my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Well I found out what was making my ass leak. I had a colon infection, liver infection and my gall bladder was removed. No more leaks for me:)

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Hello there, i have just got over a 2 year cocaine addiction and when i started using the drug my metabolic rate went mad and i was passing feces 6,7,8 times a day at least. This was normally from 11 in the morning when i had my first line after breakfast!

I started to experience what i thought was a sweaty arse but i lived in a hot climate and thought it was being unfit and a junkie. However i realised i was getting actual discharge from my arse, sometimes mucassy or watery liquid that would occur just before i needed the toilet. Then i would wipe and wipe and ten minutes later i would need to wipe again.It can be 1 trip to shit and then 4 to wipe plus i have piles so live in discomfort but having been a coke fiend and i am used to discomfort so have been dealing with it.

I have stopped using coke and am now fit and healthy but ( smoke weed and ciggies) still have this problem. The more exercise i do,(running, weights) the worse it gets! i may get back on the yayo to block it out (joke) It is taking my confidence away and i sometimes avoid sexual contact with girls or dont like to be away from my 'comfort zone' of home / friends houses. What to do?

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First off... Congrats to the coke addict gone sober... keep it up buddy!!

Anyhow, I have been off of caffine for almost a week now and still not change. I will continue that for at least a month. I have aslo stopped drinking milk and switched to Soy Milk (vanilla flavored) actually not that bad at all for cereal. I have switched to non scented bar soap to scrub my buttox. I went back to the soap that I used before the AL started. and I have quit the fibre for the mean time. I know the fibre works so I want to see what else will cure it. I also quit directly scrubbing the A-hole when i shower. I scrub around it but avoid direct contact hoping that will help some how. Next I will avoid dairy in my diet at all costs. Something has to cure this shitey problem, I was healthy and athletic when this came on and eating the same things I eat today. How could my diet be a factor?? Yes the fibre works but if I forget to take it once or twice then im scrooed for the next day. I dont want to live like that. Always worrying about it. I WANT MY FREEDOM BACK!!!! AAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRRGGGGGG

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Like many others I was relieved to find this site for I too am a leaker. I have tried everything that everyone here has tried and I still leak a mucous like substance sometimes appearing to have blood in it. I have been to the doctor and they have looked at it and sent me for a colonoscopy. It turned up normal. I still eat lots of fiber. I am an occasional drinker. I smoke pot once in a while.
Fiber helped me feel better, also I drink aloe juice which seemed to help my back pain more than anything else. I am 34 and have accepted the fact that my ass may always leak from now on or at least until medical science has figured out the problem.
My question is this: Where can I get training pants for the adult male. I have a 40 inch waist. I just need some plastic or rubber underpants to wear to keep my problem contained. Preferably something that is fitted with elastic to form an almost airtight seal (this should take care of the smell) I have a great girlfriend who probably won't judge me, I just want to keep the back of my pants from looking like I sat on a grape.
So if anyone has a contact at Fruit of the Loom or another undergarment manufacturer, I think there is a market for a product like this.
Maybe someday we can all meet at a convention in Vegas and join hands and rejoice that we are not alone in our rectal dysfunction. We can unite and become one voice to cry out that we are no different because of our anal woes. So join with me and we can all be heard.
Thank you.

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Well, Well, I have some of these symptoms. Itchy, Yes. I don't have the leakage. Not that I realize. I think as an active male with hair in my crack. Well, your bound to have some residue after doing your thing. I am taking these measures to help. Resisting the urge to itch. Lightly washing more often. Eating a better balanced diet with raw foods, more fiber, fruit. Drinking caffeine and alcohol in moderation. plenty of water and exercise. I have also started seeing an acupuncture & chinese medical doctor. If you want to gain control over this don't be affraid to try the alternative. Western medicine likes to give medication to cure the symptoms and not the problems. When looking for an acupuncturest seek one that is a chinise medical doctor, not a chiropractor who also does acupuncture. The body is amazing in its ability to heal, sometimes it needs a little help. Don't give up. Also what's wrong with a little weed?

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So I went to the Dr. and it turns out that I have fissure, wich explains the bloody toilet paper that has been happening for about a week. Anyhow, he gave me a cream that I have to apply after I shower. He said that should not only stop the bleeding but also stop the AL (Hopefully!!) I got back on the fiber and things are better. I am supposed to use the cream for 7-10 days and see what happens. I will let you all know how it goes. Good luck to all of us!


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This is great. I have started having this problem over the past few months and getting really concerned. Wipe and then 30 mins later its as though you had not wiped. I dont drink much caffeine. Maybe a cup of coffee a week. However reading through this and the fibre suggestion. I realise that I have cut right back on carbohydrates and fibre to lose weight. It works for me. This has all been around the same time, so I am wondering if it is related. I plan to increase the fibre now and see if it helps.

Thanks everyone for your comments. It is reasuring to know that I am not alone in this. I was dreading having to speak to the doctor as it is an embarrissing subject.

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This is great. I have started having this problem over the past few months and getting really concerned. Wipe and then 30 mins later its as though you had not wiped. I dont drink much caffeine. Maybe a cup of coffee a week. However reading through this and the fibre suggestion. I realise that I have cut right back on carbohydrates and fibre to lose weight. It works for me. This has all been around the same time, so I am wondering if it is related. I plan to increase the fibre now and see if it helps.

Thanks everyone for your comments. It is reasuring to know that I am not alone in this. I was dreading having to speak to the doctor as it is an embarrissing subject.

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Here I am searching the net as my butt is in real pain. I have a fissure (again) as I knew I would 48 hours after having milk and coffee from Arabic beans which are high in acid. I should know better, it never fails ..... dairy (lactose) intolerance causes me to have anal leakage - which smells and burns the skin around the anus and then cracks and bleeds. So if you too are having trouble with "leakage" track your intake (food and drink) any thing in your system for up to 48 hours can be the cause. Look for common factors (item,preservative, etc). I believe you can and do inherit the problem, so if you have the issue look to parents and children and help them solve the issue also.

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I thought I was the only one with swampass! I have had this for two years now and I have not gone to my doctor because... well you know... it's something you don't want anyone else to know about. One day while working with my boss he told me he hade to go to the bath room to wipe his ass. I was like what? He said he had this problem with his ass leaking and thats when I knew I was not alone. He said when you get older the elasticity in your ass starts to go. Have you all heard of such a thing? Any way we are all in this together so keep on wipping.

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Well I have increased my fibre intake and touch wood, this seems to have cleared up the problem. I think because I cut down on carbohydrates and fibre, theis caused the problem. Well I am really pleased. Thanks so much for the advise, it seems to have cured my problem.

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I posted a month ago. 38, athletic, visibly fit but struggling with AL. Been fighting with AL off and on for years. Done no caffeine for 2 weeks, no chocolate too. Not a complete fix, even though I was sure it makes a difference. Now convinced its the cow's milk in those foods, not to mention my daily intake of cereal/milk, that is my culprit. I will get back to you after I go no cow's milk, switch to soy milk and gauge the results. When I was a child I used to be allergic to dairy... itchy throat, snotty(runny) nose. That is kind of like AL in reverse, if you stretch your mind. Wish me luck...

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I have AL as well, and it has caused me to basically fall into a depression. I tried diapers but that made me feel even worse because they are so freakin big. But, someone turned me on to these little pads called ARD and they work great. I don't have any issues in public anymore because these things soak it up until I get to the bathroom. The site is

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I've tried those pads too. They look so simple, like a little butterfly patch, but work. Sometimes I need to double up on them, though.

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OK I read most of the way through this page. I find it fascinating that this discussion has been going on for a year. I have a theory. I have noticed that my ass sweats under two distinct conditions. #1 Coffee, caffiene or any other dhiaretics make you sweat. (yeah, it's mostly sweat down there, not necessarily leakage) and #2 Anti-Persperant deoderant.

Think about this for a second, when you body sweats it's for one of two reasons: number one it is hot and is trying to cool off, number two your body is trying to release extra water (dhiaretics sqeeze water out of the cells). So if you use an Anti-Persperant you are forcing your body to find a new place to let the water out. My advice: no coffee or other dhiaretics, and check the label on you deoderant for "anti-persperant" you can get deoderant that is just that, you'll sweat more in your pits but less elswhere.
And just for good measure, diet and exercise.

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Fiber, baby. Pound the Metamucil according to the fiber supplement instructions (i.e., 3x per day - not the laxative instructions which is 1x per day; sounds backwards, I know, but that's what the label says). Makes mine go away. We all eat too much crap (pun not intended) and not enough fiber. A diet change would be a good idea, too.

When adding fiber, though: Ramp up. Start with one a day, then ramp up to two, then to the full dose. If you don't give your body time to adjust, you will get some really bad flatulance that could stop a charging bull. Personally, I think this is funny, but my wife bitches and locks me out of the bedroom if I start releasing chemical warfare in there.

If that doesn't help, go to the doc.

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I've had anal leakage for the last two years or so. It only happens on certain occasions, but it's very embarrassing. Sometimes it soaks through my underwear and stains my pants--quite the treat if I'm wearing a light color. Anyway, I've found a solution that works for me. Even though I'm a male, I take a pantyliner (I cut a Kotex Ultra Thin Long in half--it's the perfect size) and stick that baby inside my briefs. It works like a charm--MUCH better than the ball 'o toilet paper method that everyone talks about here (and which I used to use). That's my tip.

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ok... here it i get made fun of all of the FREAKIN!! time because i get little brown/green spots on my pants.. you know.. where the butt is. people always go ewwwwwwwww..... Poo P. Face go to the bathroom!! it hurts. both when they make fun of me and when that weird liquidy stuff comes outa me hole. gross huh????? ewww. and it has this really really weird stench to it. It reminds me of...... this one kid i used to be friends with but then he became a jerk because my mom yelled at him once for smelling gross and then his mom called my mom and they got in a huge fight. but thats off the subject. Ima so glad to get this off my chest.... its good to know I have you poonurse. please please please write me back. and tell me what to do about this stinky situation.

poo out!!!!

your new friend,

Poo P. Face

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ok here is my problem... i get gas alot, and when i fart it smells bad. i mean it smells bad that my friends tell me that there is something wrong with me. and sometimes when i am in the car and i fart, i cant stand it and i have to role the window down. i have to role the window down for my own fart. !?? im not sure but that cant be right. i mean they stink soooooooo bad. i cant explain it but they are like toxic sometimes. i think its funny but is there something wrong with me?

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If your rear is itchy from a reaction to the fecal matter and wiping, try using Balneol (a soothing cream - available in drug stores in a squeeze bottle) on toilet paper to wipe. This has solved a real problem for me.

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Hi all

I have read this thread with much interest. A few years ago, my leak was increasing and increasing, and it was combined with very painful toilet sessions. I went to see my local GP, and it was a a combination of a fistula and
a fissure. I had an operation to resolve both these issues. It really helped.

However a couple of years later, I experienced leakage but this time without pain. Again I went to my local GP, and he could not spot the cause - he gave me antibiotics, but this did not resolve the leakage. I was referred to a specialist, in the light of my previous fissure+fistula operation, to see if one of these problems had recurred. Fortunately it was neither of this - it was actually a Polyp. The Polyp was removed, and the leakage stopped for several months.

Just recently in recent weeks, I am experiencing some discomfort again. My plan is to use a high fibre diet - in the UK we have this cereal called "Shredded wheat" which is a very high fibre cereal. I will try this, as it was recommended post-both operations to have a better diet, and in particular increase fibre. I believe not having enough fibre in the diet can cause constipation, which can in turn sometimes damage the anal lining - which is known as a little crack or "fissure". A fistula is an annoying hook. A polyp is something which if you have - you should remove because you could be risking more serious problems such as Colon Cancer.

I feel so relieved that there is such a thread to read and share the annoyance of these anal issues. I hope you all get better soon and possibly try the fibre solution first. If you are still troubled with issues, try your local doctor, and if he/she cant solve it, it may be worth asking to be referred to a specialist. They can do things like specialist inspections with a kind of anal microscope, and check for things like Polyps or damage to the anal lining.

Best wishes all

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I am female and until about 8 months ago I would have thought that this was a problem that peoplewho were involved in other activity would have problem with. I dont have any behaviors that would cause this problem, and yet still I have it. It is not comforting knowing that others are suffering also, it seems thatifas many of us are suffering that there must be something that someone can tell us to deal with it. I have no solutions, I just wear a panty shield to protect myself from any embarrassing accidents. The problem I seem to have is that I am recently divorced and didnt have this issue when I was married, I dont want to date, I'm afraid of having this happen at a bad time.

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I have read every post. Here is what doesn't seem to matter b/c everyone is so different but continues to have the same problem: skinny/overweight, active/passive, weightlifter/nonweightlifter, junk food/healthy food, drugs/no drugs, alcohol/no alcohol, male/female, etc.

However, a lot of people stated that they drank coffee.

I have a suspicion that caffeine is causing this b/c it is a natural diuretic (i.e., stimulates kidneys, which creates more urine, which makes you urinate more, but dehydrates your body). Somehow, it has the same effect on the intestines.

I can't believe there is no medical explanation for this. I'm sure there are some doctors out there having the same problem.

Does everyone drink coffee? If so, how much on average per day?

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I am so very happy that I found this site. I am relieved to know I am not the only one suffering this condition.
I take a crap every morning and then a half hour later, my ass hole feels all greasy. I go to the bathroom and wipe and it's like I never wiped at all before. Tons of shit.

So, I have found my own treatment. I take a paper towel and I cut it into quarters. I use a quarter of a paper town and I put it in the crack of my ass right up against my asshole. I wear it like that most of the day until I have to crap again.
When I take it out, the part that was up against my asshole has shit on it and there is usualy a good bit of water soaked into the towel.
It ain't perfect but it works prett darn well.

I have tried the diet thing, more fibre, cutting out dairy all together, nothing works. If I take a couple of Imodium diareaha pills every day that will stop it but I wind up constipated so that isn't good.

Thanks for admiting to this condition everyone. I feel much relieved!

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I to have this same problem...and, like all of you, am glad to know it's so common, well, maybe not glad but relieved. But, my question is this..I've had recurring vaginosis for over a year now, and I do believe it's because of this anal leakage. Because vaginosis,vaginitis..can be caused by fecal matter. So, I've compounded 2 problems, not one...I'm so is so out of the question. I've tried 3 times to get this under control..and it still comes back. Anyone else have this problem..?

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Use a butt plug and stop eating so much fat.

Rectum Rector
The Church of Poop

The Emir of Crapistan

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O.k. guys I have the same problem as most of you here and I have to say that I have found a solution that works for me. And it's as simple as eating " Frosted Rice Chex" cereal every morning. It's a General Mills brand of cereal you can buy at your local store. I too have tried many things for a long time with no luck. But this does work for me. I have one bowl in the morning with a glass of orange juice and I can crap and have no problems afterwards. It's a feeling of relief and it's a damn miracle! At least give it a try.

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I am 56 years old and this problem just began about 5 years ago. I have been taking Fibercon twice a day for years to control diarrhea. It acts as a stool stabilizer and helps with the leakage, but does not eliminate it.

I drink too much beer, but have done that for 30 years. Once again, this just began about 5 years ago. I don't know how anyone could make the linkage with pot, because I don't ever smoke and still have the problem.

What I can share with you is this. If I layoff the corn and all types of pepper, the problem is resolved. Eat anything with any type of pepper and I begin leaking within the hour. This includes ground pepper, hot sauce, salsa, lemon pepper, green or red peppers, et. al.

It is hard to find any prepared foods that do not include pepper as a seasoning. This does not present much of problem for me, because I prefer to cook my own foods from scratch. Giving up all forms of pepper does not cause me any grief. Giving up corn is a whole nother matter. Being in the farmbelt, I have lived on corn all of my life. I eat it anyway, just in moderation. Give it up completely and the problem disappears.

These are just things I have noticed cause the problem for me. Hope it helps.

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I am a male and my butt sweats i don't have any idea what is going on it just sweats water
if i do anything athletic i sweat like a pig there im 13 is this normal? please help.

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I've had horrible distention for 22 years. Even after having surgery to remove scar tissue wrapped around my intestine. I am lactose intolerent, have a keagy gut I'm sure because of the pain. My liver is comprimised and I take no meds. Medicines hurt me more, I think that is what hurt my liver.
Okay, now the past month I have to sleep with a towel wrapped inbetween my legs. At first I thought my bladder fell again, but's everything you all are talking about. I don't want more invasive tests or surgery, but I am concerened, it is not related to this intestinal flu I have had since the day after Christmas. I was going to eliminate certain foods, but I see you have tried that. Some it helps others not. Whay about Candidis. Both male and female can get this intestinal yeast. It can cause all kinds of stuff. Leaky gut, oh look it up you wouldn't believe me. Search Epstein Barr and Military. Epstein Barr is related also with Candidis. Look these up, yet can we connect the dots with a leaky rectum?

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I have a similar problem. Wip like I have OCD and then 30 minutes later there is still more. I am pretty hirsute there, but it rarely stains my underwear.
My biggest problem with it is that I have started working out again at a gym near work. And I wipe before at the gym and there is always some residue and after as well. It makes me paranoid that others on the cardio machines will think I smell and I avoid doing machines that irritate the ass too much like rowing or stationary bike.

Would like to hear any solutions from gym goers. There are nice showers at the gym - I have mulled showering before every work out, but haven't yet due to time constraints.

I hope biidets catch on in America! Toilet paper sucks and is barbaric. Especially the cheap 1 ply stuff. I saw on tv today that Mark Cuban is starting a business featuring bidets.

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AL is one of many bowel issues i have as well. But I was thinking... Could AL it be attriuted to dry skin caused by over-wiping? AL doesn't happen to me too often but When it does, I wipe and then i use a very small amount of lotion on the anus. It releieves any irritation and actually feels better. It also seems to stop any more leakage.

And, yes, Bidet's maybe should come to America.

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Hi, i recently (within the past 2 days), have been having a sweaty feeling in my anus. I wipe and barely anything comes out? No one has said anything to me at school of an odor, but i want to stop this before it starts. I am overweight, but i don't drink, or smoke. i have only drank once, and anal is not my thing ( it happened once at a party). any suggestions

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Here is the problem for many of you and here is THE CURE! What many of you are experiencing is intestinal mucous, which is a faint yellowish in color. This is caused by one (or both) of two conditions; 1)Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) or a backed up colon needing cleansing. IBS is usually caused by stress, whereas the colon problems can be caused by years of eating junk. Autopies have found colons weighing 40lbs, filled with years of build-up!

I developed AL 5 weeks ago and wiped so many times a day, my anal tissue became inflamed to the point where I had to wash with No More Tears Baby Shampoo. After conducting research, I attacked this problem with a 2-pronged (OUCH!) approach. I treated both symptoms. First, I started using Digestive Advantage, which is used for treating IBS and can be bought over the counter at any drug store. At the same time, I bought a 7-day Body Cleanser from GNC. Within 3 days, my symptoms began to diminish and by the 9th day, they had completely disappeared!

After I finished the 7-day Body Cleanser, I also began a parasite elimination program, which is a 21 day program. I figured while I had the bad parasites on the ropes, I'd finish them off.

Here is a website for additional information, which will give you valuable insight on the importance of a healthy colon.

I wish you the best of success with this and I think you'll find the results as rewarding as I did.

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Do a search for fecal incontinence.

There is a lot of information about this problem and its various causes.

A common cause is fecal impaction, meaning a wad of dry poop is stuck somewhere in your body. You may still be able to go to the bathroom but do not completely empty your rectum, there is a build up and the liquid poop that is further up in the colon leaks down past the impaction (wad of dried poop).

This often happens after or during some exercise.

The cure is to first remove the impaction by taking mineral oil or an enema.

Then you need to make sure that you go to the bathroom everyday. Your rectum may be oversized for a while but will return to normal size if you go everyday.

Never hold in your poop.

Watch your diet. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and eat 5 to 10 servings of fruit or vegetables (a serving is not that big about a handful).

Also eat plenty of whole grains.

It takes a while for the colon to return to a normal size so keep working at it and don't give too soon.

Please see a doctor!

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hi im 10 years old and i am very smart and curious.and when i let out a fart my butt gets sweaty but no leaks

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I have a problem. I can't keep a boyfriend for over a month. He says everytime he pulls his dobber out he sees my butt leakage and its a huge turn off. What can I do? Any gay men out there with some advice?

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This site has been a huge help -- just to know I'm in company, good or otherwise. I'm 47 white male, overweight, drug and alcohol-free for 10 years. I've had AL on-and-off for years, and often chalked it up to the occasional hemi. But it's been more constant last couple months -- nothing catastrophic like sone of you who suffer it badly, but my wife doesn't want to do my laundry. (Well, she never wants to the laundry, but who does?) I've had a colonoscopy for other reasons and I'm OK.

I'm going to try the diet adjustment and coffee, as I eat too many fatty foods and drink too much coffee. (I do try to eat whole foods and don't eat too much junk -- but I'll eliminate what I do eat.)


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The amount of anal leakage posts in January is (ass)tounding! Perhaps there's a link between all the crap we eat during the holiday season and anal leakage...

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I am soo embarassed. At school, I randomely start sweating, from the ass. after, there is a big wet patch on my chair, and i have to try and cover it up. i eat lots of fibre and it doesnt work. Any decent suggestions?

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Ok, I have had this for years.. drainage after the fact. My problem is that I also get hemaroids because I wipe so much, obsessively actually. So I went through a diet period, and was eating a little less fat, but definately eating less food in general, and wah-lah, the leaking quit. Also, coffee will make it start up. if I drink any coffee at all, the leaking will begin. I have had bouts when I was not drinking coffee, or overeating, so this is not 100%...

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I can't believe this. For a while, I read these and thought they were a joke, trying to lure me in to tell my story. But the stories seem real.

I, too, have a leaky ass. What a pain. Plus, my butthole hurts all the time. It sucks, because I have to stop wearing all my light-colored pants and shorts so I don't have a shit stain on them.

Anyway, I'm going to try to ditch the caffeine, lose some weight, eat more fiber and see if that helps. If not, I'm going to see a doc.

It sucks, but it's good to know I'm not alone.

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I am in the same boat as you all... but I just went to the doctors today, and the doctor said that it was caused by a hemroid. The crap gets stuck behind the hemroid, so when you wipe you cannot get to it. when you sweat during the day, the crap disolves and runs down. he said to use lotion when you wipe and get up under the hemroid. I hope this helps someone!

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I think it is caused by Aspartame! Do you drink a ton of diet coke, diet pepsi etc?????

Aspartame has 10 percent alcohol and it converts to methane...

I figured this out when I ate some sugar free candy with alcohol sugar from Harry and David. And farted lick heck.

I drink a ton of pop and will stop and test my theory. It's been 2 days and I think it is going away.

Let me know if you agree, aspartame is the cause!

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Wow, I'm amazed as well at the amount of interest in Poo-Goo leakage. I do like the advise of Poo-Nurse and the Tampax in the ass. My wife might wonder what the hell I was going walking aroung with a string hanging out of my bum! LOL. Funny shit! Poop shooter

Poop Shooter!

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I'm not sure I buy the mucous thing. Ive been leaky for the last three years and an hour or so after I have a bowel movement, and I have to wipe, mine is never light in color. Its like I never wiped at all. I don't think its just mucous if its that at all. Like most people have said in this series of posts I am so glad that people have made and found this site what it is because I was really starting to get desperate searching for answers. Thanks so much all of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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OK, I have some news. I have decreased my leaky butt problem. It isn't gone yet but it is very much reduced.
I was taking Omega 3, a suppliment that is made of fish oil. Well, I stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago just to see if it had anything to do with my leaky butt problem. And, now, the problem is much less pronounced.

I will post again if it goes away completely.

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has anyone ever itched there asshole raw in the middle of the night? i have been suffering from this crap for about 2 yrs and have been too embarrased/self-conscious to go to the doctor, but i have done plenty of searching on the net and used the usual cleansing pads, creams, zinc, TP in the asscrack, frequent wipes, even wore ovenmits to bed to avoiding 'digging' myself raw. i am ashamed of all the doctors in this country for not being able to come up with a solution with this apparently very common problem...if anyone has any other remedies, post them up, i am definetly feeling a little better being able to get this off my chest, i had to keep it a secret and when i did FINALLY tell my mother to get some help we came up with nothing, i do feel better now the more i type, but i am still SICK OF MY LIFE REVOLVING AROUND MY BUTTHOLE! I said it, keep your head up ppl.

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So I recently came to the conclusion that what i thought was sweat is really a disgusting mixture of sweat and poop and i really don't know how to stop the extrement from leaking out in very inopportune times. I've recently purchased a beanie and wear it instead of wearing long pants this way i don't sweat as much. I think everyone suffering from anal leakage should just wear a beanie and stop wearing pants to make things easier on them. Cutoffs are a really good idea too.

AssBlaster2000's picture
PoopReport of the Year Awardj 1000+ points

WTF is a beanie? I always thought that was a HAT . . . ?

Heh heh. Asshat.

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Really? I always thought it was a little tiny turdlet that floats around in the bowl after you flush. Then again, I've always hated those little hats so maybe that is why I make them share this term with shit.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Oops. Forgot to add, that I agree with the asshat joke.

Damn, now it sounds lame without putting it in with my other entry, but what else is new?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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To add to IMPORTANT's (the answer) Fibre was mentioned as the cure, which does work! Take note tho: the next few postings add that they take metamucil which is a bullshit product that has artificial colourings and flavours such as aspartame in it, Do as the original says and eat whole foods not fibre supplements (thats how we spell fibre here)psyllium hulls (which metamucil has but it ruins it by the other stuff)They are great, whole grains fresh fruit and vege. Give it a go!

Anonymous Coward's picture

I've had this problem, which started about a month ago. It started the first few days as the sweaty stuff. After that, it started as leakage.

Actual leakage is at it's worst right after a movement, or in the morning. Afternoons is when it's mostly cleared up or just the sweat problem for the day. This is really bad for a 16 yr old whose trying to not seem like some freak.

Also, when it's not right after a bowel movement, the actual leaking only seems to show up when i'm at school. I'm thinking it's a stress thing or lack of sleep.

Sometimes i'll see little parts of popcorn seeds (when I eat popcorn, i'll eat the whole bag).

I'll try eating more fiber and cutting down on Mountain Dew. When it comes to my diet, "microwaveable" is a pretty accurate description.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Leaky Gas mofo over here too!

Anonymous Coward's picture

This site rocks!.. I was starting to worry about this problem....and will continue to monitor it...The hemorade piece makes sense, the Fibre piece makes sense... the over wiping makes sense.. all good advise.. I was at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and found they sell Medicated Wipes by PrepH.. These are good for a quick cleanup and they don't hurt.. and best yet they help hemorrhoids.. Good Luck all!

AL in Hawaii's picture

Hey y'all I discovered this site a few days ago while searching for my sweaty butt problem. I have alot to say on this subject so I hope I can fit it all.
I've been looking for a solution to this since I've recently started a part-time job which involves walking around the store practically the whole time, and at the end of my shift my butt feels like a squishy mess. This fits in with some others' experiences with exercise/walking exacerbating the problem.
I'm a college-age male, with what I believe to be mild IBS, as well as the common lactose intolerance. I've gained about 30lbs since high school, resulting somewhat from finding a serious girlfriend and eating out a hell of a lot more. I've always suffered from GI problems, but within the past year they've increased to the point where I was either extremely constipated or had diarrhea in a vicious cycle. As the "real doctor" pointed out above, severe constipation may be fecal impaction, where I did experience the leakage he talked about. But it mostly happened while trying to poop, with the impaction blocking most of the good stuff. I believe that is totally different from what most of us are talking about on this site. Recently, what saved my butt (literally) was my discovery of what seems to be the magical substance: fiber! I was looking on the web about fiber to help solve my aggravated IBS and I came to a
site that talked about soluble and insoluble fiber. I found some generic Fibercon that my girlfriend bought a long time ago for constipation and started ramping up on the soluble fiber intake. The change was immediate: the constipation/diarrhea cycle disappeared completely, and my stools became well-formed and easy to poop out. Also, we've been trying to watch our spending so I've been cooking at home alot more, which may also have helped by not eating greasy, rich restaurant food all the time. So, to get rid of general GI instability start by:
1)eating more soluble fiber/liquids but not too much insoluble, as this can aggravate your GI tract,
2)obviously change to a healthier diet helps.

HOWEVER, my butt still feels squishy after walking around alot. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT SQUISHY BUTT? It seems that it's just sweat leaking around the anal area, mixing with any dried up fecal remnants, dried up fart remnants, and any slight discharge that may have moved closer to the end of your colon to the exit. I've always wiped good, rinsed that area during showers, scrubbed occasionally without trying to irritate it. Since I'm trying to improve my fiber and diet, don't drink caffeine very often, and don't have a serious colorectal medical problem (I hope) the only CURE (not stopgaps like pads/TP) I can think of is to lose some of my fat ass. Think about it. Most of us are slightly overweight. This could cause us to be in poorer cardiovascular/metabolic shape and have bigger ass cheeks, both of which could cause increased anal perspiration. Sooo, I'm going to try and do more cardio, though I'm sure we all know how difficult that can be. Try and lose some of that ass people, and let us know how it works.

POOBOY's picture

Wow! I love this page! I suffered from this as well, I will say the Fiber works! Without knowing about this page I thought i would try to keep myself regular, so i started buying those ALLBRAN bars, one a day, and after about a week my dripping arse ceased. However i have noticed that after an intense workout(running,weights)that i do still get a tiny little bit.As fot the itching, try Preperation H.
put a tiny amount(size of a dime) on some TP and wipe! IT WORKS GREAT!!! Also, I don't smoke weed, but have on the odd occasion, and the leaking was at an all time "high" for a few days after. I have also quit smoking for about a month now and thigs have also improved
Now, i am not saying that these are the answers,but they have worked for me.

Anonymous Coward's picture

OK, I asked the Dr about this as me, my Hubby & little child suffer frim this. Guess WHAT????
We're getting tested for parasites, yup intestinal parasites. Very common even in the cleanest human being. Will update ya later.

Pleasant Poop's picture

i poop frequently with a passion. i've given up dating, and am devoting all my time to the correct diet for incredible poops. if i poop anything other than a nice hefty turd i cry. i gasp in amazement at the sight of a nice foot long pure poo i've dropped out of my bum. nothing beats the feeling of the entire length of your bowels being expelled at once, in an orchestraic finale of water displacement and air pressure balancing between the atmosphere and your intestines. oh, i've got to poo

Anonymous Coward's picture

Now that I've read just about every entry here, I'm wondering what anal leakers did before the age of the internet.

I've learned a lot here tonight, I can see this site changing a lot of people's lives, because I know how crap this can be. Thanks to everyone.

It seems that there are two types types of leakers. Firstly there are the sweat leakers, and then there are those that just leak shit. Maybe fellow leakers should mention what tipe of leaker they are when posting comments, just so that we know whether you are talking about shit or sweat.

I am a shit leaker and now hope to clear it up with the diet approach. Up till now, I've always dealt with it by taking a crap at night before I go to sleep, and then cleaning it up whilst showering in the morning. Then I know I will be perfectly clean for the rest of the day. (I guess it helps being single.)

Another thing is that excessive wiping causes the skin around your hole to wear thin, a slight oozing of blood and itching.

And my last point is one about the doctor. Many people suggest seeing a doctor, but besides advising on diet, I have yet to see someone stating that their problem has been solved by something that a doctor did. (could someone perhaps correct me here) I've only been to see a doctor once about it, and he said that he has never seen it before and suggested I see a specialist. Unfortunately migrational circumstances didn't allow it at the time.

Anonymous bastard thats laughs at you's picture

maaaaaaaaan!! I got a fuckin kick out of this! AHHAHA just wipe your ass better

Anonymous Coward's picture

Ok I started medimucile and no more problems. Very easy and stopped the same day. I can't belive I delt with this for this long and never figured it out. It may not fix everbody but now I am the perfect asshole :)

SGT. Swamp Ass's picture

Wow, so many others suffering the same as I! I feel better knowing I am not the only one with this crazy rectal malfunction. I have had this for like 5 years and sometimes it seems to go away for a breif period than the old swamp ass is back with a vengance. I think I am gonna try the metamucil and see how that goes. Good luck people, I hope all your rectal dreams come true!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Have had leaky but for going on two years. Somewhat releived to discover so many others that are having the same problem, but not much. Interestingly enough I wanted to share with the group that when I turned fifty my doctor scheduled me for a colonosctopy. That's when all of this began. I thought for the first few days it was probably a common result of the procedure so I quietly dealt with it. Then as the weeks went on it became clear that something was terribly wrong, my backside wwould become soaked with what appeared to be a vile smelling light brown or clear liquid. My doctor sent me to an expert in the butt industry and he told me to be optomisitc, think glass half full, not half empty, all that shit. He say's it will go away on its own wwith time, just modify the diet to include fiber. I am miserable with this. I hope that when I die my wife plants trees, I have no doubt that I have used up at least a small forest trying to keep my butt clean.

Anonymous Coward's picture

ok, i do have a question. It involves bleeding between my butt crack, but not the hole. It starts to bleed when I wipe. It bleeds between where the crack starts(below the lower back) and to the hole. What can be causing it?

9th Grade's picture

Everybody, i really only have this problem a little bit, every once in a while when i am sweating alot ill wipe my butt and a little bit of shit will come off. However, im a really paranoid person and i worry about it way too much. I even know it isnt as big a deal as im making it, but i cant stop worrying just in case. But honestly, i dont want to make anyone feel bad but you are worrying way to much. Simply by the fact that you took the time to read this whole page and listen to peoples stupid home remedies shows that this is consuming you as a person too much. Dont worry so much. And if it is seriously a problem, go to a doctor, not a website.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Ok my aunt had this problem for a while and she actually told me at a family get together. You all should seek medical attention because it is actually a disorder of dehydration. I've been in the medical field for a while and this problem occurs when one can not properly digest water. Do not chug water but drink it slowly or it goes through your system too fast and will affect the way your anus functions. My aunt has recently died from dehydration and it is a very scary incedent. DO NOT DRINK WATER TOO FAST! IT CAN OCCUR IN LESS THAN A YEAR IF YOU ARE A FAST DRINKER OF WATER AND HAVE SLIGHT ANAL LEAKAGE!

Anonymous Coward's picture

okay i have spent alot of time reading this website.. and still cant find a cure. i do not thinnk i have anal leakage, but my buttox seems to smell bad during the day at school. i take a shower at night before i sleep. and a shower before school. and my bottox still stinks after an hour. i wipe my butt really good and wash it really good. somtimes my buttox sweats during school then it begins to stink, but on many occasions its not even sweating, it just begins to sweat. could this be caused by stress, being nervous or being unconfortable?.. im not really too athletic any more, i was until this started happining, but for the most part i stay inside the house on the computer or watching tv or at a freinds house or maybe outside wit no more than 3 people. i do smoke weed, most of the time only on the weekends but somtimes during the week, could this be a factor? im 120 pounds, 5'10'' and im 15, why is this happining to me!?!?! :( .... i dont think i eat to heathy i eat chips and things like that, i dont eat lunch at school and i dont eat breakfast, i do eat dinner. can someone please help me!!!!!???

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