my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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This happens to me all the time...I hate it. I wipe and I wipe and I swear I'm clean.
As the day goes on I get itchy, go and wipe and it's as if I never wiped my ass.
I also sometimes take a shit and a big smear of butt juice gets on the seat...this all only started happening a few years ago.

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Sounds like a bad case of the million wipers to me.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Sometimes that happens to me if I sweat too much.
Not from what you are thinking, usually it is caused by hours of working on the lawn during the summer.

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I finally have a place to release my emotions. I have had this problem for over 3 years. I eat like shit and I drink on a daily basis. That might be the reason! This site is my new HomePage! If you are concerned about PAD (Post Anal Dripage) please let me know and maybe I can suggest a remedy. It

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I suffer from what I call "Supplebutt" If you are not familiar with this term, allow me to explain: Supplebutt occurs after you finish pooping, it is that raw tender feeling that your asshole has after you finish your poop. Sometimes you cannot sit down for 10-20 minutes after you are done pooping. It is kind very incovenient and uncomfortable, but it is a part of everyday life. I know many of you have gone through this and now you have a term to explain it. Fore example: If you take a dump over a buddies house and you come out of the bathroom and he asks why you have not sat back down yet, you can simply reply "Supplebutt." Use it as you will my friends, and wipe gently.

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OMGosh... ha ha

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ok, this started to happen to me after i worked for a big factory. i thought that the equipemt i rode on was letting out some kind of magnedic discharge or something. but the plain term to me is drippie butt. no good. i'm not the best eater, i don't drink alot, none of that wow chips crap or anything, just when i sweat alot, i gotta wipe. It's embarrasing, i all smell like mamma's ole cookin on the way out all the time. EWWWWWwww. so anal leakage is common i hear, like 6.5% of pple have it. too much fat is the reason, or that fat free stuff in WOW chips. the leakin makes you itch, and yes, supplebutt is my friend aswell. ive always had good hygene, and i hate having to go to the restroom just to wipe my ass in the middle of doing some hard work. ima try to cut down on my fat and see if that's the reason. good luck my friends. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

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okay. I'm young and fit and I eat healthy, no anal sex or wow chips, and I have the same problem. I do drink occaisonally and I smoke weed. Isnt there anything I can do about this???? Is there anyone out there who knows???

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I seen some pills to make ur poo not smell, there are 2 types:
Devrom - Bismuth Subgallate
Nullo - Chlorophyllin
I am trying the chlorophyllin and besides from making ur poo green it does seem to change the poo's odor. I am gonna try the devrom next or maybe both at same time.

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Oh man. I have the exact same issue! Every 15 minutes, something of the consistency of rotten chili slowly starts oozing out of my butt. I don't know how to stop it. Last Saturday, I was on a date and we went to the park. After I went down the slide, there was a big brown stripe on the slide! My date asked me what happend, and I said, "Girl, you make me crap my pants!"

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i have the same solution is gross, but i take a small wad of TP and stuff it up in there for a couple hours, and it seems to clear up the problem till the next poop. if i don't, i get the sweaty butt within the hour after a doo doo

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Well, my stinky friends, I go through the same thing daily. I take my morning social and then spend the day either wiping away the debris or using TP as a pad to soak up the excess. I'm not proud but at least I'm not alone. I've even had a colonoscopy to see if there was a problem, which they say there is not. Apparently we share a , although generally unspoken of, problem. I feel better knowing this.

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This is like joining a brotherhood . . . . I live OK - sorta - bit too mucj stress and a bit too much vino-aka-medicine . . . and have had various problems in the past (including hives - anyone else had that precursor?) and piles . . . but for the last two weeks (I am 54) I have sudenly found that if I sit for a while I leak . . . kinda cabbage-flavoured water . . . . weird or what?? I have resorted to the TP solution some other brothers (do any dames get this?) have noted but there must be a better way!!

One4all and all4one!!

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I'm glad to know (not glad that others have it) that there are other people with this problem. I have seriously been considering going to see the doc on this one as, like others of you have said, within a few hours of "dropping the kids off at the pool", my ass starts itching and when I go back, it's like a didn't finish wiping either!

My ass is hairy, so I attributed it somewhat to that. It definitely seems to be worse if I sweat after my daily BM, but I work in a 72 degree office building and rarely sweat from 8-5.

Honestly one of my biggest concerns is "hygiene odors" at work. I don't want to smell shitty while sitting in a meeting or something, so I'm often concerned if there is any odor emanating from my buttocks or not!

There also seems to be more shit down there the 2nd time around wiping if I have farted a lot in the previous few hours. Don't see any way that I can stop farting as this is a natural function.

Any suggestions? I see the ones about less fat, but I really haven't changed my diet. I wonder if weight has anything to do with it? I am about 6'1" and 215 lbs.

Thanks and I look forward to some resolution and sugggestions.

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My as leaks also,It's most unbelievable. I wipe very throughly, use a babywipe, then wipe clear and dry again. A few hours later that itchey slimey feeling is there, shit stained underware.
Colored underware is the only answer, preferably

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yeah, and sometimes i just think my anus is a little itchy, and i scratch with my finger. and then i have fecesfingers. and im not in the bathroom. and i hide my fecesfingers until i can go. i can just cry for real when i have feces problems.

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I sweat alot from my anus it is like water and it is very annoying and also leaves like a bit of a water mark on a chair it fades after about 30 seconds this is very embasrrasing. Also i poop once or twice a day wipe my ass clean and then go to work come back it is sweaty and covered with crap.
Any one know what to do?

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This happens to me as well. I have none of the problems mentioned by others. I'm young, healthy and female. I don't have a hairy butt or crack sweat. Has anyone actually gone to the doctor for this?

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Got any ideas on it or how it can get better?

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I'm with yall, at first I didn't know what was up. I have great hygiene, but I notice that "down there" smells after doing any physical work, especially working out. I'm physically in shape, young, I don't know what the problem is. Its really embarrassing being all smelly after you know that you have great hygiene. My ass just smells if I get to sweating. At six flags, waiting in line, I noticed people holding their noses as we went up steps, NOW THAT WAS REALLY EMBARRASING!!! If anyone finds out how to correct this, please post.

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Oh wow, thank god I came across this site, I did a google search about what this could be and what do about it and I came across this post, at least I'm not alone out there. I've had Crohn's disease since this past summmer and only until a couple months ago did this start happening. The first time or two I just thought, "oh I guess I just missed a spot wiping" or something like that, but it never stopped, I use the "stuff the TP" method, and change it a couple times a day. I'm 18, 5'8" 130lbs, I haven't changed my diet, I don't eat a lot fat, I stay active, I'm not sure what causes it or what stops it, I would like to know though...

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I am so glad I found this site! I have the same problem and I just want to say thank you to all of you. At least I am not the only one. I am going to go to the doctor some time in the near future and I will post back on what I have found out. Thanks again and yes I was to scared to put my email up.

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im with you all here. i think theres alot more of us than we think. just not everyone lets on. seems like just an unfortunate thing we cant help.
all well, wipe up friends.
nice to hear if any other females have this too.

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Well thanks you lot for you postings afterwards
Here is what happens
I Constanly feel wet i think it might be diareha then when i go to wipe it is just like sweat is there anything for this?
It leaves like a wet patch on the chair and this can be embarrasing as you have to hide it.
Then when you walk around it is like you have a wet circle neer your ass on your trousers does anyone know or can help.

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i've been dealing with this poblem of soiled underwear, off and on, for several months. today i decided to try and find an explanation and hopefully a remady. explanations are plentyful, remadies are not. Diet can be a big factor but piles is another common reason. you can find some interesting info at, embarrassing in the mean time, moistened wipes and a change of dark underwear will go where i go.

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I'm in the same old boat! What a genuine relief to discover that I'm not a freak! It's a real dilemma to know what to do about this problem. Doctor option seems embarrassing and it's difficult to talk about this with anyone. Thanks for all the info and advice, I know I probably drink too much but not overly excessive, and I guess I'll try cutting down fatty foods. I think too much coffee doesn't help. I'll keep an eye on this site and update If I can help!

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Hi everyone:

My problem is that I feel wet and I go to the bathroom and I wipe and there is nothing there, it is almost like sweat or water, with a bad odor. So I decided to go to the doctor who then sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon said that it could be a couple of different things. It could be an abscess or I could be losing tention in my sphincter. So now that he ruled out an abscess I have to go back to the doctor in a month and let him know if I am having the same problem and if I am then he is going to send me to a specialist to see if my sphincter needs to be tighten up. I know this is embarrassing, but I would have to say put that behind you and go see what the doctor can do for you. If anything you may have something that he can fix. Well good luck to you all. I will check back with you when and if I find out anything.

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I thought I was the only one with "fecal spatter". Nothing like having your butt mucus form small pools on the walls of your boxers.

As far as the itching goes...perhaps it's high time America start looking more closely at the bidet. :)

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I had an operation for an anal fissure a couple of years ago, and this has happened to me on a daily basis ever since. It's embarrassing and disturbing, but I don't know what can be done about it. My doctor said it would be back to normal over time but it hasn't. What I do is just buy a 20 pack of cheap washrags at Wal-Mart and keep one in my backpack and one in the car at all times. That way if I have an "attack" when I'm out I can just go into a bathroom, wet the rag and go clean up. Since those rags are cheap, you can just toss them into the trash (don't flush them). There's nothing worse than walking around squishy and itchy. Hope this helps.

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I can't believe I'm reading this. I'm sitting here, (leaking) and reading these to my wife who is getting a tremendous kick out of this because this a problem I have which we have discussed at length. It is, to say the least, a relief to know I'm not the only one in the world who has to make regular trips to the old restroom just to wipe. I also have to keep a bottle of Clorox Toilet cleaner next to the toilet for regular seat cleanings after pooping for the "smear-seat" effect that accompanies this problem on the more severe days.

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Reading the above comments I wonder if we could hear from the poonurse again with a fuller explanation of what the medical cause of this problem is? The first time round poonurse merely commented that it may be a mucus thing? Ultimately I think part of it is down to diet but surely it cant all be? What are the medical reasons for such 'leakage' amongst otherwise healthy people? Stay positive guys and gals...

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This happens to me too. What a small world we live in. P.S Why does the E-mail for 'Dave' for this site not work????

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where was this site 4 years ago when i did the same search?! i play soccer regularly and this has always been a terribly embarrasing event... i sweat like no other and my ass is no exception... during the half i am really conscious of the wind direction and my position to my teamates... i try and shower before games but sometimes it doesn't help. lately i found the greatest thing, icy hot in a deoderant stick form. i use it on my joints and muscles where im hurting but the added benefit is the overpowering smell! my ass problem is embarrasing in the ladies department... i really don't feel comfortable being spontaneous and will keep the lady from going down there if i even suspect... i can shower before hand, get into bed, roll around and within 2 hours its back. this problem also keeps me from taking part in group athletics... imagine taking a capoeira class with your legs spinning around as you fan out your subtle ass scent to the circle of people around you... damn if that doesn't suck. i was told by a doctor, more fiber in the diet and the weak sphincter thing... what kind of weights can you lift with your sphincter?

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I've considered the possiblity that it is caffine, as I drink a lot of coffee? Are there non-coffe drinkers on this board who have the problem? Could we post our suspicions and see if there is some dietary commonality we share that could explain the problem?


Right listen up people. I HAD this problem and I seem to have cured it. I wish to share with you all the secret of my success. Well, as everyone keeps saying - ITS FIBRE. By eating more fibre, your body cleanses itself and allows you to properly flush out your system. You eat crap and it produces mucus. Mucus will produce skid marks on the pan and make you spend endless hours wiping. I also think that it is this mucus that causes the poop to not stay where its suppose to. So there it is, eat more fibre. IT IS THE ANSWER. Try it and see! ease off the alcohol, the dairy products, the cheese, the processed foods and the junk food. Dont turn into a diet bore, just look for fibre rich foods and include them in your diet. Wholemeal bread, baked beans, kidney beans, nuts, bran. Also throw in some more fruit into your diet and DRINK plenty too as fibre needs the fluid to move. Fibre also has the additional benefit in that it fills you up. Watch your portion control and you should even lose weight! Some fibre evens passes through the body without being processed so it has NO calories!!! Look, just try it for yourself and you should be surprised. Let me know how you get on.

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I'm trying the fibre!

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"you eat crap and it produces mucus"

Sorry, in the context that just sounds really funny.


Sorry - its a British turn of phrase!

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I thought I have heard it all. Butt Nooooo. I found this site.

The answer is {drum roll please...} FIBER. {Tadaaa}

Yes that is the solution. TP in the ole butt hole does work but you had better pray that it does not pop out and fall through your pants leg.

Well, I have this problem too. Yes, there, I have said it. I feel better now. My parents told me I was wiping incorrectly. Well, that was wrong in of itself.

You all must remember. We are all organic creatures so what goes in must come out; at some point. SO why not put a plug in everyday with a shot of Metamucil or some fiber supplement.

Now for the sweaty butt and mucus deal. Well, as I mentioned we are organic creatures but so is the land we garden on. These embarrassing events lets call them what they REALLY are; Dingle Berries. Mucus that attaches to the hairs of our butt and flourshes when body sweat comes along. So now we have nice ripe Dingle Berries.

Happy Picking!

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Ok people, i had this too for the latter half of my first semester in college. it was so bad that i couldnt go to any classes or be around any of my friends for fear of judgement (how do i smell, what if i get an urgency attack, etc) and i ended up failing out of college. i saw a doctor who put me on the metamucil for a month and it did NOT completely work. this is for those that the high fiber, low fat, low junk food diet isnt completely cuttin it for.

Fiber will get rid of the physical residue thats plaguing u and ur undergarments, but if you're prone to anxiety (if u have urgency attacks, feel discomfort and find nothing there but sweat when u go to wipe) this problem could keep goin on even after the physical problem is gone. This problem can be amplified or even caused by weed, as it has a tendency to cause panic attacks after frequent use over time.

I got off weed, saw two doctors, a gastrointerologist and got a flexible sigmoidoscopy (NO FUN) and after all of that and the diet they were putting me on, i was no better off than i was several months before. if u have this problem i very strongly suggest therapy.

it may sound weird but it completely turned my life around in this department. just having someone u can talk to about this, someone you know wont judge you because of this is a great feeling. self-confidence can change everything!

so if ur still having the "oh no, not now" bathroom run, or the "no way, did i just...", and realize nothings there, get off the weed and see a shrink before it gets worse, trust me.

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ok ok, I think we need to differentiate between those people who suffer from these symptoms simply because of a lack of fibre in their diet and those who have a geniune medical condition or need therepy. For mild symptoms, increasing your intake of fibre will work (plenty of water remember). However, serious fecal incontinence (soiling yourself) and/or uncontrolable urgency in going t the toilet 'can' be signs of more severe problems such as IBS or other bowel disorders. I think the rule here has to be if you have mild symptoms, alter your diet and you should see improvement. More severe symptoms - get to a doctor and get checked out. It goes without saying that weed is clearly going to screw your body up so dont do it people. and finally remember - dont be a fool, wrap your tool.

so thankful for this's picture

I finally worked up the nerve to search for information on this topic and am delighted to have found this page. I am a 32 year old female, moderately overweight, who doesn't eat too badly, but for the last year, this has become an issue - seemingly out of the blue. No skid marks (yet!) but the need for ongoing wiping and, itching, and squishy gross feeling has been a nightmare. I've been cramming Prep H suppositories up there in hopes that this was hemmrhoid related (and, to give those suckers credit they did help the itching) but now I realize it's just plain old A.L. Well, no more. I'm going to increase my fiber (here I come metamucil) and pray this stops b/c right now I'm single and if I don't fix this problem soon I'll certainly be staying that way. .. .

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I've had this problem for several years now. It started when I began running. I read in a runner's magazine that if you take ibuprofin before a race it can cause anal leakage. I never took ibuprofin, so that wasn't the problem, but at least I knew that anal leakage was a problem for people other than me. I also eat a lot of fibre through my diet, but that's when it seems to be at its worst...when things start moving freely through my body. My doctor had never heard of anal leakage (??? time to change doctors?) so she wasn't any help. I also notice it more when I exercise and run (which makes me sweat)but I had never associated the sweating with the AL before. I thought that I was just so "into" what I was doing that my sphincter muscle relaxed because I wasn't concentrating on keeping it closed -- which doesn't make any sense, but nothing about AL does!!! It's not a constant problem - just when there's physical exertion of the working out or running kind. Neatly folded toilet paper placed strategically is my friend, but still not very comfortable. It dries out the sphincter muscle and you are always conscious of the fact that it's stuck in your crack. Until someone figures it out the problem, though, it's my only hope!

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sounds like there isn't a cure. i've gone to like 5 doctors and nobody has any clue. i'm going to eat 100% fiber and see if that helps. i am so grateful i found this site though. i've done google searches for the past 8 years and found nothing. 8 years....geez.

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Hi everyone:
Well I may an answer to part of the problem for woman. I was having what I thought was a leaking butt. I would have wetness and itchiness back there and I would go to the bathroom and there was nothing but something that reminded my of sweat. I have a bladder condition that I have to go to the doctor to get treatments for and I was talking to my nurse when she said something about my birth control pills. Now I have never read about this before or even heard of this as a side effect, but I guess there are some birth control pills that can cause over active vaginal juices (for a lack of a better term). She told me to try this to see if it was a leaky butt or over active vagina. Not on your period put a tampon in, if you have a leaking vagina the tampon will soak up the extra and no leaky butt, but if you do this and you still have wetness back there then it is a leaky butt. Now if you don't have a leaky vagina and it is a leaky butt, well lets just say it doesn't feel good when you pull this out. Please make sure that you follow directions on the package and be smart about how long you leave the tampon in. If it is a leaking vagina you can have your doctor change your bith control pills and amen no more leaky feeling. Well I hope this helps and by the way the birth control pills I was on that was causing this is Alesse. Good luck to all of you.

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OK Now I finally found some sort of a answer to this I thought was only a problem I was having. I guess I am not alone. I will be changing my diet to more fiber. I guess metamucil should help. I am some what relieved to have found this site. It is kinda amusing to me hearing this taken to somewhat a laughing matter to what I thought was a serious problem. This has been happening to me for a long time but inconsistant. Lately it has been happening to me almost every day now. At least you all made me figure out what the hell has been happening. I thought it was the curse of my Ex wife.

The Doc's picture

Could still be your Ex wife - who knows!

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x brings up a good point i mean i got nothing aginst smokeing weed i just quit but the was for relationship reasions but if you have proof plzzzz post im not complaing im just saying is there any proof to back any of that up

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happy 420! do it right

The Doc's picture

In response to x, I was merely replying to T when they said - 'but if you're prone to anxiety (if u have urgency attacks, feel discomfort and find nothing there but sweat when u go to wipe) this problem could keep goin on even after the physical problem is gone. This problem can be amplified or even caused by weed, as it has a tendency to cause panic attacks after frequent use over time'

Maybe you should have read all the posts properly before quoting me?

And as for screwing your body up - does it not impare your driving, your reactions, your ability to focus on tasks etc etc etc. Notwithstanding the fact that it is smoked with tobacco.

With regards to alcohol - again if you had read ALL the posts you would have seen that I had already commented that in preventing this problem it may be wise to ease off the alcohol.

You keep smoking the weed though kids ;) and you'll never know what effect its having on your skid mark problem.

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Wow, I like many others here can't believe I found this site. I've had this anal leakage for years - some periods worse then others. Sometimes I do suffer from piles as well and I've also suffered serious infection which needed antibiotics to treat. I eat a diet which is basically macrobiotic and I'm at the gym at least three times a week. I'm 54 and I just wish the itching would stop - itching and burning because I believe whatever that is causes infection if not immediately attended to. I thought I had plenty of fiber but perhaps I need even more so I'll try that and check back here to see if anyone has anymore insight.

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No leakage.
Just sweat.
And lots of it. I have to move my pants around when i sit down so i don't sweat in the same spot for too long, otherwise it will be visible, which happens sometimes anyways. I've looked up hyperhidrosis, and it only talks about palms, pits, and face. I don't have a sweaty face or pits, my hand are a bit sweaty, but it's not a problem, so I don't think it is hyperhidrosis. I can't find anything that talks about bum-sweat. It doesn't smell bad or have any colour, it's just sweat, I think. I have irritable bowel and was seeing doctors when it started because I didn't know what was going on. As you all say, fibre was the answer to that. My bowel seems fine now, but I still sweat. I asked my IB doc about it and he kinda shrugged it off. I've also asked my GP. No doctors have taken me seriously. This is not a normal amout of sweat and it's become a bit of a social issue for me. I'm in second year university. I don't know how old many of you are but I'm sure you know that this is a terrible time for this problem, as I'm not always the only one that wants to take my clothes off. I have to avoid situations where others would see or feel that my boxers are sweaty. It's a bummer.

I crack myself up.

Anyone think they can help?


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wow, i'm shocked this site even exists...even more so that i am writing anything. I'd classify myself as a butt-sweat person; had it for years, no idea whats up. My solutions so far: wear jens not khaki, tall shirts (covers ass) (dont sit on shirt), lose the butt hair. Needless to say i want a permanant solution, so do me a favor keep posting stuff

....much respect

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im glad im not alone but i need a redmy and i hate going to the doc plzzz send help i poo in the morning and have gym 2nd period plzz send help9redemy0 ill be checking back later

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Mine isn't really poop that leaks but it is more of a water as i know it is going to happen becuase i sweat alot over the rest of my body then i know it is going to leave a mark

Any advice?

running in more ways than one's picture

Today I drove to a place to go running. I had a good run. I had a white towel with me to put on the car seat to help soak up all my sweat. When I got back to the hotel, I checked the towel, and -- STREAK! Through my underwear and my mesh shorts. I had hit anal leakage rock bottom. Today I finally googled, and found this site, like a beacon in the night. Thank you, poop report, and all you other posters. My guess is that my situation is caused by poor diet -- too much fat and not enough fiber. So I will try the change, and let you know.

X's picture

to quote The Doc:
"It goes without saying that weed is clearly going to screw your body up so dont do it people."

First off, what do you base this on?
And, what is it specifically going to screw up?
And, why did you single that out above alcohol/tobacco/other narcotics?
Finally, please if you make any statements on this, do it right and cite your sources...

....much respect

Aza's picture

P.S i mean a mark on my chair which will fade eventuly

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Drank 4 pints of water today two pieces of fruit and wholemeal bread and rice an peas. Must say i have noticed a little difference.

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Yip... Have had this for several years now. I wipe until nothing is there.I MEAN NOTHING! This can be up to 20 times and about an hour later i have to run to the toilet and do it all again. Know what the Doc is talking about in the respect of the damage mentally that it can cause to a person over a long peiod of time. I have gone from somebody who was very confident and outgoing to somebody who would rather not meet new people or go out.The basic fear is that people can smell you and i think that sometimes they can.However i'm sure that this isn't the case all of the time . It can make you very paranoid especially when in close spaces and the worst thing about it is you know that you wash. properly and wipe properly. The most sensible thing i have heard about this condition is that it could be a lack of fibre, so am going to increase this, as much as i can and maybe post the results if i notice a difference. Let the poo wars begin!!!

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PS Glad i found this website

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I say try going for a bath in the morning before you go to work and make sure it is clean up there
And go to the loo before
That helps a little bit

John Doe's picture

well it's normally a nuclear contamination shower before work especially round that area. One of my good friends i told about this thought i had a obssesive compulsive disorder because of my washing habits. Will try the bath instead of shower but for most of the people on this website i'm sure it's not a washinhg issue. If only eh!! Will try the bath thing though, but i'm sure more fibre is the way forward. Your right about getting the sh** out before work, it does help.

PS If you can tell a good friend that won't tell anyone else it will be a huge weight off your shoulders.

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Personally i think alot of it is to do with your diet i think i need to start to change my diet i will inform you guys when and what i change if i find a solution i will post.
Hope this helps

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Try to poo before you shower in the morning, then use a wet wash cloth in the shower with lots of soap on it, you will avoid having this problem. After using the wash cloth in the shower, turn around and bend over and let the water from the shower hit you butt. Try not to use a white wash cloth though.

Aza's picture

Ok guys today i start the first stage of my diet i currently weigh 163.5 pounds height 5'0" i am aiming for 154 by july so hopefully i will reach it
I will keep you all informed if i notice any difference and i will be eating high fibre foods aswell

good god's picture

This JUST started happening to me recently, I am a guy, I have a girl, I keep well shaven, all the way back to.. well... where everyone seems to be leaking from... so I KNOW its not mucus hanging from butt hair, there is no butt hair... Anyway, I haven't soiled myself, it doesn't smell bad (I haven't tasted it like one gentleman said he had), but it does feel horrible. I haven't left any wet spots on any seats yet, but the problem has just started... I'm gonna get on metamucil or start eating my wheaties RIGHT now... Who knew you should eat your wheaties to avoid anal leakage, right? Oh yeah, and I drink too much, and this gives me a REALLY good excuse to stop. My girl doesn't know about all this so far, I'm a mericle worker *shower foreplay does get old even after a week* But I had to fix this problem fast, I hope you all increase your fibre, too, and we all pull out of this crappy downward spiral, or... drip, as it may be. Anyway, keep your seats dry, you guys. Later

Aza's picture

It all seams to be all connected to fibre?

John Harrold's picture

I would like to wear an ass cam so that I can actually see what is going on.

This will not make me feel any cleaner...but at least I will find out if my hygiene habits are reasonable.

mr. drip's picture

does anyone have any success stories of beating this nasty condition?

not telling's picture

sorry guys i dont have any of your problems ..but i do from the other end i dribble wee if i laugh or carry something heavy ...but can some one tell me ...what are wow chips ive never heard of them

leaha's picture

i think, yall are just full of shit.

Yuk's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

so glad to find that others have the same problem....though mine is just small......usually just a clearish or yellowish leak although sometimes a skidmark!..feels weird as you can feel its slippery down there......and of course always worry about the smell. Even worried about my girlfriend going down on me in case she gets a whiff. is diet the way to go......ive had this problem for about 18mths.....hasnt got any better or worse.......though some days its much worse than others.

the_man's picture

this is one awesome site

IDEAS MAN's picture

here is a great a bad case of the runs...........grab a decent handful of toilet paper and throw it into the bowl before you saves the backsplatter really well........cushions the spatter.........stay tuned for more tips!!!!!!!

Aza's picture

What does that have to do with water leakage?
aka Sweat

Joe's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

same issue - and it sucks! just started happening to me within the last 2 years - about to turn 40 this year - just falling apart?? too many miles? anyway - I do find that coffee in the am and crap before shower helps a ton - usually ok for most of the day - unless there is a pm bm - then it is to the restroom 2 more times.. I am seriously considering a colinoscopy - I initially thought that this was the first sign of cancer -

Scott's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Wow, I didn't realize so many other people have this condition too. My problem is the ah, shall we say, less preferable variety of this affliction. It just started happening about 6 months ago. I eat pretty good, don't drink, but I do drink what causes this...crap!? I did change restaurants where I eat lunch at about the same time this started. It is a good restaurant though - most everything is healthy and home made, but I wonder if they use that "Olean" stuff and don't tell anybody? Probably not, but maybe I will switch restaurants for a while.

The only suggestion I have that I did not see here is giving yourself an enema. This might be too time consuming to do before work every day. I usually only do them on the weekends. Once everything is flushed out, I am clean and dry for the rest of the day. I just use plain water, although there are web sites for all kinds of exotic/weird enema's. I'm not that into them - I just want to be clean and get on with my day. Only caution I would give is that there is sometimes some water leakage a short time after the enema, so after doing it wait around for 15 minutes or so before getting dressed. Best thing would be to shower after, that should be enough time for everything to finish. Another suggestion would be that one enema is not enough - keep doing it until the result is the same as what you put in. Once you have throughly flushed yourself, you will be amazed at how CLEAN you feel and you will stay that way until the next BM.

Thanks to whoever discovered the possible fiber solution - I am going to try that myself.

In regards to the poster inquiring about "Wow" chips - these are potato chips cooked with "Olean" - a synthetic fat not absorbed by the body (hence fat free), but known to cause anal leakage.

Anal Leakage Anonymous - if the name wasn't so socially stigmatic, we could start our own support groups and have meetings!

Aza's picture

Does anyone just get Sweat?
Just water left on the plastic chair

whataboutbob's picture

Dear fellow leaky butt owners.
I also suffered from this problem and it drove me crazy. I rarely have this problem now. Heres what I have learned from my experience.
Coffee is a problem , too much and I get a leaky itchy butt. Beer is a problem , almost as bad as coffee.
Overagressive wiping and using soap and washcloths irritated the problem .
Try a softer toilet paper I changed to charmin.
Sitting in a warm bath of epsom salts with butt cheeks open soothes the area and relieves the itchy raw unclean feeling.
I also dropped some weight and do some abdominal exersizes (thought it might tighted the butt muscles a bit).
Dont really know if it helps you butt it worked for me.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Be careful with Metamucil. A better choice is Psyllium husks from your local health food store. This way you avoid the laxatives in Metamucil that can become habit forming and get just 100% fiber. Psyllium is fairly easy to take in a glass of orange or apple juice but does not dissolve as nicely like Metamucil.

dung's picture

I've had this alarmingly frustrating problem for about 9 months. Sometiems can't even sit down for a minute.I notticed on my last vacation to the beach that a 10-15 min dip in sea water in the morning lead to a irritation free day (provided I made no more BMs. Also, try preperation H wipes with aloe. have helped with my hygene on the go. Fiber provided almost not help. Web MD lists several conditions that may cause this but my docs seem to be inept at helping me with it.

Ken's picture

I've suffered from leaky butt for over three years. I've pretty much tried everything that everyone

poop's picture

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there with this problem. I even talked to my doctor about it and he suggested kegel exercises - my wife laughed at that one! They didn't really help me but they may help someone. Since I was overweight and had a very poor diet, I began to experiment with food. Fiber is the way to go! I eat a bowl of oatmeal (old fashion style oats - not the instant stuff) with about two tablespoons of fresh ground flax seed and some maple syrup. (I grind the flax seed myself in my coffee grinder.) I also eat more fruit (I was eating none) and have a salad every day. I've cut down on the caffeine and try to exercise every day. The anal leakage has stopped, I've lost weight (over 40 pounds and still losing) and I feel 100 times better. I no longer have to stuff a wad of TP in my crack or worry about the itch! It took a while for all this to take effect. But as my doctor pointed out, it took a while for me to gain weight and develop P.A.D. I think it took 2-3 weeks for the anal leakage to stop. The weight has been coming off for about three months now. Good luck!

assmaster's picture

Anyone ever heard of Kegels for strengthening the anus? Don't know if it works or not...

canttellu's picture

im scared cuz i dont think ive read anyones and they said blood came out
cuz im had poop and blood come out
idk whats gonna happen but im scared

some totalfarker's picture

this happens to me. the only way to truly be clean is to take a shower after shitting and scooping deep with my finger and soap. its like after i poop theres still some towards the edge and as time goes by it comes out. taking a shower and scooping gets rid of the stuff at the tip and ill be clean until i poo again.

this started happening after that time i refused to poop for over a month back when i was like 12.

i think i must have damaged something up there

bob's picture

I'm working on a product that is basically a device that you insert up your ass, then press a button on the lower shaft the activates a round chimney sweep type broom that slowly expands. Then you slowly pull this thing out your ass, thereby removing any leftover poop out with it. I think this may be the only solotion to stopping post-shit shit, or digging in the shower.

John's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

This is a new problem for me and I am really freaked out. My last occurence happened on a cross countr flight on United airlines. I thought I just farted right after lift off but After discreetly checking I realized I had a small chili fest down stairs. Ciuld this have happened at the worst time or what? I imediately went to see the Dr and he said to cut back on fatty foods and we are currently checking for galllbladder disfuntion.

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Hey everyone

I, like others here am glad to finally read that others have this problem. This is one of many other problems (constipation, blood on stools, itchiness) that I have and have been too embarrased to seek attention for.

I go once about every 3 days and try and make sure I do it at home, alone, because it takes ages, hurts and REALLY stinks the place out. I also usually need to flush twice as the stool itself is difficult to flush, and I also use so much T.P. that I can pretty much fill the bowl again. I then have to return 20 minutes later and re-wipe, and by then my ass is normally so shitty that it is as if I never wiped in the first place.

I am 25, a little overweight and pretty much live on junk food. My stomach is always making loud squishy noises (like the noises other people make when they get hungry). I have had these problems for years now. I will be trying to increase the fibre in my diet and the quality of food I eat (more fruit and veges) and I hope to become more... regular.

MontyMan's picture

I'm 32 years old, and have I've had a leaky butt problem for about 12 months. At first I didn't know what it was, and just wondered why I was getting itchy occasionally. As time went on the itching turned to pain, and it hurt to walk. My GP didnt seem to know what to advise, and suggested baby wipes instead of toilet paper and a hair dryer to dry after wiping and after showering.

The wipes and hair dryer helped a bit, but for over a month there was no obvious improvement. My GP gave me some hydrocortisone ointment which I used for 10 days, and during which time I had no problems at all. I thought I was cured, until immediately after I stopped using the cream. My GP then gave me zinc and castor oil for use as a barrier ointment, as just having it there seemed to make it better.

The last attempt at a resolution was to take a diflucan 1 tablet (designed for vaginal thrush) just in case I had anal thrush, as the problem started while I was taking antibiotics. I also used vaginal thrush ointment around the area. This didnt help either.

It was about 3 month ago that I noticed that wiping when I was itchy fixed the problem, and that there was always some "leakage" there. After that I always tried having a movement in the morning and washing in the shower, and I was then good for the rest of the day.

About 10 days ago I found this site and immediately went out and brought some metamucil. I take two teaspoons in water each day, and I haven't had any leakage since. My stools are firmer (I thought more fibre would have had the opposite effect)and each time I have been to the loo, there is hardly anything on the paper when I wipe. I used to have to wipe many times and it was quite sticky. I always had to use the brush too, but not any more.

Thank you everyone! Who would have thought that something as simple as fibre would fix such a troubling problem.

cleanass-  down under's picture

I had anal leakage for a long time as well. I noticed on this site that it could be a direct correlation to what I was eating. I changed my eating habits right away. I try to eat some raw veggies or an apple a day, eat more food out of the refrigerator as theat should lead to more 'live' foods and not as much junk. I take a big tablespoon of psyllium husk twice a day with orange juice ( more fibre) and my but leakage is gone! It was almost immediate. I notice if I stray away from this regime, anal leakage is back. I love this site for being frank and for giving me an insight to an ugly sight!
So all you leaky ass bad eating butt wipers, eat more raw food and fibre and you'll have more time for fun than wiping your bum.

swamp ass's picture

I too have the problem of having to go clean myself about 20 mins. after I poo, but I also have a fissure and piles which add to the problem.

I have done quie a bit of research online about this embarrassing issue and it almost seems as there are seperate issues here. Some people have mucous, some don't. I have the itching until I clean again, but as wahtaboutbob said, you shouldn't obssesively clean because it can actually make it worse. Although some info says you shouldn't use wet wipes as it can create a wet environment which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, I have to use the wipes or I don't feel clean. After the wipes I just dry it with tp. Also soap isn't a good idea but it can be very irritating and also too drying which can lead to overproduction of moisture, I just use mild, fragance-free soap because I just don't feel clean with water alone. As far as fiber is concerned, I eat quite a bit of it but I do eat a lot of dairy (skim milk and cheese), so maybe there is a connection there?

One more thing, if stuffing tp in your crack isn't working, try pantiliners...

girl's picture

I've read through this entire thread and I'm amazed to see that nobody has mentioned this could be a possible side effect from medications. I believe that this is what my deal is. I've been working on getting the right meds for several years because my body seems to be rather sensitive, so when I try a new one, I read the drug info with it rather thoroughly. I've noticed on a couple I've tried 'anal leakage' is listed as a possible side effect. And of course, I have been one of those lucky souls who ends up with that effect.

I think I've been in denial, just figuring... well, I don't know what I was figuring. But I didn't really know what the term anal leakage meant. I mean I could guess, but didn't KNOW. I thought maybe there would be certain symptoms that weren't what was going on with me (and I hate to think I could be one of those people who reads about a condition and believes they have it).

So I finally got up the courage to really research this yucky thing. What you're all describing is what I'm dealing with too. How nice to know that we're not alone! I do know for pretty certain that mine comes from a med I'm taking. Maybe some of you will come to realize that your problem comes from meds too.'

So the big question is, if a medication is causing this, will fiber help it? Or will I have to deal with this no matter what I eat as long as I'm on this med? Maybe some dr types out there have some insight on this.

I'll have to monitor my diet and ass and see if increased fiber keeps it cleaner.

oh... and for all you dating people out there... I just had the most embarrassing realization. I'm sharing it only to let you know that there ARE understanding people out there. Sometimes I have my boyfriend shave me. Yeah down there. I haven't given the state of my ass hardly a thought (unless I'm particularly slimysquirmy feeling and then I simply fix it) before he starts his task. He always lays a warm wet wash cloth over the entire area, letting it sit for a few moments before gently wiping it off. I have remembered noticing the cloth was NOT clean when he pulled it away.... Has he ever said anything about it or refused to shave me or kiss me there after he's done? Never. heh I'm almost wondering now if I should apologize to him for the gross oversight. Though he has said that he's not easily grossed out, I now realize the full extent of what he really means!!

putzman's picture

I have had this problem for 12 yrs and it has not gone away. I have tried EVERYTHING except asking the doctor. It occours to me no matter what I am doing. I can take a shower and 15 minutes later I am sweating and leaking down there and it smels bad. I have tried powders and it smells worse after. I have tried salt sticks and no improvement. It is so embarrassing to go out in public or have my wife go down on me. This has got to be the worst feeling of dirtiness I have ever felt in my life. I finally got up the nerve to go to the doctor today. I will post my findings when I get back.

aging ungracefully's picture

I noticed this at work last year for the first time in my life. I remember noticing a slight poo odor all of a sudden, and I thought it was someone else. I remember thinking, damn, that's gross, someone must have really bad hygiene. After a couple weeks it didn't go away, and I smelled my chair, which was quite stinky. I immediately asked my boss for a new chair, saying that the person before me must have had a problem. Almost a year later the new chair stinks again and now I know it's not someone else. I have also noticed the wetness appearing several minutes after a bowel movement. I will try to increase the fiber in my diet and exercise, since I'm about 25 lbs. overweight. Since I didn't have this problem when I was 25lbs. lighter, I'm attributing it to the extra lbs. Also wake up with a stiff back, which takes about an hour in the morning before I can completely stand up straight.

damn problem is annoyin's picture

yea this problem is a pain in the ass (literally ) and i was wonderin i get wet down there like if its sweat and i go to the restroom and wipe and its like sweat but a lil smelly so i dont think its mucous right? i dont get that crap stain on my underwear but after takin a crap i would wipe clean like all your guys but 30 minutes later i would go to the restroom because i would notice that my asshole still has crap stains! so is this diet problem or a problem which cant be solved? ANYONE with an answer out there please help this crap is annoying and i feel embarrassed to talk to any girls cause i may smell like crap. HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPPPp

Kelsey's picture

OMG! im a younger female and i dont have any of these problems metioned above, but for the last half hour ive laughed my ass off! ive heard of some of these but i never thought guys would openly talk about them w/ eachother! i hope all of u get ur ptroblems the mean time thanks so much for the laugh!(not to be mean or anythin)

Ric's picture

I honestly know what the problem is...
When you eat food such as Meat and chicken you intestine secretes large amounts of mucous and after years of doing this with a low fiber diet this is almost inevitable ...if you cut down on the red meat and cut your calorie intake to about 1200- 1500 calories a day
it will stop after about 3 weeks
Vegetarians and True muslims ( they eat ONCE a day thats it)do NOThave this problem
Caffeine regular table sugar and fried foods
also is VERY harsh on the system
this might all sound crazy but trust me this is the truth

John's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I had this same problem myself. It was accompanied by minor bleeding. I went to my general doctor and he did a few tests but didn't find anything. Told me to wait a couple of weeks and see if it went away. It didn't, so I went back.

He did some more tests with his finger and didn't find anything, so he gave me a high powered antibiotic and told me to come back in 2 more weeks if that didn't fix it. It didn't fix it, but it was a tiny bit better, so I went back for further testing.

He then did a sigmoidoscopy which ruled out major things like tumors or polyps, but didn't identify the cause of the drainage or the sporatic bleeding. So, he referred me to a colo-rectal surgeon for more testing. He said he thought I had an 'anal fistula' which would be easily missed without the proper tool for viewing that part of the body.

So, I set up an appointment with the colo-rectal guy and he checked things out and confirmed that it was an anorectal fistula. If you do a search online you can find lots of information about this condition. He says it is pretty normal, and often goes undiagnosed because it may take a specialist to recognize the signs and have the right tool to see the spot where this happens. (the necessary tool is an anoscope)

So, he explained that fixing this does require minor surgery, and we went ahead and scheduled it a few days after that visit. I went in for routine outpatient surgery, then hung out at the house for a few days, and after that things have been pretty much on the mend. It was a bit painful, but I had good pain meds. It was tender for several weeks, but BM's and other things were not a big deal. There was some bleeding for a few more weeks, but that stopped. It has been about 8 weeks since the surgery now and 90% of the discharge has stopped. I had a follow-up visit yesterday and he said it will continue to heal up and in another couple of weeks there should be no more discharge.

I write all of this to let you know that before I went to the doctor I found this forum and had all of the symptoms listed here. I did everything including fiber and dietary changes with no avail. Turns out it was a physical problem that was pretty easily fixed, though difficult to diagnose by my GP. I hope this info may be helpful for you.

Jeff B's picture
l 100+ points

I have anal leakage to and I have had it for about five years, which is also acompanyed by severe gas abdominal pain ichyness, stomach pain and nausea but not also aways all at once and not necessarily every day and as for the the leakage its not like i shit myself its more like a yellowy watery disharge and it smells horrid like dead fish. I have had these problems for a long time and i quit smoking drinking eating junk food of any kind i excersice and play sports and have been doing so for 5 years or more. I tryed eliminating dairy or spicy or alcohol or sugars and fats, I've tried increasing my fiber. I ve been to the doctor complaining of this shit for a long time and he always gives me the same bullshit advise usually that i have ibs or chrohns or a fissure or hemmorroids or or a stmomach ulcer or that im clinically depressed, alll of which i think is bullshit because all of these conditions should improve by regulating the things i metioned before. Another reason I've been speculating over why one day i just mysteriousy started leaking from my ass, could be that I experimented with illicit steet drugs like coke speed pot acid and shrooms because they all have the unsucpecting abitity to turn your brain and central nervous system into a fucking rats nest. and we should all know the every life function in every cell of every tissue in your entire body is regulated in some way. I actually read alot about this and 98% of the deoxyribonucleic acid (blue prints for creation of a human being)are contained within your central nervous system .street drugs,or alcohol along with pollution and viruses and biologicall insults occuring within cells during chemical reactions in cell division and functioning, thoughout all the bodies tissues are effected my your lifestyle surrundings and sociciall interactions. All of these things i have considered might be helping to rectify or worsen my situation, but still the fact remains the i dont quite feel as good as i once did, I and dont think Ive met a doctor who has the time patience or intelligence to quite understand compelexity of my problems because my life has been a freaking science experment in the past and theres no help for me.

The Doc's picture

Check out my original comments on the first page of this thread for some help guys and gals. Minor problems seem to benefit greatly from a diet change and increased fibre intake. Also check out 'THE ANSWER' on the first page of the thread. At least give it a try for a couple of weeks. It could change your life and eating well never does any harm either too!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Man my ass hurts really bad, like darth vader burning in the fires of mustafar bad!

Anonymous Coward's picture

I, too, have anal leakage. A couple times I've noticed pellets of poo but it's mainly just mucus which fortunately doesn't smell too badly. My girlfriend at the time swore that she never noticed it at all but then again we usually had 'relations' after I'd gotten out of the shower. As far as getting a 'new' girlfriend? This..uh..shit really worries me.
According to my colorectcal doctor, I do have an internal hemorrhoidal 'flap' that might be causing this or I just may have caused it myself by straining 'til the point of pain last year (yes, I am a complete idiot). Either way, whether or not the anal sphincter is damaged (not that they can do much for this) or whether or not the leakage is due to the 'roid (hemorrhoidectomy is supposed be terrfyingly painful and carries a risk of---incontinence!) I'm pretty much screwed. I've already changed my diet, eat a lot of fiber and fruit and am in shape and not overweight. D

It doesn't look too good for the future. MY future, that is.

Logjam's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Hey D, don't give up on your self, buddy. First, if it is finding/staying in a relationship that is your primary concern, it sounds like you can pretty much keep this problem under cover until you know the person well. And this doesn't sound like something that would be a show stopper for someone who cared for you. Also, see some other doctors/specialists. Many doctors are idiots, and it often takes time and determination to find one who knows what she/he is talking about and will work with you. Finally, lots of problems just go away by themselves given time.
Hang in there.


Mark Collins a fellow sufferer's picture

Can anyone explain the difference between leakage of liquid feces
and mucus? How can I recognize mucus? I have something (could be either) as I get itchy, damp (I know what fecesfingers means from scratching!) and when whip it is brown and STINKS. PHEW! I have a hemoroid for sure, which could either be opening the spinter when inflamed to let feces leak, or maybe it is secreting mucus. Does smell/stink mean it is liquid feces and not mucus?

I wonder if I can prevent this leakage with fiber or if I have to have the hemoroid painfully banded or removed.... Also, what type of doctor tortures hemorroid patients?

Fart Poopie's picture
j 1000+ points

Liquid feces are poop colored. Mucus often presents itself in a whitish, sometimes even a bit clear, hue. At least, that's what I've learned from others on this site... :D
If you want to get your hemorrhoids removed, which you really should, go see a proctologist, or get a refferal to a good proctologist from your general practitioner.

Ishy's picture

I think it may have something to do wiht diverticula as well. Feces can get caught up in them and maybe that's what leaks out. That's my theory. Anyway, I'm glad so many people have this problem because I thought I was dirty or something.

toilet muck's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

i also suffer from i call "mud butt". usually it occurs when i am in the heat and sweat. perhaps it is from when i didnt wipe too good as a child. maybe sweat triggers dormant unwiped feces to become active. when it happened to me, i couldnt run or even walk sometimes. my advice to all mud butts out there: wipe a lot more than necessary. thats what i did and now i am mud butt free.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hey guys, I read most of these and some of you were wondering if there were any ladies that had this problem.
The first time it happened was in LA. I took a road trip with my friends and when I got out of the car, my dress had a huge brown stain on it and so did my car seat. My first thought was "who put diarrhea on my seat!?" When I realized it was me, it was funny cuz I thought it wouldnt ever happen again, but it has and it does and its annoying.
No clue what to. Probably going to stop drinking coffee cuz i work at starbucks and maybe see a doctor. Good luck all.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am a 54 year old American, Male, about 5'7" in height and weigh around 215 lb.s (which is over waeight by 50 lbs. (According to the charts I see in the doctors office.) I still smoke marijuana (although I have never smoked cigarettes, """"bad for your health"""" I do not smoke the quanity I use to,these days, I smoke 1/4 ounce a week). At very earlier age (20's through the 30 experimented with a variety of of drugs, LSD, speeed, uppers, downers, etc) Passing through my forties, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressue, I think it is job stress. Prescribed Molipril and then switeched over to Lipitor to control the blood pressure. There is a family history of diabetes and heart diseease. My mother had her legs completely taken off before succumbing, grandfather diabatic, father has had two heart attacks. I have had colon scoptomy (in case I am using the wrong definition: it's the camera up the butt routine) With the doctor teling me, nothing abnormal found in the ontestinal tract. Been having this leakage and irritable anus problem for the last 5 to 10 years. Just got off the throne, after wiping and wiping I can look at the tissue and see I have blood on the tissue when I simply "tamp" down on my anus. And everyday, my underpants have the gease stain from the leakage. I dont know if people can smell the crappy smell, I cannot, perhaps they are being polite? Anyways, just sharing my experience as I surf the web looking for leaky butt, "anal, and/or rectal incontinence information" For me, in considering the blood presure, the history of diabetes. It looks like I am on the edge of going diabetic... Thinking of trying to convince the doctor to do more then say it is a condition of aging..... I am saving the site to my favorites and wil check fo rothers with tichy and bleeding butt holes. Hope we can somehow get honest and sincere answers to this "irritable" problem...

Recovering Leaker's picture

Executive Summary: Coffee is the culprit!

I developed an itching problem approximately 3 years ago while I was taking antibiotics. At first, I thought I was suffering from an anal yeast infection due to the antibiotics. Treating the area with Monistat cream helped the itching, but the problem returned as soon as I stopped using the cream. I went to Doctor #1 and he prescribes diflucan, which I took for a couple of weeks. The problem did not go away. So, I went to see Doctor #2 who suggested Metamucil fiber pills and Desitin diaper rash cream. The Desitin did help with the itching but, again, the problem returned as soon as stopped using the cream. So, I went to Doctor #3, who is a dermatologist. He prescribed some antifungal cream, which was not helpful.

At this point, I basically gave up. I was able to manage the itching by using the Desitin cream every day. My symptoms are similar to what is described above. After a bowel movement, I wipe until I am completely clean. However, 2-3 hours later I start to feel itchy. At that time I go the restroom to wipe my anal area, and I find that my perianal area is covered with yellow fluid mixed with some stool.

After about 1 year of managing the problem with the Desitin, I decided to try visiting another doctor. Doctor #4 gave me some more diflucan and also gave me a medicine for pinworms. Neither of these medications helped, but my attention turned toward the possibility of worm infection. I went to Doctor #5 and he had me provide several stool samples, which tested negative for parasites. And then Doctor #6 performed a flexible sigmoidoscopy on me, which did turn up anything.

After going through all of the above, I finally decided to make a more serious effort to quit drinking coffee. I had suspected earlier that coffee was the problem, but my attempts to quit had failed. The headaches were terrible and I also suffered from constipation when I didn't drink coffee. I had managed to stay off of coffee for about a week before, so I had dismissed it as a possible cause. However, 1 week is not nearly long enough.

If you are suffering from anal leakage, the FIRST thing you need to do is quit coffee cold turkey, and quit it for at least 1 month. When I did that, my problem went away. You also need to stay away from tea, colas and other caffeinated beverages. When I drink those, the problem returns. Giving up caffeine was extraordinarily difficult for me. I had horrible headaches and drowsiness for the first few days. I also suffered from constipation. My old morning routine was to drink some coffee, which would induce a bowel movement. After quitting the coffee, I became constipated and irregular. This is where the fiber pills saved me. Taking the fiber pills restored my regularity and helped me to stay off of coffee. As a side benefit, I am now sleeping better too.

Anonymous Coward's picture

2nd part of my post, what do I do to clean up?
I work days, so I get in the shower and scrub my anus and the whoel butt crack (for laock of proper definition) to clean it out. I use hemmoroidal wipes "witch hazel", is the active ingedient) to clean my anus directly after having a bowel movement. However, each night I awake with the anal itch, and do through the routine of wiping amy anus with toilet paper and then use the hemorroidal wipes to clean up, I then dry out the anus with the toilet paper. It gets me through the rest of the night. Upon waking up, I take a shower and deliberately clean my anus, sticking my finger up inside myself and clearing out any "fecal" matter I find up there. Im worried about this part, am I expanding my anus to much and in some manner, causing the muscles to relax too much? If I have to have a bowel movement at work, I usually find I have a lot of gas prior, which I ve learned to let happen until I can get on the toilet seat. I then sit and wait until I can tell (which is something else, can you tell if you completed your BM????) that I have cleared my self as much as I can. Still, I get the brown stains in the underwear. I have not tried Metamucil, or other types of fiber. My diet is fairly well set, and muffin and coffee in the van on the way to wrok. 10am is another cup coffee, while the noon lunch cnosists of eating a soup, usually either vegetable/beef, or chicken noodle. Supper is made the wife, she serves up pasta, a salad and a meat. At least once a week we have pizza (pepperoni and mushrroom0...
On weekends, I usually hav eno breakfast, (I usually sleep til laround 10 - 11am) have a cup of coffe and a muffin til the wife makes supper.. I think the diet is not too terribly off the mark. SO I would not contribute the anal leakage to a terrible diet. Been thinking it is weak butt muscles, """kegeling"""" squeezing the butt muscles, as woman would squeeze the muscle of the vagina, has not shown any phsical, visual results, sounds logical, but real has not worked for me. The fiber increase is next on the list. As for doctors, well they, shrug it off, no real explanation for cause, sumptom or cure mentioned by any that I have spoken with. Can it be againg??? Robin Williams use it butt leakage as a joke line when he talks about again... How true is that???? Also, I am some what concerned at "poisoning myslef" with the blood on the toilet paper, can the feces be getting back into the bloodsteam???

John Doe's picture

You guy's won't remember my post from ages ago but i'm a long sufferer of this bullshit. Anyway tried the diet changes and other, so called techniques. Anyway warning!! DO NOT STICK TP UP YOUR BUNGHOLE!! It just causes blocked gas and tears your ass to shit. Anyways i went to my doctor in the end and within 2 minutes she diagnosed IBS. All the symptoms she described seeemed to fit and she even told me she had it herself. It's brought on by stress and continued by the stess of having IBS (In my case) Check it out with your doc because it could save you time worring that u are a freak but IBS is a lot more common than u think. She prescribed me anti-spasmodics, which basically allows your ass to behave itself and do the things that it should do........check it out, there must be loads of "shit" on the web about it and cos most of u have probably promised yourself a life of solitude u have plenty of time to do so.

Anyway useful tips:

1]Dont use TP for your bunghole, in the long run it F's your ass up. grapes and shit.

3]You are not crazy or dirty,In most people's cases i have read u are ill and need help. Mine too dude.

4] Drink lots of water, fruit, fibre etc..

5] Stay away from spicy foods..........ahhhhh shit i love curry!! Never mind it's a small sacrafice :-(

6]get your dirty ass to a doctor b4 you act on any advice from the web


Time Machine's picture

I have the problem, you know what it is, daily at certain hours. Normally it happens around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Other times, I am just OK. I guess I am lucky, except those are the hours I commute. It's not serious, like leaving a mark on the train seat. But I am a member here for sure. Maybe it's dietary, less oily food for me?

leaky butthead's picture

ah yes, ive joined the club, my first two blogs were posted 10/01/05 part 1 and part 2...
More thoughts, overeating, creating huge stools could be a major problem, the weight and size of the stool and gravity, could that be part of the leaky butt syndrome?

Fiberman's picture

RE: FIBER - If you try increasing fiber for AL, you might research it first. Alot of great info on fiber, and the fiber content of foods, is on the web (including sites hosted by the Harvard School of Public Health, the Mayo Clinic, etc.; a website for "" has an extensive list of foods' fiber content). First you might determine your average daily fiber intake & compare that to what is recommended for your sex & age. Then gradually increase your fiber amount until it is up to par so you don't hit your system too hard at once - add 5 grams/day per week (for example, if you average 15g/day normally and are a male over 50 who should be doing 30g/day, start off with one week of doing 20g/day, then for the next week do 25g/day, etc.). Fiber from foods is better than from supplements. Spread your fiber out over you day's meals. And drink lots of water. If you take the time to do the research, changing your diet to increase fiber intake is not that difficult.
It can be harmful to overdo fiber intake & fiber in the absence of water can cause binding & constipation.
For a chart of recommended fiber for children, men & women of different ages, etc., see the website ""

leakydan's picture

I am also glad I found this site. I had a foot of my colon removed in 2001 when I was 44, and have had off and on leakage since. I'm in good health otherwise and could stand to lose a pound or two (who couldn't?), but not really overweight. My surgeon recently told me to increase fiber and take a tablespoon of mineral oil every day. That worked for a while, but I got off that habit. Time to start up again. Fiber and liquids is the key. Fiber doesn't add calories - it passes right through and cleans you out as it goes. Good luck.

O'Nasheous's picture

Egad, thanks for the various comments! I'd never heard the term "anal leakage" until it was mentioned on TV (!) -- as a possible side effect of Lipitor, Rx for high cholesterol. I don't take that one, but realize I have been on a combo of two other cholesterol medications for about as long as I've had the problem of suddenly sitting in embarrassing clear puddles -- those two meds I take are Pravachol and Lopid. I have also switched to Ibuprofen for occasional headache,, which may be another cause of leakage (but I was told to switch because aspirin may be causing spots of blood under the skin looking like small bruises)... I wear Depends at night, which provide great mental relief -- they're comfortable & don't leak. Extra-long supersize pantyliners help during the day, but unfortunately they can leak.

However, it's no way to live, being apprehensive about going out and about anywhere, or having to rinse out clothing more than once a day! Thanks to all your information, I'll talk to my GP. Will also follow up on some of the pointers found here, like cutting down on caffeine or just quitting entirely (though dark chocolate has recently been noted to be good for you)! I'd already started to substitute ice in most of my last two cups of coffee in the evening. I'll resume my midnight snack of a bowl of cereal, the cranberry/almond variety having always produced the ideal b.m. in the a.m. (and almonds are also good for you). I never tried Olean and I trim fat off meats, but can watch the butter/cheese intake, though those don't seem very significant somehow. Ditto for practicing exercises like sphincter-tightening, if caffeine or an Rx trumps them... My guess is that cure from an anti-spasmodic is rare, but worth considering.

I'll take to heart the idea of a possible anal fissure if nothing else works -- though the description above of that surgery calls for much courage! Furthermore, I recently had a full colonoscopy (which I passed OK), and I strongly recommend it to anyone for whom it might apply, like those with a family history of colon cancer. I'll look forward to checking back here too for further serious thoughts and wry jokes -- and the Bottom Line is thank you all again for eye-opening ideas to give closure in the End.

O'Nasheous's picture

p.s. I want to comment on the many suggestions as to the benefits of "fiber" -- which used to be called "roughage" in the olden days. Too much of the empty-calorie type can in fact be rough on your insides, leading to bloating and irritable bowel syndrome, etc. You are told to combine it with plenty of water, but that's exactly what's in excess in the first place! We aren't meant to be horses (or a horse's a__) in overdoing the roughage. Ditto the enemas -- too frequent clean-outs aren't optimal either. Daily inclusion of apple, pineapple, banana or other mild source of roughage in the diet is healthier and less likely to upset normal balance.

Rather than pursue excessive measures to clean out the intestines totally, it makes more sense to sustain their normal function, by taking in moderate amounts of food and water and also making sure the beneficial bacteria we depend on aren't depleted by antibiotics or harsh routines. When I picked up a touch of dysentery years ago, part of the treatment included bland diet and yogurt three times a day. The bland diet was naturally antispasmodic, and the yogurt provided the active cultures to restore those bacterial aids to digestion which we all need and normally possess.

stinkfist's picture

Whew, I'm not the only one. Great site, as unusual as it is helpful, surprisingly. For about two years now I've been getting that dampness, sweat, leakage shit. It's driving me nuts. I'm also paranoid going into public because of it. Like someones else had mentioned my ass also, get this, smells like ass. I can't sit in plastic chairs because there is no air to breathe and a wet spot will develop through my pants/shorts and on the chair. The odor is apparent, I can smell it, and I'm pretty sure other people have too. I don't get skid marks, but I do get clear liquid leakage, and it comes right back. I've had a doctor check twice for hemmorids(sp?), and nothing was found. I've had mild itching once in a while and blood a couple times so I thought that was the problem. I'm going to try mildly increasing my fiber, like an apple-a-day or something. O'Nasheous mentioned that a contributing factor? I drink a lot of mountain dew and I'm trying to cut back. Anyways, if I don't see any change, it's off to the doctor again. I can't handle this mental stress, it's nearly overwhelming, and I'm certain the stress only compounds the problem. Thanks for all the tips everyone.

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

I noticed a problem with leaky ass when I was on antibiotics. Of course, I also suffered from frequent sharts, so this probably explains it.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Another Anonymous Coward's picture

I am a 53 year old male caucasion, considered to be morbidly obese, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and other health problems requiring meds, which I won't divulge. My diet has always been reasonably good.
Although AL was not an issue for me, insanely messy stool that defied wiping was, probably caused by the plethora of meds I take. I never pursued a solution, finding the shower was the simple way to control it. My situation gives me insight to the problem you are facing.
As I was already taking numerous meds, my doctor was very reluctant to add cholesterol meds, fearing the combination would be too much for my liver. Since my "reading" was over 400, he had to do something! He explained that dietary fiber can pull excess cholesterol out of your system, so he got me to take Metamucil. It took a long time, over a couple of years, but my "reading" is now just under 240 and still going down.
My personal experience is, using Metamucil in the amount recommended on the package *will* produce very neat stools, so much so the TP comes away practically clean. To prevent constitpation it is mandatory to use at least the amount of water specified.
The copius amount of required water does *not* cause any tendency to diahrea (at least it did not for me). If your colon is healthy, all of the excess water is is drawn into the bloodstream and sent via the kidneys to your bladder. IMHO the extra water is *good* for the health of your kidneys.
BTW: I found Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Soap to an be absolutely total cure for personal odor problems. Before you try it you should know that the active ingredient, triclocarban, has stirred up some controversy, which you can review for yourself by doing a google search on "triclocarban controversy" (duh!).

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Lipotor can also cause this problem.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Soon2bcelebate's picture

I have had anal leakage too, I am worried about it as it mostly happens when my boyfriend and I are having sex, its only a tiny bit but enough to make me feel really uncomfortable. What do I do?

The Itch!'s picture

Phew! This happens in England as well! Does anyone else get the "Ring Sting" after a couple of Poo's?

Also, does anyone wake up with stomache cramps in the morning? I think this might have something to do with it!?

Anonymous's picture

I wipe my ass and up near the start of my near the tail bone...and idk its like this red liquid scares me

sickofthisshit's picture

Another thing that people suffering from this might try is a probiotic supplement containing acidopholus and bifidus. I recommend a brand such as Nature's Bounty that has a very high amount of organisms at time of manufacture. Though the more fiber approach is probably best for those who don't have an extraordinary problem of some kind.

Anonymous Coward's picture

"red liquid scares me"

DUDE! Go see a medical doctor ASAP! In case you haven't already figured it out: "red liquid shit" = blood. This is NOT a good thing…

good news's picture

Small anal pads are available for mild anal incontinenence. Look for ARD Pads at

Jay's picture

Ok here is my problem! Im 16 and I get vary sweaty vary easily. If i shit for a period of time or even for 10 mins my ass gets realy sweaty and when i get up there is a line of sweat on my chair, I dont think anyone has seen this line of mine before thank god. Anyways i also get a vary wet and sweaty smelling ass and pants from this! Omfg im so trying teh fiber and i hope it works. Im so glad im not the only one!

Elliot's picture

I get sweaty sometimes, but i dont really ever get these shity things comin out my butt. if you guys are really gettin this shit happenin to you, then damn. i am a pretty sweaty guy. sometimes i eat a lot of jalapenos and that makes me blow up the next day. i use that in place of fibre. good luck peopes

-big duke

sickofthisshit's picture

Okay, I tried the fiber solution, and I can tell you for straight-up and real that it works. The problem was much more under control the very next day after increasing my daily fiber intake through one dose of metamucil, four to six sticks of celery hearts, and two apples. Four days later, the problem was pretty much gone. And this is from someone who really, really likes his caffeine!

poominator's picture

Hello all,
as I breath a huge sigh of relief...!! I first noticed the leaky butt when I was working about 3 yrs ago. I would poop and then 10-20 min later I was back on the pot wiping my butt clean as if I had never even wiped it the first time. But to hear that I am not the only one who suffers from this makes me feel a little bit better. I let it go for about a year and would strategize my poops so that i knew I would have a toilet nearby when I needed to "clean up" then i went see a Dr. and he reccommended taking fiber. As soon as I started using the fiber I noticed a huge diference. I could poop and then wipe and there would not be anything on the tp. But of course if I didnt stay on the fibre then I would be back to wiping the sticky and very soft poo. The fiber is nice but when I took too much it caused severe gas and sometimes bloody stool. I tried not drinking caffiene but gave up after a week or so when I did not see any results. Like I said the fibre is nice but I dont want to be taking fibre for the rest of my life. Whos got the ultimate solution????????
I have not told my fiance about my condition for the fear of self ambarrassment. She would be very understaning but I cant bring myself to do it. If I can cure it soon with out having to tell her that would be great. As for now...Less caffine and more celary sticks/hearts.

Good luck to all!! We are in a shitty situation! ooohhh bad pun!

One other thing to those of you who are taking fibre on a regular basis... I have not gotten sick for the past 2 winters.. a stuffy nose here or there but nothing like the flu or coughs or really bad colds. Anyone experience the same thing? I think the cleansing that the fibre provides is a contributing factor to the good health.

I'll be watching

poominator's picture

One more thing to "sickofthisshit"
How long had you experienced this???

Anonymous Coward's picture

I just spent eight days AL-free, after years on and off AL problems. The obvious variable was coffee(caffeine), chocolate and maybe dairy. I did not eat a high fiber diet. I skipped breakfast most mornings. The 8 days were without coffee and little or no chocolate or dairy. It has got to be one of these. The last 7 days I have drank decaf, alittle chocolate and regular amts of milk. Problem returned mildly but clearly have AL again. No caffeine (coffee, decaf even and chocolate) from now on to see if my guess is right. 99% sure it is all caffeine related. It is just so hard to accept but problem too miserable to live with.I have to figure why decaf seems to bring problem on. Good luck others, usually it is a simple fix but we never quite figure it out until years have passed. Hoping I get back to 100% and can live with out coffee and chocolate. Life at 38 is a constant sacrifice.I am a WM, in great shape and very good about what I eat(lots of naturally existing fiber). Its not about my food choices or weight and exercise.

PooDiddly's picture


Thanks people for your candid descriptions regarding this highly sensitive subject. I've had skidmark problems for several years (52 yr. old female) and lately (1 mo) had the itchies, too--at night, or when I go poo). and I ALWAYS have a daily movement but I schedule my day around my morning 'deviors' (going poo) so I can shower afterwards. I've thought about the French douche, wondered if we're SUPPOSED to use our urine to wet the TP to wash "back there" if we have an afternoon BM..or anything that is AFTER our shower.
It could be later morning or in the afternoon, or at night...whenever I DO go peepee...there's "moisture in the poo place, the telltale brown stain. AND, I'm VERRRRY conscious of the hygene implications if I have a sex partner--especially one with a bad aim...any probing in the wrong place and the deal's over--I send him to go wash.

From reading these threads, I must deduce that it this is indeed DIET RELATED!

I'm maybe 20 lb overweight, but this problem existed prior to that weight gain, and it's an observable odor to me in the bathroom. I forget my veggies, I drink wine with a meat-based dinner, and viola, it appear I should expect this problem! Planning my life around the morning shower AFTER I poo puts a big krink in traveling, in getting to work at 7:30 or 8...
My diet is coffee with milk (24-30 oz) for breakfast (sometimes with a banana or an English muffin, or rye toast); lucky to get popcorn or a "something...bagel, chicken strips, or a bowl of General Tso chicken with rice for lunch. Dinner may be between 8 and 10:30 and it is usually meat (broiled beef, chicken. Meat). I don't eat enough veggies. I MIGHT have a banana for breakfast, MIGHT have a salad for dinner.

Thanks for being frank and earnest! I didn't know how my diet may be causing this. I didn't know it can be so extreme as to cause marks on furniture. I DO know I've skooted out of bed and left a mark--but that was naked.

The smell is one thing; the bacteria in this poopie residue concerns me. I never thought it might be a perceptible odor--or visual mark--with clothes on.

Also, I've come across a few exotic web is Austrailian that talks about a topical ointment doctors have discovered to help control a too-loose or a too-tight sphincter (something about playing your anus like a wind instrument). Too loose: you have 'leakage' or fecal incontinence. Too tight and you have constipation! The other site is Malasian (but in English) with a doctor that recommends exercises (similar to Kegel). I thought this condition might be related to lack of muscular strength "down there" I'm thinking it may well be diet, AND exercise.

Thank you for being a great resource...esp. the note from the person who went to 5 doctors before finding sme recourse!

I drink too much coffee for breakfast, too much wine for dinner, and I need more veggies/rice/Metamucil in my diet!

BumpyButthole's picture

k... I have this extremely hideous and terrifying small lil lump on my butthole-never had it before in my life~so this a lil weird...anyway colon cancer and shit has been in my family and so I am all freakin out about that... but really what is it? the only thing that could've caused it in my theory is that of (A.)its hopefully nuthin to worry about if it goes away, it might just be irritation from an infection of some sort in my discharge (which I was a quite sick this morning on the pot and it burned when I went actual natural crap and eventually turned into different discharge that came out-more like a alien feces that was just liquid) so perhaps and when I wiped it somehow affected that edging part of your rectum and sort of irritated it making it expand so much that it is a lump the size of dime. or (B.) it is actually something I should be concerned about (if it persists more than 2 days blump) that may relate to colorectal cancer in some scary way shape or form...

ANY IDEAS? I am scared out of my mind-this is real frightening,disgusting and unusual for me so I'd be much obliged have you any information...!

Anonymous Coward's picture

A lot of what's being described here, an inability to digest certain fats and oils creating the same results as eating olestra, can be easily cured without just masking symptoms. I'd encourage all of the wonderfully honest people here to learn to take responsibility for their own health by studying natural and alternative medicine. You could start with the websites and The book "alternative medicine: the definitive guide" is useful too as are countless others. Do a search on "aspartame" or "bird flu" at and see what kind of people you're giving away responsibility for your health to.

A good way to see if the solution I'm about to post will work for you is to eliminate fats and oils (including dairy) from your diet for a day or two and see if your symptoms persist. But, as almost everyone who eats refined food will benefit from the following treatment, it's worth doing regardless. I've done the following cleanse and a more sophisticated version that required taking Chinese herbs for two weeks beforehand. The second version was more effective for me personally, but lots of people have great results with the following:

You can find much more information by googling "gall bladder flush cleanse".

If it works for you, post and let people know.

Anonymous Coward's picture

what would i do without my fellow poo friends. This is for sure a brotherhood! Ive changed my diet and tried showering once before i go to bed and i have generally noticed a little less sweating as well as the otherall smell is not so harhs. really for me it was just a quick shower in the morning, a good one before bed. We sweat while we sleep and im sure having stink on your body for 8 hours while you sleep cant be good!

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