hemmorhoids and bleeding

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ppg asks:

I eat a fibre-rich diet with fruit, and drink lots of plain water. Every so often I become constipated and the effort involved of passing small motions brings about haemorrhoids and sometimes bleeding. After a few days of this, all is well again, but it may strike again all of a sudden. I take psyllium husks daily, so would appreciate your suggestions! Thanks

Dr. Adams responds:


It sounds like you have external hemorrhoids. You certainly are doing many correct things with your diet and supplements. All of these efforts have been proven to prevent and or lessen the effect of hemorrhoids. However, it is possible that it still might not be enough.

Make sure that you are not straining on the toilet when having a BM. Also, make sure you are not sitting on the toilet for too long.

Another common cause of hemorrhoids is liver disease.....cirrhosis, alcohol abuse, etc.....Do you fit into this category? Liver disease will cause blood to back up into many veins of the body, and some of these veins are the rectal veins........and this leads to hemorrhoids.

Finally, have you visited a doctor for a rectal exam? You may need an interventional procedure such as band ligation or even surgery. So I certainly recommend that you pay a visit to your physician for an examination.


Dr. Adams is a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hopsital in Manhasset, NY. Got a question for him?

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I just want to know if there is something wrong with me because i had blood in my poop yesterday. i had it again today but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. is there something wrong with me ? Please help thank you

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I was jsut wondering too if you have an internal hemmroid is it possible that you can poop the hemmroid out??

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um....yeah this is a bit embarrassing but sometimes there is blood in my poop like im an easy pooper when i have to poop i just sit and it comes right out i barely have to wipe (i do of course) but sometimes i have difficulty pooping just u know when its hard to get out and it hurts sorta and i find fresh blood in the potty its always short and the next easy poop i'm fine umm...do i just have like a sensitive butthole?

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I just got two feet of fiber optic equipment shoved up my butt, and I watched the hole thing on a screen. As they say, I guess we're all pink on the inside. Well, nothing serious wrong, but I have had a little bleeding from time to time and I noticed some of those little pink nubs like on the PooDoctor picture. What the hell are those things? Are those the 'roids?

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I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. I have fresh red blood on the toilet paper when I wipe, there is blood on the stool, and blood in the toilet water. This blood is also accompanied by excruciating pain. I've had this over the last year (it comes and it goes) but lately it just seems to be here to stay (OUCH!!!!). I haven't been to the doctor about this because I'm hoping that it will go away (again) but NURSE POO....PLEASE HELP ME!

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At times, for some unknown reason, I will have pain in my rectum with bleeding. It makes my anus very sore and difficult to walk. This time, there are two raised small ropes like red irritated areas on each side of my anus. Does this sound like hemmordoids to you? I have had a sigmoidoscopy about 5 yrs ago and all was well. The pain and bleeding have gone on since then off and on but, this is the first time with the raised areas. Also, at times the pain feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife in my anus. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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I had hemerroids this summer and my butt literally spit blood all over the toilet. It was just plain gross.

BTW, I'd lay off the p husks.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I am only 20 yrs old...i have had two different occurances of bloody stools. One was approx. two months ago & the other was yesterday...both times of having a BM...I drink alcohol & was told that this could be the cause of the problem...also, are hemrhoids hereditary?? I don't have hard stools...most of the time everything is pretty loose...very odoripherous though :(

carla's picture

what can I do for my husband. He poops all the time. He poops just as much as I pee. I feel sorry for him. Also, why would there be blood in my poop? Do I have internal hemmoroids.

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I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. I have fresh red blood on the poo. This blood is not accompanied by any extreme pain what i feel. I've had this over the last few weeks. I haven't been to the doctor about this because I'm hoping that it will go away. please help!

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About 5 months ago when I went to the bathroom I would wipe fresh blood. When I would get off the toilet the water would be full of blood as well. Just today I tried going poop and it happened again. The blood was just dripping into the toliet. Should I wait and see if it goes away again and what could this be from?

t's picture

Hi was wondering are there any results regarding
Finding blood in your stool, POOP.
I my self have found blood from time to time and wonder if anyone
Has been to the doctor and reply back with any results.


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I have two little hard dark red lumps around my butt, too, and yes, they are hemmoroids. Even Howard Stern knows that 50%of Americans have them, and they do suck. I am going to get them lasered tomorrow, and am thrilled at the prospect of no more booty pain. the trials-- the agony. jesus. by the way, this site is hilarious---you folks can't really be this dumb, can u?

Big Up's picture

A few times in the last month I've noticed fresh blood when wiping. And today it seemed worse than ever. Blood was actually dripping into the toilet. It freaked me out. The tiolet water was a maroonish color too from all the blood.

amanda42587 , did you ever find out what was up with that?

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lately almost every time i go #2 i wipe and there is a little bit of blood. i never notice blood actually in the stool but i can just tell that when i wipe there is some blood. there is never a lot, just some. what does this mean?

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For the past several months everytime I have have a bowel movement it comes with extreme pain and dark red blood. The feces is hard and thick. What could this be..?

Anonymous q's picture

yes hi, well i went to the bathroom yesturday and i did poop it hurt at first but them it stoped, but then i bleed a little. but today it didnt bleed but it only hurt me and there was like small lines of blood on my poop. i but then i did it again and i didnt hurt and it didnt even bleed. what is this. is there anything wrong with me. pleaze help me i am really scared. thanx

Scared and confused...'s picture

Today I went to the bathroom...I didn't feel constapated and it did not hurt to go to the bathroom, but after when I wiped there was bright red blood on the toilet paper and some floating in the toilet but it didn't look like there was any in my actually BM. I am only 20 years old, my diet is fairly good , lots of fruit, veggies, whole wheat bread, lean meats. I don't drink coffee, I haven't had alcohol in weeks, I sleep at least seven hours a night. I haven't been working out lately though ...whats wrong with me? Should I go to doctors if this happens again ?

Ps. This has never happened before...

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To all of those above with blood in your stool -- this a poop humor site, perhaps not the best place to receive credible medical advice. Go see a doctor about your problem, then come back here to tell us in detail (and with humor) about what happened to you. In short, Ask not what PoopReport can do for you, but what you can do for PoopReport. Good luck.


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The medical advice is simple, and Poonurse has said it many times. If you have blood in your poop for more than a few days, go to the doctor. It's just that simple. It may be serious, or it may be nothing, but you should go.

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Have of these people have probably bled to death by now.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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over the past two months, i've been having excess blood come out when i poop. and it happens EVERYTIME and everyday. I havent told anyone cause i figured it'd go away and its kind of embarassing. SOmetimes it's painful for me when i use the restroom also. Could it be because i dont drink enough water and thats why it doesnt come out easily?
i dont go to the doctors for a regular check up so im not sure what to do
if theres anything u can say to help, it'd be greatly appreciated

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Today and yesterday i went to the bathroom which is not uncommon at all but i realized that i had bleed when i pooped, i wanted to know if this is serious or it might have been just something i ate that could have caused this.

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i only go 2 the toilet for a number 2 about 3 times a week, this has always been normal for me, but recently i have been passing blood when i go, is there summat wrong with me?

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i recently started havin blood in my poop and it goes somedays and comes back but it feels like there is a cut inside cause it feels strange like little burining can u suggest some things to me plz

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If you have a hard stool with dark dark colored blood, you're going to need a doctor.

This means you're bleeding way up the chain.

Light colored blood is superficial, could be 'roids (and probably is) or a fissure (tear) near the anus.

Seriously though, dark colored blood, don't even fuck around. Go to the doctor immeadiatly.

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I poop really long poops, today it was around 10 inches in length! seriously isnt this ridiculous-takes 3 bloody flushes to get it down the loo!

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I think somebody is deliberately bringing up all these old blood-in-the-poo threads just to get Dumpster's goat! I am getting tired, tired of being the Voice of Him that Crieth in the Wilderness, "get thy ass to the doctor!"

Geez! I feel sorry for all these people, but where do they come from??

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Probably Florida.


I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

jeremy's picture

Most of the time my work keeps me to busy to stop and go to the bathroom #1 or #2, but today I started to cramp several different times almost to where I couldn't breath (I was praying no one would call or come into the office) , but today I had the boss catch the phones, while I walked fast to the bath room, I sat down and pushed a little (I've pushed harder then this time)the poop came out but I notice blood dripping, I know I just finished my period and when I looked I could tell the drops of blood was coming from my but, dark red drops, 5 or more drops I wiped and there was blood on the paper, I had to wipe twice. My stomack hasn't been the same, kind of nausea feeling, no cramping. I'm a little worried to go to the bathroom now, because my but hurts a little. P.S. I use my but for EXIT only.

Hmm's picture

I hope you are not using your other hole for EXIT only too.

Poo Poop A Do's picture

What is all of this disgusting talk about bloody poo? What is the point of this website? Does the doctor suggest all people with bloddy poo see a doctor? Fine, then get to the point.

captain ringsting's picture

all you people with blood in your poop,there can be a number of reasons (1) piles (both internal and external)(2) an anal fissure (a tear in the intestine lining)(3) chrones disease (a painfully ulcerated bowel) (4) cancer. Go to the doctor do not die of embarassment,

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hi guys....few days back i had eaten lot of hot things like half boil eggs 2 or three...lot of non veg,,,soups, beer, honey,etc...yesterday afternoon when i sat in my bm first poop was ok for second poop i was pressureing suddenly when saw down blood was flowing from my but....and this is continueing till today....now iam afraid to go bm....also to show my butt to doctor.... can some body help me on this ...i feel like iame going to die

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I have to deal with a lot of patients in both hospitals and nursing homes, that, had they sought medical attention at the first signs of something being wrong (like blood coming out of their ass), they would not be dying from complications of colon cancer, or other diseases that blood coming out of one's butt can be indicative of.

The only "normal" reason to see blood in the toilet or on toilet paper is when you are a female that is actively experiencing her period.

While hemorrhoids and anal fissures are both very common causes of seeing blood in the bathroom, neither one of these things are "normal". They are SYMPTOMS of underlying causes such as constipation, poor diet in general and/or inadequate mobility (sitting on ones arse for extended periods is a big contributing factor for hemorrhoids).

Most of the people in nursing homes wearing diapers having their butts cleaned by someone like me have no idea what planet they are even on, and thus do not care. But the ones that are in their 40's and 50's, and have colostomy bags to be emptied, or are just too sick from the cancer cells that have metastasized (spread) to other parts of their bodies because it was not detected early enough to be treated successfully, are usually completely aware of what is going on with them and to them.

I can only imagine the extent of their embarrassment and humiliation that is a result of having to have these things done to them because they were too embarrassed to seek help earlier.

We at PR understand that showing your butt to a doctor can indeed be very embarrassing, but pain from fissures or hemorroids can be eliminated...infections setting up in fissures can be avoided...even colon cancer, if detected in the early stages CAN BE CURED.

But you have to be seen by a doctor to find out what treatment, if any, you are in need of. It would be much better to get an embarrassing moment of showing your ass to a doctor over with, and have the peace of mind knowing that you are going to be ok in the end, than to have to spend your last days on this earth having someone looking at your butt every day to clean up your poop for you.

Always looking out for number two!

Always looking out for number two!

Scaredy!'s picture

okay. so i went to the bathroom (#2) and it was normal, but a bit mushy. When I wiped, there was tiny little drops of blood the size of a pencil head on the toilet paper. Im starting my period soon, could this cause the blood!? the blood wasnt dark or smelly, like blood from a girls period....

please help me, i am so scared :('s picture

i'm really scared, can anyone help. 3 days ago, i had sex with my boyfriend, i was sitting on top while he was lying on the bed. it hurt. quite a few times. then when he left, i went for a poo, and blood came out. the next day i went for another poo and blood came out again, but less. then today, i went for a poo and there was blood again. is there something wrong? i'm really worried... please reply soon!

thank u

help!!!'s picture

for the past few weeks whenever i go for a poo, it is sore to come out and when it does come out it really hurt and i am bleeding as well as when i wipe there is fresh blood on the paper and the bowel is like a bloodbath, could b exagirating as the colour mixes with the water but there is defo blood there, i donno wat to do, am to embaressed to go to the doctors, please help!

Anonymous Coward's picture

erm i a guy and i had a girlfriend who recently told me that she bleeded when she pooed. the situation wasn't that bad as it was jus about the size of 2 drops of blood.she's now 16 and i really wondered what happened as im concerned.before, when she was much younger, this happen as well but it no longer happen again till now...hope to have your answer asap.

Anonymous Ottawa's picture

Thanks for that response Motherload. I am a 32 year old male and have had nothing but problems for the better part of the last 15 years. Often suffering from hemroids and/or other unknown problems as I continuously avoid or cancel the colonoscopy appt. due to fear. It has progressed to a point where it completely controls my life. I am unable to drive with anyone else in my car incase i have to stop to get out for a few minutes to relieve the pressure from my butt...from sitting. I can never sit comfortably...ever. I am unable to fly...go to the dentist...even to the barber. As soon as I sit I start to worry that my butt is going to act up...then have a panic attack and whammo...full on discomfort...to the point where I have to get up and leave. My BM's vary...they can be smooth or rough....easy flowing or tough as hell...but regardless...I am ALWAYS in pain/discomfort after. It use to last for a few hours and it did not matter what I had eaten...I don't think the problem is with the actual stool but more so with my organs that are used to pass it. Now it is 24/7. Through family support and sites like this...and for the fact that I am tired of not living...having a real life...a family of my own...I am going for the colonoscopy. Gp on the 7th and then the referral.

I understand this is a site more directed at humour but its nice to have it out there.


Anonymous Ottawa

Anonymous Coward's picture

You guys need to stop asking the SAME DAMN QUESTION over and over again and just READ THE ADVICE! Listen, any blood coming out of your butt is a good reason to go see your doctor. Don't be stupid, the longer you wait, the worse it will be for you. Even if your bleeding symptoms go away, if you have something like Ulcerative Colitis, it can slowly progress throughout your colon. If you go as soon as you have symptoms, you can take care of yourself and the small portion of the colon that has it. If you wait until you have another outbreak of bleeding and what-not, LIKE I DID, your entire colon can end up with the disease. (You will be banging your head against the wall like I am.) I know it's scary, I know it's not something you want to deal with. But guess what? You could just be wiping your ass too hard and that's all. Wouldn't you rather know?

Amy's picture

I am 7 months pregnant and I just went number 2 and when I was wiping I saw a lot of blood... the toilet bowl was FILLED with blood.. I know I don't have hemroids..I have already been checked for those. and I am not having anal sex either.. What else could it be and is it seroius or harmful to my baby?

Anonymous Coward's picture

gahh.. this is kinda weird.but im to scared to go to the doctor so im asking here.Ever since december their has been blood in my stool,and i HATE going to the bathroom it just scares me and frankly it hurts me. Can you tell me what you think is wrong with me? do i have hemoroids? My father had it, is that mabey hereditary? Please tell me what to do to make this pain go away.. thannx

Anonymous Coward's picture

what type of illness or disease could i have if i do see blood on the toilet paper from time to time not all the time????

daphne's picture
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Hemmorhoids would be a decent diagnosis for this. You can bleed sometimes if a particular bowel movement is difficult or hard to pass. Or if you have the runs.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Its the goddamn leeches.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

Anonymous Coward's picture

Today when i went to the bathroom i had blood in it, i was wondering what can cause this. I am not sexual active *there* so what can it be from.

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I went through somthing very similar. I know that going to the doctors and saying "can you have a look at my asshole?" my not be the most appealing thing to do, but it is definitely the smartest.

I could not go to the bathroom it hurt so bad and I assumed a hemorrhoid. Turns out I had an anal fissure, and while the doctor couldn't do much about it, sure was nice to know.

Here is some info on fissures:
They cause inching, and moistness around the hole.
Terrible pain while trying to have a BM.
You can some times see them if you squat over a mirror and spread your cheeks.
They can also be identified by a skin tag ( a tiny flap of skin that forms just overtop of the fissure)
Will obviously cause small amounts of bleeding ( I never filled a bowl with blood)

Fissures are a pain to heal, as it is hard to heal a cut that stretches open and has poo pass over it every single day.

But I personally came up with a way to heal my fissure based on other peoples experiences.

If you are able to identify that you have a fissure (make sure you do) here is what worked for me..

#1 Stool softeners ( I was taking about 800mg a day)
#2 You have to squat! say good bye to the old method. This will help more than anything else, even if you only have hemorrhoids and not a fissure. I used an old ice-cream bucket filled half way with water. Squat over that, have your BM, then pour it into the toilet and flush. Just try it for 2 weeks, it makes it so much easier and less painful when taking a shit.
#3 Tinactin. Sounds crazy I know! Try placing a small amount of Tinactin just inside your hole. It might burn at first but it will get rid of any iching and seems to really help with the healing.

I went from being constipated for a week, missing a week of work and suffering from malnutrion with a massive fissure. To being fissure free in about a weeks time. Not saying it will work for you guys, but it sure as hell is worth a try!

Anonymous nervous user's picture

Whenever i go to the bathroom, and do a number 2, it always feels as though theres something poking throught my skin and its not auctal blood coming out, but when i whipe there is on the toilet paper, im sort of nervous.

Anonymous Coward's picture

this has happened more than 3 times (not in a row) to me where i bleed when i poop. and just yesterday it was like my butt was on a lite period. it's scary. can you help me?

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