butt blood

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Arieane asks:

Lately, when I use the bathroom, there is sometimes blood -- bright red blood in it. I know that means it's fresh blood. I went to the ER, and they said my white blood cells looked good after they did some lab work. I'm just wondering does that mean its NOT cancer? I hope so. I'm scared, I have a doctor's appointment coming up and I'm supposed to be having a colostomy. What else could they be looking for? Please respond. Thanks.

Dear Arieane,

First of all, you did the right thing by seeking out a real live medical doctor for advice. So many bright young lives have been snuffed out simply because they made the mistake of asking Poonurse for help...

Seriously: white blood cells "looking good" is kind of meaningless in this context. Did they mean the numbers looked good, or are your white cells kind of cute and pretty?

In all truthfulness, Arieane, MOST times in a normal, previously-healthy young person, rectal bleeding is most often due to a hemorrhoid (not always visible on the outside), a fissure (a small split in the anus, again not always visible to you) or other benign process. However, cancer cannot be ruled out except by going in there via a COLONOSCOPY (you said you were having a colostomy, which means diverting the colon to the outside of your body into a bag to collect fecal material -- a pretty drastic cure for rectal bleeding, if you ask me).

Good luck Arieane, and try not to worry. You get cool drugs during a colonoscopy -- I know, I have had three. So at least that part is fun. Let me know how it all goes. I am really, truly sending all the good wishes of PoopReport to you.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Yeah, I'd see a doctor, too. Don't know why they'd look at white blood cells other than thinking you had colon cancer, but I doubt if you do.
Blood tests can tell you everything or nothing. I have suffered from chronic pain and fatigue for seventeen years (and I am only 24) and the doctors kept giving me blood tests. All they discovered is that I wasn't anemic, my thyroid was working great, and there was nothing wrong with my pituitary gland. Years after all these stupid tests I learned that I had iron toxicity, something they do not routinely test for. In this case, like yours, blood tests are a fucking waste of time!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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When I Use the bathroom today My Stomach was upset and when I went to use the bathroom there was blood coming out of my butt, I Don't know if this is something serious or just a reaction to me being sick.

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I had pollops removed when I was 18, I now have hemeroids and have a lot of bleeding. Can I cure it at home or should I see a Dr. Ohh I'm 36 now.

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Go to the doctor!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Hi, i was reading cause i have blood in my stool too (alot tho, sounds like im peeing :-( )
I have had an enlarged thyroid that keeps getting bigger for over a; year now. I had a biopsy which came back benign, but ive always been worried. I thought ide ask because i saw above something mentioned about the thyroid. I dont have health insurance and have been holding off on going to the doctor. Can the bleeding be connected to the thyroid problem? Thanks

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Bleeding from the back passage is something that you should always see your doctor about, even if you are convinced it is piles or an anal fissure. The reason you need to be checked is that bleeding from the back passage can be a symptom of bowel (colon or rectum) cancer. If you don

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is it really serious if u see red and if it happends often is it bad i am only 14

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you all are scarying me so much is it anything bad or anything will go into surgery or will pills help me or will it pass ???

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are hemroids serious ???

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Im 10 years old and this morning when i went poo blood was on the torlet paper so i wipped all the poo and blood was still coming out.I havent told anyone and im afraid thanks for reading this.

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Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and there was blood where I was sitting it was on my pants and in my underwear. When I got up at 3 this morning I was also bleading pretty bad but it was not coming from the actual hole I have a mole there could that be causing the bleeding? Or is it something more serious?

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Ok....i have had this going on for awhile now. I have had bright red blood when i poo sometimes. Not every time though. Some days it wont even happen at all. I have a past of a nervous stomach and pooing 2 - 3+ times a day. The first time i ever saw red was months back but it stopped after one time... now it is happening more frequently. and at times more is there then other times. It never has kept coming after i went to the bathroom. And as i said before its pretty bright red. Im only 18 years old.... please help me out, i havent told anyone but i have a doctors appointment monday.

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yo wat the hell is rong wit me i went to go take a sht and then every thing was good and then i got up to grab the tissue and the when i whnt to go sit down i saw a drop of blood and then i looked in the toilet and saw blood and the some ran down my leg but the thing is i dont feel a bit of painbefore afer ar duringthe sht and then i spreaded my cheeks and looked at them in the mirror ans saw blood on the side. yo wat the fuk is rong wit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When i goto shit, i get paper and when i wipe, i see blood... but i only get when i shit. I never jus get it randomly while sitting @ computer or nething.. what the hell is wrong with me.

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pls help me,i'm 13 years old,and its so embarasing writing this.My dad passed away not so long ago,and i cant really talk 2 my mum at the moment about my problem.Today i went to the toilet as u do,and i felt constipated.It was harder than usual,i'v been constipated b4,but this time,little bit of blood came out. im so scared,what is it? am i in danger? I really need some reasurance can somebody give it me?? pls.

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hey,wassup my name is justin scott and today i just had my first experence of hemroids. i am in much pain right. i had to stick these lil tube in me and sqeeze some clear stuff out.around my area has been a lot itching.i have not seen very much blood like the rest of you all but i have seen small drops.i never had this shit before so i'm new to what evers happing.i need to kno wwhat is white blood cells are. cause that what came out.

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I am only 12 and I just found out that my Grandpa is in the hospital right now because of rectal bleeding. My mom said he is getting a catscan, but I am really nervous that this is deadly or something? Do you know if he is going to be alright?

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Listen dickheads... You seen what the man said right? haha.. You need to go to the damn doctor, get it figured out that way.. Why the hell are you all still here asking for help? I know im not going to help you... Besides I think sticking my finger in your bloody anus is something that really doesn't turn me on... then again if you were to scream maybe... But anywayyyyy..

Okay seriously.. The point is.. You need to go the doctor. It needs to be looked at. It doesn't matter about color variation.. Rarity of the situation. etc etc. If you have blood. Get it checked out, because this could be a hemorrhoid amongst other things, now here's the thing about that. A hemorrhoid if left unchecked. Could get soooooooooo bad, that when they do surgery on you. THEY'LL TAKE AWAY YOUR FUCKING HIP.. . . Mkay? Now.. Go to the doctor while it's just starting, okay kiddies?

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I agree with the previous statement made by the Anonymous Coward. If you see blood in your poop, toilet, toilet paper, etc, go to a doctor. Even if it's just a fisure, your anus is not the best place on which to have open wounds. Think of all the bacteria that live in that area. It would be like rubbing crap on a papercut. You're just asking for an infection.
Go get the problem taken care of, people.

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Hey im jj and i just dicoverd that im peeing blood and i cant hold it in, is this serious may be an infectin???

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I just wanted to know how much blood should be enough to worry about. I mean on occasion over the years there has been blood but for the past monthe there has been blood everytime I have gone to the bathroom. Enough that it dripped onto my underwear a couple of times. it makes me nervous but I just wonder if I worry over nothing there are no other symptoms. Thank you.

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hey people, im 14 and ever since i can remember (going back to year1) i have always had a problem with going to the toilet. i spend an hour in there everyday having a poo! i dont have constipation nor diarrhoea, it just comes out within that hour...i havent had any serious problems with tummy aches recently, i have had helicobacter pylori but it has cleared up. can anyone help me? is it just a psychological problem?? and is there anyway i can reduce my time in the toilet? and what are the right foods to eat to have a good poo? this may sound wrong, but where else is there to ask??

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When I use the bathroom, I look at my urine and its red, why is that happening?

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To you people with red or bloody urine, go to the doctor. This is a sign of a severe bladder infecion, or some other problem involving internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can be a life threatening situation and should be treated in an emergency room. There you have it, bloody pee people. And you butt blood guys, too.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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To Mel and anyone else who doesn't know when to see a doctor:
If you're posting and surfing online wondering if there's a problem with you because you saw blood in your t.p. or poop, then you need to go see a doctor.
If you're asking complete strangers whether or not to go to a doctor, then you need to see a doctor.
If your pee is any color other than yellowish, go see a doctor.

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eep i don't want the kanker =/

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my poo smells bad. should i see a doctor :'(

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Listen to Fart Poopie, people! I'm tired of saying it over and over again. GO TO THE FUCKING DOCTOR!!!!!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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how can i stop my butt from bleeding? do i need to eat someting to make it stop?

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Im only 13...14 in early december....
ONCE about....7 months ago I had a teeny bit of blood come out from my anus....not much more than two tiny drops....and just tonight i wiped and i felt a bump..its REALLY small....but Im still concerned...could I have a hemroid or even cancer????
Please Im VERY concerned.

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Come on kids... stop inserting razor blades up your arses!

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i am quite worried because iam scared i have bowel cancer i think i had blood in my feces iam only 13 why

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this morning when I woke up after feeling perfectly fine yesterday, I noticed a slight pain in my rectum, and I also noticed a small lump right on the side of my rectum, Ive never had problems with hemroids before nor has anyone else in my family that I know of. should I start taking stool softner and eating food that is high in fibers and give it about a week before consulting with physician.

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im 13 and there is no blood in my stools, but when i wipe my butt there is kind of a lot on the tissue. also it doesnt hurt at all to go to the bathroom is this a serious thing or not.

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im 14 and when i use the toilet lately my feces are a dark red colour and when i wipe my butt i get a redish colour then aswell. my stomache hasnt been too good but its round xmas time and i havent ben eating really good food for myself how do i stop this from happening and is it serous i am really worried?

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I took a shit this mourning then I whipped my ass and it was blood on the toilet paper my stomac doesn't hurt or does my butt there isn't always blood just randomly

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I am 4 months pregnant and today I have pooped 2 times and both times it stung just a little..both time there was blood, but not in the poop, just bright red blood. I have a doctors appointment soon and I plan on talking to them if the problem persists.

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when i poop i don't feel pain. When i wipe there is just a little bit of blood. not a lot though. then it stops bleeding. i try to poop fast so i don't lose a lot of blood. what it wrong with me man?

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I have the same thing as "WORRIED AND UNSURE (12.05.2005)" = anyone have an answer to that? I also have the small tiny lump and i don't know what it is... could someone PLEASE send a reply? is it cancer? an STD? WHAT? please help.. please..!

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hi iv been bleeding a lot of blood bright red and im in a lot of pain i have to sh**s and have some lil wight things on the end of my butt (and more) i typed all of them on the net and it came up with bowel cancer or colon cancer and it has me scerd i dont want to go to the docters just incase its nothing so can you help me?

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go to the doctor... don't wait, just go. If it's nothing you'll have peace of mind, if it's not you'll get help.

Crack kills

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No! No!! A thousand times, NO!!! PoopReport CANNOT help you, except to urge you to use the sense God gave a screwdriver and go to the doctor, or even an emergency room!

This is a site for fun about poop, not for medical advice. Not to be unkind, but if you spend your time surfing the net when you're bleeding out of your asshole, maybe there is something to the theory of the survival of the fittest after all.


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I don't agree with the Dumpster's harsh language to these people that just want some advice. Yes, the site may have been intended as a funny site, but when it comes up on the top ten search results on GOOGLE when searching for "Blood, poop" ect. you've got to expect people with problems are going to come and post. And I’m sure you will get a hell of a lot more hits with this thread than you will get with word of mouth.

I will offer my own advice, which will make most of you rest easy, and reaffirm the Dumpster’s "GO TO THE DOCTOR" for some. I have had blood when I wipe, occurring off and on for years. I can usually tell when it is going to happen because there is a mild pain when I go that feels like a nut scraping when it comes out. In reality, there is no nut...I am just re-injuring a small tear that is on the outside of my rectum. There is never blood in my poop, only when I wipe. If there is blood in your poop, YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR because something down the line, possible as far up as your stomach, is having problems. If there is blood only when you wipe, if you go to the doctor, he will probably tell you the same that mine told me some time ago...EAT MORE FIBER, POOP MORE OFTEN. You must try to keep things moving through so that the fecal matter does not get impacted and hard. This will allow it to move smoothly through as it’s supposed to without stretching to the point of tearing. Fruits, vegetables, salads (with fruit and vegetables in them), and Fiber Pills if you want a guaranteed fix will work fine. I found this page because this evening I had an excessive amount of blood, and I was just wondering if there is anything I could to fix this darn problem once and for all. I know I don't have colon cancer or any other kind of cancer...and I would guess that none of you do either. Colon cancer develops after a lifetime of neglect to the colon by eating a poor diet (too much fat and meat, not enough fiber and whole grains).

The consistency of your own poop is the most important sign your body gives you. It tells you if you body is functioning well and moving things through properly. It should be soft enough to not stretch your anus to tearing, and hard enough so that it doesn’t fall apart. You know your own body...you know that perfect crap that just makes you want to sing halleluiah! That’s your body telling you that everything’s OK. ANYWAY, back to the point...don't worry about a little hemorrhoid that bleeds every now and again or a little blood after you lay some cable (especially if it was some monstrously fat cable) You very most likely don't have cancer. If you had cancer you would have a lot of pain, feel very icky, and other things would be going wrong too. And another thing. If you think you need to go the doctor...DON't BE EMBARRASED!!!!!! Your doctor has seen it all, done it all, and put his or her finger in every hole 1000 times, and I'm sorry to say, yours is not special. Your doctor is there to help, and no question is embarrassing to them. They know when a subject is embarrassing, and if they are worth a damn, they will treat the subject it tenderly. If you don't want to tell your parents, tell them you need to go for some other reason, and then throw in your bloody bathroom experiences in as a side item...doctors are always happy to help ALL of there patients problems.

WHEW! I hoped that helped some people. Well, since this site is technical about poo humor, I guess Ill bring up an annoyance that I have with the modern poop disposal system. I have never heard anyone speak of this, but I KNOW it has to have happened to some other people out there (and no, I'm not talking about butt bleeding). Taking a doo directly over water only 6 inches away from the exit point has a major problem. If you let loose a short turd, by the time it reaches the water, it will be going nearly 150 miles per hour! No, maybe more like 2 mph, but still, IT’S MOVIN. When it hits the water, the laws of physics kick in, and a single droplet of water will shoot directly upwards in the opposite direction of the path of the turd, directly into the poo bay door that is just closing shut. I don't know what you anus reaction time is (ART in scientific terms), but mine is not fast enough to keep that nice little droplet of toliet water from shooting straight back YOU KNOW WHERE. They say that you absorb 100% of water you deposit into your rectum (they give people suppository if they can't take medicine by mouth...ravers do it too..GROSS!) So, whenever that happens..you might as well be drinking toliet water! UGH!! SICK!!!.. but true. My solution? You know those wax toilet condemns that you find in most public bathrooms? USE TWO...One for the seat, and one in the bowl. Give lake porciline a pool cover, and you poo will have a nice little trampoline to dampen its fall...like firemen catching a baby out of 5 story window. You just might save yourself a poopwater suppository, and a case of hepatitis.

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i 2000+ points

Well, I did say "please"....

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blood has been coming out my ass too. what does the doctor expect to feel inside there? think i can feel it myself? think a tampon will work to fix it?

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i have blood eveytime i wipe it scares me but at the end of the day you just gotta get out there and see the doctor

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i think i have like 2 cuts in my anus...............thats what causing me and alot of yall to bleed.Trust me im as embaressed as ya'll to go to the doctor maybe even a little more. BUT, I HAVE TO DO THIS.THIS IS SOMETHING IN MY OPINION VERY IMPORTANT.

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I'm 12 and a couple of weeks ago i had little drop of blood in my bum and just when i got home from school i went to the toilet and wiped my bum and there was a whole load of blood on it and in the toilet bowl too and now i feel sick and weak.im really freaked out help me plzzz???

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I have been going to the bathroom latley around 3 to 4 times a day and just about everytime i go there is blood in my poop, and also latley i have been having alot of chest pains like really bad chest pains, could the blood in my poop be doing this? Is it bad that i am only 18 and it is doing this? Also, my grandpa suffered from colon cancer and had to have his colon cut out, can i inherit that trait? Please write back A.S.A.P. because this is scaring me, and also i have constant gas latley i cannot stop farting for some reason, does this have anything to do with it? Write back Please!!

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The last two comments are perfect examples of people who SHOULD go do the doctor. Small amounts of blood when you wipe sometimes is not a big deal, and can usually be fixed with a change in diet and other habits. But consistent blood along with any sick feelings is a NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR situation. It’s probably something that he can easily fix, but you must go. It is not likely cancer. Colon cancer generally doesn't form until you are 40 or older, and is usually the result of a lifetime of poor diet (lack of fiber, too much fat). If someone in your family had it, be sure to get a lot of colonoscopies and doctors can almost always remove anything life threatening well before it becomes a problem, as long as you catch it early. The people who die from colon cancer are the people who, for whatever reason, do not get regular colon checkups.

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I think this thread needs to be renamed "If you have a butt bleeding problem that you want to post here, GO TO THE F***ING DOCTOR."

All these people with butt bleeding issues come here and post their problem, but dont report back to tell everyone that they went to the doctor, and the treatment their doctor provided.

That would sure be a nice change.

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Ive had this problem for some time. I pretty much know its not cancer but I have finally given in, going to the doc tomorrow. Ill post and let you know what was said. My deal bright red blood....thats good bad would be dark, coffee groundish, or mixed in with the stuff...pain when going (from the stress) and confirmed hemeroids on and off.

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every time i need to go to the toilet for a poo, it feels like I have a ton of stuff to come out and after much heaving, all that comes out is a tiny marble-sized lump. incredibly annoying as it feels like im carrying around an extra ten pounds in my butt. i have been diagnoised with irritable bowel syndrome but i dont know how to empty my ass. please help me i have no other ideas

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had this problem for some time. I pretty much know its not cancer but I have finally given in, going to the doc tomorrow. Ill post and let you know what was said. My deal bright red blood....thats good bad would be dark, coffee groundish, or mixed in with the stuff...pain when going (from the stress) and confirmed hemeroids on and off.

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so if i poo and ther eis no blood in the poo but blood on the paper ,im probably okay and yes im still going to doctor butt ??

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I have a question....Some of my friends jerk off when they shit...lyk wtf....how is that possible.....doesnt sound like you could jerk off while something is coming out of ur ass. It seems like it would be kind of hard 2 concentrate. EH!?

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the tip of my ass, not the crack, the beginning of the butt portion had a bump or pimple or whatever and it burst and has been continuously bleeding for almost a day. whenever i clean it, i see mucus. what do i do ?

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Hey Zeus the 93rd....just wondering, can your friends blow their nose, poop, jerk off and order a deep pizza with Canadien bacon all at the same time? Also, you may want to suggest a wall mounted dildo and a picture of Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo or David Hasselhoff (preferably the Knight Rider years) for your friend's spank and plug sessions.

Corporal Corn Kernal

Corporal Corn Kernal

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Anon Cow wrote: "...the tip of my ass, not the crack, the beginning of the butt portion had a bump or pimple or whatever and it burst and has been continuously bleeding for almost a day. whenever i clean it, i see mucus. what do i do ?..."

You probably have/had a hemmoroid. Or recurring ass gnomes. See a doctor.

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im only 12 yrs old and when i went to the bathroom tonight i wasnt feeling so well and when i went to go wipe it was red and when i was looking down at my poop there was red poop and and some blood dripping from my anus is this a desease? i need to know becuz there has been blood stains in my panties for the past two days i thought i was just having my period but when i wore a pad no blood was in it and when i didnt wear it the blood stain would appear agin so is this apart of my period or no? plus i have no mother to respond to the question so please give me an asere

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*Forcibly stops self from bashing own head with mallet and says with infinite patience*:

NO. This is NOT part of your period. G O. T O. A. D O C T O R !

If you've no mom, tell some OTHER adult that you require medical attention immediately.

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3 days ago i took a dump and it seemed fine. but when i looked at the toilet paper it was all red with bright red blood. then the 2nd day there was only a little. now on the third day there was a little more or as much as the first day with bright red blood on the toilet paper and in the water a little. should i wait and see if it goes away? or should i see a doctor as soon as possible?

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If it were me, Jimmy, I'd probably see what it looks like tomorrow, and if it it didn't improve go in. But this is largely because I always put off going to the doctor since I don't want to give him another opportunity to stick a finger up my ass (if you're not an old fart like me, you don't need to worry about this yet). Now mind you, I'm not a doctor. In fact, I spend lots of my spare time contributing to a web site (this one) exploring the humor of pooping. So please consider the source in deciding what you should do. But will you do this -- come back and report what happened? No one ever bothers, and we don't know if it's because we give good advice here (so the problem is solved), or really bad advice, so that the person never again ever has a problem.



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I am in the same boat of all of you for the past 2 weeks I have been going to the bathroom and almost everytime i go I have blood on the toilet paper when I wipe myself and alote of blood in the toilet. I also am scared because I don't want it to be cancer. If anyone went to the doctor with the same problem I have let me know what they said. jack

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I've had bright red butt bleedings before... went to the doctor, doctor said eat more fiber (veg./fruits) or consume metamucil and that pretty much did the trick.

Nowadays... well just today.. My poo was dark and seemed to be covered in blood. Very different from last time. I figure i'll probably wait and see if it improves before ultimately taking another finger violation from the doc. I'm hoping that it was just something i ate that didn't quite digest all the way. But eh.. i'm not to worried about it.... yet

JAQ's picture


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i 2000+ points

Well, I'm very glad to hear that, dear, but you seem to be shouting. Did the colon cleanse affect your hearing? I'm so sorry.

Mmmm...Fiber: Nature's Broom!

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hey im 17 years old when i go to poop i see bright red blood on the toilet paper and blood amd mucus around my stool please help!!! could this be internal piles i have no pain when i go to the toilet its been happening for about 2 weeks im so freaking worried its cancer!! someone get back to me please

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am 17 and I have been constipated since about 8 I thin around there I have never told a doctor because I was embarrased and still am. When I was about 10 I pooped and there was blood in my poop and that was the only time it has happened and now Im 17 and it still hasnt happened but im still constipated. What should I do? Is it serious

some one's picture

okay umm..well today i was using the bathroom and i was peeing and i started seeing blood... but it isnt time for my period so i checked it out... and i have a huge like blister thing one my butt and it juss keeps bleeding and it also bleeds when i poop.... but after i poop it is still bleeding and it wont stop what should i do??

Adultery's picture

alright, in the last 2 months or so i've noticed that i have a lump in my rectum, it doesant hurt, theres no blood, and it doesant do anything but worrie me, i am worried it may be something serious witch is why i havent gone to the dr yet... and you please give me an idea of what it may be and how to take care of it (on this note id like to state that my bowels have been sluggish lately since i cought a small intestinal bug and have to force alot to get anything out)

Anonymous Coward's picture

All rectal bleeding is serious until proven otherwise. By a PHYSICIAN. All unidentified lumps, up your ass or otherwise fall into the same category. Don't just sit home and worry to death over it. Seek medical advice now, or start perusing the yellowpages for a good undertaker. Its better by far to endure a little embarrasment now than a potential hemicolectomy later.

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Most bleeding is just hemmorroids. I have been to the doctor, had laser surgery on my butt, and it still bleeds when I use the bathroom. A change in diet can improve things. Eat high fiber. Try to eat anything that grows outside--lots of veggies. Stay away from greasy foods and alcohol. It is easy to say, but hard for me to always follow this diet.

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First off I am a 24 yr old white suburban male that sometimes listen to rap, but I love country music!

So this past week I have been bleeding a good amount every time I poop. When I was a young lad around 11-12 I used to have this problem once occasionally, but they gave me hemroid medicine and it went away. I stopped going to the DOC for it when I was around 14 because it only happened once in a blue moon. (IM REALLY TRYING TO GET TO THE POINT HERE) When I was 19 I went to the ER late one night because it happened bad and I was worried about it. They determined that it was just a fissure? because of stress and poor diet. (MY GIRLFRIEND JUST LEFT ME AND I WAS A BROKE KID LIVING OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR THE 1st TIME)

My current situation... I have been on average depressed, My diet is once again horrible. I am traveling a lot because of work. To top that off with a cherry on top.. I started talking adderall 2 months ago for my ADHD. (I am getting off the prescription soon because of the research I did on the drug) That is my current situation, the difference this time... Its not just a once a year one bloody poop.. It has been almost everyday for the last week. I will be going to the DOC tomorrow. Thanks


Brianna's picture

I'm worried. If anybody could help me, please do. It started about 5 days ago. When I'd go to the bathroom a little bit of blood would come out when I pooped. It went away the fourth day. And now it's back again. I'm kind of embarrassed to see a doctor about it, but I'm afraid it could be something really serious. It's not just a couple little drops, but it's not a lot either. What should I do?

Anonymous Coward's picture

Face it, you may just be a bloody asshole.

Dean Kueh's picture

Well, after reading all the posts that you guys made.. i decided to do some investigation on the net about colon cancer.. because i also have the same things that you guys have been having.. but i dont bleed alot.. After i read about the symptoms about Colon cancer.. i rushed to the doctor .. After some check up, he checked my anus.. and he said theres some skin ripping off and that might be causing the bleed. He gave me some pills and drugs.. so yeah.. you guys shoudl go see a doctor, dont be emberassed, this is a matter of life and death dont think what other ppl think about you. =D

Dean Kueh's picture

wal-mart , i think you should consult a doctor imideatly, im sorry to say that youy might have colon cancer... read this for more info

healthy 2's picture

During late 2005, I had an issue with bleeding from my rear end. Guess what? I saw a damned doctor!!!

It was hemmorhoids. Also, when you are doing your morning ritual, don't strain so hard. Take our advice, SEE A DOCTOR!!!

The fool's picture

I've also had this problem in the past, bright red blood when I strain to hard. Went to the doctor and yes, it were those annoying hemorrhoids. He gave me his advice, fiber, 2 liters of water, don't strain too much and go when you need to go. Did all that and all was good, but after some time it came back. So I went back to the doctor and the cause of the problem was me, I slacked off. Not enough water, not enough fiber, straining too much and not going when I needed to go. Sorry doc, I know I'm a fool. It's just so hard to eat right. :( Eat right or see blood. Man that's more annoying than hemorrhoids. It just happened again this morning, looked at my pattern for the last month and yes I've been slacking again, I'm a fool.

Tip: follow the doc's advice, but first you have to go and see him or her.
I'm 24 btw and I'm still so foolish.

Hope this helps's picture

I've had red bleeding like everyone is describing. I underwent surgery and wish I had been told to try diet changes and fiber first. People think fiber will make you go more, cause more pain, and make it worse. But, think of it like a tube of toothpaste- the more toothpaste (fiber) in the tube, the easier it is to push and get it out. Anyway, when it happens now, I eat vegetables for a few days, eat bread high in fiber, and make those orange fiber drinks with the fiber powder you can buy at Walmart. The surgery consisted of them removing a skin tag (this was good) but also notching the muscle around the opening so I wouldn't have to strain (this was bad). Now I have to wipe 5-10 minutes after finishing and wiping the first time. I really wish I had not gone along with the decision to do the notching but at the time they told me I could do one surgery and come back later for the second or get it all over with once. Anyway, I hope this comment help someone. Soaking in hot baths is also effective at helping things heal quicker.

Anonymous embarrassed's picture

This morning when I went poop, there wasn't any blood in it, but when i wiped there was bright red blood on it. Not a whole lot, but it doesn't hurt or anything and this is the first time its happened.

Me's picture

I have so much gas during the day that it feels like I might have blood in my stool when i poop. But then I poop and there's no blood, should I be worried, or should I keep clearing out the office during the day?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points


How can you FEEL like there's blood in your poop?

YOU HAVE HEMROID!!!!!'s picture


Anonymous Coward's picture

I stuck my ass in the air for my boyfriend (after I showered, of course!!) so he could take a look. He didn't see anything abnormal -- just said that he was a little horny and that maybe I should start eating more healthy. It could be that he stuck his big ol' thumb in my bunghole last night while we were doing it. What do you figure? I don't know... but I know this bleeding thing is pretty scary. I happen to be 32. DO I REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR or do you think my boyfriend has it under control? Thanks for responding!! :)

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

What is it with all these teenagers posting blood in the ass comments? I am suspecting that some of these comments are posted by bored high school/middle school students with nothing else to do. Including study grammer, punctuation, and spelling.

"Hi my name is tommy and I hav blud in my poo whenever I go I am so scared to tell my mom and dad because they might get made at me please help I'm only 12..."


I was a category five! Category five, I tell you! Get it right or I'll be back to PROVE IT!!!!- Katrina

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

The Fool number 2 :)'s picture

I agree with the fool, hes right, i too be slcking off and have had teh same problems as well!

things to eat are bananas, and wholemeal bread and drink water etc, loads of it if u can!

Anonymous Coward's picture

I just wanted to say i've had like hemroids ( i think) for a few years now..it was so bad my ass would be swollen and i'd be in severe pain with tons of bleeding for days i should have been in a hospital at some points ..i'd have to pump advil and not eat or take stool softeners for days till the swelling went down..i was too scared t go to doctors...i worried about this for so long..well...i asked around online and found out i should be eating food with more fiber...well...i found out once i eat food with fiber in it..like EVERYDAY...the hemroids (if that's what they are ) go away 100% completely and i never have problems...but as SOON as i go off eating food with fiber and start eating pizza or crappy foods,they come RIGHT BACK...as did last few days because i stopped eating healthy. Anyway, i asked my doctor when i went for a physical i never went to doctor because the last thing i want is somebody looking at my asshole...I would rather die....we'll not really but..so i just ASKED my doctor..and she said..EAT MORE FIBER it's probably hemroids...and i found out my dad and bro have hemroids...
SO...the best advice here is...the american diet has an extreme lack of fiber..i can guarentee to 99% of you if you eat more fiber in your diet all your butt problems will go away...check fiber content in everything...eat bran cereal and apples everyday...even if you don't like it...fiber fiber fiber...you have to ..or you will suffer.

another bleeder's picture

about 4 years ago, I first noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper. Went away from what I can remember until this year. Got quite a scare when the toilet bowl looked like a crime scene. for about 4 months on and off now I have been bleeding quite alot when taking a dump. From my own research I have concluded that I have internal hemroids. I freaked out at first, thinking it could be cancer as you do, but a poor diet, and heavy squats and deadlifts at the gym make more sense. The fact that there are squirt marks of blood on the bowl and I can feel a lump comming out of my date when I strain on the toilet actually put my mind at ease, funny that. Surfing the net tonight I found some things I can do to try and improve the situation.

1. a high fibre diet
2. vitamen A
3. vitamen C
4. cayenne pepper
5. cider viniger (2 spoons in water)

I am going to clean up my diet, use the above mentioned supplements, and see if it goes away. If not I guess I will suck it up and go see a doc. I am 23.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Stop smoking and drinking if you have hemroid.
It only makes it worse. Drinking alot of water
pushes the food down. Over eating, gaining wieght, less exercise is the problem. If your heroids swells up sit if a hot warm bath. Get hemroid cream not the gel, hemroid cream shrinks the swollen tissue. Eat salad, fruits,
and vegitables. Buy Metamucil a healthy fiber choice just add it with water you find your self struggling another dokey into the toilet. I went to see a doctor that was there advice.
I got minds cut off and man it hurt like hella. I was embarresd at first. Ephew, I was glad that was over with. (I just hated when it comes to cute looking doctor looking at my ugly butt). lol Don't be scared, it's their job. Back in the days people were dying over
mutiple hemroids. Now there's a cure. Thank God.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i thought i had a lump on my crack, but it turned out to be a bit of poo stuck in my crack hair, has any1 else had that

Anonymous Coward's picture

I was wodering if blood in the poop with no-pain whatso ever is normal?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points


No. It's not. See a doctor. Tomorrow. Good luck and Godspeed.

Painful Pooper's picture

Okay, IT HURTS!!!!! When I go to the restroom I shake!!!! IT HURTS SO MUCH WHEN I GO POOP! Its like its tearing me inside like needles. And when it does come out and I wipe, there is bright blood on the paper and I have to wipe about 3 times until its clean. Even after the restroom I have to stand up for a while because my hole still hurts like crazy, throbbing pain and it hurts throughout the whole day until I shower and then the pain goes away. I think I have hemroids but internal one because theres nothing on the outside. How do I get rid of this. Should I go see a doctor? Is there a home remedie or that cream stuff... Please tell me, i'm suffering.

AFRAID KID's picture

Hi! I'm 14 years olds and every time I go to dooky it doesn't come out just bright red blood I haven't been to the doctor and I remember first getting it in 4th grade but it wasn't frequent now every time I go my toilet is full of blood some times I get drowsy, whats wrong with me?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

It's a disease that teenagers get when they spend too much time on the internet and not enough time talking to their parents.

HopefullyoucanHelpMe's picture

When i go to poo, i experience great pain, and my poo has blood on it. There isnt alot of blood, but a noticable amount. What is more noticable however, is a little ball of skin, that only shows when i flex my anal area ( its a little smaller than a pea). I have had this pain for the past 2 months or so. POO DOCTORS,PLEASE HELP ME!!


YALL NEED TOOO STOP WORRINNG SOOO BAD!!!.. IF YOU DONT THINK ITS THAT BAD THEN ITS NOW...OVER 65% OF PEOPLE BLEED WEN THEY WHIP THER ASS JUST FROM STRICHING... soo unless YOU think ur gonna die or it gets worse dont worrie about it...i mean i got on here cuz i have a lil blood its ben the same for years nothing changed never got sick from it...but its sure doz look ugly in a mirror lol

lilsallysquart's picture

umm....ok well i work on a ice cream truck.And it was a hot day i mean real hot and we pulled over and like six littel kids came up and i was getting ther ice cream and i felt a rumble it was the sings of mud butt.i though!!! but not more then 30 sec and then it happend.i FARTED BLOOD not just a littel a lot i mean alot like a pint or two.all the kids wher like all my god.so yea it felt sooo GOOd it smelled like fish.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i jsut went to the bathroom and i had a little brigth red blood on the paper when i wiped is this serious or will it pass... please help me i am only 16...

Anonymous Coward's picture

when i go to the toilet it does not hurt im tired all the time but cant sleep i have been up for three days now. when i go to the toilet there is bright red blood all over the toilet enwound with mucus, the blood is not coming from a tear on the out side, its internal, this will happen about three times a day and i thought that i was the only one experiancing this i was to scared to go to the doctors as this has been happening for about two months now. im not eating very well at the min and i have a one year old boy. can you reasure me that nothing is wrong thanks

Poo Girl's picture

Yes i am going to talk to my dr but i wanted to say that for about 3 weeks ive had orangey red stool and or diareah. My doctor already thinks im a hypochondriac. Could the orangey red be from the anti inflammatory im taking for my back hurting?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Props for correctly spelling "hypochondriac" AND "inflammatory".

It's the little things that make me happy.

Anomalous Coward's picture
k 500+ points

GGG you sound a tad bit exasperated. Can't say as I blame you. Why do some people ask for advice then ignore it?
Anonymous Coward "can you reasure me that nothing is wrong thanks" No we can't reassure you, because we aren't physicians and even if we were, we have not examined you. At the risk of sounding like an echo, GO SEE A DOCTOR. Besides, anal bleeding IS an abnormal condition.

SmellMyShit's picture

You sad fukers need to get a life and stop usind the poo website as a chatroom, its for serious questions about poo!!

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

Poopreport.com is a website dedicated to the appreciating the intellectual HUMOR about poop.

And define "fukers".

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

critic's picture

i cant believe that so many of you are asking for advice from someone online. like, are u stupid. Go to the doctor now or you will probibily end up loosing your asshole and end up wearing a poop bag. Stop whinning about your personal problems online and get your poop taken care of.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I can't believe someone who can't spell probably, whining, or who actually thinks one can lose their bunghole is calling others stupid.

Oh wait, yes I can. Nevermind.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

young problems's picture

i am a fifteen year old girl who hasn't had her period or been in sexaul contact with anyone. yet i have blood in my poop and i don't know what to do. if my parents find out they'll think there's sothing way to serious wrong with me help!!

Anonymous Person's picture

Hey im 19 nearly 20 .... Ive had this problem for about 4 years an its got worsier and worsier .... I started gettin smalls pains every now an then in my bum and now its turned into pains and when going to the toilet i have loads of blood coming out with my pooh alot of what has been said on here has scared me ive not bothered with the doctors because i am scared they are going to put something up my bum and hurt me :( ....... What else can i do? Ive not even spoke to my mother should i speak to her? she normally helps?

,, little lisa ,,'s picture

this site is random.. but im 15 ive had alot off problems whith simular stuff you lot have been through there is nothing seriously rong with you, ive had urine infections, kidney infections, i have a suspected kidney stone, i faint i bleed like a butcher. but all the stuff that you lot have said is the same simptoms as ive had go to the doctors and they will give you antibiotics to stop the pain you probly just have infections !!! dont be scared !!!

Anonymous Bastard's picture

99% of the time it's just hemeroids. No need to go to a doctor that's going to perform needless tests and then tell you that you have hemeroids, and pretty much tell you what you can freely find over the internet. So go fuck yourselves. In the ass. The BLOODY ass.

Anonymous Coward's picture

ok when I was about 15 or 16 I had blood in my stool ONCE should I be worried im 17 now im just to scared to tell anyone about this incedent so can you help me

colostomy cutie's picture

I have had a colostomy since October. Today for the first time I felt like I had a sensation to poop from my butt but I know this is impossible. But this glue like substance with a lot of blood came out. Please does anyone know what this is. The glue like stuff is white and is extremely sticky. Just not sure if I should bother my surgeon with this silly thing. But would like to know if anyone else has had this???

Anonymous Coward's picture

Mkay, I have a little blood when I wipe before,but I know it isn't serious.It's never been in the poop and it isn't a lot,it doesn't even happen all the time.Those with blood in the poop SEE A DR RIGHT NOW!I'm serious.It could be a MAJOR problem,and if it is,you need treatment for it now.If you have blood in your pee,that is also VERY BAD.Again, GO TO THE FREAKIN DR.If you have a little bit just when you wipe,not in your stool or the toilet,then you're fine.If it gets worse,however,I also reccomend seeing a doctor.Finally,if you have pain when going to the bathroom and a lot of blood,you should also go to the doctor.And if there's nothing wrong with you after taking my advice and going to the dr, then at least you can feel relieved and know that you're okay.

a 20 year old + kid's picture

hi there i came on here a while ago im the one that could not sleep, and was not eating right i went to see the doc after i typed my message and unfortuanaly for me i have a problem, i have a one year old son and i have been told i have cancer this was what has been causeing my sleepless nights and lack of wanting any food so hey i was worried and now i wish i had not gone to the doctor cause im even worse of, however for all you people out there i would suggest getting to see your doc just in case this way, you will know for sure what is up with you, and if your ok or not hope you all do listen and dont put it of ok, trust me its better to know if your all right

Frank2401's picture
l 100+ points

__To 20 year old + kid, glad you chose to go to the doc. Hope you are at least feeling better and getting treatment. I'm sure everyone on this web site wishes you the best. Don't worry and take care._____

Dave00's picture

I am 14 years old. About 1 month ago I got this portable air conditioner. It has a hose that is connected to my window so it can transfer the carbon monoxide out. Shortly after I got it my stomach started to feel uneasy and I started experiencing diarrhea. I decided to wait a week or two to see if it would get better and it slowly is. One Sunday right before church I really had to go and my stomach was hurting beyond belief, I ended up in the bath-room for a little over an hour. Right now my stomach still hurts when I have to take a #2 but after I am done it is over until next time. (The pain is not that powerful to really hurt me)In one of my earlier trips to the bath-room after I as done and I was wiping my butt I thought I saw a bright reddish brown "stain" but didn't think much of it.
About 20 minutes ago when I was having a little trip that wasn't all that bad, just a little pain, when I wiped my butt I saw it again. My condition is getting better and better every day so I plan on waiting a little while longer but I just want to hear your opinions.
I have suspicions that the air-conditioner has something to do with it but my mom insists it doesn't. I haven't told her about what I think might be blood but I plan to if it keeps coming.

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Fuck seeking medical help, go to the damn bait shop and get some fucking leeches, you gawd damn morons!!!

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Bilgy, did I ever tell you the story of a wedding reception I attended that was held behind a bait shop? They had leeches. Well, IN the bait shop, not at the party. But a dog did kill a chicken during dinner, part of which was served from a farm spool. True story.

I'm becoming convinced that some of these posters must be related to that bride and groom.

Mr Dude's picture

I have noticed that - due to very sticky poo - you can *damage* your rectum by wiping too much. A simple solution is using baby wipes and a max of like 6 peices of paper afterwards. I haven't had a problem with it anymore since I use that mantra, first 2 wipes for the durty stuff (if it's bad) then 2 wipes with babywipes to get it clean then 4 wipes with regular tissue to dry the "water" from the wet wipes up and a the last one as a clean-check.

CHECK IT OUT's picture

If you bleed form your anus you might have cancer!!! this is serious!

And if your peeing blood you have a infection and you might not be able to have kids so its worth checking it out !!!

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points


"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

The Dumpster's picture
i 2000+ points

Bilge, I am thinking of opening a free medical clinic in Calcutta. Would you consider coming along as the Risk Manager?

Anonymous Coward's picture

Stop having anal.

Doug Lambert's picture

I went to the toilet today and my ass was just killing me. Out came a large bundle of blood. It reminded me of the days of teaching but even life in Thailand isn't that scary. What should I do?

some 1's picture

I had a proplem the when I pee I pee blood if any can help me plz say it .
and sould I go to the doctor

wonderpance's picture
Comment Quality Moderatork 500+ points

yes, if you're peeing blood, and you're not a woman on your period, you should go to the doctor.
i love poop.

i love poop.

shittin sista's picture

The last three days when i went to the bathroom. i pooped and blood was in the toilet. it was woven into my poop and when i wiped it was all over the tp. my dad and mom want me to get checked out but im scared i have had ibs since i was 7 but i know this wasnt a hemeroid!!!!

Kerrie's picture

Ok,I am 33, I suffer with IBS, so I am either loose or constipated when going to the bathroom. For a bit now I have noticed that when I'm constipated, thats when I bleed, could this be a tearing caused by being constipated? I have also been told that IBS sufferers tend to get piles. Any comments? Oh one other thing My dad suffered with bowel cancer which was removed and now lung cancer.I think people can see where I am comming from with that.

Oh and btw, for those who think this is funny and are making fun of people here, IT ISN'T!!! So please go to some kiddy place and post your nasty comments there.

Anonymous Coward's picture

all of these comments aren't lame so stop posting if they are or arent. people are concered and reach out for help! just like everyone else is saying, go to the doctors & get checked out. you need help!

Anonymous Coward's picture

all of these comments aren't lame so stop posting if they are or arent. people are concered and reach out for help! just like everyone else is saying, go to the doctors & get checked out. you need help!

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Now see? That right there is a lame comment.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

The Crimson Shit's picture

a few days ago i took a crap it stung the inside of my ass crack and in the toilet i saw blood and my shit was dark purple????it really stung my ass and when i wiped the toilet paper had purple shit and bright red blood on it my ass hurts every time i take a shit so if i take a big one my ass feels like its getting ripped open and i dont know why my shit is purple or why i shit blood but it hurts and one time a crapped my pants and now in my boxers theres like a purple stain with blood in it it wont come out my friend recently shit dark blue too

New Butt Bleeder's picture

i started pooping and then wiped and blood came out all over the toilet paper...if u dont go to the doctor and just eat more fiber will i be ok? i poo all the time sometimes even 5 or 6 times a day never had a problem u think i could just make adjustments and itll be ok

freddy fingermyass's picture

well.. for all you but bleeders out here.. here is some reassurance.. i had some instances of wipeing blood after taking a real long shit and squeezing and shitting and shitting more.. my wife is a doctor so she fingered and looked and probed some more and said i just squeezed and pushed to much.. streching and kinda giving a hemorid but not fully.. so just take it easy when you crap and make sure you slowly stretch your asses ladies if your men are playing down there cause a couple of the readers sounded like after butt sex that they were bleading. oh yea and if you can get your woman to check out you ass after you clean it real good it feels good when your jerking off!
good luck mates

HeyWaste's picture

I poped this morning, saw some wine red blood in the poop before I flushed it down. The poop also smelled very bad, strong.
Saw some greenish on the toilet paper when I wiped my ass.
I opened the window and left to go shopping for about 1 hour.
When I came back I still smelled the poop. I'm concerned about this poop. My diet hasn't been that good lately -- a lot of junk food like Ho HO's.,Twinkeis. soda pop,
sausage/ham & eggs for breakfasts, hotdogs and bratwursts for dinners most days. I'm thinking I'll start eating the higher fiber and fruit/vegies more.

I'm concerned about the poop please help.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I think you answered your own concern with suggesting to change your diet. Try that for a few weeks and then get back to us.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

MAD's picture

PLEASE HELP ME!I AM 12 and i have had blood comeing out when i poo it gets worse everytime. i dont want to tell my parents coz they will get angry at me. i also have sores around my ass. i am really scared. i have had really scary nightmares since it started. can u please tell me what is wrong with me????

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