my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for this site. I am a 46 YO female, 104 pounds, work out religiously, eat zero red meat... and wake up in a puddle of poo with alarming regularity. Also have crap leakage with no warning, not even passing gas. Pull down the gym shorts and damn, all over the place. I will follow up on some of these suggestions. Thanks again!

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I have always wondered why I stunk and had such horrid shit stains in my underwear.On some occasions I would sleep in the buff only to find my bedsheets littered with brown and tan hash marks and the whole bedroom would stink horribly.This has sent my love life into a tailspin to nothingness.My coworkers talk behind my back about my stench and they know I am in the building even when they haven't seen me because they smell me.Management has done nothing to help me.But hey thats o.k. they are always wrong anyway.Someone is just jealous.

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I posted on 7/25/07,

21 yr. old male. I'm starting to give up hope. Enemas don't do anything to treat the problem by the way. Thought I'd throw that in there. Anyways, it's all bullshit and it's not fair anymore. Life isn't fair but this is just rediculous. Metamucil helps but doesn't relieve the whole problem. Went to the doctor and told him the whole story I posted on 7/25/07. That dumbass looked at me like I was stupid. I wanted to knock that shit-eating grin off his face. All he can come up with is a prescription to asacol. Some anti-inflammatory or something. I don't know if it is working but im still having the problem. whatever...

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glad to see my problem is common, I got a leaky butt too. but I blame it on being overwieght and drinking beer all day. dont exercise much ...had emphasima(misspelled) since 10 due to asthma now I can hardy breath. this leaky butt thing never worried me I sit naked all day on two towels .. had hemoriods a 20 years I guess just itches and hurts alot. never looked down there guess it would require a mirror. when it itches alot I take and put rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and cram in the stops the itch but then it turns sore for days. my boss had colon cancer around 59 ..guess he died by now but said the docs were shoving urainium rods up his arss.before this
he bragged about his hemoriods and said he operated or used wire clippers on them himself. I laughed.
one day soon I will stop drinking and get back in shape..and see if it goes away if not Ill seek a procto. doc or can it be cured once you got it?
ty for your time and this sight

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I had this problem yhears ago,when thru all kinds of tests, colonsocsopy, barium enemea etc, all showed no problems. Howevr the problem disappeard after this! I attributte ti to the enema. It took about 4 years but its back now, so maybe time to just give myself an enema. It alos may be due to age, I don't know how old anybody postinghere is, but I am close to 60. Muscles get weaker as you get older.

But anyway, try an enema, it stopped the problem totally for me for years.

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about the blood in the poop, it could be hemroids. do you work out? everytime i start hitting the gym i have to deal with toilet paper full of bright red blood. i saw a doctor about it and after his finger dug around in my ass for what seemed like an eternity, he concluded hemroids.
Now as far as shit leaking out my ass, wow it sucks. i deal with it probably 50 percent of my life. However, i am happy to see that im not the only one with leaky anus.

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I too suffer from this condition, often times I am too embarrased to partake in many party games or swim parties.

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OK i found this site because i just took a dump, wiped WELL, then showered, i went to scratch my ass and got poo under my nails! - I have it figured out... I think that our poops are RUSHED, therefore we dont sit there long enuff to let ALL the poop out of our large intestines! so then, we get up and go about our business, meanwhile - the poop that we werent patient enfuff to wat for makes it's decend. thus... leaving me w/ leaky ass syndrome. i have this eternal fear of having my anus licked during sex only for my partner to come back and kiss me w/ shit breath! UGH.... im going back to sit on the toilet!

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This is the greatest web site ever. I think a combination of gay connotations and childhood memories of toilet training have made this affliction such a clandestine issue. Like a shame that can't be spake. My GP was useless. But now I'm going to undertake a massive fiber boost to my diet. I'll report in a week. Thank you everybody.

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I used to have this problem but I don't have it at all anymore. All I did was change my life. I changed what I eat, how I eat and started exercising and I lost 140 pounds, my ass stopped leaking crap and I am now much healthier, happier, and in better shape.
I am muscular, slim, sexy and my ass doesn't leak.
It took one year from the day I started everything to when I lost my last pound and reached my goal weight of 155. (That's right, I weighed 295 when I was leaking crap)
Exercise, lose weight, work out, eat better (no junk food, no greasy burgers and fries, none) and you can have a leak proof ass too!

Everything is better now. I sleep better, I feel better, I don't snore, sex is better, I can concentrate better, I now wear size 30 pants where I used to wear size 46. It's a great feeling and no more poop in the underwear.

Give it a try. Get off the couch and out from in front of the computer and get active before you die with a load in your shorts.

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My butt leaks too when I poop, but sometimes also bleeds -a lot sometimes. I haven't had anal and my doctor couldn't find anything after exploring my ass in detail. I'm going to try the fiber and see if it helps, but wondering if others have had bleeding when pooping??

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A SHIT STORY (written in bad english)


hey guys, i know its been said and re-said... but you have NO IDEA how much this thread is helpful (in every way) to someone suffering from this. i have spent the last 2 hours crying (yes crying... i haven't cried in over 10 years) just reading this. i don't know if it was the relieve of seeing other people who suffers from those symptoms or just sadness that so many people are suffering but thank you everyone.

i started planning a list of reply to some of those post but i ended up realizing that this just went on and on and on and there was simply too many of them. so i'll just try to spec my side of the story.

i am a 22 years old male who watches what he eats, i do 1 hour of gym everyday, i have a bran type cereal every morning, i only drink water (alcohol on the weekend). i do smoke.


and yeah... anyone who wants to laugh at this... i seriously hope that you don't believe in karma because there are many days where i would have rather been dead or limbless then having to suffer this. i'm currently 22 years of age and this has started when i was 19. i was a brilliant healthy charming funny successful person... walking my way through life with a very promising future. coming out of college as first of my class in the field i loved and was deeply passionate with to then find myself in a straight downfall to straight hell. i have had bad times, but i could always tell myself that tomorrow would be better. and it usually was but this has just felt like if every day, i was simply getting deeper and deeper. loosing my friends... loosing my pride... loosing my confidence... loosing my life... into this condition (i also just lost my girl friend a few days ago which is like the cherry on top of the sunday). and every time where it felt like things were getting slightly better... the next day would be twice as worst. i'll try to explain here how it all seem to have started and where i think that i am up to. hopefully it can help people to see the early signs and prevent to reach the state where i am. (i have actually found myself thinking how easy it would be to throw myself in front of the train this week. and i am the type of people who usually is up front to say that suicidal people are weak cowards. thankfully this website has given me hope)

anyway...i have done allot of research on this subject in the past without much success (i'm surprised i never found this page). i also consulted several doctors who either laughed at me.... told me i was crazy... told me there was nothing wrong with me. also, the amount of people who will bring the problem to you are less than a minority. they either hate you very badly or love you very badly.

but yeah people... definitely DONT LOSE HOPE! this page is a proof that some people have made it through and god that feels good to know that some people can actually get through this.

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I've been scanning through all these, I have the very same problem...

nobody has stated whether or not the fiber really does clear it up? also I was wondering, how many of you developed this problem at university/college? perhaps the bad diet developed there is the cause? I was fine until I went to uni

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I've had this problem intermittently since I was in college over 20 years ago. I also thought I was the only one! Since I stumbled upon this forum I have tried taking Metamucil daily, and it has improved greatly. So, thanks to those who recommended the fiber.

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I have had for months what most on this board are describing as a sweaty butt. I am 100% sure, however, that it is not actually sweat, it's just clear liquid (which thankfully does not smell) leaking from my butt. It's easy to mistake for sweat.

I've been reading this forum for a while hoping for a solution. It's fairly embarrassing and I couldn't figure out why it was happening, and why only for the last ~6 months pretty consistently except occasionally in the past. I tried cutting out lots of kinds of foods - all caffeine, all dairy, protein shakes, etc.; I tried adding foods like tea and cranberry juice and yogurt; nothing helped. I finally figured out the cause of my problem:

Water. Specifically, the tap water from the water fountain where I work. I've always known it was not the cleanest or best filtered water. I've been drinking more of it in the past 6 months or so than I ever did previously. For the last week I have cut out all tap water at work (including fountain sodas) and have had no butt "sweat" at all. Actually, Thursday morning I mistakenly bought coffee at work, brewed with that same tap water, and had a recurrence Thursday afternoon/night. Other than that, I've been nice and dry.

I want to emphasize it's not water in general, or even tap water in general. I drink water at home that I filter: no problems. I fill up a water bottle from the water fountain at my gym and drink it: no problems. I drink bottled water: no problems. I guess the water at work is just particularly dirty, or has something in it my body really doesn't like. I have not tried filtering the water at work; I think I'm just going to stay away from it completely. And I'll forever be more cautious about the source of the water I'm drinking.

Any of you with this problem who have not found a solution - and perhaps if you have some of the other problems described here and haven't found a solution - I suggest cutting out tap water and all items that contain a lot of it (fountain drinks, coffee, tea, etc. - pretty much all liquids) and stick to bottled and/or filtered liquids for a while. It only took me 2 or 3 days for the problem to go away once I stopped drinking that water.

If this works for anyone else please post and let everyone know! I'm curious to know if it's the cause for anyone else. And good luck to everyone in solving your issues. Those of you with issues involving bleeding, please go see a doctor!

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I am glad to see this site i have had some bad times in life with IBS or some thing it might be a hemroid but the doc says no they check 3 times in 3 years .
mom had colon cancer and it is lots in family.

i saw a tread early in 2005 ? abotu using a morning bran and gran multi gran with flaxseed oatmail type product and i am going to try this because i am in cuba and just sand and one toilet and when youare on a 12 hour watch and or military policeand 6 hour watch and have to stay there the hole time that suck because as we all now the leakage is bad adn the longer the bum is wet the effects and long lasting days long and i have tried a few of the metamucil and the pyhiplum but hope the gran and the Flaxseed Hodgeson Mill. will help.

but on a other note i have had a few hernias and surgery so it might be the effects of the hernias but the IBS WAS there for years 34 years old.

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I have a white rubbery discharge at the top of my butt crack with some irritation and slight bleeding at times. Any ideas?

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I have the anal problem of leakage and I cannot get rid of it however it never used to be there. I went to the doctor and they think it has something to do with my back nerves. I found that about 2000 MG of calcium each day hurts but helps. Please find me a cure that doesnt involve tampons.

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l 100+ points

I agree with Poonurse. Just ram a Tampon up in there and stop whining about it.

"...human shit has more of an almond, or perhaps a macadamia flavor to it. I hope you will all take my advice and really consider tasting your poop some time, as I have. It's really quite an experience." - Ratz

"You will spray oil when you fart. You will have diarrhea. You will be shitting constantly and you will lose control of your bowels." - Mr. Angry on alli

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it amazes me to think many people over look the simple basic, as a trained medic, military most of our drivers get checked for internal hemorroids, internal hemorroids cause a jelly discharge of mucus, most time people can go weeks days or even years without having the full pain.

simple fact is diet or no diet , fiber or no fiber, stress on the rectum sitting during many times of the day, for years can have alasting affect in time to come.

you can use the hydrocor suppositories, or warm sits baths work, anusol works fine, any of the gear that contains whitch hazel works well too , all the above relieves itching, what is needed is to shrink the internal hemorroid

rubber bands work, injection to harden the vein causing the hemorroid to shrink, or surgeory, either way first step is to confirm this matter with your private doctor,

heres a clue for you, almost 65 percent of all grown ups get them and dont know whats the matter, and remain silient.

heres a guess to the discharge,
jelly like or wet but not actual poop, yellowish or white in color

thats the discharge from an internal hemorroid

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I remember stumbling upon this site last year, and here I am. Looking at it again. School started up again and I'm faced once more with the problem of a sweaty butt.
It's disgusting, poopy sweat. But rather, just sweat. This was also happening to my armpits.
Well, I approached my doctor about this issue and he prescribed me Prescription Anti-perspirant. Whatever it was (I'll find the bottle) Worked like a charm! My Armpits are doing much better and I never even sweat, it's a miracle really. Well, when I went to apply some more of this stuff to my pits, I dumped it all over the floor. So I never got the chance to try it on my buttcrack. But I'm thinking about getting some more of that stuff and trying it out.
I'll tell you the results! Wish me luck!
(Btw. I'm a 16 year old male. :D)

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I can't believe how many people suffer from this too! I don't have AL, but I do get the "sweaty bottom" all the time. I don't see how I get it... I do the whole wipe, wash, dry routine... and I have tried the baby powder trick.

So far, no luck in actually relieving myself from the uncomfortable situation. I know it's probably normal to sweat "down and behind" there when you exercise, but to sweat there often, even when you are leisurely shopping or reading a book? It sucks. I absolutely despise going out in crowded places, especially when strangers try to steer clear of you, as if you were the black plague or the like. There has been a situation where I was shopping and two employees had sprayed perfume all over me behind my back. Sure, the perfume smelled nice, but all it did was make me smell like rotten a** and expensive perfume. :(

It truly sucks if you are an active person like I am... ugh, I take dance classes, and it's really a pain in the a** (no pun intended) to have fellow dancers stray away from you. Or, go to dance performances and be in the crowded backstage area.

For those who want to at least control the "sweaty" problem, I use Carefree (yes, it's a woman's brand) wipes, whenever I have the chance to go to stop by the bathroom. And I carry around a travel-size container of baby powder. Johnson's has one made with pure cornstarch w/aloe and vitamin E. It works... until I go to school or my dance classes again.

I wish the best of luck to other people's nice to know that others know what it's like. (well, I wish that no one would have to suffer from this, but you know what I mean.)

I will definitely try the Metamucil (sp?).

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I just wanted to thank people for the advice on this site and add my bit if it helps others.
my five year old suffered badly from constipation when he was younger, and since has had a very leaky bottom. ruining several pairs of pants a day.I have been at my wits end! he was pooping so he wasn't actually constipated anymore, but his poops were small (but soft and healthy)
after reading the advice I have done 3 things
1) put him back on lactulose
2) increased the fibre from bran in his diet. (a handful of all-bran in his breakfast. and I made a delicious fruitcake from all-bran - google all-bran cake to find the recipe)
3) put him on the potty, rather than the toilet as it is a much better position for pooping.

and a week later we have had two days of pretty much clean pants. for the first time in ages and ages!!

and I had thought he was just lazy.
incidentally he had a healthy diet already. plenty of fruit and veg, wholemeal bread etc. but no bran fibre. I think bran fibre may be the key.

if you are having a similar problem with your child. I hope this gives you hope. because I know how awful this problem is.

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Do that to often lady and you'll end up itching in your rear end and that ain't nice i can assure you.

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hi guys. i dont poop myself or have runs like some other people i have read about on here but i can pretty much tell you every adult person with hair in there butt has a smell. i cant help with drainage of poop but as for the smell here's what i do and you can knock it or try it . take a shower wash really good always wipe with a baby wipe after you poop. and here's the tip you can knock or try. now keep in mind this doesnt stop sweat like you will still be wet. but it stops odor. i use arm and hammer the yellow underarm deordorant inside my butt i rub it inside my cheeks and it works for odor. not sweat know if someone finds something about sweat let me know! hope this helps.

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Nice to find a site related to people sharing a similar problem. Just to add my experiences to the mix. I'm a 40 year old male, very fit, always exercising. I love the outdoors and am always cycling, walking, swimming or running. I eat very healthily and have fresh fruit and veg every day and plenty of fibre. SO when I developed very itchy /dirty anus problems as described earlier on the site (having to wipe regularly) I became very frustrated. Doing everything right but still having medical problems. I've found the following helps a lot.

try to time bowel movements for in the evening. If you normally shower, try to sit in a bath of warm water for about ten minutes every morning, this seems to help the spinchter relax and has helped me enormously. Sometimes, I need to go for a poo in the morning and sitting in a bath for ten minutes afterwards really help here too. moving about a lot after going to the toilet definately makes things a lot worse.

i like camping too and not being able to do this ritual everyday when we are in a tent has turned this into a less than enjoyable experience, sadly.

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ryan (above)--great post.

i found a really good and thorough information site. it's the merck manual online.

it does help to know others are struggling with this too. my doctor has no answer. but mine came on after i took a strong anti-biotic which affects the intestines. i also have a prostate problem.

metamucil is not really available where i currently reside. when i get back to the usa maybe i can get a better handle on this--i've had this for over two years.
best of luck.

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Is alchohol safe to use regularly on your bum?

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HI...IM A 15year Old male. Ive been suffering from sweaty-ness around my butt bt near the middle bone.AT school its really embarassing. IV been having coffee thrice a day.HELP!



My name is Ryan, I have read almost every post made here and am shocked at how many people suffer from this HORRIBLE condition, including myself.
I have had every symptom listed in any post for about 2 years now. It's like everything bad I did in my life has come back to kick me in the ass (or should I say stink me in the ass).
It all started with my bowel movements turning bad. I noticed every time I had a bowel movement, I would have to strain to get it ALL out. It's like some was getting left behind and I wasn't able to get it all out. This was a horrible feeling. This in itself made me feel dirty down there. I would wipe and wipe and wipe to get extra clean, not fucking 15 minutes later it's like I didn't wipe at all. I would have to go back and wipe again only to wipe nothing most of the time but moisture (get this it smelt like ass too). This was the start of a hell I haven't been to yet.
Well after my awkward bowel movements, I started noticing my ass would sweat profusely. This is because I work at a lumber yard in a mill shop. I do hard physical labor and am in the heat all day. Well throughout the day my ass, boxers, shorts would literally be soaked with what I thought was sweat. I started to notice (over months of time) that I didn't smell pleasant. I thought it was just sweat from body odor (May I add I wear deodorant, body spray, and have excellent hygiene). So I was like "what the fuck man this is driving me fucking crazy." Well I started to pick up on the subliminal messages you get when you're around people. I even caught my coworkers talking about how I smelt bad. I started to go home early because I knew I stunk towards the end of the day. I felt so ashamed I would actually avoid having to be close to people or customers so they wouldn't smell me. "LORD! just strike me down now." I would get home and my boxers would be soaked in this smelly sweat odor.
Well by this time I still haven't realized that my ass is making my whole body smell. Well I was unknowing and didn't know what was going on. I started to change deodorant thinking it was just my body reacting weird to my deodorant. Well after trying every brand and type of deodorant I realized this wasn't it. So I now focused on my body wash thinking the same thing about my deodorant. Tried every brand and type of body wash with no avail. By this time I AM GOING CRAZY. I'm getting pissed at myself for stinking. I changed laundry detergent just hoping. I even changed my fucking dryer sheets. "Seriously I must be crazy." Even changed my cologne.
Well I started to think real hard about the situation and started to realize more and more. So I paid attention to things that might be internal. I started with changing my bowel movement routine. So I started planning my shits at night so I can take a shower after I have a bowel movement. I figured if I take a shit I can clean up right after and hopefully prevent any extra leakage. Well this did very little for a very short amount of time. Even after the shower I still didn't feel clean and most likely didn't smell clean.
I bought this body cleanse and colon cleanse to start the internal check list (and by check list I mean everything on the list I can do to narrow what the problem is). Cleaned me out but didn't work. So I changed my diet and excluded red meats, chicken, and junk food, didn't do shit. Given I already eat healthy cuz I love salad and fruit but I still eat fast food. Nothing I haven't done before though. So I haven't really done anything different with my diet for this to happen. Then I started to take fiber supplements and it seemed to help with my bowel movements but not with the leakage. By this time I'm getting pissed at the world and my life has done a 180. This brings me to where I am now.
Well after all this time of this shit I'm thinking I'm going crazy. I found myself distancing myself from people I knew and people I loved. I became unsociable and started to stay in the house. I didn't even want to go in public anymore. Started drinking heavily. So by this time I am going insane and ready to fucking give up (even though I know suicide isn't an option). I was popular in my home town, had a lot of friends, fucked a lot of chicks. Hell I lived life up and loved it. Now I hate life and am depressed constantly. I know what the problem is now so I searched it online. I started getting proactive about the situation and started finding things to do about it. I said to myself "Don't give up man life is too short." I made an appointment with a gastroentronologist (sp.) I didn't man up and tell him my problems so I just requested a sigmoidoscopy to see if I had any growths or any problems medically. Only thing that came back was small hemmrohoids (sp.)
So guys this is where I am now at this moment. I searched this shit online almost 2 years later and found this site. I am not necessarily glad to know other people have this condition, just glad to know I'M NOT ALONE. I know now I'm not crazy and it's not just in my head. I haven't talked to anyone about this, so I'm am glad to write this post, and hear from people who are going through what I'm going through.
So guys now to get the end of this I have done my research and am glad to post this info. My homepage is set to It's a site about everything to do with men I didn't make it my homepage for this reason but for when I was actually happy with life. Well I got onto the internet today and on the main page was a thing about medical conditions for men. GET THIS: What do I do? I research anal complications and guess what I found guys. 4 conditions, with symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. It's like the light has shown through. I know its not over yet. But I made an appointment with my doctor and I'm bringing all this info so I can get this cured for good. No more remedies to cover it up anymore. Thats all this people post is remedies to cover it up. Yeah its good for the time being but not in the long run. Here is the site hopefully you get it alright, and if you don't post and ask me and I will send it to you personally.

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One thing people can do is wear a thong undwear. YES MEN INCLUDED! This way the thong catches most of the leak. I also use baby powder in the thong and some on my butt to absorb and have a clean smell. Even to those macho guys working hard, I think it's better to smell like a baby than crap.

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do hemmoroids smell like burning skin or urine?

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Okay I couldn't make it through all the postings but I did see a few people with sweaty butt syndrome...what can be done about this? No stink just excessive sweat leaving the big sweat circle on the pants, this sucks. Big on MTV's Rob & Big mentioned the "manpon" where you stuff some TP in your crack but this is only a temporary solution...also have tried anti-perspirant in the crack however my ass seems to acclimate to the anti-perspirant within days and defeat it. I heard there are botox injection treatments for excessive sweat in the armpits etc. but I am a bit hesitant to ask my doc to inject my ass for the simple embarassment of all this. Please help anyone got a solution?? Ass hair has been shaved no noticable here I sit with the manpon until someone else comes up w/something better. PLEASE HELP!!!

Response to Kelsey's picture

Response to Kelsey - Your post was so insensitive and stupid I had to comment. You must get a lot of chuckles from the cancer or heart disease sites. You posted so long ago I doubt you will return but just in case, get a clue, medical issues are not funny and these posts were not here for your amusment.These issues are difficult for the people going through them. Grow up you stupid cow.

Nii's picture

Thankfully, I'm not alone. My ass smells like shit when I sweat and sometimes its so bad my whole body smells. I soemtime have gas in my stomach and that worsens everything. Well! for now, I do the wipes.

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Fuck, this site changed my fuckin' life!
My problem:
Bright red blood in ass paper, would have to clean like 10 times after I pooped because every 20 min. I wiped my ass, it was like if I didn't wiped before. Went to poop like every 5 days.
I read this thread and saw the Metamucil thing and I was like yeah, yeah, bullshit, mhhm. Anyway I bought it and at the next day my shit would just slide out when doing number 2. No blood, no residue, no nothing. So for the next 2 days it was intermitent, some days it would be ok, other days would be shitty. Anyway after those 3 days when I clean my crack there will not be any leftovers, NOTHING!!! :)
It's was weird to me to see just a clean piece of ass paper. It's like a miracle. Before, I had to plan my shits at night and shower after a few wipes so the next morning my ass wouldn't leak. I have hemorrhoids so I bet that this is a win-win situation since my ass will be clean, and my ex-hard shit won't fuck my intestines further. As a side note, most of the time my shits would be very soft, but leave my ass and TP dirty (no blood). But sometimes it would be very hard and leave blood (and sometimes shit leftovers). I think the metamucil makes the shit less sticky and that's why it will leave your crack clean.

Metamucil RULES!!!

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I have the same problem, it started 2 years ago when all of a sudden I couldnt havea bowel movement, it was as if I was extremely constapated and the doctor took and xray and there was ton of fecal matter backing up. He told me to increase my fiber and Im not pooping with ease but now I have residue after I poop. 10 minutes later it will be back even after im sure Ive wiped clean. I do sweat a lot but even when Im not sweating at all Im still having that problem. If fiber is the answer maybe Im taking too much fiber making thngs to easy to pass? Or do I need to take more?

NewLife's picture

This website changed my life.
It was metamucil that did it for me. I had tried a lot of things, and nothing worked. Change in diet, constant ass-cleaning, nothing seemed to really make it go away.
It's hard to make new friends when you're afraid to sit beside them because you catch whiffs of your own crapulence. It's really affected how close I got to people at various workplaces. I'd completely obsess about it. And with good reason. I mean, I smell like poop. people meet me, and as I walk away, I can't help but think they say "did that guy smell like shit?"
Yes, yes he did. I can smell it too. I've smelt shit coming off of other people, and I just want to grab them and say "OH MAN, YOU TOO?!?!"
But I can't, because our disease is unspeakable. What a horrible thing it would be if we all got together to talk about it. the smell of that room...
I finally had to do something about this, as i'm now a waiter. and i have to run around all the time, and the smell was unbearable. I was always afraid that my table, or co-workers could smell it. could they? i'll never know because they never said anything. I'll also never know because the smell is gone.
It's been about 8 years that i've had this problem, that i can remember. Once i found this website, tried to take two spoons of metamucil a day (morning and then again at night) it just disappeared. no more poo stench. no more unwipable ass. Sometimes i forget to take my metamucil for a few days in a row, if i do that, it comes riiiight back.
Take the metamucil. stick to it, or the stink will stick to YOU.

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Help My ass is the proverbial johnny cash ring of fire. When I bathe the pain releve's slightly but as soon as i take a dump I have to wipe ("million wipe") Multiple times. I have tiny blood spots on the TP but nothing major. All seems well but twenty minutes later I'm walking funny like i shat myself. I go clean up again and by this time my ass is on fire.

I'm shifting uncomfortably as im typing this. Its becoming a problem at work as i keep having to dissapear to wipe and clean my ass.

I'd be wasting my time going to see my G.P. as all they do is write out a prescript for some penicillin. So any help is appreciated

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I've had anal leakage now for about 2 months. At first I thought it was from too much anal sex but I realized it was happening even with vaginal sex. I know my boyfriends can smell it which is embarrassing and makes it hard to climax. Luckily, I've only had 1 guy confront me on it and unfortunately he broke up with me because he said his mom mentioned the smell when I was over for dinner. I have now started to itch a lot and people can tell when I am moving around in my chair to scratch. Please, please help!

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Also, as an aside, I smoke marijuana and have taken quite a few different types of drugs, and I can say that some drugs make the anus tighten and the smell sort of go away (cocaine, ecstasy) and some drugs make it much worse (lsd, marijuana) so it doesn't surprise me at all that it might be some sort of medication. I can say also that if you have this problem, DON'T SMOKE WEED!! And you can kind of cover the smell with cigarettes, if you smoke them. Good luck to everyone who has posted and to all those suffering in silence. It boggles my mind that such a socially debilitating condition goes unmentioned. I had to figure out what to do myself, which is ridiculous in this day and age.

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I haven't gone through and read all of these posts (wow there are a lot of you!) but I thought I'd throw in my two cents. I have only very rarely had a noticeable, visible leakage. My problem was more odor based. One day I had a strong odor after going to the bathroom at work, noticable to others who subtly notified me of the smell, so I returned to the bathroom and found that apparently I didn't wipe well enough. No biggie, done deal I thought, but the smell came back the next day and there was no leakage to be found. And the next day. And the next. Uh oh. It becomes a major, life altering condition. I remember going to a concert and sitting in the car while my friends went in because I was (secretly) sure that I smelled like dirty ass. I never said a word to anyone except my mother, but the situation was obvious to all of my friends and family nonetheless. I smelled like ass. I would wash my ass over and over and over, and always within a few hours a subtle aroma would return. The worst part was that a I don't have a strong sense of smell, so I sometimes relied on the cues of others to know when I needed to wash up. I tried consciously tightening my anus, and that sort of worked. The more I thought about it though, the more I flexed, and repeated flexing made the problem worse. I spent all day everyday with my ass on my mind for years, trying to get up to the level of ass tightness of an average 6 year old (I was in my early twenties). Now I feel confident that I am ok, but it came after years of building up muscles in my anus that I didn't realize needed to be consciously held. I thought it was all automatic. It basically is automatic, but your mind has to be there, your whole body has to have a general level of tightness that is based in your ass. To illustrate, I had to get from soft floppy farts to tight machine gun farts, and it took a while, but I feel like I'm almost there. I don't think about it as much anymore, by being consciously active in maintaining a tight ass it has become nearly automatic. I'm sure diet can be a factor, but if you think about the general diet of America, why aren't we all a bunch of greasy meat eating ass leakers? There's a definite need for conscious, constant maintenance of the anus muscles, but don't go crazy because flexing and relaxing too much seems to create moisture (for me at least). Maybe this is something else entirely, but some of you sound just like I did a few years ago. Just don't let others try to get too far into your head using double speak to try to show you 'how it's done' they might just screw you up even worse . . .

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This is seriously one of the greatest things Ive ever come across because Ive been avoiding looking into this problemm, and came across this site after Googling "leaky ass." I have avoided going to the doctor or anything because of the embarrassment, plus he's also my mom and dad's doctor. Not to mention my family doctor is also a proctologist and thinks everything from sore throats to ear aches are anus related and wants to stick a camera up my butt for every little ailment.

I live in a rural area, so pollution is not the cause. I'm a vegetarian and eat a lot of fiber, so lack of fiber isn't the problem. I drink about 10 glasses of water a day, so that's not the problem. I dont take any drugs, drink alcohol, or even caffeiene, so that's not the problem. I don't stick things up my ass, so that's not the problem. But I've been having this issue for about 6 months now and previously had nice poos that came out without hardly any wiping. I only wiped just to make sure. But now, I think I wipe as much poo as comes out on its own. Plus, I'll get everything nice and clean and within 10 minutes I'm getting crap leakage. It's driving me nuts. I've tried some of the tricks on this board and they do nothing but make my ass raw.

I don't have much stress in my life so that's not a cause. Why on earth would this suddenly appear to a young healthy male who breathes clean air and is free from stress? I exercise 1-2 hours a day as well.

Well, I dont know for sure, but I think it may be artificial sweeteners. I do chew sugarfree gum quite a bit (pack of orbit a day) and this started about the time i started chewing gum with Nutrasweet in it. Also, when I was in college I ate a pack of sugarfree gummy bears one time and HOLY MOSES! did they ever light me up! I farted all night long and they were the strongest farts ever. People could hear them two rooms down in my dorm on a party night. It was just nuts. So I stopped with the gum and the problem with leakage went away, but the problem is that I need to chew gum and my dentist yells at me when I chew sugary gum so I started chewing again. Anal leakage got worse. So I need to know how I can use artificial sweeteners without the leakage. This is a serious issue and I don't want to have to choose between my ass and my teeth. I want both to be healthy and fully dunctional. Thanks so much in advance for any help.

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ive had anal leakage for about half a year its not shit but a yellowy liquidy substance and smells like dead fish. it only happens when i start to do anything that i have to get up and work even a little bit. it just started out of nowhere and i dont no how to cure it becuase im to embarressed to tell my parents about it. what do i do i would really appreciate some advise.

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I can see that there are even more than two camps in this.
I am one that thinks it is in something we eat, and NOT in something we DON"T eat.
For Candyhart, i see you don't have problems in that area, nice, and you want to know more, then why don't you ask your friend about it ?
I can tell you, it is NOT common, although MORE common than you thought, as you can see on And also it seems not well identified by the medical society, probably partly caused by the late (embarrassing) visits by patients. Same as you have probably a problem asking your friend ?
As i read the reactions here, i can see nuances of which i did not knew they existed, like:
some have "blank liquid", some have "yellowish liquid", some have "blank liquid + some poop", some yellowish liquid + poop". Some talk about "very bad smell", some seem not to bother about that. Some can have terrible pain, some never speak of that.
I would like to know how many have pain with it, especially if this could occur (without their knowledge) in the night, when they are asleep, and by that maybe as fainting pains around the anus in the morning.
Also a nuance i read here are the "hemorrhoids" which (i think) is a different matter, although these can give the same sort effects.
I have had hemorrhoids thirty years ago (on the outside), and so I can tell the differences a bit, and the most significant difference for me are that with the hemorrhoids the rectum itself doesn't discharge so much liquids (and is not painful), but the hemorrhoids can break and leak (bloody or dark watery and smelly) and can be painful in a "damaged" way (like a little cut) as you have to sit on them.

The comment i wrote earlier told my way of dealing with leakiness, and that was to stop consuming the "red meats" (and also try/watch the dairies). For my knowledge pork gave me the most problems in the past (specially meat, i think not the fat).
But i am sure that is only half the truth.

What i am sure of is that it is caused by an environmental addition (pollution), and that the causes of the problem(s) can be district- or country-dependable. I have already read some comments of people that changed country for a while, and completely cured, until they returned. I have similar experience that if i "escape" my environment that things definitely change.

I remember the first time i had it (that was 1990, not 1992 as i said before). It felt like an attack that grew within a few seconds to a large area of pain and swollen anal area (rectum), impossible to be covered by something like a viral or bacterial infection. It most accurately felt like a knife stuck in there, so suddenly. About three hours later it had slowly faded away.
But, from that moment on, the embarrassing side effects began, the liquids, poop, stains, smell.
For me, pain is sometimes a part of it, but I have not heard many here that confirm this, although some state that clearly.
Imagine, you have burned your hand on the stove. Your skin is red. Coming into a wide area of a heatsource is painful to that skin already. Well, thats how it feels around my anus/rectum sometimes. Being struck many years ago, and repeatedly (but never so hard as in that first period), i have developed a sensitive rectum, that reacts on a little bit of "something" very quickly, and the rectum/anus thickens a bit, and produces liquid for a few hours, mostly the hours after bowel movement. As now, the thickening seems more permanent, and i think that that is caused by the forming of a sort of hard skin (callous ?) The thickening causes some poop to stay behind after bowel movement, that comes out at body-movement, or just sitting, or sometimes on a quick spastic cramp that occurs when the rectum "has been made sensitive". Sometimes more poop, sometimes less, sometimes a few days or a week healing, but still dirty, sometimes a day shit.

My opinion:
Just because (i think) it is in the environment, it is so damned difficult to pinpoint. Animals eat, as we do, and when they eat what we eat, we will find these effects everywhere. Life stock eats almost anything, from potato-peals to animal fats to whatever contains the smallest restbit of protein, mostly the recycling of all the waist acceptable to "run" a pig on, when your talking about a factory-fed animal. For this, some people will have a cure by stopping with meat, some by stopping wheats, and some by stopping corn, and some by stopping chicken... FIND YOUR ROPE ! RECORD YOUR INTAKE ! BE ALERT FOR ANY NEW PACKAGE OF FOOD YOU OPEN, but DO NOT BE- OR ACT PARANOID, lets say: stay scientific about it, and don't let your emotions bring you on a destructive course. Why do i say this ? Well, some say it is what they DON'T eat, and so they lay the cause by themselves..... But i say that it is something in the environment, and that lays the cause with someone else (the polluter and the foodproducer), which can result in a very angry attitude towards these. DON'T. (save that emotion for that part of the world that just states that you don't have an illness)

See e.g. that globalisation means that the things you eat don't come strictly from your well protected hometown, but a ship can be sailing from 10,000 miles away, where the rules can still be a bit medieval. There are still countries where a wastburning facility with a "dirty" chimney can be standing in the same area where crops grow. And even if not in the same area, wind and rain WILL take it to a crop anyway. You just don't want to know whats burning up there in some cases, and the life stock is never able to tell you where they have their pains. (IF their system got affected by it at all)
Beside such example, there are still hundreds of other ways in which our food can become polluted. Just don't be naive when you can't afford it !

My thoughts:
A spectral analiser (a machine that can record every atom and/or molecule in a substance) could do wonders here, but most of us are just to poor to have these means available, and have to wait for an "anal-iser" himself to be struck by it.

Going to a doctor is a must i think, just for the RECORDS. But you need at least a good relation with him/her for that.
As i did this once back in the nineties, my doctor got mad at the first talk of poop, and that contact lasted no more than a minute. You can't imagine how long and how many thoughts it can take to take that step, and then such reaction...

Social implications:
I live alone for many years I almost always eat alone so no one around me can act as a "control" person. Beware of that, it can grow into a self consistent loneliness that way.

I always wear a double pare of underwear, sometimes even with some sort of patch in between.
Going away is a disaster concerning a lot of fear. Trips for more than 12 hours are past. Riding a bike, forget it.
A birthdayvisit only two or three times a year, and to do these, i have to get my BM in rhythm a few days in advance.

Once, in 1990, i ate about 100 ml of dairy product imported from Germany. I burned my mouth for the Chernobyl pollution in it.

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ok so some people have this leak... well i never new nothing of it untill a freind told me i should wear underwear to bed because of this leak so it won,t get all over my sheet,s ..well iam just woundering if this is common for people in general or just in some ....i mean i really never put much thought to this .i wip my ass everytime i peee or poop so to me no big deal like what ever..but my freind tells me probley threw my sleeep i wipe my face with the sheets and get this leakage on my nose,,,,well iam a down to earth girl(tom boy) and i wash my face every morning. so i ask you out there really is this leakage a big deal.........?may be there is some powder to put on your ass so it will dry it up i really don,t no................

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Have this problem since 1992, and survived by one way only: when i have it, i THROW AWAY ANY RED MEAT I HAVE STARTED TO USE FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS, and don't buy from the same batch anymore.
I do NOT say that red meat is bad, what i say is THAT THERE IS BAD RED MEAT out there.
Also watch the dairies (probably coming from the same lifestock), i mostly stopped using them since '92.

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i find it so annoying that there are many people in the world who eat badly that dont have this problem whatsoever. lucky fools! lol :S

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Here is an addendum to my previous post. I forgot one issue I learned about that could be affecting some of you:

4) Gluten. A fair number of people have a serious IBS type reaction to the gluten in flour, with cramps, gas, loose stool, anal leakage, etc. The solution is pretty extreme - you have to get flour completely out of your diet. But it sounded like this is a well established problem and is certainly worth researching for anyone with the issues most of us are posting about.

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I ran into this thread searching for info on Lipitor and AL but only found one passing reference -- I guess I will keep looking on that topic. But I may as well share my experiences since so many of you sound like me. I have had this problem for about 15 years. My diet sucks and I don't want to really deal with it. Several doctors found no physical problems but didn't have any useful suggestions other than eat more fibre (almost impossible for me). Then someone gave me the Mucilages recommendation and I achieved an almost complete turnaround. Here are my suggestions:

1) Fibre. Try Konsyl - it has twice the psyillium as metamucil and similar products. Twice the bang for a single yucky slug of fibre and water. Works wonders for me and several friends who tried it.

2) Itchy bum. Try hydro-cortisone cream. Also works wonders for me. But if this was more than an intermittent problem I would talk to a doctor.

3) Coffee. A lot of people think caffeine is the problem but I found several sites that say it is some ester in the coffee itself and you should switch to tea. It helped me but I really like coffee so I have strayed back and the Konsyl seems to be holding things in so to speak.

4) Lipitor? Does anyone know about this? I will be POd at my doctor if he prescribed lipitor and failed to mention a serious AL side effect.

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