Dragon Fruit: Coming Unprocessed To A Toilet Near You?


The following submission was written by someone whose first language is definitely not English. I unscrambled it as best as I could. It appears that somewhere in the world, a kid from another country or different culture has discovered that dragon fruit makes him poop. See? Poop is universal!

The market near my house recently just started selling red dragon fruit, which is quite rare in the place where I am currently staying. Dragon Red has pink to white flesh with tiny adorable black dots. Its fragrant smell makes me want to gulp the whole thing in one bite.

A few hours after I ate one, I decided that I need to go to toilet. How surprised I was to see all of the dragon fruit came out the same way that it went in, right to the toilet bowl! Not solid, not even poop, just purely the poor dragon fruit that I just recently ate, dark red in color and still with those little seeds to boot.

I ignored the result and kept swallowing it whole, one big dragon fruit after the other. Why? Because my mom said that I have been constipated since I was very little. Red dragon fruit is a good source of fiber, so it is definitely the only reason why I now go to toilet regularly.

Has anyone else used dragon fruit to be regular?

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I love dragon fruit. A mildly sweet exotic fruit. Definitely advisable to have a place "to go" nearby.

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Our first experience with dragon fruit came just this past summer. I had some, cut up; I chewed it well, as I do other food. I don't remember eating the outer hull or covering. The next bowel movements afterward were not remarkable at all--the d.f. did not come out as it went in, but well processed. Probably some seeds were visible; I don't recall. As for swallowing them whole--the ones we had were quite large, not possible to swallow whole. I didn't mind the dragon fruit, but it didn't do a great deal for me, so we have not sought them out since.

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I can purchase dragon fruit at a neighborhood Asian Market but they are too expensive for my pocketbook. Who wants to eat something that looks like a cross between a venus-fly-trap & a turnip anyway. They are a member of the cactus family and I have been told by a lady who has a food blog on Dominican cooking that they taste a lot like the cactus fruit "tuna." I can get tuna for about $1.00 each or I can purchase a dragon fruit for $4.95.

Apples and kiwis are among my favorite fruit but I may branch out and start eating dragon fruit if the price goes down. The fruit of the prickly pear cactus "tuna" satisfies my craving for the exotic without breaking my meager bank. They go in the top red and juicy but like most things I eat they are converted to poop somewhere along their journey through my body.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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I've only had it in things--never plain. But I have had similar experiences with tomatoes coming out almost exactly like they went in.

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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Dragon fruit comes in two varieties, white and red, and it does grow on a kind of spindly cactus (I have a random dragon fruit plant growing on my compost heap). They both have a texture similar to kiwi fruit. The white ones taste of nothing at all. The red ones are quite nice - they taste vaguely like kiwi fruit, too. As far as I can tell, they don't affect one's bowel function either way. I suspect the story-writer had previously eaten one too many cicadas-on-a-stick from the neighbourhood barbecue cart.

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Yummy, Cicadas-on-a-stick, I bet they're even better than crispy crickets in a taco!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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In my experience, cactus fruit causes hardening rather than softening of the stools, and getting constipated because of these is not a very pleasant experience because of all the hard seeds they contain, it is like having to crap a round file.

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