a quick leak during one marathon, 20 seconds tops. For the most part I think athletes find their body rhythm and can hold their waste until the end of race, event, game.

Elaine Victoria's picture

Wow... Until today I didn't realize runners had so many shit issues. Talking about shit the entire way to the starting line, eating shit while sitting near port-o-potties and then shitting themselves on their way to the finish line? Get a grip people. Tell your assholes to get a grip on your poop too.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Actually, Chunk, I think it's also because one of the things a doctor will tell you to make your bowels move is to exercise. That has to have something to do with it. And, what's exercising more than running, oh, 26 miles?
I know if I want my dog to drop one, I just have to walk him awhile.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Shameful_shite's picture

Honestly if any of that happened to me, I would quit. I'm not one for running either...bad lungs. It's crazy, I'm in nearly perfect shape with the perfect weight and blood pressure, but I have shit for lungs. It sucks

Uncle Chunk's picture

What is all this business about pooping one's pants while running marathons??? I am not one to run, but it seems as though something like that would constipate me pretty badly. Maybe these people get so tired they cannot physically hold in their bowels anymore and just let loose?

Yerdoput's picture

I am on a diet, not the fad Atkins Diet, but a diet of low-fat, healthy foods, containing a lot of fiber and lean meats. Lately I have been eating turkey burgers (the kind of patties that are pre-formed and sold in the freezer section 9grams of fat) and whole wheat buns (2 grams of fat). I use my George Foreman grill to ensure the burgers are as lean as can be. I have eaten maybe 14 burgers in the last 4 days. I eat two in one sitting, sometimes three. This afternoon I had a horrid full feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then a few hours later tremendous relentless gas, a hot gas that smells and burns when it comes out. I finally sat upon my throne, and with one powerful push, I squeezed out a large, long, hefty, thick bumpy dark brown poo. It was incredibly long, and was as thick as a tennis ball on one end, and tapered to the thickness of a thumb on the other. I am frugal with toilet paper, because the only kind that feels good on my bottom is Cottonelle with ripples double roll, and it is $6.00 for a 12 pack at Walmart, and I live a good 30 miles from Walmart, so I like to conserve. I only used 5 sheets to wipe, my poo tends to be on the drier side and sometimes I do not even need to wipe. I flushed, and down went the poo, or so I thought. The poo sunk into the pipes, but suddenly the water began to swifty rise to the rim, and I deftly grabbed the plunger I keep handy for just an occassion, and began to pump away, and just in the nick of time, the clog let loose, and part of the poo, the tapered end, came shooting back up, swirled and did a somersault, then went back down into the briny depths.

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PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I'm wondering why no one has made butt tampons.

I do remember a triathalon ten years ago where the woman who was in the lead most of the time came in second at the last moment. It was very sad, and she had period blood all down her legs and everything.

I felt so bad for her.

I guess when this is your life, though, that a little poop is nothing compared to beating your best time.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

doniker's picture
j 1000+ points

yea, Shite, I seem to remember seeing that. Why or when I don't know....surely I was up watching TV, half asleep in an alcohol induced stupor.

Shite's picture

IIRC, the female winner of the Boston Marathon several years ago shit a nice load of ass-piss into her lovely undies shortly before crossing the finish line. She was German or Austrian (?) and the local media loooovvveddd showing her shitty pants with the melty chocolate streaming down her legs!!

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