my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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DISEASE NAME's picture

Hello. We are all suffering from what is called:


It mostly affect men.
We have a high spincter tone. Our spincter does not relax when it should relax etc. Read about it and you recognise that all the thing we do is not solving the cause but minimize the leak.
- that is why someone wrote he exercised (aerobic ,sport) and leakage has gone
maybe his spincter got right again

As a student, i remember doing learning 3 weeks in a row without going out, that was the point where that constipation came and this shit happened.

If u understand german then here u go, a very good PDF where eveery type of INCONTINENCE is stated and what one should do, therapy etc.

Here you can see why coffee should be avoided.Coffee is increasing the peristaltic of rectum, thus stool is transported more faster to your rectum and spincter. Since our spincter does not work correctly , stinking beginns by leak.

There are 2 medicines you can try. Those two medicines slowers the movement of your instestines : IMODIUM and ENTEROBOL.

You can also wash your intestines by a cliestel, the tool where you put water into your ass. It will clean your ass until stool eaches spincter region again.

So you see , ANAL SEEPAGE is it called.
There are many many solutions.

It is something not many docs know only specialized clinics.


So the disease is called "ANAL SEEPAGE".

An abnormal spincter tone causes the leakage mostly affects men.
How to determine ?
Determine the time you eat ad shit out food !
You can do this by eating spicy !
Note the time you took spicey food and the time you have stool and your ass burns.
If the time differs from a normal time then your intestines moves unnormally very fast, that means peristaltic of your intestines is increased. Coffee causes this and others.

- wash your intestines with a cliestel after bowel movement. if you have form more time no problem than that is an indication of "anal seepage" cause there is no stool on your rectum/ spincter region.

- if you stop eating , an extreme diet for about 2-3 days, just eading fluidly , then stinking will stop,

- train your spincter muscle, go move yourself, do sport, run !
if increasement , then it again was probabaly anal seepage.

If conservative therapy does not help like diet and sports , then you can do surgerey !

Feces McGee's picture

I also suffer from this problem and have been thinking that it may be related to sex, and the orgasm process. When men or women orgasm the sphincter contracts and retracts, possibly if you have sex (or masturbate) too much this could make the problem worse. Try not masturbating as much and stick to real sex. Just a thought.

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Feces.......You state that the sphincter contracts and retracts during sex or masturbation. If we accept that premise as true why would it help to cut out masturbation and go strictly for sex? You have said they both have the same effect. What about blowjobs, where do they fit into the equation?

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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This is a reply to Jared who posted on 06.23.2009

Have you had any luck stopping the leakage by changing your diet? My problem is still occurring and has only gotten worse. I've noticed that eating poorly makes it worse. For example, eating highly processed foods (junk foods, like cookies).

I did an anti-parasite cleanse and it made no difference.

Would love to know if you've made any progress. Thanks!

Anonymous Coward's picture

WHo of you who have that problem do much sex or masturbating.

Indeed , this could be the cause as i masturbate very much.

It has something to do with the spincther contracts and teracts.

I remember when this began, that first , gas shootet out. but gases came out in a strange manner. like , gas, stop, gas , stop ,gas ,stop so a very linear way. that would indicate indead a contraction of spincter.
also on manometrie , the doc recognises an high spincter tone.

most docs simply just don't know about spincter problems.

my hemorhoids where treated 5 times. got bit better but it is not enough. i think that i have a defect so that the hemorhoid always comes back.

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
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Dear AC.....You should cut the time you devote to masturbation in half and use the time you save studying spelling and English composition.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

Mr. India's picture

This is due to excess fat in your diet which cannot be digested. Stools may also float due to excess lipid, have an oily appearance and be especially foul smelling. Possible biological causes can be lack of bile acids (due to liver damage or hypolipidemic drugs), defects in pancreatic juices (enzymes), and defective mucosal cells. The absence of bile acids will cause the feces to turn gray or pale. Try taking lot of fiber and water. And cut down on cheese.

Orlistat (Xenical) is a diet pill that works by blocking the enzymes that digest fat. As a result fat cannot be absorbed from the gut and some fat is excreted in the feces instead of being metabolically digested, sometimes causing oily anal leakage.

Also try some digestive enzyme supplements.

Anonymous Coward's picture

one question. who of you made regularly sports, not muscle training but sports where you move your body like running , basketball,football etc.
on my side , i did stop doing move sports since 21 or since i left school.
lack of movement causes many things. by doing regurlarly sports maybe it helps.

PS: i eat a big mac menu yesterday and today the stibk was bad. i mean after bowel mm. i washed my ass with water. i then used gel to wash my hand with whom i cleaned the ass. guess what, even after using wash gel the smell of shit was in my hand !!!!
it got away when i took soap.
the stinking of eating bic mac menu !
so --> bic mac menu (how much carbs, fat, sugar ) does it have ?
I am going to increase the supplement of enzymes and then look if it will help.

i personally think that our spincter got damaged after an infllamtion of pancreas, bile or other.

we had spincter weakness for along (at least it was on my side so) , my trousers often smelled some months before this happend, but it wasnt never like it is today.

maybe the warm wather is increasing the smell and i did not notice it on winter because it was cold.

These damn are very expensive but insurance must pay , you must force your doc. those plug you stick into as after bowl movement.
if the sinkting stops, you know that you have some kind of incontinence.

Anonymous Coward's picture

me from above again.
so i will buy these butt tampons.
it says it will close the leak , no odors, no itching.

using this, if i it works then you / i can go to the doc and be sure that we are some kind of incontinent. of course doctors will try to send you home without real help , just saying eat properly, he will never hint at those but pluggers. normally the insurance must pay it, but as doctors has dealt a budget system with insurances they won't inform you about that as these thing are damn expensinve.
maybe a normal tampon will do it, someone tried, yet ?

anal issues's picture

I was given a cream for the itching. Calmoseptine. It works well. It's soothing. It has calamine, zinc, and menthol in it. It doesn't smell great and it feels like I'm putting diaper rash ointment on myself but its working. I decided to try a naturopath in the meantime until my colonoscopy. we'll see what he says.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Have that problem:
Result of Gastroscopy :

- Heart Inflammation
- Stomach inflammation

caused by the "helicobacter pylori" bacteria.

Now on eridication.
Hope this is the cause !

By the way: WHO OF you IS IMMUNIZED , INOCULATED completely against all type of illnesses like hepatitis (a,b) , pneumokokkia, meningokokkia , tetanus, diphteria , mmr ....etc.


My parents did not immunized me well in childhood, maybe a hint ?
Did you know ? Bacteria is the second killing cause in the USA and it is rising.
Cause you have bad health care out there.
Hope lies on Obama.

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
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AC....I think I received an immunization for every disease in the world during my years in the service. I was immunized against yellow fever, bubonic plague and almost everything else I ever heard of. I am reasonably healthy at 68 except for a few inherited things like gout and diabetes which there is no immunization for anyway.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

Anonymous Coward's picture

chief : did you update all your immunization ?
hepatitis a+b ,polio,diphterie etc last 10 years, influenza one year, most others 5 year.

No matter what : stinky ,leaky gas,ass means we have a disease , could be minor surgery diseases to organic disease. Only a unhealthy body stinks. it is a reaction of your body to tell that something is not right, like pain.
To summarize : Most people had stinking that solved.
The causes where different : hormons , inflammations, incontinence forms

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AC...No..the only immunizations I keep updated now are influenza, pneumonia and tetanus. I no longer travel outside the USA so I don't worry about the rest of them. There are enough places I have never visited in this country to keep me interested for the rest of my life.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

Anonymous Coward's picture

my specialist said sphincter too tight, spasms, allows leakage/smell to pass through.
what is the cure? trying to remove internal hemmeroids for now, but is surgery the next step to fix spasming sphincter?

The one with answers's picture

I had this problem and finally found the answer...I developed mild lactose intolerance! I started taking lactaid before eating dairy and it has pretty much stopped completely! Try it and see!

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AC, if the doctor who diagnosed you, with a too tight sphincter, can't tell you how to fix it, go get a second opinion. The doctor should be telling you what you are to do next. That IS why you went to him, to get the anal leaking fixed, right?
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

zoombie's picture

ok , first of all its a great site.. and secondly the sufferer will only understand it value...let me give some good piece of info..
I was all normal then suddenly i observed that i am getting too swaety down there.intially thing were like others like avoiding plastic chair in public carry powder etc...slowly i observerd the sweating increased and one day i realised it does not smell like sweat ..
when i wiped nothing was there but clean .
later i observed a bit of stink after sitting long hours in office , it was then one day my colluege told me that he could smell something like was alarming for me as i need to do something i started reading internet and came across all sort of bullshit info...i did not try any , i foucsed more on perfumes and wiping every 1 hr. however this does not this point i got totally mad..!!!! what a hell ..a simple ass**** making my life hell.panic surrounded me ..
but finally i got few tips that saved me:
here we go( works only if u got clean leakage)

1) Find out what is the leakage ..sweat or Mucus ? mine it was Mucus. quite sticky and smells like a gum.

2) while u research more on why u leaking gum use the following backup plan..

a) buy some wet tissues , some good one ex :dettol, these are quite big and clean u nice, u can keep them in pocket.

b) dont just clean ur anal area, take one wipe and clean anal and surroundings, second one for ur butts , and if u wish third one for ur back just the area above butt. once done take normal tissue and make urself dry.

c) Repeat the process every 1 hr , even if u dont smell anything ..remeber others smell you faer better and you cannot smell urself becuase ur soo adjusted to it...for example when u get in trains it might stink with sweat but after 2 stops you feel nothing...

4) why this mucus is coming ..i cannot wipe 8 times daily in office ??????
check ur anus ...if u got wife or GF ask her to see if something abnormal ..if u too shy to ask them get a digital cam and set it on timing and take a nice shot of ur butt checks open..see if ur anus is normal...

5) My case i found a hairline crack in my anus with some please clean ur anal area before showing to anyone.

6) hairline crack is anal fissure which my doctor confirmed today ..i am currently on fiber and cream to get it healed...

7) Please do not hide it from doctor just becuase u feel to shy etc..beilve me doctor whould have seem much bad as** before and he won't rank urs..

8) In summary to all who face anal leakage ( solid or liquid) ,....please do some reseach before going to panic mode....if u work in office take a week off and stay at home so that others dont get a hint on ur issue.
Personanly there could be only 2 things :
1) Some medical issue which doctor might fix
2) watch ur diet..dont eat all bad stuff in market junk etc...focus on fiber and fruits...
thansk everyone for reading this...hope this will help to someone with clean leakge.....
feel free to post ur comnets

shitster's picture

folks,i had an anal fissure that required surgery. Not gay nor do I engage in any anal play. It was caused by me one day taking a dry poo and felt somethng sting and realised when I wiped there was bright red blood on it. -freaked me out.Needless to say it was lets try kiegal exercises or more fiber intake or eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water,stay away from spicy food.Honestly it didnt do a dam thing buy cause more frustraition. I now have anal leakage-even after the surgery-its been 2 years now. Every 2 hours I must go in and wipe useing some pads and witchhazel cleaning pads .At work i go into the restroom 4 times a day and do this routine and on hot sweaty days, even after this-My ass smell is awfull. Its embarrassing .I went back to the protologist several times and he says there is nothing he can do. sometimes this happens to people with anal fissure surgery but its a small percentage. I wish i would have not had the surgery 2 years ago and just continued to have blood when I wiped because at least I didnt have this funky smell now, its effecting my life. Nothing short but wearing depends underware or a dam but plug,Im only 33 years old. This whole thing has left me feel literally like shit! Metamucil, oatmeal, beans , fruits and vegatables ,its not working. Anal leakage for life-almost like a death sentance!

sittingpretty's picture
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shitster, You need to find another doctor. I never heard of that. I have had an anal fissure repair twice. No anal leakage before or after the surgeries. Seriously, get another opinion. You are young and should not be dealing with stinky leakage.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Tramy's picture

It seems like his rectal muscles are weak or something. Like it's not tight enough the hold the poo in.

shitster's picture

I have been back several times.The Dr said if i wanted to go all the way, that there are specialist in san francisco that will put sensors on my anus and they will detect weather or not im makeing correct alighement and tightness when it closes. He said it will cost thousands and its no guarnatee they can fix it. They wont give me any kind of plugs because they said im too young and that plugs would actually weaken my anus and make things worse for me. All i know is this. Im misearable. During dateing i can move a little bit and get a little wif and im horrified.I cant get rid of it with everything humanly possible i can do. When it comes to my sex life,It sucks. No oral because im afraid she will get a wif especially if i detect it. Its pretty much much stright sex, then off to the shower to scrub my ass again and apply the Beechwood pad and put on a new pair of underwood . When the women find out what problem i have, they soon leave me .Who wants a 33 year old man with a bad smelling ass problem . I think they see themselfs changing my diaper when im 40 . This is absolutely effecting my life in many ways!!!!!!!!

leaky butt 50's picture

Ok so I am really happy to find this forum and to know that I am not alone. My problems started about 3 years ago. Over the years I have found many ways to improve my situation but not stop it. The first thing I would like to say to all of you is get a Bedet. They are not that expensive you can hook them to your original toilet and I would not be without it. At least I am kept as clean as I can until the next anal spill. Here is what I have learned. Getting in the shower and pointing the hand held shower head at your ass hole is a good way to clean it out only it sometimes makes it all worse as it is like having a enema and later the wetted and softened spill comes out. So I stopped this procedure. The Bedet is good because I feel cleaner. I can feel the poop inside me ready to come out but can't always feel it come out. I will go to the restroom hoping to not find the brown culprit but sometimes it is there and I have to do an emergency panty cleaning (gross) The first time I really knew I had a problem was beleive it or not after Sex. I smelled something and went to the bathroom. The force of intercourse pushed some poop right out of me. Imagine my disgust! Now I am aware of when this could happen and so only have sex when I know I don't have a resevoir waiting in my butt hole. After reading some of the posts I emailed my doc because I suspect I might have the fistuala thing. I will keep you aprised of my situation. I asked for the test. Also I find the IBS pill helps and when I am having an ongoing problem. I take 2 imodium every morning. I woul rather be a little bound up than leaking. My problem seems to come and go. Surely there must be help for us. So far my doctor has not offered any. I think I might also have a weak spinkter muscle because in my 20's I had a very large baby, I think he wrecked me for later.

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Found poop streaks in my hanes when I woke up, again, this morning. Taking two scoops of miralax more than once a day is the cause, I hope. I hope it's not a fecal obstruction again.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17's picture

Wow I'm not alone!!!
I've never had this problem before until a couple of months ago. I'm starting to smell at work and there's nothing I can do about it. I've tried tp in the butt, but I think it just traps the smell. I'm trying the fiber right now hopefully that works.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hey everyone, I read that High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) could be the culprit for this problem. The thing is, tons of drink and food products are made with it in America now instead of using natural Sugar for economic benefits.
Here's the link...

I stopped drinking soda (I drank a lot) and have been reading labels to avoid eating foods with HFCS and the problem has seemed to have gone away.

sittingpretty's picture
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shitster, I can't stress this enough. Get other opinions. You are too young and you need to keep looking for the answer. Don't give up!
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Anonymous Coward's picture

Greetings my Mudd Butt Brothers (and Sisters):

How wonderful it is that we all can be joined her in support of one another as we battle this less than savory condition: AL.

I want you to know I have read this site thoroughly and am impressed with the support, humor and information available.

Without this site, I would not have learned what a "manpon" is and become aware of its pros and cons. ... I also would not have become aware of some of the other many creative and interesting approaches to dealing with and possible eradicating this dreaded condition.

It was also here that I believe I have found my answer. I worried about parasites, fistulas, fissures and other possible causes. But I think my answer lies in a good old change of diet, specifically added more fiber.

It's only been two days but I'm firming up. Less itching, less burning, less leakage.

I did about four days of diaper rash ointment. Witch hazel pads. Three showers a day. Lotta ass focus for the past week.

And I think I might have it licked (so to speak).

Thanks again to everyone. I will report back in a week or so just to make sure I'm still clean.

All the best ....

Anonymous Coward Number 6758's picture

It would appear people have different problems and some things work for some and not others so I am not advocating this as a solution .. just (so far) my solution!

I am feeling better than I have for a long time. I used to have to take metamucil at night every day or suffer anal leakage the next day. I am now at a point where I have gone a week without this and I have changed nothing else except for the medicine I am now having.

Firstly let me say that this has been the result of hard work, ignoring doctors that tell you to live with it and much money (about 3000 all up over two years). It required a doctor that LISTENED .. and I can guess they are hard to find.

In any case I was having other symptoms. I was unable to absorb vitamins etc. They would test after giving me huge doses and nada! SO I was generally feeling out of sorts anyway. So FINALLY doctor sends me for a poop test. Full on poop test costing me 450 AUD. It gave my doctor invaluable information on whether I was a celiac, or had other problems digesting. All looked to be OK apart from the fact I had an unknown parasite in my system. The doctor looked up information and it appears that there are many parasites that are known, but far more unknown. As this was unknown the doctor could not give me "proper" medicine to get rid of it, however being a forward thinking physician told me to get onto something called "Gut Bug" (I am in no way affiliated with this company). These are apparently herbs (chinese was stated) so I started this and have not looked back (so far!).

My advice is this. Get a full on poop test from your doctor and have them analyse it with you. If you have a known parasite they can give you something for that. If they find an unknown parasite look into getting some of the medicine mentioned above.

The above is not for everyone, but it has helped be after two years of feeling very uncomfortable!

If I can get better so can you.

sweaty ass in ohio's picture

I have the sweaty ass problem as well. I'm 31 and have had it since high school. Just as an FYI to you all, I don't drink cofee, I drink way to much booze, I stopped smoking weed a few years back due to random testing (!!!), I have bad eating habits (i.e. no breakfast, usually eat two big meals a day, lots of fast food - volcano tacos rule!, etc).

Anyways, this site is the absolute "shit". I like drinking and over eating so I'm going to try adding fiber to my diet and hope it helps.

Good luck you funny bunch of stinky creatures.

Me and my sweaty butt out...

"Cash was burns"'s picture

I have spent more than seven years with leaky-arse. I suffer today.
I have read the previous posts with guarded enthusiasm; however, I have almost shat myself three times laughung at many of the postings.

Currently, I have leaked, and are continuing to leak even as I try to type.
I think cheese is the bastard causing all of this...that and El Espelon mexican restuarant.
Any info on getting rid of skin tags?
Man, I'm a mess....

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have had a very sweaty butt with quite heavy flow for some time.
I have to use a sanitary pad to cope with it. I
prefer a looped pad because it holds the pad closer to my ass.

sittingpretty's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Cash, a doctor has to remove skin tags.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Anonymous Coward (who would want their name on a poop site?)'s picture


"Cash was burns"'s picture

I am so tired of it all. Sticky, leaky arse is destroying the simple pleasures of life.

So, as of 3:45 pm pm today, I am declaring war on my leaky ass.

It will begin with eating a plain bagel with half a container of cream cheese. I am enjoying it now. I shall then enjoy viewing my favorite Andy Griffith show reruns eating a plate of microwaved-burnt Doritoes covered with a cheddar-monterray jack mix and sour cream, heavily covered with Great Value taco seasoning. A quart sized Yoohoo will washing it all down.

What a suprise my leaky ass will get, tomorrow about won't know what hit it.

I'm going in...

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I like the way you think, Cash.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Trailblazer22's picture

what you guys call supplenbutt i call acid poop, my butt feels like i just pooped out acid logs and the excess liquid gets in my stretched butthole and it feels like my butt is on fire. and then it leaks later which sucks cuz it stinks. the worse is when i eat flaming hot cheetos i have red poop and acid burn on my butthole for hours. i then stopped eating the cheetos even though there my fave. after stressful work my ass smells like BO and shit soup anyone know the smell

Samuel's picture

Zoombie, I have the same clear mucus leakage as you. I was wondering how your progress is. How did the doctor find the fissure? What did the doctor do for you to heal the fissure? If you can please give me more info I'd really appreciate it.


"Cash was burns"'s picture

...this isn't going well...I've been straining turdpaste for the last couple of days. This morning I nearly pissed and shat myself in the car trying to make it back from Walmart. I can't stand their bathrooms. A few years back I walked in on a stall that had brownie mix smeared all over the back wall. The only thing was, it wasn't brownie mix. Anyway, I digress; once I got home and passed the plate of burnt Doritoes (yes, I could tell) I noticed I had torn the button off my pants trying to get them down fast enough to unload. After a roll and a half of Charmin's best 2ply and several flushes later,my ass burned for two hours. Today I fidget like I'm sitting on jagged glass....I call it jagged-glass-arse.
Anyway, I will not give up. I found and bought a box of Grape Nut Flakes and enjoyed a big bowl. Maybe that'll clear things up soon. I'm not beat yet...

Uncontrolable in Iowa's picture

Ok so first off fuck what ever really causes this.
I've had id since the first day of school sophomore year in high school. I think what may have led to it was massive amounts of mt dew and jalepeno chips and holding in my poop for hours while playing video games. Im now starting my junior year and its still happening. everyday last year id go to the bathroom between class periods and wipe. sometimes spray axe. have gone to the doctor and had blood tests done. told me to take miralax. didnt help much. weed is not the cause because i had this before i started smoking. the doctors stopped making appointments for me so i guess they though i was a lost cause. after a poop i use a half to whole roll of paper. and it still feels wet. i decided to google it last night and found this. i am so happy and hope it helps. this morning i had a fiber bar and water for breakfast. it helps a little. tonight i ate 2 more and drank propel. i also took a bath with some kind of oats soap in it. let the water in my butt. surprisingly it helped. im really struggling with whatever this is called. almost failed lots of classes last year due to my concentration. i used to be very outgoing and talkative and touchy feely. now im scared to get close. this may be caused by an std. but im too scared to ask anyone. i would like a therapist so i can tell them this. dont know if parents can afford it though. whenever i wipe there is a smelly slightly clear liquid. im so confused about it all. just want it to stop. i need help. i dont know. fuck.

chanman's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

@ Uncontrolable in Iowa

I get the clear liquid too. You might want to check if you have a hemorrhoid. I seem to have my good days and bad days with anal leakage. I'm gonna start eating more fiber, and try to get rid of my hemorrhoid, I think that what may be causing the leakage. I want to figure this out, its very embarrassing going out in public thinking I'm clean, only to find out I'm not.

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Uncontrollable in Iowa, you have to go back to the doctor. If you don't schedule an appointment it is assumed that you are fine. But you are not fine. If it is so bad that it is affecting your grades, you need to tell your parents and have one take you to the doctor. Don't stop going to the doctor until you are healed.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Anonymous Coward's picture

why in the hell would anybody wanna post problems about there dam leakin asshole on the WORLD WIDE WEB????????????????

Anonymous Coward's picture

how many of us held our poop in as a child?

chanman's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I used to hold in my poop as a child a lot. I still kind of do, I don't really like using public restrooms, unless I absolutely have to.

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Hind sight is 20-20. I think I've cured my anal leakage. This leaking stuff started after taking the antibiotic Cipro for a kidney infection I got from drinking water while visiting my mother at a care home. The water had e-coli in it. The cipro to cure the infection destroyed all the good flora in my intestines from the first pill. It also made my tendons weak. No one should ever take anti biotics unless there is no other way. I ended up curing my own kidney infection that the cipro didn't cure with blending up raw garlic in apple juice. The kidney infection was gone the next day. It must be crushed with a blender to unlock the natural antibiotic (Allison.)
Getting back to the anal itching and burning and sometimes slight blood spots on tissue. The anal problem started with the antibiotic, Cipro. Taking pro biotics after losing the good flora also made me burn down there. It takes a long time to get back the flora the antibiotics destroy. This makes it easy to have anal leakage. At this time I had been drinking coffee for 20 years. Coffee is high in acid and very hard on the digestive track. That includes from the stomach and all the way out. When I don't drink coffee for just two or three days the leakage goes away and I start getting better sleep. Eventually my brain starts working better too. I'm able to type this letter faster. Coffee, or tea are very high in caffeine. Both are excessive. I think occational chocolate is better for the caffeine because it's not so much. I can't seem to completely eliminate caffeine from my diet. I'm not sure we should. After a week I have to have something with caffeine to make me alert enough. I think moderation is the key here and coffee or tea in my opinion are excessive caffeine sources. There are a lot of people that develope heart trouble from coffee consumption. That should say it right there. No coffee, no anal leakage. Early to bed and taking time for recreation couldn't hurt either.

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I as many of you had anal leakage for a little over a year. I went to the doctor after a couple months realizing that this could be a problem. I went through numerous tests, had a scare of anal cancer, diagnosed being lactose intolerant, you name it I probably was diagnosed with it.

So after spending tons of money and time at the doctors I stopped going, they were not figuring anything out anyways. I spent hours online doing research about my symptoms. I knew I always had hemorrhoids and I even told every single doctor I had seen and they told me that it was not the cause. I found that to not be the case at all. I had internal hemorrhoids that were prolapsing, which means they were coming out my anal opening. They were swelling and not letting my anus fully close, which led to the leakage.

So what I ended up doing was after going to the bathroom I cleaned thoroughly with baby wipes and then took a clean baby wipe and gently pushed the prolapsed hemorrhoids back up into my rectum. It took about a week for them to stay back inside for good. When you go to the bathroom push them up every time and eventually they should stay. If they don't you probably have a severe case which needs medical attention to help get rid of them. But by looking at the pictures of the bad ones...I think you would already be at the doctors scared as hell.

I have been leakage free for about 9 months now. It feels wonderful and I have not had a recurrence since that first week I started treatment. Do some research of your own. The poop report actually lead me on the right direction and also this link is very helpful.

I hope this helps some of you, good luck!

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I have determined that anal leakage, usually almost clear like sweat and itchy, is. a reaction to leafy greens like lettuce and spinich. Cutting out coffee and other stuff didn't help. I dropped foods one at a time for 10 days to evaluate. I'm 53, slim, vegitarian, e ercise and don't drink. Eat pleanty of fiber and a good diet. I still have it if I eat spicy foods too. But ver manageable now. The trick is to find YOUR alergy, if yours is food cAused too.

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