Colon Cleansing (Or Not) With OxyPowder

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Throughout most of my adult life I have been eating like a pig -- binging on fast food, sweets, and a lot of processed foods. I drank like a fish for the last twenty years, which led to many nights of fried bar food and other questionable input. Needless to say, I have put my stomach, intestines, and colon through torture, and have endured a lot of painful gas, liquid explosions, and irregularity to prove it.

Over the last few years I have wanted to try one of these colon cleansers. But I have read so many goods things (mainly from the people trying to sell the junk) and so many bad things about these products that I never had the nerve to try one. The topic has been debated on this site many times, but when the makers of OxyPowder approached PoopReport for volunteers to try the product, I gave it a shot.

Immediately, several PoopReporters chimed in on the forums with negative feedback about OxyPowder.

Chip Brown said, "Doniker, I hope your life insurance is up to date. Those bloody butchers at OxyPowder don't mind making a buck over a dead body. Godspeed, my friend."

Bunga Din said, "I think these colon cleanse products and all are just a major scam on people's fears of bad health (the hypochondriac group)."

Randompoo had the most to say:

"I would not recommend that anyone actually ingest this product. I have two reasons for saying so:

1. Colon cleansing products are nothing but snake oil, at best. A normal colon doesn't contain any "impacted feces" or "undigested material". If it did, you would have obvious symptoms of severe illness. Promoting such a product as a "toxin purge" is just BS at it's finest.

2. Some of these products are actively dangerous. Oxy-Powder includes among its ingredients the substance "ozonated magnesium oxides". The Material Safety Data Sheet for magnesium oxide is interesting, as it includes the remark that this substance, when ingested, causes GI upset and is cause to seek medical attention. Granted, the dose involved may be much less in Oxy-Powder than that considered toxic.

"Ozonated" implies that the product is infused with a high oxygen content, and that the stuff has strong oxygenating properties. Ozone is used in industrial settings to sterilize clothes and equipment, and is used in some hospitals to disinfect an area.

You don't want to kill all the bacteria in your colon. A healthy colon has an active bacterial colony of "good" bacteria that is part of the digestive system. The bacteria manufacture some of the nutrients the body needs. You can improve the good bacteria content if needed by eating yogurt with live bacteria cultures.

Frankly, this product sounds harmful to me.

Well, after much thought, I decided to try my supply of OxyPowder anyway, beginning the day after Memorial Day. I had two weeks off and would be spending the majority of that time at home. This was good in case I had an urgent need to unload.

To really test this stuff out, I ate much more than normal, binging on fast foods and alcoholic beverages. The directions for OxyPowder said to take four capsules a day for seven days, or to increase it to six capsules if you don't achieve three-to-five bowel movements per day. They also recommend that you drink lots of pure water throughout the day.

Since I normally shit three or four times a day anyway, and since I am a big boy, I started out with five capsules on Day One.

One of the warnings on the OxyPowder label says it may cause "soft to completely liquid stools that could cause you to feel the urge to pass gas. If you're unable to control your bowels, please be careful with this product. We recommend that during the seven-day cleanse you keep close proximity to a restroom. OxyPowder will cause watery and gaseous bowel movements as a by-product of oxidation. THIS IS NOT DIARRHEA."

Day Two basically was uneventfully. I felt nothing odd; and since I shat like any normal day, I ate six capsules.

Day Three was a repeat of Day Two.

Day Four, sick of drinking beer, I went out and bought a liter of Absolut vodka and three bottles of cranberry juice. I spent the day drinking about half of that liter with cranberry and continuing my heavy eating. I was shitting more than normal, but I was eating more than normal as well. My movements were still solid, and I was taking six capsules of OxyPowder per day.

Day Five. Hung-over from the vodka, I started drinking vodka and cranberry early in the afternoon. By five o'clock I was running to the shitter to blast out some liquid shit. This continued every half hour for about four hours. I don't know if it was the OxyPowder or the vodka and cranberry, but for the first time in a long time I didn't feel bloated.

Day Six. I was back to normal. I would get a lot of gas and cramps with a sudden urge to shit, and then the feeling would just disappear. I had a ticket to the Indians game, and this worried me: I have never taken a dump at a sporting event, concert, or anything like that, and I don't ever plan to -- I am terrified at the thought. And sure enough, during the fifth inning I thought I was in trouble: I developed some brutal cramps and felt sick to my stomach.

I started to panic. I tried not to think about it. And eventually, the cramps disappeared.

Day Seven was basically uneventful: slight gas and cramps and the usual three or four large, solid dumps. At this point I realized that the OxyPowder was doing little or nothing for me, and decided not to continue putting this product into my body.

The people at OxyPowder want you to take this product "every other day or when needed, indefinitely". But at forty dollars a bottle (or thirty-three cents a capsule), that could get expensive, especially if it doesn't do much.

Give me a good old-fashioned flu bug any time -- that will give you the best clean-out.

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doniker, Thanks for the info. I will not waste my money. I'll continue to just eat mexican food to cleanse my colin. This method works in a couple hours vs. days. It's cheaper and my o-ring always tingles for a day after. Yes, I see that as a plus.
Producing waste since 1967

Producing waste since 1967

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Kudos to you, doniker, for having the intestinal fortitude to put it all on the line for the PR community. I have to wonder, though: did you skew the results of your test by intentionally overindulging? If this stuff is supposed to remedy prior colon abuse, is it possible that the relative normalcy of your digestive tract during the test was, in fact, thanks to the OxyPowder itself? Do you see where I'm coming from? Maybe the seven days worth of capsules kept you from getting bunged up.

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How disappointing. I was kinda hoping you would blow your o-ring, but I do have to admit that the last colon cleansing product I used was a little more complex. It included capsules, teas and anti parasitic "medicine". I had some very satisfying bm's but nothing catastrophic. I did loose 5 lbs and 79.00 dollars. All in all I was not impressed either.

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It's too bad that you didn't have a good cleanse. I've used Oxy-Powder many times and I recommend it over any other colon cleanser on the market today. I have tried four different kinds by the recommendation of my doctor, because of my constipation problems. That's one of the main reasons why it's always reviewed so high on many Colon Cleansing Review sites.

However, since you intentionally did the cleanse wrong by binging on alcohol for a week, its no wonder that the cleanse went bad for you.

Why don't you do the cleanse correctly, and then write a review of the product.

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yea. I have to agree with what Third Eye said.

It's not a fair analysis of the product when you intentionally do it the wrong way, AND state that you planned on doing it wrong from the beginning, and THEN write a consumer review based on that intentional error. That's very very misleading.

It makes me wonder if you work for a competitor or have some stake in Oxy-Powder not working.

Personally, I've never done Oxy-Powder. So I dont' care either way, but it still seems a little unfair that you are intentionally misleading the public. Shameful.

Poop Report should really take this down and keep a sharper eye on what they post on their site.

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Response to "Doniker"
Considering the type of diet Mr. Doniker describes, he is actually a prime candidate for needing an extensive and probably extended session of colon cleansing. Fast food, sweets, and highly processed foods essentially put nothing but empty calories, chemicals, and other assorted toxins into the body. Adding to that by admission, ". . . [drinking] like a fish for the last twenty years" and you have a recipe for digestive disaster—it’s surprising this guy hasn’t wound up in the hospital for a colon transplant or two. Intentional abuse of your body is no joke and is a sign of immaturity, self-loathing, and downright foolishness.

First of all, using non-credible "feedback" from obviously fictitious writers merely adds support to the notion you never intended to present an honest appraisal of our product Oxy-Powder®. For someone such as this "Chip Brown" to blatantly engage in libel with a contemptible statement such as ". . . making a buck over a dead body" is irresponsible, unprofessional, and could lead to legal repercussions. I defy anyone anywhere to produce any scientific data, factual news report, or even a certified coroner’s document proving that ingestion of Oxy-Powder® led to someone’s death.

Regarding Mr. "Bunga Din" I simply ask, when was the last time you heard of the traditional medical establishment actually curing anything? Can you name any medicine that you can take and never experience its corresponding disease or condition again? Perhaps it is time to try something new for all those real, live people you term "hypochondriacs". Even the United States Department of Health and Human Services has estimated over 90% of Americans have clogged and unhealthy colons, so how exactly is it a scam to try and help people with a product that performs as described (when taken according to the directions) and actually works to unclog the colon?

Regarding "Randompoo’s" comments, just look around you at our society and you will easily observe ". . . obvious symptoms of severe illness". I guarantee you know someone that is suffering from constipation, allergies, headaches, insomnia, depression, unending fatigue, persistent colds or flu, or some other common malady. Now let me be clear here—I’m not suggesting Oxy-Powder® "cures" any disease or illness. However, getting garbage out of your body can certainly help you achieve better overall health and Oxy-Powder® can certainly help someone get rid of accumulated toxin-filled waste from their digestive tract.

I would also like to see a copy of Mr. Randompoo’s supposed MSDS for Magnesium oxides. Here is a link to a real one ( Magnesium Oxides MSDS), and it clearly provides information that Magnesium oxides present no danger when ingested (except of course in extreme quantities). Bear in mind also that several types of these oxides are utilized for various industrial, chemical, or neutraceutical purposes. Ozonated Magnesium oxides (in this amount and context) are perfectly safe for ingestion and provide many positive health benefits.

Mr. Randompoo also might benefit from taking a junior-high level basic chemistry course. Ozonated Magnesium oxide is obviously not the same substance as "ozone" just as a microwave-baked potato does not equate to "microwave radiation". To give another analogy, a small trace amount (usually 3 to 5%) of chlorine is added to common tap water to keep pipes from growing mold, but drinking a gallon of Sodium Hypochlorite will kill you in seconds, so of course we would not put any substance into Oxy-Powder® to such a degree it would become toxic to the consumer.

Regarding whether or not Oxy-Powder® would kill the beneficial bacteria within your digestive system, I recommend reading the following: Anti-Bacterial Activity of Oxy-Powder®.

Anyway, back to Mr. Doniker. It’s quite apparent he sabotaged his colon cleansing efforts either intentionally or out of sheer ignorance. To even think one could begin a serious colon cleanse regimen while ". . . binging on fast foods and alcoholic beverages" is sheer ludicrosity. Here are the actual directions for taking Oxy-Powder® and you may clearly note the recommendations for drinking purified water: Oxy-Powder® Instruction. Nowhere does it suggest taking this health supplement with large amounts of alcoholic beverages over a four day period, and you would think common sense would come into play at some point (but I guess that’s why we have to create laws to protect people from themselves). At any rate, of course you’re not going to experience the expected results if you’re engaging in wild gastronomic behavior (and abusing the hell out of your body, buddy) while trying to cleanse your colon.

If you’re going to review our product, at least have the guts to take it the right way before you start downing it. Everyone is entitled to their informed opinion, but not to slander a product based on a non-scientific, distorted, and juvenile assessment. Oh yea, saying a flu virus will give you ". . . the best clean-out" is like saying getting AIDS is great for losing weight. Grow up Mr. Doniker, and try taking care of your body for a change. You just might be surprised at how your life can improve if you get rid of all the garbage inside.

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(*Zzzzzzz-grghk!*) Oh. Sorry. I dozed off, there. Now, where were we?

Oh! Yes. Doniker was about to treat us to cheeseburgers.

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SCE-Oxy-Powder, Shouldn't you be doing something more productive with your time at the office? This post must have taken you ALL morning and was not entertaining.You have missed the point of this site. It's for entertainment.PR moderators need to flame you. doniker....if they sent you any legal crap we will stand behind you and get you legal help.
Producing waste since 1967

Producing waste since 1967

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I think the Oxypowder guy makes a very good point. Imagine if you were evaluating a car, and said, "I didn't put any gas in, and it didn't drive. This car sucks!"

So they're right: Doniker didn't really give it a fair trial. Perhaps the instructions should say, "For best results, don't swill gallons of beer while you use this product."

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_Now,now -whoever you are editor of Oxy whaterver, I'm a member of the "traditional medical establishment" and YES THEY HAVE CURED A LOT. Just take Metamucil people, it's a lot less expensive.______

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__Sorry, "Oxy Whatever"_____

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ok. what kind of crap is this?

First you have a guy who intentionally takes the cleansing program wrong and then goes on, to blast the product for being ineffective. IF YOU DID IT RIGHT, MAYBE IT WOULD'VE WORKED!

If you click on the forum thread linked to this article, and read all the comments, it seems like they were out to get OxiPowder from the beginning.

Then you have a guy who supposedly works for OxiPowder, (how do we really know he works there?) who gives a bunch of reasons for why this "review" is wrong, and then he's lambasted for trying to offer up reasons to why this guys is wrong and protect a product from getting smeared by people who have no idea. AND he's also told its "only for entertainment"???

How is this entertainment? Entertainment would be us watching a video of Doniker doing his best to hover over the toilet while taking a crap at the Indians game. This is NOT entertainment. This is a smear campaign against OxiPowder, for whatever reason. People will find this page thru google. People will read it. People will take it seriously.

Why don't you get someone who is going to take this OxiPowder challenge seriously? Why don't you get someone who actually knows what they are doing, and not out to make a quick buck.

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In the interest of fairness, I would like to respond to some of the issues raised in this post and offer some additional information on behalf of Global Healing Center, the makers of Oxy-Powder.

First, let me point out that there is an obvious bias throughout the post that intestinal cleansing is not only unnecessary but is nothing more than a “major scam.” Although there is controversy regarding cleansing in general, it important to realize that this is a time-honored practice embraced through many cultures over a period of hundreds or even thousands of years. It is used today by many doctors and health practitioners as a staple of achieving optimal health or treating health conditions. To simply dismiss is with no reason or rationale is unfortunate and leaves little to discuss except for the motives of the person. I encourage each individual to do the research and come to an educated conclusion.

Second, the assertion that intestinal compaction or residue does not exist is not a foregone conclusion. I have seen various pictures of colonoscopies, many where the walls of the colon appear pink. I have also seen comparative pictures taken after a colon cleanse where the colon appears even more clean and almost vibrant. I believe that the explanation for this lies in the fact that the small and large intestines have the surface area of roughly a tennis court if you count all of the convoluted area on the villi. The answer is probably in the math, i.e. it would take only a few grams of fecal matter per square foot to equal several pounds throughout the digestive tract. This may seem inconsequential, but keep in mind that absorbable nutrients, bacteria, and toxins are all microscopic. This means that a thin coating of toxin-laden mucous and fecal matter can potentially cause big health problems in the long term. Also, keep in mind that the barium or chemical based cleansers used before the colonoscopies usually flushes the colon fairly clean but are also damaging to the mucosa at the same time. In addition, colonoscopies can miss swollen pockets (diverticuli) bulging from the walls that harbor compaction and are often subject to infection.

Third, the implication that Oxy-Powder is dangerous based upon the MSDS for certain magnesium compounds or on the fact that it contains oxygen is simply incorrect. MSDS are used for isolated chemicals and always contain warnings, regardless of the safety or common use of the substance. For example, here is a warning on sucrose, common table sugar: INGESTION: Give several glasses of milk or water. Vomiting may occur spontaneously, but it is not necessary to induce. While I am not encouraging people to eat sugar, I would think that any argument that uses this warning to keep people from eating sugar is at best irrelevant and at worst very suspicious. Concerning oxygen, this is an element that is native to the human body, is used widely by therapists, and is supported by toxicological studies and human trials for the purpose of intestinal cleansing.

Fourth, Doniker didn’t use the product appropriately or call in to our experienced customer service staff for any help on fitting it to his individual needs. I am not sure why he believed that an appropriate way to cleanse is to “binge on fat foods and alcoholic beverages.” This is totally contrary to our recommendations. In addition, given his admittedly high body weight, it sounds as if he may never have found his individual dose. All in all, this sounds very suspicious for someone seeking to perform a legitimate intestinal cleanse, a little like someone attempting to test a diet pill by taking half the dose and then camping out at their local KFC.

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Doniker I would consider you to be pretty healthy if you are shitting three to four times a day. It doesnt sound like that stuff does too much other than give you cramps and really wickedly juicy farts.
The Thunderous Crapper 63 Enjoying home toilet advantage since 2004!


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(*nods off, again*)

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I've been to Jacobs Field.I think it's safe to take a dump there.Shea Stadium is a Shithouse Of Horrors.I just got over one of those 24 hour bugs and it cleaned me out for free.I usually pay a couple hundred to get my pipes clean.Oops! Silly me wrong web site.

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Doniker, it sounds like you are living proof that the Oxy Powder people are actually the ones that are full of shit.

The only real good clanser that I use is Sonne's #7.
"Thunder in March betokens a fruitfull year" .Or is it "Thunder in March, frost in June"?

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content Moderatora 10000+ points - Super Pooper

I think the OxyPowder people do make a really good point. Are any PoopReporters willing to give it a shot while working *with* their bodies to achieve a healthy outcome, instead of against it?

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I apologize if I put a negative spin on this product.
I figured that the people that truly need this product are people that don't have a decent diet. This is why I tried the product, eating the way I did.

If I had a good, healthy diet, why would I need a colon cleanser?

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doniker (1295) -- 06.20.2007 -- ..."If I had a good, healthy diet, why would I need a colon cleanser?"


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"We recommend that during the seven-day cleanse you keep close proximity to a restroom. OxyPowder will cause watery and gaseous bowel movements as a by-product of oxidation."

No thanks. I'll pass on "watery and gaseous bowel movements".

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After considering all the above, I'm going to pass on the Colon Blow, because apparently, if I trash it myself, I'll get smacked in the ass with a case of libel. But here are my thoughts if anyone wants to waste the next four minutes of their lives. I at least promise you won't drift off......

First, to James Franklin, Dave sees the ISP's and email addresses of the people who write in. Therefore, if you are asking if this guy is the real OxyClean guy, you sound like you're questioning Dave's integrity. That's a no no.

Maybe you should check out the rest of the site before you do that. Dave has given almost a decade to this website, and you're questioning him after one article.

Second, from what I've seen, fasting is one of the best ways to clean out your colon. People who fast say that they produce the same mucous crap these colon cleanse products produce after a week or so of their intestines having nothing better to do but gurgle while being fed nothing but liquids. If, while on this Oxy recommended diet, drinking lot of purified water and avoiding certain foods is what you're supposed to do, it kind of sounds like advanced fasting.

Third, to the Oxy-Clean guy, I've heard of a few things that medicine has prevented me from getting, thus curing in a way. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, and all the stuff my possibly-harmful vaccinations have blocked during the years I've been alive. And frankly, I think a healthy diet would cure intestinal blockage, because in remote countries where processed sugar, flour and high fructose corn syrup haven't been introduced, they don't have these types of troubles. In cultures where these things have been introduced, like the Inuits, their obesity has skyrocketed with the diet change.

So, if I'm going to spend forty damned dollars, I guess I'm going to buy fresh cherries (it's Yakima cherry season here in the wonderful Pacific Northwest), flaxseed, prunes, a Brita filter, green tea, and other healthy things guaranteed to blow the living shit out of my digestive system without causing me to have full-blown, ass-puckering, wince-inducing, knee-buckling, forty-yard sprint-related, expensive (ouch, was that my ass or my wallet) diarrhea that might end up in me being threatened with a lawsuit should I complain that I didn't enjoy or appreciate the experience. At least that way I'll be entertained at an expense I can afford.

That's my take on the subject of cleaning out your digestive tract. I Best of luck with your product, but it is my goal in life to avoid needing it.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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As being someone new here, who isn't part of the PoopReport community, and someone that's never heard of oxypowder, I must say that this is a very polarized conversation.

You have one side. A Colon Cleansing Company who gives PoopReport a free bottle for someone to try.

You have another side. A community of Poop-Lovin' bloggers that encourages Doniker to try the product, and all chimed in on the forum .

Obviously, this is not really a fair analysis, because I don't know of anyone that binges on alcohol, especially while trying to do a detox program. (except for maybe a fraternity) So, I can see why Global Healing Center was upset with so many negative comments about their product, when the true purpose of the product was never initiated.

But I can also see why the Poop Reporters got so upset with Senior Content Editors comments about lawsuits and libel. And they have all formed an 'alliance', and they are still gonna bash oxypowder, because of those comments by the Senior Content Editor.

Dave, I hate to say it, but at this point, I don't think you're gonna get a fair analysis of this product. The battle lines have already been drawn. And I don't think anyone that's commented on this page is going to come into this with an open mind.

I know I'm new here, but I have no stake in this. I would be more then willing to give it a try. I think I'm the only person that has chimed in that doesn't have an agenda. Like someone mentioned above, you have everyone's email address. Email me if you are interested...

Good luck to everyone. Colon Cleansers to Poop Reporters, all the same.

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I can prove that colon cleansers are a scam. Has anyone here ever gotten a colonoscopy? I have Crohns disease which is a disease of the COLON and have had two colonoscopies done. The doc gives you "prep" the day before the procedure. The purpose of the prep is to completely clean out you colon of all fecal matter so when they insert the camera they can get clear views of your colon. I have pictures in my clonoscopy report and they all show my colon completely clean, no poop.

My point is, there is nothing llingering around forever undigested in there, and that if you want to get it out all you neet is some over the counter laxatives like fleet phosphorsoda. Trust me everything will come out of tehre in 24 hours if you take real hardcore laxatives from the pharmacy.

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In my opinion, this whole thing has really flared up unnecessarily. If you read doniker's account carefully, it was clear from the start that the test protocol that doniker followed was flawed, and I pointed that out at the top of this thread. He himself has conceded as much, and I really don't believe an "agenda" had anything to do with how he tested the product. The problem starts when others make statements or decisions based on the anecdotal feedback from one unintentionally flawed test.

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I cant help but see this scene in my mind: Donkier is sitting on the stage with arms folded and looking irratated, The Oxy-Powder guy is ranting with his arms flailing, Daphne in the crowd trying to get Jerry Springer's Microphone so she can put the final smack down on the Oxy-Powder guy, Dave walking around with the Microphone looking pensive because in my mind....Dave IS Jerry Springer!!!! "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

...Sorry, I'm starting to get a little woozy from the 15 capsules of Oxy-Powder I took an hour ago...

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I clean a lot of things, house, car, garage, fingernails, dishes... The ole colon can stay as is. Although if I was to start a program, I think large quanities of cheap beer would be part of the solution. It solves a whole lot of other problems.

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I'm new to this website so hopefully you'll see my unbiased opinion. As a frequent crapper myself, I don't need special products to hit the toilet, a little dairy will do the trick every time. For just a few bucks, I can cleanse my colon with a milkshake. I'm also allergic to many "man made" preseratives that are so called safe, like MSG and NutraSweet (aspartame) so I'm not feeling compelled to try any over the counter product not prescribed by a doctor. On a lighter note, I think Doniker's story was funny as shit and I love all your stories - it makes me feel normal for laughing at all my daily crap explosions. I commend you for trying the product to the extreme. As for the editor, well, don't get your panties in a wad just because someone didn't like your product. Freedom of Speech. If your product truly is great, and it may be, then you will be successful. Tons of people drink Nutrasweet, I however think it's toxic. You don't see that company threating to sue. As for Doniker, keep it coming, I know your colon will. I think your stories are craptacilur! Home of the 1 point meal

Home of the 1 point meal

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l 100+ points

Poopsalot: I can understand the OxyClean guys getting their "panties in a bundle" over this thread. They DO have a valid interest in protecting the reputation of their product. Whether colon cleansing is something that needs to be done at all, or how it should be done, is another question entirely. Now that "word-of-'net" has supplanted "word-of-mouth", or at least multiplied its impact by a factor of 1000, I can see why Global Healing Center would want to have their point of view represented here. 'Nuff said.

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content Moderatora 10000+ points - Super Pooper

Bukowsky: The people at Oxypowder are going to take you up on your offer. I'll email you shortly with details. Which means, PoopReporters, this story isn't over.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Wow I can't believe the negative feedback Oxy-Powder is receiving from this community! I have been using this great product to help me with my occasional constipation and I find it much better than any laxatives I've taken in the past.

I'm just curious, to those folks who doubt this product, have you actually tried Oxy-Powder? And if so, did you have a bad experience? Because personally it's done great wonders for my digestive health plus I feel years younger. Perhaps it's all in my mind and maybe it's because I'm eating healthy too, but I strongly believe this stuff works.

ps...I'm new here and this site is off the chain!

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Who knew looking up OxyPowder in google would bring me to one of the funniest sites I've ever been on.

I must say this back and forth school yard conversation makes me feel really good about myself.

I believe in the power of my health and that you are what you eat, At the end of it all - as funny as your post was Doniker, I have a pit in my stomach for how sad it makes me feel that you don't take your health seriously.

The expression if you don't have your health you have nothing is so true.

I believe in reviewing products fairly and having suffered with colon & intestinal issues all my life, it is really unfortunate when I want to find out the truth about something that may actually help me & I need to sort through so much CRAP to find it.

Dave - if OxyPower wants to put me upto the challenge - I'm in. I promise not to binge on anything and follow all guidelines like a good little girl and give an honest review.

If the good stuff I have read about this product is true than my colon will actually be in debt to OxyPowder for life.

I have diverticultis and am a prime candidate for colon cancer, so if I can review a product that may help people in my situation that actually take their health seriously I'd be more than happy to volunteer my intestines and colon.

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To: "Senior Content Editor" (what on earth type of nonsense job title is that?!) , OxyPooper:

"when was the last time you heard of the traditional medical establishment actually curing anything?"

I won't even grace that with an answer.

"a small trace amount (usually 3 to 5%) of chlorine is added to common tap water to keep pipes from growing mold"

If any water company put this much chlorine in its water then it would not last long (neither would its customers). In fact, the average amount is 0.6-1 parts per million ( ). Don't worry though, you were only out by, oooh, a factor of 50,000. Close.

"I defy anyone anywhere to produce any scientific data, factual news report, or even a certified coroner’s document proving that ingestion of Oxy-Powder® led to someone’s death."

I defy you, as the seller of a pseudo-medicinal product, to produce one (just one!) double-blind, controlled, peer-reviewed published study that shows your product to have a benefit of any kind.

You are a scam artist, playing on people's fears. You have implied that a colon subjected to your product might help people with "constipation, allergies, headaches, insomnia, depression, unending fatigue, persistent colds or flu, or some other common malady." I note that you have carefully written your post in such a way that you can (and, I'm sure, will) deny that you made any such implication. But you obviously did.

You imply a legal threat ("to blatantly engage in libel...could lead to legal repercussions.") but provide no evidence that your product is anything other than an over-priced placebo.

"Oh yea, saying a flu virus will give you ". . . the best clean-out" is like saying getting AIDS is great for losing weight."

And this bit is just down-right offensive.

Please please crawl back under your rock, you quack.

Stink-Hole's picture

I'm surprised that Oxypowder is getting ripped into so much. I mean, I think it's pretty clear that Doniker didn't do the cleanse correctly, and Senior Content Editor over-reacted.

Obviously, Global Healing Center isn't a dubious company or some sort of scam artist, because they recently won the 2007 Award of Excellence from the Better Buisness Bureau. Which is something no other colon cleansing company has ever done!

Oxypowder is consistently ranked #1 on many Colon Cleansing Reviews sites. So I don't think it's fair to accuse this company of dubious practices, when they've obviously proven otherwise.

As for whether or not colon cleansing is necessary, is another debate altogther.

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast."

2 Legit 2 Shit's picture

I'm 2 Legit 2 Shit!

And I think Oxypowder is a great product! I read about them on this colon cleansing reviews site.

Whenever I take it, It makes me wanna dance! It makes me wanna dance with my balls hanging three inches over the toilet-water. Dance All Morning Long!

Do the Typewriter! Do the Typewriter!

jonxblaze's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Has anybody seen the new Oxy-Powder yet? It looks great, I wonder if there was any change in the formulation? Damn it makes me wanna buy another one and just walk around with it in my hand! lol

rusty's picture

anyone who uses Oxypowder is getting RIPPED OFF and potentially causing bodily harm to themselves. go to their site and look at the ingredients. "ozonated magnesium oxide" is what facilitates internal cleansing(makes you poop good). magnesium oxide is also used in construction materials and electrical heating. inhalation of of magnesium oxide fumes can cause metal fume fever. I'm guessing the 'ozonated' part is supposed to protect against this but I'm not counting on it.

milk of magnesia, magnesium citrate and magnesium sulfate(epsom salts) are also used as laxatives/cleansing/any kind of feel-good poopage plus YOU DONT GET POISONED WHEN YOU BREATHE NEAR THEM. plus they are cheap(mag citrate is apparently less than 2 bucks a bottle). you pay more than 40 bucks for a bottle of oxypowder. $40 versus $2 HMMMM.....

smart people READ the ingredients of whatever they are eating(processed food, nutritional/vitamin supplements) or putting on their bodies(cosmetics, body care products, etc) so WHY is this an exception? dont be a retard, do some real RESEARCH before buying shit. if the ingredients list of anything you're putting in or on your body has things you cant pronounce most likely it will not do happy things to you.

I mean, jeezus christ, it just took me the oxypowder site and wikipedia to figure this shit out. next time anyone buys or takes anything with a chemical formula or chemically-sounding name I suggest you look it up and see what it does first. IT AIN'T THAT HARD GUYS.

smarter-n-rusty's picture

I don't give two squirts about this argument, but I do care when people make uneducated statements to support their arguements.

Rusty, research Sodium and Chlorine. Both poisons, right? Both caustic, right? Now put them together and make Sodium Chloride. Look that one up.

Folks, you simply cannot separate one chemical from an ingredients list and pronounce the whole product dangerous. This in no-way endorses this product, I just want to discredit this argument.

frusturated's picture

So basically there's no conclusion on the subject of how good or bad Oxy-Powder is or a colon cleanse in general and I'm just as confused about the whole thing as I was when I started reading the first comment of this page.

This is very frusturating because I don't know who to trust, I don't know who's selling it or promoting it, I don't know if I can trust this country's pharmacutical companies due to what Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures book revealed (but I've been charged by Kevin Trudeau's natural cures website AFTER I canceled my subscription - so I don't fully trust what he's involved with either but some things in his book make complete sense).

I'm just SO LOST and so very very frusturated. All I want to do is the right thing for me and there's no one I can fully trust on this entire internet! The people in my community don't know ANYTHING about this subject because I reside in one of the most closed minded communities in the country(Nebraska). I guess I just have to leave it to God and eat anything that grows in the ground. That seems to be the safest way to approach this sort of thing.

sheri's picture

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the "Doniker". I have been using Oxypowder for several years now. I cleanse because I have poor digestion issues. IT DOES WORK (if you follow the instructions) and I've seen no harmful affects. I had a colonoscopy earlier this year and the doc says my colon looks great.

I've cleansed natural ways and with Oxy. The cleanse has the same results except that Oxy is easier, faster and not as harsh on the "bottom". I don't take the pills regularly only when my body starts feeling bloated, fatigued or I've eaten a lot of unhealthy foods. Whether or not colon cleansing is necessary, I don't know, but it does make your body feel better.

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

I love that doniker's been elevated to "the " Doniker.

wanttopoop's picture

Dave, if you need someone that will try the product and do it correctly, I'm your girl. I have had IBS, constipation problems and a poor diet my entire life and I'm finally trying to make healthy changes in my life. I'm sure my colon is a mess.

To bad the people that are posting on this website aren't interested in taking care of their colons. Maybe they should spend more time doing the appropriate research before they give their "professional analysis". Better yet maybe they should go in a private chat room and discuss ways they can get together and ruin their bodies. They all do seem full of shit and miserable and we all know misery loves company.

I have heard a lot of positive things about oxy-powder.

Get off this website if your not interested in your colon health!!!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Ok so I have been looking into doing a colon cleanse because I am lucky to have a very very small bowel movement once a week. I have been extremely confused about what product to use and was finally convinced to give Oxy Powder a try because it does have good reviews on other site, HOWEVER those sites are linked to the oxy site making me wonder if those sites make money off me linking from thier site to oxy's and making a purchase.
I wanted to Try Oxy but after reading this I am no sure I wanna "try" it for 50 bucks :(
Back to not pooping and being confused.

doniker's picture
j 1000+ pointsk 500+ pointsl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

Duh....of course everybody on the Oxy Powder website and there links are going to say the shit is great.

We need more sites like PoopReport that aren't out for profit to give reviews of products that aren't motivated by a cash incentive.

Bunga Din's picture
j 1000+ points

The reason I say that these "colon cleansing" products are a scam is because they are #1. NOT APPROVED OR TESTED BY THE FDA. On the site listing the above product is the following disclaimer "These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The FDA. These Colon Cleansing Products Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Disease."

I could go further in dissecting the credentials of the CEO/Chiropractor/Ordained Minister Dr. Group who is the leader of this business but then that would be just unfair.

Iron Arm's picture

Dude, i don't think you can probably judge the product if you drinking booze while on it. I know that after a night of drinking I have exploding liquid shits. So how do you know if it's the oxypowder or the booze? You don't. You're also not supposed to eat junk while taking it. Anyway, i don't know if this product is a farce or not, but you could have done a better test.


I want to try OxyPowder. I just saw an infomercial about Paracites and backed up poop and I am TERRIFIED that I might have some of those harboring in me!!!

I don't smoke, nor drink and have a nice healthy diet but still am 30 LBS over weight from my last child.

I stay at home so I am close to the Throne if need be.

I just don't feel like forking over $$ I can use on diapers if the product will not work for me.

So if you need to test the product, give me a holler and I can keep all those updated on my results.

I poop once a day by the way. Is that healthy???

Anonymous Coward's picture

Once a day is perfectly healthy, and it doesn't sound like you have any need of special products. Infomercials may try to scare you, but unless you've been experiencing problematic bowel movements, I don't see that it's worth investing in a dubious (and expensive) product.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Don't believe posts that point to review sites showing Oxy-Powder is #1. These posts were made by marketing shills.

Every single one of these sites has just recently popped into existence and shares the same domain host and likely the same web host.

How do I know? Use the WayBackMachine, WhoIs and Ping and see for yourself!
First entry: June 28, 2007
Private registration, hosted with DreamHost Web Hosting
IP address:
Hosted in Washington DC
First entry: July 3, 2007
Private registration, hosted with DreamHost Web Hosting
IP address:
Hosted in Phoneix, AZ
No entries, too new
Private registration, hosted with DreamHost Web Hosting
IP address:
Hosted in Phoneix, AZ

Now, Oxy-Powder may be a good product but they are sleazy and dishonest with these fake marketing tactics.

backed up pipes's picture

I too would be willing to try it out I however poop maybe twice a week if I'm lucky.I have been this way for years.Looking for a product that will work.

TheTestDriver's picture

Oxypowder Test Drive....

Starts Monday 12th November.

Since this thread answers no questions, I'll take the test myself. I don't plan on getting pissed up every day and eating shit loads of junk, I'll just carry on as normal..

I smoke
I eat
I drink (water/tea)

I already have the tablets, i bought them back in 2005, haven't taken them till now as i can't find an unbiased review. Now, considering I bought them in 2005 and its now 2007 they are still well in the stated 4 year shelf life, so all is good.

The test starts Monday


Scared to poop a lot's picture

So many products seem to need 30 or more days to be effective. If all this product needs is 7 days, I am willing to test it as well. I have at least one daily session on "the throne." I am about 90lbs overweight with the majority of that being in my midsection. If I can rid myself of 5-20lbs in 7 days by cleansing my colon, I'm in. Send it to me!

Anonymous Expert's picture

Oxy-Powder is a great product! Colon cleaning is a necessity. The proof is in the pictures you can find on the net of what has come out of peoples colons-You -idiots-debunk the pictures if you can as they are as plain as the the stupidity signs that hangs around your non-functioning minds.

So sick of this jerry springer crap....'s picture

God, why is our country so full of morons. I ran accross this thread to find out more info on the products etc but instead get more like a show of jerry springer. I know that colon cleansing is a necesity and I don't need any doctor or expert to tell me that. What I do want to know is true testimonials on what works best, or better. Its too bad that 90% of this thread is all about whining and bitching and very little about information. Americans are some of the stupidest people on the planet per capita, they're fat wallets just buy them alot of soap boxes to stand on, but so little is actually being said.

Oxy powder works pretty well, be ready to go to the bathroom alot, drinking lots of water helps, lemon juice helps too. Without the aid of a supplement or an actual in the ass hose colonic your body cannot naturally keep up the detoxification process alone. We simply eat too many foods that cause continous mucous overproduction in our large intestines. So yes we do need the help of a product to stay healthy. Peace out morons.

dazed and confused's picture

The one thing that bothers me and leaves me dazed and confused is that none of these colon cleanse products tell you who is or is not a candidate for use of the product. If I have bowel movements daily, eat fiber drink water, have a glass of metamucil before bed, believe me my colon is cleansed. But, do these companies still think I am not cleansed enough?

So, please answer a simple question. Who are candidates for these products and who are not.

Thank you

Successful Pooper's picture

I started reading this website and someone above said...realized that not the most intelligent people are posting. Why do I say that...because what you have to look at is the beginning. After that everything else is moot.

The trial with oxypowder was not taken according to prescribed instructions. Nor was the company consulted. Their valid report..positive or negative can be assumed. So every comment that came after that is therefore rendered irrelevant. You cant cheat on the test then debate the questions to your professor. Its game over.

Now i am a previous oxypowder user. I am 6' 230 and wanted to lose weight and wasnt sure if my sudden weight gain was body fat or compacted feces so i said i would give it a shot. Then the max was 5 per day which is what i was taking and I was pooping 6 times a day after day one. I dont know why but i never get any results on day one. I did a 14 day plan. At the end of it everywhere i went people said i looked good and that i looked like i had lost weight. I did a 14 day...then skipped a week and did a 7 day. I lost 25 lbs of crap.

The only reason i havent been back on it is because my new job keeps me more mobile and its a lot to try and plan where i am going to be and what bathrooms are nearby. But i do reup my bottle at vacation time and when there are long weekends. Its a good product.

Its a shame that jealousy and corporate capitalism causes people to say things that arent true. All you do is end up looking foolish in the end. For oxypowder i would tell you not to worry about this site. I tried you for myself and you have a customer for life.

dookie monster's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

When I was a teen/young man, I fixated on my that I'm middle aged, I refuse to fixate on my colon!

To y'all with IBS and Crohn's, God bless you. Do what you must.

To those who don't, spend that $40-50 on something else that will clean you out...maybe some tasty escolar?

To those who don't 'get' this site and feel they must be shrill in their own defense and/or smug in their self-anointed superiority: kindly stfu. You aren't helping anyone, elevating the level of discourse, or impressing anyone.
(Now, if you were to show us your tits...?)
If you really wanted to impress the denizens of PR, find us new, improved uses for cats.

purveyor of the brown note...

purveyor of the brown note...

truthSeeker's picture

Testdriver, Any reports yet?

Anonymous Coward's picture

I'm looking for a good cleanser. I'm young, but I've abused my GI for the last 8 years. Three years ago, I've had a severe food poisoning from a cheap Chinese food joint. A year later I was stupid enough to eat four bags of jerky at once (was starving, and that was all I had with me). The jerky constipated me for nearly a week, which I knew was bad, since I was always once a day til then. I bought over the counter laxative, which just ran through my system and came out pouring the same liquid way it came in, with very little poo along with it. A day later I finally passed what looked like a normal stool. I thought I was fine. But a bout 6 months later I started developing a strange rash on my face - lesions that would protrude out from my skin, swelling up and down @ diffrnt times thru the day. Just bizarre... My aund told me I looked like I had toxic blood. Also, around this time I started developing what you'd call "extreme or chronic fatigue". Sure, working construction makes you physically tired a bit more, but I was just getting drained! I'd come home and collapse on my bed in the very clothes I wore at work - and often sleep thru the rest of the day, and the night only to barely drag me out of bed in the morning after 7 snoozes. And I'm in my early 20's! And waking up, my saliva would have a weird taste to it - kinda sour... I also started getting bad acid reflux.

Then i got some good help from my brother's chinese herbalist. He treated my liver and kidneys (which both purify you blood, right?) saying that they were "stagnant". His herb potions though, are mighty spendy though, even though they work miracles, @ over 100$ for a 10 day supply. After two batches my rash has completely disappeared. His potions also brought my energy levels back up, and was passing beautiful smooth, easy stools 1-2 a day. But when I quit taking the potions ($$$ an arm and a leg!), after about a month my energy starts to run back down, and stool frequency decreases a bit. Now I'm pretty convinced that even though the herb guy strengthens my organs so that they can condition my blood better, whatever is intoxicating it in the first place is still in there. That jerky never came out. And it was the cheapest crap I could buy - nothing but tendons. people make strings and ropes out of that stuff - and I ate it! 4 bags of it!!!

When we first came to the States 11 yrs ago, we had no clue of evils and perils of the general food industry here. So we ate everything that tasted good in large quantities. Tons of pop, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and the rest. Just recently my family started getting the facts about all this. Now my ever-energetic mother (in her 40's) has been feeling real tired for the last two years, and has a bowel movmnt once per 2 days, if that. Her skin's also been getting yellowish pale. Exact same story with my dad. And both of my younger sisters, still in high school always complain of being tired all the time, even after 8+ hrs of sleep!

Is cleansing necessary! Oh, SO MUCH SO! My whole family and I are prime candidates, I just need to find the right product, as a majority of them are scam/placebo/hype type crap. I nearly ordered DualAction Cleanse, but thank the Good Lord I didn't - scammers. But I am loookind at this Oxy, Bowtrol, and this curious little Okra-Pepsin-E3. Which is it?

Sorry for posting long. But I think many here will find this interesting and/or relate...

prarie doggin's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatorg 4000+ points

I took Oxy-Clean by mistake for a week. Only change was that my poops were pure white, and smelled fresh.

MSG's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

To Dazed and Confused: If you have normal daily bowel movements, eat fiber, and drink good amounts of water, my estimate is that you don't need anything further. If the movements are good-sized, good brown color (from medium light to fairly dark), and comfortable in passage, you are probably fine. If you experience problems, for heaven's sake see a doctor; don't start self-dosing with something as controversial as this. My opinion as a layman.

ocrob's picture

As others have said, I was researching Oxy Powder and came upon this site. I ordered the pills today and as soon as I get them I will let you know how it goes. I agree that it is really hard to believe the testimonials. They all sound like they are written from the companies and their marketing departments. I will be a good test case.

just passing by's picture

To All: a few hundred years ago, the best universities in the land used to teach their students the earth was flat and everyone believed it until a quack of his time came forward to claim that it was not so.

My point is that whatever the authorities of these days may claim, including doctors, universities, FDA or AMA, does not necessarily make it true. Many people still die of FDA approved products as shown not too long ago by the scandals surrounding the big pharmaceutical companies.

That Oxy-powder people make money, sure they do, good for them too. That's what business is all about. WE, as the customers, are responsible for our own purchasing decisions.

Everyone, start taking chage of your own lives, if you bought the product then use it, what's 50 bucks? How much did you spend on food last month?

As a human being, YOU are responsible for everything you do, no one else is, use your common sense and try things, do not just sit there and wait for someone to give you answers!

If Oxy powder works for you, great! If it does not, well, at least now you know. And please stop blaming others for making a living, no one is forcing you to buy anything.

Seeker's picture

I am interested in trying a cleanse and have been between oxy powder and bowtrol based on various reading on the net.

A little back history about myself is that I am a former athlete and up until 10 years ago was in perfect health. In those 10 yrs I started suffering from chronic joint pain, depression, fatigue, sleeplessness, bloating, cramps, weight gain, and yellowing of the eyes and blotchy skin that would break out. This all came on slowly but surely and after having a ton of tests, scans, and bloodwork the doctors found nothing.

About a year ago, after searching online for causes, I found out that I was allergic to yeast and within a week of taking it completely out of my diet I began feeling alot better and had 3x more energy, lost the 30+lbs I had gained, and most of the symptoms began to slowly go away. This was only temporary though as a few months ago, I started gaining the weight back , stomach is distended again from gas, and I no longer have any energy.

My diet since taking yeast out has consisted mainly of eggs meat cheese which are all high in fat and low in fiber and I also am ingesting large amounts of sugar.

I have now changed my diet to high fiber products, Whole wheat, milled flaxseed, fruit, and lots of water while cutting out the sugar and only eating limited protein for now.

I have noticed in only 3 days that my skin color has been better and eyes look a little brighter but I am still wondering if I should use one of these products or if my diet change and taking a natural husk product with insoluable fiber would be enough.

I realize and apologize for the long post. I just have suffered through what were supposed to be the "good years" and already feel like an old man and have had 3 surgeries all on major joints and I am only 26. I just want to do whats best and the mds with all their pills have done nothing for 10 yrs so it's time to give natural medicine a long overdo shot.
I would also have no problem testing either of these products, with no bias whatsoever, and also give a full report on findings.

just passing by's picture


You're back on track. What you're eating now is right, don't forget the veggies too! Gee, stuffing yourself with eggs, sugar and meat would have killed you real fast!

You might want to do an oxy-powder flush for several days just to get it clean. I have tried both Oxy and Bowtrol and I must say that while Bowtrol seems to help, Oxy sure flushes the heck out of you!

Anonymous Coward's picture

how come there is an advertisement for oxy powder at the bottom of this page !!

this site is hilarious :)

so whats the verdict? admins, editors .. please come up with a conclusion .. this is not helping

Anonymous Coward's picture

i swear by this stuff, especially when i'm constipated, and gottagogirl is annoying as shit.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Anonymous Coward - it's not for us to give a verdict or conclusion. We can only post what you guys have decided. Besides, I don't think this one will ever be decided upon, anyways. Some people love the concept of cleansing, and some think it's bullocks, and we'll never convince the one of the other.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Plugged up on the river's picture

I have no idea how I got here. I spend hours searching and ended up here. Makes me even more confused as to what to do. I'm 48, a mother of 7 and in realitively good health. I eat well although I do smoke and drink beer and that probably won't change. Never had a problem with going poo before, Didn't take a lot of time. I go in when I felt the erge, go, and get out. Then, a little over a year ago, we moved to Arkansas. I can not go! And when I do, they are pencil thin. (maybe a little thicker) So......after bout 6 months or so, I started trying things....over the counter stuf...CleanseMore from the health food store...The Dual Action Cleanse.....Metamusil...increase my veggies....fruit....dried prunes. I've done the cabbage soup diet..(although I didn't view it as a diet cuz my weight isn't that bad) I just wanna go and it's just not working. Unfortunately...I am poor (moniterely) in this state and can't afford to buy the Oxy-Powder. I wish I had bought that instead of the other stuff I bought! However, if the company wants to provide me some, I will take it as directed (I won't even drink beer while using it...I am desperate!) Then, I will come back and post my results. I have no affiliation with anyone. My results will be honest..I hope oxy-powder will help. Thanks

sayocean!'s picture

Wow. this is truely hilarious. DUDES seriously. There is NO such thing as having compacted shit lining or stuck in your colon. There is however, a very not fun thing called fecal compaction. which I currently have. in which a giant peice of hardened shit blocks your other shit from coming out. and then just keeps building up. I can't even pee. talk about sucky. and the only way to fix it is to force that stubborn motha out or get it taken out by a doctor. and if that doesn't happen fast enough, you die. soooo. what i'm saying is no noticable amount of fecal matter is retained in your colon otherwise you would feel like total shit, and then die. since the poisons would flow throughout your body. if oxy whatever would have said, "we help you shit!" than I probably would believe it. but saying your washing away stuff that just isn't there is stupid. l3g1t/fr3$h t1ll d34th.<3 OUT.

turdfan's picture
l 100+ points

Dear plugged up on the river: Why don't you consider giving yourself an enema? To do it right, you will need a genuine enema bag, and not those dinky bottled things they sell in most drugstores. However, you can get a decent enema bag for about $10, if you can afford that. Just do a web search for enema bags, and you will find tons of sellers.

Anonymous Coward's picture


Plugged up on the river's picture

to turdfan...sure don't want to go to the internet to look up an enima bag...who knows where that will take me...but I will try. That has been suggested to me before

turdfan's picture
l 100+ points

Dear Plugged up: I don't think you should have any concern about ordering one on the internet. I have ordered hundreds of different type things, and never had a bad experience.

Anonymous Poopwad's picture

Just a quick read...

Robert's picture

Doniker. I don't understand. What are you trying to prove anyway. You said in your story that you shit 3-4 times every day anyway which is not surprising. Did you expect to shit 7 or 8 time a day after taking the oxy? Oxy Powder is an answer to many individuals who eat and act like human beings and not animals.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i am one to see to believe, i do not believe anyone on this site, but I will come to a challenge with Oxy-powder, I am regular guy whom eats regular, sometimes healthy, sometimes bad. i am active and play sports, i also am a little heavy but i am also up for the challenge let me try Oxy-powder for free and I will tell the truth if it works or not, i don't care if any sees my email , if your up for the challenge i will post a comment, if it works i will appraise it , if it doesn't well its then the truth, email me

Machetemouth's picture

This thread was originally started to answer the question: "Does Oxy powder really work?"

I'm chiming in with a stern, "Yes, it does!" I don't work for or sell Oxy. I'm just regular people (excuse the pun) sharing my opinion.

I'm not a health nut, but I use herbs, go to acupunture, and believe in UFOs. I eat a lot of processed and fast food. I came to use OP because I held on to the tail end of a cold for more than a month; which is pretty unusual for me and ALL the herbs I take.

I wanted to detox and some internal spring cleaning because I didn't feel well despite the daily use of vitamins and herbs. So I hit the internet to research colon cleansers. Most of the colon cleansers contained herbs I have at home and that I've used together to overcome constipation or to bulk up my poop while dieting.

Since I already tried cascara sagrada (which does softens poop and makes you go)and psyllium husk (which adds bulk),I wanted to try something else. My criteria was simple: 1) something relatively affordable, 2) something that wouldn't make me go at work, 3) feedback or testimonials that sounded realistic no generated by the marketing department, 4)something that would take 10 days or less. (Most of what I read on line says a colon detox plan should be no longer than 7 days.)

I ordered OP on ebay and it arrived 2 days later. The directions were easy to read and follow. I however, DID NOT eat a lot of fruits and veggies or drink purified water as the directions and website recommend. I decided on and was alittle less that half way through a high protien, low fat diet. I drank atleast 80 oz. of water with a little lemon juice for flavoring.

I stopped going out to eat. Drank tons of water as a high protien, low/no carb diet makes you thirsty. I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS AS THEY APPLIED TO THE EATTING PLAN I WAS FOLLOWING.

Day 1 nothing, so I upped the dosage an extra 2 pills.That's when it kicked in the way that OP said it would.

Let me say, I would take the pills on an empty stomach, as soon as I would get home so I there would be no risk of going at work. With in the hour, I would go atleast 5 times before going to bed. A few time I woke in the middle of the night to go once or twice. Then in the morning after breakfast, I would go 2-3 times. WHILE ON OXY POWDER, I NEVER HAD TO POOP AT WORK. I know that's what a lot of peole are concerned with. I worked with my body clock.

By day 3 my stomach had visibly gone down a few inches. By day 5 my co-workers were all taking notice. Let me just say, I'm not a little girl and not obsessed with my weight. Just concerned with trying to be healthier. Anyway, I didn't measure or weigh myself before because I wasn't using the product to lose weight. Actually, none of the testimonials I read had little to say about pounds or inches lost. The last time I stepped on a scale before i was 194 and that was back in January. I know I put on a few more pounds after my last weight in. After OP, I weighed in at 184. I don't want to believe that I crapped out 10 plus pounds, but the proof is in the pudding. (LOL) I lost inches off my waistline. The water and high protein diet, I'm sure helped.

I didn't get the extra energy, that many speak of. I do, however, feel lighter and better. I finally shook the cold. My cravings for sugar have subsided drastically, as high protein helps balance your blood sugar. I am sticking or trying to stick with lean meat (mostly turkey). I take lunch to work, pack fruit and boiled eggs as snacks. I still drink the lemon water. I'm plannin on allowing myself 1 cheat day every 2 weeks so I eat greasy and drink beer.

I am going to take OP again at the end on May. I'll be happy to write about my progress again. I'm almost 40 and fried foods, fast food, and processed food have been part of life. OP made me quite the crap factory. I'm interested to see how much more I have in me.

TO THOSE WHOSE ARE TRYING TO GET OP send you a free bottle or sponsor you in some way, I recomend getting a friend or 2 to go in with you on a bottle.

The cost varies depending on the website. The bottle contains 120 pills which is go for 4- one week treatments.

Also, I'm considering ordering their parasite stuff. Again, if I do, I'll write and report.

Hope this post was helpful.


ouivalerie's picture

It's a brain connection disorder to eat wrong. Hang around with people that can't control what they crave, or are ignorant about the damage, and you may make the very mistake they do, same thing happens to drug addicts connecting with each other, or working in bakeries, or fast food. Making wrong choices, is mentally contagious. I read that 40% of the US children have serious allergy to gluten and it blows up the colon too with infection and inflammation. So, they were ordering a standard gluten allergy test on physicals last I heard. Wheat is the guilty party too, mostly because the nation is overdosed on wheat, also because it's too dry, old, or the grains have molds, that live past the processing, which I feel cause trouble in the colon, and a need for a lot of good bacteria, more than people can afford, so bleached is actually healthier in a way but still amounts to carb excess and yeast overgrowth. Oil cures that. Even mayonaisse, or butter but the wrong fat is an issue. One great antidote is wheat germ oil, what's left out of the bread. Tastes so good you can lubricate with the whole 8 oz bottle. What about the oxygen? It's critical to get enough oxygen into an impacted, moldy or tumer ridden colon, but this product which works can be duplicated cheaper, and ingredients bought separately if you have the chemical smarts to figure it out. One time I did a peroxide enema, painful as hell, I went to the emergency room wondering what I did wrong. Used about 2-4 tblsp of 35% peroxide in a high colonic enema. It set off colon spasms and I dumped about 3-4 feet of poop in 2 days. I was about 43 yrs old. At 51 I did it again, this time 2 tblsp, I dumped about a foot of poop and a ton of pain and a cup of blood, oops! I must have had a tumor, I had been sleeping like narcolepsy, and woke up feeling 20 years old 2 days later I cleaned the house for 12 hours straight. A far cry from sleeping 12-15 hours a day, and sitting all the time from fatigue. It was worth it. But warning, it hurts so much for so long, not impossible, but expect to be uncomfortable as hell... I do recommend this product OxyPowder as much easier. But I can't afford it so I'm back to H202 in a fat syringe with 1/2 cup of water. I can't find an enema bag, that goes up higher. Oxygen is really a good idea sometimes. All the orientals use distilled vinegar enema and swear by it. If you want a painless large dump, order a gallon size of raw sauerkraut from rejuvenative foods, always live in the package whand eat 2-4 cups at a time, or if you want to stuff yourself with the whole gallon fine! (works best when the freshest). I tried to make my own sauerkraut to save money but I always botch up the recipe and grow black mold, etc. If someone can make sauerkraut taste and have tons of fresh good bacteria like rejuvenative please send me a note. We are all too poor for all this bottled and packaged stuff from companies. It's a shame the good stuff costs so much more than the bad stuff and we just feel hungry all the time, but we are really starving and thirsty and loaded with toxins. One real good toxic cleanup for a starving person (often fat) is cottage cheese mixed with a quarter cup of wheat germ oil, and a large glass of spinach and pure lemon juice. A good trick to get expensive good bacteria to work is to drink a gallon of water or better yet, 1/2 gallon of cucumber juice first, this makes the system so alkaline the good bacteria can sneak past the stomach acid, but don't eat meat on this because you won't be able to digest it in this environment, nor have the stomach acid to fight possible food poisoning, which does clean the colon out too, but it takes an act of God, nobody would do this on purpose.

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Valerie, have you considered cutting the potency of the enema down? Peroxide is a terribly abbrasive product, but either older peroxide (it looses its potency after a year, I think) or diluted peroxide might be easier on your digestive tract. As it is, that sounds not only painful, but dangerous.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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m 1+ points - Newb

Next time you're going to "review" a product, follow the instructions.

If you follow the diet that is listed on the Oxy Powder website, you'd realize that the diet you were using while you were taking it would negate all the effects of the powder...........................dipshit

crapalanche's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

btw why does everyone confuse colon with your entire intestinal tract? your colon isnt very long and you can flush it out easily with an enema. your intestinal tract is 30+ feet long and it isnt a stretch to think there is stuff way up in there. I had a colonoscopy before, i had an internal hemmorrhoid, and I had to use an enema, and the doctor explained that he would only have to go about 6 inches in the colon to verify the hemmorhoid, which was painful as all hell. and yes it appeared clean when he showed me the video photographing the inflamed area. But let's stop getting colon and intestinal tract confused.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I haven't been to the sight for a while, probably 2 or 3 years. I've been a very satisfied customer of Oxy Powder. I don't follow the instructions or any diet. I take the product when I need to or as directed when I feel a need. I find it the best product on the market and does everything as advertised.
I really enjoyed this sight back then, most folks were positive about the product and really just seeking relief. That's what it's all about when talking bowel movement isn't it???

oxycleaned's picture

oxy does everything it says it does. This Moron with the drinking vodka should just shoot himself and get it over with. The rest of you idiots that have not tried oxypowder need it more than anybody. i have not seen so much shit come out of some many people in such a short time. Get a life instead of talking about a product you dont have the balls to try.

amused amateur with anal issues :P :P :P's picture

Man.........ok. I've been searching and searching, done hours or research and am still looking for answers.....hence why I've arrived at this website along the way for answers to colon and bowel health. I've been feeling depressed on and off but trying to remain hopeful and now I just want to be able to cease the obsessing over my current state of being and find SOMETHING that will ACTUALLY work so that I can regain the health I knew not too long ago.....that is all I ask. So here's my story so far if you care to read some rather lengthy rambling...... ;p

I started having really noticeable problems about 4 or so months ago (heh, not long I know, but to me this has been monumentally earth shattering!) when I started having a bit of bloating after meals and smelly gas. I didn't think it was anything much to worry about, but then it turned into a bit of diahorrea, and then the weight gain began. Crazy huh, weight gain AND diahorrea! Go figure. Anyway, the problems just kept stacking up a bit at a time, each getting a little more exasperating and so I finally started to try and tackle them myself, without doctors. I've always been very guarded and paranoid about the medical and pharmaceutical industries, so after doing extensive internet and library research, I "decided" that I had a candida overgrowth. Then a couple of weeks later, I decided it was a hormonal imbalance. Then I decided it was Leaky Gut syndrome. I decided all these things for myself and thought I was feeling better having the "knowledge" and power to heal whatever it was and sure, I am still all for self empowerment through research and informed choices, but because I ALSO happen to possess an overactive imagination to blend with an obsessive compulsive paranoid schitzoid hypochodriac kinda personality, I was essentially just fuelling my fears whilst flailing my arms about like a wack wack. ....kinda handicaps the purpose of my good intentions, but at least I was trying. My partner and I ain't exactly rolling in money at the moment, but we're getting by and I thought that a trip to the doc or naturopath wouldn't be doable due to restrained funds, however luckily we got a brief influx of cash from performance and work generated from our small production partnership (we're creatives, primarily musicians) and could afford (after bills and all the rest that pile up) for me to see a naturopath regarding my bodily upsets. After a lengthy Q & A session about my health history and a live blood analysis which showed my blood had quite a bit of inflammation going on, the naturopath said it was candida.....but after a few weeks on the anti candida diet (which was TORTUROUS I might add - I'm already very conscious of my food choices, I only eat fish meat, I'm basically a vegetarian with a Japanese diet inclination but a terrible tendency towards sweets and this diet didn't even allow tofu or fruit which are staples to me! Good thing though was it cleared my yellowed sinuses right out, wonderful) she prescribed and the plethora of supplements she gave me to repair & cleanse the damage from my system, I realised that she didn't really know what was going on because she didn't run all the tests and kind of haphazardly handed me a fact sheet on the dietary lowdown right at the end of the consultation without taking any real time to explain the "ins and outs" of it so to speak. I'm not saying naturopaths are dodgy, I'm just saying I didn't see a very good one :) I know this because after some deliberation and downright stubbornness, I finally went to see a doctor like a normal sensible human being and after all the blood tests (which came back great I might add, even after the second lot of tests), he also decided to get me to have an xray of my abdomen. I did so the following week. After the first xray, the dude came back to me after checking it with the radiologist and was a little concerned, so he asked me if I had been having any strong pain in my abdomen or in my ribs, to which I replied that I hadn't, and that the most noticeable problems were in the almost constant bloating which would swell right up after food, some weight gain which refused to budge despite being rather health conscious and a fitness freak, irritability beyond the usual that I have (lol, my poor partner is suffering), itchy dry skin, abnormal poop and gas that would make an elephant keel over (of course this was much more eloquently phrased at the time, although after countless hours spent on research and trying to "fix" the issues, I am quite at my wit's end and am preparing the cyanide pills as I type :S). Forgive the dramaticism, but to me, this situation has taken over my whole life for the last 4 or more months ;p

ANYWAY (thought it time for a paragraph even though I'm still on topic lol), he got a second xray a little higher (part of my ribs and below) and again, asked if I was absolutely sure I hadn't had any strong pains up around there to which I gave him the same answer. He seemed a little incredulous, but accepted my answer and told me to ring the doc for results in the next couple of days. When I went in to FINALLY get a straight no guessing or fishing for answers, he showed me the hard proof (literally!) of what was going on inside....he looked me in the eye and with a surprisingly jovial tone exclaimed ".....Well're full of faeces!" As colourful as I've ever heard him be with a turn of phrase, although I could tell the RIGHT term was on the tip of his lamely and ill-timed witted tongue ;p Doc Funny said that I was actually very constipated. I said "despite diahorrea/loose stools and weight gain, I've been CONSTIPATED?!?" and he told me it was pretty common (there's more on this elsewhere on the net if you google the terms). The ACTUAL report said this:

"There is no dilation of the small or the large bowel loops.

There is retained faecal content mainly in the proximal loops of large bowel and also along the transverse colon indicating some degree of constipated large bowel. No other abnormality is noted."

I must admit I probably felt so relieved to know that my subsequent exhalation was clearly audible (and my partner's stiffled laughter), and after seeing the xrays, I was like "SHIT!" and literally, too (a myriad of poop jokes ensued between myself and my partner I assure you, certainly helps to dissolve the months of tension and anxiety hahaha) and he then said "...this stuff should sort it out" and printed me off a prescription for a medication called "MOVICOL".....over and out, done and dusted in 5 minutes that appointment. I left with a sense of excitement, which then became sheer joy, which then became a lovely stillness within as I accepted the medical diagnosis. Hell, the proof was there clear as day - I could see the speckled crap trailing through my large bowel right up to my ribs and even HIGHER I might add - distinguishable hardened faeces, too - very gross and no wonder I had been feeling like SHIT!!!

New paragraph because it's time for a newbie, hehe. My humour must be returning as this expressing and voicing of my ailments despite them being still a significant issue for me is oddly theraputic, so if you're still reading, thanks for giving a shit amidst my long-windedness (another string of lame puns, there'll probably be more to come!). Ok.....back to the grits. I began taking this movicol stuff last Saturday at the recommended dosage - 1 sachet daily in 125ml of water, which I told would produce some bloating (awesome), loose stools (magic) and stomach cramps and contractions (truly magnificant) as my body rid itself of the crap. Hmmmm I wondered....took the dosage on the day, went to the toilet no more urgently than usual really. Took the same dosage for 3 or so days, went to the toilet 2 or 3 times a day I guess, and of course it's not a normal poop or anything, but at least it's coming out, right? I forgot to mention though that up until the last doc appointment, I had been taking psyllium husks to regain some solidity to my movements and it had worked beautifully.....but the symptoms still remained, and so I knew there had to be more to it than just needing a normal looking poo (wasn't totally a great colour anyways lol). I was actually feeling a bit more constipated in the traditional sense though on this stuff initially (after ceasing with the psyllium on doc's advice as it can sometimes just act as a scraper and not totally get rid of the crap), so I upped it to two a day, and then yesterday to three and today hasn't been too bad I suppose. We shall see when the packets run out in a few days though......hmmmm indeed.

So now my poop is once again pale, with the usual undigested food particles that were present even with the psyllium ('scuse the gory details, but these are the facts haha) and it's thin and loose....just awesome really. I gotta tell ya though, it's now been a week and maybe I'm just being my usual super sensitive self, but I don't feel like anything special is happening. I'm still bloated, still waking up with lower back pain (forgot to mention that before, that's the backed up colon crying "GET THIS SHIT OUTTA ME BIATCH!!!"), still can't budge this bloody weight (yeah, it's only 3 or 4 kg, but it makes a difference when you're strutting around onstage in tight outfits and can't walk properly due to excess thigh flubber lol! Ahhh, the vanity of a woman...) and just as irritable as before. Still, there's gotta be a light at the end of the tunnel...........and that tunnel had better be sending some X-treme-O poo-poo trains down it to flush me out I tell ya!!!!!!

My GOD. I've just raved on shamelessly about my crapload for an eon now.....yeah, you're bored as batshit I'm sure, sorry to be a drain if you don't care in the slightest. But for those who do and share my pain, I salute you and thank you for bearing with my saga, lol. My purpose here was just to give a little feedback on my experience with my particular health crises and to gain a bit of insight into whether or not Oxy Powder could have any benefit to me, but I've managed to recite the equivalent of the entire works of Shakespeare here (not so poetically I might add, hehe)....pretty damned spesh, really. Not. Hahahaaaaaa, I'm going crazy, the delightful dancing monkeys shine out of my arse...... :S

Anyway, that's my selfish rant. I hope I can get this sorted before our overseas trip in 6 weeks.....I wanna enjoy it!

Ciao muchachos, and the sincerest of goodlucks to everyone who knows how it goes down; or in my case, stays lodged for the winter. But not for long.....god I hope not for long!



Happy Colon =)'s picture

Oxypowder has been the best colon cleanser I have ever used. I continually cleanse out my colon with this product and the more often I do and the more repetitious I get, I lose weight. The guy who was drinking like mad and taking this product was so ignorant in his "strategy" to test the product. I mean common, where is the common sense anymore? Anyhow, personal experience is great with this product. Definetly, very happy =)

POOPIE68's picture

Donkier knows his shit!!!!!!!

MenopausalBitch's picture

Just ate the 4 pills. I shall report back in a few days, or whenever I get off the pot. And I promise not to write a diatribe. Just the facts. Goodnight.

lahootie's picture

I don't think Oxy-powder is intended to be used as a purge-aid for all of the crap you are putting into your body, especially the excess alcohol. Maybe next time you give something like Oxy-powder a go you should look a little further into the support and effort that you as the individual must make in order for the product to work optimally. Oxy-powder has been wonderful for me and my husband, who like you would crap 4 times a day, but now all of the bloating and inconsistency is gone.

jamesbriggs's picture

Hey has anybody tried this Gerbicleanse crap?

K Niven's picture

I have a neurological disease which results in chronic constipation. Recently, the situation reached crisis level, with my whole abdomen grossly swollen, and bursting blood vessel in my eye in order to try to push out a few tiny maltezer sized poops per week. I have tried a number of things to no avail. I already had a virtually vegetarian diet, with loads of fruit and veggies, healthy oils, etc.. Prescription / chemical laxatives make me very, very ill. Before I tried the oxy-powder, I was desperate - eating laxative types of foods, such as dandelion leaves, plus taking generous amounts of other things which can lead to a softening of the stools - (5g vit C daily and 4g magnesium daily,2 tsp rock salt in a quart of water taken first thing, 6 tbls flax oil plus 1 tbs psyllium husks daily). None of this helped. I paid £70 for colonic irrigation treatment, but that was too tiring for me, and in 1 1/2 hours only about 1/2 of the colon was cleared. I then decided to try oxy-powder, and have now completed 4 days of the initial cleanse. I didn't realise I should take purified water or cider vinegar, but my diet otherwise is mainly organic veggies, fish, eggs and some cheese. After trying one capsule a couple of times, just to check for any adverse reaction, I started the cleanse with 4 capsules, and my bowel moved the next morning. I increased the dose to 6 capsules, and the next morning, the bowels evacuated copious amounts of putrid, stinking matter. The amount I passed eased off as the day progressed, enabling me to resume normal activities for the remainder of the day. The next two days were identical. Today (day 4), the amount I am passing is less, but it is peppered with bizarre black globules and filmy, transparent stuff (the psyllium husks finally making an appearance?). Although the frequency of my trips to the loo drained me for the first 3 days, I can highly recommend oxy-powder as a gentle and effective laxative when taken in small doses, and a powerful, yet still gentle method of cleaning out compacted fecal matter when taking more capsules. I paid about £30 ($60) for my bottle, and I have used 1/4 of the capsules - so it has only cost me £7.50 for an astonishing production of poop. Compared with the cost (over £100 / $200) of various therapies I'd tried over the previous weeks, it is a real bargain! I will definitely continue to use this product, and urge anyone else with similar problems to invest in a bottle to try for themselves. Forget the cost - your health should be your top priority. If necessary, you could save up for it, or divide the cost with a friend, as someone else suggested.

Good luck!

Stop being ignorant's picture

Anyone who thinks just taking laxatives are a healthy way to clean your colon are sorely mistaken (no pun intended). Fasting is generally the method used to cleanse, but again, not the most healthy thing to do for an active lifestyle of the average American who hasn't been eating healthy anyways. Obviously we all poop, but just because you do doesn't mean you are cleaned out. Everyone's bodies are different and frankly so will your choices on how to properly cleanse yourself. When cleansing yourself you should at least try to eat healthy. If you are already pooping multiple times a day (which I doubt you are, most people who say this are full of $#!T) then you probably don't need to cleanse or at the very least might be healthier than those who aren't as regular. Buildup in the colon is a serious issue that can cause all kinds of adverse effects to your well being and energy levels.
The short and long of it, don't waste your time on this website. Obviously there are a bunch of angry jokers here that don't take this discussion very seriously and would rather be ignorant and dumb (trying to be funny) rather than tackle a serious subject that can prove beneficial.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Do you do realize how hypocritical you look telling others to not waste time on this website when you took the time to post an entire paragraph?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

dr damien's picture

it was the cranberry juice that gave you a head ache dude!!!!!!!

Colon Cleanse Central's picture

A combination of all facilities is required. Laxatives are of course not the answer, insomuch as they really address initial blockages. And a healthy diet in conjunction with proper cleansing is crucial.

I have used many of these products personally. Most of them do pretty much the same thing, so the most natural products that contain psyllium fiber husks and natural fibers are a great bet. Stay away from anything with synthetic ANYTHING in it.

And for those people who say they do not help, I will have to disagree completely with you. Not only did I detox completely, and feel MUCH better after doing a 2 month cleanse, I also lost a considerable amount of weight and was VERY regular from then on in.

Whitelion's picture

Colon cleansing: Is it helpful or harmful?

Sam8685's picture

Ur an idiot. It's dumb ass people like u who fuck shit up cause there to dumb to follow directions. U sound like a disgusting pig to me and with all that eating and drinking, I don't think any product will work for u. When certain things have instructions your supposed to follow them, whether it b building something or colon cleansing. When u follow directions you get the best results. When u first get a car ur not gonna put water in the gas tank cause ur car won't work properly. So for the colon cleanse u shouldve followed directly so it worked properly. If u weren't gonna do it right from the begining why even spend the money on it?? If I were experimenting whatever? Cone on though, let's experiment on my colon and clogging more shit in there and let's eat more to get more fatter than I already am. Your smart. Everyone should do what this dumb ass did. Maybe by taking all those pills and drinking half a liter of vodka well end up in the hospital this time. Let's try it! It's people like u who give products a bad name.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

It's hard to take anything you say seriously, Sam, because your comment is so hard to read. If you want to make an impact with your opinion, it helps to not use text speak.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

charlotte's picture

I have taken this product (several bottles over the last year and a half) and I support it 100%. My only issue is the cost. Through my regular MD, I have been a human test subject for almost 10 years. I am a healthy, educated, active, below 30 female so my docs have been baffled by my inability to "go". I have been on everything from Zelnorm to Amitiza and NOTHING (and I mean NOTHING) has been as effective as this product. It is more than gentle - it is a release of all things making you feel ill....
Ok... next subject....
I have a legitimate issue. One that isn't brought on by the above lifestyle. To me, the issues of the writer extends well beyond the oxypowder's ability to work.
Do not be biased based on this article. He is uninformed and unhealthy.

Logjam's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

"He is uninformed and unhealthy." Charlotte, are you saying that about doniker? I ask because few of us would recognize him from that description. Not that he isn't uniformed and unhealthy, mind you. It's just that those are two of his better qualities.


JT's picture

What a waste of time for me. You obviously aren't qualified to rate this product. As I continued to read what you wrote I could only shake my head. You deliberately put garbage into your body so how can you expect anything to work for you. Maybe you should try an AAA class or two? Stick to giving your "expert opinion" on something you actually know about like what liquor to buy!

Strider's picture

This review has no merit. You wasted your time writing this and I wasted my time reading this. You sir are a sick bastard

CowaDunga's picture

Man I thought I had anal issues but Mr Amused Amateur w/Anal Issues should write a BOOK!! Wait a minute... he almost did! Just kidding!!! I am a chronic pain patient that had run out of meds this week and Doctors being the a$$holes they often are scared to write the script forcing me to go online and order opiates to keep from killing myself because of the agonizing PAIN!! I just happened to run across this site while researching OxyPowder and have literally laughed my a$$ off for the whole 10 minutes it took to read this thread about it! Thank you Doniker and this whole poop-shootin crowd for giving a person in agony something to laugh about for a change!! I am still wiping the tears from my face as I type this!! Thanks again and keep poopin! Surf's Up...! CowaDunga

sittingpretty's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Hey cowa bunga, I used to take opiates and benzos etc. for the chronic pain. I realized the pills made the pain 10/10 so I got off them. I was in withdrawals for a year. I had been on them for 4 years. It was worth it. The pain is mostly tolerable with plexic blocks every 6-8 wks and pelvic floor physical therapy. Now I just need to get these bowels of mine to behave.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

sittingpretty's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Aagh! Cowa Dunga, I meant to type. Sorry, I'm under the weather these days. Welcome newcomer. May I invite you to register?
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Anonymous poopheaded's picture

Daphne, u r fun to read. r u however spending your time shitting words?-btw, did u ever try any colon cleanser urself? funny poopy girrrrrrl;)

Logjam's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Dear Poopheaded. Daphne gets a lot of fan mail and is no longer able to answer it all. I am one of her many assistants and will try my best to answer your questions.

No, daphne has never tried colon cleansers herself, as she has never had a problem evacuating. We're not sure we understand your question about "shitting words." If you mean "Does daphne have the tendency to go on and on?" Well yes, that is a characteristic, but all of us who love her tell her that we find it endearing. We hope you feel the same way, and think you do by your kind observation, "u r fun to read."

Thank you again for your interest in daphne, and please know that she would rather have answered you herself. Please visit daphne's web site and let her know your birthdate so that she can send you her special screeching-parakeets, baying-dogs birthday greeting.

Love, daphne (lj)


Sara's picture

I happened to stumble across this site looking for OP reviews and wow some of this is pretty funny! But, i agree that the initial review should be thrown out as he didn't follow the recommendations even remotely. I think I am going to try OP - I am hopeful considering some of the positive reviews on here for the product and I think I can sacrifice $80 or so for 2 bottles to give it whirl, because if it can bring me relief I will be forever grateful. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, drs just say it's IBS - it's been going on for 11 yrs. I'm always feeling full or bloated and uncomfortable and even though some days I go like 6-12 times a day (other times barely anything for 2 days or so), each time it's just little amounts, and I'm straining most of the time. My colon just doesn't want to empty all at once with decent sized BMs - it just doesn't seem capable of doing that. I also have mild abdominal pain in my left quadrant (tests have rules out issues with other organs,diseases, etc) and I am believe that I my colon is putting pressure on my bladder; I feel bladder pressure most of the time and have trouble just completely emptying it. Again drs just say "irritable bladder". It's SO frustrating!! I just need to find some relief and hopefully heal or assist my colon. I'm hoping that OP can maybe give me some relief. In the 11yrs of having these issues, the best I felt was when I couldn't really eat anything for 2 days as I was prepping for a Barium Enema (xray) test to examine my colon (which indicated no problems). I was pretty much flushed out and for 2 days after that test I had no intestinal problems. But once I had resumed my regular diet and food was back in my system, the symptoms started returning. I don't know, sometimes I feel like I can't eat anything without some kind of issue later on.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Have used this product and it is amazing!! Does exactly as it says (but only if your smart enough to read and follow the instructions of course!!) This is first time I have used anything like pills to unclog.. was a big bit sceptic at first but after day one, I went about 6 times in one day and right up to the last day, I now use it once a week and still has same results, no pain whatsoever either!! Sent all the way to scotland!! (from uk haha)

Works for Me's picture

Since you're "a big boy" that takes a dump 3 times a day, seems like you don't need a colon cleanse at all. If you were a person that didn't take a dump more than 2 or 3 times a week, and took this product that made you take a dump 3 times a day, you might feel differently. If your headaches and other aches and pains went away, and your hemorroids ... all because of a little oxygen, you might think differently. Say what you will but the stuff works! Probably even better if you're not trying to screw up the test with Beer and Absolute.

Shart Luva's picture

I gotta take a shit after reading all this. Id rather log onto this site and read this crap to help me instead of spending money on poop pills!

This is poopostrous!

FrankieSoprano's picture

What unintelligent people...No wonder it did not work for you, did not follow the directions even remotely..judging by what you said you ate, you obviously do not care about your body..So glad I am not you.

Robert Moore NMD,CNC's picture

I,ve been a naturopathic doc for many yrs. and a life long skeptic. I decided to try this product about 8 yrs ago; after testing virtually evey cleanse in existence. Some took 21 days or less but most were more then a week with the exception DrFloras ( which is effective ) and found that Oxypowder did the best job. They use to have a formula that was based on weight which could have you taking up to 12 per day, I am 145# and 5'7" and rather lean and 6 is my number. I do my cleans once a quarter and try to do all the other things in support. I have many patients that take this product and all love it and some have replaced their RX Laxatives. One had to go in hospital a couple times a yr for impaction relief and now takes 2 nightly and now stays regular, My only conplaint is price and no Dr discounts, I buy volume and look for their sales to keep my price down and make it affordable to patients. I also am a fan of Dr Gonzales coffee enemas under appropriate circumstances. Anyway, I have a least 20 patients using Oxy with no conplaints. Hope that adds levity to the forum.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I wonder if just buying psyllium husk would be cheaper for you. Have you considered it?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Tami1024's picture

I personally think Oxy Powder is a great product. I have always seen great results

Just the Truth about Poop's picture

I have never seen or 'heard' of this site before. If it is "just for amusement" then they would not be "testing" a colon cleanse product.
I have suffered with constipation for most of my life, and so does my teenage daughter. Must be genetics, we both eat healthy and drink lots of water. I tried OxyPowder for the first time this Feb 2009. After taking harsh chemical laxitives from over the counter, and from Doctors, and taking vitamin and natural supplements ALL MY ADULT LIFE....
OxyPowder, which I took by FOLLOWING the directions, is the easiest, best working, most wonderful product I have ever used, bar none. I have no stake in the company, and I spend the $38 bucks for 120 capsules gladly.
I lost 20 lbs in one month. I did nothing but continue to eat my regular healthy diet but I did increase my water intake. This product worked exactly how it claimed to, it isn't out there for 'weight loss' and they don't advertise it that way like so many other desperate companies, targeting desperate people trying to lose weight. They advertise for 'colon cleansing' and good bowel health, and that is what they deliver. The weight loss was just from what I believe to be a colon that was not working properly, and now is, that and more water intake is always the best solution for healthy bowels and weight loss. Anyone who wants to try a good product?
THIS is the one. Follow the directions though.
Peace out...

Anonymous Coward's picture

I think anyone who would binge on that much alcohol for the sake of "trying some pills" has a serious problem. It's called being an alcoholic. I think you should put the colon pills down and call your local AA.

And shitting 4 times a day? I did not know that was "normal" LOL.

Just trying to be informed...'s picture

Doniker, your opinion is that of a pompous, immature fool. You're probably fat and miserable and have never been laid and wasted my time thinking that your review was a legitimate one.

Fuck you.

How's that for entertainment bitches?

terd cutter's picture

a bunch of sick o's!!!!!get a life

Russell's picture
l 100+ points

That oxipowder is just a waste of money, but I've never tried something like that

Russell the shitting queen

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

IF you haven't tried it, you are hardly in a position to provide an argument for or against it, are you?


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I just did a research article on the guy who invented Oxypowder. Dr. Group. He's incredibly educated, but in the holistic, chiropractic, naturopathic way. I at this time have the jury out. I'm tempted to write to the man and ask for a free sample to test his product.

He's kind of cute, too.

What I don't like is that gelatin is part of the powder. I need further investigation. Still sounds like possible mold-making. However, the dude himself is an army ex and educated.

God, if I don't love a conundrum.

P.S. Russell, ditto Bilge. Critical research kicks ass.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

freebird's picture

I honestly bought this product about 5 months ago...starting out with one bottle...due to the fact that I came down with psoriosis a year ago and wanting to clean my system out in hopes it would help clear my skin up. I'm actually relatively happy with my body but who wouldn't mind losing a couple extra pounds? I have to say, I hated the fact I had to schedule when I took the pills due to the fact I was in the bathroom relieving myself for about an hour before I was comfortable enough to go about my day without running for the closest bathroom whenever I had that urge. After these several months I was actually concidering getting another bottle...since I'm finally almost out of this first one.. but was still hesitant. I read your article and personal experience and realized that it wasn't just the fact that I wasn't following the suggested regiment that I felt crappy taking the stuff. Yeah, it definitely relieved that bloated feeling but other than that...not fun! Thanks for saving me the money and who knows what I would have been doing to my body.

Courageous One's picture

Hope you're happy Doniker...see what you've started? Anyway, I came to this site looking for reasons not to buy Oxy-powder based on consumer reviews and I must say I didn't find it here. I'm sorry Doniker but I had to stop reading the garbage you wrote because it was just that...GARBAGE! I think you should know better than to treat your body the way you're treating it. Hope you haven't any kids. Trust me, as someone in the medical field, you won't be healthy much longer if you continue on this path.

As for the person that mentioned metameucil, I hate that crap. It left me feeling even more bloated than ever. I was misarable for several days after drinking 3 glasses of that mess.

The only problem I think I'm going to experience with Oxy-powder is having to consume all those pills. I do not like to swallow pills. All in all, I'm hoping this product works. I've read many good things about it...more than what I've read about Colonix.

Well, wish me luck ppl. I'm on my way to poopville. :)

ChiliKahKah's picture
j 1000+ points

I go with the oxy powder guarantee, if you do not like it, double your shit back!

curious carrie's picture

Hi. I just came across this site. I wasnt thinking of buying Oxy Powder, I was actually thinking of buying Dr. Floras' product but after reading this site,I may buy Oxy Powder. My question is, I am a nurse and work (3) 18hr days in a row. Plus, I will be traveling alot for the next month or so on the weekends. How do i take this product with my schedule being so weird? My job doesnt allow me to just "get up and leave" to go the bathroom. Any help would be appreciated. thank you all

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

curious carrie....As a nurse you have probably heard this before but here goes anyway; My gastroenterologist says that the best way to maintain a healthy colon is to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet low in red meat and high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. The only time you need a total blowout is when you are prepping for a colonoscopy. My advice is save your money and spend it on wholesome foods rather than colon cleansers. Eat an apple every day, the pectin in apples is purported to bind toxins in your colon.

Here is what Dr. Michael Picco of the Mayo Clinic has to say on the subject:

"Proponents of colon cleansing believe that toxins from your gastrointestinal tract can cause a variety of health problems, such as arthritis, allergies and asthma. They say that colon cleansing — also called colonic irrigation — removes these toxins, thus promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.

While there is little scientific evidence to support or refute the benefits of colon cleansing, critics say it's generally unnecessary and at times may even be harmful. Although doctors prescribe colon cleansing as preparation for medical procedures such as colonoscopy, most don't recommend it for detoxification. Their reasoning is simple: The digestive system and bowel naturally eliminate waste material and bacteria — your body doesn't need enemas or special diets or pills to do this.

One concern with colon cleansing is that it can increase your risk of dehydration. A potentially more serious concern is that certain laxatives used in colon cleansing, such as those with sodium phosphate, can cause a rise in your electrolytes, which can be dangerous if you have kidney disease or heart disease."

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

know&#039;s_that_iam_saying's picture

I have don't more then enough research on these type of subjects, such as:

1) Is colon cleansing needed? If yes how old u have to be?

2) Do we really want to listen to everything FDA say's?

3) Have there been any medicine which have actually "cured" any disease? If yes which?

Well lets start.

1)Yes colon cleansing IS needed for 85-90% of people living on this planet ( rest of the members who don't need any colon cleansing are the new born children ages between new born-around 12 depending on their diet and environment as well). 1 reason for colon cleansing is the we do not eat"healthy" foods(who actually eats 5 serving of vegetables and 3 servings of fruits? tell me if u know) and the FACT that our planet is becoming more and more polluted by each day. If you think you don't need any type of colon cleansing then you are doing that at your own risk, you have no one to blame if you end up at hospital due to unclean colon( diseases range from upset stomach-cancer)

2) FDA member sell themselves if they are paid the right account of money(don't even bother to argue on this topic, just search it on well known newspaper sit). They have proved a lot of medicines which have led to thousands of people's death who took it(why approve if u didn't study those medicines and about their long terms effects? I think FDA os powerful enough to do that extra studying unless they were paid to keep their mouth shut).

3) Seriously post the name and well documented study of the medicine's name and what it can CURE. The last medicine which actually cure disease was like 100-200 years ago. vaccines does not actually cure any disease, it simply let your body know that type of virus, the side effects from getting vaccinated range from mentally disabled-death due to what they put in that vaccine(please do research before u you go and comment on this). And this site MUST block children from posting any type of comments in the first place.

I believe that"DONIKER" should have put little thought into what he/she was saying(I mean if you are going to say something negative about anyone's product then you should use more resources as in getting with contact and everything.

I also believe that "Senior Content Editor - Oxy-Powder" went a little to far thinking that "doniker" must be just another juvenile and just making few of the things up or "Senior Content Editor - Oxy-Powder" could have felt that "doniker" was throwing the "hard ball" at there product.

This was one of those commenting where the outsider's(the people who were commenting) just added more "gasoline to a small spark" because they didn't know what they were writing and/or haven't even bother to do ANY TYPE of research what-so-ever

And to the people who "drift" while of while reading, why use computer other then to watch videos and typing? I think you have read something longer then what is posted here(that's if you went to school, otherwise don't bother posting any comment)

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

know's_that_iam_saying.....Did you by any chance mean to use the name (Knows_what_I am _saying)? Your post indicates, from the incorrect use of language, that you probably don't know what you are talking about. First of all...are you a doctor? I have many friends who are doctors who devoted years to the study of medicine. What are your qualifications to pass judgment on these matters? The majority of doctors will tell you, rightfully I believe, that if you eat healthy foods your gastrointestinal tract is self cleaning and yes, I eat the vegetables and fruit you talk about.

To say that no medicine has come along that cured a disease in the last 100 years is laughable. What about antibiotics and antivirals? It hasn't been that long ago that people died from infections that can be treated with a few cents worth of medicine today.

The majority of those who work for the FDA are not out to kill us all and are not for sell to the highest bidder. The physician and the patient must weigh the risks against the benefits for many medicines that are on the market today.

Finally sir or madam you probably do need a colon cleaning since your poorly written and very unscientific post indicates that you are probably full of shit.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

sittingpretty's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Word fight!!!
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Might I add that we can't prevent people from not supervising their children while they surf the internet. Besides, many of the younger people who have posted on this site write with more thought and better grammar than you do, "know's_that_iam saying".

If I were you, I'd put the computer down and go sign up for a few remedial English classes at your local Learning Annex. You look like an idiot telling others how stupid they are when you've put yourself forward with that terribly-written comment.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Anonymous Coward's picture

Wow. you or neither a good writer, nor a good reporter. Both occupations require research and honesty, and you don't seem to express either of these qualities. To try a product and deliberately misuse it is like buying rat poison, drinking it, then sueing the company, when it states that it is intended for killing pests. This site should be called "" instead for it's flooding of writers with just hot air coming out of their mouths. I am using this product and i have followed the directions and everything it said would happen, is happening. I just hope people aren't so ignorant as to believe your hype and miss out on a great product and on great results.

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

Dear AC.....Sorry you find this site not to your liking, the obvious solution to all your problems is to go to a site where you find more obvious intellect. It may be a surprise to you that some of Poop Report's writers have quite hefty credentials. We have members from several continents with college degrees in mathematics,
law, literature, business, teaching, etc.. We also have the occasional child posting with incoherent nonsense that, if it bad enough is edited out.

You are welcome to your opinion of the product in question and others are welcome to theirs. I personally share the opinion of my two grown children, who are both medical professionals, that the colon cleanses itself if you eat properly and colon cleansers are a waste of money in the majority of cases. My doctor is also a personal friend and if he recommended such a procedure I would follow his advice if he offered a reasonable explanation, if he couldn't provide me with a valid reason I would seek a second opinion, friend or not.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

Anonymous Coward's picture

sorry but to all the people who believed the lies about Oxy Powder. To bad for you! I am 29 years old, 115 pounds, size small, a very athetlic person. I dont smoke, I drink one or two cocktails once in a while! a couple years ago after whatever I eat my stomach start feeling really upset even if it was an apple or a vegetable. After months of dealings wiht that it wasn't just my stomach anymore the one was use to get bloated, my whole body, I did not understand what was happening I was eating right as always, working out as crazy but anything was working, I was bloating and constipating! Not even the docotrs knew what was going on with me. I felt terrible, I satr doing research and I found oxy powder in the internet and they look to have the solution for all the bad things I was feeling...I got a bottle and automatically I felt much better probably after a I have been taking Oxypowder for one year and i have to say that I have changed my life. I feel much better than before....If you beliebe all the things that people says about Oxy powder being a bad bad! you are missing the change to change your body and your life....

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have stage IV colon cancer, have had problems with constipation my whole life. Chemo has made it worse...chemo itself causes bloating and the constipation has made the bloating 10 times worse. So bad I could go for a week and not have a BM even after trying several laxatives, eating extra fiber, and drinking more water. All I would get was gas. I was so bloated I could only eat a few bites and I would feel like I had eaten a 5 course meal. I tried oxypowder and the relief was tremendous. My stools are solid but soft and I go at least three times a day. I can now eat normally. My only concern is the ridding of the good bacteria. I guess I should take a probiotic as well. It's expensive but it's worth it for me.

Anonymous Coward's picture

You all sound like a bunch of fat asses get on a F@#Kn treadmill

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

And you, dear Coward who commented immediately above....sound like an ignorant bastard with little or no concept of spelling, punctuation, or syntax. I hope you are not American and instead come from some third world country and only use English as a second language. We don't want our friends in the UK to think poorly of our national grammatical abilities.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

KathleenG's picture

I have been using OxyPowder for about 6 months, and I think it's a great product just as long as you don't use it every day. I had really good results with the 7-day cleanse. Now I use it once per week. No harm done if the product is used correctly.

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