did i stretch my anus?

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John asks:

I went through a time of Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder during which poop was kinda my enemy. I felt like I could never get my ass clean so I would REALLY wipe hard, and kinda far into the ass (at most half a finger in, probably not that much, though). I'd also hold in farts and dumps (it was a stressful messed up time). Now lately I'll take a dump and wipe well (but not obsessively like before), and then maybe an hour later I'll feel kind of an itchy feeling. I'll check my butt and it looks like I never wiped it at all. It's not liquidy or anything -- it just looks like I forgot.

Now here's my question: Is there anyway that I could have stretched my anus by wiping it really hard and kinda up in there farther then normal for that period of time? Or is the ass not like that? Thanks so much for your help.

Dear John,

Thanks for the question!

I don't think you really stretched your anus doing what you describe. Certain people who practice certain sexual techniques would stretch it much more than you probably did with your obsessive wiping.

I even researched this by asking a gay nurse where I work (he is known as Gay Carlos). He says he never has leakage such as you describe.

You are likely just having skid issues. You should get some baby wipes and try using those for a while. Don't dig around in there, either.

And eat more fiber.

That's all I can tell you. Thanks for asking Poonurse!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

98 Comments on "did i stretch my anus?"

Rancid Fart's picture

Well, thing is, I think your ass will go back to normal. My husband loves fucking me up my ass, and his favorite is when he lies on his back and i slide myself onto his cock. He says that my ass is tighter than my vagina, thats why he prefers to give it to me up my butt. Thing is, we have 5 children, so, I think its stretched my vagina so much that i am not tight enough for him anymore. Also, he says that if we have anal sex i will not get pregnant again. I can see his logic in this.

Thunderbox's picture
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Scummy.....you only say you "prefer the driving seat". Does this mean that from time to time you`ll, on the odd occasion, be happy in the passenger`s seat?

The voice of sanity

El Scumbag's picture
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No, my dear fellow. Sir Clement Pink has taken up residence around the back, so ...
*shuffles buttocks uncomfortably*

However, before his arrival I was not entirely adverse to taking pleasure from rectal insertion. Not in a homoerotic manner, as I am not attracted to men, but I always enjoyed having my ringpiece licked and tickled, although it was understandably rare to find ladies equally inadverse to indulge in such activities. I experimented with the odd finger or modest-sized vibrator in there, but my poor arse is in too much of a state now, so that it's just one of the things I've crossed off my list to have done, rather than a desire to continue doing so. Just having a comfortable shit is good enough anal stimulation for me these days.

Thunderbox's picture
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Bad luck, Scummy - I thought you`d have managed to kick that unwanted lodger out by now.

The voice of sanity

Anonymous Coward's picture

Stretching isn't even the worst problem that can happen to anyone stupid enough to take it up the shitter.

Please Help im Sooo scared!'s picture

hi im a 18 year old Boy thats not Gay ....ive been putting bananas and things in my ass for about a year now but i never really experieneced any abnormal pain just a lil which i believed was normal wen having anal sex....But recently ive been havein extreme discomfort and Wierd pains in my anus for about a month ive been having trouble going to the bathroom and now i have a big cut under my anus...What damage could i have done?

eagle's picture

can i contact you ( Rancid Fart)? i need advice.

g's picture

You need to stop having anal sex and just finger your anus. i can almost fit my whole fist. and i have no problems. this is mostly because i cant find a boyfriend. there arent many gay people around here. oh well

s's picture

Can a butthole return to its normal size?

Anonymous Coward's picture

well i know a friend who told me that he used to stick things in his butthole. Im just wondering if i will go back to normal?

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
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AC ... Let's see here, your friend said he used to stick things in his butthole yet you are wondering if you will go back to normal? Sounds like your friend may have been sticking his thing in your butthole!

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

not an air conditioner (AC)'s picture

ok, well, seriously, i have tears rolling down my cheeks, and coffee on my keyboard from certain mashing comments... thanks people for such a wonderful read :)

Anonymous Coward's picture

I as a child had bad constipation so discoverd once trying to get rid of impacted poop I took toilet paper and rapped it around my middle finger and went up and dug it out then I discoved that if I took a wad of paper and rapped it around my middle finger I would go in and then up my rectum usually b y the time I got up that far it was an automatic reaction for the mucslle to tighten up and throw my finger out and then out would also come alot of poop then if I took moore paper on my ginger and went un their and pumpet it I would expell enough not to feel constipated turns out I had a spastic colon and I would get nervous and tighten up so this became a regular habit tell after years of this I got hemorroids so bad I would bleed and alsways felt like I was going to have bowl movments even when just walking around and I would get muscle spasamsa so I stopped doing this and became and adult and relized their was fiber so it tok care of that but now im left with horrilbe skin that lloks like a smal clit on my anus can they remove that skin and give my but hole a normal look as mine in streched large and has excess sking that hangs abou 1/2 of an inch on 2/3 of my hole.I notice when doctoers give me a rectal they say boy have u got some hemrroids and they can see that I havew a large hole.I would like to have this taken care of what might you recormend I could also send picture is hear back if that might help give discribtion thank's Mr, Richard L M injares..

Anonymous Coward's picture

Im a young man, early 20s. In my teens I would stick things up my ass. Little by little I noticed a change in tightness as well as personality. Eventually I realized that it could permanently damage my butt hole. I'm fearing that it did. Since then, Ive stopped because it doesn't feel good anymore and I wanted to try to get the tightness of youth back. Women notice that. Ive struggled with the thought of being gay and realized I'm straight, but i made some mistakes in my youth. My ass will never feel the same. The muscle memory from doing it so much makes me involuntarily clinch and then go very loose. I'm always stressed and can't figure out things to say. I feel less confident than I'd like to be and I know it because my body constantly reminds me that I've fucked it up and I'll never be the same. I wish I had never done it. My question is, is there a way to tighten my ass hole naturally and train it to relax in social situations so I tighten up naturally to get the feeling I should have and stop literally analyzing things all the time. and regain some confidence for social situations. I don't want this struggle to be the story of my life. Every day now it is...

I have Aixelsyd 's picture

I have this same rim and it is now worse from hemorrhoids. My ass was normal and flat just like the rest of them till I found anal play as a teen. I Started with small things and had no problem. Then I found a little larger tool, not huge, but smaller then the large shits I took as I was working this into my anus to get used to the slightly large size.

I lost my balance in the squatting position and fell back onto it so it went directly into my ass. It made a loud audible pop like the sound you make went you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and make a popping noise. I pretty much popped my cherry just like a virgin pussy.??? Well this left the rim on my sphincter, which was not a problem till later in life when i became to like size more then it was a little more difficult to wipe good. Best this I've found is to use wipes or if its my toilet and clean ill dip the to in the water just a little to help aid the wiping. And now that I'm a bit older and have had a few cases of roids its even harder to wipe. Good and be or feel clean and sometimes make my ass bleed. And the rim is much wider from the roids. Cant this be taken care of just like they do for bad hemroids?

Axemeanything's picture

As a youth, I was fascinated with sticking things up my ass. It carried over into my late teens and haunts me all my life. When I was in my 40s, I had laser surgery on my hemis. After I healed, I went back to rubber dildos. Small at first. Then back to a 9 incher x 6 inch. After 25 years of marriage, I came out in private to some guys. I've been a regular around here, but not a whore. Careful not to bring anything home to mama. Now its 37 going on 38 years of marriage. A couple of years ago, I began to bleed from my ass periodically. Scared the stuff out of me. But I went to a surgeon and he said I have internal hemis. The blood looks like a lot, but it stops after a day or two, and its really nothing. I've had banding ligations for the internals and that worked. A good doctor friend of mine said that the real risk with a lot of anal play is a prolapsed colon - where it sticks out of your butt. That could be causing a lot of excessive wiping. Best to use a rubber bulb with warm (not hot) water and rinse your ass (or your mates) before sex. Good to rinse out now and then rather than sticking something like toilet paper up there. I can be abrasive and lead to more trouble. Use a good hemi cream now and then, and of course you can use suppositories too. In the shower every day, I soap up and clean up real good back there. I put a dab of soap on a finger and swirl it around just inside. If you do not have any particular trouble with your anus, it really will return to normal. You might have to fight the urge to stick something in it - a toy or a cock, but it really is very elastic.

I have Aixelsyd 's picture

Update to my comment and anal stretching n having trouble wiping. Changed my hole diet mostly and started eating alot of fiber this is ok for not having to push hard and drain a Roid on but still make me have to wipe quite alot. Fiber makes your poop mushy and soft easier to poop but messy what I found is a good solid poop comes out just fine with less mess an none gets stuck in my ass. So for me a stool hardener did the trick. Hope this may help someone else. Alot less exesive wiping less roids much better outcome.

not gay but love vibrators's picture

Ok. It all started when my girlfriend f...ed my ass with her vib. It felt so f ing good that I went and got my own vibe. It started with a small one and then gradually got bigger. I do this about twice a month. each session lasts several hours and I give down there a really good time. After each session I do but hole exercices in the form of clenching my bum cheeks - hold for 3 seconds and relax - repeat five times then stop and start when ever i remember.
Every one seems to think their ass is fine after toy or the real thing abuse but what my doctor told me is that you can have problems with holding ur POOP later on in life. Its ok when ur young but remember when ur old you wont control ur Poop. simple as. So my advise is dont stick anything up there but if you have to then do it sensibly ie dont abuse it too much, dont stick gigantic things up there, remember to do ur exercises. eat a lot of roughage and drink water and most importantly be safe. Hope this helps. Fanx for reading


Well, at the age of 14 I lost of anal virginity to another guy, and never looked back. My wife is a submissive, and she loves being fucked HARD in the arse, but she has trouble taking the size of cocks I can. So to help her outI brought her an inflatable butt plug and make her wear it to bed 5 out of seven nights a week with a chastity belt attached. When she goes out shopping with her girlfriends I force her to wear beads up her ass, and take photos of them in in a shop of my choice. She nevers know which shop it is, and if she doesn't do it she cops a flogging of her arsehole itself. After all of this, she is still as tight as a Nuns Nasty after fourteen years...so the arse is incredibly resislient people, lighten the F#$k up!

daphne's picture
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.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Butt of the Joke's picture
l 100+ points

I can imagine ASSHOLEBANDIT and his wife arguing:
Wife:Did you take out the trash?
ASSHOLEBANDIT:I'll do it in the morning.
Wife:I think you can do it now.
ASSHOLEBANDIT:That's what she said.
Wife:That's it!No sex tonight!
ASSHOLEBANDIT:Fine!I don't rely on you to make me happy!
Wife:What,are you going to get your ass fucked by that guy again?
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

Poo Lover's picture

Hi I have seen some pics on the net with some guys and some girls who have their anus really stretched like to a point it is a big hole there... Now is this fake or real??

El Scumbag's picture
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Poo Lover, I believe that you may be referring to 'Goatse'. Google him, but don't eat first.

And yes, it's bizarre but it's real, just like other forms of body modification, but he has taken it perhaps just a trifle too far.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am a male and I used to fist myself from 3 months and soon I have a medical examination can the doctor know if I ever done it from looking
at my ass?

El Scumbag's picture
k 500+ points

You used to fist yourself from 3 months? Gosh, at 3 months I wasn't even beyond the shrieking, suckling, shitting and sleeping stage. Kids today, eh? They grow up so fast... *sigh*

I think it's safe to say that you only need to be concerned if your doctor asked you to bend over and was presented with a dank and beshitted orifice that gaped as wide as a dead tuna's mouth. He might then get the idea that your dirtbox isn't exactly a one-way street. That being said, he's seen all sorts of arses in his time, some of which will have seen a great deal more action than yours, so I doubt that your slightly loose hoop will make him think any less of you. However, if he gets out his phone and starts taking pictures of it to post on Twitbook (or whatever you call it) then perhaps you might have overdone it, old chap.

If it's any consolation, he probably won't think that you've been breaking down your back door with your fist. Not unless he finds your watch up there or something. He's more likely to suspect that the damage was caused by multiple and long-term insertion of enormous penises and monster dildos. Other men's fists, perhaps, but not your own, so I reckon you're pretty safe there.

Anonymous's picture

Wash your ass with water after defecating and you will be shure if you wipe your ass, and you will have a clean ass and underwear.

Anonymous's picture

Use baby powder on your butthole. And for those of you who want a more refreshing feel
try a douche. And if that dosn't work shove some tampons up after.

Anonymous's picture

Oh for Christ's sake....USE A BIDET!

Done like dinner!

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