agraphobia? or some poop/psych disease?

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Mike asks:

Well i have been diagnosed with agoraphobia.. but am not sure on that..

The deal is that i always gota poop when i have to go out.. and if i do go out i have the worst stomachaches ever(that makes me want to go poop), sweating...usually i dont end up pooping ..but its kind of embarssing.. i'am currently in homeschool cause of it.. it sucks becase i'am 16.

i was thinking maybe when am going to go out, my brain might send out more chemicals to my stomach making me poop?( i never pooped myself).. or from a bad experiance from 9th grade where i had the worst stomach ache ever.. which are the same sypmtoms i have now....

help me?

Dear Mike,

Thanks for the question!

I am sorry about the agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is the fear of going outside the house to public places.

Now, as I am a poonurse, I know nothing about agoraphobia. But, the word itself sort of sounds like corprophagia, which I DO know something about!

Corprophagia means literally "to eat feces". My dogs do this all the time. Drives me out of my mind. I mean, EATING YOUR OWN SHIT? For GODS SAKE! I literally RETCH every time I see them doing this. Consequently, I let them out less frequently, which has been causing them to shit downstairs in the family room when I am not looking. For some odd reason, they are quite content to leave the family-room shit alone. They wouldn't touch it if I poured GRAVY on it, I'm sure!

Go figure....

So, Mike, I trust I have been helpful. Thanks for asking Poonurse!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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I'm back,

Been off for a while as I was told not to read up on too much because it will stick in your head and the mind guy thing will continue its viscous circle.

This is what I do to manage.
On clonazepam .5 mg
Celexa 20 mg
After 1st BM I take an immodium and wait about 15 min to kick in.

If still feel uncomfortable will take another immodium prior to leaving.

Has helped big time but not cured.

Btw I'm on the throne typing this. :) so once I'm done its immodium time and within 1/2 hr I'm out the door.

If you can get CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) this will also aid to the way you are able to conquer this stupid shitting/ anxiety.

I'm actually have a professional working with me at the moment.

The more you resist the more it will persist.

3 words of advise : JUST DO IT



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Kindly post some solutions as well....someone....

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I dont think this forum is alive anymore but I'm going to post my thoughts anyway. I've read about half of everyone's posts and I can connect with pretty much all of you. I hope you guys have solved your problems and will someday remember to come back here and tell us how you fixed yourself.

I'm 20 and I have been jobless for a few months and have skipped out on school this year because of this crippling problem. I am waiting on insurance to kick in in October so I can see my doc and get help. A few months ago he gave me lorazepam because I thought I just had temporary stress over a court date but the anxiety attacks continued with no sign of any progress. lorazepam helped a little. I could just pop one when I felt anxiety coming on and within a few minutes I would calm down and forget about pooping. I have since run out and plan on calling tomorrow and asking my doc if I can get another prescription to hold me over until I get insurance.

I find myself staying at home everyday just staring at the TV. If I feel any pressure like going out or even having a friend over, the attacks start and I feel like I have to poop immediately. I try to count to ten and take deep breaths but it barely works and I continue to panic. I don't do any drugs because I feel like I will just get myself deeper in the hole and I don't want drugs as a crutch, however, having a few beers in my system really relaxes me and I feel like myself temporarily until I sober up and it's back to normal. I've been staying away from the beer on safe side as well just so I don't form any bad habits.

I know it's all in my head but I can't defeat the fear. I just want my normal life back. It's been three years and all my friends think I hate them because I don't pick up my phone knowing that if I hang out with them I will start panicking.

I also am paranoid about smelling like poop. It's probably related but I feel like after a bowel movement I don't feel clean and everyone can smell it. I know it's not in my head so that's definitely part of the problem.

Well I'm done ranting, I hope everyone gets better. Good luck.

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I literally have the exact same thing. I'm glad you were able to talk to your girlfriend about it. I don't know anyone else that is going through this and I think it would be good to talk to someone else experiencing this!

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I seriously think you should see a therapist! It would not surprise me if by just having a few meetings with a licensed therapist who specializes in anxiety that you would be able to beat this. If your insurance covers this type of thing, check it out.

I know that many people think that therapy is bull, but many people are also uneducated and know nothing about the psych field. You just might need to learn some relaxation techniques, because it sounds like your anxiety is producing a poop anxiety somatoform.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I'm 20 years old and I never once had a problem with going out places. It didn't matter how far or anything, I was always fine. It was as if my body knew that I was away from home and I'd never have to use the restroom unless it was just normal diarrhea, but that was fine, because it would almost never happen. But about 6 months ago out of nowhere I just started having a problem where it felt like when ever I'd go out with my friends I would have to go to the restroom. I told my friends about it and they kind of laughed and I did too, because it was a bit funny/strange. I thought it would possibly just go away, but all it did was get worse. I wouldn't say I had a fear of public restrooms, but I wouldn't say I was comfortable either with using them for going number 2. With my problem though it really helped me not care where I go just as long I could go. The times I get the most nervous is when I go visit my girlfriend at college and she lives with 2 other girls. I don't mind going when it's just her and I there, but when her roommates are there I get really neverous and get the stomach churning feeling. A lot of the times I'd rather go out with her so if I have to go I can use a public restroom. I told her about my problem and she says she understands, but I tell her she doesn't really understand what it's like. I work at a restaurant and I want to get out of there and acutally do something with my life, but with this problem it seems as if school would be impossible. Also when I'm busy like at work or playing some kind of sport I feel fine, because my mind isn't on my problem. I'd do just about anything to have my old life back and be able to just have fun with out ever having to worry about if there is a restroom near by or if I'll have to use it. It is ruining my life and holding me back.

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Wow! I can't believe so many other people are dealing with this too. I'm 23 and have had this for two years now. I used to be the king of parties and always dating girls. Now I've lost all my friends except one and he never even invites me out anymore because he knows I'll say no. Basically to go out and have fun with people I have to get drunk before hand. Or at least tipsy.
I have a routine every morning where I drink either coffee or an energy drink to make me poop. And I'll usually poop 2-3 times before I even feel slightly comfortable about going out. So that means I need two hours to myself in the morning before I can even see anyone.
I'm currently in a long distance relationship. And I kept my anxiety disorder from her for so long. Until... I had a panic attack with her. I was with her and two friends visiting from out of town. And we met my mother for dinner. I ended up sitting in a corner with barely any room and blocked in by two people. I started sweating and feeling sick. So I had to leave and since I drove everyone had to leave with me. The drive was 5 minutes back to my moms house and I had to stop at a fast-food place to poop. Then I had to go twice at my moms house. I was forced to explain what was going on to my friends and girlfriend. They call it my poopy-panic attack... Haha it's pretty funny. But they understand which is good.
Worst experience ever was making an 8 hour drive with my girlfriend. But I figured out something that helps me a little bit with it. And that was keeping my mind on something else. I talked her ear off the whole time on the trip. I'm sure it annoyed her but it helped me!
I'm currently taking dipham and charcoal for the panic attacks. The charcoal helps solidify the poop. And dipham stops the intestinal track. Probably not very good for me. But it's better than nothing.
It feels so good even writing this stuff out. Maybe I need to have a poop journal haha.

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Anybody beat this yet??

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Wow I was really surprised when I found this forum filled with people with the same problems I was having. I would get panic/anxiety from just the idea of leaving the house and the possibility of there not being a bathroom nearby. I read through almost all of these comments and didn't find many solutions besides just telling you it is fine, which is easier said than done. For me just reading this helped. Knowing there are others like you made a difference because even though friends and family say that they get it, they don't. I was recently looking online for natural stress relief and I found "Rescue Remedy" which came highly recommended. I was willing to try anything at this point so I went to whole foods and purchased it and you know what...It worked! No anxiety, whatsoever. I even tried to rile myself up and couldn't. It makes you a little hyper at first but that passes within 5 minutes. I would really recommend that everyone try this. It's all natural and I'm hoping it will help bring me back to normal to where I don't even need to take it. I am now looking forward to the road trip I will be taking next week. Hurray!

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Hello I have quite a long story and have the same Problem maybe worse and I have always thought I'm probably the only one. Mine started nearly 10 years ago I am now 25 I was staying at my boyfriend's place (who is now my husband) and my stomach was churning like I needed to go badly and as a young girl I didn't want to use his toilet so I got someone to take me home which I was then up all night with diarrhea. The next weekend I tried to stay there again but kept thinking what if it happens again and made myself that nervous that I had to go to the toilet so I wanted to go home again this happened a few times until I gave up trying to stay there. About 2 years later I told him what happened and he didn't understand why I just didn't go so that made me feel a lot more comfortable to stay there. Years later after my 3rd baby it came back ALOT worse and whenever I left the house even round the corner I would make myself so nervous thinking I would need to go that I actually would need to but now another 2 years on from being that bad I'm a bit better and can go places closer to home but Anything half an hour away or more I just can't go because I KNOW I can end up making myself need to go by getting so nervous so I take Imodium which is for diarrhea but when you don't have diarrhea it just stops you from pooping for a day or two so that's what I use when I really need it I should go to the docs but I have convinced myself they can't help me as no one can make me feel like its OK to use a public toilet or what not. I'm OK at peoples house as I'm pretty comfortable there. This ruins my life and sometimes stops me from doing things with my husband and kids. I always think I'm such a weirdo lol sorry for the life story but thought I would tell how it started for me also. Let me know if anyone else has what I have or what it's called or better what to do to not care about it like a normal person I envy people who just go when they need to in public and don't care

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Any updates on this shit?

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I have the same problem so what I do is I try to convince myself that it won't be long until I'm near a bathroom. Or I tell myself that I KNOW I don't have to use the bathroom. It usually helps :)

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Can someone please help me or give me advice? It doesn't look like this page is active much anymore but I stumbled across it in an internet search. The start of my problem was about 5th grade I'd say...I'm 24 now and that's the most glaring time for me. Anyways, I just remember I stopped eating at school, out at restaurants, at friends houses and so on. I think I have a severe phobia with pooping and anytime I eat something I immediately start the panicky thoughts and I can just start to feel my stomach churning. Soon enough I have to go and I'm sick of it. I've spent so much time of my life already staying home and losing friends because of this stupid problem. I'm working full time now and I always make sure to go before work and it doesn't always help. I know its a part of life but I really think I have anxiety about it because its not normal to think about it this much and have such a fear. Please help me

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I am an enterostomal therapist which is a nurse who is specialized in bowel problems and diversions. Quality of life can be realized by many pt's having symptoms discussed previously. By having a loop ostomy which is a bowel diversion can be done by conservative laparascopic approach. This surgery is a bowel diversion requiring the patient to wear a low profile appliance that can be emptied intermittently without anyone being aware or disposable pouches as an option. I suggest a colo-rectal surgeon or general surgery consult to discuss options. This is a reversible surgery but will improve quality of life by diverting the problem of involuntary defecation that cannot be controlled any other way. There are many resources online to read up on this approach. Look for "loop ostomy" WOCN (professionial nursing association), and UOA (united ostomy association) for starters. Quality of Life is everything! RN, CWOCN

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I suffer from Agoraphobia and when I get nervous I have the poop feeling. I used to be scared of going to school or to hang out with friends. Every time I go out I make sure that I have a bowel movement because I feel much better and feel I wont have a poop accident ( never had a poop accident). I also eat less because I'm scared that I will shit my pants. Those days that I go out I eat a meal, those days that I stay home I eat three times. Yes, I know I'm not eating well but its the only way I feel better.

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Thank goodness! So glad I found this page. I felt like the only person with this. It is ruining my life. I try not to let it interfere with work and social life but each day is a new battle against it. Worse when I have no control over situations. I know I can fight this because I did not have it as a child.

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I was wondering what is something that can solve the problem? I feel like I have to poop in times when I know I can't go to the bathroom. And when I know I can go to the bathroom, the feeling is gone. Also, I can't hold it in for very long, it feels like I'm about to fart until I can go. This is ruining my life. Someone please help me. What should I do? Tell my doctor? Is it anxiety? I'm confused.

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just thought i should let you know, i have EXACTLY the same thing. constantly worrying about the same 3 things as you. takes over my life at uni, i find it hard to sit in lectures. i went to a woman who specialises in `EFT' Emotional Freedom Techniques, which involve tapping all over the body, relaxing your muscles, so your whole body is more in tune with itself. Before i tried it i thought it seemed a load of crap, pun intended, but it worked. I panicked as soon as i entered the quiet room with the lady, asked to leave, she said i could but it might be good to try the techniques. It calmed me down almost completely and took away all the gut churning feelings. It hasn't stayed that effective, and ive had some fairly bad bouts recently, but its worth a go. Ive decided to see someone about it again and finally sort it out.

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ok soooo I'm really surprised. It makes me really happy that I'm not the only one either. I mean I was an athlete I was always out in about enjoying life did not have anxiety never worried or had any kind of fear. But now I'm just this depressed person even to take a step outside I panic big time feel like I do some thing wrong... My heart races I get scared feel like I embarrass myself like pooling on myself and not no it. I ask my sister my girlfriend if I do these things and their like no you don't do nothing wrong then why do I think it?!!!!! Why? I want my life back I want to be normal and active and go to college make something of my life. This is four yrs now that I've been like this why please someone help me

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This started happening for me about a week ago. I'm 25. I used to have a lot of other OCD obsessions with autonomic bodily functions: noticing eye blinking, breathing, etc. But this is the absolute worst, and like many of the stories here it was triggered by a trauma. I had some serious gas attacks and everyone on a greyhound bus thought i had shit myself (at least those in the near vicinity). Facing the humiliation of a public bus and realizing that i was trapped, i felt more and more anxiety which only made the sensation of pooping myself stronger. The other night, hanging out with some friends for the first time in 2 months, I realized I was too altered to make it home when i felt the sensation/anxiety, there was no toilet paper in their bathrooms. I had such a severe panic without being able to relieve my anxiety that I was begging them to call 911--my heart hurt. Worst of all I wanted so badly just to say what was wrong so that it would go away--"ive been having trouble thinking i've pooped myself lately!" but I just couldn't. I felt so trapped and alone until finding this website.

But it both traumas? Absolutely no sign of feces in underwear. For nearly all of us, this is entirely in our heads. When i know i've smelled like shit, it's because i've been clenching myself repeatedly in a panic, causing my underwear to smell like ass. We feel like we're shitting out of anxiety because our minds make it real. That's how powerful our minds are. Turning to meditation and relaxation techniques, and becoming more aware of how and why we're doing this, and forcing our minds to relax by first relaxing our body, is the ticket out of this madness. Unless you are experiencing severe abdominal pains and rectal bleeding there is no physical reason for this. Realize that your body is automatically in control of this shit (pardon the lame pun), you are just over thinking the process. If you are healthy and not panicking there is no physically possible way to loosen your bowels or urinate without you wanting to. Get empowered, if it's all in our heads we have the tools to fix this.

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GREAT RANT ELIZABETH!!! how are things going?

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If there is a problem,they have a medication for it. It's odd how you have a fear of silence. Before going to spend x amount of dollars on meds that will most likely be placebos,try and think of your favorite song that you know the words to,and sing along in your head. Trust me,you won't notice a thing anymore.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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In the 7th grade I had to go to the bathroom while taking a test, my stomach started making noises and I got really nervous. Ever since then every time I've been in a quiet room I get so nervous I have to poop. I am now a sophomore and it is still going on. This year I decided to be home schooled because I am tired of it. Is there a medication of some sort I could take for this?


Well, I am 20 years old and recently I went with my boyfriend to a mechanic to get his car fixed. On our way there I started feeling anxiety of having to poop because it was early in the morning and I hadn't pooped, so I started thinking what if I have to do #2? I started feeling those stomach pains and I had to go. I tried to hold it in but I couldn't so I told my boyfriend he had to stop somewhere but he didn't.

I got more anxious and when we got to the mechanic I felt horrible, like I had to poop and throw up from the anxiety of not being able to go, and fear of shitting myself. By the way, the mechanic we went to see works from his home, not a shop, meaning no public bathroom. I asked my boyfriend to ask him if I could use his bathroom.

I went to the bathroom just in time before I exploded. Then we left from the mechanic to the junkyard and I started thinking, what if I have to go again, there is no bathroom in the junkyard.

So again I needed to shit! I tried to calm myself because I knew it was all anxiety. We got to the junkyard and I tried to act like I was ok because I was embarrassed to tell my boyfriend. I couldn't hold it so again I left to find a bathroom across the street in a Pollo Loco. I shat again and went back to meet with him and then we left and I started to feel anxious again so I manipulated (we were supposed to go to two more places) him so we could go back to the house with out telling him what was really going on.

Once in the house I felt calm and safe and I didn't have to go anymore so I forgot what happened. That was two weeks ago but last week we when out to the movies and I was feeling great until we where inside waiting for the movie to start and the theater was getting full. I started feeling anxious because what if I had to go and I had to walk across the aisle full of people. But I said to myself, just get it over with and go already before the movie starts.

I stood up and managed to get across and go the bathroom. I did #1 but I couldn't shit. I went back and the movie started and the stressful urge started again. I was afraid I wanted to go so badly but I couldn't get up because I was embarrassed of disrupting the people from watching the movie.

It was horrible, I couldn't concentrate through the movie until the end when I started feeling better because I knew I was going to be able to stand up. We go to the movies every week and I've never had this before. Now this weekend I am going to the movies and I am afraid of going through the same thing again. So I've been preparing myself all week taking holistic supplements that help with anxiety. Oh, I forgot to mention that last Sunday, two days after we went to watch the movie we had to drop off a kitty we rescued to a family that wanted the kitty and on our way there I started to get the feeling so as soon as we got off the freeway I told my boyfriend to stop in the gas station because I had to go really bad but as I got out of the car to go to the bathroom the anxiety went away but I still went to the bathroom because I still had to go. I got back in the car, we dropped off the kitty, and went home.

So that's my story I want to share with you guys, hope it helps us know were not alone. I don't understand how something like this can take control of our lives and put anxiety and fear in us. It controls our lives enough that we fear of going out and doing our daily routines like work,school,shopping and having fun. We should fight this back and not let it take control over us. We should talk about this too. Whoever is willing to listen to us. Who cares if they think were crazy. We'll flush it out of our system and maybe like that be rid of it. Every time we are shitting lets think that with every poop, diarrhea, gushy liquid we take were getting rid of all the fear, anxiety, anger, hate, loneliness, and pain we have in our lives and in our heart. That with that nasty nervous shit we're taking were cleaning ourselves mentally and physically. Lets take courage and when ever this happens to us again we say I don't want this for my live and this is not the way I am going to live, not 1 yr 2 yrs 5 or 10 and I am stopping this now. So far no meds or therapy has helped for many people out here. Let's us take charge of our lives if there is bathrooms everywhere why are we afraid of shitting then. GAS STATION,MALLS RESTAURANT,MOVIE THEATER,IN OUR CAR SO WHAT IF WE SHIT IN THE CAR WELL GO BACK AND CHANGE,IN THE NEIGHBOR HOOD WE'LL JUST HIDE IN THE BUSHES AN SHIT, CLEAN OUR ASS WITH LEAVES OR ASK TO GO INTO A NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE WHY NOT WHY THE FCK ARE WE AFRAID WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT OTHERS THINK THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT WE GO THROUGH AND HAVE BEING THROUGH NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE us. MAYBE I DIDN'T THINK LIKE THIS WHEN THIS HAPPEN TO ME OR WHEN I WAS STARTING THIS POST BUT I AM ANGRY REMEMBERING ALL YOUR GUYS POST TALKING ABOUT ALL THE THINGS YOU GUYS GO THROUGH.WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. WE COULD CHANGE THINGS..THERE IS NO CURE CAUSE THERE IS NO SICKNESS ..WE ARE ALL HEALTHY PEOPLE WHO HAVE GONE THROUGH BAD EXPERIENCES THAT IS IT..EXPERIENCES THAT LED TO THIS POOP THING THAT IS MAKING OUR LIVES MISERABLY. WE SHOULD LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT..WE SHOULD STOP THIS NOW!!WE HAVE THE CONTROL.

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I am 21 years old. I have the same exact problem. Every time I go outside or somewhere further than a mile, I feel like I need to take a shit and it is embarrassing, my cousins have nicknamed me shitty. lol And it mostly happens when I have to go out I don't feel comfortable if there is no restroom in the place I am. Long Car Rides Make me Sick. I know most of it is in my head because I don't feel this way at home. I am tired of living this way and it needs to stop. I know I am missing out on a lot of stuff with friends and family. Our mind is very powerful and we need to overcome this phobia anxiety, the sane and the insane rivalry.

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Similar for me. 22 years old, 6 months ago after a lot of trauma in my life, almost being homeless, mother tried to commit suicide multiples times and a host of other problems i was at my friends when all of a sudden i farted without meaning to- this never happens. feeling something was wrong i went to his bathroom, and i had never before this pooped outside my house i could hold it for days if i needed to.

To be blunt my ass exploded. i asked to be driven home about 6 or 8 miles away, it took about 10 minutes and by the end is clentching and breathing heavy and sweating. i ran upstairs and exploded again.

Turned out to be an evil stomach bug, i was crapping and vomiting liquid out both ends at once for about a week.

After that i grew weak, was losing hair, comstant pains and cramps and facial muscle spasms, migraines all the time and much more.

eventually my doctor prescribed immodium to bind me up. for the most part it worked. i whent out and got used to pooping outside my house. i would have to sit in th fornt seat of a car and couldnt take the bus but i would go on 2 hour rides for miles and be fine.

Eventually i got a blood test for cancer back-clean and most of my symptoms dissappeared that very night.

Naturally the only conclusion was it was mental, not physichal if a coincidental change like this occured.

i turned to medatation and relaxation and to this day most of the symptoms have dissapeared.

-however they took an increase in one way.

most of the time im fine, ill go out walking about all day and im completely fine. two things cause the problem.

1:im out of uni trying to make it as an artist and having people say 'when are you gonna quit the fairy world drems and get a real job' i get semi solid diahreea.

2: the last 4 times ive been in a car ive not just needed to poop but pee! like my groin was spasming in and out like a yoyo. but the bowl movements whilst urgent were solid- probably because in this case i knew what the outcome was even whilst i was panicking and had more control.

Right now im scheduled to meet a therapist becuase my doctor and i agree meds are only a stopgap that get less effective over time and im too young to be med dependant when counselling for my mild phobia/general anxiety disorder would be far more effective.

basically i was so bad at first because it was worry stacked on worry, when the major worry disappeared my quality of life improved. now unelss im in a car or a talk about quitting my life goals i only go when i choose.

i expect my next goal is an attempt at cognitive behavioural therapy to reteach my mind to stop the stakcing what if worrying. but the fact that people have suffered from the same thing for decades and ive improved so much in months goes to show when you logically accept you have a mental problem, not physicahl and its not shameful and you arent crazy you life WILL improve so much.

Im not completely 'free' yet, motor transport is the biggest hurdle left for me, but i pent two months on my bed all day with a laptop just waiting for the next bowl attack.

Tomorrow im walking across town to help a friend move in and im definitely a prisoner in my home no longer.

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WOW! I'm a girl so it's way embarrassing to share this with people but I suffer from poop anxiety. I Googled "nervous pooper" and this came up. I almost cried when I found out others suffer like I do.

I've had it for as long as I can remember and I'm now 22. It definitely was the worst in high school and the beginning of college. Whenever I had a presentation... OMG! But slowly over the years I've learned to beat it. I calm myself down as much as possible by telling myself that everything is going to be fine. In the end whatever is stressing me, will not matter.

The world is such a beautiful place to let this "shit" beat us. FUCK this!! I hope all of you get better at controlling this problem. I totally understand and wish you the best <3

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I was searching and searching. Doctor by doctor. Blood tests and everything. But no. My problem did not exist on the blood test. Everything was normal. Then I knew it was a mind thing. My friends, when I read your posts, I almost cried. Every line you wrote could be written by me myself.

I have the exact same problem as all of you, and I thank God for finding this site.Let me tell you some of my experiences.

I remember it was not always like this. Now I'm 20 years old. It all started when I was about 12-13. A long torture. I had grandparents living 1000 km away from my place, went there every summer, 12 hour drive,no problem. But those trips were about 10 years ago. Now, I can't even imagine going on that trip again! I would probably die of anxiety. So, here is my story.

I missed my ending high school trip when everyone else went. I left college and I can't travel to a city near by (15km away) without sitting on a toilet for about half an hour and pushing even if nothing comes out. I have to be sure I'm empty. Driving in a car is the worst for me. Especially if someone is with me. But one thing I noticed is, for example, when im driving only with my GF next to me, who knows of my problem but not to details, the anxiety is a bit less powerful but still there. Long driving is my worst nightmare. I haven't done any the last 5 years. I am stuck in my small city with the same problem as all of you have. I am just scared not to shit my pants in public. And when I'm scared, the feeling that I have to shit is even stronger. Which makes a cycle, making me sweat, Hyperventilate, nervous, want to hide, scared of the world.

I'm not scared of anything else in life, this is my only fear and I don't know how I let it in. But it was a big mistake. My life is hard. I have to refuse some great offers I get, like a job in a near by city, or going to a concert, or anything in public.

But I decide now to say STOP!
I wont take it anymore. I will not think about it anymore!
I won't let it ruin my life!
You do it too!

And just sit on the train, car, bus, and drive somewhere. Just to see if you can do it! I will do that!

And I will let you know how it ended.

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I can't believe u all feel the same as i do... it's amazing to know you are not alone and at the same time i feel really sad knowing that more people feels like me, it is the most horrible thing ever,
i want to know if any of you is close to brighton in uk..

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Jlynn -- You don't need to "change your foods" right away, just eat them a little differently. Check out my Regenerative Eating Guidelines for more info. Free download at

When you say the word “poop,” your mouth makes the same motion your butthole does when pooping…
The same can be said for the phrase “explosive diarrhea.”

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I would first like to thank everyone and I mean everyone for posting their comments on here. I feel as if I know each of you personally (sounds lame but true) I am not alone. That alone is more meaningful to me than anything. And already a step to helping me.
My problems started four years ago when my boyfriend and I decided to travel to another state to get a tattoo. We made it there no problems but ate at every restaurant while we were there. On the way home I worried about shitting. Of course I did not think at the time it would turn into this huge thing that is all I think about now. My boyfriend had pulled over for me literally a mile before the cramps hit. I told him to pull over quick but he thought it was funny to drive past the next exit. I made it to the next exit after yelling at him to pull over or he was getting shit in his car. He did of course when he saw how serious I was. Anyways from then on it just went down hill big time. I was afraid to go anywhere for fear of not being able to make it to the bathroom. For two years I blamed him (which knowing it was unfair) after all your brain does control your whole body. I KNOW this still knowing this does not help. My grandmother died three years ago and when I found out all I thought about is when we are at the bar-rial plot I am going to have to shit. Where what am I going to do?? I should have been morning but all I thought about was crapping on myself in front of my whole family. I would not drive with anyone to the plot I had to drive myself incase I had to run and crap in my car. I got hot and could not breath during the WHOLE funeral. Even in the church. Because the family was right in front. *sigh* All I know is I have no life anymore. I cant let anyone drive I am doing all the driving. My then boyfriend husband now blames himself. Like I said for years I did too but he is understanding and I feel bad because i used to go everywhere. My kids literally go to school like two mins away and they are walkers because I could not wait in the line to pick them up because I just know I will shit on myself. ;( Now that crap right? Even though they are walkers (I pick them up on the side walk) I still worry about that drive. Thats lame! Its only two mins for Gods sake. I prayed and prayed and still pray to be normal. Just to be like I was. I sit here and think how was I able to do all of the things I used to without thinking about he bathroom? I know its all in the mind. I tell myself that all the time. I have to go pick up my brother from work tomorrow and thats all I have been thinking about for three days just dreading it. (its a 20min drive) With traffic everywhere.
I have always and I mean always wanted to travel. How can I make in on a plane when there is no way I would even make it to the airport? Or when I get there I have to drive and I cant? I cant afford therapy...I have been on zoloft for three years and that has only helped a little. It is just getting sooo tiring always thinking about shitting. I know where allll of the bathrooms are in my area. Actually a 30 mile radius. The worst most absolutely worst thing is my kids are getting nothing out of this. No parks because the park that is by us the the bathrooms are always locked. Fourth of July is the worst for me because we always go to the parade (because I can not Not take them) There are no bathrooms anywhere, So i am sweating and having panic attacks the whole time. It is so miserable. Im sure my kids have knowledge that something is wrong with me and I know this is all in the mind and I do not want them learning this from me. That would just be the worst thing imaginable to me. I have to fix this. I will try want a lot of you have suggested. Changing my foods ect. If anyone has any mental things to do please let me know. Or if anyone is cured from this issue please post it. Im really sorry for the long post I just never talk about this and it feels so good to get it off my chest. I think going to get my brother tomorrow will be ok knowing there is others out there with the same problem.

Hope everyone gets better ;) (myself included)

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1. have people actually pooped themselves.. or have they gotten to the toilet just in the nik of time without a second to spare?

2. Is poop well formed? loose? watery?

3. When is the worst time, morning afternoon evening, or after eating.?

4. Do you ever recall, taking alot of antibiotics for infections prior to these urgent poop episodes?

5.Has anybody ever gotten over it, or reduced the symptoms. and how?

Hang in there..everybody.. This to Shall Pass....

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Your parents should be on board more with helping you solve this. Come completely clean with them about everything. Everything.

Question - if you don't go to the bathroom, do you actually poop yourself? I ask because I've seen some tv shows where people like you (not pooping but with OCD about something) have been 'fixed' by having to deal with the feeling or fear. For example, a woman who was afraid she was running over children had to drive around in circles while her doctor threw baby dolls at the van. This was joked about a Kathy Griffin stand-up, but it worked for the woman. You many benefit from desensitization training.

Good luck, and don't give up.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I am a 16 year old girl, and have this problem. It started to get REALLY bad just recently, (The past 5 months or so) it have completely paralyzed my social life. I can't even go to a movie theater with a group of friends. I went with my family and I was seated inside, and my stomach kept feeling like i was going to poop my pants. I was terrified to get up because once I get up to go bathroom in a theater I get up about 4 or 5 more times, which is humiliating because people have to notice and wonder... so I cried and it was miserable. I can't live a normal teenage life. I can't be around people I hardly know who do not make me automatically comfortable otherwise I get panic attacks. My friends understand but become extremely irritated because we can't go out in the night with our friends like we could in the summer because I honestly feel I'm going to poop my pants and I panic and hypervenilate. I am so grateful to have found this page knowing others have this same problem. I took zoloft for awhile but my panic attacks became worse and my anxiety became much more severe. I was taken out of my highschool last spring because of depression so I am not in school, thankfuly I have no clue how I would react there. My job is an office job so it's not too bad but I get this anxiety poop feeling the first 4 or 5 hours I am there every day and the last 2 or 3 become more calm because I become more comfortable. I can't do anything anymore it's horrible. My boyfriend recently broke up with me, and I'm almost positive my anxiety played a role in his decision to break up with me although I never told him about the pooping part. I couldn't even poop at his house! I had a panic attack there once and asked him to take me home. He did but it took him FOREVER he just didn't understand. I don't know what to do this is MISERABLE.

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I had the same problem growing up. its started the first time i got into trouble in school in 6th grade. from then on when i would go anywhere i would get these horrible cramps in my stomach and feel like a i had to poop gots so bad i was on the truency list cuz i missed so much school...and which in turned more stress...which meant more upset stomach...i be came a hermit...literally wouldnt go anywhere with friends or family events i would get so worked up and anxious about going i would get sick.....i went to the doctor finally about it and they told me that they thought i have irritable bowel syndrome. it put a entirely new perspective on it for me it wasnt all in my head i wasnt crazy like my mom said i wasnt faking it i had generally something wrong with me....and now to this day i have flare ups...honestly the only thing i have found that helps is smoking marijuana. it helps relieve my anxiety it lets me have a appetite....its changed my life.

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I'm 20 years old and I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I've always been a shy girl but since middle school It's become more of a problem. I guess it's also because of the stuff I've been through. My cousins always had problems with other girls and they also used to come to me and try to start. In high school it got worse and I had to go to night school and I didn't graduate. I had to get my GED. I am in college now and I thought my anxiety was going away but recently I tried to go out twice with friends and my tummy started acting up. I thought at first it was because of what I ate but the 2nd time it happened I was with my cousin and she explained to me it was because I was nervous. This whole anxiety thing sucks. I sweat a lot because of it and have to get medicine for my sweating problem, now this pooping thing. I'm lucky I don't get the poop thing a lot like I can go to places but I guess it depends on who I am with and what kind of environment it is because the time I had these poop urges was when I tried to go clubbing. I am going to a doctor to see what I can do because I don't want to get worse.

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I am truly amazed at the ammount of people that seem to have the same issue as me. I personally am fine for long periods of time, but when my Girlfriend asks me to go out on an evening usually to meals or to a pub, i find myself instantly feeling 100times worse. I feel really tight in my stomach - meaning i eat less. I then get many hot in my face, but my hands and usually body are quite cold. Then i find myself having a lot of wind and needs to poop a lot. This has stopped me doing so much and im not really sure where else to turn. Im afraid that regardless of what my girlfriend may say to me, its annoying her more and more, and im afraid that one day she might have enough - but im not sure she understands the full extent of how i feel. i am 19 years old and am afraid this might extend further

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Welcome aboard LOBC... Sign up, and stick around. You might help someone, or even yourself!

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Its really interesting reading all these stories. Yes, I'm with you here, I've probably had this same anxiety for the last 10 years. Every morning I go to the bathroom 2-3 times to make sure I'm "empty" and even then I'll have a nagging feeling that I still need to go, like the nerves connecting my brain and bowel send messages which are simply nonsense.

I notice a lot of people had a "poop tragedy" at some point. I'm 41, when I was about 18 I went out one evening and realized I really had to go. It was a Sunday, nothing was open, and I was racing home like mad. It seemed if I ran I'd get home faster, but it kept jangling my guts so much. I got about 2/3rds of the way back, and made it to a train track surrounded by trees, but I couldn't get my pants down fast enough and filled them. Hideous and disgusting, I walked home in utter shame.

That shit-my-pants in public fear can be pretty solid at times.

I lost my job about 6 months ago, funding cutbacks and such. In order to find new work I need to move- my old job is basically gone. In the last few weeks have been really rough, struggling with depression. I've been on a handful of interviews, but competition is rough these days. I've seen psychiatrists in the past, but like many people here, they just prescribed pills with mixed results.

I've been thinking that the problem with taking pills is that its an entirely passive solution. Sure a quick fix would be nice, but I've been fixated on my poop tragedy for a long time, perhaps what is needed here is some work. The extra stress of looking for a job has amped all these fears into a higher gear.

This morning I woke up and thought, you know - if I could stop worrying about shitting myself all the time that would help.

So lets consider some solutions here-

1) Coffee. Only a few people have mentioned it. I love the stuff, but I don't sleep well at night, and after my nine cups at breakfast my bowels take control of my life. Sounds like something to give up for real this time.

2) Anxiety. There are lots of self help books which talk about dealing with panic attacks manifesting as the fear of a heart attack. I think the fear of shitting yourself is pretty similar. Not too many people want to sell the self help book "How I learned to not Shit myself, and Get a Better Life..." but I think the ideas for dealing with anxiety are all related.

3) If you can't afford a therapist you can still read a book.

3a) There is a good book called "The Happiness Trap" by Russ Harris (2007). He talks about dealing with cyclic and self reinforcing fears and how to minimize them and learn to live with them through Acceptance Commitment Therapy. He recommends a variety of excercises for dealing with anxiety causing fears.

3b) There is a good book called "The Feeling Good Handbook" by David Burns (1989). This is a cognitive therapy manual, cognitive therapy is about identifying thought distortions and speaking back to them. A lot of people here have mentioned this approach.

4) There are anxiety control related groups. There is a 12 steps group like AA only for people who worry or are depressed. There is something called "Recovery International" where people meet and discuss methods for working on fear and anxiety and other issues.

5) When you feel like you have to crap yourself... is that what you are really feeling? When you are really sad you get a lump in your throat, but it doesn't mean you are going to choke to death. So when you get those weird rumbling bowel feelings, isn't this another physical manifestation of a feeling- intense fear.

6) I know some people have fears about using public facilities. I'm in them so frequently that some are like home. I know the graffiti, I know how busy they get, I know which ones have broken locks or those hideous electronic flusing toilets. For anyone worried about using them, just go try them out. I guess this is different for guys and girls, I had a girlfriend who once told me she NEVER, EVER pooped at work for fear of what the other girls would think. Personally I can't hold it for 8 hours guaranteed. If you do run into somebody you know in the john you can always pretend the vile smell you left was really generated by somebody else.

7) Some people have been posting about dietary improvements. I'm lucky on this account, I live with a girlfriend who is an excellent healthy cook. No question follow the recommendations others have made- eat well, excercise. I will try to exercise more.

8) What about practicing not pooping- just to see if you can do it? If its a weekend, or a day I know I'm not going anywhere I've been forgoing the morning evacuation ritual consisting of 3 bathroom trips. I say to myself- I know I usually poop first thing, but today I'm just going to hang out and wait until this turns into an unfathomable emergency- just to see. Amazingly enough to me I forget about the regular morning movements and sometimes don't poop until late in the evening, and it isn't a big emergency.

9) Reaquaint yourself with the feelings your bowels make. I get a lot of weird feelings from my bowels, some mean I'm afraid, some mean I'm lonely, some mean I need to poop. If your bowels feel rough because you are sad or afraid, perhaps squating and straining to squeeze an already empty bowel some more isn't the answer.

Well again, its encouraging to read others stories and to realize that this is not that weird of an issue.

I hope my suggestions may be of help. Its important to make a plan and try to do something about it. Me, I'm going to make friends with my bowels, no matter how upset, unemployed or lonely I get.

Good Night...

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wow, i too did not know that so many people suffered from this...random thing. and after readin everything, im begining to think how silly it all is. It started about 2-3 months ago and had slowly got worse, to the point i havent been out in 5-6 weeks. on the plus side ive saved quite a bit of money :p

Im fine if im at home, and at work, or even driving...but if im out in town,either shopping or on a night out, oh do i struggle. sometimes its just slight gas n bit of a dodgy gut. or on a few occasions i have had a major headrush, shakes, sweating.
Usually if im on my own, focusing on what im doing...its not too bad, but if i have my mates with me and they are taking their time and im waiting around it kicks in.

ive read about the changing of your diet can help alot, and tbh, i actually feel slightly better knowing what it can be put down too...anxiety. plans are to get this anxiety down.

not too sure who i can speak to about this, might speak to my flatmate, i know he has mild IBS so he may understand more.

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Hey Dancing in the rain...

it does feel better when we know we r not alone.. i keep trying new things daily.. with all of us trying to get our lives back.. maybe someone someday has the answer.. i will share anything i find that helps.. dont give up hope.. i added another link that is exactly related to this one if you would like to see.

would be nice to have a chat forum so all of us could discuss progress and success stories.

take care.....

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Poor Dancing in the Rain ... What a tragic trip, all the way to Italy where some of the best food on the planet is served and you're afraid to eat it because it might make you poop.

For you next vacation you could go to Egypt, they have some really neat pyramids that you can not look at.

Seriously I hope you get over this phobia. Everyone shits. It's no big deal.

Dirty old men need love too!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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Doesn't it feel better to know were not alone with this. Hmm lets see this must have started for me in 12th grade. I went on a school field trip to Italy. This is the first time I have really been away from home. It was 3 days into the trip and I hadn't pooped yet. Finally at dinner one night I got the urge. I went to the bathroom and there was a long line. It was so bad I was going to tell the people in front of me that it was an emergency. Well when I finally sat on the toilet I didn't have to go. Weird. I sat there for a couple minutes and tried and finally I went. Then I went back and sat at the table and just felt anxiety. I cried and went back to the hotel room. The next couple days I did not eat anything for fear of having to poop again. We were on 4 hour bus rides everyday sight seeing and I just felt anxiety the whole time. I could not sleep. I finally got into the habit of pooping in the early am so the last 2 days of the trip I was fine. I felt like if I pooped in the morning I would be okay for the rest of the day. Anyway my life after that has been a constant fear of having to shit and not being able to for whatever reason: traffic jam or no bathroom in sight. I started to take lexapro because according to my psychologist I have a general anxiety disorder and depression. "Umm no I just have fear of shitting my pants." I remember being at my boyfriend's house once and having to shit. I said I didn't feel good and drove 45 minutes home to shit. Like wtf why couldn't I have just pooped there. He pooped at my house plenty of times. I think its different for girls. Guys laugh about shitting but girls don't ever shit right haha. I have never told anyone about this phobia, because I think and know its such a stupid anxiety. I want to get over it. I feel like I always have to drive. The idea of going on a boat or somewhere where there is no bathroom still scares me. My new fear is getting stuck in traffic. Idk not eating a lot seems to help but God I want to be able to go out to dinner and actually eat. What if I have to go on vacation with friends and were all in the car together and I have to shit? Wow I believe people in this world have worse problems but its all relative. I'm glad everyone can share their experiences here. If anyone has more solutions I would love to hear them.

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Hey buddy, (:
I know how you feel. I am 18 years old and curently in collge. Everyday when I go to school I get so nervous that it makes it really hard to go to school. I hate it!

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Hey inthesameboat.. I thought I was reading my own post.. your comments are exactly what I go through... will try the glycerin thing, but I'm just worried that these will continue to make me go throughout the day.. what do I have to lose, another day stranded inside...

keep in touch....

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I've had this same problem for 5 years. I am agoraphobic because of it. I don't work, I don't make any plans that I can't easily cancel, no long car rides for me, no trips or traveling, no unfamiliar places, I like to be the driver, sit at the end of the aisle, eating out is out of the question, immediately feel the need to go if the one bathroom available is occupied, can't commit to anything, avoid any situation where I may feel trapped, et cetera et cetera, basically everything everyone here has already written about I could have typed myself. I have definitely "not made it" a couple times, all thankfully when I was alone. The thought of having an accident while in the company of others is enough to make me not leave the house for weeks. I poop because I am nervous, I am nervous because I may have to poop. It's a cyclical problem with no end. I have tried anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, they do help but do not rid me of the problem entirely. The one thing I have learned is this is completely a MENTAL thing, as much as you think or feel like it is a physical problem. Mind over matter is key. The best thing you can do is not to think about it. I have found some days I can be out and about all day and the thought of pooping never crosses my mind because I'm so busy or there's enough distractions to keep my mind away from it or I'm in an unusally confident mood, these are the days I don't even feel anxiety or like I will have an accident at all, these are the days I feel like a normal person again. The cure to all of this is without a doubt being able to control your thoughts. Hard thing to do I know and I'm still working on it. For now the only thing I can do is post some things that have helped me.

1) Realize you can't let ONE single bad incident a day in your life a long time ago ruin literally YEARS of your life. Think about it, it's all very stupid.

2) Avoid greasy foods; grease just goes right through you when you are panicky.

3) Avoid caffeine completely; caffeine is a stimulant and gets your heart racing which in turn could make you start to panic and we all know panic=instant poop. Just like someone said earlier, your body reacting to an emergency situation stirs up all sorts of chemicals which affect your digestive system...the reactions are real, the fear is not.

4) GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES. I cannot stress this one enough. I read through this whole thread and haven't seen these mentioned. They are a short-term fast acting laxative you shove up your bum, wait 5 to 15 minutes, and all the poop you were worrying about will come out in one fell swoop, and it will not cause you to have to go again unless you do another. Cheap, effective, and virtually harmless, if I ever feel nervous about having to poop I just take one of these babies (or two or three sometimes; whatever it takes to get me to a good anxiety level or feel like i have flushed everything out) and I feel better about the situation and more poop-free thus more panic-free and in control.

Glad to see I'm not alone here because it does feel that way most of the time. Hope this can help someone.

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I'm afraid of light brown poop, but not dark

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I had a hard time finding this site as i never thought of using the words poop or dump. I don't know if I post FEAR OF HAVING BOWEL MOVEMENT in my comment, may give others with same symptoms a better chance when using search engines, or if "Dave" (Administrator) could add the phrase into the heading of this post, may help. Just my 2 cents thanks...

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Also, try to stay away from carbs and gluten..
try this for a couple of weeks, it will take a lot of the discomfort of bloating away..

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I'm Registered!!!yay

I have been going through the exact same things as everybody and i get a little emotional when i read how this phobia has taken many years away from many people..

I have searched the net for anyone who had the same symptoms as me for it seems like forever. and when i stummbled upon this sight today i feel like ive found my long lost family..

I will post a few things that may help others to try and cope with this until we can find the miracle cure we have all been looking for.

1. only if i know im going to have a full blown panic attack i take Clonazepam .5 mil.

2. Breathing exercises to get yourself to calm down and relax.

3. you have to try to face your fear, do it with a friend that understands what your going through and keep doing it.. it will get more tolerable do a little bit every day..

4. get a food allergy test.
two things that were contibuting to my problems were high candida yeast in intestines and reaction to cows milk. i stopped having all dairy and take asidophoulis to combat candida yeast.

5.stop drinking coffee and stop smoking as these are both stimulants and will give you that panicky feeling. drink green tea instead.

6. i am currently going to a therapist doing cognitive behavioral therapy. let you know how it goes...

The most important thing is go to your doctor and make an appointment to see a therapist. Dont give up because once you do you may spiral deeper into depression..

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