Doo The Dew: The Great Mountain Dew Pitch Black Green Poo Experiment


In the middle of August, Pepsi-Cola launched Mountain Dew Pitch Black -- a new, limited-time grape soda with, for some reason, a spooky Halloween theme.

Quite soon, the first poop reports started coming in:

Doo the Dew ( -- 8.30.2004

A couple cans of Black Grape Dew has turned my Doo Doo to Dew green... thank gosh I had this to tell me I thought I was dumping bile!

Damn the Dew (i'll_never_tell) -- 8.30.2004

Damn that limited edition Mountain Dew Pitch Black grape soda! All 6 of them today.... I too found myself wondering what the hell was wrong with me when i saw the BRIGHT green toilet paper swipe, did an internet search, and found my answer! Thanks! :)

Gizzle ( -- 9.1.2004

Good to hear others are getting hit with the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Green Poop. I was talking with my friend about how recently my poop has been green. I put two and two together when it started happening after drinking large quantities of Pitch Black. My friend then told me my brother told him the same thing (who has been hooked on the Black Dew as well) yes, Mountain Dew Pitch Black, when taken in large amounts, will turn your poop green....

Mountain Dew Pitch Black contains Blue Dye #1. PoopReport's resident poop-color expert, Dave J, says that many kinds of blue dye (his experience was with Blue Dye #5 in Kool-Aid Purplesaurus Rex) "combine with bile, and form a brilliant green."

There's no doubt about it: drinking blue liquids turns your poop green. The real question is this: how often does it happen? Did Pepsi release this drink into the world, knowing the shock legions of caffeine-addicted teenagers (and haunted-beverage aficionados) would receive when peering into the crapper? Or is this a rare side effect, dependent perhaps on diet, metabolism, or the same kind of genetic quirk that causes asparagus to make some people's pee smell?

There's only one way to find out.

On Friday, September 17, PoopReporters across the country will Doo the Dew. Our goal is to find out whether green poop is a common side effect of Mountain Dew Pitch Black, or something rare that occurs only in the lucky (?) few.

Here's how to participate:

  1. On Friday, drink two 20-ounce bottles of Mountain Dew Pitch Black over the course of the day.
  2. This weekend, watch your poop.
  3. Report on Monday if it was green or not.

VERY IMPORTANT: Report back on Monday NO MATTER WHAT COLOR POOP YOU FIND. It's just as important to know how many people were not affected as it is to know how many of us painted the bowl green.

It's just that easy. If you want, enter your email below; I'll send you a message on Friday reminding you to drink your black Dew, and another email on Monday reminding you to submit your report.

Get a Doo The Dew email reminder:

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72 Comments on "Doo The Dew: The Great Mountain Dew Pitch Black Green Poo Experiment"

Tydirium's picture
k 500+ points

Awesome! I'm totally doing this.

Tydirium's picture
k 500+ points

Do I need to sign up or anything?

Dave's picture
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Nope. Just do what you're doing -- drink your soda on Friday, and report back here on Monday what you find.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Dave-O, this is great.
Do you think the Pepsi Company will be interested in our findings? Or droppings? Whatever.

I am fearing the caffeine shock I'll be encountering.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Cornholio's picture

Great promotion for this Dave! I'm all over it. I can't wait to see the results.

Anonymous's picture

Funny thread.... I bought a fifth of Blue Curacao, and every day since my shit is a beautiful Mustang Bullitt Highland Green.... Quite Entertaining, lol... I'll have to remember not to flush the gloriousness when at a public toilet, lol

The Shit Pistol's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I have two bottles of Pitch Black in my fridge, ready to go.

Anonymous's picture

welp, I was about to freak out when I wiped my ass and saw the majestic color of Shamrock green that glistened against the soft white of my toilet paper. Pretty shocking, and I was worried something was wrong. As I went searching into the web, to find answers, I became frustrated at what answers were out there for my problem. I looked down in frustration and in the corner of my eye I saw the shine of 4 Mtn. Dew pitch black cans I was happily sipping the day before while playing Overwatch. Then it hit me, as soon as I began my quest to type down Mtn Dew pitch black green poop, google auto filled me, a good sign I was well on my way finding the answer, as so many of my ancestors found it before me. I'm glad I found this, makes me relax that I'm not going to die.

Mary's picture

I can't believe this! My boyfriend told me that stuff turned his crap green and I didn't believe him. I guess the numbers don't lie...

fudgepump's picture

It just occurred to me, Dave; if people drink more than 40 oz. to make sure they go green, that will mess up the control aspect of the experiment, right?

fudgepump's picture

I'm on board, Dave. I'm not a big soda fan, but in the interest of poop science I'll kill two 20's.

Dave's picture
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Well, this is as unscientific as it gets. We're just looking to see if MDPB = green. If we wanted to be really serious about it, we'd control diet, water intake, etc. Maybe in further studies... but for now, try to stick to 40 ounces but no big deal if you don't.

crapper McDump's picture

THe blue dye = green shit thing is legit. I don't know if I'll be able to test the Mt. Dew thing, but wanted to share an experience of my own. I used to drink blue curacao like nobody's business. (its that blue liquer that tastes like oranges/triple sec) and always a dull green poo the morning after drinking a liter or so.

fudgepump's picture

Apropos of this experiment;
Saw a story by T.O.T's dad referenced in a comment about "Out Of Hind". Here it is:
Story and comments are a symposium on loaf coloration.

Max T's picture

From my personal experience, purple gatorade has the same effect as the Dew.

Sarah's picture
l 100+ points

Wow, this sounds really grody! I'll have to try it. Mt. Dew is one of the few sodas I actually like, too. I have to say, I don't remember green poop from drinking purple Gatorade, but it's been a while (almost as long as my poem in the poop of the week...). However, I'm not going to test the blue curacao theory. I vowed never to drink that again. Once was enough, probably because I was swigging out of the bottle.

Matt's picture
m 1+ points - Newb


A slight correction for you. The genetic quirk you speak of doesn't make some peoples' pee smell from asparagus, all peoples' pee smells after asparagus. The genetic quirk is that some people are missing an enzyme and they can't smell asparagus pee.

Buck Corncobb's picture

Hello fellow colon aficionados,
I discover a few days after the 'release' of purple dew that in fact it does alter you poop production.I have been telling other brothers and sisters of the throne about this with MUCH disbelife. Trust me when I saw it is true!!In fact I have been holding in my daily deposits in for a day a two extra to produce a extra large floater so that I can go to a public dumpatoriums and leave my 'gift' so other can also enjoy it....Man can life get any better?!?

Your pal and brother of the throne,

Buck Corncobb

Blah's picture

just to confirm what everyone else is saying, I started drinking Pitch Black when it first hit the stores in Phx, Az. and after a day or two I noticed the appearance of the "green poop". I was a little bothered at first, but realized the "novelty" of the situation, and started "forgetting" to flush when done. also, if your somewhere public, like a mall, linger in the bathroom "washing" your hands and wait for the comments to fly!!!

Cornholio's picture

Well I did it. I fired down two 20 oz Mountain Dew Blacks today and finished them by around 10:30 this morning. Yuck! No dook yet, but will report in.

Rick Needham's picture

The Mountain Dew Pitch Black turned my poop into a "stunning beautiful" - irridescent blue color! I need to make a video!

mr. greenjeans's picture

Green Poop. Very Green Poop. I love this stuff.

Tammy's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Hey! My boyfriend says the dew turned his poop like a dark green! Yuck!! But he also said that the cereal called Kaboom turns your poop green! Oh! How cool could that be?? Yeah! We need a video! Can't let this stuff go un-noticed!!

heelo's picture

yeah! It's green alright and kinda mushy !!

dew pew's picture

I don't need to wait to tell you, I've been drinking pitch black since it came to town. and i am happy to tell you i have been pooping bright green with peanuts for weeks's a nice to have a color change...redish orange pooh DOES NOT impress the ladies!

slack's picture

i can tell you that blue drinks do indeed equal green poop; on a trip to the bahamas i was kinda worried after living off blue tropical drinks from the resort bar, until i broached the subject with other people I was there with. We all breathed a sigh of releif as each of us had secret worries we had something horribly wrong with us.

Noelle's picture

I actually enjoy this stuff, and have been drinking it by the 2 liter since it came out. My poop is not an unnatural shade of green, but there is definately a green tinge.

Souix's picture

Oh yes. MDPB is my absolute favorite drink, (Don't know how I'm going to survive once they pull it off of the market) but I too have had like, pale green and oddly soft dookies as well. At first, I couldn't figure out what in the world I had eaten to turn it green, but after a while, I put two and two together (Get it? Two? Number two? Eh, waddya want, I'm no comedian) and realized that it was the pitch black that was doing it to me. Alas, I shall miss it when it's gone. The taste kind of reminds me of wine coolers when I first start to drink it. (I have to go to another state just to buy it!)

Amanda's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I haven't ate anything less than normal and i just started drinking MDPB 3 days ago and my poop was green today.

Um.. also, Amanda... 0.o))'s picture

This is kinda funny. But I don't wanna try it...can I give it to my dog?

Creepy's picture

I had some Pitch black a bit ago and I think I'm the one who stained the 3rd floor toilet green O_o

Jenni's picture

all i have to say is...this soda tastes like flippin' shit

brady's picture

i pooped green all over the place

slimerpooper's picture

I remember when I was a kid I used to drink Slimer Juice (it was a HI-C that came out to market Ghostbusters 2) and it turned my shit green. The drink itself was a deep green, and tasted great by my reckoning. Try to find some on eBay and get it - it's worth it if you are testing poop-coloring foods.

Rufus Malfesto's picture

"So here's the new policy: I delete comments arbitrarily. If I think it's too sexual or too racist or too homophobic or too immature"

My comments where delted and they did not fall into any of these catagories. I have a serious problem with my stool and had no where else to turn and when I had finnaly found help I was denied that. Change your policy to "I delete anyhting that I don't like because im afraid of everyone" im not gona let this go

prof. x's picture

dammit i had that darth dew slurpee and had some green sh*t. thought i had a time limit on my ass after seein that til i ran into all you crazy ppl just like me haha

ethan's picture

this must be related to the purple darth vader dark cheetos that turned your tongue green.

Tra in New York's picture

I love you people & love that I found this sicko site late one Sat night after entering the words 'green poop' into CHEERS!

BobBC's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I wouldn't touch that stuff if it changed my
turds to gold.

Nick's picture

i have been drinking pitch black since it first came out in 2004. i first noticed it after drinking 4 liters one night. you should have seen it after the first day pitch black part II came out and i drank 9 liters! i was shitting shamrocks!

Relieved Dad's picture

Damn that Fierce Gatorade... I have a toddler and I gave him a variety of Gatorade beverages to help him get rehydrated following a bout of the flu. One of the flavors was that purple shit. The next morning I awoke to this bright green shit all over his diapers. So I'm calling the Doc and telling him about this change, thinking my boy caught some deadly bug. He assured me that it was normal, etc, etc, etc... So now, for fun, I load him up on it before going to Grandma's.

Poop Master Flesh's picture

yo. my shits been green for 2 weeks. i think it is all the Grapette I've been drinkin

Anonymous Coward's picture

wow.... i drank a liter of the PB shit and it turned MY shit green. i was scared.... i thought i had a disease or something. wow... ii;m glad i found this site of other 'PB Purple Poopers'

Anonymous Coward's picture

I didn't think anything of my poop being green, but my roomate sent me this link and sure enough i have been drinking pitch black and pooping green...why wasn't I startled to begin with?

h20 poop's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

i drunk pitch black doo and got green watery doo for3

Blue Powerade's picture

I had copius amounts of blue powerade one day and a few days later the poo was green. It took me a day or two to figure it out then it hit me. I mut have consumed close to 2 to 3 quarts that day.

What is that's picture

I was wonder what happened when I saw green poop. I found your site and thought I hadn't eaten anything that matched the description but I was wrong. Now and later candies (Black Radberry flaor) contain the dye. Thank you for the info I was seriously getting worried.

Grammyj's picture

Hey, I don't care what color my poo turns after drinking it! I fell in love with it the day it hit the stores, and have been drinking it ever since. I can no longer find it anywhere! Have they discontinued it??? Can someone help me?

Dew Addict's picture

Pitch Black Dew Part II? I've got a whole skid load of it in my barn! Thanks for the warning. Should I dump it??? Or put it on ebay?

Bunghole In the Jungle's picture
l 100+ points

Here's a question: A mainstay nickname for the original Mountain Dew is 'panther piss' what are some good nicknames for the next-gen dews?

"Odor in the court! The judge is eating beans--his wife is in the bathtub counting submarines." Author Unknown

keeping the whack in tally-ho...

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