Finger-lickin' Good

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Dear Poonurse,

I have a serious question. A friend at my college, whom I grew up with, gave us a startling revelation last week. Ever since he has been a child, he has rejected the urge to poop, and has held it in. Even then, when it would start to come out, he would "pinch it off" with his fingers, drop the poo in the trash, and either wipe his hands on his pants or lick the fecal matter off his fingers. The last time he ate any of his own fecal matter was two years ago. He also maintains he was not abused as a child, and knowing his family like I do, he is most likely telling the truth.

Have you ever heard of this, what possibly could have caused it, and what effects would it have on a person's system?

Thanks, Nate


While I thank you (maybe) for the question, you have to know that this is really abnormal behavior, unless your friend is a cocker spaniel or something. Despite his protestations of a normal childhood, I would beg to differ. This is one effed up dude, man!

Another thing: Why on GOD'S EARTH would a "normal" person ever ADMIT to having done this in the past???? I would go to the grave with this one, personally. I suspect if he is admitting to having done this in the past, he is STILL doing it. Avoid shaking hands with your friend at all costs. In fact, avoid your friend like the plague.

As to your questions:

The name of this behavior is Coprophagia. Simply put, coprophagia is the consumption of feces. It is extremely uncommon in humans, but one of the most common complaints of dog owners. I could find relatively little information about human coprophagia, which should tell you that it is pretty sick and twisted behavior. I did find out that some people get off sexually on it.

What could have caused it?

Besides the aforementioned effed up childhood, there are many causes of coprophagia in dogs, such as:

Attention-seeking behavior: When the dog engages in coprophagia, their owner tends to reprimand and, therefore, pay attention to the animal. Perhaps your friend didn't get enough parental attention. Although, I'll bet a child who eats FECES gets LOTS of attention...

Allelomimetic behavior: The dog observes the owner picking up the feces and learns from them to do so as well. Maybe your friend's parents ate their own crap. (Unlikely, but your friend sounds pretty whack, so we must consider it.)

Maternal behavior: A bitch with puppies will often engage in coprophagia, and this behavior is normal. There are many theories as to why the bitch does this, including keeping the den clean and preventing the scent of the feces from attracting predators. Your friend's mom could have eaten his feces when he was a baby. A human baby's first poop is called Meconium, which is a tarry, black, sticky, odorless substance. It is hard to get off the kids crack with a washcloth, so maybe your friend's mom resorted to extreme means.

Dominance behavior: There have been reports of a submissive dog consuming the feces of one or more dominant dogs in the same household. There are other examples in nature where the submissive members of a group participate in apparently bizarre behaviors. Your friend may unconsciously want to be the "top dog" in his human relationships. In my opinion, however, it is doubtful that stool-eating will help accomplish this.

Reinforcement: Something about eating the feces itself reinforces the behavior. Things such as taste may be a factor in this. It's simply appealing to the dog to eat the feces, so it does so. Again, this is not likely the explanation for your friend's behavior. I can only imagine how shit tastes, and wouldn't think it appealing.

Feeding behavior: Many people feed their dogs only once per day. Some postulate that dogs naturally want to have multiple meals throughout the day, hence they use coprophagia to supplement their feeding schedule and fulfill this need. Perhaps your friend just needs to eat more often!

In any event, your friend shouldn't be eating feces. Feces are swarming with bacteria, and weren't meant to be recycled.

There is a product for dogs called Forbid that makes the taste of feces unappealing. Perhaps your friend should get some. Someone at work told me that feeding pineapple to your dogs makes them stop eating their shit.

Hmmm....I eat a lot of pineapple, and I don't eat my feces. Maybe there is something to this!

Good luck with your friend, Nate. I would personally dump him before there is another "startling revelation" made to you, such as a profound admiration for Jeffrey Dahmer or something.

And thanks for asking Poonurse.

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility. Poonurse would like to remind you that she is a poo nurse, not a poo doctor. Her advice should be taken with moderate skepticism, and you should consult a REAL, sober medical professional if you have a serious medical condition.

Got a question for her?

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Bunghole writes: "It's all new to me."

I would certainly have assumed that, my dear!

I can only imagine what the content mods have had to throw out of this thread.

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Whoa! Sounds fun!


I'm a nun.

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I totally relate to that! My friend does that like all the time and it grosses me and my friends out and we are afraid to eat anything she has touched or not touch anything she has touched because she never washes her hands ...even after going to the bathroom!!We don't wanna get a disease or anything.So i believe this story because my friend does the exact thing,and we all want to tell her to stop.

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Over a year ago, "nat" wrote: "...I have a problem with my two year old picking her butt. Today I saw her pick her butt and then put her fingers in her mouth. She also masturbates frequently. I do not understand this and am very scared. She had marks on her like someone grabbed her. I asked my husband where they were from and he said he didn't know. I am worried and concerned .Please help asap I don't know where to go with this..."

If anyone's reading this later, saying the same thing: "I don't know where to go with this.", the answer is: FIRST-Get The Baby The Hell Outta Dodge! (Your Mother's House or a hotel, or a friend's house, or even a shelter), SECOND-The Pediatrician. Depending on what the doctor tells you, you would THEN go STRAIGHT to The Police Department, and after THAT to Your Attorney's Office. Do not pass "GO"; do not collect $200.

I wonder what happened with "nat".

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Well...This guy is amazing to me! How can someone live their whole life without pooping? Woundnt he blow up?

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i have eaten my own feces since i was six im now 23 but other than that im really hygenic my teeth are white and i shower twice a day if not more there are a lot of people out there that have this disorder please will anyone just speak up so i dont feel alone

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Sorry CE, but you're alone. You're very very alone. Except for the voices in your head.

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That is one disturbed man. I wonder what Nate did and if he's still friends with the poop licker.

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This is a comment to Crap Eater. You are not alone and are not a total wacko as you already know, but a person with different tastes than others. Just be aware of the health aspects - especially with others poo - but feel good about yourself. Now I must tell you, that I have been with a gf who was into poo eating, in her case, more like poo licking, as she really enjoyed licking my ass after pooing, and we communicated openly about it. She never got ill. We also did some sex play where we put on diapers and pooed em a bunch. I think we were just being big children. Now eating poo is certainly a nasty thing, but you can see there are lots of fans (i did a search on "scat" and "kaviar" as these are the supposed names for this activity). I think all things in moderation must be OK - even a bit of poo! I once heard a guy on TV, a microbiologist, say that you could probably eat a tablespoon of your poo every day and you would be fine. They were talking about poo contamination in food. Now, chawing down on a whole 10" log, this is a different story! i still poo my pants every once in a great while as a complete childlike release and it is a wonderful thing. I actually feel more adult being able to enjoy it now and know I am a Good Person.

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I read poopreport on my only break of the day. At lunchtime. What a hell of a diet aid. I read this stuff and I don't EVER want to eat again. Fuck Richard Simmons and Denise Richards - you guys are way better.

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TSV, I can relate. I too was molested by a parents friend. This happened to me at the age of five, during Thanksgiving 1982. I never told my father about what had happened unil about 8 months before he died (8/06). These situations can deffinetly scar a person.

After that ordeal, I would hold my poop in until I was alone. I would not use public restrooms until I was about 23 yrs old.

(Going off topic for a sec). As I have mentioned in previous threads, I compost my excrement, I found a sites that tell how to destroy the pathogens in poop, I am posting the web adress here so people can see exactly what pathogens are in poop.
My advice to anybody with " psychological poop problems", try to overcome your situation, only you can. If you have someone who is willing to listen talk about it with that person but, be sure that you can trust that person with this kind of information.
Born to clog your bog, with a giant log.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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I have read over the above posts and would like to caution those among you so ofended by rare toilet practices - please, show some tolerance! I don't know about yours, but mine (the United Kingdom) is a pluralistic society where tolerance is a chief value. Would you call a Muslim insane for praying five times a day? No, the reasonable among you would not. Double standards are at play here; neither practice (praying five times a day to an unproven deity, or using poo in a recreational manner) has been shown to have any health benefits, or negative repercussions (besides a sore back, or a bit of the ol' wormy gut!), so please, refrain from casting such harsh judgement. One must first take the log out of one's own eye before attempting to remove a log from another's, so sayeth the Lord! ; )

Personally, eating poo is not my taste. However, I do like to wear poop in my shoes and squish around the countryside and have practiced this since my Oxford days, when I discovered it to be a great stress release. I find myself in fits of giggles, and forget any troubles I may have and I highly recommend it.

Now, don't worry yourselves about coming across my stinking feet on the tube. I make sure I go several hours out of London to a remote spot to make squishy-toes, so as not to offend anybody. However, there are many travellers and walkers on this crowded isle (especially on a Spring or Summer Sunday afternoon) and they can't always be avoided. One Sunday I was approached by a man, his wife and their two young children while sitting 'neath a cragg... I had had a good squish around and was sitting back and listening to Mozart's 'Magic Flute' on my Bose exterior noise reducing headphones, resting my ankles (I weigh 200 pounds) and up they came... I told them I had stepped on a lamb-pat (ewe!) but they soon realised that not all was well in the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth, by my grubby trouser cuffs! Naturally, this dispatched them. Thereupon I made my exit as sprightly as my nutty feet could carry me. I believe they were tourists, American. Unlikely to have caused much of a fuss. Understand, I have a reputation to uphold, and sadly one's reputation is upheld by others.

Faithful poopers, I implore you. I am a successful financier in the city of London, regarded as an upstanding, honest and not to mention, generous citizen (I sit on a number of charitable boards). I have a rather unusual hobby, tis true, but I am no ninny or madman. I am completely in control of myself. To me and others like me, please extend the tolerance you extend to others who do not share your cultural tendancies. The world would be a much better place for it.



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i 2000+ points

See, but that's just it. When you say you like to squish poop with your feet, I shrug and think, "So what?"

But if you were to say you then like to LICK THEM CLEAN, I would say, "You need help."

There's a damn line to NOT cross.

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All of you seem to be in intense denial about you're own personal feelings about this whole fetish thing.

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As a child I used to force my poo to stay in. This was because I suffered from constipation and each time I went it hurt so much that over time I became scared to "go" so i held it in for as long as possible. When I did eventually go I used to pull it out with my fingers in the hope that it didn't hurt so much. But no way did I EVER lick my fingers afterwards.

Maybe this guy had some kind of fear of going like I did.

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A nasty old goo from Woonsocket
Kept used TP in his pocket.
When asked "Why do it?"
He replied "Cuz I chew it,
And if you ain't tried it don't knock it."

I think I'm gonna hurl after reading this one.

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Is it bad to eat poop. one of my friends said he did it when he was 4

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

I'd say age 4 is about the cut off for getting away with it.

So the answer for you is: "Yes".

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it sounds like ur friend needs some help and i can totally agree with the first comment whoever that guy is who put up the first comment knows his stuff and i hope what he says helps this person
i have met many people that talk like asses but i have not met many asses that talk like people

i have met many people that talk like asses but i have not met many asses that talk like people

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In reference to Don'tMIssThis: it is not *common* for rabbits to eat their cecals (darker, moister poops-not pellets) it is *necessary* for them for exactly the reason stated: their digestive systems are not capable of breaking down the nutrients they need from their food the first time thus they must digest it a second time. Most people have never seen these softer poops because a) they don't have rabbits and b) this is done usually (not always) very late at night when rabbit owners are asleep.

There is just no comparing the necessary dietary habits of rabbits to coprophagiasts!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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My Cocker Spaniel doesn't lick shit off of his paw!

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I think it miht be a coupple things....maybey he was sexually abused once, as even a smal child (so small he wouldn't remember) and subconciously doesn't want that feeling "there"...orrrr, maybey he has realy really bad hemmoroids.....ooooooorrrrrrr, as a kid, he could have a megacolon, (he'dve had this since childhood) and that would make deficating really really painful, resulting in his behavior from a very early age. If he's been doing it since he can remember, it's not that wierd to him. I think it might be that last one.

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My exactly 4 year old nephew has started pooping in a tupperware container and storing it under his bed. Even after being punished, he still continues. Anyone ever heard of this type of behavior in a child that young? I'm thinking of calling DSS child protective services.

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Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Perhaps he's attempting to grow psilocybin mushrooms, which probably isn't a CPS issue, but one better suited to the FBI or DEA.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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maybe your nephew is just curious about what poop might do if it's not flushed (we never really get to know them)

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To "FC" (the poo in the shoe in England man)
Why not simply put marshmellows in your socks or jello, or a pudding of some kind? It would avoid repelling innocent families from your pooey feet. Also when you said people should respect your cultural tendencies, are you implying all british enjoy walking in bum bears? I know plenty of English that would be offended by this and would prefer being recognized for shakespeare and pinstripes.

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His parents should make him read "Everybody Poops". If I were Ohpra, I'd put it in the Book of the Month Club.

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Hey everyone. I found this website because i was trying to find out what is wrong with my 2 yr old daughter??? she gets so much attention and is my little princess. she has never been abused in any way or definatly molested! she has this thing though if she poops in her diaper and i don't change her right away she sticks her hands down her pants and eats her poop. it's gross and i'm worried she has something wrong with her. honestly though she sticks anything and everything in her mouth from rocks to soap to shoes... anything. i don't know. do you think it's just a weird phase??? i hope so. she is also a very independant little girl and wants to be boss. help!!!

p.s. please no stupid immature comments about her. she is my baby girl.

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PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Mommy, I'm a mom of two and feel badly that you're having this gross problem. It sounds like you should ask your doctor if there's some type of reason he or she thinks it might be happening, as doctors sometimes have seen your problem before. I'd also scold her for it in the manner that "No! Poop is yucky!" Make sure that she knows you disapprove of it.

I'd say something like wash her mouth out with soap afterwards so that she gets a negative connotation with poop, but it sounds like she might eat the soap and ask for more.

Oh, and this is Poopreport. We gets all types here, and lots of us make bad jokes. I'm certain that someone is going to say something ridiculous about your situation because, well, it is off the wall. Don't get mad or take it personally if you get teased or get a funny response. It's just part of the site.

Best wishes. I have this vision of a little toddler in a Hannibal Lector mask to prevent her from eating stuff walking around a diaper. It's weird.

Just kidding girlfriend. Hang in there.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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j 1000+ points

This called Harlan Sander's disease because of the finger licking good aspect of the issue.

ChiliKahKah's picture
j 1000+ points

If the poop was soupy, it might be the dreaded campbell soup disease......MMMMM goood, Mmmmmm, good...

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l 100+ points

That's sick. No offense but it is sick
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

Dear XupiÞor.....Your comment was very well written but it is obvious that you have a scatological fetish and the comment was not poop report material.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

I too like poo's picture

I had a good childhood. I have no memories of ever being abused. I have led a pretty normal hard working life. The earliest that I can remember being excited by the idea of poo was when i was 6. After years of vanilla sex, I just had to have the chocolate!. Nothing is more exciting than a pretty girl in the act of ..... And yes I have eaten a number of loads from a few girls I have known. And no I did not get sick. It is an overwhelming fetish, I wish i did not have this particular one, but ???? I did not choose this, I cannot explain it. I am thoroughly grossed out by nasty public toilets. But I see an attractive woman and fantasize her squatting over my mouth. There ARE lots of scat sites. The fetish is devient, but not quite so uncommon as people might think. There have been no studies, and the nature of such craving keeps it under wraps. Maybe your neighbor likes this, or your husband or wife. But they are too embarrassed to tell you. Without working too hard, I can think of a number poo related pickup lines that should NEVER be used in a bar!

It is inconvenient. It tends to isolate you from those you love. But to label poo eater as a sicko, is not a fair assessment and accomplishes nothing. What is a fact is that our urine (yes also part of that fun) contains traces of sexual phermones. Perhaps poo does also, in in amounts that only copraphages can detect, which WHY they are as they are.

Bon Appetite!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Why would abuse as a child cause someone to eat their poop? I'm not a Freudian. I just think he liked it. Pineapples?

And I seriously doubt that this was a "friend" of the OP. It's probably just such an embarrassing revelation he doesn't even want to admit it.

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j 1000+ points

Give him tootsie rolls as a substitute. Should cure the need to eat something brown.

Poothagoras's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Another reinforcement for my hand-shaking neurosis....

Also, I don't know if tootsie rolls would work. Being someone very aware of texture, I don't think that just brown is enough. However, not being a coprophage, I don't know what the proper texture would be and will refrain from asking because I fear a correlation with foods I like. I am content with smelling my steamers and having no other available concepts to draw from.
Every poop is not to be told to every body.

Every poop is not to be told to every body.

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

Perhaps tootsie rolls that have been liberally smeared with a washed rind cheese, like limberger, would work.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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Comment Quality Moderatorj 1000+ points

Just pop that tootsie roll between your cheeks for a few minutes to soften it up and give it a good stink.
Earth, insane asylum for the universe.

Earth, insane asylum for the universe.

Anonymous Jac's picture

I as a child ate my own feaces. I would hold my stools in and i would soil my pants and then put my hands in my pants and then i ate it. i became ill and had to go into hospital

RobertPoo's picture

I have heard that dogs have an instinct about poop. If they are having digestive problems, they smell their poop,(they can smell really well) and if it smells right(has what they are lacking) they will eat or lick it. It's doggy alternative medicine :)

It can work for humans as well, I read a news article about a woman who lost all of her beneficial bacteria due to medication she was taking. She couldn't digest food anymore, she was dying, so her doctor took some poop from her husband, mixed it with a saline solution and gave it to her, she was well in just a few days.
So, there are both bad and good things in poop.
I could see somebody with digestive issues, developing an interest in poop in some fashion.
Some people just have issues and need help or you can go the "if it feels good, do it" route.
Personally, I have bowel issues so poop is always on my mind, but not on my breath.

scat muncher's picture

this is one effed up guy

Anonymous Coward's picture

And I thought peeing my bed was a shameful childhood secret but then I took a look around. WTF?? I might actually know a guy like this. His GF talks about how he plays with his poo and it turns him on but nothing about eating it. Amazing, this is a cool planet.

Anonymous Coward's picture

As far as I can remember from about the age of about 2 years old up until present i have always had a diaper fetish. Not just a diaper fetish. To complicate matters I also have a poop fetish that I combine with my diaper fetish. It works out great. I get aroused by wearing AND using my diapers. There is something about pooping in diapers and then sitting in it or squishing, squeezing the back of my diapers. I like to force the poop in between my legs and over my penis then I lay down in the prone position on my stomach with my hands over the front of my diapers. Then the fun begins as I fantasize being shamed and embarrassed for being to old to poop and pee in diapers. Or I fantasize that I am a 3 to 5 year old boy not yet pooty trained who gets caught hiding and doing the dirty deed in his diapers and gets called out. I begin to hump my hands against my mattress as the feeling of the poop squishing and pee squishing in my diapers and all over my penis brings me to a happy ending and then afterwards I think about why I do this and end up frustrated and eager to get the diapers off and get myself cleaned up, only to repeat it agin the next morning.

Curious Reader's picture

I was introduced to this very attractive guy who seemed to have it all.

One day when we were talking on the phone, we saw each other a couple of times now, and we were talking naughty, he asked me if i wanted to get nasty.

Haveing no idea what that ment i said yes.
He then started saying i was to crap on your boobs and lick it off and i was you to do the same.

He then when on to say that he wanted me to crap in his mouth, which at that point i said i had to go.

I was SHOCKED! to find out that he was into that because he is a MMA fighter and as far as i could tell he seemed normal.

Soo. i think there are other people out there like that. They just dont admit it.

Ok...'s picture

Erm... Ok so that's slightly strange. I have heard of many strange things in the past, from people wearing diapers as adults (with no need for them) to people pooping in their pants for fun, but never have I heard of people eating their own poop for fun. I do not have anything against them, but I just find it slightly strange...

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