Magnesium Citrate Blow-Out

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It actually started about a week prior to that fateful night. One day, I didn't have a successful bowel movement. Well, that day turned into two days, and those two days turned into a week. I attempted several times to evacuate this massive block of feces during this time period, but no matter how hard I pushed (even though they say you're not supposed to push too hard), nothing came out.

So, after a week or so of not pooping and plenty of stomach pain, I felt the need to call in the troops. I went to the local drug store and picked up some Magnesium Citrate.

A lot of people don't even know about this product due to its lack of branding and its generic looking bottle; however, if you've ever visited a gastroenterologist, this is what they'll recommend as a stool softener.

So I got my bottle of MC and went to work that morning. Luckily I work in a small office with very few people, most of whom were not there that day. I drank the entire bottle that morning and then I waited. It was very crucial that this process was complete before 5:00 that day because it was the night of my fiancé's office Christmas party. Coincidentally, she just happened to work for a group of gastroenterologists.

Around lunchtime the pain in my stomach became overwhelming, to the point at which I had to call my boss and tell him I must go home immediately to lie down. I was having excruciating stomach pains. Once I got home, I could barely walk. I managed to make it to my bed, where I just laid still. It hurt to move at all. I never felt the urge to go, though, and I ended up falling asleep after about an hour.

I woke up around 3:30 or so still with the agony residing in my lower abdomen. Luckily my fiancé got off work early that day so she could get ready for the party. She came over. She knew about my predicament and offered any help she could, telling me I needed to get up and walk around a bit.

So I got up and did a load of laundry. Meanwhile, she took my spot on the bed and fell asleep. And not much longer after she dozed off, it happened.

I ran -- actually, it was much more of a stiff-legged hop -- from my kitchen all the way to the bathroom in my bedroom. This was it. It was time. I was going to do it no matter what. The pain was too great for this to be another false alarm. I told myself no matter how much it hurt, it was going to come out this time. So I bore down on the counter next to my toilet with one hand, gripped the soft green toilet seat with my other, closed my eyes, and pushed.

SLAM! It sounded like a bomb coming out of a cannon. I felt as if my rear end had dilated over four times its normal size for this birth. Out of breath, I sat there for a minute, allowing the small amounts of liquidy substance to follow this massive brick of poo out of my system.

Okay, I said to myself, I'd better flush this before the second wave of diarrhea hits me. I turned to face this evil villain that had plagued me for a week now, but the water was too dark to see the culprit that sat at the bottom like lead weight. Still, I was ready to say goodbye to this massive ball of waste. So, without a square of toilet paper in the bowl, I pushed the little death lever to flush my toilet.

Big mistake. The poop was so large and so thick that it alone completely stopped up my toilet. The water began to rise.

Now, I've had my share of overflowing toilets. I knew how to handle this. I'll just reach down and quickly turn off the water to avoid any spillage.

This time, that did not work. The water, the poo, and bits of God knows what all came pouring out. I tried to quickly swipe up my rugs and bathroom mats, but it was too late -- they had already been contaminated by that vile substance now all over the bathroom floor.

At a loss as to what to do, another problem quickly reared its head: I still had more in me that needed to immediately come out. With no time to think, I sat back down and let 'er rip. The toilet water had gone down some, so more overflowing wasn't much of an issue.

After I finished I stood up and, without any place to stand, stepped into my bathtub. When I looked over at the toilet, I was actually able to actually see what this batch looked like. To my surprise, there were very strange pieces of an unknown substance floating around in the bowl. I immediately became alarmed. What if this was part of my insides? What if some of my intestinal wall was afloat inside my toilet!?

Very nervous and panicky and still out of breath, I whimpered for my fiancé, asleep in the next room. It was a miracle she heard me. I told her there was a mess in the bathroom, but it was an emergency and I needed her to look at something.

My wonderful wife-to-be is always there for me and would do anything for me. And the fact that she worked at a gastroenterologist's helped; but she would have done this anyway. She opened the door and laughed because there I stood, clinging to my shower curtain, pantsless and still leaking from my rear end. I asked her to please look at what I saw. She did, and reassured me that it was some sort of food, more than likely barbecue eaten about three days before.

Slightly relieved, we conjured up a clean-up plan because, even after all this, we still had to get ready for her Christmas party in this very bathroom. (We have two bathrooms; however, the other one is my roommate's, and since he was home, I wasn't going to go walking through my house naked to get there.) I threw down some towels (the ones I didn't really like anyway) and my fiancé went into the kitchen to get some garbage bags. We cleaned up as best we could because time was running short and both of us needed showers (especially me). I still had urges to continue the evacuation process, but I was forced to hold it in until we reached a point where I could relieve myself in a toilet that could withstand massive amounts of liquid and poo. I let my fiancé shower first (after I cleaned the shower out a bit); I planned to follow while she blow-dried her hair.

We were really coming down to the wire now. It was finally my turn to get cleaned up. I hopped into the shower and turned on the water. Much to my surprise, there was absolutely no hot water. My butt and my legs were covered in fecal matter and I had to wash it all off with freezing cold water. I thought this night couldn't get any worse until I realized I needed to shave as well. So there I was, standing in a waterless shower, dry-shaving and turning on the water only to rinse my razor. I followed my painful (yet refreshing!) shave by throwing water at myself from the faucet and then trying to lather up some soap. It was a very difficult process and I hope to never have to do it again.

We ended up being about fifteen minutes late to the Christmas party, but no one really noticed, which was good because we didn't have to explain to anyone why we were late. Looking back at that night, I often laugh at the events and how they unfolded. That will be a Christmas party I never forget.

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As I have read, others came across this site as I have. After my doctor recommended drinking this stuff for the relief of my impacted colon (found by Xray)I typed in mag citrate and this is what popped up. I am so afraid of the cramping that some said that they experienced and i also dont want my butthole to bleed from hard poop forcing its way out. I read how the one person went and got a liquid fleet enema to remedy that situation but i am not sure how to use it. I want to be prepared and have that on hand, but doesnt the bottle of mag say not to use other means of laxatives in conjuction with this one? I thought that enemas were laxatives too? Also, I am afraid of the taste of this stuff. I dont want to throw up before I have to poop. I'm a big baby when it comes to drinking yucky stuff. I bought the cherry, then I seen from blogs the lemon was the best. So now I went and purchased the lemon. Now as I read people are saying grape. I dont know what to do I am dreading this so much but I know I have to do it to find relief. Can someone please give some flat out good advice on all my querys??? Thanks

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Not a whole lot of advice (others will, I hope, supply that), but a dictinction: A laxative, as I understand it, is largely a chemical stimulant taken by mouth, while an enema is usually a physical stimulant (normally at least partly water) inserted up through the anus. Obviously, the laxative will go all the way through the system--mouth to anus--while the enema will affect only the lower portion, part of the colon.

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Well I've had to endure the Magnesium Citrate tortue probably about 5 times...
This stuff tastes horrible.
Its salty and sour and disgusting.
I mixed my cherry kind with grape juice.
Its funny, I happened upon this page while on the last half of my second bottle, and as I started reading I had to run to the bathroom.

This stuff is hell. If you need to clear out though, it works well.
I got very nauseas after drinking it though.

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Oh my goodness.

Nearly a month ago, I went to the ER with intense abdominal pain, and spent three days before they said "you seem better now, but we don't know what the problem was." I've gotten worse since then, and seen a gastroenterologist, a urologist, a neurologist, as well as my primary doctor. Tomorrow, is my colonoscopy.

My prep was started with a liquid only diat today. At 3pm, I took 2 dulcolax pills washed down with a bottle of MC. Drink another bottle at 6pm, and another bottle at 9pm. That's 30 ounces of this stuff. I'm two ounces shy of a Big Gulp of MC.

By about 8:30, I was feeling pretty bloated, and the explosions hadn't started. But at 8:35, it was bad. It was like there was a tiny little turd holding back the dam. When the dam broke, the floodwaters rose! Had to keep flushing so the water wouldn't overflow.

Several of you described the black stuff coming out. Yeah, it started dark brown. But now, I'm so far past the black stuff that the fluid coming out of my rectum is clear. CLEAR!!!!

Needless to say, this post and comments have provided much needed laughter. I haven't laughed like this in at least a month! Thank you for this site!!!

Wish me luck on the colonoscopy at 9:15am tomorrow.

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I was laughing after I found this post while processing the first two bottles. Processing the third bottle, I ain't laughing no more. I think it was clear because my diet had been limited to liquids all day, and I had plenty of fluids in me.

Now it is dark yellow, like vitamin pee, coming out of my rear-end with all the force of a pressure washer. And it smells like what I would imagine death to smell like. And I'm not talking death at a funeral home. I'm talking death at a horrific crime scene that isn't discovered for three weeks.

Guess I'll try to just keep drinking more liquids, until 4 hours before the procedure.

Man, in the directions for the procedure, they could have written a warning that I wasn't going to get any sleep the night before. This is cruelty.

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This was the funniest story of using this product that I have ever heard! I laughed so hard that I cried. My supervisor looked up this product for me at work and had to change the cite because we were laughing and crying so loud. Little did she know I knew about the product from prior use. Of course I did not tell her this....
Thanks for the story....

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OK, I just bought my 1st bottle of MC and put it in the fridge to chill. I'm gonna head out and buy toilet paper, baby wipes, Gatorade, and tons of magazines so I have something to do while I sit and poo all day. I plan on taking MC tomorrow morning, even after reading all your experiences. If I wasn't in so much pain from being backed up I'd be too scared to drink it but the thought of relief is greater than worrying about poo projecting from my butt. I'll post an update and let you know how it goes... wish me luck!!

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I was in excruciating pain and doubled over from pain from not being able to take a dump. So, I chilled the lemon variety on the rocks , chased it with 8 ounces of orange juice and waited for results. It did take a few hours, and slowly the dam broke. It never was really bad, although not completely flushed out yet, the pain has gone along with a few toilet paper rolls. It worked for me. Side effects were a headache, but it beats an ass ache. Will update later. Happy Dumping!

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Went to Dr today because I have not been able to poop for 5 days! I have not had solid foods within that time either, just broths. They did xray and im really full of sh@t! Doc told me to use miralax and an enema. Lord knows I have tried ducolax, phospho -soda lax,,and nothing happening other than water sports. So I Took miralx at 1pm and enema today, nothing really other than gurgling sounds. still no poop! I was told about MC. so I searching online about this stuff I found this site and although I have cried in fear,,you all have made me laugh and have hope. So i ran to walgreens, bought the cherry flavor MC , got home drank the entire bottle about 5:30pm,,and have been drinking water like mad. I have gone to restroom,but again water works! jsut a bit ago , went again,,water works still but now cherry colored. So Im not sure if this is working or just passing by everything that should be coming out. Will continue to do Miralax,,and MC. I pray I have explosive results as you all.

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After not pooping for seven days and extreme back pain, bloating, feeling of being full constantly, I found this site and decided to try Mag-Citrate. I have taken 6 laxitives over the past few days and nothing has worked.

I drank the Walgreen's cherry flavor (chilled, with a straw) and found it kinda tasty! Was like a bitter cherry jolly rancher. I've had liquor that was WAAAAY worse than this stuff.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I had to poop TWO MINUTES after taking it. I pooped small 3 times and now I've lost the urge to I'm waiting.

I hope this stuff kicks in fully as I've got lots of poop to expel! :(

What a tease!

I'll post updates.

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well...after 6 days of softeners and milk of magnesia, i decided to take the plunge. gotta say, the taste was not nearly as bad as everyone let on. just like a tangy mix of lemon lime jolly rancher and paint thinner - a real flavor explosion on your pallet.

but it's been 15 minutes...and already i feel slight rumblings. 12-pack of cottonelle, 6 pack of gatorade, and box of wipes, it looks like i'm preparing for a natural disaster.

after reading these posts, i have a feel that's exactly what i have to look forward to.

keep you posted.

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Going in for a colonoscopy Monday morning at 9 am. Routine Sunday was liquids only for breakfast/lunch/dinner, including boullion and juices. At 5 pm, I downed the first of 3 10 oz bottles of CVS lemon lime magnesium citrate, the second due at 9 pm, and the third at 5 am the morning of the exam. I can hardly wait to see what happens from this first bottle.

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Took about 2 hours for the MC to kick in, and been liquefying from my rear orifice for the better part of the last hour. Sit for a spell, get up, move around, sit again. Already using Vaseline back there. Have another bottle due at 9 pm. Did I mention I'M STARVING???

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i only drank half... I've been having lower abdominal pains for about a week. I realized i haven't pooped in like 4 or 5 days...I am afraid of the cramps....I remember i had to poop and i was constipated and i had no medicine what so ever.. Let me tell you, i couldn't sit on the toilet because of the pain in my abdomen... It was poop everywhere in the bathroom!!!


I am now wondering if I'm the only one thats under 20 on this site. Oh well, i need advice. As a 14 year old I am the AFRAID kind of person. What im talking about is taste. Taste is what us kind of kids are all about. If something tastes (dare i say it) ICKY, we absolutly freak out. Accept one thing about me. I have the absolute weakest stomach on earth. A little bad taste in my mouth causes me to vomit like a volcano of gunk. From what i hear MG doesnt seem friendly. Like a bad first immpession and then later a giant liquid present that makes you love it. Well all i got to know is about the TASTE. I cant handle much and hopping to just be able to GULP it down. On Dec.15 i am supposed to get a knife in my rear (surgury). I have something called a Fistula or something. Anywho im scared out of my mind. First of all, i can handle anything from a shot in the butt (which hurts ALOT more than the arm, try 1000x more) to a broken arm and no tear. Just "Ow!". What i can't handle is taste. Second, i had a colonoscopy a while back and had to drink some other bile that seemed to be just liquifyed salt. At first i tryed to delude (thin out, spelling sucks) with blue gatorade. I gulped that dose of bile and didn't puke (suprising). Then the next morning i had to take my second dose. This time i tryed Minutemade Lemonade. OH EMM GEE bad idea. I tasted so bad i spit some on my parents acidentally. I gulped it down in agony and immediatly drank some sprite. There was another idea that went B-A-D bad! So this all means lemon or lime (or both) isnt an option. So cherry is my option (orange maybe). So I want to ask about those flavors. How (besides freeze) do i handle this bile? I am just freaking out over this and need encouragment or some just to say "DO IT!!!"

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You wouldn't believe how much it helps to simply plug your nose while drinking something that tastes bad. The key is to continue to plug your nose and breathe out and in through your mouth until you've chased the offending liquid with something that you really like. Maybe you could give this a try?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I'm not constipated like the stories I've been reading here, but as of late I've been having confusing bowel movements. Sometimes I don't go for days, and then when I do, it's not really anything massive. Sometimes I have several large deposits a day without hardly eating anything in the days prior. So I went to CVS and took a stroll down the laxative aisle. 23.99 29.99 14.99 Jesus H. Christ are laxatives expensive! I'm young, supporting myself, and have very little money, but god damn it I need to clean my colon! So I look on the bottom shelf and see a bottle that looks like a bottle of vinegar. It's 1.99, it works in half the time, and it's cherry flavored. Count me in.

So I took a 10 oz bottle of MC with 10 oz of water about a half hour ago. Drank both in five minutes. I actually enjoyed the flavor a bit (although it made the water taste really weird). Well, now I'm reading up on it after the fact and I'm pleased I went with this over anything else. I NEED to flush out the pipes. I don't exactly eat very healthy, I don't sleep very well, and I don't exercise enough(though I do genuinely try to). Lately I've begun to fear that perhaps not everything that goes in is coming out, and since these weird bowel movements have begun, I've become even more alarmed. I can't afford to go to a doctor, so I figured I'd prescribe myself something to remedy this.

Based on what I've read here, I picked the right juice to get loose. I can feel it now, actually, and the anticipation is killing me! I have work at 5 am so I should have done this earlier in the day(it's 9pm now), but it's too late now I suppose! Here's to hoping I can expel whatever it is that's inside of me and still manage to get some sleep.

Update to come...

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I'm a Mom to and 11 yr old girl who is constipated all of the time. She is a holder at this point she gives new meaning to buns of steel. She will go very long periods of time without going. Her colon can't even hold it anymore, she has leakage all the time.I feel like i've tried everything and either she won't take it or it doesn't work. She refuses enemas or suppositories ( i can't blame her and i won't force her). Recently, i spoke to a Gastro and told them the situation i was told if she refuses the enemas or suppositories we could try the magnesium citrate to clean her out then miralax every day for a while. Well we got the cherry and lemon hoping one might taste good to her. She drank a little more than half about 5 oz then puked it all up. I'm at a loss of what to do. She hasn't had a real good poop session since September and that was after a month of pericolace. I know its psychological at this point, but i am very concerned for her health. I made an appointment with the Gastro but was wondering if anyone has any ideas while i wait for the appointment.

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I feel so bad for all you parents who have this trouble. My daughter did this for a few years, but thankfully she got over it as she was given cholase at an early age.

My guess is that if she ever gets so bad that she has to be cleaned out at the hospital that it will be a deterrent enough for her to not do it again. However, I could be wrong.

Go with the psych doctor, and best wishes. I'm hoping that the shrink will be able to get your daughter to understand that everyone poops, and there's nothing that she can do to stop it.

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.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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OMG--I had to buy MC for my sigmoidoscopy tomorrow. That stuff tastes brutal. It was so hard to get down the lemon lime. I was reading this post and I'm scared of what will be coming out in......I guess 2 to 24 hours to a week. I have hemroids already so I hope this doesn't irritate my bottom more. Does anyone know what the difference between this and ex lax is?
Waiting....for the quake!

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just wanted to comment on the Magnesium Citrate story're a girl

Just a touch too dramatic..

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Ugh. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and along with being on a low residue diet for 3 days had a day of clear liquid diet today. Took mag citrate as directed at 7 pm. Not one bottle, but one and 1/2. Tomorrow morning, 5 hours before the procedure, I'm supposed to take the other 1 1/2 bottles. It's 930 pm and I am just gurgling. I have severe chronic constipation issues for years, and go on average 1x every 10 days. When I do go it's insanely painful as it is. Now I have to go through this again? I had to take it in the hospital before. Two bottles before it worked over 2 days.
It took more than 24 hours to work on me the first time. What if that happens again? the colonoscopy is tomorrow. !!!!!

Owwww, i'm cramping. Waiting for the poopsplosion, rather impatiently. I want the worst of it over with.

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Having a hysterectomy tomorrow, was supposed to start taking this at 2pm due to insurance company questioning the reason for the surgery had to run to the doctor at 1:30, I didn't want to do this if the surgery wasn't going to happen,I waited until 6pm for the doc to call me back, I hadn't eaten all day so ate a plain piece of bread, started the poop juice at 7 pm, no results by 10pm so drank the second bottle just started going an hour ago.. so far not so bad, the pills they gave me prior to my colonoscopy were much harsher, much stinkier. But its 3 am and I'm afraid to go to sleep, so this site has been keeping me amused.

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I took the MC last night at around midnight. I drank a full 10 oz bottle of the lemon flavor which I got from Walmart. Unlike most of you I actually liked the taste. Schweppes used to make a soda called "Bitter Lemon". Actually they may still make it but it doesn't seem to be sold in the US anymore. My absolute favorite drink as a kid. IIRC, it was even more bitter and sour than this stuff. But I'm a sweet tart kind of guy (and don't have much left of my teeth because of it). I didn't even chill the stuff, let alone make a slurpy out of it and I still liked it. Of course it would be even better with crushed ice and maybe some seltzer or tonic water.

Like many of you I didn't find this site until after I had already taken it. Before I took the MC, I also took a full dose of Milk of Magnesia, 17 grams of Miralax, 300mg of docunate sodium (Phillips), and drank a whole (small) dixie cup of olive oil.

I hadn't taken care of business for nearly a week, and had an on again off again sharp pain next to my navel. So I was concerned that I had a real blockage. I just wanted to do everything I could before I went to the ED to beg for some x-rays or some CT loving.

As for the effects, mine weren't too bad. Just lots of peeing dark smelly water from behind. It started a few hours after I took it and I'm still having to make runs to the can every 20 to 40 minutes or so to squirt some more. I'm getting tired of this. So I just took an [just ran out to squirt again] immodium. I'm hoping that will slow things down a bit. If I were living alone, I would probably let things go for another night, but there are other people here, and I'm pretty shy about pooping around others. I feel uncomfortable unless I have solitude. You know how some dogs look so ashamed when they are pooping outside in front of everyone? That look they get? That's me.

It seems like the effects of the MC are very dependent on how much water you drink with it. I didn't drink that much water at first. So it took longer than some of you to get results, but my results didn't seem as traumatic as some of you. I agree that if you want fast results you should drink a bunch of water immediately after you take it and walk around a lot. I didn't think of the walking around idea, but I think it is important for anyone on a time schedule. OTOH, when you want to slow things down stop drinking so much and let yourself get somewhat dehydrated. That seems to slow things down again even without taking an immodium.

This stuff seems really great for when you have a really serious blockage, but I would never take it otherwise. I have never taken any laxatives before this ordeal, but this stuff is clearly the Tsar Bomba of laxatives. And the effects last way too long. I wish there were some version of this stuff that only lasted like 4 hours instead of 1-2 days.

I'm still not sure that all of this squirting actually got rid of my blockage. My abdomen still feels bloated. And I still have a slight, but sharp pain near my navel. I'm determined to stay on a liquid diet for the next 2 to 3 days just in case.

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This site has made my MC day so much more enjoyable. Thank you for helping me find the humor. My doctor told me to "grab a seatbelt and plan on strapping myself to the toilet for a few hours." I spent an hour with the porcelain and feel pretty good, but I'm still afraid to go to I feel that my work isn't quite finished. We'll see. Does anyone know how long the effects are supposed to last? What should I be eating/drinking in the meantime? Also, my doc said that my potassium was low, which may be a possible cause for the constipation. Anyone else had this problem?

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Yogurt is great for potassium, and so are bananas. So is orange juice, which helps move things along. I have never had this type of trouble - constipation causing potassium deficiency - but I have battled potassium trouble in the recent past.

Cantelope is another great food for potassium. Be sure to get your daily intake. Your heart's health depends on it!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Which is stronger, Sodium Phosphate or Magnesium Citrate? I took The "phospho-soda" nightmare before a procedure and it made me nauseous for hours on end. When it finally came time to go, it was more like someone had put their finger half-over the end of a streaming hose... for hours... and hours... it turned my entire insides into liquid and shot it out through a tiny cannon.

The good news is they took a picture of my intestine and it was sparkling clean!

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Love the analogy of a finger half-over a streaming hose. Perfect description! I had the same experience with Magnesium Citrate.

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I laughed so hard when reading his story, I broke out in little assholes and shit myself

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Love the story!!! Unfortunately I didn't read this before drinking the stuff so now I sit here and wait....

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my mom bought this stuff for me in July 08..Im a coward so i didn't take it till now January 09..I only drank half the bottle(had to test the waters) got rid of the blockage within first two hours, but after that been PEEING out the BUTT..its been TWO DAYS so far!!! when will it STOP?!?!?

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HOLY $%^t! this stuff is wonderful!I have always had problems pooping, and had to use this stuff for the first time roughly 6 years ago after a trip to the ER and an x-ray showed some major buildup. The Doc at the ER said I should drink the whole bottle that night and then I would be fine by morning...and to go ahead and go to work the next morning..HA! Yeah right. So here I am 6 years later and bound up again...probably started right after I took MC last time...Well this time I took it when I woke up this morning and followed it with about 20 oz of water...and TA DA! about 1/2 hr later my $*#t fest began! My 3 year old is ready to move out, after smelling what was coming out of the bathroom..but I do feel better! HOORAY for MC! I am confused and a little jealous of the people that found a grape flavor? yeah I have never seen anything besides Lemon..ew it is absolutely disgusting.....

Good Luck Poopers *

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For the past 4 to 5 years...I have only been pooping every 2 1/2 to 3 months. This may sound unbelievable but I assure you I am telling you the truth. (mainly to see if there is anyone else out there) My Aunt just bought me 3 bottles. I am scared to death to drink it. I wish I would have drank the first bottle BEFORE i googled it! I did 2 mini enemas earlier today...and NOTHING I have tried Dual Action Cleanse...NOTHING. Do you think THIS will work? I am so miserable... This has been the longest stretch...I have yet to release THANKSGIVING DINNER, and it January 23rd. I hope this SH*T dont kill me...literally If it doesn't, I will let you know how it works out!

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Drank the 2nd bottle at 2am its now 10:18am and still NOTHING...not even any cramping....

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Hi everybody!

I'm coming to you live from the battlefield here, on my mobile. I took the magnesium citrate for sport. Just to give my insides a nice winter cleaning. Ha! The rumbling from the depths of hell seem much more like a fifth dimension Twilight Zone nightmare than a reaction to a salty soda.

Anyways, I've been laughing at myself all night for putting myself through this. I even was dumb enough to take pepto. I can just picture the magnesium citrate and the pepto boxing it out in my stomach. The pepto hitting the ground and hoping not to get beat up to bad. Poor guy.

Thanks for the stories though. I've been laughing all night here on the loo reading them.


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I was recommended this Weapon of Ass Destruction by my dad after running to the hospital convinced my abdominal pain was appendicitis (nope, I was just full of s***). I did some research and stumbled across this site; after reading everyone's experiences, I thought "what kind of sick, twisted person would recommend this so-called Satan in a bottle to his *daughter*??" So I went back to the doctor-recommended fiber to help things get going.
A few days and half a tub of metamucil later, still nothing. The pain was excruciating- every movement made me feel like all my innards were about to explode and I swore my bladder was falling out from all the pushing. After my bf came home and found me curled up in tears, he insisted I try MC and was kind enough to go pick it up for me (which he claims is the most embarrassing thing he's ever done and told the cashier repeatedly that it was for his gf, not him).

The result? It really wasn't that bad. I only drank half a bottle, which seemed to do the job, although it did take several hours. Four hours after downing it (I thought it tasted pretty good- exactly like liquid sour patch kids), I had a couple rumbles but nothing else so I went to bed despite fears that I'd wake up swimming in a lake of my own feces. Woke up an hour later, a little more rumbling, so I figured I'd at least try to poo. Sat down, and about 10 minutes later, WHOOSH!!! It felt like my mom's vegetable soup pouring out of my hiney. Gross, but not painful and definitely not the worst potty experience I've ever had.
Next day, I pooed every couple hours or so. I never really felt an urge to, I would just go to the bathroom every so often and some would come out. By the end of the day, I was completely cleaned out and even went to the gym. Which reminds me~ I lost 1.6 pounds after all that pooping.
I recommend trying only half a bottle- I think that's what saved me from straight up blowing out the entire region. You can always take a whole bottle later if needed (it's pretty cheap, mine was $3). Drink it chilled, on ice, with a straw. Good luck!

Mark (thank goodness for kind hearted moderators)'s picture

Okay, so yesterday I spent all day, "literally" reading all the messages on this site. I have been increasing my protein intake for a while in the quest of building lean muscle. I am 44 years of age, and call it what ever you like, middle age crisis, but I want some muscle, darn it. So in my quest to build my physique, I have messed up my pluming, big time!. Now, mine you I have had problems with my colon since I can remember, so the poop thing has not always been easy for me, and I do suffer from the occasional bout of Bowl Syndrome, especially if I don't eat as I should, which is not often. Any hoot, after trying several techniques, the fleet enema, poop teas and stuff, I was not having much luck, so I remember when I had surgery a while back, I took this nasty tasting thing in a green bottle and boy did it clean me out. So I went to Walgreen's, walmart was out of it, and purchase the cherry flavored concoction and proceeded to drink it around 2 pm. I was home, just got back from working out, I am unemployed at the moment, semi retired you could say, well any way, I had oatmeal for breakfast and a protein shake after my workout, so I figure, that's empty enough for my stomach to be in order to take this poison. I then proceeded to google and find more info regarding this stuff, I was concerned that I might have a blockage, since I have adhesion's from my surgery and have been reading that it can cause obstructions. So I am panicking, thinking, no way on earth do I want to be cut open and stuff, that would just ruin my whole physique quest, so I prayed and hope that liquid Drano MC would clear me all up.

I waited and waited and nothing, now I am really concerned, thinking, dam everyone on this blog had a movement around 3 hours or so and it's been 6 and still nothing. Okay so there where a few of you that took 10 hours, my luck that would be the case. Well around 9 hours passed and still nothing, now I am thinking, should I go to Walgreen's and pick up an enema, will I have to pull the big guns out for this?

But thank God, just as the thought popped in my head, another thought kicked in, maybe I should have bran cereal, that will give it a jump start, oh, and sticking my hand up my butt to remove the thing that was keeping everything in also helped. Hallelujah, the flood gates opened, and man I tell you, I have been shitting all night long. I am here writing and still having to go to the toilet. I am thankful, but so warned out, I can't even begin to tell you.

Thank you MC, and thank all of you for keeping me entertained yesterday with your stories.

Much Love and Peace

Mark the poop maker's picture

forgot to put my name so now I am labeled as a coward. It's Mark, and once again thank you.

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

There ya go, credit where due.

The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

Aunt Lemon's picture

Well, after reading all of these posts I am ready for my MC cocktail. I hope it goes a wee bit better foir me than some of you. I also hope that I can have a interesting exp to write about later. I am miserable at the moment. I have been gassed up, bloated and not regular. I asked hubby to pick some of this stuff up for me. I had to do the bottle of castor oil when I was 17...kidney problem...That was like the worst, I had no idea what it was going to do, just told to drink it. NASTY...less than 20 minutes later during a family diner, I had to excuse myself and spent the next 1 in the bathroom, belched it for 2 days...UGH!!! Whish me luck!

guy's picture

i can say the stuff works. with my experience, i went once and it was like normal, so i was thinking "that wasn't so bad," and then 15-20 min later is when it began. if i were to describe it, i would say it's unpleasant, but not painful and it leaves a burning sensation (not painful, just unpleasant). your anus will be punished.

relief please's picture

I have battled constipatio long enough and the sennas aren't working anymore. Soooooo being a nurse I decide its time to do a bowel prep to get cleaned out and stumbled on this website. I LOVE IT!!!! Its 6:30 pm and i am officially committed just finished 3/4 of a bottle of cherry MC. I put mine in the freezer and got it out and it was a slushy. Not too bad, sort of like sour gummy candies. I am at the point that I welcome an entire night of sitting on the commode.

Stopped Up's picture

I just drank a 10z bottle of lime flavored MC. I've been eating horribly lately,and as a result haven't pooped. I hope this stuff works soon and gets outta my system by tomorrow evening!!

GottaGo GottaGo's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

So I'm sitting here, 5+ hours after my mag cit on the rocks (not that bad, chased it with a huge glass of ginger ale) waiting for something, anything to happen. Truely thought I would finish the last gulp and run for the bathroom, but so far....nada. Oh, I failed to mention, this colonoscopy prep included 6 (yes, you read that right six!) Dulcolax first, so I am softened to the point of meltdown.
In one hour I have to drink another 10 ounces of this stuff (tastes like a cross between quinine and 7-UP) and pray for results.
This may all be for naught, I re-read the dr. instructions, I was supposed to have someone drive me to dr. and I have no one to do it, I may go there tomorrow and be turned away. But this is a one and done routine, if he won't take me tomorrow, tough, this is just a routine "boy, you're old" colonoscopy, not because I have any issues, so I've lived this long without one, I think I'll make it to Social Security age without one!

GottaGo GottaGo's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Follow up to my post above, mag cit kicked in at 5 1/2 hours after dosing and initally it was not bad, no cramps, very little rumbly tumbly, poo poo OK. But it was dinnertime for the DH (dear hubby, damned husband, depends on your viewpoint)and time to drink the next 10 ounces that broke this camels back. The first mag cit was OK to drink, the second kept coming back up like throw up in my mouth. I tried sipping it with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth so the acrid taste would not set me off, no go, only way to mask the taste (believe it or not) was lime jello, sip, jello, sip, jello. I got about 1/2 the bottle down and figured, hell the way I'm pooping, this is adding insult to injury.
Time since dinner (2 + hours ) has been agony. My sister said this would be like peeing out your butt, she didn't say I'd be peeing hydrocloric acid! My anus is screaming! I was doing ancient childbirth breathing techniques just to urinate (oh, yeah, only urinated once in the last 8 hours, think all my fluids are going to my colon!). Thank God I had a tube of A & D ointment from my grandson's diaper days, it feels SOOOO good. Ruining panties left and right, but my A & D soothes!
This f&&king doctor better do this procedure tomorrow, I am NEVER doing this again!

Scared Shitless Sweetie's picture

ok so my roommates convinced me that i totally need to try this magnesium citrate stuff to clean myself out since i'm on this whole cleaning/reviving myself kick after my fiance & i broke up. dumbass listened to my new roommates & here i am. 15 minutes after drinking about 8 ounces of that god awful lemon MC. I have to say, i've NEVER been so nervous about trying new things. Im SO scared to know whats going to be happening to my rear end in the next couple of hours. I read a lot of these comments & went to the store & got gatorade & baby wipes as everyone suggested. So all i can do is wait & see....wish me luck, i will keep everyone posted. :)

poopDniggaWhat?'s picture

its 9:30am and i just took down the first of the mag citrite. i am not looking forward to the aftermath. everyone that i encountered at the drug store had said "goodluck" to me. i hope i am able to meet their expectations. bring on the poop!!

WILL NotCome Out's picture

I Took Mag Citrate at 7pm its 11pm only a tiny bit came out not pains drank the entire 10fl oz have not went in 2 weeks

Upchuck!'s picture

The original Magnesium Citrate Blow-Out article was hilareous!!!
Mine won't be as funny, but still gross. About two months ago, I had a colonoscopy, and if anyone had one of those before you already know what I am about to say. Well prior to the procedure I had to drink this gallon of the most nastiest liquid ever brewed on Earth. It literally was taken from the fountain from hell! The intent of this liquid it is completely clean out your intire gastro system, so when they stick this scope with a video camera and light up through the small hole of your ass, they can get their jollies off by inspecting your ass for any signs of cancer or other weird shit. The directions on the container said you will have between 12-15 bowel movements within a 12-24 hour period after drinking the fluid. And if the liquid doesn't fully clean you out, then drink a bottle of magnesium citrate, which will definitely flush it out! I bought the lemon flavor. Hey, if you guys think the magnesium citrate is bad, let me tell you, citrate takes like a refreshing coca cola compared to that nasty clear liquid shit in the jug!!! Well I drank the liquid from the jug in 8 ounce glasses one by one, separated by 15 to 30 minutes as recommended. Each time I drank it, I felt like I wanted to upchuck!! It made me want to vomit on each gulp! One glass is not the end, you have to drink it in series over like 4 hours until it is completely gone. Well I finally crapped around the 4th hour, and marked that down as number one. It was one huge loggerhead, followed by the most funkiest bucket of nasty darkgreen to black sewer water ever imaginable! Then, 30 minutes later, no. 2 crap, 25 minutes later no. 3, drank more of that foul liquid, and more and more of that nasty water came pouring out of my ass, -- you get the picture.. Weirdly enough, I wanted a completely crystal clear colon so that expensive scope they were ramming up my ass would be worth every penny (something like $2500). Well, I finally drank the magnesium citrate, and damn it tasted so sweet compared to that nasty clear fluid. In the end, my ass poured out like a faucet 18 times! During this nightmare, there was really no need for toilet paper, because my poor ass was sooooo raw, only a plush cotton/silk washcloth was the best thing to use. The procedure the next day didn't go well either, but that was another story. I was soooo dehydrated, that just the sight of the IV needle nearly killed me! When it was all over and I came to -- they asked me to fart to get the gas out of my body. Apparently, prior to inserting the scope up your ass, they pump you up with this gas so that the scope can glide through for the colonoscopy. If you don't blow out the farts, then you can get cramps. No problem, I said, and farted away! So that's my story!

Anonymous Coward's picture

shitty shitty bang bang..2-18-2009
Oh, how I have been hollering since I started reading these.LOL Well I needed some relief you see I don't think I should have to poo, so it is not something I can do alone.So tired of my usual cocktail of two correctal and6 chocolate exlax, I sought the assistance of the on call pharmacist who gladly walked me to other products that could assist. I explained that because I only let it go ever so often that I wanted something that was complete and fast like my cocktail was. He soon dropped down and introduced me to the good old MD, not the kind I had had in the pass with about 15%, ole Magnesium Citrate! Man, I think I am addicted when ever I need to have a bout, I just chill it,grab a straw and wait for the tell tell rumble! And then it's off to the races. I must admit it works complete and for me in about 2 hours but if your on line u don't notice the 2 hours! Awesome product for those who have cramps with other products, I hate to say it but it works even quicker with an alcoholic beverage. Don't know why...But definitely plan to have some QT with the ole ceramic one at least a few hours to be sure your done and for cryin out loud do not think for one minute it is safe to expel gas at anytime during those first hours after it has begun to work!!

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