my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Suffered from this for about 2 years, until a couple of years ago. It was a huge suffering. Now thanks God I am 100% ok, I only had to stop all milk and diary. This did it for me, it might work for you as well. One day after I quit drinking milk I was back to what I alway used to be, a happy healthy normal guy. Try.

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I am relieved to find out that I am not alone, it happens especially during the summer, walking in the mall then a sudden burning in the backside, rush to find the ladies room anly to discover the cause of the burning is faecal leakage. I will try to drink more water and consume more fiber. I found some hemmaroid wipes that i carry around to cleanse the area after a bout of leakage.

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I had this problem for years. I walk alot and I work outside and sweat alot, and by the middle of the day my ass would just be this miserable painful mash of blood-sweat-shit jam. I'd get rashes and irritation and I'd always be hoping nobody could smell me. I thought I was doomed and that I was going to end up shut in a home where nurses would spray me off with a hose. I'd just like to say, however, that now I don't suffer from ass leak at all, and that I think there is hope for a lot of you. There are three or four simple reasons why my ass got better...better diet (oatmeal), quit smoking (coughing spasms = throbbing butt)...but the one that got me the best and fastest results for ass leakage per se, is definitely...QUIT WIPING DAMMIT. I know that sounds radical, but going back and forth over your asshole twenty times right after it's all tender and exposed from shitting, let alone several times throughout the day, let alone paranoid DIGGING INTO it and shit, just enflames and damages your butt-hole, and with everything swollen and throbbing it can't relax on a nice closed position and stay like that. Let your anus relax after you take a shit. Don't touch toilet paper to your butt. Get in the shower and wash it off, and I really bet that at least some of your lives will change. Learn to stop crapping at work and at places where you can't get to the shower. Try it. Seriously, I would fucking die if I ever smelled like shit today or had shit in my underwear, and just two years ago or so those things were like my trademark. Let your assholes relax and heal, y'all. Whew. Rant.

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I have this problem as well. I use washcloths after wiping with tissue to make sure I'm clean. I was wondering if maybe there is still some poop left in the colon. However, I feel like I'm am finished pooping. I just don't know what it is. I will feel soaking wet sometimes. It drives me crazy and I was afraid I was not cleaning myself properly.

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I have AL, but I eat a lot of raw fish (sushi), and I jog about 20-25 minutes most days of the week. I have to wipe again after I jog.

My maternal grandmother had Chron's disease, and there is a genetic trend of common sensitivity to certain foods on that side of the family. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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I had the problem where after shitting, 30 minutes later or so it would itch and be dirty again. I chew a lot of sugerless gum and drink a shitload of crystal light type of drinks... I stopped with the gum and artificially sweetened drinks and it went away the next day... for me it was the aspartame. I'd recommend cutting it out if u ingest a lot of it and see if it helps. I know how miserable it is

Anonymous's picture 54 y/o husband has had this problem for quite a while now. I was worried something was wrong with him, but he had a lower endoscopy and they said all was well. When he gets up from ANYWHERE he sits, there is this horrible ass smell. He is a pretty clean guy, but I have been wondering if he was not as clean as I thought...I am sorry so many people suffer from this, but am glad to know it may be somewhat "normal". My husband will shower, put on clean clothes, we'll go for a drive in the car, and when he gets out while I wait in the car, the car fills up with that terrible ass odor~I am thinking I might try to invent something along the lines of a feminine pad but for this problem. Guess it would have to require tidy-whitey underwear to work for men, don't know how a pad would stick to boxers. Maybe that is the trick. Men wear the briefs, and use feminine pads. Might have to give that a try. I am so sorry there are so many people dealing with this, it has to be so embarrassing for them. I am embarrassed when we are out somewhere, and I notice a stain on my husbands pants. I cannot imagine how he must feel when he gets undressed at night and notices there has been a stain visible on the outside of his pants. Someone needs to come up with a solution for this problem. We have seen it here for about 10 years now, and this is the first time I have found out there are many people suffering from it.

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Help plz!! I always have to wipe every like 15 minutes. I've had this for like a a year now. I drink a lot if soda. Is that the problem ?

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Wow, I am glad to find this website, but sorry nothing seems to help much. I am going to try the fiber and avoid diet soda, carbonated drinks and sugar. I will see what happens.

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I have had this problem for around the past 7 years, I am 24 now, about 5 years ago I just decided to fold toilet paper and place it between my butt cheeks, its not really a fix, but it works enough to avoid any accidents/odor issues and can at least help towards living a normal life.

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Wow!! Thanks everyone for sharing. You all are hilarious and have made this a great resource of sharing like symptoms with the added humor. I am a 41 y/o man. And this is my first attempt at doing any research to figure out what might be going on with my dookie shoot over the last year. I must admit first and foremost that I have been too embarrassed to talk about it with any friends or loved ones. And I have been petrified and nervous to even go to the Doctor thinking the worst. I will absolutely take into consideration the shared experiences that I've read on this blog. I too use the sweetners or drink diet and use dairy (always skim or fat free Lactaid). I also am fond of 1% skim string cheese. That is a regular snack. I am a lover of spicy food, althouth I have cut back considerably over the last year. Spicy in equals spicy out. YIKES!!

As discovered here, I am at fault for potentially chafing the brown eye by over-wiping with toilet tissue which is probably contributing to ongoing irritation. I am pretty regular and make every attempt to 'worship the porcelin buddha' at the same time every morning before going into work. Of course, that may not always happen. But I do make every effort to keep the 'worship' experience routine.

Although nervousness has kept me form setting up a DRs appt, I will incorporate everyones input and at least have the rootie tootie examined by a physician. Like any other man, Im not totally looking forward to the Kentucky Jelly swirl experience (KY Jelly). But I do feel a sigh of relief that others have experienced the same issue.

Many thanks to all of you. I will share and update everyone within the next few weeks on my progress and the outcome of my examination.


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Hi guys, I've had this problem too. Everytime I would poop, I would wipe clean. After about 15 minutes I had pain,irritation and itching. The pain would extend into my female parts. It keep happening day after day, until I got a pantiliner folded in half (the long way) and stuck between my butt cheeks. It was uncomfortable, but better than the pain.

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I have a similar problem: i poo and wipe, and then an hour later get the "uh oh.....have to wipe again." I'm curious if it's affected by dairy. I heart milk, and drink tons of it. I go through a gallon in about 3 days.

I had a notion that maybe the root of the poo / wiping problem is somehow muscular. I've taken a couple advanced anatomy courses in college, and understand that there are actually two anal sphincters: an internal and an external sphincter. I was wondering if poo could be caught between these two sphincters, or if possibly the internal sphincter was weak / had low tonus then maybe the problem is that poo in the pipeline just isn't prevented from squeezing out. The other possible explanation is that poo is getting caught in rectal crypts (look it up). In any event, if you contract your rectus abdominus (1 of the 3 layers of your "core" stomach muscles) you also contract your bung hole. So I wonder if they're related. Anatomically, your core and the muscles of your pelvic floor all work together. If you hve a weak core, maybe you have a weak internal anal sphintcter, and can't shut that baby off.

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I know that at least part of the time, some crap stays inside me after I take a dump, presumably trapped in that last little bend in my bowel. I know this because I immediately wash my ass with an adjustable shower head and often end up giving myself an enema right in the bathtub---that lovely, focused stream of high-pressure warm water flushes all the remaining feces right out my anus! And I gotta say, it sure does feel GOOD to have that water flowing over my tender little butthole first thing in the morning (if I'm lucky, I only have to worry about shitting once a day), even though I do have use TP as a tuck to soak up any excess liquid after I dry myself off. An hour later, I can remove it and I'm as clean as a whistle and dry as a bone.

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i had this problem to. its a conspiracy
one thing i do know.. when you go food shoping and get milk and meat and veggies and the like.. what in that list did not go from many hands befor you buy it..
i think its you your own body rejecting somthing and that takes more time for your food to come out the other end so what it rejected was stoped and came out later
its normal and nuthing baD but cook your meat well done no red inside and keep the milk ice cold not cool. and when you get milk check the date and try to get todays.. it dont keep to cold in a super markit.. bacteria can grow unside you you know. and what the other guy here says.. STOP WIPEING.. use wet toylet paper so it dont inflame yout exit. pat dry with dry paper DONT RUB and dont go in past the back door

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Just want to say i have suffered from this problem for years. It all came to a head a month ago when I was out with some cute girls amd one started laughing at me and yelled "did you just poo yourself?!?" all the girls looked at my pants and were laughing. I was terrified cause up til this point I had only ever had skidmarks on my underware.. And on occasion had notable ass sweat on the back of pants after exercise. I ran to bathroom and sure enough a dirty skidmarks was on back of pants.

Did a lot of Internet research, including this site. I have changed my diet and In just a few days noticed a huge improvement. And after 3 weeks my problem is gone. I love junkfood, caffine, hot peppers, dairy, beer all the bad stuff... It's hard but you have to cut it all out. I noticed if I indulge a few meals in a row the seepage problem comes back.

All I eat now is nonprocesed foods. Eggs, grain bread, fruits vegetables, a little meat and lots of water. I look on all nutrion labels amd try to eat %100 oft daily fiber, you have to introduce the fiber slowly so you don't have diarera or constipaction and drink plenty of water. I go to the bathroom now at times twice a day and it's so clean I hardly have to wipe, but I also use wet wipes to get extra clean.. Not taking any more chances with the ladies..

Diffently work on your diet before you try something more drastic like see a doctor.. Such an embarrassing problem!

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Of all the people on here complaining of a leaky butt, how many of you are smokers? I quit smoking, and my butt stopped leaking.

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Advice to those of you who take psyllium husk powder drink to remedy anal leakage.

If you are taking 100% psyllium husk powder, then there will be no chemical mixing agents. So it might be a hassle to dissolve.

In this case, use a milk frother (cappuccino frother). The type that looks something like an electric toothbrush. Simply dip it into your glass of juice or whatever and push the ON button for two seconds. And your powder is perfectly blended into your drink. Suddenly.

I picked up mine for only 79 cents at a local discount shop. It looks cheap. But it works perfectly well. And it's a cinch to wash.

And what's more, you don't have to consume any chemical mixing agents.

If you want to show off to your friends, you might want a more expensive one with a shiny streamlined space-age design.

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Changed my diet and it cleared up in a matter of days. Stopped eating everything that could bother that region: Hot peppers, dairy, junkfood, diet coke. I started eating just fruits vegetables, healty stir frys.. things like that and along with good hygene(shower and wet wipes) im Cured!! hope you figure it out, its an embarrasing situation to be in.

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Alright guys first off this website has helped me trendously feel better about myself. I've had this problem for the last 4 to 5 months. 20 years old, very athletic, male, decent diet, weight lifter. You get the picture. Anyways I have tried everything, different diet, yogurt, fiber, everything. Then I found something on a similar site. They seemed to think that people might become lactose intolerant and not even know it. I am about 95% sure that this has been my problem. I cut out my dairy for 3 days and I've had perfect poops. So it might be worth a shot to try this. It has worked for me. Thanks an hope I can help a few of you all out there with this stressful poop situation.

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Good question Mr Drip, what is the route cause of this problem and how the hell do I make it go away any known medication are we saying not a single doctor suffers from this danm humiliation? it is destroying my sex life and my confidence this is not a joke and to all of you who are making bad jokes about this wait until you suffer from it and we will see how pleasent the smell of poo is to you or your spouse. any medication?

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for maybe 20 years I hade the leaky butt problem, which caused anal rashes. For the rashes I used Diaper rash ointment which seemed to help along with ozonol and prescription ointments. After a time I realized that the leakage problem was gone. Have other problems now, but I believe it was the diaper rash treatment that cured the leakage problem.

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I will share that the details described are exact to many of yours. Because of the bleeding and leaks, my Doctor had a colonoscpy done for me. I have to share that, while you may not know it, many of you, like myself, may be suffering from INTERNAL HEMORROIDS. My colonscopy came back clear but I had the hemorroids to deal with which is what causes the leaking, the burning, the shame. I've been trying my best to add more fiber, more water, less "bad foods" to my diet, which is the ultimate suggestion to ridding this ailment.
Internals are not painful at all but with walking, house work, going to the bathroom or any aggrivation to the anal area, the leaks, burning and pain will be seen. Seriously, this is probably what is ailing you and a change of dietary habit is what will make all the difference. Best of luck.

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To all that have leaky butts, I am 23 yrs old and have only noticed recently (1yr or so) that I have had this issue...After I got antibiotics shot in my butt cheeks. I can Poop shower and 20 mins later need to wipe again. it only happens once that I need to wipe again so it doesn't bother me too terribly but I have found if you have irritated the brown eye. a cheap trick to help is use a little vaseline on a q-tip to rub on there. you will feel fit as a fiddle after a day or so... Thanks for all who have posted on here thought I was an oddball

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i posted this before but i will do it again. I had this issue and was in severe pain. 2 years ago i began taking 3 tblsp of metamucil every morning i have not had the problem since. Take the metamucil, drink a big glass of water and within 3 hours everything will be pushed out of you and you will be clean.

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i posted this before but i will do it again. I had this issue and was in severe pain. 2 years ago i began taking 3 tblsp of metamucil every morning i have not had the problem since. Take the metamucil, drink a big glass of water and within 3 hours everything will be pushed out of you and you will be clean.

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I've had this problem for a while now.. I'm 17 nd I have had anal.. although I've had it since before that.. I was about 13 when it started to happen.. I'm a guy so idk if its different for guys than girls

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I went to see a doctor last week. He said the reason for the leaking is due to hemroid mucus. He told me to start taking Fibercon pills for 3 weeks. I've been on them for 1 week and it seems to be working!! he said the pills will dry up the poop which is causing the excess mucus.

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So I have the same problem where I go back and it's like I didn't even wipe. What foods exactly should I stop eating? Milk?

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Hey all,

I'm back again. I've been reading/posting on this site for almost 5 years with my own anal leakage problems. It seems like everyone's leakage is a little different, mine was of the nasty yellow sticky mucousy variety that kept coming out hours after a good dump. I've had this problem for about 10 years so I'm very familiar with the feeling of dread whenever the need to crap in public arises. Because of this, I've been a celebrated "home pooper" for the past decade. If people ever asked why, I just told them I didn't feel comfortable relieving myself outside of my "home base."

Over the years I've posted several solutions that have worked for me over the years including changes in diet and high fiber intake. While these things help cover up the symptoms, they never really solved the problem. Fortunately, I think I have solved the problem for me and I hope it works for some of you out there.


A few months ago, one of my friends suggested I try a gluten free diet. They were aware of my constant stomach problems which I related to IBS, they said it sounded like I could have an alergy of some sort. So I agreed to go on a gluten free diet for a trial week (which is difficult!). That was three months ago, and since then I have refused to go off of the trial. The first thing I noticed was that my stomach stopped hurting after most of my meals. No stomach pain = a happy camper. Second, my poops started firing off much more solid and with much less yellowy tint to them. Not only that, within just a few days of a gluten free diet, I started experiencing no wipers! Literally, I'd take my crap, wipe once and not see anything there! Of course, out of habit, I still wiped about 12 more times just to be sure. No poop! I even went back an hour later to recheck (old habits die hard), still no mucous coming out! This has been going on for several months now, and I am officially off fiber every day. The problem all along was a gluten allergy.

For more information, google celiac disease and check out the symptoms. One of them is an "exessive amount of bile build up," which in ass terms means mucous. Take away the allergin, you take away the mucous buildup which takes away leakage! Pesto. This has worked wonders on my life and I hope it can help a few of you out there with yours.

I know a few people have posted about gluten allergies aleady on here, I just wish I had considered them more carefully in the past. I hope this post makes a few of you give it a shot! Good luck and happy pooping.

Happy Crappy

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Leaky hemorrhoids: Fact or superstition?

There has been a lot of commotion in this thread recently about "leaky hemorrhoids." Here are two simple ways to determine if a hemorrhoid is really the cause of your anal leakage:

1) Try such bulk-forming supplement as pysllium husk powder drink and calcium+D. FiberCon might also work.

If this greatly remedies your anal leakage, then you can rest assured that a hemorrhoid has nothing to do with the leakage. This is because such supplements absorb liquid in the intestinal tract into the stool before the stool reaches the area in which a hemorrhoid might be located. So any excretion from a hemorrhoid would not be absorbed.

2) Another experiment would be to apply Preparation H or other ointment to your anus for a few days (no longer). If this does not reduce your anal leakage, then your hemorrhoid would not be the culprit.

If you do have a festering hemorrhoid, I suggest that you get your ass to a hospital quick.


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I'm somewhat relieved to read that there are so many others with the same problem, I thought I was the only freak out there folding up toilet paper to keep my shorts clean/dry.

Three weeks ago I heard an interview about "wheat belly" and since it described me so accurately, I though I'd better try it for a month. What the hell it's only wheat right?

I've had some great results, I've lost weight, my belt is a notch tighter, I'm still eating like a horse, but I have reduced hunger between meals, reduced craving and more of a full feeling after I eat. All good.

But by far and away the most immediate and (so far) best result is that MY LEAKY ASS was COMPLETELY GONE about a week after I quit wheat. Don't know if this will work for everyone, but it sure worked for me. Don't know for sure if it was the wheat causing it or if it's a result of something I'm eating instead of wheat, but I don't care. The fact I don't have brown swac and 6 inch skid marks in my shorts is good enough for me.

One more thing (and this part still hurts) I had to quit beer too, since almost every beer (except the $$$ gluten free) has wheat in it.

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I'm a 22, a student and eat everything that's bad for me as a student does. But this has been an issue for as long as I can remember. I wipe realllly well with water and paper after going to the loo, but a few hours into the day (I think farting makes this worse probably) my butt feels weird and when I wipe it to check, its dirty and it makes no sense to me. I clean it, and again a few hours later its the same! It makes me feel gross. Does this happen to everyone or is this abnormal?

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Has anyone here heard of the secca procedure? Or has anyone had it done?

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I am absolutely stunned that this has 1500+ comments on it! This is more active than some newspaper sites during an election year! So, let me just say I too found this site while finally trying to search for a solution. There seems to be quite a variation of problems people are reporting, but mine is EXACTLY like the OP's problem. Mine never leaks out or gets on anything, I just get itchyassitis about 4 times a day. For years I have been late to work on many occasions because of my 'morning ritual' which is at LEAST 3 dumps before I can even think about leaving the house... The problem is, those 3 dumps can be spaced out at 15 minute to 45 minute intervals, there is no telling... And it is an urgency situation when it comes, so a toilet better be near by within 1 minute or I'll crap myself. Have had that problem for 15-20 years, but this new having to re-whipe all the time is fairly new, just in the past year or so, and I can only pray it doesn't get as bad as some people on here I've read about!

I will give 1 tip to people who have this problem with the smell though... Whenever I start ripping stinky farts on a consistent basis, or my shit starts smelling pretty bad consistently, I drink a couple of glasses of this stuff called "Dieters Delight" tea... About 4 hours after drinking (2-3 glasses) of this stuff (be careful not to drink more, cuz it tastes great!) you will blow the bolts off the toilet about a dozen times and some sort of alien matter comes out of your ass that literally looks like you just shit your intestines out! What it is is the built up mucus and shit that was lining the walls of your intestines that is chock full of nasty ass bacteria (which is whats stinking so bad). Seriously, I used to have the MOST FOUL farts and shit in the world until I discovered this stuff (by accident actually). After the first time I tried it (25+ years ago) I have never another alien come out of my ass, and I've NEVER had a single fart smell anywhere NEAR as bad as what ALL my farts used to smell like. I've got at least a dozen of my friends who hit me up for bags of tea on a regular basis so I have to buy 2-3 boxes all the time just so I have some to pass out cuz the only place I know where to get it is online (amazon, or ebay, search for "Dieters Delight" or "China Slim Tea" (dont try other brands, they just give you gas and bloating, I've tried them all and none do it up like this stuff does!) Liquid Gold I tell ya!

Anyway, I dunno, I eat alot of fat... but I also eat alot of fiber, so it could be the fat thing, but it seems more to me a problem with the sphincter muscle on the inside not being srong enough or something and its letting just a little tiny bit of crap out. Or like maybe even like the 2 spinchters are not synced up right so when your dropping a deuce its pinching off and trapping just a little poop nugget in between the 2... then a little while later when your outer butthole relaxes a little out slips that little gem... I dunno for sure, but thats just what it seems like... I've even resorted to sticking my finger up my ass to dig around a little and see whassup in there and that IS what I find... a shy little poop nugget that just didn't want to come out with the rest of his friends... The other night I was literally trying to think of some kind of invention I could make to get up in there and pull that sucker out cuz this is driving me INSANE! So far I am thining of some kind of soft tipped attachment to an electric tootbrush! At first I thought about a dremel tool with one of those buffer tips on it, but that would just be way too hard core! It wouldn't even need any power really, and just some kind of small bottle brush type thing that was soft cotton or something would be perfect! Hahaha, Look for it in stores soon, I'll call it :The Booty Buddy" haaha

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Coffee was the culprit for me, I drank way too much coffee. It takes a while ( a couple weeks ) for your body to normalize, but eventually after cutting out coffee and trying not to replace it with more caffeinated drinks, it went away. Then you just have to deal with the major headaches you get from withdrawal. Am drinking coffee again in reduced quantity and it is coming back, but not nearly as bad. I work outside in the public and it is difficult to find a place to wipe your butt discreetly sometimes. I usually try to hide in the panel doors of my line truck, ( where we all urinate ) but know someday I will get caught in a compromising position.

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The problem is simple...
Your Anal Sphincter is
swollen a teeny tiny bit.
If you have ever been to the
dentist and he injected you with
an anesthetic in your mouth you
may remember how your face and cheek
swelled up. Well if you tried to pucker
and COULD NOT because your lips
were too swollen to seal properly.
Same prob with your anus. dab a bit of
preperation h ..anti inflammatory on your anus
and the swelling will go away and you will see the
problem goes away with it. Then you can go about
finding out what was the cause of the swelling....
diet or whatever..

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m 1+ points - Newb

To whom it may concern,

Like many of you I have struggled with the problem of unpleasant anal leakage for years. I went to doctors and they had no idea what it was and basically dismissed it after telling me to try take imodium. I found this site and was so glad that I was not the only one with the problem.

Based on information and tips I found on this site, I found a solution that has worked for me!

1. I stopped ingesting any caffeine, no coffee, no tea etc..
2. I stopped eating dairy or things with lactose (if I do I take a lactase enzyme).
3. And I have found this one the most important, I started taking metamucil. I take it once in the morning and once in the evening an hour or two after dinner.

Now: My poops are clean and often I only have to wipe once or twice just to make sure its clean, and the best part, no anal leakage.

I wish you the best!

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Anyone heard or had the secca procedure done?

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I didn't have this problem untill recently my dads a trucker so I decided to join him. I've stard eating slot more candy and been drinking alot of carbonated soda and I drink very little water cold this be the problem

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Ok, I suffered from this problem for the past three years I would say. I know that it was since I had my baby and she is 4 now.

Anyway, I teach and this was such a problem for me. I would have to wait for my planning period to go because it would take me so long. I would first have to sit on the toilet FOREVER just so the last piece would break off. If I didn't sit long enough and the last piece didn't break off it would be that much worse to wipe.

Then I would go through almost a whole roll of toilet paper. Sometimes I would also use the brown paper towels and I would never feel totally clean. When I would go back to the bathroom later, there would always be more poo down there, although it very rarely left marks on my underwear, it was just in there, if you know what I mean. I bet I spent 25-30 minutes in the restroom at work every single day.

Well, I was complaining about this problem to my mother the other day...telling her how stressful it was for me. Well, she told me about a friend of hers who went to a fancy schmancy colon doc at Emory about a similar problem and was told to take metamucil EVERY SINGLE DAY and TO NEVER SKIP A DAY! She said that she was alright after that but if she skips a day, her poo is the consistency of mud and she has problems again.

So I bought metamucil pills (make sure you drink the suggested amount of fluid with them). I've been doing this EVERY DAY for about a week now. I take 4-5 capsules three times a day, and after having that yucky, nasty, time consuming problem every day for at least 3 years, I have had nothing but normal poos again. I did have some slight constipation the first couple of days, but since then I have been having normal bowel movements. Try it and see if it helps you.

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Stop consuming caffiene.

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Well I always wash with water. If I ever had to wipe somewhere where I can't wash hemorrhoids start appearing the second day because of rubbing .

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Anal leakage is just another health problem easily resolved with Regenerative Eating. Just 2 simple changes to daily eating habits will fix poop problems pronto.

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When you say the word “poop,” your mouth makes the same motion your butthole does when pooping…
The same can be said for the phrase “explosive diarrhea.”

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k 500+ points

Anal leakage is just another health problem easily resolved with Regenerative Eating. Just 2 simple changes to daily eating habits will fix poop problems pronto.

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When you say the word “poop,” your mouth makes the same motion your butthole does when pooping…
The same can be said for the phrase “explosive diarrhea.”

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I've had this problem on a off for a little over a year now. I'm 23, healthy, exercise often, and have never have had anal sex or anything put up in that area. I've been living off an on between the States and Thailand, and I've noticed the problem is WAY less of an issue in Thailand. The reason is that the toilets there all have "bum guns," or little nozzles that shoot water. There great. I also have a much different diet in Thailand, much less dairy, so that might have something to do with it. I also noticed this problem after being on antibiotics

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As previously mentioned, it is just leftover fecal matter succumbing to body heat and working its way out the sphincter.

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I had same problem at last ten year . every body hate me because of my disease or smell. but now i found a solution. i was meet her dr yeshi khando . this lady is god for me.

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Everyone suffering from this horrible "situation" should purchase a Bidet Toilet Seat to replace their regular toilet seat! It washes you off with warm water and then blow dries you off with warm air with the simple push of a button right there while sitting on the toilet after you've "done your business"! It's the most amazing toilet seat ever because you feel SO CLEAN afterwards! So there's no need to go to the shower to wash your butt and have poop mess to clean up in there, it's all taken care of on the toilet where it belongs!
You will absolutely love it! (In European countries they use Bidets, not Toilets & Toilet Paper - we need to adopt that practice finally in the USA)Go to
to see the "Coco Bidet" - (headquarters are in Oklahoma)

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So I sucked up my pride and got it checked out, turns out it was a lack of fiber in my diet. All my doctor told me to do was pick up a couple bottles or either:

or an equivalent brand. Take the recommended doses daily and it should clear up eventually. It might take a week or so but you'll notice the change. I have not been fully cured yet as it was Friday we came to this conclusion but I'll repost and tell you guys how it's going.


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I take really cold showers and it just *BAM* goes away. Sometimes I leave the window open too. Try staying cool in the air conditioning.

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If excessive wiping has irritated your anus there is a product my proctologist recommended called Balyneol. It is sold in most pharmacies. You put it on the TP when wiping and it helps to clean the anus in a non irritating manner. This product is a life saver for everyone with these issues and will help change your life tremendously. It will not fix the problems, but will help properly clean the affected area without severe irritation. I hope this helps.

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Here's a summary of what I've tried for anal leakage and my success rate. I have dealt with this for a long time and am pleased that I've finally found a solution that works for me.

1. Probiotic Acidophilus. A common version is called "Align" and available at Costco and Amazon, but that was no better for me than less-expensive versions. Resulted in about a 50% improvement for me -- good but not enough.

2. Gluten-free diet. Didn't work for me, but in the research I've done it's definitely something that helps a subset of AL sufferers.

3. Seeing my gastroenterologist. Don't go to your GP as you need a specialist. The gastroenterologist may not find anything, but there are some conditions where AL is a symptom and can be addressed medically. In my case, his advice ultimately solved the problem, plus he found some unrelated issues that were important to get corrected.

4. Dietary changes. It was clear that changing my diet did help the symptoms, though it was often hard to know what affected what. However, I was a bit too stubborn to make radical changes, so this approach had limited benefit. If I had been more committed, I'm sure it would have helped more, though not sure it would have ultimately been the "fix."

5. My final, and ultimately best, solution was by far the easiest: Taking 3-4 Metamucil (psyllium fiber) tablets each morning. I actually buy the generic version at WalMart or elsewhere. I've had to find the right number to take -- too few doesn't fully solve the problem, while too many results in constipation. However, drinking a ton of fluids and some occasional oatmeal solves that issue.

In my reading over time, the above five approaches seem to help many people, though different things work for different people.

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It's been awhile since I posted, but I found that my diet problem was SUGAR,SUGAR,and more SUGAR, I've found out that sugar and carbohydrates were causing excessive Bacterial overgrowth syndrome (BOS). When I went on a very low sugar and carbohydrates diet my symptoms improve greatly.

I also have hemorrhoids and need to use baby wipes to completely clean my rectum after using the restroom. Help me with this, and please report if this gives anyone else any relief.

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I need help!!! I'm 14 years old, just starting high school, and I have been having this problem too. I'm scared I will have it for years, I can't live life normally like everyone else, I have to sit in class and hope the bell rings so I can fix myself up again, and once I do everything and get back to class, I have been 5-10 minutes late!! Not to mention that I have to go to the bathroom in THAT class too. My friends have noticed my excessive use of the bathroom and have gotten suspicious. I don't know what to do, I'm so scared of the consequences of having this for years!!! I may never get to live life the way I'm supposed to. HELP!!!! I don't drink coffee and I don't drink milk, just please help me! I've run out of options.

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I have fecal incontinence and I am very upset about it. My sphincter doesn't work, muscles are extremely week. I am going to physical therapy twice a week. If my therapy doesn't work the doctor will insert an artificial sphincter so I can have control of my feces. I am worried about what caused this to happen so far doctors don't know and I am going to be tested for MS.\
Good luck to you

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Had this problem for about a month. I eat mostly fresh food so it was somewhat easy to narrow down. I suspected the olive oil and chicken bacon but after running out I discovered it was my cheap brand and nearly expired fortified orange juice with calcium and something else. Wahoo!

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I have suffered from this for the past year. It is incredibly irritating and also embarrassing!

I started a 21 day cleanse last week and literally on Day 1, it was gone. In fact, every single crap I take, I barely have to wipe at all!

I'm not trying to pitch this specific cleanse, but essentially it is a while foods based cleanse. Nothing processed at all for 21 days.

In addition to following a veggie, fruit and limited chicken/fish diet, you have to take 9 of these fiber pills a day. I'm not sure if that was it, but it could have been.

I'm currently on Day 8 of the cleanse, and I haven't had a single recurrence.

My guess is that it's a combination of fiber and the absence of processed foods.

So thankful for finding this site and this new diet.

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Once I stopped :
1. Thumbing my asshole
2. Milking my prostate
3. Shoving ProActive bottles in my butt
4. Shoving my fingers in my ass to massage my sphinkter

I was back to being tight assed and clean again.

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Hello Everyone with Ass problems. My husband has this problem also. I want everyone to try a yeast cleans. First start with 5 garlic tablets at night before you go to bed on an empty stomach. Each morning when You wake up on an empty stomach. Take 5 acidophilus (good bacteria). Lots of water. All day long drink unsweetened cranberry juice. (1part cranberry juice 4 parts water). No caffeine and try to stat away from dairy Do this for at least a week. Very least a week. And don't eat junk food people. We are what we eat. Good luck
The Ass Dr.

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#1) Don't get won't like it! #2) I have some issues with poo seepage from time to time, & 'roids act up at times.
With 2.5 million miles of driving buses and big rig trucks, well, some poo leakage and 'roids are inevitable. The skid marks are a bummer, (pun intended for those Brits, etc.).
As I've aged, the poo urge hits hard and fast whenever it comes, and I'd better well have a toilet available, and now! After eating, I'll wait about a half hour, and sure enough, gotta poo and pee, the poo in sequential 'sets'; as it leaves the 'train station', another part moves in its place, and is sent on its way, until this whole process is complete. Oh, the feeling of being empty afterward--so good.
Meds don't help...they make the poo 'muddy' and like paste more often than not, if it's not diarrhea (a 'Blowout'). :-( If I'm lucky, I'll pass 'perfect' poo that leaves no marks or poo smears at all on me or the TP. Some days are worse than others. I have times when my intestines make loud noises as the last meal's food is slowly turned into poo...others around me will look and be surprised with the clearly audible gurgling, rumbling and other noises from my plumbing when this happens. At least "southwinds" (farts) are few and far between for the most part. Could be worse, I guess...-Rusty (age 52) :-D

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Guys and Gals, I no longer buy highty whities. I have had far too many racing stripes placed in them. It all started off a few years back when I had a huge poo, could barely squeeze the guy out, was like the Ron Jeremy of poos. Finally I got it out, and some tearage happened (anal fissure). As many of you, I was too embarrassed to see a doctor about my asshole, it's not the type of thing most of us are fond of doing. Getting our buttholes examined by some stranger is very awkward.... The fissure got worse and worse with every scheisse i took. I would wipe, and about an hour later I'd feel wetness in my gitch, so I'd run to the can and wipe my tar hole and ass cheeks. It would even cause diaper rash, I was like WTF. I had to use diaper rash cream. My arse was literally "pimped out". Finally one day I went to the doc, had a few beers before for courage, and he checked out my chocolate starfish. He gave me this stuff called 2% Diltiazem in Vaseline. I used that until the fissure healed, then started eating more fiber, stopped drinking caffeine and greasy foods and it went away. No more racing stripes, no more diaper rash. One bad moment that I'll never forget is I never told my wife about the problem. One day I was putting the Diltiazem Vaseline in my asshole, forgot to lock the bathroom door. My wife walked in while my finger was half way up my butthole with a jar of Vaseline in front of me. Her expression was priceless!!!

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Ok, so have many of the symptoms of others are for 3 months now. Took flagyl for 10 days, solved the diarrhea issue, but the leaking still persisted. Went to my GP and had blood tests done and stool sample. Stool came back negative, but have vitamin D deficiency big time. I have been taking 14,000 IBU of vitamin d (from Costco, d3, 2000 IBU tabs) a day now for 10 days, along with cranberry juice, probiotic, garlic tabs with B12, calcium tab and Costco fiber tabs 4 a day. Remarkable improvement so far, every day gets better! I have researched studies on Google about vitamin D deficiency and pelvic floor disorders, related to vitamin D deficiency. Give it a try!

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I've tried many different remedies over the last 4 years. Same swamp-butt problem you've all had: leakage, sweat, mucous, gas, the whole deal. I have pretty much conquered it. These are the solutions that work the best:

  • Activated charcoal. This is a short-term, quick-fix solution. Activated charcoal is available in pill form from many drug and health stores. It makes everything that comes out of your ass—solid, liquid, or gas—odorless. Not something you want to take every day, but if you've got a big date or an interview, something you're going to be nervous about, take some activated charcoal capsules the day before and everything that comes out of your ass will have no smell at all.
  • Moist wipes. You can get moist flush-able wipes just about anywhere. Use them. Toilet paper stops working as soon as your anus is dry, but there's still dried poo stuck to it. Much of the itching you guys are experiencing comes from this. Do the main wiping job with TP and then finish off with a few moist wipes. You will be shocked to find more poo still there, and relieved not to have any itching the rest of the day. (Those of your with hemorrhoids should try Tucks pads, which have soothing witch hazel. They do a lot to put the fire out.)
  • Relax. Worrying about swamp-ass will give you swamp-ass. It's a feedback loop. Stress and anxiety, especially social anxiety, are huge factors in aggravating this shit (pun intended). Your stress and anxiety hormones affect your bowels, which then have spasms and secrete mucous, which makes you more nervous, etc. You just have to learn how to relax again. A great way to do this is with activated charcoal; because it renders your swamp-ass odorless even if it happens, you've got nothing to worry about socially.

These are some other helpful things I've done, but which may not be necessary for everyone.

  • Quit coffee. Caffeine stimulates bowel mucous production and is no good for anxiety.
  • Get 24-30g of fiber daily. And forget supplements. Eat some whole wheat bread, oatmeal, some actual food. Don't use fiber pills—they're expensive and just give you a compulsion to take them all day. If you must use a supplement, get straight psyllium husk and take that.
  • Quit cheese. That stuff stops you up and agitates your bowels.
  • Trial separation from dairy. Many of you may be suffering from mild lactose intolerance. Try taking a break from milk and cream and see if it doesn't help.

Hope this helps.

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I am a 24 year old female. I am a nonsmoker, but occasionally binge drink and engage in anal sex (not at the same time.) I try to eat fresh local organic foods, but have been known to make a 1am trip to Burger King or devour a pint of ben&jerry's in one sitting. When I am preparing my own food, I eat lots of healthy fats (EVOO, coconut oil, raw butter), raw dairy, pastured meat, and fermented foods. I have tried to eat this way now for a few years, and have noticed improvements in my health since.

However, a little over a week ago, I was out celebrating when I drank way too much. I threw up, I blacked out, I acted like a fool. The next day, of course I had the beer shits. Well, I still have them. I'm talking loose mucoid stools, abdominal cramps, tons of gas, and even a little leakage. This part was new to me... along with the time extension. The leakage has typically been yellow to clear mucous with little to no odor, but sometimes it's brownish with a fecal odor, and once or twice it's been straight up poop. There is sometimes a burning pain when I have gas or bowel movements, which accompanies needing to wipe something liquidy. I've been using panty liners and trying to avoid back door contact with my partner (Embarassing! I told him about the mucous but not the poop leakage. I don't think he'd ever look at my butt the same way!) I've gone from hoping for a bowel movement once a day to emergency trips to the bathroom 5-10 times a day.

After visiting this site, I feel better knowing it could be something minimal like hemorrhoids (I've had external flare ups in the past, from straining due to constipation... the irony!) I was worried I damaged my liver to the point where I'm not producing bile (steatorrhea- fatty stool) but those are supposed to float and smell foul. Mine have odor, but it's not foul (I'm a professional butt wiper, I've smelled some shit.) Besides, I am not an alcoholic, I drink about once a month, aside from the occasional beer or glass of wine.

I was at the point where I was almost decided to visit an urgent care center (no health insurance), but after visiting this site I think I'll try laying off the dairy, going gluten free, or psyllium husk. I'll update if any of those work for me.

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Sit when you wipe!

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Try horse chestnut herb. It really helps hemorrhoids and the discharge.

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Being morbidly obese has contributed significantly to the poop problem. The fat pushes against the colon, and it in turn pushes against the rectum. Any feces in the area heads down the poop chute. I found that by eating high fiber foods, such as high grain breads, fruits and veggies, especially celery, the problem is lessened quit a bit.

Having a shower hose and rinsing the area daily with very hot water seems to help also. Being a heavy male, I have to sit to pee to avoid soiling myself. While doing so, I wipe to make sure any leakage is gone. Also, due to some minor urinary incontinence, I wear lined men's briefs. Haband sells them and they are comfortable to wear, washable, and also have odor control.

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So good to read that many people experience this problem. I thought that it was just because I am 68. When I told my doc. she basically said I would just have to live with it. Thanks for all the info.

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Two of the most common reasons why this occurs:

1. Not enough fiber in your diet. (Note - don't take too much fiber suddenly as it can cause adverse reactions because the body has not had time to adapt yet.)

2. Lactose intolerance. There are lactase enzyme pills that you can take to help you digest lactose products once again (milk).

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I had this problem for years, damned embarrassing. After finding this site and talking with a friend without really touching on this subject, we were talking hemorrhoids, he told me he has to take Metamucil every day for hemorrhoids so I figured I would try using fiber, after all if nothing else it would be healthier.

I'm a smoker and love to drink 3-4-5 cup of caffeinated coffee daily with a tablespoon of sugar and non-dairy creamer and I haven't quit yet. It wasn't long and let me tell ya a lot of little problems went away. Such as sitting there for ever sometimes which I didn't seem to mind for years cause I would smoke and read while doing it. Once in a while I would have this feeling a small amount was hung up and no matter how hard I pushed it just would not come out.

Now I'm not the type to put my finger anywhere around it to try and dislodge it so I would just live with it until the next time. After all, I was clean according to the paper! But within a day or so of taking the fiber I mean holy cow! Just slipped outta there like a new born calf and it didn't take what? maybe 6 squares of paper and hardly any thing there.

It's been about a year or more and I was just thinking about all you people writing on this thread so I thought I would share my story. This morning I was thinking about it before I had my coffee, I got outta bed and went in and just checked and came up clean as whistle, no pun intended! Let me tell ya, it feels just wonderful and God knows I feel your pain and I pray this helps a lot of you, and if it don't there's got to be some thing out there! Don't give up.

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I have the same problem, sometimes I wipe and blood comes out. After about five minutes of being done in the bathroom I go watch TV and I feel it again, my butt is just all wet and red. I NEED A SOLUTION. I'm only 12 can somebody help me out?

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I have AL as well. I had a duodenal swith last year and lost 115 lbs. Since I don't absorb fat just about every thing I eat eventually causes what I call the "Orange yucks". I only wear black slacks and use the stuffed TP solution, but accidents happen and usually at work.

I have started wearing clear plastic diaper covers over my underwear to stop the staining. Sometimes (well almost always now) I regret the weight loss surgery.

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What's up everyone? I had this problem two years ago, it lasted from March to July. I was on this forum all the time, looking for some sort of cure to this problem that left me hopeless, embarrassed, and worried. In my case, it started after the morning after the first night I ever drank. I threw up many times that night, and drank a lot of soda, vodka, and beer. After that, the leakage started coming, people around started to accuse me of farting but I didn't smell it, you all know what I'm talking about. So I started adding fiber to my diet, that didn't work. I took Metamucil, that didn't work either. I thought I would never shake this. Finally, for some odd reason I was watching Dr. Oz and the show mentioned how dehydration can effect your bowel movements, digestive system, etc. I realized that I hadn't been drinking enough water all along. I was only drinking 2 glasses of water a day, if that. So I started drinking a shit ton of water and the leakage was gone within a week! Give that a shot, only drink large amounts of water for a week. Best of luck to you all with this problem, hope this helps.

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YES I have the answer to the problem, FIRE the POONURSE!
I suffered from this for 3-5 years and it sucks. It's only partly related to the things we eat/diet.
Here it goes, the solution PROBIOTICS, there was that so hard?

It took forever to learn this on my own, it has cured my problem, hope it works for all of you also.
Six months no leaks, drips , or stains!

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*PLEASE READ FELLOW LEAKERS* I think the best way to tackle this would be to explain your dietary habits, history of constipation, diarrhea, related operations and such.

I'm 24 years old and I've had this problem for a little over two years now. I first noticed it at a night club when two of my friends asked something like "whoa did you fart?" and I said, "no." I noticed dampness so I went to the bathroom to check an there was a huge amount of brown like I never wiped.

Ever since it's been a daily issue I'm sure everyone is different but my story is I'm lactose intolerant. I was eating a lot of deep fried foods (bachelor food) since I moved out at 18, lots of soda, no coffee, I drank around sit to eight beers maybe two nights a week. I smoke a pack a day, and I smoked a joint almost every day. I've had major depression and anxiety for about four years.

I've always had problems with constipation and diarrhea, and I've always had a little random blood when wiping since I was little. I was pretty bad for holding it in while playing video games or whatever. I did gain a little weight maybe 10-15 pounds not long before it started.

Two years later I watch what I eat, I work out, I drink on occasion and I quit smoking weed. I've noticed the amount I wipe now isn't as significant but its maybe halved. About a year ago I also noticed that I'm not just leaking feces, but water.

I've noticed that when I leak water more people tend to notice the smell which I don't understand. I've had people complain about the smell around 30 times in two years, about 15 of those times were directed at me from good friends. Strangers won't tell you. I know now, more than my issue being a dietary problem, it's my anus. When I have a BM I never have a complete evacuation. I leak a little brown for a couple hours afterwards, but I also leak brown more significantly when I'm constipated and haven't had a BM in a while. The water leaking seems to be random. I don't know yet but I've had a colonoscopy 1 1/2 years ago and they said I was fine it's just anxiety. My family Dr. explained that your anus is like a tight fist, when your poop is blocked up, water can still leak out, I've had three different doctors stick their fingers up there and tell me its fine.

I think about it everyday, and I'm sure that with the incomplete bowel movements it isn't something that they can mostly find with a colonoscopy since you have to take laxatives to clear it out, as well as doctors checking your anus, its to mainly check for polyps and growths more so than the strength of your anus.

I've heard there's a procedure, where you drink dye and have a BM in front of an X-ray machine. I asked my Dr. and he said there's no such thing.

After seeing many incompetent doctors and gastroenterologists, I feel it's something I have to cope with myself now. I haven't found a cure but I've found a few things that help.

CHARCOAL, I attempted suicide a few months ago with sleeping pills and I had to down a liter of some charcoal drink. I crapped black for a week but it was the longest I've ever gone without leaking (maybe 10-12 days), and no noticeable odor (I even smelt the TP cause I was curious.

STAY AWAY FROM FATTY FOODS and binge drinking, I leak most after fast food, an Chinese or the day after a night of heavy drinking.

TRY METAMUCIL, I didn't like having to take it three times a day so I just have a little glass at night. It takes 72 hours to fully work, and you may have to experiment with different amounts.

DONT SKIP A BM, and don't hold it in, try and poop as soon as you can, and don't wipe vigorously, wipe gently and thorough.

TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY. think about everything you need to say about your big problem. You need to be assertive and let them know it's not in your head, and be persistent. You may need to visit them a few times before they try and take action.

My problem still persists but these things I mentioned should help out a-lot. I don't think shaving would help unless you're not wiping properly.


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Ok..well. I read the comments and have a similar problem BUT my issue only occurs during sex. I end up with a smelly (not a BM smell) discharge. Then discomfort in the rectal area afterwards. I have had 3 natural childbirths and was told by my Dr that I have the right stuff for giving birth. In other words I don't need Kegal exercise.

I have been making changes in my diet. Eating more fiber. The research I have been doing suggests internal hemorrhoids and the fluid stuff I'm expelling is from that.

This is killing my sex life although my boyfriend has been very understanding.

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My life sucks. I'm a twenty year old male and out of work and school because of this problem. I don't feel absolutely clean after a BM unless I take a shower. I also get sweaty in my butt area whenever I'm nervous or stressed.

I think I have a bad odor because I see people coughing or scratching their noses if they're behind me. I barely ever go out and basically lost all my friends because I'm afraid of going out and being smelly.

I'm majorly depressed because of all of this. I am taking 150mg of Zoloft but it's not really helping. I take prescribed polyethelyne glycol every night for soft stools. I really think all of this is caused mentally and hopefully some therapy will help so I can move on with my life and finish school.

Good luck everyone and stay fresh. : /

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I have had the wet anus for forty years and after a BM you would swear one hour later that I did not wipe . I believe it is some incomplete evacuation of the bowels. I wipe and wipe and even after twenty five passes it still keeps coming onto tissues as poop, I sometimes wiped myself raw.

Now for my solution, get a shower head and put it on stream, not so much that it forces water into your anus but a good strong stream, now squat in the tub or hang ass over edge and let stream spray into your anus and even push anus out like trying to poop and spray anus from all angles for a minute or so. The result for me is that the problem is remedied until next BM. After next BM repeat water spray routine. I swear by it. Too bad I did not discover this for forty years.

Give it a try. I think it will work for most of you. As for the cause or cure, I have no idea but this works for me.

Good luck!

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Stomach acid would be to blame. Acid reflux is behind it all go get an endoscopy. I did and so should everyone whose stomach has been altered by cancerous fast foods/almost all food on a shelf with preservatives and death.

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The culprit might not be an internal hemorrhoid.

In my case, the bleeding was caused by anal inflammation brought on by severe anal leakage.

The bleeding and burning vanished without a trace IMMEDIATELY after I had stopped the anal leakage.

To stop the anal leakage, I have to take psyllium husk powder drink three times a day as well as calcium+D supplement twice a day.

(Additively speaking, not all types of dietary fiber work. In my case, and in the case of many other posters in this thread, the ONLY type that works is psyllium fiber.)

It might be a good idea for you to try it for a week or so. Who knows, the problem might not have anything to do with a hemorrhoid.

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Oh My God I just puked in my mouth. It happens to girls?! For cripes sake.

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Was your leakage mucus or poo?

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Yep - this is what my hubby and I do too!!! And sometimes I will put those hemorrhoid wipes between the cheeks too, as sometimes I think my hemorrhoids are part of the problem. I do wish there was a permanent fix tho!

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Maybe you could also stop putting some dude's cock up your crack. I'm pretty positive that's a sure fire way to having your O-ring blown out.

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I'm not sure if I'm crazy or overreacting to finding my boyfriend's fecal matter in the shower. It's happened a few times and he blames it on "backwash from my hair clogging the drain." The drain isn't clogged and I've had enough. Today I found it again and lost it on him. He really blows it off and blames me again as "bitching." I'm embarrassed for him and am losing my attraction for him because he takes no responsibility. Could this be a real condition and he's just in denial? I need answers. I'm desperate to find a solution. If not I'm going to have to leave him I can't keep finding this and being blamed for it. HELP!

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I have had the same problem for the past 10 years. I have always been a big milk drinker--cereal for breakfast every day and a large glass of milk with both lunch and dinner. I recently went on a "Low-Carb" diet and basically stopped drinking milk, as well as all wheat/sugar, etc. I still eat cheese, but my problem has cleared up completely. At first I thought I might have a gluten allergy or something, I occasionally will have a "free" day and eat whatever I want, excluding milk, and my problem is still all clear. I eat Flaxmeal muffins/cakes, etc so I am eating a high fiber/high protein diet. Not sure if it is cutting out Milk, or introducing a higher content of protein and fiber in to my diet, but I am all clean now. I still drink alot of diet soda and artificial sweeteners, but no leakage has reared its smelly head in weeks.

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My problem is anal sex and I shit myself daily.

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I have the exact same problem. I have a job in which I drive all day. I have been wondering if sitting down for the majority of the day might be part of the problem.

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I was afraid that this might be my problem. I love coffee. I love dry-butt more though

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Just checking to see if anyone has responded to your post. It sounds like you could really use some help. Do you have anyone you can trust like your mom? If not maybe you could talk to the school nurse. If you read most of the other posts, diet may help you. Try the Metamucil as described and cut out sugar. I know how stressful it can be in high school and they never give you enough time between classes. Maybe some kind of pad would buy you time during class. I hope you find something that helps.

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I hear you, and I have used panty liners but explaining why you buy them can be difficult so I came up with another method. Fold up a piece of 3 ply Kleenex and put it up your crack by your anus and that will soak up any leakage. Just remove after about an hour.

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First pay attention if this happens after he goes poop. If so, use a 3 ply Kleenex and fold and put it in the crack by the anus. (it will stay there by itself) I find this will soak up any leakage and usually can be discarded in less than 2 hrs. My theory is that the hole doesn't close up like it should.

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Not a smoker & still have the problem.

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Have to agree with you. I have had mild problems in this region ever since I had my daughter ten years ago and they had to grace me with a somewhat complicated episiotomy. In the beginning it felt like they sewed everything up and I could not go at all then it gradually got better but with all kinds of wonderful symptoms that I didn't have before. I think your anatomical theory has merit.

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I thought you were supposed to smoke through your mouth?
Butt I guess you could avoid lung cancer that way?

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The only thing I can do anonymous is advise you not to go near the monkeys at the zoo while your butt is wet and red.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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Dear Anonymous, Probiotics have everything to do with the things we eat. You don't have to take them in pill form but are better advised to acquire them naturally in your diet. They are available in most, perhaps all, fermented foods. Stock your pantry with yogurt, miso, natto, sauerkraut, naturally made pickles and a hundred other totally natural foods. Good health is only a meal away. Your gut performs better when it is home to beneficial bacteria.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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This happens to me all the time...I hate it. I wipe and I wipe and I swear I'm clean.
As the day goes on I get itchy, go and wipe and it's as if I never wiped my ass.
I also sometimes take a shit and a big smear of butt juice gets on the seat...this all only started happening a few years ago.

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This site is priceless. I love to eat hot wings but the next day my ass is sweaty, my anus is sealed shut and when eventually I poop it is like fire. Those hot wings come out even hotter than they went in.

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Sounds like a bad case of the million wipers to me.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Sometimes that happens to me if I sweat too much.
Not from what you are thinking, usually it is caused by hours of working on the lawn during the summer.

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I finally have a place to release my emotions. I have had this problem for over 3 years. I eat like shit and I drink on a daily basis. That might be the reason! This site is my new HomePage! If you are concerned about PAD (Post Anal Dripage) please let me know and maybe I can suggest a remedy. It

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I suffer from what I call "Supplebutt" If you are not familiar with this term, allow me to explain: Supplebutt occurs after you finish pooping, it is that raw tender feeling that your asshole has after you finish your poop. Sometimes you cannot sit down for 10-20 minutes after you are done pooping. It is kind very incovenient and uncomfortable, but it is a part of everyday life. I know many of you have gone through this and now you have a term to explain it. Fore example: If you take a dump over a buddies house and you come out of the bathroom and he asks why you have not sat back down yet, you can simply reply "Supplebutt." Use it as you will my friends, and wipe gently.

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OMGosh... ha ha

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ok, this started to happen to me after i worked for a big factory. i thought that the equipemt i rode on was letting out some kind of magnedic discharge or something. but the plain term to me is drippie butt. no good. i'm not the best eater, i don't drink alot, none of that wow chips crap or anything, just when i sweat alot, i gotta wipe. It's embarrasing, i all smell like mamma's ole cookin on the way out all the time. EWWWWWwww. so anal leakage is common i hear, like 6.5% of pple have it. too much fat is the reason, or that fat free stuff in WOW chips. the leakin makes you itch, and yes, supplebutt is my friend aswell. ive always had good hygene, and i hate having to go to the restroom just to wipe my ass in the middle of doing some hard work. ima try to cut down on my fat and see if that's the reason. good luck my friends. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

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okay. I'm young and fit and I eat healthy, no anal sex or wow chips, and I have the same problem. I do drink occaisonally and I smoke weed. Isnt there anything I can do about this???? Is there anyone out there who knows???

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I seen some pills to make ur poo not smell, there are 2 types:
Devrom - Bismuth Subgallate
Nullo - Chlorophyllin
I am trying the chlorophyllin and besides from making ur poo green it does seem to change the poo's odor. I am gonna try the devrom next or maybe both at same time.

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Oh man. I have the exact same issue! Every 15 minutes, something of the consistency of rotten chili slowly starts oozing out of my butt. I don't know how to stop it. Last Saturday, I was on a date and we went to the park. After I went down the slide, there was a big brown stripe on the slide! My date asked me what happend, and I said, "Girl, you make me crap my pants!"

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i have the same solution is gross, but i take a small wad of TP and stuff it up in there for a couple hours, and it seems to clear up the problem till the next poop. if i don't, i get the sweaty butt within the hour after a doo doo

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Well, my stinky friends, I go through the same thing daily. I take my morning social and then spend the day either wiping away the debris or using TP as a pad to soak up the excess. I'm not proud but at least I'm not alone. I've even had a colonoscopy to see if there was a problem, which they say there is not. Apparently we share a , although generally unspoken of, problem. I feel better knowing this.

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This is like joining a brotherhood . . . . I live OK - sorta - bit too mucj stress and a bit too much vino-aka-medicine . . . and have had various problems in the past (including hives - anyone else had that precursor?) and piles . . . but for the last two weeks (I am 54) I have sudenly found that if I sit for a while I leak . . . kinda cabbage-flavoured water . . . . weird or what?? I have resorted to the TP solution some other brothers (do any dames get this?) have noted but there must be a better way!!

One4all and all4one!!

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Yes we sisters get it too. I'm trying to find a way to get rid of it. I want to know what causes it. I get embarrassed when I start to stink. Because I know if I can smell me others can too!

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I'm glad to know (not glad that others have it) that there are other people with this problem. I have seriously been considering going to see the doc on this one as, like others of you have said, within a few hours of "dropping the kids off at the pool", my ass starts itching and when I go back, it's like a didn't finish wiping either!

My ass is hairy, so I attributed it somewhat to that. It definitely seems to be worse if I sweat after my daily BM, but I work in a 72 degree office building and rarely sweat from 8-5.

Honestly one of my biggest concerns is "hygiene odors" at work. I don't want to smell shitty while sitting in a meeting or something, so I'm often concerned if there is any odor emanating from my buttocks or not!

There also seems to be more shit down there the 2nd time around wiping if I have farted a lot in the previous few hours. Don't see any way that I can stop farting as this is a natural function.

Any suggestions? I see the ones about less fat, but I really haven't changed my diet. I wonder if weight has anything to do with it? I am about 6'1" and 215 lbs.

Thanks and I look forward to some resolution and sugggestions.

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My as leaks also,It's most unbelievable. I wipe very throughly, use a babywipe, then wipe clear and dry again. A few hours later that itchey slimey feeling is there, shit stained underware.
Colored underware is the only answer, preferably

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yeah, and sometimes i just think my anus is a little itchy, and i scratch with my finger. and then i have fecesfingers. and im not in the bathroom. and i hide my fecesfingers until i can go. i can just cry for real when i have feces problems.

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I sweat alot from my anus it is like water and it is very annoying and also leaves like a bit of a water mark on a chair it fades after about 30 seconds this is very embasrrasing. Also i poop once or twice a day wipe my ass clean and then go to work come back it is sweaty and covered with crap.
Any one know what to do?

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This happens to me as well. I have none of the problems mentioned by others. I'm young, healthy and female. I don't have a hairy butt or crack sweat. Has anyone actually gone to the doctor for this?

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Got any ideas on it or how it can get better?

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I'm with yall, at first I didn't know what was up. I have great hygiene, but I notice that "down there" smells after doing any physical work, especially working out. I'm physically in shape, young, I don't know what the problem is. Its really embarrassing being all smelly after you know that you have great hygiene. My ass just smells if I get to sweating. At six flags, waiting in line, I noticed people holding their noses as we went up steps, NOW THAT WAS REALLY EMBARRASING!!! If anyone finds out how to correct this, please post.

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Oh wow, thank god I came across this site, I did a google search about what this could be and what do about it and I came across this post, at least I'm not alone out there. I've had Crohn's disease since this past summmer and only until a couple months ago did this start happening. The first time or two I just thought, "oh I guess I just missed a spot wiping" or something like that, but it never stopped, I use the "stuff the TP" method, and change it a couple times a day. I'm 18, 5'8" 130lbs, I haven't changed my diet, I don't eat a lot fat, I stay active, I'm not sure what causes it or what stops it, I would like to know though...

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I am so glad I found this site! I have the same problem and I just want to say thank you to all of you. At least I am not the only one. I am going to go to the doctor some time in the near future and I will post back on what I have found out. Thanks again and yes I was to scared to put my email up.

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im with you all here. i think theres alot more of us than we think. just not everyone lets on. seems like just an unfortunate thing we cant help.
all well, wipe up friends.
nice to hear if any other females have this too.

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Well thanks you lot for you postings afterwards
Here is what happens
I Constanly feel wet i think it might be diareha then when i go to wipe it is just like sweat is there anything for this?
It leaves like a wet patch on the chair and this can be embarrasing as you have to hide it.
Then when you walk around it is like you have a wet circle neer your ass on your trousers does anyone know or can help.

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i've been dealing with this poblem of soiled underwear, off and on, for several months. today i decided to try and find an explanation and hopefully a remady. explanations are plentyful, remadies are not. Diet can be a big factor but piles is another common reason. you can find some interesting info at, embarrassing in the mean time, moistened wipes and a change of dark underwear will go where i go.

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I'm in the same old boat! What a genuine relief to discover that I'm not a freak! It's a real dilemma to know what to do about this problem. Doctor option seems embarrassing and it's difficult to talk about this with anyone. Thanks for all the info and advice, I know I probably drink too much but not overly excessive, and I guess I'll try cutting down fatty foods. I think too much coffee doesn't help. I'll keep an eye on this site and update If I can help!

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Hi everyone:

My problem is that I feel wet and I go to the bathroom and I wipe and there is nothing there, it is almost like sweat or water, with a bad odor. So I decided to go to the doctor who then sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon said that it could be a couple of different things. It could be an abscess or I could be losing tention in my sphincter. So now that he ruled out an abscess I have to go back to the doctor in a month and let him know if I am having the same problem and if I am then he is going to send me to a specialist to see if my sphincter needs to be tighten up. I know this is embarrassing, but I would have to say put that behind you and go see what the doctor can do for you. If anything you may have something that he can fix. Well good luck to you all. I will check back with you when and if I find out anything.

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I thought I was the only one with "fecal spatter". Nothing like having your butt mucus form small pools on the walls of your boxers.

As far as the itching goes...perhaps it's high time America start looking more closely at the bidet. :)

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I had an operation for an anal fissure a couple of years ago, and this has happened to me on a daily basis ever since. It's embarrassing and disturbing, but I don't know what can be done about it. My doctor said it would be back to normal over time but it hasn't. What I do is just buy a 20 pack of cheap washrags at Wal-Mart and keep one in my backpack and one in the car at all times. That way if I have an "attack" when I'm out I can just go into a bathroom, wet the rag and go clean up. Since those rags are cheap, you can just toss them into the trash (don't flush them). There's nothing worse than walking around squishy and itchy. Hope this helps.

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I can't believe I'm reading this. I'm sitting here, (leaking) and reading these to my wife who is getting a tremendous kick out of this because this a problem I have which we have discussed at length. It is, to say the least, a relief to know I'm not the only one in the world who has to make regular trips to the old restroom just to wipe. I also have to keep a bottle of Clorox Toilet cleaner next to the toilet for regular seat cleanings after pooping for the "smear-seat" effect that accompanies this problem on the more severe days.

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Reading the above comments I wonder if we could hear from the poonurse again with a fuller explanation of what the medical cause of this problem is? The first time round poonurse merely commented that it may be a mucus thing? Ultimately I think part of it is down to diet but surely it cant all be? What are the medical reasons for such 'leakage' amongst otherwise healthy people? Stay positive guys and gals...

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This happens to me too. What a small world we live in. P.S Why does the E-mail for 'Dave' for this site not work????

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where was this site 4 years ago when i did the same search?! i play soccer regularly and this has always been a terribly embarrasing event... i sweat like no other and my ass is no exception... during the half i am really conscious of the wind direction and my position to my teamates... i try and shower before games but sometimes it doesn't help. lately i found the greatest thing, icy hot in a deoderant stick form. i use it on my joints and muscles where im hurting but the added benefit is the overpowering smell! my ass problem is embarrasing in the ladies department... i really don't feel comfortable being spontaneous and will keep the lady from going down there if i even suspect... i can shower before hand, get into bed, roll around and within 2 hours its back. this problem also keeps me from taking part in group athletics... imagine taking a capoeira class with your legs spinning around as you fan out your subtle ass scent to the circle of people around you... damn if that doesn't suck. i was told by a doctor, more fiber in the diet and the weak sphincter thing... what kind of weights can you lift with your sphincter?

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I've considered the possiblity that it is caffine, as I drink a lot of coffee? Are there non-coffe drinkers on this board who have the problem? Could we post our suspicions and see if there is some dietary commonality we share that could explain the problem?


Right listen up people. I HAD this problem and I seem to have cured it. I wish to share with you all the secret of my success. Well, as everyone keeps saying - ITS FIBRE. By eating more fibre, your body cleanses itself and allows you to properly flush out your system. You eat crap and it produces mucus. Mucus will produce skid marks on the pan and make you spend endless hours wiping. I also think that it is this mucus that causes the poop to not stay where its suppose to. So there it is, eat more fibre. IT IS THE ANSWER. Try it and see! ease off the alcohol, the dairy products, the cheese, the processed foods and the junk food. Dont turn into a diet bore, just look for fibre rich foods and include them in your diet. Wholemeal bread, baked beans, kidney beans, nuts, bran. Also throw in some more fruit into your diet and DRINK plenty too as fibre needs the fluid to move. Fibre also has the additional benefit in that it fills you up. Watch your portion control and you should even lose weight! Some fibre evens passes through the body without being processed so it has NO calories!!! Look, just try it for yourself and you should be surprised. Let me know how you get on.

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I'm trying the fibre!

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"you eat crap and it produces mucus"

Sorry, in the context that just sounds really funny.


Sorry - its a British turn of phrase!

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I thought I have heard it all. Butt Nooooo. I found this site.

The answer is {drum roll please...} FIBER. {Tadaaa}

Yes that is the solution. TP in the ole butt hole does work but you had better pray that it does not pop out and fall through your pants leg.

Well, I have this problem too. Yes, there, I have said it. I feel better now. My parents told me I was wiping incorrectly. Well, that was wrong in of itself.

You all must remember. We are all organic creatures so what goes in must come out; at some point. SO why not put a plug in everyday with a shot of Metamucil or some fiber supplement.

Now for the sweaty butt and mucus deal. Well, as I mentioned we are organic creatures but so is the land we garden on. These embarrassing events lets call them what they REALLY are; Dingle Berries. Mucus that attaches to the hairs of our butt and flourshes when body sweat comes along. So now we have nice ripe Dingle Berries.

Happy Picking!

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Ok people, i had this too for the latter half of my first semester in college. it was so bad that i couldnt go to any classes or be around any of my friends for fear of judgement (how do i smell, what if i get an urgency attack, etc) and i ended up failing out of college. i saw a doctor who put me on the metamucil for a month and it did NOT completely work. this is for those that the high fiber, low fat, low junk food diet isnt completely cuttin it for.

Fiber will get rid of the physical residue thats plaguing u and ur undergarments, but if you're prone to anxiety (if u have urgency attacks, feel discomfort and find nothing there but sweat when u go to wipe) this problem could keep goin on even after the physical problem is gone. This problem can be amplified or even caused by weed, as it has a tendency to cause panic attacks after frequent use over time.

I got off weed, saw two doctors, a gastrointerologist and got a flexible sigmoidoscopy (NO FUN) and after all of that and the diet they were putting me on, i was no better off than i was several months before. if u have this problem i very strongly suggest therapy.

it may sound weird but it completely turned my life around in this department. just having someone u can talk to about this, someone you know wont judge you because of this is a great feeling. self-confidence can change everything!

so if ur still having the "oh no, not now" bathroom run, or the "no way, did i just...", and realize nothings there, get off the weed and see a shrink before it gets worse, trust me.