poop won't go all the way out

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Problmaticer asks:

When I poop, I can't go all the way. I usually end up with poop stuck on my anus; and I really don't want to strain. This leads to endless wiping. I've fought this matter for while now... it's getting tiring, and I realy urge for a solution.

Dear Problmaticer,


You'll have to provide more details. What do you eat on a typical day? How much fiber are you getting? How much water do you drink?

Just offhand, I would suggest some heaping helpings of Metamucil, mixed with PLENTY of water, taken several times a day for a while. See if it helps.

Also-try leaning forward as far as you can while "going." Sometimes for reasons only known to the universe, this helps.

But do try the Metamucil. I am becoming quite enamored of it -- somewhat like a crack whore, but jonesing for the fiber...

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Hello, IMISS, digging poop out of your rectum with your finger is called manual disimpaction and is not recommended except in an emwergency. A doctor or nurse can do it for you, using rubber gloves and careful technique; but you can't see what you are doing to your anus. If you notice blood on your finger, consider stopping your procedure, call for an appointment, and see your doctor.

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Okay, so I will tell a day in the life of how it is to poop for me. I shit about three times a day. Probably even more if I dont hold it in. Everyday I wake up I poop. Sometimes i dont need to go but it comes out anyways and it makes. my stomach kinda hurt more than before i went. After i would take my first shit in the morning, most times it woul get a liitle stuck too so i just wipe it off. Next i. Go eat and by me eating i guess the. wastgets pushed by the food so i poop more .now that is my second time! Im. just tired of this bullshit because it would still feel like i need to a little but then gos away. my third ti time is at night. Ok peace

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For ladies who have trouble pooping and stops after you have the urge to go. You probably have a tipped vagina which mechanically blocks the poop from coming out. Your vagina is leaning backwards (instead of the normal position) and is cutting off the shit pipe. Get to a gynecologist and she/he will confirm this! Still, try the extra fiber (All Bran) and more water, also take the Metamucil with lots of water, and Colace pills, Aloe Vera pills, Senna Xtra, Magic Bullet suppositores and you WILL SHIT! GUARANTEED! Works for me. Just be consistent. Go, soon as you get the urge - do not wait. Good Luck. Shit well!!

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Take dr schulze intestinal formula no 1 --1 800 herb doc

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Hi everyone, I just want to say that I had a 3 day constipation once, and it was sudden. I was able to get it out with suppositories after crapping what was 3 of my normal poops that was twice my width. I went to check with a chiropractor after seeing a post somewhere that a person was constipated and once the chiropractor fixed his lowered back he was able to use the bathroom better. It turns out that your spine may be "sublaxated" which my block or severe the nerves that may control your bowels. After get it fixed, my ability to poop has been so smooth. If you guys tried so many of this doctor bs and it doesnt help go to a chiropractor to see if your lower back is out of alignment which may mean digestive problems such as your ability to POOP!

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I am in stitches over this site..I too have BM problem otherwise I would never have found you..I have found that Probiotic Enzymes with every meal is the trick. We just do not digest our food well and no wonder with all the crap we eat...pardon the pun...LOL..Love this site..LOL>.

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Ok, I had similar problem, I couldn't poo, it was stuck in there. It just wouldn't come out! I was freaked out, because it also bled some. So I checked out this website, i started my coffee, took few sips, & thought of taking a hot shower. So i took a really long hot shower, & after my shower it just naturally came out. It hurt, but it wasn't much longer of sitting on toilet, since i was stuck on toilet for 2 hours before the shower. SO DEF TRY A LONG HOT SHOWER!

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I have an irritating constipation. Is it normal that when I strain pee does also go out even if I had already peed?

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Its your diet. I have been staying at a hotel out of town for weeks on end for a business trip and I have been eating a LOT of crap. Take out foods, pizza, cafeteria foods etc, and I started noticing the same problem. Sticky, mushy, wiping for years. Sucks. Fix your diet, cut out the fats and eat vegetables, fruits, water, fiber!

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I had fluid poop,and it burnt so bad,and it was ten or more times per day. I took probiotics and it got hard and will not pass without ripping my skin,like tar. I am in so much pain that I am disabled! Doctors go through their protocol but stop when it gets beyond their ability and act as if they did something. They will not write a diagnosis or prognosis either. I want my diagnosis in writing!

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Not true. Fiber adds bulk and makes it more tar like causing anal tears,or fissures. If no gall bladder,you are hurting people with that advice.

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People are suffering and they already tried fiber and they are already on a good diet. Nobody needs to be told to stop eating McDs. Fiber causes tar and stickiness that tears skin and causes fissures and tears. Loose burns but is easier to pass. Either way the pain is unreal. Its been seven years and the docs will sell you procedures unneeded then let you go. Zen Pep and Cholesteryne are a joke and a scam. Reglan is as well. I have pain with loose,pain with sticky, but pain all the time. Docs are using meds as a way of testing! Don't allow that by any means!!!!!!!!!!!!Ask for test results that justify treatments other than them simply guessing. They say if this med works,then that was the problem,and that can cause damage not reparable . Don't trust them as they are now salesmen for the drug makers. Ask each doctor if he is a paid consultant for the Phrma who makes the med,and don't leave without the answer in writing!

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I really wanted to respond to this comment and the one above it. I would have approved all of the posts that this author submitted to this thread, but after reading four of them I realized that they all had the same, rambling remarks. I think there seven or eight in all. These two represented the most information and sentiment.

First of all, no doctor is going to promise a solution in writing; this would be asking someone who already pays massive malpractice insurance (which is what is causing our health care bills to skyrocket) to guarantee that he or she is going to cure you with the first trial of treatment. This is, no offense, crazy to suggest. What if the doctor has to treat a patient with a process of elimination of treatments? Many times that a doctor addresses an issue he or she has to arrive at a solution by the process of whittling down what is wrong, ruling out the most common issues, and then concentrating on smaller and smaller areas of possible dysfunction or illness.

Second, fiber would not logically cause tar poop; tar poop is caused by absolutely no fiber or by upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding. Tar poop looks like, well, road tar, and it is impossible to wipe off. If fiber caused it, then I don't think the the texture would not be tarry.

As long as I've been on this site, I have read countless (and I mean too many to count) testimonial from people who have stopped eating fast food and starting replacing at least one meal a day with fruit or vegetables, and their poops ended up being normal poop, with clean up being easy. If you someone thinks he or she has tears in the digestive tract from fiber then that person must be either overdosing on it on the fiber amount, not drinking enough water to soften the fiber, or have diverticulitis or some other condition. I feel badly for this commenter, but what he or she is describing is nowhere near the normal results that we've seen on this site. I have to believe that something else is causing the issue based on our experiences here.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I have that problem - occasionally there it is, ready to go, yet seems to pressing on the wrong door, right between the anus and the vagina. This door is closed, my friend! So what can you do ? I press, seems logical ,and out it comes.This is probably some dire condition like a prolapse, but it works.

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Put water up your anus.

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I had sex and this happened.

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Listen to me: I just had this problem and I was thinking no one on this forum knows how bad mine is. So I got a bottle of water chugged it and waited 30 minutes. Then I got on the toilet and kept pushing sucking in and squeezing my cheeks.

This part is mandatory: You must squat with your feet on the seat, It is a must. Then push that beast hard, but relax, and it will come out so easy (not really) with just slight pain -- but nothing unbearable -- maybe a super tiny bit of blood. Don't worry if you see that on your turd. Good luck. Also, if you have alcohol around I would suggest you drink it, because I had this problem twice and the first time wasn't so bad when I was hammered.

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Take lots of fiber and drink 8 glasses of water every day. Poop is soft but will not come out. I got this plan from another board. But a box of rubber gloves from a drug store and a jar of vaseline. Put on one glove, put a coat of vaseline on two first finger of glove (not thumb) Insert one finger into anus and go around the outside of the poo. Then start to pull it out. Sometimes you have to use two fingers. But gently keep at it and pretty soon all the poo in the rectum is out and quite clean. This allows the bowls to fill the rectum again and starts getting things moving. If the poo is very soft you may have to work at it a little longer but reach as far down as you can. But we gentle. It will all come out and not hangers on.

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If you mean you pee when you poop even if you just peed then yes, it happens to me all the time. It actually just did!

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Today I really needed to poop. I was sitting there for ages. The turd would come out and really hurt, then it would stop, then it would push out more, and then stop. Finally I gave up and sucked it right back up because it was too hard and painful and wouldn't budge!

I hear fibre and lots of water and prunes work but what if they don't? I'm going on an eleven hour plane journey tomorrow and I do not want to be constipated then. Help!

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Well anonymous, You have really fucked up. If you were part way there today you should have gone ahead, gritted your teeth, and forced the turd from your ass. It will only be harder tomorrow.

Maybe the suction of the steel commode in the plane will help unplug your balloon knot. Perhaps when other disgruntled passengers notice the stench coming from your impacted rectum and hurl you from the plane, the impact with the ground after a 30,000 foot fall will loosen your bowels.

Good luck.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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You are an idiot. Do not go to a quackapractor, go to a real doctor.