my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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rubber band dude's picture not a bad read
of course, not nessessarily helpful for everyone but they do mention that "lots of people don't know that they have internal hemorhoids"

and for the people suggesting hygiene... sure this can help a few i guess but be careful when saying it. some of use take 3 showers a day, pass a roll of toilet paper a day whiping and use enough colong to kill the atmosphere and yet... we still smell like shit

Rubber band dude's picture

a few links i found last night

that one is about the smell which is personally what annoys me the most

that one is mainly about Candida which i didnt knew existed but apparently can cause some bad smell.

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As I've been reading through the comments on this thread I've noticed a few people mention pain, weeping and bleeding at the *top* of their ass-crack.

If this is you, or you have a swollen lump at the top of your ass-crack, you may have pilonidal disease. It is a surprisingly common problem in the tailbone area, usually just inside the top of the crack.

I urge anyone with these sorts of symptoms to see a doctor. It can be very quickly and easily diagnosed, and it can be treated. is a good source of info.

coffee constipation riddle's picture

I've drunk more coffee for the past year cause I found that it stopped me being constipated. I used to go once every fortnight or so and could only ever get about 3 hours sleep a night. Since drinking 4 or 5 cups of coffe a day I found that I go usually once a day or at least every other day and found that my sleep problem fixed itself. The problem is that yes - I too have got anal leakage now!! If I stop coffee my constipation comes back immediately - so do I live with the leakage or go back to constipation and insomnia!!!

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I have suffered from this for a few years now. I have to wipe my butt several times a day while at work. I am pretty sure I have the answer and I do not like it one bit. Brace yourself - WORMS.
Check out this quote from a medical site:

Human worms are usually found in your feces (poo). (Sometimes they stay in the small intestine and do not leave it and there is no indication of them.) You can see seed like white/beige bits/things or you may actually see small worms. Most people who are infected with worms usually have a itchy anus, anal discharge or lose weight or have abdominal cramping. You can only tell if you have worms by seeing your doctor and take a feces sample with you. Your feces will be tested for worms and parasites and you will know without a doubt then if you have worms.

Everything I read points to this - also had a dog right before this started. I researched on how to self-cure and got alot of herbal remedy B.S. The only sane solution I found involved going to a feed store for horses and dogs and getting the chemical Pyrantel Pamoate. You can administer it as you would to an animal, dosage based on weight.
I figure I have nothing to lose and they say many more people have parasitic infections than you would think. I am going to go buy some tomorrow and do it. I will let everyone know how it goes.
Do yourself a favor and research this and I think you will come to the same conclusion. Good luck.

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I leak to! I felt it was something I got after taking prozac for two years. but then i also took aqutane for my zits prior to my problem. and i worked with quimicals like laquer and sealers and ink. so if you took fucking prozac like me prior to your leaking stool. plz let us know! Im geting a ton of good info here and im going to try everything i can. thanks for your post!!!

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i've actually had my feaces tested and it came back negative :(

rubber band guy's picture

i got a bit of a story for you guys. i'm saying it here because who else will listen anyway. its not the best motivation but here it is.

last night i decided that to build my life back there were certain steps that i needed to take. so i wrote down a big list of things i wanted to do and how i would do them etc.

this morning i wake up and decide that i'm gonna attempt to have my first "daily adventure". i had a bunch of things noted down like going out to the city, saying hello to a stranger, smiling to a girl, trying some new food, etc.

so here i go... i head to the city (1 hour train ride). i go to a restaurant i never tried, have food i never had. it was all nice and good. then i needed something from a specific shop that i didnt knew where it was. i though i'll just head in a random direction and ask my way around. who knows... i might meet someone interesting.

and then... i feel a gas coming out... no big deal i though... so i let it go...

and i shat my pants.

middle of the city...

gives you alot of hope doesnt it....

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uh....yeah.....I hope I'm not walking behind you any time soon

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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THANK YOU SMELLY GUY!!! A scientific answer is always the best! I have had this smelly clear discharge from my rear for awhile now. Also itching to the point that it became uncontrolable. I thought I was scratching my rear in two. Finally I thought well since I'm having these runny BM's that maybe caffeine has something to do with it. I cut out caffeine and almost instantly my BM's were more solid and satisfying. However, my rear kept itching but the discharge was almost gone. I had a coke yesterday for the first time in two months and yet again I get a little discharge this morning which I haven't had after stopping the caffeine almost two months ago. My theory is the SORBITOL in the gum destabilizes your intestines and rectum and causes itching and discharge etc. The caffeine only worsens the intestinal symptoms. After reading your post I looked at my favorite gum; Dentine Ice and what do you know. The first ingredient is SORBITOL. Going to buy some gum without it and I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks to everyone for your posts especially SMELLY GUY. I thought I was the only one. Human clinical trial beginning today. :) I'll keep everyone posted.

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I've had this leakage for 20+ years. It started shortly after having a thrombosed hemrrhoid cauterized. I lost my pucker. I blame it on sloppy medical work. I never saw that Dr again.
I might try more fiber. I hate to give up my single cup of decaff in the morning.
I've been using Serenity Pads in my underware. Sometimes I have to change 2-3 times a day.
I wish I could blame it on Agent Orange like my diabetes. Not likely. I'm still fighting the VA for my agent orange compensation. Too bad this isn't part of that.
I'll go with more fiber and try it.

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Thank God, I found this site. I had anal itching, and first thought it was yeast infection. The itch was stronger after long walks, and bowel movements. On the phone, I asked my close relative, who is a doctor, and he told me it could be hemorrhoid. I tried over the counter topical creams, and while they seem to help, they did not solve the problem. So I went to the doctor. He said it was not hemorrhoids, neither internal nor external. Then he checked stool samples and did not find any worms or parasites. His final guess was yeast infection, so he prescribed Nystatin ointment. I used it about 10-12 days, it did not help. Then tonight, as I was searching the net, I realized that it would not itch when it was clean, and I always had a stain in my underwear. From that I made the connection to anal leak, and found this site. I drink coffee every day, and I am confident that my diet is the problem. I will start avoiding coffee, and eat better. Thanks to all who shared their experiences. Thanks to the Internet as well.

What's that funky smell..'s picture

I began destroying my underwear a couple of years ago. I googled this website today and began reading all the comments. As many, my chair stinks at work, pants smell like hell, stains on underwear, the "infiniwipe syndrome" (having to wipe pretty much all day long. The smell of shit can only be masked by TAG body spray for so long.

One thing I noticed in trying to put 2 and 2 together is that I started to drink starbucks on a regular basis about two years ago and drank the occasional Monster drink. High intakes of sugar and caffeine. I also drink beer (weekends, watching football games, etc) and about 30 lbs over weight and just turned 39. I like spicy foods as well and eat very little vegetables and fruits. This almost sounds like on-line dating for shitters. After reading, it seems all of these habits are potentially the cause of my skidmarkitis.

My wife came to me the other day and actually asked me what the "deal" was with my underwear AND where most of my underwear went. (I throw much of them away). Hence, my excursion to this website.

It's January 2nd, 2008. I have not had any spicy food today, no starbuck, no beer. I'm going to tackle this the diet route. More fruit and veggies, water, cut down on red meat, more fish, etc. Sounds hokey, but I'll see how January goes. I'll check back with my reults. NO BEER! Holy joke.

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Hello, i am a 22 year old male, and have been having this problem for about 3 years. I used to be a tweaker, started smokin dope(meth) when I was 18. I ran around with this girl for about a year just gettin high, crashin in random places, jackin shit. I am 5'9" and used to weigh about 170 and was really into weightlifting, I dropped down to about 110 when on dope. I ate very rarely and had a pattern of staying up for 3-5 days then crashing for a day. Needless to say I really put my body thru hell. One day I went to go to the bathroom and strained too hard while going. I heard a popping sound and there was blood in the toilet, I was high so i didn't feel anything but I imagine it would have felt painful under normal circumstances. Well i continued right on using but my ass felt weird now, like it was "loose" and I couldn't get rid of it. I tried just shoving TP in my crack for awhile and finally came to the conclusion that I really was that high and this was a figment of my imagination. Stay up too long and you start to see "meth monsters", shadows n your mind play tricks on you. So I said this is bullshit I'm gettin off this drug or I'm gonna go crazy (a blessing in disguise I guess), I ran home to my mom n got clean. After many weeks of curling up in a ball in my room feeling like i was gonna die( and only 1 relapse).
I realized my problem is still there I get the whole sweaty ass thing, 20 min after going I have to wipe again. I get this sensation that i can't hold my gas in very well sometimes and sometimes I get a stinging after i go that subsides after 10 min or so. REALLY ANNOYING

So I ran to the doctor and had em test my blood for every STD and explained my problem. Well after blood and other tests come back negative, he refers me to a Gastroenterologist. I refused the colonoscopy at first (ya right your gonna stick a camera up my ass!!!) and just took some general antibiotics they thought might help. AntiB's did nothing so I went back for the colonoscopy and they found some hemmroids and the doctor told me to get some preparation H. I thought great problem solved, the preparation H helped the hemmroids and the stinging feeling, but not the AL.

At this point Im feeling very discouraged, and start to get really depressed, feeling sorry for myself and all that other shit. I didn't do anything about it for awhile, just "managed" it. I tried eating different things, I started working out again, I stopped drinking milk and started drinking soy milk. While changing my diet and working out made me feel a lot better my problem still persisted. Finally i went to see another doctor who recommended the kegel exercises. Well that didn't help and at this point im beginning to wonder if all doctors are quacks and what the hell they are doing in school. Then i went to see a naturalpath who tried to get me to meditate, like i was gonna think my problem away, lol. Believe me if i could think/wish my problem away it would have been solved the moment it began.

So I figured I'm a smart person, I took PreCal in HS, I'm gonna solve this like a math problem and the first variable that doesn't need to be there are the hemmroids. I had a doctor refer me to a surgeon to get them removed, he explained banding to me and that surgery was a last resort. So I went in for banding and he said I don't see any hemmroids right now. But based upon the pain I was feeling when he was "in there" w/ this crazy looking tool and then after some probing with his finger he said I have an Anal Fissure. A tear in the rectum that never had a chance to fully heal because everytime I went to the bathroom, the skin would expand and tear it open and shit would get in it again, a vicious circle. He said imagine a washer w/ a tiny cut on the inside of it. So he said there are 2 solutions to this problem, some special type of suppository or surgery called Anal Dilation. So I opted for the dilation which really isn't much of a surgery at all (this was 2 weeks ago) basically they put me under and applied some sort of numbing stuff on my rectum so that it fully expanded. So that when I went to the bathroom my sphincter wouldn't spasm and the fissure wouldn't tear back open, so it could heal naturally. It is sort of disturbing to think about I know, but at this point I'm open to anything. Tired of cutting myself off from society because of some problem.
Well my followup appointment is today, I have to say that the surgery seems to have helped A LOT but there are still some of the familiar problems just not so bad. The doc explained sometimes this doesn't work on the first try and some people have to go in for a 2nd dilation. Bad timing on my part considering I got a $1000 deductible each year for my Health insurance, but whatever id pay a million to feel like I was normal. So I'm on my way to my appt. now, I thought id hop online n do a little research before i went. I'll keep you updated on this and see if I cant find my personal "ultimate cure"

To all the people out there with this reoccuring problem, don't give up. I know at times it seems hopeless, that you are "doomed" and you are searching around for a pause button on life. But all the liquor, oxycontin, weed or whatever you vice is aren't gonna make your problem disappear or help you forget about it for more than a few hours. You just have to man up , grab this thing by the balls n find an answer. Good Luck

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The smell can sometimes be controlled with ordinary white vinegar, especially for women who can also get a vaginal smell that isn't too nice. I keep a bottle in my bathroom. Use a hot washcloth to steam off the crap, then rinse and wring it out and wipe/dab vinegar on your ass. You will be surprised at how much the smell is contained.
For the guy whose chair smells bad- Lysol it! If you are fortunate enough to have a walk in freezer where you work, roll it in overnight. Bacteria (that causes the smell) cannot survive the freezing. No walk in freezer? Do you live in a climate that stays below freezing all day? Take chairy outside and use a folding chair for a couple of days.

Rubber Band Dude's picture

wow MyOwnRoad, your post remind me so much of the one i first posted a while back (under the anonmous coward name)

same age, the problem started about the same time, and we were both heavily on some kind of amphetamine at the time (opiat based drugs will constipate you btw)

i also spent alot of time on amphetamine and seem to have gotten this from holding myself for too long (leads to constipation) and then forcing too much.

althou i had many doctors telling me that i did not have a fissure (i fuckin hope they're right)

nyway from year 2007, i quit drugs

and now from year 2008... i quit alcohol

been working out at the gym 5 days a week for the past 6 months

got on the soya milk for a while...

im about to turn vegetarian... (i'm the type of person who love animals... especially with some sauce on em)

right now im trying to do the low carb diet (candida... yheast infection)

but yeah... after 2 rubber band operation... i kinda feel that there's more to be dug out of there

Sadly smelly also:('s picture

I just found this site. None of you are alone. I have had this problem for quite a while and chose to ignore it like an idiot. I can roll through a roll-O-TP in a day if it is bad enough. It gets a bit old after a while, and to sit and wonder if every one is pointing and staring at you...
I had an instance a couple weeks ago that I woke up in the middle of the night to a severely wet ass. It did not smell like crap, but had a really weird rank smell and had a very yellowish and sandy consistancy to it. You could see where it ran out of me and got onto my sheets, forever covering them with shit. It actually stained my skin, it was fun to get off of me. I than layed up the remainder of the evening wondering if it was going to reoccur, it didn't. Fortunately, I was alone that night. I did tell my GF so she would never get nastified about it. She claims she has never smelt it on me, hope she is right. Getting old sucks.
I am going to see a GP about it, but unfortunately, I feel it will be a "wait and see" situation. I hope I am wrong. I will also try some of the remedies given on here to see what happens. I am glad to hear that I am not alone. :)
Gotta go wipe...

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I think the problem may lay in butt hair. I have quite a bit of butt hair and I think that when you shit some poo gets stuck on the hair and dries. Then when you sweat it becomes liquidy again and runs on whereever and smells. Have you noticed that poo smells much more when wet? Well it does.
Try shaving your anal hair. I tried it and it seems to be much better.

Cowardly Michael's picture

I think my problem is a little more severe than everyone elses. I fart without knowing, and the people around me seem to notice very well. At the same time, there is poop that drips out of my but. I take a shower, clean my butt, then i wipe my butt and there is brown all over the toilet paper. Plus, I dont go to the bathroom everyday. I have tried to take everything i could think of. I need help!

Rubber band dude's picture

hair definetly does affect smell. thats how my problem started. shave it before it becomes worst...

michael, i sometime feel a bit that way too. or sometime its like if some farts are stuck within my butt and instead of coming out normally... they slowly come out without me noticing. i've suspected that anyway but never could be sure. it does feel like if there's something stuck there sometime and its not always shit... sometime its just air. and it does tend to smell even if my colon is well emptied.

Cowardly Michael's picture

is there a way to fix it?

Holy Shit i need help's picture

Im 16 goddamn years old and everytime i go to do any excercise my ass sweats like a fat kid at fat camp wen he sees a cake. Im not overweight or anything but i think i will be if this shit keeps happening. Every girl i go out wit im afraid to have sex wit or they will find out wut i got. Im a physical guy and people be wonderin y im not goin out for football dis year and y im not doin SHIT than stayin at my house. First i thought it was sweat cuz its a clear liquady substance. It never seaps through my boxers into my jeans unless im doing hard work or excersising.and then i have a big ol fuckin line on my ass. I stopped drinkin cokes and smokin weed and grits for more than 2 monthS and not 1 thing has changed.this shit is gunna ruin my fuckin life if anyone finds out. Can sum1 PLZ help me. I.would really appreciate it. And im relieved dat im not da only one suffering dis horrible shit. Peace out!!!

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Sweetie, if it doesn't happen unless you're working out, it's just sweat.

Try wearing one of those velcro-wrap stomach supports one day with a bandana tucked into the back of it. It if comes out soaked, and your butt isn't so wet, you have your answer.

Go out for football.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Potential way to control AL's picture

I'm 32 and have been suffering with this problem for a couple years now. I have seen the gastro doc. for this and they did a endoscopy and he found some small hemorrhoids but that was about it, and he more or less seemed clueless. Although the hemorrhoids problem is something that I might revisit because someone on this board previously said they had some comfort reliving AL using rubber band method.

The way I am thinking is that it begins first by eating something that can not be digested. Then AL becomes triggered by physical exertion, or sometimes stress. One more thing that makes it worse for me is multiple bowel movements in a day (>1). in my opinion we are dealing with an uncharacterized underyling disease/condition i.e. some kind of pancreatic, liver, or colon, or nervous disorder that is not in the literature and that is why some of our docs seem a little clueless about this.

I have been able to control this by diet. I have been concentrating on trying to find particular foods that give me problems. First off anyone that has this should first increase their fiber intake naturally or using supplements. in addition take a daily multivitamin. Next create an extensive food diary and also keep track of when you have AL problems. I use to have AL everyday and I finally was able to control by cutting out lactose. I developed lactose intolerance late in my late 20's and I have found this to be a major trigger for AL. Interestingly, I found AL to come about 48-72 hours after eating lactose. so keep this delay in mind while trying to find some of your trigger foods. for me it is dairy for you it could be something else. I should note that I still get AL in the complete absence of lactose and I have be able to narrow it down to some foods and I am trying to figure out the ingredients to determine what is giving me problems. So I have been able to cut out everyday AL by restricting my lactose but I still suffer from occasional AL. I also realize that cutting out lactose in my diet could create an umbrella effect that really cuts out the true problem in my diet.

I think the best way to make use of the food/AL diary is first start eating very simple and cut out a variety of foods this would help to narrow down what is a trigger. Then I think try to eat foods that do Not give you problems and just eat those foods for a while, those are you "safe" foods get to know them. Then start to re-introduce some other foods into your normal diet and see if the new foods will give you problems. If you can narrow down certain foods to AL keep track of the ingredients as there could be something specific that is causing problems. I hope this helps and let's all hope for a AL-free life.

I think the above treatment Cholestyramine also look promising, as it seems to be helping at least one person on this board. I have found it in the scientific literature reporting that it does help with fecal incontinence.

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I've had this problem for several years, though not as bad, I think, as many of you. Usually notice that when I poop and then wipe, it's usually a liquidy yellowish color mixed with the poop. Of course, the doc says it's IBS, and did recommend a specialist, but wasn't encouraged that he would find anything.

One thing I've recently noticed is that my poop is much more dense and less leaky if I eat raw vegetables. I'm actually making it a point to eat a salad every day with raw broccoli, cabbage (lots), sprouts, maybe some cheese for those who can handle it, and some cut up turkey. Dressing of choice.

Haven't been doing it long, but noticed a few weeks ago when I had this meal that a day later things seemed much more "normal." Occurred to me that I was eating few, if any, raw veggies, and that if it didn't help, at least it's healthy. I'll report back in a week or two to let you know how it's going.

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errr what an awful day... i hate those company meeting where they crumble every single employees in the same room.

i finally had the strength to ring back the hospital to rush my appointment. the guy said there was no spot until march :( but that he would try to do something

i've been considering starting a food diary and i think i might just start it now. althou i can definetly feel some hemoroids still coming out every time i have my bowel movement which i awful for those days where you have to go twice. thats usualy where it gets the worst. and today was a double :(

the good side is that i have had worst althou now that i go to the fym during the day after going to the toilet and then shower (kind of covers the whole purpose of having a shower in the middle of the day, every day) it is not as bad...

i'm so fuckin sick of this... and i need to get brainwashed in not thinking about it too...

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Found this informative.

Chad Martin's picture poop contest now!!!!!

itchy butt's picture

my anus itches. a lot. and i dont know why. i dont really have anal leakage. so i dont think thats it. and sometimes i see blood. any ideas as to what this is???

Rubber Band Dude's picture

alright i just came back from the doctor and... there's nothing left for him to do. i'm back on my own...


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this sites been a great help ,ive had similar probs to some of you guys and decided to look for info (too embarrasing to go to docs) and this was the 1st page i found ,, great , several possible answers but i reckon i drink loads of caffeine (coffe and redbull) so gonna try to completely cut it out and see if it makes a difference ,im all into health living lately as a i stopped smoking 3 weeks ago , soon be a new me

The Tapered Terd....'s picture


I, also, suffer from the dreaded leaky butt. I have read and tried just about everything on this PoopReport. No solution so far...

However, I do have a very old joke that might just shed some light on our common problem:


A young boy asked his dad: 'Why are my turds tapered at the end?'

Dad responded: 'So that your asshole doesn't slam shut!'

----------- ;-]

Well, maybe, that is our problem! Our assholes are not 'slamming shut'. Now if I can figure out how to eliminate the taper on my turds......

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i have mud butt once in a while, when its really hot or if i run around. i used to have it bad when i was younger. i would get nervous in school when i was sitting with the cute girls and it would feel like i had liquid in my crack. it would smell so i was always leaving class to clean it. as i got older i played sports and one time i actually kinda shit myself during football while running to catch the pass (the lubricating feces seemed to make me run faster) lol so since then ive been using the “stuffed tp” method. it hurts when i play sports because the paper rubs my skin raw sometimes. other then that it worked well for a while untill one night i slept over my girlfriends house, i went to bed and it must have fallen out because when i woke up all of the sheets were in her washer. i havnt had mud butt for a couple months but when i fart and it sounds wet i get real scared. i changed my diet alot and healthy food does seem to help for the most part, i used to eat burgers n fries atleast twice a week but now i dont and im feeling and smelling much better, im really thankful for this site i thought i was the only one, i also thought i invented the tp suffing method

JohnP's picture

surely if some poop is retained in the sphincter (outlet control valve), then it will cause an irritation which will raise the temperature and create sweat. It will also generate mucus and gradually slide out unless you exert more muscle control which all starts a visious circle.

Dododawa's picture

Every now and then my butt leaks. I sometimes just leave toilet tissues in between there. One day my wife saw it (the tissues) and said what is that for? I was so embarrassed. Of course I brushed her off.

What would be a good cure for this crap with "shit" spit???


Bilgepump's picture
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Dododawa, in answer to your query, the first thing that pops into mind is a shit spit licker, of course.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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Bilge, he really needs a slick shit spit licker. It'll be quicker.

mojo23's picture

I used to suffer from itchy and leaky butt since I was 17. In my awaking time I was able to avoid scratching my butt my in my sleep I scratched the hell out of it. At the age of 40, it wasnt getting any better or worst, but I was too old to be embarrassed so I consulted my doctor.

He thought it was a mixture of not keeping it clean and eczema (I get hey fever and sometimes eczema in spring and summer). He told me to clean my butt with baby wipes and gave me some eczema related cream to apply after cleaning. I did this and amazingly enough after about 2 weeks it was like I never had any anal problems. But I had to continue cleaning with the baby wipes and apply the cream every now and then.

My itch has started again, this time with bleeding and burning. It coincides with when I started taking lipitor to control my cholesterol. This time the itching is more around and inside the anal ring where as before it was the inside walls of the cheeks.

Starting tonight I have decided to stop the lipitor tablets for a month to see what effects it has. I intend to get back and report the results.



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I never had this problem until I had a colonoscopy. :( I've had it ever since then. And its disgusting. I've always been a clean person. Now I go to the bathroom really often, not because I have to go, but because I have to wipe. :(

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Are you sure it wasn't a bolonyoscopy?

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COMPLETE AND PERMENANT CURE!!!!! i too suffered this terrifyingly painful fate, i suffered an anal fissure from sexual assault and like others i did believe it was ne that smelt so terrible, it was someone else, and at times when it reoccured (due to mistakes i made that i have outlined below), however there is hope for all!!! back in the day christians, muslims, hindus, jews and others, all fasted, yes thats right FAST! now compared to standard fasting you need to take it a little further, and reduce your food intake to an absolute minimum, you may wish to take suppliments for a month or so before hand so that your body tissues have adequate reserves of nutrients. then begins the fast, eat only fresh fruit or veg, i use a blender, about 250-350ml of food matter is more than enough per day NO MEAT! NO SMELLY FOODS! NO DAIRY! NO GRAINS ESPECIALLY WHEAT!! NO SUGAR!. expect to feel a little hungry and loose a little weight at the start, but after a while your body should normalise by decreasing your metabolic rate, your stomach will shrink, and your anus will tighten. eat at the same time each day, regularity enables a good 24 hours between each 'gut cycle', i found lunch to be the easiest and most energetically feasible time to eat, yes a little hungry in the morning, and a little hungry at night, but nothing too bad, and i didnt feel hungry all day. do this for a few weeks until your symptoms have stopped and then, do it for a few more weeks, this gives your bowels plenty of time to repair themselves! thus when you do start eating more, or varied food, of course start slowly otherwise you'll end up back in the horrible mess you were in before, and gradually work your way to say 2/3, yes two thirds, of the food you used to eat, you'll feel lighter, healthier, have less body fat, and you wont smell! it works a treat, its like getting your life back, no surgery no med, just your body's natural way of self repair. oh yes and if when you start eating normal food again, you begin to notice symptoms reoccuring, ie the next day, take a note of the foods you were eating, fast for a few days, and then try the foods you ate that day one by one, as you may have an allergy, grains are particularly bad they aren't that fiborous, mostly carbs, but they make you feel full, who needs to fill a large stomach, when you have a small one, no beer belly, and only put nutrients in it? not me for sure. Good luck!

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Poocomander, I always like to read comments from people who have gotten relief. Thanks for sharing. I hope someone else can use this technique for success, too.

Good luck back at you with your butt.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Hello all....first off im a relative heathly male, 41yrs old. I recently (three months ago)killed two birds with one stone so to speak when my doctor performed a colonoscopy and at the same time a hemmroidectomy. I know some are problem askin why a colonosopy at 41 thats a little young, but my father had a history, so they just wanted to be safe....they did remove one small polyp turned out to be non cancerous. Well as you can imagine after this operation i was pretty much useless for about two months...i couldnt sit for long periods of time in a car, workingout was simply out of the question as was anything else that included the smallest of physicall exertion. The two months of recovery was actually worse for me mentally/emotionally(due from not being able to do anything except lay around and wathc tv) than the physical pain from the hemmroidectomy. The pain killers they give you these days do an excellent job of limitting the pain to a very tolerable level...although your first bm will pretty much take your breath away for about a half hour, hurts pretty bad (i quickly learned to have my percs readily available after the first couple of bm after my surgery). Anyway point of the story is that i have noticed going on three months of recovery now that i to am experience a wet/sweaty mucus 24/7. I never had this problem before the operation. So i have a strong feeling that this is definetly related to the effects of the operation. I started noticing about three weeks ago after a bm i would wipe very clean, using both tp and wet wipes only to go check a half hour later and it would be like i didnt wipe at all....very fustrating. Then there were the times even when i didnt have a bm i would still have this wetness down there. I went to my doctor for a follow up in connection with the earlier coln/hmmroid surgery, and i brought this to his attention. He also suggested more fiber. Well i have been on benefiber faithfully for two weeks now, and still no improvement. I will however tommorrow try metemucil brand and give that brand a shot....I am now also starting to think that this very well could be a fissula but will have to have that determined by my doctor if this wetness problem does not subside anytime soon. i have put in a call to my doc today to try to find out more info on this condition. Will post more if and when i come across what works for me. Until then everyone good luck with the blot drying every couple of hours, lol.....hey ya gotta keep a sense of humor.

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I have also had a problem with AL. for two years never had any problems before then. I have been driving myself crazy tring too figure out what is causing it. On christmas I tried metamucil as other people suggested here and has seem to help alot. First I tried taking a spoonfull of metamucil everyday but my BW. I thought might to hard so I cutdown to every other day it was softer but i had a little bit of leakage not near as bad as before. I got a little worried that taking metamucil everyday might cause dependence or screw up my bowels so I called ask a nurse the nurse said it was ok to take that it was pretty much just fiber. I stopped taking for a few days all together and back to as bad as it was before so just go back to taking it once aday if you buy the off brand a 6 mo supply or more is just $5 the nurse did tell me that i should go to doctor AL. is not normal so that got me a little worried.

I thought about why I am getting AL. now and b then I think I got the answer. When i was a child I am now 30 I only went like once a week so it was very hard as I got older I went twice a week. Starting about 2 years ago it's more everyother day or everyday so it's much softer so that would explain the leakage.

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Hi everybody,
I'm writing for the people who are having leaky anus and who started to think ab't a suicide attempt.

With complete happiness i'm writing this letter comparing to the situation of suicide attempt thinking couple of weeks before . My subject is leaky anus.

My anus was leaky since i was 17 years old .Now i'm 25 and truely saying, though my education went well, i'm always sad and angry due to this leaky problem. On going through severe desperate condition i accidentily found this site. I was quite surprised to see this site.Till that moment i was thinking i'm the only unlucky person who has leaky anus which emits such a bad irritating smell every second of the day. Day by day my hope was exponentially decreasing.
At last with severe, sometime pathetic praying i was determined to find out the problem myself.
With that determination i searched all through the net. Then i tried to understand about the internals of anus. Through some medical documents i got to understand that to block the leak we have to tighten up the sphincter muscle( Which we try to control when we feels the gas leakage ).So i searched for some excercise to strengthen the muscle.That was the turning point in my life.
I got a pdf document ( now i believe god directly send that file to me ), which specifies the excercise to strengthen the muscles, which i was exactly expecting.On doing that excercice 2 or 3 days smell started to decrease in a very noticeable manner. At that time i was able to see a star of hope that extends my healthy social life.

After doing that excercise for 2 week i'm now feeling as i'm iin heaven. You can understand how much pathetic was my condition to say these words.

wishing you all the best

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God has a wireless Intertron connection, I am so jealous.

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I bet that copy of Adobe Acrobat he's using isn't licensed.

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My anus started leaking some several years ago,for what reason I don't know. I had anal surgery about 25 years ago, but I don't think that would just now cause the problem. Anyway, at about the same time, I started to have a lot of itching, so I thought I had hemorroids. I went to the doctor, and he said I had some small ones, but they were definitely not what was causing the itching. He said it looked like I was having some leakage, and said the most practical solution was to fold up some TP and keep it stuck in my crack next to my anus. I tried this for a few days, but this works much better in theory than in actual practice.

Since then, I've figured out that I have to sit and wipe again about an hour after a BM.

That solves the problem, so apparently, it does not leak any more after the first hour.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Maybe keep the legs crossed also. Good luck.

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Hi again.....just checking back on this site since i found it about a week ago. I have a previous post dated 1/31/08 if anyone cares to read what my story is. Anyway since that post i just wanted to add a few more things. First off, if any one here has not seen ryans post dated i beleive 1/25/08, i highly reccomend checking out his post. At the end of his post he has a link to menshealthmagazine which is very very informative (thanks ryan).
secondly, and this has more to do with the fiber cure. My doctor recommended fiber as i went and bought benefiber, and mixed(two teaspoons) it with my protien shakes....was doing that for two weeks, and really did not see any improvement. two days ago i switched over to mettamucil brand. the directions say use one teaspon, up to three times daily....after the first day, i called my doctor and told him i was using a teaspoon, he said oh thats probably not enough, he said go ahead and mix at least a full tablespoon with the glass of water. I guess my point is....if your following directions from the label of the mettamucil, and are not seeing an improvement, you may want to increase your dosage to a full tablespoon or two every day. I know i have only been on the mettimucial for two days, but i do believe that i am seeing somewhat of an imporvement. the one imporvement i have noticed is that when i take a bm its a fairly clean wipe...i am not using nearly as much tp to wipe after a bm now....and when i go back an hour later, and rewipe its clean. I still do however have the wetness going on, but i think that has begun to decrease as well, and hope after being on it for a few more days the wetness will all together dissapear. So in the link that ryan supplied...very informative, and if you havent tried the mettamucil go try it....and if your trying it, and not seeing results, try increasing the dose. Of course consult with your doctor just to make sure. I will come back and report after a few more days of being on this mettamucil if in fact it takes care of the leakage alltogether. good luck all

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