Why Pee When Pooping?

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Dear PoopReport,

I have a question: Why must you always urinate when you poop? What is the physiological reason? You certainly can urinate without pooping....

Just curious (I'm a nursing student).

-- Margret

Dr. Adams says:

This is an interesting question. There are many muscles (both voluntary and involuntary) that are involved in helping one to both urinate and pass stool. These muscles have dual functions -- holding urine and stool in, and passing urine and stool to the outside world. The muscles that help to hold in our stool are stronger and larger than the muscles that hold in our urine.

The primary muscles that function to hold in stool are the internal and external anal sphincters. The internal sphincter is a completely involuntary organ, and as stool passes through this sphincter, the muscle slowly relaxes. The stool then contacts the external sphincter, which is a completely voluntary organ. At this point, we sense that there is an increased pressure in our rectum, and we likely feel the need to defecate. If a toilet or other commode is close by, we sit down and voluntarily relax our external anal sphincter, and the stool passes through. If, however, we would rather not have a bowel movement at that moment, we voluntarily tighten our external anal sphincter, and the stool is retained in the rectum.

Control of urine is similar. The muscles are smaller, but the concept is the same. There is both an involuntary internal urethral sphincter and a voluntary external urethral sphincter. The internal urethral sphincter opens when pressures inside the urinary bladder are great enough; we can hold back the urine by tightening our external urethral sphincter, or we can urinate by relaxing this muscle.

So why do we often urinate when we defecate, but not vice versa? The main reason is that the muscles of the pelvic floor play a role in defecation and urination.

The pelvic floor muscles relax when we defecate. However, they will not necessarily have to fully relax when we urinate. But when the pelvic floor musculature does relax, in addition to allowing stool to pass, it decreases the tension in our urinary sphincters, allowing urine to flow. Because our anal sphincters are stronger than our urinary sphincters, it is easier for us to have control over our bowels than our urine.

Of course, we all don't have normal control over our bowels or bladder. There are many conditions that can adversely affect our bowel or bladder continence. Also, the control of urine and stool differ in men and women because the anatomy of the male and female pelvis are so different.

But that can be covered in another "Ask Dr. Adams". Or ask Dr. Ruth.

-- Dr. Adams

Dr. Adams is a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hopsital in Manhasset, NY. Got a question for him?

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piss all over's picture

one time my cousins friend pissed off a bridge into the water. boys got it easy, they can just stand and let it rip!!!! i gotta squat and it sucks:( once a girl and me tried to piss stnading up over a toliet. didn't work so well. once me friend and i pissed in her shower. her parents freaked when they found gotta go and pee.

spraying babe's picture

once i pissed squating in the the tub and i sprayed 30cm!!!! lets see if anyone can beat that. can't be a boy though cuz im a girl:0 shout out if u can beat it.its strange how i found this site. i found by going on google.

pissinator's picture

have any of u had to piss in the wild(like when in on a hike in the middle of nowhere)once i went on a fishing trip with my friend by Dino Lake in BC. i had to go 6 times!!!! once by a rock shore(i went on the rocks)four times by a smooth, flat rock place. i went around the corner and supported my feet and back in a sitting position and let 'er rip. it took me 20 seconds once!!!!!!!!

pee-a-lot's picture

ever had the urge to piss when ur outside in a bathing suit? i did once and i couldn't wait. i rapped my towl around me, squated down and went on the grass. another time i had to go when i wuz swimming at a river with my dino camp class. i just sat on a rock in the sun and pissed.

shit-a-lot's picture

most of the time i can hold my piss when i crap. somethimes and go at the same time and my piss will pool up in a spot on my legs 'cause it comes out so fast.

Anonymous_Person's picture

I cant belive it. there is a website for eveything. even a shitting site. lol

Anonymous Coward's picture

Another interesting question less related to pooping might be whats the deal with the shiver or spasm u get when peeing sometimes?

Anonymous Coward's picture

Oh and guacamole makes for a very interesting shade of shite. I wonder what eating cherry Kool-Aid right from the pack might produce.

nonymous Coward called ck's picture

i once pooped during a vaginal exam

the girl i was examining slapped me in the face

Crazy_killa's picture

I have the nastiest farts when I take a piss....I try to hold it in, but I can't. People just give me the weirdest looks. What can ya do?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

I have long wondered why I pee before I poop. Good answer!

But I notice that I know I'm "done" when I pee just a teeny bit more at the end. I've no explanation for that.
"You polished up my low-flow, and I dirtied up your bowl!"

pooping girl's picture

i pee w'll i shit isn't that strange i push my shit out and pee comes too.

sucker's picture

this site is about poop? lol

Anonymous Coward's picture

wholey "shit" theres acctually a page 4 pooping (just bored and started searching for random things)

Anonymous's picture

Sometimes when I am gonna do a massive fart, it makes me almost piss.

Anonymous Coward's picture

My dick is so big when I sit down to take a dump it dips in the water =( so I have to sort of elevate it with my hand so it doesnt get wet

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

"Why dontcha come up and see me sometime?"-- Mae West

the turd burglar's picture

for the last few weeks, every time i've had a good clearout, it has been real messy - even though i sit as low through the seat as i can, i have still managed to get splatterings of shit over the walls and floor

anyone wanna comment ?

impooped's picture

The difference between "poo" and "poop"...
one has a pee only at the beginning, the other has a pee both before and after!

How can you tell if your turds are tired? They get pooped out!!!

healthy 1's picture
j 1000+ points

It is easier to keep your (this is my best description) winkie where it belongs, if you have an elongated toilet bowl.

Back to topic. "Why "must" you "always" urinate when you poop?" Key words here, must and always. There could be many reasons. 1. I personally don't urinate and poop at the same time, therefore, I would guess that it is just how the individual's body works. 2. Maybee some people's "urinary spinchter" is weaker than other's. 3. It could be psychologically related. There could be many other factors.
We aim to please, you aim too please.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

Thunder's picture

For years, I did not think to search it up online. Now I did and found this site. I've always wondered if it was natural for a man to always sit on the toilet. I'm not sure how it started, but I have a habit of sitting whenever I'm peeing only, shitting only, or peeing and shitting. It is a good thing, because peeing while standing can be messy around the toilet. I shit and pee at the same time alot. Both would go at the same time, or shit goes first and then pee goes while the shitting is in progress, or peeing first and then shitting happens while peeing is in progress. So, it looks like alot of people experience it too.

Crunchy Frog's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

LOL @ Ken King. I have to make sure my dingaling is pointed well down otherwise I also get the wet-back-of-trousers thing going on and that ain't nice especially when I'd planned to wear them and then take them back to the shop!

Stephanie Anne's picture

My mom use to repeat to my sister and me, "Habits are formed at an early age!" While it was directed at not smoking, making our beds, being punctual, etc., for me, my peeing when pooping situation was forced on me when my parents moved at the beginning of my 8th grade year. Both my sister--two years older--and I were made to go to catholic schools and my parents looked down on the friends I had that went to East High, the public school. They expected so much more of the parochial school system and unfortunately (for me, at least) I got it!

I was forced to go to a K-8 parish school, and unlike my friends in public school, I didn't have a different teacher for each of my classes. Each day, all day, we had a 70-something elderly nun Sister Rose who kept the parents satisfied with her strict,on-task discipline. She would allow us to go to the bathroom once each day and a clipboard was used to log us in and out. I found out the first week of school what a mean witch she was when at about l:30 p.m. during silent reading I had to pee and I asked permission. She came back to my desk, asked me to look at the bulletin board calander next to her desk, then read to her the date, compare it to the date I had signed out on two hours earlier (when I had to take a pretty big crap)and to explain to her how I would be within the rule if I was to sign out for the bathroom anytime prior to 12:0l that evening. I had to pee so bad it almost drove me to tears, but none of the others in my class would dare question the elderly witch who had begun her teaching/warden career when FDR was president.(this was in the mid-1980s).

As I made more friends and we exchanged ideas, we found that she was all too consistent. There was no way to beat the system so, as in my case, I would hold my bowels for a couple of hours and then sign out to pee at the same time. Many of my friends did that, although at some times we were uncertain that we could "hold it", especially if it was right after lunch or recess on colder, winter days. There were a few accidents, but Sister Rose just chalked such experiences up to "a lot of flu going around". Another drawback was there were only about 15 stalls in our bathroom in our wing, so sometimes we had a long wait because my friends and I would stay on the stool longer to ensure that we both peed and pooped in one sitting--there sure would be no second chance. One night my bus was late in picking me up and I tried to go back into the school but another nun (younger--probably in her 60s and strict as hell too!) made me turn around before I got to the bathroom door. While I was sitting on the stairs and waiting in the lobby, another girl who was a couple of years older came out upset and crying. She had just sat down to poop when the nun opened the door on her, told her she was unauthorized to be in there because it was after school, made her pull up her underwear and leave. I don't know how she held it in on her bus ride home that night!

Although I got a fine education there and got accepted by one of the top private colleges in the nation, I still am hurt by the one-visit-per-day rule more than 20 years ago. I did learn discipline and even now I find myself taking extra time in public bathrooms for the one of two extra pushes necessary to complete my task. We have a on-line log-in/log-out feature on our computers at work and I rarely have to worry about multiple transactions showing for the bathroom. However, both my son and daughter go to public schools where younger teachers and more freedoms are the norm. Most recently my freshman daughter did a paper on human rights and Amnesty International. I could have used that information 20 years ago. And she was amazed that earlier generations had to put up with such savage disciplinarians.

Nameless Guy's picture

Piss & Poop - Great & weird site!
My own experiences -
Invariably piss when pooping, never poop when pissing, except when I've had to stop when struck by sudden squirt attack.
Off Topic - Always wipe seated, from right side, right butt-cheek lifted (I'm left handed, butt for some reason can't wipe on the left - anathema in Arab countries (or maybe Islamic - don't know), front to back (being male, no reason for that).
All the girls/women I've know with one or two exceptions: a) don't piss when they poop, perhaps because, b) they reach BETWEEN THEIR LEGS(!!!) to wipe their butt. The idea being they'd either get their arm wet from the piss on their bush or get the paper wet & have to wipe their butt with piss-soaked tp or wiping piss, then poop would just waste paper (don't really think this enters in).
Never heard (but there's always a first time) of a guy wiping his butt by reaching between his legs because of the paraphenalia in the way &/or because his arm also would get wet - "the last drop always ..."
And, speaking of front-to-back, except for fastidiousness, why is back-to-front a problem? Ever changed (or been present) when a baby girl's diaper is changed? Often poop from coccyx to front of vulva (should I be using a more euphemistic, less anatomical word here?)

Carleen's picture

Peeing when I'm pooping makes special sense to me, especially in summer. As a college student, I'm taking classes part-time and working an internship that involves sales and traveling quite a bit, and public bathrooms are not always available and...well, public. When I sit down on a so-so seat to poop, why not drain some pee to because it one less search, stop and sit-down I'm going to have to do. I remember when I was very young and using one of our city's public swimming pools for the first time. There was a big sign and even bigger manager in the locker room who made sure when we got into our suits, we also showered and the last stop was the toilet. IT WAS MANDATORY that we went in and tried to go. I was stopped once because I had just come from home, my mom was with me BUT the manager still insisted that I go into a stall and go. I resented that I had to go and had just pooped at home within the hour, but I sat down for a couple minutes, flushed and was allowed in the pool. By the way, both my mom and I hated those toilets. The concrete floors were slippery and the toilet seats were wet. Otherwise, I have always prefered a dry toilet seat and I've even bypassed a few stalls which didn't meet the criteria.

Swimmer's picture

I agree with Carleen that such pee/poop before you enter the public swimming pool rules are stupid. It's just another regulation or way of controlling people that they should be able to do on their own without having to be told and observed doing something such as going into a stall, sitting down, flushing, and then being admitted to a pool. If you've crapped in the past hour, it's idiotic to make you sit down again and "go", but I know that there are some children who don't have the leadership at home and will pee and crap in the pool. Last month, I walked into the locker room at the public pool I go to and saw two girls, each about 10, taking their swim suits off while sitting on a bench in the locker room. One leaned back on the bench until she was almost falling off and peed onto the floor. Apparently they had some sort of dare or bet going. They were both laughing very heartedly when my daughter and I walked by. I steered Camdyn to the other side of the bench so she wouldn't walk in the pee. I told the ticket taker as we were exiting and he said he would have to see it happen if he was going to take any action. Last year Camdyn sat on a sizeable log of shit at the same pool when she was desparate to get a stall, sit down, and pee. Until responsibility is taught in the home, I'm just not hopeful that anything is going to improve. I think I'm going to talk to my husband about a private pool membership for next year. It can't be that bad there.

Someone's picture

I like never pee when i poo... sometimes i do, but i think the last time i did was a looooong time ago.

Mermaid's picture

I think I would be inclined to get a private swim membrship too, Swimmer. That must have been disgusting for you and your daughter to see. I wonder who was the first to have sat on that bench when undressing or dressing and just thinking that the liquid was from somebody's recent shower. Camdyn most certainly is more careful now in that locker room, toilet area and pool since she sat on the log of shit last year. How gross and inconsiderate. I also like the response from the employee that they have to "see it happen" before they can take any action. Simply unreal and indicative of parents not doing their jobs. When I take my daughter (she's 7) swimming next time I think I'm going to put a bath towel down on the bench for her when she's changing. Urrrgh! Sitting in someone else's urine or when you're on the toilet, their deliberately-left log of shit.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Congradulations! You have a lawyer in the family!


Erythorbic (not verified) -- 03.12.2004
My friend told me that his girl friend shit on the table while giving birth? Is that just a problem with her? or does this happen alot?

Second Thoughts Sue's picture

Why pee when pooping is a question I sometimes ask myself; only for me, it's the reverse. I'm 24 and often travel as part of my sales job. That means lots of time in airports, large office buildings, and a variety of buildings too numerous to mention. Often I'll get off a plane, run straight to the ladies room, and pee. I'll use my cell from the stool to get directions to the rental car, etc. I save time by taking stalls without toilet paper left because it's not essential to my pee. However, sometimes when I'm on hold I'll get some rumbling and in two or three minutes I'll be pooping at little too. Then the problem, because there's no toilet paper to wipe with. Sometimes my underwear takes a beating so to speak because I'm a few minutes away from a client and I want to assure myself of one less "pit stop".

po0p's picture

I don't pee and poop at the same time. Well I shouldn't say never, but, I usually poop and then pee. When that happens, and I start to pee, I know that all the kids have been dropped off in the pool.

I can also stop my pee in midstream, regardless of how bad I had to pee at the time.

Fawn's picture

I was out shopping and went to the movies with my grandma. She's 82. When I came back from excusing myself a 2nd time to use the bathroom, she asked if I was sick. I told her no but the first time I had to crap and about 45 minutes later I had to pee. Later that day while we were eating in the food court, she explained when she came to the city from the farm in 1948, she was surprised by all the pay toilets she found in department stores and other public places. They cost, she said 5 cents or 10 cents, and that was money she would rather spend at the soda fountain or on candy. A friend told her to do "double duty" when she went in and she would save the money by needing a 2nd trip later. She said both crapping and peeing at the same time made sense to a lot of her friends. Grandma also told me the story of some girls who would cheat the store by slidding in under the stall door or worse yet, not latching the door when they left so that their friend(s) or others in line would get in free. She doesn't remember exactly when the pay toilets were taken out, but she thinks it was during the 1960s.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I love grammas! Yours sounds really cool. Spend as much time as you can with her.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

MSG's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Normally I poop completely and then pee; however, on my current high-water regime, I sometimes find that the pee urge is so strong that both organs are emptying simultaneously. Fun, but unusual for me. Yesterday I was working outside and did not want to go in to use the toilet, so the need grew. I was farting and holding in my pee at the same time. I finished my work outside and went in to the toilet, where I sat and had immediate release from both bladder and bowels. I can't remember the last time it happened just like that.

Megan's picture

I take a full load of classes at school, am out for a sport as a three-season athlete, and I put in 20 hours a week working as a clerk at our city's airport. About two years ago I found it was a great time-saver and convenience to pee when I poop because so much of the time, whether it's at my high school or the airport, there's a long line for each of the toilets and there's not always enough toilet paper to wipe with. Once I pooped at school right after dismissal and when I got done I found each of the 10 or so stalls was out of toilet paper. About 30 minutes later, I got to the airport, had to wait in a 10 minute crowd (between flights, I guess) to pee, and when I was on the toilet, I used the toilet paper available to wipe from my previous crap. Since that time, I've learned to hold one function until I can complete the other in the same sitting. It works great, it's time-saving and it's not all that inconvenient.

Postman's picture
k 500+ points

Why Not?

Postman's picture
k 500+ points

In other words, as long as you're sitting, might as well get rid of everything, both piss wise and shit wise.

PC Muscle Man's picture

You could control how to poop and pee independently by Kegel excercise or training your PC muscle (pubococcygeus). As my muscle get stronger, I find out that I can "pee or not to pee" while pooping. PC muscle controls stop/go urination, control vagina tightness for woman and intensity of ejaculation for man. Good luck.

Peeing Jessica's picture

I'm 14 and I agree with Second Thoughts Sue. At places like the mall I've seen mothers alone and mothers with kids by the hand check out the toilet paper supply before they let their young daughter go into a stall and sit down. If there's no toilet paper or very little on the roll, they will take them over to another line. For the simple pee, a stool with a seat and a couple of minutes are all I need. I'm pretty easy to please as long as I get to pee without wetting myself. Wet underwear sucks.

prarie doggin's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatorg 4000+ points

Jesus H. Christ, you have that small cubicle all to yourself. Just shit, pee, fart, shoot snot rockets at the door, and hock up a good loogie and send it flying at the ceiling. That way, when you are cruising the mall you can be very civilized.

shitake boy's picture
l 100+ points

I will also pee while I am pooping. I usually have it tucked anyway while I am sitting on the toilet. With that in mind, I might as well. The worst with me is when I am at a urinal peeing, and then I feel a shit coming on , and I have to abruptly stop my pee and find a stall to sit in so I can poop, and I continue my pee once I am seated and pooping.

In search of the ever evasive BM

In search of the ever evasive BM

Squat-n-leaveit's picture
Comment Quality Moderatork 500+ points

Alright... I can not be the only one... I better not pee while pooping, unless I have a bucket. Few feelings are worse then squatting for a good poop, and having a certain member hit cold toilet water. I pee before I sit, then let my friend hang over the edge.

Power Pee's picture

Hey girl spraying 30CM is only 12 inches my wife can piss 7 feet!!

Mandy's picture

It depends what time of the year it is. At school, I pee and poop at the same time because in most cases, I would have waited 5 or 10 minutes in line for a stool that's clogged and a seat that's dirty. Only a moron would sit down more than once a day. When I'm home, I usually separate the two because I have time on my hands and more privacy. I also separate the two when I'm at my job since I enjoy getting off the floor for a couple of minutes and off my feet. My best friend also works retail and she has to punch-out to take a bathroom break. That would suck!

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

If, on a cold day, you have experienced shrinkage,it is possible to tuck your shlong down and piss all over your balls.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

Anonymous Coward's picture

im surprised no one commented on this...

"And, speaking of front-to-back, except for fastidiousness, why is back-to-front a problem? Ever changed (or been present) when a baby girl's diaper is changed? Often poop from coccyx to front of vulva (should I be using a more euphemistic, less anatomical word here?)"

if you wipe back to front, you are transferring the harmful bacteria from the anus to not only the vagina opening but to the opening of the urethra. this can cause some nasty infections, including really serious urinary tract infections or yeast infections. plus, who wants poo smeared all over their girl parts!!

hayley's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I almost always pee while pooping. It doesn't even feel like I have to pee sometimes but almost always end up peeing.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hopefully given the subject matter here anybody reading is beyond being offended...

When I use a dildo to anally masturbate, if my bladder isn't empty it soon becomes empty. In fact even when I think it's empty often I find out it's possible for it to be more empty.
So yes, you can't take a shit without peeing.

prarie doggin's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatorg 4000+ points

Isn't that special

Church Lady

o.O's picture

woah. and here I thought no one else had this problem.

o.O I had no idea guys had to "tuck it in" or whatever. lol I guess that explains why my brother would always leave piss stains on the floor or something when we were younger :( I guess he had to figure it out the hard way. lol he got yelled at so bad.

I find it's possible to not pee when pooping if you pee first - but a little usually comes out anyway... but it's not really an issue what with me being a girl and my junk aiming down anyway.

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