Orange Poop: Solving The Mystery Of Orange Oil

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Editor's note: This was originally posted on the author's blog. He has submitted it to PoopReport presumably as a public service. You'll see why in a moment.

I've got one for you, Dr. House. See if you can diagnose this.

Oil came out of my butt. Yellowish-orange oil. Lots of it. It was very disconcerting. My wife looked it up on the Internet and figured I was going to die.

Let me take you back.

It was a Tuesday and I got mostly done with work and I was nodding off so I set the timer on my wristwatch for fifteen minutes and laid down on the floor to take a power nap. The nap went well. Then I gathered up my stuff and went to my desk and noticed an odd smell. Not exactly identifiable, but somewhat excretory.

I figured somebody let one.

That's what doctors call it: somebody let one. The act of actually doing it is called "letting one." As in, "Hey, Jim, why do you have that funny look on your face?" To which Jim would respond, "Oh, it's nothing. I'm just letting one."

Anyway, I figured somebody let one. But then I walked to a different place and I noticed the smell again. Ditto for a third location. At this point, I'm figuring that the likelihood of a mystery person following me around and having gas was not very great. At this point, I'm figuring the only constant is me, and maybe I'm the one who smells like, well, like somebody let one.

So I retired to the bathroom.

Where, to my horror, I discovered that something very bad had happened while I was napping.

Something had come out of my butt.

Immediately, I thought of those potato chips in fake oil that are supposed to give you anal leakage.

"Anal leakage." If there's ever a phrase to strike terror in the human heart, that's it.

But I hadn't had any potato chips. I hadn't eaten anything that could have had that fake fat in it. The day before, I had eaten several pieces of wheat bread and a couple of dinner rolls, some broccoli, and a wonderful big fish steak. That's all I'd eaten in the thirty-six previous hours.

No chips.

Well, after attending to matters the best I could, I went to a nearby store and bought a pair of pants.

Don't ask me why.

And when I came back to the bathroom to change into them, I felt like I needed to actually, well, go to the bathroom.

Which is where the oil comes in.

Or, to be more accurate, comes out.

Because right there, right in the toilet bowl below me, was something that looked like Italian dressing. There was the water, and then there were dozens of little floating oil blobs. Yellow-orange oil blobs. Glistening yellow-orange oil blobs. And that came out of me.

Which, all things considered, is kind of peculiar. Because I've never had oil come out of me before. And because, if I remember tenth-grade science correctly, the average operational liver is supposed to make bile, which is supposed to emulsify fat in the digestive system. That means that before anything gets to the point of leaving the body, the fat -- and oil -- probably ought to be pretty much broken down, digested, and absorbed. The fact that some kind of oil should make it all the way through the digestive system intact is not a good thing.

I told my wife about it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera so she could see it.

But I told her about it. And she spent ten minutes on the Internet before she came to the conclusion that my pancreas was shot and, after suffering a while, I would die a certain death. Either that or I had a malabsorption problem and, after suffering a while, I would die a certain death.

Which is not good news, particularly on a Tuesday.

The next morning I felt a little better. The discomfort was mostly gone and I had some good food in me and I figured it would set things right.

But then I went to the bathroom again.

And I was right back in Italian dressing land.

Which brought us to Thursday: the day my doctor doesn't have office hours.

One of the hardest parts of having oil come out of your butt is that you want to tell people about it but you're not certain who would appreciate having the information. I mean, it's a fascinating thing that I'd never heard of before and I was fairly certain it'd never happened to any of my friends. But when it actually came to hearing about my adventure, people seemed pretty sheepish.

So I had to talk about it on the radio. Certainly, that's an awkward process, especially during the lunch hour, but sometimes what you can't say to another person gets a little easier if you say it to eighty thousand people. So, in delicate terms, I described the oil coming out of my butt. I realize it might be distasteful, but it gets it off my chest and it saves me a twenty dollar co-pay. When you can't get a doctor, the medical opinion of faceless strangers with no medical training whatsoever can be comforting.

Most people thought I would suffer a while and then die a certain death.

But one guy called up and asked if I'd eaten any fish.

I said I had. He asked what kind. I said I didn't remember. It was some kind I'd never seen before, at a fish market, some big chunk of a fish and when I asked what kind it was the name she said made no sense to me but she agreed to cut off a big steak anyway. About a two-and-a-half pound steak.

Big enough to fill my frying pan, and my dinner plate, and my belly.

And it tasted great. It was rich and buttery and just delicious.

And the guy on the phone said it had to be escolar.

Escolar. That's some sort of fish.

A very unique sort of fish, actually. A fish that's against the law in Japan. I mean, the people who came up with sushi say this fish is too much. In 1990, our own Food and Drug Administration came out with an advisory saying that this fish should not be sold. Under pressure, after a few years, it withdrew the advisory because of a lack of evidence that the fish ever actually killed anyone. As it is, the government says about five or six ounces at a time is about all you want.

Here's the problem: the escolar has some sort of digestive problem of its own. It can't break down waxes that naturally occur in its diet, so it stores them as oil in its flesh. It stores a lot of them. Escolar can be almost like eating a stick of butter. Under the right conditions, you can actually set an escolar on fire. It's incredibly rich, and consequently very tasty.

Except for the fact that the human body can't digest the fat and waxes in escolar. Not at all. Our bodies extract the fats, which are liquid at our body temperature, and excrete them through the back end. Sounds simple, really isn't. Sounds disgusting, absolutely is. It's like you've got leaky, stinky vegetable oil coming out of you.

All thanks to escolar.

Turns out most doctors know nothing about this, as it is very rare. Several ask-the-doctor things I found on the Internet seem to have stumped the physicians with the symptoms. No search of symptoms turned up the fish.

But that's what it was. I'm not dying.

I just ate some very odd fish. Which I don't suggest you try.

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Jay from Malaysia's picture

I have the same problem. I ate imported snow fish in a restaurant and then I got the oily shit.

wTF's picture

Well here we go.. had dinner at Tony Roma's and had the "Grilled Cod". Now I'm feelin like the Exxon Valdez in Orange hue. WTF!

Good to know that I'm not dying. Haha!

Oil Sick Bride's picture

glad i found this page! At MY wedding, I had the Sea Bass instead of the Filet (stupid!). An hour later, I started to feel sick, then about 4 hours later, was on the bathroom floor with both ends erupting. I thought I had food poisoning, but no one else had gotten sick (thank god). I find out later from my husband's Aunt that the fat and oils in Sea Bass can effect certain people like Olestra (from the anal leakage chips) effects certain people. I have a very sensitive digestive tract, and I have horrible luck, so it was absolutely perfect for it to happen on my wedding night. No more fish, ever ever!

Hamster's picture
k 500+ points

OSB - I feel really sorry for you. I love fish - I'm not that keen on meat - and seabass is a particular favourite - I eat it regularly. I'd never realised it ever had that effect on some people! I thank my lucky stars!! But sorry your wedding day was ruined!!

Orange Oily Cashew Pooper's picture

Hah. I'm not going to die! Just ate a can of cheap "Imperial Nuts" Whole Cashews (Buy some today!) yesterday and the toilet bowl had a oily orange ring about it this morning. Wiped my butt and saw the oil all over the paper. Thought an organ went bad overnight. Was ready for a last stay in the hospital with my kin weeping over my bed as I died a long horrible death with orange oil coming out my butt. Alas, its just bad cashews. Thank you poop report! And grab me some more of those Imperial Nuts cashews. Yum!

my husband just laughed's picture

I had this happen, I blamed the salmon I've been enjoying the last couple of days, but could've been the combination of salmon and cashews. I called up my husband to tell him about it and he just laughed and figured I was 'losing weight'! I didn't realize that my first reaction should have been fear - but since my cousin had once taken pills that gave him oily farts, I didn't feel scared. I just figured it was the fish.

Anonymous Coward's picture

OMG, I'm so happy to find this article. ... Yesterday for lunch, my mom fried up some sort of bass. It tasted great! This morning at school (I'm a college student) i was ripping a few. I didn't even know what was happening to me. I just thought it was a normal day and having some regular farts. Although, I did notice that they seemed kinda wet...

after walking around for half the day, i needed to go to the bathroom. LO AND BEHOLD! my underwear is covered in orange blots and reaks like hell. It made me feel like my mouth was burning. I was just going to go commando if it were only on my undies. But then I notced that pungent smell on my pants. I took them off, fliped them over and there it was... a huge ass dark spot on my favorite pair of pants. It made me so embarassed to even go back to class.

My boyfriend asked me if i was alright. I kept pushing my boyfriend away from me. If i thought the smell was gross as $%^#, I'm sure he would think so too. I was fine though. I don't feel any pain whatsoever... But I called up my best friend to drive me home. I couldn't stand walking around with that nasty ass smell on me all day.

I hope this goes away soon though. I'm currently washing my pants and undies right now. I've never had this happen to me before. so it scared the crap outta me

Anonymous Coward's picture

ok, im gonna say that i know exactly what your talking about because it's happening to me...and i have NO clue why!! i hate sea food so i haven't eaten any fish at all...i dont understand what is going on, i guess im just relieved it has happened to someone else...although it is for some other reason, which really leaves me back at square one. ::sigh:: i dont get it...

Anonymous Coward's picture

OK,it's all so wonderful,IF you ate fish..I hate fish.I haven't eaten fish since the Carter administration.So,what ELSE might make one crap pizza grease?

Dr. Phil's picture

Admit it - you've been getting Domino's Double Pepperoni enemas.

MudBlower's picture

Absolutely correct about the cashews. My 12 year old son just complained to me about the symptoms (orangus oilus poopus) and so I went online to make sure it wasn't serious.
Must've found the same article as Bob's wife (the one about horrible disease, pain, and dying) and that worried me, but I kept searching. After a few other sites I found this post. Thank you! I read through many of the posts, because they're entertaining, and then came to the cashew part. We bought a can two days ago, I had about ten, and now the can's empty. Guess who ate the WHOLE can yesterday? Thanks again. It may sound "nutty" but it really put my mind at ease.

Orange oily shit's picture

Well well well...

I have the same problem as this guy and yes, I did eat escolar before having the orange oily shit. Escolar is nothing but Super White Tuna. Thanks God I found the answer here.

Natascha's picture

Hi there,
Thank goodness I found your website. I was worried that i may have done something terrible to my body, for me to have orange oil poop coming out of the other end.
Rather facintating, since the stuff is usually more solid than that.
I did eat fish last night, but it was Butterfish, although, it could be the same thing..but then again i did buy from some sort of dodgy japanese shop.
That'll teach me!!

Who would of thunk??'s picture

Yes ... finding this posting has brought me great relief, for the most part. I've been having the same ugly, oily "symptoms" and thought of Olestra although I'd never put that in my body. The bright orange color scared me ... had I been eating crayons and not realized it? LOL. And oily anal leakage? I couldn't share this info with anyone (I'm an open book, but the imagery is just too much). How did we get through life before Google?

Well, orange roughy, my favorite fish (formly my favorite), is the culprit and I was eating a lot of it. Trying to be healthy ... now I'm just plain grossed out, but thankful my body isn't producing toxic orange oil that could potentially keep me housebound for the rest of my days.

I'm sorry for those of you who experienced this while at work/school ... or the student in Spain (throwing out the cushion was your only option -- how on earth could you explain that, in any language?).

Don't think I'll be eating any fish for a long time!

Anonymous Coward's picture

orange roughy from Sams. I was freaked out. I had several bags of the fish witch is really good. It is funny orange poop from orange roughy, whod a thunk it!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Glad to find out that I won't have to run to the hospital tonight. Seriously, I looked into the bowl and nearly had a heart attack. I think the culprit was a can of Planter's Jumbo Cashews, since I haven't had fish. Mr. Peanut is no longer welcome at my place!

Anonymous Coward's picture

This blog is dead on right. I've been experiencing the same leaky oil coming out of my butt and decided to do some internet research. Glad to hear I'm not going to die. I ate escolar two nights ago...

thepoliticalcat's picture

I've been eating escolar for years and neither I nor my partner has noticed any problems at all. It's delicious, too. It must only affect certain people.

Merc, who got his panties in a big wad about a married couple talking about shit and anal leakage, is obviously a teenage virgin. Dude, that's what your marital partner is, your best friend. You can tell them anything, and they'll still love you anyway. Even if orange oil is leaking out of your butt.


Mystery Solved...'s picture

Who would have thought the typing "pooping oil" in Google would yield such satisfying results!?!?!

Thank you for saving me a trip to the emergency room and a $25 copay!

Mental note to self: Remember to ask the type of fish used when ordering fish tacos.

Richard's picture

omg, i'm in the same situation. pooping out orange oil out of my ass that floats on top of toilet water. YES! my mom does buy these japanese fishes from the store. Thank god. i thought i was gonna die

happy poopie's picture

today i was hanging out at home, when i noticed a disgusting smell. i searched my whole house for it but coudn't find it. later, when i went to the bathroom, i discovered that my panties, pants and shirt (a dresslike tunic) were soaked in oil. there were also big pools on oil in the toilet bowl. i called my doctors office 20 minutes before closing time, and was told that a doctor or nurse would call me back the next day unless it was an emergency. less than 5 minutes later, a nurse calls and tells me to take my leaky behind to the OR immediantly. none of the nurses or doctors had ever heard of such a thing. suspicious, i called my couin , also a doctor, for a second opinion. he thought i was playing a practical joke on him.

now that i know im not going to die, i plan on eating more escolar int he future. it really is a delectable fish, and totally worth the painless oily butt. i wear a thick pad 5 days out of the month anyway.

MSG's picture
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I eat fish at least once a week. Never had orange roughy or escolar. The fish we eat doesn't have any oily after-effects. I'm writing here to say that my wife and I are quite free to discuss health issues, including bowels, as necessary. I'd hate to think of having to keep that sort of thing from her.

MikaylasMom24's picture

I found this site by searching "oily orange poop" in the search bar b/c I too am experiencing this horrible and disgusting ailment!

Mine however is b/c I'm trying to lose weight and I'm taking the drug alli. It keeps your body from absorbing a certain amount of fat. Yeah, it also makes it come out your butt instead and it looks like I'm pooping italian dressing!

Thanks for the story. It's good to know I'm not the only moron out there peeing oil out my butt!

Mish's picture

Wow! I'm so happy I found this site. At first I was even too nervous to find out what it was because I'd scare myself about liver failure. But now knowing that the orange oil comes from the fish makes me sooo relieved. Hahahah, sweeet, i'm going to live.

Scared-shitless?'s picture

Thank you so, so much. I was about to go get a colonoscopy. But you saved my virgin ass. Don't order the White Tuna from Iron Chef in Brooklyn Heights!

Lito's picture

I was served that delicious but weird fish yesterday at lunch the guy at the restaurant never told us what it was but it was delicious, and that exact thing happened to me this morning. I'll keep a watch on this and I recommend everybody to do so but I must say I feel a huge relief.

Real thanks for the info and greetings from Caracas, Venezuela.

relieved's picture

This site came up as the first link when I googled just now for my husband. He literally just had the experience 20 minutes ago and asked me to look in the toilet... I suspected it was the sea bass he ate 24 hours ago and now am glad to confirm it. He didn't have a stomachache nor leakage. In fact, he had to push it out. I still gave him one of my pads to wear just in case it leaks out later. But thank you for the site and everyone who's posted! We eat sea bass all the time but this is a brand/package I got. It was drastically cheaper than what we are used to paying to I decided to give it a try.

Anonymous Robert's picture

I had the finest poop on Poop Day. I drank 6 cups of coffee and soon enough.... Voila! I experience was like meeting God.I did my poop for Peace.
Poop on!

Poopy OJ's picture

"What do you mean you have orange oil in your beard? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

I am at work and reading this post and I almost died laughing. My co-workers probably think that I'm a lunatic. Anyways, this is such a great post as I, like you guys have been experiencing the same symptoms for the last couple of days. And the common denominator is fish. I just couldn't figure out which one. Thanks for the insight. Keep poopin!

Anonymous Coward's picture

The same thing happen to me after i ate Grilled Cod Fish at Tony Roma's!!

ickkkkk's picture

definitely right with the cashews...i'm a vegetarian, so i was super confused by the initial diagnosis. relieved to see that others experienced the same effects via cashews! i haven't had time to get groceries in awhile, so i've been living off of cashews -- never again! happy pooping!

another victim's picture

almost the same case as people with 'relax gas shoot', end up being 'heart-attack oil geyser'
the difference is what I ate was (pretty sure) gindara, coz my maid bought them....(but in here they could've been careless and labeled escolar as gindara)

I ate them for lunch, and when i was surfing the computer at 10, the 'combo' i mentioned before happened to me. of course, logically, i go to toilet, and become a 'firefighter' again....

the next day i asked my friend, and he asked if i ate gindara...
for some reason he said it's good coz it cleans up the oil in the body...(i was like [awesome....])

so is it actually good or bad?

manuoily's picture

All is well that ends oily soily and nasty!I was looking for termite remedy and googled orange oil! I have had real laughs better than i can from any late nighters on TV; I enjoy the comments on the oil shits and learnt a lot about the fish lovers' agonising farts!!
good bye or good buys of cashews?

Anonymous Coward's picture

Thank you for writing this article!! Seriously, I was freaked out when I discovered this bad smell was not coming from my dog, but indeed from me! When I realized I was having anal leakage (ew) I hopped write on the computer to WEB MD...waste of my time. So instead I googled the words "orange anal leakage" and found this page. My symptons were excatly the same but I actually even felt a little sick imediately after my fish dinner. Turns out- I too had Escolar! Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only crazy person out there with this! I'm hoping to feel better soon now that I know I'm not dying.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Had the same problem except maybe milder than some of the descriptions here. I too was concerned I might have internal organ failures until I googled it, never heard of anyone experiencing this before! I think it must have been the cashew nuts I ate the day before, although Ive often eaten cashews without this problem...maybe its a sign I need to stop eating so much fatty and greasy foods!It doesnt help that its such a taboo subject, talking about your bowel movements, for all we know this orange oily stuff if very common but people just sit it out and hope it goes away.Yes, thank god for the internet and site like this!!!

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had ab surgery a few years ago, and now I have to take enzymes with meals or this will happen. Kinda sucks, if you forget to take it and you let out some gas, sometimes the oily-smog-oil (as i call it) follows.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Thank you for posting this. I had the exact same problem, I thought I was going to die as well. The amount of oil floating in the toilet bowl was freaky.

Anonymous Coward's picture


i am a vegan and this past weekend i went to a friends wedding who doesnt believe in vegetarians. Instead of complaining (its his day, not mine to complain about the food), i ate the fish, which they called BUTTERFISH. i NEVER heard of this fish before and i asked if there was any butter in it because i would rather eat meat then dairy if i had to. the waitor said no, i ate it, and oil came out of my butt. i just assumed that if it was because its been so long since i ate meat. but now i know that my friend served fish that used to be illegal at his wedding. and it was a jewish wedding too!! kinda funny. it looks like from this page, that its a popular thing to have at a wedding. anyway, WEBMD didnt have anything about this, but the poopreport did, so thanks again. maybe the medical field should look into this!?

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Regardless of whose day it was, I'd be hesitant to call anyone who "doesn't believe" in your life choice a "friend", let alone polite, if they expect you to eat something that you find offensive.

It's purely rude to not have a vegetarian plate if someone requests it, especially considering the wedding was to celebrate a Jewish union. Their culture, after all, has its own dietary restrictions. How rude to have your own restrictions but not respect others. It would have been nothing for the cook to give you double vegetables or a little pasta instead of giving you fish.

Maybe the gift you give them for their first wedding anniversary should be the 25th edition of Miss Manner Guide to Etiquette.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Azmodean's picture

Well, here in the Philippines, the escolar has many names, Gindara, and "White Marlin" are the more famous ones but they all give the same symptom.

Orange, Oily poop. Weird thing is, it seems to affect people differently. A friend and i had the same meal, but i was the only one who had the symptoms.

The Shit Volcano's picture
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I agree with Daphne on this, AC. You shouldn't have to eat something just because your friend doesn't "believe" in your diet. My sister doesn't "believe" in half the stuff I eat, and she is always trying to force me to eat her way, but I flat out refuse now.

Not only are you allowing this person to tread all over your own beliefs, you are risking your health if you are used to eating a vegan diet. Like my diet, for example. I have high iron and my sister, who is chronically anemic, eats a diet so rich in iron that the food could virtually rust. I used to bend to her will when at her home and, instead of going out and getting something for myself, I just decided to eat whatever was there. I ended up horrible ill. The same thing might happen to you if you eat meat/dairy/etc after not being used to it, so keep it in mind.

Where I am not a vegan myself, I would have some courtesy to at least ask my vegan guests what they might like on the menu. Just because I am not vegan doesn't mean I have the right to shit all over you for being so. Stand up for your beliefs! And I hope your stomach has gotten better. :-)

Born right the first time.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Thanks for the back up, Shit Volcano. Even though I'm a foul-mouthed wino, I've got an etiquette book and refer to it all the time in case we entertain or are going to be entertained. It seems the basic rule of all social engagements is to make the guest feel at ease and accommodate any dietary restrictions they have - or don't invite them.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Worried Mom's picture

After filtering out the useless comments and
offensive chatter, I found some useful information. My six-year old suffered the same orange oil leakage. I took him to the pediatrician on day 2 and she immediately put him on the BRAT (banana,rice,apples,toast) diet. Well he starved the entire weekend so I slipped him some plain baked chicken and string beans today. He is doing well and I am relieved to know that the probable culprit was the orange roughy we had two nights in a row for dinner last week. I thought he might have some sort of gastrointestinal disorder or pancreas disease, but I am glad to know that he just shouldn't eat this type of fish. (In fact, we will probably stay away from fish altogether for a while)

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
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Merc---If you can't show your asshole to the one you love, who can you show it to?
I have been married for 45 years and have, on occasion, looked at my wife's asshole just for fun. If there is somehing wrong with mine I can think of no other person whose evaluation would be more appreciated than that of my dear wife. That said let's get on with the show and let prof. ThunderButt explain a few things about fish.

During my lengthy stay in Japan I ate a lot of sushi. I love no food in the world better than sushi. I was there before escolar was ilegal and ate it raw wih impunity. The Japanese word for escolar is abura bouzu or abura sokomutsu. I might point out that abura is the Japanese word for oil or fat.
The scientific name of this gastronomic delight is lepidocybium flavobrunneum. The Japanese sometime call it shiro maguro but this is incorrect and is akin to calling alley cat chicken.

Shiro maguro translates into white tuna and should only be used in describing albacore tuna. The scientific name of albacore is thunnus alunga.

The Japanese butterfish is a third and distinctly different species. In Japan it is called nihonbupou and carries the scientific handle of psenopsis anomala.
Three distinct species with the common value of deliciousness.

I have a digestive system that is capable of handling almost anything. I have never developed oily orange shit from eating fish.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Aldwen's picture

I just had this occur tonight and sought info on the web immediately. I'd say your explanation, or at least the fat-variant, is pretty on task. I don't think I've eaten any fish, since I don't eat fish knowingly, but there were a few slices of pizza that were positively dripping with fat and oils. It's about the only thing that resembles what came out. Good call on the fat content.

Orange Oily Aussie Bum's picture

Thank goodness for your great story on pungent orange oil dressing coming from your behind..... Im a nurse in a gereatric ward in Sydney. I was trying to find the poor old patient who had soiled their panties......only to find it was poor 25 year old girl who cant control her bowels ME..ahhhhhh!!!!! Now, I have seen my fair share of poops working with the frail but Id never seen this before. I swiped a maxy pad from the bedside of a patient and left work. I went straight to my sisters as we talk about bowels/farts/poop etc all the time, I pushed out a poop as soon as I arrived at her place. We both stood over the toilet to inspect this oily substance, both of us were baffled. She jumped on google which is potentially a death sentance. Though to our delight we came across your blog, we were pissing ourselve laughing, very well written and witty. By the looks of things you have made many of us laugh at what we were origanally very distress about. That bloodly bag of unsalted roasted cashew nuts!

Cashew Queen's picture

OMG, LOL !!!!

I've had this issue on rare occasions for years. The other day at work I ate some food that created a stomach ache so bad that I almost fainted/cried/vomited all at the same time.

I started a new job at a hospital with all these wonderful resturants and fast foods I'm sure I can't digest on a regular basis.

So I called myself eating a little healthier and decided to snack on cashews instead of the delicious sweet,sticky rolls from the bakery that oose of buttery, caramel (yummm...). Who would of thunk that those cashews would have dealt a worse blow to the gutt than the junk I'd been eating at work?

I read an earlier post that someone mentioned having to take enzymes post intestinal surgery to digest food. Is that the solution, take an enzyme suppliment? If so, is there an over the counter remedy? I love cashews, but this side effect is not cool!

orange shitty's picture

i would not believe any of this if it didn't come out of my own ass for 3 days.
i farted while i was taking a leak before going in the shower and the spray of oil covered half the bathroom and then continued to leak out of my ass.
i thought i was dying of some rare disease.
i asked my wife who had previously worked for doctors if she had ever heard of this and she didnt believe me. i had to prove it to her.
afterwards she googled and told me i wasn't dying. i was out to eat on Saturday night and the Butterfish was one of the specials. i eat all fish and had never had Buterfish so i thought i would try it. i guess the joke was on me. i cannot decide if i am going to burn down the restaurant or just kill the owner.
Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i got this too man went to school feeling smelly whole day
second time i had this and the last tym it was during my exams arrh flunked that subject. Thought i was really going to die then.

ouch my stomach is bubbling with gas. Feels kinda strange good thing is it lubricates the shit that is comming out....

Worried Mom's picture

Please help me! My 13 yr old daughter, who is away at sleepaway camp, call me last night complaining of orange oil leaking out of her butt. After I found out she ate alot of cashews which I believe is the reason for this. BUT I NEED TO KNOW HOW LONG DOES THIS LAST AND WHAT CAN THEY GIVE HER TO HELP RELIEVE IT. PLEASE IF YOU HAD THIS CONDITION LET ME KNOW HOW LONG IT LASTS AND WHAT SHE SHOULD EAT OR TAKE FOR IT. I AM FREAKING OUT CUZ I AM NOT WITH HER AND SHE HAS TO RELY ON THE CAMP STAFF FOR HELP.

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Worried Mom, there really is nothing you can give her for this problem. It will just have to run its course on it's own. If it truly bothers her, she'll have to lay off the cashews until it stops.

As for how long it takes, that depends on how much she ate and her metabolism. Some people can take up to a week for this to stop, while others will only have a single oily shit. It's a wait and see approach.

Well, you don't actually blow on it. That's just an expression.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I ate orange roughy and had the same effect happen, however I was at work and had a huge wet fart.... wearing white painters pants. I had a huge orange ass stain. I went and filled La Taza with orange oil!! luckily I had a change of clothes on hand. The white pants went into # 3 recovery boiler!!!!

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Thank you. I figured it wasn't cashews.

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Boy am I glad I found this website!! I thought i was dying too. I've been pooping out oil for the past two days wondering WTF is going on?? Am I dying? But thanks to you, I have realized that I've been eating escolar fillets for the past two days as part of my carb-free diet. The rest has been promptly thrown in the garbage can.

Good pooping,

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AC who posted above....You
should have kept your escolar
and eaten it less frequently in smaller quantities.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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Thank you so much for this article and for everyone that commented. It's the middle of the night where I live and I'm experiencing these same symptoms.

I don't eat fish so was freaking out even after finding this article. I woke up my friend overseas who's in first year med and he said it sounds like a serious pancreas problem and I almost cried I think (I drink a lot and live an unhealthy lifestyle).

I kept reading frantically and came across the post about cashews. I devoured a huge amount of these delicious pepper cashews yesterday.

What's happening is nasty as hell but Google is amazing. Thank you all - now back to my drinking....

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correction: PoopReport is amazing.

Google (and all search engines) merely guides you to the awesomeness.
i love poop.

i love poop.

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Hello all,

This acutally happened to me the other day. I ate a chirashi bowl at a japanese restaurant. basically it is an array of raw fish neatly stacked on top of rice. it's the most delicious thing but after having eaten that, the next day i get this oily yellow substance floating on top of the toilet. but i figured it was the fish because i ate so much of it. the only thing i was concerned about was that my boyfriend had the same chirashi bowl, he had more fish than i did because i gave him a few more pieces. but he did not have this problem.

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Dear AC who commented above,

Don't give up on chirashi-zushi for it is indeed a treat. Next time you order it specify that you want no escolar, Japanese butterfish or white tuna. The Japanese word for escolar is abura bouzu, or abura
sokomutsu. (abura is the Japanese word for oil) Shiro Maguro, or white tuna is OK if that's really what you get. Often you get escolar in place of the tuna. The Japanese
butterfish is nihon-bupou, don't eat it either.

Sushi bars in Japan have been banned from selling escolar for several years by the government. I ate it for a decade with no ill effects but I suppose it depends on the individual's digestive system. If you have a non Japanese waiter you are fucked and will shit orange oil.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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Awesome story, very funny. Italin dressing land...hilarious!
I will never shit somewhere that only has that horrible, scratchy brand of toilet paper. That stuff sucks!

The Original Grasshopper

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I cannot believe it. I had the same oily orange stuff come out of me and thought I was going to die. I told my wife and of coarse she went to the internet. This is the first place that popped up and we read this story. It was all funny and wierd and exactly like my situation and then the word Escolar came up. I swear to god on my father's grave, I ate escolar heday before this happened. That is some freaky shit, no pun intended. Thanks for the info....

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I have the same problem and I was freaking out. It turned out I consumed the same type of fish. Thanks to your posting it gave me a peace of mind and smiles. Thank you for your article.

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I had this awesome-tasting fish at our friend's house several weeks ago.I loved it at the time, and when my wife bought some more I couldn’t wait to dig in. That was, until the unwelcomed side - or should I say, underside - effects came along with it. At first I had no idea why I was leaking an orange-amber oil from my ass. Originally, I thought I sat on a small container of hot pepper oil from a Chinese restaurant. Or maybe I had rubbed up against some grease on a piece of machinery. But when I realized I had reenacted the Exxon Valdez disaster in my boxers, I was shocked, embarrassed and mostly, curious. But after showering and changing into fresh clothes, I had the urge to evacuate; again, and again, and again, and again.

I just could not figure it out… then, this week, it happened again. However, this time the natural disaster struck the southern coastline of my son’s pants. The night before we had broiled Hawaiian walu in a butter lemon-dill marinade. The category 2 anal-hurricane then swept through the whole household. If FEMA had only responded sooner, I may have been able to save more draw’rs.

The symptoms vary from person to person, so I will spare you the gross details. Just know this. It doesn’t shoot out. It LEAKS. That’s what makes this gastro-crisis so freaking enraging. And it stains everything. Don’t believe me? Eat about 8 ounces; wait a few hours, then check the oily mess then lingers around the ring of your toilet bowl. If you ever took a teaspoon of olive oil and dripped it into a pot of hot water, like, say, for cooking pasta, and the droplets form miniature oil marbles, you’ll know what I mean. Another visual stimulus: think of a lava lamp.

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Thanks for the informative site. Both my wife and I experienced the same orange effects and the cause was orange roughy. We ate quite a bit of it and didn't realize it until a third episode. On the last one, I accentuated it with a good dose of cashews the day after. Now it is totally clear what not to eat in excess. The best thing you can do for hygiene after these episodes is to use Listerine.

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ohh my ohh my thank gosh for dis info. i had a whole lot of ESCOLOR shashimi at a japanese restaurant yesterday n ohh lordy it was Tasty!!! BUT the consequence of my enjoyment didnt turn out so gud tho. its too gud but i dont wana b embarressed at work so i now know wat fish i sud try n learn to ignore next time.

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Holy crap! Thanks for this site. Had escolar yesterday on a China Airlines flight from LA to Taipei. Thankfully I somehow got to my hotel before having any significant issues. 24 hours and three oil dumps later and I think its letting up. What an evil, tasty fish.

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Thank you SO much for posting this! Had the "White Tuna" at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant outside Toronto. Loved it, raved about it, but now I curse its creamy, yummy, buttery existence. I honestly thought I was dying of some pancreas/gallbladder thing, but now I know that it's just my love of sashimi. Oh, well. Next time, I'll just have more salmon and less of the escolar. I've had butterfish a number of times, but never as the largest part of a meal, so I'm assuming it was the quantity that was my downfall. I feel utterly wretched! Thanks again for this info... definitely saved a trip to the doctor's office.

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Thank you for the post, I did not eat any fish. I have been on a diet for the last 6 months and had a very rich meal out last night. After reading this, it makes me think it must just be the sudden change in the amount of fats and oils I took in.

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Well, every poop has an orange lining... this unusual occurrence just happened to me, after having had this fish last night. Yup, the fish must be the culprit. Fortunately I was at home, walking around, and since I was alone I decided to let out what I thought was a bit of flatulence, and oh dear it was splatulence in the form of a thick, bright orange, very oily substance! I was about to phone the doctor, but then decided to search for this strange phenomenon online, and, well after reading the comments on this page, I almost hosed myself laughing. Good on you guys and gals and thanks for the info.

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Thank you so much for this post. I had fish steaks at a Japanese restaurant last night, and sure enough today I started displaying exactly the same symptoms you described. I'm relieved to know I'm not dying, I just won't be ordering any fish at Japanese restaurants any more.

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