my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Maybe coffee does aggravate anal leakage. But, maybe it's not a good idea to eliminate coffee from your diet after all.

Here's what I just read in the Toronto Star:

Heading: Alzheimer's can and will be eliminated,' researcher says

Subheading: Coffee and dementia

Clip: "People who drink three cups of coffee a day are at lower risk of dementia," says Dr. Patrick McGeer, president of the Canadian Dementia Action Network.

In 2009, a Scandinavian study found that middle-aged people who drank between three and five cups of coffee a day lowered their risk of developing Alzheimer's and dementia by 60 to 65 per cent later in life. The study was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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hello fellas, I feel for you guys but there is nothing much we can do about it. go get you some chlorofresh , and do somebody cleansing, for me my problem is mild incontinence, not anal leakage
my anus always has a yellow thing left, and shitty smell thats right i am suffering with for 2 years.
i do not feel no pain, no fatigue, it just like that. May God has mercy for me because I am just 23 years old male can not live life as i should.

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I made a spelling mistake in my post above.

"Chitosan," not "Citosan."

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I found that substituting coffee for caffeine pills gave the best of both worlds - the pick-me-up I still need many mornings, and no more squidgy, smelly, tissue-stuffing, ginch-staining, itchiness. Been on the caf pill for 3 years and has been great. Check your pharmacy. Cheaper than coffee too. 200mg ~ strong coffee.

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I have been suffering from leakage for years. Take 30 pills a day/lung transplant. Started before all the pills. Just starting to try Metamucil, will advise if it works. As far as feeling clean, use bum wipes found in toilet paper aisles (Cottonelle, WalMart brand), they do make you feel cleaner. I believe hemmoroids do contribute to leakage. Colonoscopy/Sygmoidoscopy are NOT that painful. Uncomfortable, maybe, but I suffered NO pain (they do give relaxers/sometimes sleep pills). If doctor suggests these tests, better to have them done. Doctors do NOT know about leakage, as they just wave it off and nothing gets done.

Females - wear a pad, always have one with you for emergencies. Fellows - can't help you. Good Luck to all and if Metamucil works, I will report back.

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I mean, I'm sorry about all of this. I really am. But this shit - pun intended - cracked me up. My wife's all mad now cuz I'm trying to read this stuff to her while trying to laugh. Hope you find a remedy soon.

Okay, scrolling back up and reading.

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I've had some leaking problems for a number of years and have done a lot reading; one explanation that might seem logical is that in some cases much of what leaks is undigested fat that passes through because of insufficient Lipase in the small intestine.

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I've had a leakage problem for years. It's awful. I'd constantly walk around with a piece of toilet paper tucked between my cheeks. Drs told me I need to wipe better (thanks for the advice douchebag). Then, I read on this site a few years ago someone suggested giving up coffee because it has some strange oils in it that react with some people's GI tract. I stopped drinking coffee and it did in fact go away within one week. Eventually, I started drinking coffee again and low and behold, a few months later, it started again. I recently gave up coffee once again because the leakage had gotten worse and I guess I ignored the source of the problem and within 4 days, the leakage stopped - totally! It's been a month and not a single recurrence. I'm telling you poop people, try and give up the joe and see what happens.

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I'm 54 and have had this issue (accidental pun!) since my thirties..turns out that all I have to do to avoid it is eat a bowl of oatmeal every day. I make up a pot of steel cut oats and keep it in the fridge, just micro-wave a bowl of it and it works great. Now, I must say, that, in general, I am a very healthy eater...lots of greens, fruit, brown rice, etc., but real oatmeal is the ticket...can't substitute granola, or any other fiber, just doesn't cut it. I also do not eat my oatmeal with milk, mainly 'cuz it makes my stomach feel lousy, although I'm not allergic to milk. I usually eat it with a little kosher salt, real maple syrup, walnuts, currants and blueberries or bananas...
I do drink strong coffee but only 1 big mug a day, maybe 2 once in a while. However, that 2nd cup can lead to leakage and definitely leads to leakage if I don't have me oatmeal! Loperamide will fix it, though, if I didn't get my oatmeal and I drink caffeine.
Good luck, everyone...and if you do leak, vaseline can help with the burn. Stay away from any soap, will dry you out, just water or maybe some Cottonelle wet wipes, some wipe brands actually lead to irritation.
Best of luck everyone and please try the oatmeal, it's so easy, even if it's a bit boring to eat every day, the consequences are worth not eating it. :^)

If I don't eat oatmel

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I was looking through my old bookmarks today, and I came across this page. This was a flash back to a painful time in my life, but I'm in a mood to share memories, so I'll tell you my story, and how I found my cure.

Back around the end of 2008, I started having some very severe pain in my anus. I had some burning, some blood, and some brown stinky leakage. I saw a doctor about this, who said it looked like an anal fissure, and I was given some suppositories that were supposed to help me heal. Things with doctors drag.

Next thing I know, 6 months have passed, and things only got worse. The pain intensifies. I would leak way more in my underwear. I was ruining my underwear all the time, and I'd always end my days by scrubbing the brown stains out of them. I'm taking sitz baths 2-3 times a day, which feel great, but ultimately don't do anything. Finally the doctors start doing more tests.

They did a colonoscopey to make sure the fissure isn't being caused by something else. Luckily, that came back with good results, and it seems to be a localized event. I finally got hooked up with a doctor who is going to remove my fissure through surgery.

If anyone here has ever had anal fissure surgery, I don't need to tell you how painful the following weeks are. But for everyone else who doesn't know, it is hell. You don't realize just how much you use your anus, until you have an operation on it. Laughing, peeing, sneezing, most kinds of walking and moving: all use your anus muscles. In fact, just waking up in the morning somehow triggers your anus muscles, which is a shitty way to start your day. The pain is intense. It's the most intense pain I've ever experienced.

They gave me some really strong pain medication. The best thing about the pain medicine was that it put me to sleep. I was sleeping 16 hours a day, just because I never wanted to be awake to be in the pain. The worst thing about having stitches in your anus, is the inevitable, knowing that some day soon, you WILL have to take a dump. I tried not eating for a while, because I knew that I couldn't go through with a shit. If a mere sneeze causes me unbearable pain, then what would a shit do? Well, I ended up dropping a load one day. It was so painful that I really can't describe it. Not only was it painful, but it ripped the stitches right out of my anus. I called the doctor up, and he assured me that was normal, but the sight of a bloody gaping hole where my anus was, with stitches dangling from them, is not pleasant, especially since this giant bloody hole is bigger than the initial fissure ever was.

So I got through that first dump, but this pain medicine I've been taking, ended up being a double edged sword. What you don't realize right away is that the pain medicine causes constipation. I got through my first shit, but after that, I started really backing up. I had another shit coming, but I soon found that it was too big to fit through me. It's one thing to be constipated and have a giant shit that won't come out, with a regular anus. But a bloody hole ripped off anus? That's another story.

I had one full day of intense gas in my stomach, where I thought I would actually die. The next day, I tried to unload this giant turd. I spent 2 days, playing an "in and out" game, where the stakes were unimaginable pain. I was in the bathroom on probably 8 separate occasions those days, with my shit coming out halfway, but getting sucked back up, because it wouldn't fit, all the while in tears from the pain. One day, the backing up inside was becoming more unbearable than the anus pain, and I just determined that I was getting this bitch out, one way or another.

The struggle of that epic turd, is one I'll never forget. It involved me being in the bathroom for over an hour straight, and I had to actually reach inside my anus with my bare fingers for 1 hour, and manually dig the hard turd out. There was so much shit in me, that I had to bring in a bucket, and put the shit in there, because the toilet was completely full. So that's how anal fissure surgery goes. The single worst physically horrifying experience in my life. I got through it. For months afterwards, my anus still had pain, and I still leaked shit. I thought the surgery had failed, but I was going to wait it out.

Then something happened. I no longer noticed pain. I no longer leaked brown stains. About 5 months after my surgery, everything was ok. And it's been well over half a year now, and I haven't had a single problem. I went through hell, but I'm cured. I don't have any pain. I don't leak. So everyone here has a different problem, but that's my story, and that's how I got cured.

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I'm having the same issues as everyone else on here. The horrible leakage, the horrible feeling I'm not done. Constant cleaning up while too much cause irritation on the exit area. I'm 33 and I've been living with this crap for over 2 years and have lost relationships over it because I'm to humiliated to tell anyone.

A couple of days ago I found a website that talked about doing an exercise that can fix this problem. I tried it for 5 days now and the last 3 days have been amazing.

I've been drinking metamucil everyday for the last 6 months and it hasn't been working much anymore so I needed something. This doesn't cost any money and you can do this anywhere. First thing there's a muscle just about your butthole that gets weak for some people and it needs to be worked out to get strong again to keep your crap from leaking out while it fills up with food flowing to the end. To find the right muscle it's the one you use when you feel like you need to go real bad and your trying to hold it in or if your trying keep from passing gas.

1. You sit stand or lay down with your knees slightly apart and squeeze that muscle up in you as hard as you can without squeezing any other muscles for at least more then 5 seconds. Do that twice and rest for 10 seconds.

2. You do the same for half the squeeze and pull for as long as you can twice resting for 10 seconds in between.

3. You do what you could call pull ups for your butt, squeezing and pulling at short bursts for as many as you can until you get tired.

Do that everyday about 5 times a day. Just try it, it's been working great for me and it could just be that simple for most of you. Please let me know if that does anything for you or if you have any questions. I really hopes this works and that I could help some people. By the way I'm in great shape and work out all the time and eat pretty healthy plus I drink and smoke and this is still working for me.

Good luck!

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Zyrtec helps a lot!!!!!!, It take care of about 90% of the problem for me, for the other 10% I use baby powder, fiber pills, and work out.

My theory is that this leakage is not affecting your health at all, but for some reason we are all getting mucus around our anus and that is letting leakage get through.

Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and bad poops from fiber pills. I noticed that people always ask questions but once they find the answer they never post it. I sincerely wish this combo I gave helps every one because no one should have this, it fucking sucks, but now i feel a lot better.

If you do try my idea can you please post back so other people can now how it works?

Kinda like an experiment!

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Ugh, I know what you all mean.... I just googled this thinking that I was some freak, I used to engage in a lil' anal play (w/ my girlfriend who was anally fixated, just a finger or tongue and nothing rough) I really didn't enjoy it that much, now a decade later and no anal play since, I have a hemmohriod and this leakage, I know it's not related to the play but I always kind of shyed from the doc figuring he'd tell me it was my own fault for being careless, he's not a good doc really.

Anywho, it seems diet, exercise, and giving up caffiene ( my biggest hurdle) are repetitively mentioned and I notice that a lot of ppl are overweight as am I. I can lose weight, eat right, I've lost 100 pounds in a year before but I'm dreading the coffee thing. Like the guy said, "you sleep better" the problem is... that's all I want to do....sleep. I am almost dead without it. I had no coffee yesterday and was curled up on the couch with a blanky the entire day, i broke and had a cup this morning...I did dishes, worked in the yard and a bunch of other stuff....I'm not sure if being a zombie with a dry butt is better than actually living -butt-wet or not, I'm gonna keep on the coffee ban for a month (today was a day of weakness) and see if it helps,

I have sporatic bouts of leakage, sometimes I'm fine for a month and then all of a sudden my anus hurts/burns and this wetness starts, I also hate pooping in general and never seem to "empty out" I poop, then 20 minutes later I have to go again then 20 minutes later again, then I'm good....

It's tough to hold a job with an itchy butt, I haven't found it to be at the point of smelling or anything and I just smelled my couch cushion and it smells like a used couch but not shitty or anything, I have garlic poo anyway, I eat so much garlic but it doesn't leave the cheeks so to speak. it's still annoying and sexual relations are a bit difficult when your self-concious about it, I used wipes and then tp, which is soothing I guess but not a fix. I'll try to get back on here in a month with my "success" story, fingers crossed.

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Also.... to any of the "Lame commentors" you looked this up, so either you have the issue and won't adimt it or God-willing, one day you will have it and you can come back and apologise, if you're not to busy laughing at blind children or whatever other hobbies you engage in....

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I can't take this any more. This smell thing has been with me for 7 years and yet no damn cure. Dating wise I have no one because what women wants a guy who stinks of shit? The thing that really makes me feel sad is the fact how isolated you are. I have lost friends. I don't talk to my family as much, and feel lonely. You feel empty as your life passes by. Crazy as it seems but this anal leak can make a room smell in 10 minutes. I hope everyone finds a cure and we start to live a normal life. I feel like that Robert Deniro character in that film dog day afternoon alone and upset with life. If only I could be cured I would be such a different person. The people who help you on this website by suggesting ideas thanks a lot because it least you give hope. Also the people who take the piss out of us thanks also because sometimes when you research for hours. A bit of humour can be funny and takes the tension away. peace everyone hope we find a cure.

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I don't have a serious problem, but it's off-and-on and varies. Sugar and spices are definately possible causes of this problem. Wiping too hard is also a definate cause, but has it occurred to anyone that underwear or pants that are too tight also cause this problem? It causes itching/irritation because your butt cheeks are pressed too tightly together.

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I'M CURED!!! least I think so.... I posted a couple weeks ago and said that I was gonna quit coffee and eat right, WELL.... I quit coffee (2 weeks) and I'm eating better (not 100% great but good) I also started with apple cider vinegar (raw with "mother"...look it up) I think the coffee was the clincher but I'm good now, no problems, full emptiness after "evacuation" and NO DRIPPAGE/LEAKAGE!! It's so great. The coffee was hard to quit (I was drinking a lot, like a lot!) and I was a zombie for two days but I haven't even craved it after those 2 days and about 5 days later, I started feeling great, like way better than before, more energy than when I'd down a whole pot of java, I eat really well during the week and have a cpl burgers and some baked goods or wtvr on the weekend... truly amazing, as someone said above, don't slow your intake, QUIT cold turkey, I'm sure ayou can have a cup as a treat now and then but just one cup if you do.... Thanks for the suggestions from the many posts, absolutely amazing how that mud was killing my life, no more!

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IWtc, you should check out the t-shirt section here at PR. There's one there that will be perfect for you. Glad you're better.

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Jock Itch + Al: I also have anal leakage which I believe is brought on or made worse by my coffee habit (caffeine also strips your body of minerals especially calcium leading to pains and spasms in the limbs and osteoporosis and disrupted sleep paterns) Also along with the AL I have Jock Itch around my anal area which I can get under control by using antifungal cremes but it comes back strong (after the later leakage) from a bowel movement.I've read that candida fungal infections can become systemic and they're then found in your maybe my "infected" bowel movements are also causing my jock itch? Candida infestations in the human body are now also epidemic in North America and its due to the very high "Sugar & Carbohydrate" content in our diets and the overuse of antibiotics,corticosteroids and steroids! Note too that Regular M.D.'s are basically uninformed and unschooled in this important area of Sysemic Fungal Infections!

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A few weeks ago I too noticed a certain leakage at certain times. It didn't seem to be a regular thing but it did occur at seeminly random times. After reading a number of comments here mentioning coffee I thought about the times the leakage did occur and lo and behold, I drank a good sized cup of coffee just before those instances. It seemed to happen within minutes of drinking too. So I gave up the coffee and so far my derrier has stayed dry and leakage free.

No doubt there are other factors involved with other people but for me thankfully it was that simple.

So, coffee drinkers, give it up for a few days and rule it out as the cause. And count yourself as lucky if that's all it is.

Yours truly,
A gratefully recovering poopy-leaker.

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I too have this problem BUT... I dont drink coffee have never drunk coffee so i dont think it has anything to do with coffee though some ppl said that has cured it for them. I do not eat chocolate

Ive tried Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream it has a tingeling burn when applied im not sure if it helps as im not good at keeping up a routine of using it

I dont understand how ny doctor can figure this out. There has to be a distinctive answer and some antibiotics or something that will fix this

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i've suffered from this same thing for years, just drippy ass for no reason. manpons only go so far til u have to take a shower. hopefully metamucil or the husks that were mentioned will help me. thanks guys!

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I have this exact same problem and feel horrible about it everyday especially seeing as I have to catch the bus to and from work and when I smell something bad I know its me and know others will know its me too. I haven't told anyone out of embarrassment and doctors in the past have been really unproffessional when i've brought up other problems with my down there bits. One doctor seemed to find it funny when I told him I had was farting way too much. I haven't told my boyfriend and he hasn't said anything but I'm sure he knows I smell bad a lot. What to do??? I don't want to live being smelly all the time! It never used to be this way. I feel sweaty and wet yet again even though I just wiped!

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Hi guys,

BEST SOLUTION I HAVE TRIED goes along with what most people here with any success have said. FIBER!! i actually drink a water bottle of PSYLLIUM HUSK fiber every morning and try to again at night. It makes the next movement very clean as well. Very little wiping even then. I have had this for the longest time.. Im 31 and would say since i moved to CA its been worse with the heat and stuff.. I thought it was just sweat but i realized the fat in my diet was getting higher. i read somewhere that to cut back on the digested and non digested fat and processsed foodsm that fiber helps them pass in a movement. seems to be working

Also after you do the fiber for like a week or so. YOu start making some of the biggest movements! its such a relief!

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I've had this problem for years on and off. I've recently had a recurrence of it. After reading this thread, I tried the psyllium husk capsules and they have worked. Also eating healthier and exercising have done the trick. I've been through a period of not working out but am back on it again now and this has made a real difference.

I suffer if I drink too much alcohol, eat too much chocolate or drink caffeinated coffee/tea.

I'm going to continue with the psyllium husk capsules and continue to eat more fibre in my diet.

I'm so happy I found this thread/'s been a real help.

WOW you all have it too!'s picture

My name is Sir Wipe Alot and i'm an ass wiping a holic.

Seriously. I have the old ass itchydripy shit goin on and am so glad to find this thread. good onya all for posting. I'm gonna give up chocolate and get on the Psyllium husks.

Leaky ass sucks balls!

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More like leaky ass stains balls.

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Just a quick note for everyone: NEVER APPLY DEODORANT DOWN THERE. I just tried it and it BURNS LIKE HELLFIRE. Massive irritation. Industrial chemicals are too much for your ass. Don't do it.

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Great Post thanks!

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Thanks for the tip Don't. Not only would it be painful, but just think of the nasty armpit germs that would be transferred to your asshole. They would be sort of like an invasive species and would soon overwhelm your ass. I shudder to think of it.

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Some of the deodorants might work well. How about Arrid XX ass, Old Spicy Hole, Speed Stick by Mennen, in and out before you know what hit you.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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This is obviously a HUGE problem (just like the ulcerative colitis I developed in 2006) that is probably caused by some goddam addititve that they are injecting into foods to save a goddam dollar or two with the FDA looking the other way...who knows probably cottonseed oil, either that or ambient radiation...SOMETHING is going on and doctors are TOO LAZY and COWARDLY to investigate it.

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I've had this problem on and off for about 15 years. I suspected that it might be related to my diet, so I started noticing what I ate on the days I had leakage. First it was chocolate, then raisins. I completely eliminated those foods from my diet and was happy for a while. Then I started to have leakage again and discovered that apples and soy were to blame. Soy is by far the hardest one to avoid, because it is in everything (even canned tuna)! Most commercial baked goods have soy lecithin or partially hydrogentated soybean oil in them. I have to bake my own bread now, take my homemade food for lunch, and pass up most treats at work. When I eat out, I often have to take a chance that there's no soy in it. Most ingredient labels on foods list the common allergens in them at the end of the list. Soy is one of the common allergens listed. It must be a cheap ingredient because it's in so many foods (Probably there is an over-production of soy due to federal subsidies to soy farmers). The food manufacturers probably figure, "Hey, we gave you fair warning. We can't help it if our food gives you problems." Sometimes I take homeopathic phophorus or the homeopathic product Diarrex when I get leakage, and those seem to help. Also, I wear a pantiliner or pad most days, so my underwear doesn't get ruined. Many foods are processed on the same equipment that soy is, so there can be cross-contamination, so I get soy in my system unknowingly. I'm just afraid that I will get sensitized to other foods and will have to eliminate them also, until I can't eat anything.

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Can anyone comment about the mucus issue? I have suffered for several years from this and have had a colonoscopy and flex sigmoidoscopy and am healthy. Yes, they did see mucus but did not think it was a big problem. I guess because they don't have the problem. I thought a female gastro would be more receptive to the problem, but NO. I poop- wipe clean- go to the gym- feel a little something slip out of me- MUCUS!!! Try to finish on the tread mill and run for the stall. It is debilitating and it is all I think about. The mucus will last for up to 6 hours. This is killing me and I hate to poop because I know what I am in for- hours of running to the bathroom and wiping myself raw. I am so self conscious about smelling, leaking- it's GROSS! I get all of the problems the rest of you get with a wet behind. I may try the tampon in the butt when I hit the gym.

Pooping my pants at age 20's picture

I shaved my ass, (don't ask me why) managed to cut it. Got an anal fissure. It went away, now anal leakage. No clean underwear but I don't seem to notice a smell. Also, when I have a BM it feels like there is still more poop inside of me that won't come out. I eat pretty good, but I am going to completely cut out fatty foods and high sugar foods. Eat more whole foods hope this helps

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Mucus Hater,

Did you read any of the comments in this thread?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Most comments, tactics and suggestions posted on this site throughout the course of this 5+ year discussion have been enlightening and helpful.
I have a fissure as a result of a service related injury from a boot camp accident 44 years ago. The regular occurring bleeding hemorrhoids were taken cured by by a spinal adjustment to vertebrae, third from the bottom, by my chiropractor several years ago.
The anal leakage comes on periodically and I attribute it to a few causes:
1. Extensive periods behind the wheel;
2. Dietary changes;
3. Lower fiber intake.
The latest bout has lasted for one month and I think it can be traced to my not eating as much naturally fibrous foods as I normally eat.
However, while I work this out, here are a couple of practices I employ:
1. For itching, I use corn starch, a half teaspoon in my underwear. I only use this after a shower;
2. For stain prevention, I use an unscented pantyliner (previously suggested), regular size. Two side by side, slightly overlapping, work for bigger splotching. Can't someone invent a wider one for men? We generally wear wider underwear than women do or one marketed specifically to AI sufferers?);
So, while each of you AI sufferers figure out your specific cure, the pantyliner is very convenient. Don't use these as a crutch but as a stool tool while you work on licking the real problem.
3. Avoid rubbing away. This can only cause irritation of the anal tissue;
4. Think positive. You will overcome the stain!

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l 100+ points

Daphne,if Mucus Hater had read any of the comments in this thread,I don't think you would have to ask.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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I've cut out coffee. After 2 years of having the problem its cured. Try it.

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every one look up solesta, there are studys for this, also its not called anal leakage it is called fecal incontinence or bowel incontinence...

Anonymous Coward's picture

To Anonymous Coward above:

Have you ever actually read about "fecal incontinence"?

It is not the same as "anal leakage," except by very loose definition of the expression.

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Poonurse got it right in her answer. The gut produces mucus, and an irritated gut produces a lot of mucus. It gets passed the same way as the poop. It may or may not be stained with poop so it has different appearances. It usually stings or causes itching because of its pH, I suggest washing your butt insead of wiping it because wiping is chaffing. Mucus gets passed even if you have normal anal tone because of its purpose (mucus is a lubricant), and it can have a fishy smell (yes I've smelt my mucus). Passing mucus is one of the criteria of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is a term for a cluster of gastrointestinal problems. It can effect you anytime including post dump. I've suffered from this since childhood and I'm now 45, taking a dump for me is always urgent. I've found that avoiding anything made with wheat has helped a great deal. I've been tested for wheat allergy but I'm not allergic. I personally think that there is a range of what is normal/abnormal, I probably have a sensitivity to wheat - a sufficient reaction to cause irritation, but not an allergy. Wheat is part of the modern diet and is not a food that the human body has properly adapted to. I believe that it appears in the modern diet too much (like sugar) and is part of the reason why IBS, obesity and diabetes is prevalent. People are what they eat. If you think that you're passing mucus then trial the elimination or significant reduction of certain food types from your diet, but be sensible about it.

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I have a solution that provides IMMEDIATE relief from the symptoms. After finishing with wiping (or the inevitable rewipe), apply Bagbalm to your anus. Unless you are especially irritated, it usually is instantaneous and amazingly soothing.

Since the base is petroleum jelly, aka plain Vaseline (which works in a pinch, albeit less soothing), it protects your skin against the additional moisture. Bagbalm is also antiseptic, which might account for the additional soothing.

This only provides relief, not a cure, however.
I only cite my suffering from the pooleaks and the million wipes since childhood (probably due to my poor diet) and my experience as evidence.

Apologies if this is redundant with a prior comment.

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Hi guys sorry for not posting up sooner. But I just had surgery 2 months ago to fix this problem. The diagnosis was internal intussusception. My symptoms were constipation/incomplete evacuation, constant re-wiping after bowel movements, mucus leakage, and this odor that seemed to follow me everywhere unrelated to hygiene. It was hell for 2 yrs, people just thought I didn't know how to wipe properly or that I was just plain dirty. Surgery was called abdominal rectopexy. It has cured most of my symptoms except the incomplete evacuation. So what I do is a warm water enema after each bowel movements to make sure everything is out. Surgeon says this is ok to prevent straining and re-aggrevating the damage. Please see an experience colorectal surgeon. GIs and other doctors thought I just had IBS and never took me seriously. They said to eat a salad. Ha

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I'm not having any of the problems above, however mine is quite similar.

Recently I've noticed this perfectly clear (white) liquid coming out of my bum. I feel like I need to poo and all that comes out is this stuff.

Perfectly clear white liquid, no smell whatsoever. Recently there have been no changes in my diet or my hygiene and I've never had this before.

If it helps I've only really noticed it after masturbation. Don't know if that actually makes a difference.

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D666D666, Sounds to me like a wrong connection in your plumbing. Definitely a case of ball sack connected to the butthole.

Dr C. Thunderbutt
How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Finally Over With It's picture

If your ONLY problem is clear mucus, it's a classic case of engorged hemorrhoids. Yes you can have engorged hemmies without the bleeding. Use Hydrocortisone HC suppository and you just have to avoid straining.

IBS sufferer's picture

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had this terrible problem. I remember having to use Vaseline to cut down the burning and the itching. Now 30, 3 kids later, sick of this 'shit', I am going to find a cure. The doctors told me to clean myself better. WTF? So I am sad and glad all at the same time this is a real problem. Thankfully no one ever removed anything from my backside.

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Suggestion for the ladies - I am 51 years old and suffer silently like the rest of you do. I get scared, then I read the comments, calm down and dismiss this as "expected at my age". For years as a child my mother would always preach - WEAR COTTON PANTIES - no silky satiny ones - straight cotton. It allows your behind to breath. It took many years but I now believe her. Some undergarments don't allow air to get to your skin - which traps moisture and breeds odor. COTTON COTTON COTTON
I have learned a lot of valuable information here including the fact that an antibiotic can start thisproblem. I am a diet coke fiend and will gradually ween myself off to see if eliminating the caffeine slows or stops the AL. I might have to try Activia (Jamie Lee Curtis advertises for Activia saying it has probiotics). I have reduced my food intake so as to not have to go to the bathroom every day. Seems like the days I go are a problem, the days I skip are normal. I use Cottonelle wipes, I bathe with Ivory all natural soap. I pamper my behind - anything to keep the pain, itchyness, inflamation away. I plan on trying the fiber trick as well as the Desitin.

To the young people that suffer this embarassment - don't give up. You will find some type of solution for the odors that have stripped your confidence. My heart goes out to you. Try sprinkling some Johnsons Baby Powder on your behind after a shower. It will absorb some of the moisture that collects, gets trapped in the crease and begins to smell. Believe it or not, everytime I use the bathroom I fan my backside to try and dry up some of the moisture. It helps. I am so glad I found this website!

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Hi All,

Finally I got over this problem after 5 years. A friend suggested to write to an alternative medicine guy who writes on a blog. With his guidance I am free of it after less than 3 months. He said he helped around 20ppl so far with our prlblem out of which 15 cured completely and the others have significant improvement. With his permission I am givinging you his email good luck guys and dolls

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hi, to the person that commented above me, would you be able to explain how he helped you with you problem? Diet, kegels etc? If I was to contact him do I just email him and explain my situation? Thanks

Anonymous Coward's picture

course blend metamucil works much better than tha regular orange flavored stuff.

Anonymous A's picture

After reading through many of these posts, it's pretty obvious that everyone's anal leakage is caused by something a little different. What works for some, doesn't work for others. For me, it seems to be diet related. Cashews for sure are one cause. In an attempt to stop eating crap snacks (soda, candy, etc) at work, I started eating nuts. Almonds, cashews, and peanuts. I buy them by the bag. After about a year, I noticed that my symptoms were cyclic and coincided with the timeframes when I was working on a bag of cashews. I still occasionally experience an episode, but no where near as bad as that first year. All I can do is suggest to others is to experiment with your diet, and focus on oily foods.

22 YO's picture

I wish there was a simple answer. Something as simple as taking a pill to cure this once and for all. I have tried fiber and eating better. In fact I recently went on a diet and lost 20 pounds (im gonna be my weight that I was back when I was in high school soon). My butt leakage issue was what made me think I needed to eat better but this problem didn't go away permanently. Im looking better everyday and this issue continues. =/ What the EFF. HELP?!

Itchy's picture

This site is great, I can confess. For the past 6 months my day goes like this. I get up, stretch, take a shit, wipe it good with TP and then finish with wipes. I'll eat some breakfast and then around noon I take a walk, then it hits, my a-hole gets itchy and juicy. The scratching feels great, butt damn I need it to go away. I'm healthy and eat good. I've got to wipe the moisture away during the day and I have a slight redness around the hole. WHAT CAN I DO?

Anonymous Coward's picture

I made contact with him ( and gave him a short outline of my problem. He replied within a day or two with a questionaire. Once he determined that he can help - then I started the program. Started seeing an improvement in my problem within a month or so and problem gone completely within 11-12 weeks. For me it was very helpful since previosly I have been to a gastroenterologist that carried an number of tests and beside costing me an eye there was no diagnosis. Hope this is what you asked

Anonymous Coward's picture

Awsome. What were your previous symptoms? Did you have an odor that was caused by the leakage?


My cure's picture

This page helped unbelievably. I was awarded with "swamp butt" to the second power when i was 26. Being young and healthy i was crestfallen while at work when my butt felt a bit muddy. Upon investigation i found something that i thought would never plague my existence until my late 60's. "why did this happen?" i screamed. I am not a homosexual, so no intense anal bombardment repeatedly for me! i am just a regular college dude who doesn't want to have to wipe my ass multiple times for an hour after i take a crap. It sucked. Sitting upon the porcelain throne "was" the one joy i got in life, and now it is ruined. I had to Strategise taking a crap. If i had alot of walking to do i would refrain from taking a crap(or leaving a crap) until i was in an area where i could sit down for at least 1/2 an hour. I don't know why this worked for me, but it did. One horrid day i took(or left) a crap and i noticed blood in my poo. I instantly thought i had ass cancer, and almost passed out because of the blood, and the thought of having ass cancer. To top it all off i had to deal with go to and from the bathroom for an hour re-cleaning my leaking butt. It was very scary, and ultimately embarrassing. It took an entire year for me to finally get fed up with this dilemma to finally see a Dr. about it. It was horrible but needed to be done. He advised a Colonoscapy to figure what was going on in the ol'pipes. So spending an entire day drinking a colon blow prescription cocktail my butt was ready for the anal probe. The problem turned out to be Hemeroids.... well crap. "how did i get a hemmeroid?" i screamed. There reply was "well it just happens.. gravity and all". While mulling it over days later i thought "what kind of answer was that?" "what can i do with an answer like that?" So i ended up being perscribed "analpram HC" which is a steroid that "takes away the symptoms but doesn't cure the damn hemeroid. The leakage left instantly, but when i was sick of shoving a pointy tube up my butt i decided to ween myself off of the analpram. To my everlasting shame the leakage began yet again. So that is when i found this website. Alot of great advise that actually worked. It was a matter of diet that needed fixing. So what i did was changed my daily coffee to Black chai tea. Eat a cup of yogurt every day. And eat whole wheat toast and eat "fiber one" wafers. The leakage was cured within a week. I was completely surprised that it was a diet thing that needed changing. The most difficult thing was to give up coffee. Coffee has been my one true love for the past 10 years. I needed that caffeine jolt for college, but i found an excellent alternative with the black chai tea. I hope this helps with my fellow hell bearers. For those who wonder about the ol'hemmeroid it is still there. supposedly those never leave. I hope that is an urban myth.

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I have had this problem for over a year now and have finally dialed in on the solution. When I first started getting it, it only happened every once in awhile. Gradually it got worse. I thought it was due to an anal fissure as sometimes there was blood on the paper after I wiped. I finally realized that this was not the case and that the leakage caused this effect sometimes as liquid poo that is halfway out not only causes the ass to be slightly open, the chaffing causes blood sometimes. I fixed my diet perfectly for at least a month to where I got 30g of fiber a day. Fiber works, but only as a coping mechanism. When you have a high fiber diet, if you eat anything that doesn't have fiber in it, it causes you to need to take a dump very soon afterward. Finally I came up with a permanent solution. Kegels. I tried kegels several months ago and after 3 weeks I gave up because I started thinking once again that the problem was caused by a fissure. However, I did notice that I had less leakage than before. I recently got off the high fiber diet and enjoy not being on it very much. It caused me to poop a lot and have lots of irritation, and although the fiber seemed to absorb a lot of wet stool, it didn't get all of it and I still had leakage. The key is doing the kegel exercises correctly. I noticed that the leakage comes from the back part of my ass (the part closest to the tailbone). Therefore, when I do kegels I focus on tightening and strengthening the back part of my ass. I do kegels 3 times a day, 30 repetitions and 8 seconds per rep. Meaning I tighten for 8 seconds and relax for 8-20 seconds. You'll notice that as you get closer to 30 reps you need more rest. Another coping option besides fiber is to wait til night to take a crap. I did that when I was on vacation and didn't want any leakage during the day. So the next morning I would wake up and would have some leakage on my boxers. I would just shower and change and it would be gone. The reason this works is because between dumps stool will build up in the rectum and will block leakage from coming through. This is just another idea in a pinch. Good luck and try the kegels because they will truly cure the problem. Within 2 weeks I have seen drastic changes because I started doing them the "correct" way by tightening the back part of the hole.

maxter's picture

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to whoever gave Silvio's details. Started the diet/suppliments plans and my leakage has drastically reduced in 2 weeks. Will update on results as time goes by.

prarie doggin's picture
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I didn't catch that one maxter. Was that the Sacrete Cement Mix diet?

maxter's picture

to prarie doggin

As far as I know there was no cement. Someone in a previous post gave the email address of silvio ( and he gave me a diet together with supplements/exercises/probiotics etc. and the leakage drastically reduced. so I was just saying thanks you to whoever posted.

prarie doggin's picture
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Well maxter, as long as things work out for you, I'm glad. Good luck to you.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Please could some one post silvio diet plan what supplements to take and the exercises. Thanks.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had this problem for about a year and half now, I went to a couple of doctors and everyone had their own opinion, I finally went to a colorectal surgeon and he did sigmoidoscopy, and found out there was no problem at all..I have a pilonidal sinus which is draining. It's actually draining pus and not poop
, He put me on some antibiotics, If I didn't get better than I will have to undergo surgery

Meanwhile, I want to know how do you manage the leakage??? It's summer and sometimes when i sweat the crap seeps through the undergarments

KR's picture

If you want to manage the leakage, you must incorporate FIBRE in your diet. I've had this problem for the past 7 months and it is the most embarrassing and uncomfortable situation, not to mention time consuming as I always had to revisit the bathroom to wipe and rewipe. I went to my GP who recommended I try Rectal Kegel exercises twice a day and referred me to a Gastroenterologist but then she left me with the disturbing parting words "he will try many things but he will never be able to cure it". I've changed my GP since...

The Gastroenterologist did a colonoscopy but found nothing wrong and put me on Benefibre and 1/2 cup yogurt per day. It worked partially but there was still a bit of leakage.

So this is when I realised that it was the fibre that I was lacking as I needed something to bulk up my stool. Not one for using much medication I turned to the simple... OLD FASHIONED ROLLED OATS. Every morning and every evening you need to boil 1/2 cup of the oats in 1/2 cup water, you can add additional flavourings if u wish like sugar, cinnamon, cardamom etc. It's quite enjoyable actually. You should also have some yogurt daily.

Let me know if this works for you. It did for me. Now when I go to the bathroom and I wipe after a bowel movement, there is nothing on the TP amd you will never have to revisit. You will have very clean bowel movements. All the Best to you :)

Anonymous not so Coward's picture

I suffered for this problem for 3 months, but finally it is solved. I had the same problem as most people have mentioned here. I tried different things, fiber, giving up caffeine, Kegel exercises, changing diet but nothing worked. During routine blood work I found that my vitamin B-12 level was low. It was above the minimum level but below average, doctor said. I started B-12 supplements (1200 mcg) a day and it worked wonders. My digestive system is getting better every day and leaky butt problem is already gone.

Gingerman's picture

Hi guys, I read this page ages ago, over the last few years I have had bouts and bouts of anal problems...nothing massively serious, first of all passing out be a pain then it would go, then it would be really sore this was on and off every couple of months.. then i would notice my boxers were brown a little bit, and it was like my ass was leaking.

This really burned i went to doc who gave my hydrocotazon cream for the burn but didnt find out what was wrong. it is a bit embarassing.

Anyway after nearly a year of not having the problem i found out what it was...for me it was COFFEEE and cafined drinks.. when i stopped them all it cleared up str8 away, i can get away with one odd coffee however if i have more than one or so i get that brown sticky stuff again..and its not worth it.

SO BASICALLY no coffee or caffine if possible. tea is okay WATER RULES plus its better for u!

Anonymous's picture

I have AL, but I eat a lot of raw fish (sushi), and I jog about 20-25 minutes most days of the week. I have to wipe again after I jog.

My maternal grandmother had Chron's disease, and there is a genetic trend of common sensitivity to certain foods on that side of the family. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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I had the problem where after shitting, 30 minutes later or so it would itch and be dirty again. I chew a lot of sugerless gum and drink a shitload of crystal light type of drinks... I stopped with the gum and artificially sweetened drinks and it went away the next day... for me it was the aspartame. I'd recommend cutting it out if u ingest a lot of it and see if it helps. I know how miserable it is