my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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I have had the problem for about three years. I see a direct correlation between my weight gain and the leakage. Also lack of muscle tone to properly push everything out. It's like there's a little bit of dung left in the anal tract that won't come out. The only thing that has helped has been regular enemas. I bought a cheap bag at the pharmacy, and flush myself every morning. Then a good scrubbing and intense rinse with the shower wand. I'm good for the day after that.
I'm going to try the fiber thing, and buy myself a juicer to get more fruit and vegetables. Hopefully it will help. Coffee I really don't want to give up, it's my last vice.

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Problems with Leakage?
There is probably not any one fix which will work for everyone but some of the most notable listed here mention changes in diet. Most obviously the addition of fiber which stops the problem for many. I propose it is merely covering it up (or actually absorbing the problem) as evidenced by the quick return of the problem if dietary habits stray.

The under lying problem (or cause) or the leakage lies either in dietary inadequecy or in actual physical problems with the bowel.

For me, leakage was a problem that developed over time, becoming a daily nuisance until finally blood began appearing also. A coloscopy (really no big deal guys) revieled distal proctitus or inflamation of the decending colon which results in tiny ulceration or the intestinal wall.

It should be noted here that this was the end result after the leakage appeared and had been there for some time. Leakage is a clue... that something is ass stray with your system and or your diet. While millions of Americans suffer from irritable bowel, crohns and the like there are many millions more who suffer from lesser syptoms such as what we are talking about here.

My protologist recommended all kinds of medicines and stuff to be inserted. I opted for a web education and dramatic shift in diet.

For me simply eliminating sugar (refined) from my diet did the trick. The results where immediate, and my problem completely resolved itself. One key benefit, i dropped from 240 lbs. (6' 2") to my current 210) in a little over 3 months. I am still slowly losing at the time of this writing.

Sugar includes bread (white or wheat) and only very limited amounts of pasta. You do not have to have Celiacs disease to be sensitive to wheat, barley, rye or any other list of protiens which can attack you intestial wall.

You don't have to have a major life change to do a dietary experiment for a few days. The results are usually immediate so play around and look past the toliet paper and the fiber to some healthy dietary changes which actually elimate the problem.

Also, consider checking with an allergist to see if you have any food or protien allergies as many people do. It will be money well spent and be recouped by the savings in toliet paper.

Best of luck.

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Am over 60yo male from downunder, have had this damn problem for about 15y. too embarassed to ask or discuss it with anyone. THEN for a completely different reason, [remove the excess sugar out of the blood from 45y of drinking plonk](Aussie slang for sweet wine, muscat, port etc.), I invested 1700 bucks and got me a water alkaliser about 8 months ago.This REAL water fixed the sweaty ring problem, the sugary blood problem, my high cholesterol count, also the high blood pressure bullshit. Ya wanna make it to eighty? great, clean the very building blocks of life, CLEAN YA BLOOD. Hope this may help some of you fine people out there.

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I left a comment on here about 4 or 5 weeks ago about trying to change my diet with higher fiber, well im commenting back to let you know it has changed my ass forever! I take in about 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day sometimes i just eat whatever but as long as i take in a good amount of fiber a day the leakage is gone i poop like a champ and this problem is gone! I had been seeing the doc about this problem and have been getting tested for all kinds of shit but had cancelled my last appointment as i no longer need to see him, more fiber people it is the cure!

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im only 16 and i am suffering from a similar problem. For a few years now, ive been having this baffling problem as many of you describe. I wipe extremely well with moist wipes, and i shower every day and wash my anal area thoroughly. But for some reason, i always get that itchy, moist feeling in my butt. Theres never any poop there!! Yet i still smell like poop, and have gotten some comments about it too. There seems to be this colorless liquid, possibly mucus that leaks to just above the opening of my anus. I mustered up enough courage to talk about this with my doctor 2 years ago. He said it might be psoriasis, causing excess moisture in that area. He gave me this cream, yet it didnt work. I couldnt find enough courage to go back though. I eat incredibly well. Everythings whole wheat, low fat, etc. I go to the gym and am very active, so i dont see problems there. At this point i dont know what to do. The toil this takes mentally is indescribable. I think about this almost 24/7, when im at school i always worry "do i smell right now". Im at the point where this little stupid problem is making my life miserable. After one of my friends told me i smell like ass today, i dont see any other option but going to the doctor again. I just dont know how im going to find the courage to talk about this

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Try 'Joeblow Leaky Holes' suggestion of increasing fibre intake.
I take two teaspoons of Metamucil in a glass of water each morning and my leaky bum problem is all but gone. It worked for me and reading others coments here it has worked for them to.
Give it a go and repost your comments in a week or so and I recon you will be pleased with the results.
Good luck.

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came on here looking for help for my husband who has the above problem. He's really upset about it. I feel for the singles who are worried but as a spouse of a sufferer, I couldn't be more concerned and full of sympathy for him and if you've got the right person you ought to get the same treatment. I found a possible solution today on the internet and have downloaded a copy of an e-book and they're sending a recipe book too. Costs 49.97US which is a lot for us in New Zealand (double it and halve the average salary). Will keep you posted on results. The website was moderators may remove that's fine I'll post again to let you know how it goes

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I too have this sticky star problem which started around the beginning of the year and seems to be getting worse. I'm trying to change my diet to see if that makes any difference but at the moment it's still the same. whenever i seem to move about a lot or do much work then my ass gets all sweaty which is a fuckin nightmare. It's hard enough to find a woman without smelling of shit. Someone help us.

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It started about 2 weeks ago. I call it anal leakage as most you do. And the thing is, I had it for 2 days. It went away and now it's back. Sometimes it's not even even crap, It's clear and nasty. I hate it and I am not going anywhere while I have it . What the heck is is??
I don't eat those chips. I try to eat healthy. I do however eat alot of dairy, Like milk, cheese , snack pack pudding that contains alot of milk. But that's it. I am in the bathroom constantly. What the heck can you do for this nuisance ?

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I have been leaking from my posterior for some years now. Never to the puddle-point but that's not saying it doesn't feel that way. I thought that maybe I had worms but that turned out not to be the case. The only fiber I get comes from cereal, which I don't eat often as I am a voracious carnivor. I will get more fiber and see what difference breakfast really makes...

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Well, there are ways to get more fiber that won't cut into your meat-eating. Whole wheat hamburger buns, sub buns, biscuits with your sausage gravy. I bet you can get creative.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Eureka!! My life has been changed! I HAVE found the cure!
Okay a little background first. I am a 40 year old malewho has suffered
from leaky butt for at least the last 15 years. I am average in height and weight,
perhaps needing to loose 10 lbs or so but otherwise I have enjoyed good health all my life.
The problem I would have is just as so may here have described. I would take a dump and wipe,
and wipe and wipe for litterally about 5 minutes, then use a butt wipe, and then wipe again, trying to insert
a finger as far up on those final wipes as I could and even then would still have a little spotting
on the paper. I would then go about my business and after about 30 minutes I would start to feel unclean,
like something wasnt quite right down there. So, I would go back into the restroom, sit and wipe again and it would look
as if I had never wiped in the first place. I would become so I would go through this whole wiping process
again, only to have in return again. I trully believed I was in for a life time of this. There were even times when I
would plug my butt with a small piece of toliet paper of paper towel but this was always uncomfortable.
I decided to muster the courage to ask my doctor about this. I am not goiung to get into the specifics of what
causes the condition but I will tell you that he said it was quite common and told me to go to a health food store and buy
something called Psyllium Husks. He said that it would quite simply change the consistancy of my stool and that Psyllium husks
also were attributed to lowering cholesterol and a multitude of other benefits. This was on October 16th 2008. That day, I left the doctors office
went right to a local GNC (health food store) where I was pleasantly suprised that not only was this product easy to find but that it was very
inexpensive, with a 12oz jar going for $4.99. I bought two jars and headed home, excited about trying the product but still remaining a bit skeptical.
The directions suggested starting with one rounded teaspoon mixed into 8 oz of water, juice or milk, once a day to start and that
doseage could be increased to as much as 3 rounded teaspoons a day as needed. I opened the jar and smelled the grainy brown powder which has the consistancy
of sugar. It did not smell plesant and I now began to worry about being able to get it down my throat. I poured a glass of orage juice and mixed in one
rounded teaspoon, stired thoroughly and drank the whole thing down in two gulps. I was amazed to find that dispite its unplesant odor the Phyllium Husks had
absolutely NO taste whatsoever. NONE! Because they do not dosolve, you can feel the grainy texture of the juice but it is not difficult to deal with. It is
a bit like drinking orage juice that is heavy in pulp. Starting the second day I took one rounded teaspoon in the morning and another in the early evening.
Here is the amazing thing...I swear to you that in 3 days the condition was GONE! I first noticed the differnece in my turds. They seemed to be greater in volume,
they became what I can only describe as stringy in texture and they were VERY boyant...I mean these suckers float like they weigh nothing. Then the first epiphany.
I noticed that it was only taking 4-5 wipes with the toilet paper and I was completely clean, I would follow with a butt wipe but there was nothing on it at all. Even more
amazing was that I would go into the bathroom for some "test wipes"...30 minutes later...nothing, an hour later...nothing....5 hours later...nothing! My butt feeling as fresh
as if I had just come out of the shower ALL DAY LONG after just 3 DAYS!! It has now been almost 2 weeks. I have maintained the 2 teaspoon a day dosage but I have
reduced the amount of orange juice I disolve it in to 1/2 a cup. It is grainier this way but easier to drink quickly.
I swear to you, it now takes two light wipes of toilet paper even after the most viscious dump and I the paper comes away
completely clean. I follow that with one quick wipe using a butt wipe and I have had zero leakage...NONE! Psyllium Husks have
absolutely changed my life and I would suggest to any of you having this problem to RUN..dont walk to the nearest health
food store and try this works!

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My suggestion, for older guys (30+), is to consider whether you have a prostate issue. My doctor says all this stuff is connected and related. I have a lazy bladder from not having treatment for a growing prostate (if you have any peeing problem - that's it) and he believes this is related. In any event, watch out for prostate problems and talk to your doctor!

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turbo bowel,
I read your post last night and sprinted to whole foods today to pickup some Psyillium Husks and I just downed my first dose. I have been dealing with this problem for 12 years. I have been to the doctor multiple times with no luck. I have had 2 colonoscopies, a urnine test, a 3 day stole test (awful), and lots of probing. The only thing that has helped a little bit is this stuff chlorestyramine. It worked for a while but then it all came back. Like most of us i'm sure I have contemplated suicide almost daily and have been very depressed. It's so hard to be around friends and family when you hear "what smells" all the time and you know it is you.

Anyways if this works I will shit myself. Actually I won't shit myself! ha! I have another doctors appointment in 3 days. I would love to have this fixed by then. Please repost if it is still working for you or if it has stopped working. I will definitely post after a week to let everyone know my progress.

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If you also smell, maybe you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to be tested for candida yeast.

The more I read about it, the more I'm sure that it has something to do with most of the "I smell" posts we get here.

Good luck.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I had a bout of AL recently and tracked the cause to the cough medicine I was taking for a bad cold. I guess anything you put in your body can cause this problem!

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To the individual who asked if the Phsyllium Husks have continued to work: the answer is a resounding YES! The only time I had a problem is on a day where I was away from home and forgot to bring it with me. 2 teaspoons a day, mixed in juice and I have experienced NO leakage! Please do update after you have used this stuff! I have no doubt that this will change your life!

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First of all, thanks for making this website available. I found it to be very supportive and informative and I’m thankful that such a website exists. I was surprised to find so many other people experiencing similar headaches. Below is my contribution to the cause.

Wet sweaty feeling in butt area after cleaning. Sometimes watery like sweat with a funky odor.
Leaking a yellow mucus while sitting down
Frequent BM during the day, starting hard and ending as watery diarrhea.
Excessive and uncontrollable gases coming out of rear end.
Nausea after eating (probably due to gases in stomach)
Bloated feeling after eating or drinking very small food portions

Probable Cause
Stress/Anxiety (work, home, etc)
Impulsive/unstoppable eating due to stress
Increased body weight

Doctor Requested with NO Negative Findings
MRI of abdomen
Cats can of lower back
Charcoal pills
Antibiotic for ameba and other parasites in large intestine.

Probable Solution
Lose weight (especially belly fat)
Increase fiber (eg. Metamucil)
Avoid food irritants: coffee, sugar-free substitutes, dairy products (ie. milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc)
Reduce stress: exercise, hobby, meditation, breading, etc
Learn to deal with stress.
Use cotton pads and powder in affected area (ie. BC)

I'm seeing a different doctor and he thinks the problem is due to stress, specifically Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ISB)
and has prescribed Spasmoctyl 40mg. This medication is to control muscle spasm and cramps (involuntary muscle contractions) that affect the digestive tube. Will update you all with the outcome. Good luck all!

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Get manpons.
Problem solved

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You can improve on your AL problem - just be persistent and be resolved that you'll probably have to find the answer on your own. If you're predisposed to AL, then it is very possible that some particular food type is aggravating the situation. Here's what I have found after years of trying to figure it out.

In my case, it's processed grains, as in flour. For example, I'd eat cereal (like Cheerios) with milk, and have a major problem. But I'd eat oatmeal and things would be fine. Both were 100% oats. It didn't make sense. Finally I tried going without any breads unless they were whole grained, and I limited my cereal to natural shredded wheat, and oatmeal, and I limited my snacks to whole grain snacks like Triscuits. I sometimes still have a little "spotting", but prior to this, most days I was in itching, burning agony.

Everyone is different. Ground flour, which was killing me, might be fine with you. You have to persevere, and try everything. But prior to this, I'd suspected coffee, sugar, carbs in general, chocolate, alcohol, Nexium, and found that eliminating each of these individually made no difference.

One other thing that I found just killed me was sugar alcohols, like in Atkins Indulge bars. Too bad, because I love them. But eliminating that still left me with a problem.

To complicate matters, it could be a combination of foods. But be your own detective, and don't give up. And please don't think about suicide. You can do it.

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I feel your pain everyday. Mine seems to be more prone when I am out on support in a very high stress environment. Makes me very nervous and I start to sweat. Beat this!! I often have News crews around when on site for support. I recently also have been diagnosed with celiac and all of you should also seek a wheat allergy test. I am young, eat healthy and pretty fit. Someone mentioned eating a low fat diet and I would totally agree. I don't believe I leak but I do believe sweating makes me feel as if I am leaking. I do have a hairy behind and have shaved it on several occasions. Man is it nice to know I am not alone!!! :) Healthy diet has to be the key. What you put in is what you get out. Everyone Try to keep a diary of your food intake and eliminate fats for a period of time and see if it helps you. Fats are contained in many foods, oils also seem to bother me.

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Well thank you for this page. The funny thing is everything I thought might be a solution is mentioned on this page. Its been an hour and a half now going through all the comments. It would be extremely nice if someone sorted out the comments in a manner to separate them to answers and questions. You know I am just not to sure how you could do that?!

I will be trying the fiber and antifungul methods. My girlfriend always seems to have a yeast infection right before my symptoms meet a peak. I have extreme sweating and it is embarrassing even if no one else knows. I have been diagnosed with a wheat allergy without the confirmation of celiac, however I do believe with almost absolute certainty that it is celiac due to another auto immune disease I have with my kidneys.

Also I will be stopping the caffeine intake which will be extremely difficult for me. Thank you for all of your support as I thought I was the weirdo of the century waiting for someone to embarrass the hell out of me.

Cleanliness seams to be a key factor when you feel ill down there go clean up. I don't mean with toilet paper I mean with soap and water.

Keep your heads up!! Keep a log of your food intakes and your pooping habits if You will. Doctors have been absolutely no help. They seem to be just as freaked out about it as I am. Maybe due to the fact that they don't have an answer and would rather take care of something that isn't so shitty. Ha!!

I will visit this site again and hope that maybe someone will take the additional time to go through the comments and segregate the ones with possible solutions. That way we can't get the word out to those who don't feel like reading for three hours. Personally at this point I would read for days if it would help.

I will cut caffeine
increase fiber
log my daily events
use antifungul cream
clean area and thoroughly dry afterwords

And report back when I am done.
Please find a way to include people who are willing to work together to find a solution with common and uncommon methods as if they where in a clinical trial of sorts, this would be a very beneficial approach to a solution for everyone. I would be willing to contribute and do possess strong computer skills.

Does anybody have a clue if this can be something new as an std or something not yet known or is the sweaty butt thing a common occurance in the past and today? I have been with a couple hundred woman in my prime and haven't always been safe.

Thanks Everyone

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I think I’ve come up with a way to sort my ass problems. Hopefully it will help you too. I can’t guarantee it’s effectiveness (especially for physical problems that need surgery), but give it a go and let me know if it works. I’ve successfully had 5 craps now. I had this problem for 6 years.
On my journey to becoming more confident I stumbled across something called NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). I don’t know whether the changes I’ve made with my posture has helped or not but I’m sure NLP has helped.
NLP is a way of reprogramming your subconscious for the good and a technique called anchoring kicks ass.
Anchoring is where you connect a physical movement to a desired feeling.
Here’s how I’ve cured my problem. If you want to know how it works look it up, as it’s too long for me to explain.
Everytime I have a crap or when I feel like I need one all I do is scratch my nose with my right index finger slowly. But you can use any bizarre touch or movement so long as you have connected it to a feeling of successfully having a crap.
Bear with me on this. Yes, this is not for the sceptics of you.
When I feel like I needed one or was in the process this is how I connected that movement to success.
Repeat this all three times to anchor it.

Repeat all of this 3 times and you would have anchored this touch to successfully having a crap.
Practice this for two weeks and it should become totally anchored but I saw the results straight away but still really anchor it.
Then you should just be able to do the touch before having a crap or when you feel you need to revisit the bog and all the experience will subconsciously come back to you.
Sometimes I have to wipe my ass up to but no more than 8 times, but most of the time less than 4 times (used to be about 25 times and 20 later and 20 after that. Still believe it will only take 2 though.

Hope this helps you as much as me. Think positive!
Also, clench yor buttocks before wiping, don’t wipe so deep and fight the felling of going back to the bog.
Cheers for your time.

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I am anonymous coward rom 09.17.2008

Just an update .. have been doing the metamucill and psyllium husks for some time now (metamucil is a derivative of psyllium husks but being in a less refined form are better). Also been having a apple in the morning. Happy to say I have been preety free of it for the last two months!

However I still find I get it when walking even though I am religiious with the fibre.

I am now of the opinion that things that aggravate me are

1. cheese and some dairy products
2. anything with a high content of sugar in it ... fat istelf appears to be no problem ..its all carbohydrates!

So I look on the web and find that you can have an intolerance to carbs. If you have a bile duct problem you can have problems with fat processing. The result of these is that you can get mucus leaking around your butt! In this day and age almosy every damn thing is full of sugars and carbs! Mine appears to build up without problem and then it seems when I take too much in ..bam ..I get a case of leaky butt. Stop and it appears toreduce albeit slowly.

Another thing I found out is that if you are in a tropical area of this problem came on after meeting someone from a tropical area, that there is a disease called "Tropical Sprue".

I think a lot of this is covered by the fibre as stated previously. I think that there is an underlying problem. If your body expels certain things from your body due to not being able to absorp them or convert them then there is a problem.

I too am seeing a naturopath .. with great success, although I am now of the opinion that it is a matter of scientifically testing each of the theories I constantly come up with.

Don't get me wrong .. I am much better thanks to the advice on this site, but do your research and take it to the doctor my naturopath states .. the patient is usually the best source of information as to what is wrong with them!

May you all experience the dizzy heights of being free of this problem!

I will continue to post any changes / things that I come up with. If you can use it great!

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Just wondering here .. does or has anyone experienced reflux or a lot of indigestion at all? I am just looking into pepcid comment,and was thinking I have always suffered with acid build up etc. Wondering if there might be a link. I am also overweight but not terribly so.

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When my anus kept getting sweaty. I went to the colorectal surgeon and learned it was proctitis ani or something like that. I don't know how I got it and it was hell to get it to heal. I remember her telling me to put cotton strips in my crack to absorb the moisture and change it as needed. You can buy sterile cotton in long strips at the drug store. You can but the nonsterile cotton strips if you have a licence to cut hair. It doesn't need to be sterile, butt I'm not a hairdresser. Mabe you just have to have your anal sacs expressed.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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I too have had a leaky butt for about a year now. A few times when I went and wiped it, I noticed a little blood. I had never seen any blood in my stool, but since I lost a brother and sister to cancer (not colon) it scared the hell out of me and I went to my Dr. Told him about it and even though I had a colonoscopy about 4 years ago, I requested another. He agreed, and the ass Dr. told me all is well. I asked about the leakage, sometimes being a little bit of blood, and he said he did see a couple of hemmi's. Take fiber and this should fix it. I am taking fiber pills and still have the same problem. My leakage only seems to happen when I do some physical labor. That is what originally led me to think it was just sweat...until the blood. Anyway, I will try some of you guys solutions to see if it helps me....I don't want to give up my coffee...but that is probably the first thing I should do. I will let you know if it works....

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lol- poop stories this is great 2 read while stoned- i dun have anal leakage but i shit up like a white-tan mucus stuff that smells like bad breath or plaque.. but yah- that sucks 2

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I agree with the Anonymous post on 11/08 - And I'm commenting further on my post from a day or two before that.

I think for many people dairy products are the problem (like lactose intolerance for one thing) and for other people carbs are the problem. In my case as I said earlier, processed grains are the problem, which means carbs or it might mean I just can't digest it right. I'd truly like for some of you to cut out breads, cookies, cakes, anything with flour, for a couple of days and post something here if it works. You can eat all the whole grain stuff you want. For one thing, I'd like to know if I'm the only person in the world affected this way. It sort of makes sense though - maybe the human body wasn't meant to be able to handle processed grains.

The laxative types of remedies listed on this site were a nightmare for me - they made things much worse. In my case my "problem" is diarrhea related, while for others it might not be. So if you've got diarrhea in conjunction with the AL, you might not get great results from wolfing down a bunch of fiber.

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i just have to through this in. does anybody when they are walking or whatever and you get sweat in ur ass and your cheeks slide past each other when you walk. it anoys the shit out of me

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Hi bros, i'm with you in this unpleasant matter. Let's generalize one thing --- 2 main types of this curse which i believe is some kind of disease and not functional disorder as many of you suggested
so we have: 1)leaking which has to be wiped out 20-30 after poop job and
2)sweat with noting to wipe out but still feeling ''something is wrong down there'' and definitely not clean...
so 1) and 2) = It's hell of inconvenience feeling that way + you always think if u smell or not...i think other common thing is that thing getting worse when intensive physical action is involved. So it is also but not only neurological matter. Stress on being out with other people at school, work, etc makes it worse cause sweating is adrenalin process. I would not suggest you to take anti-stress pills for the sweat, it won't work.

I think both cases 1) and 2) have common origin and the solution should be related.

I remember i had stomach problems when this nightmare started. Did you ?
So back then i couldn't do ''the shit thing'' right and i felt congested but the mentioned above Phsyllium Husks helped a bit there.

So i ask myself what the fuck is wrong with me as well as many of you. Well i still cannot answer and if i don't dig it soon i will end up insane.

Originally i thought it was some kind of stress disorder + with food-poisoning combo or infection but the situation stayed this way and nothing seems to work. For some Husks eliminated the leaking problem and it really improves the bowel condition but the sweating stays...

Better diet should be one part of the solution + visiting the right doctor, but they all seem to be so ignorant. I think it is a bit of exaggeration saying that u cant absorb carbs (bread, dairy products, sugar) - this might be partially true but till now u did that well enough. Actually u cannot remove carbs from diet, just eat natural and not processed carbs.

Keep giving ideas pls, hope to read good news from each one of you soon...

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_______What if when you wipe theres fresh blood on the paper? Does that mean I have roids?? If so, what should I do about the little buggers?


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After i having first time anal sex, i found that i had internal ass bleeding? did u think it is a minor injury or serious injury or else?? it make me worried...please advice

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@PPD It could either be 'roids or an anal fissure, which is associated with 'roids. I have to be extra careful not to strain too much or my asshole will definitely be red after shitting. Breathe easy and don't force it out, and make sure to wash your starfish right after pooping, especially if you see blood.

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Problems like anal leakage, rectal protrusion, constipation, weak sphincter, and bowel cancer are virtually non exsisten in countries that use squat toilets. The reason: The human body is meant to be in the squat position when deficating. Sitting on a toilet forces you to suck in air and push which will damage the muscles associated with defication. While squating, all one has to do is relax their rectum and the feces will evacuate. Scientists figured this out a long time ago after bowel problems became comon place in cultures who use sitting toilets. The reason why fiber is thought to be the main/only solution is because people can talk about eating more fiber at the dinner table or socializing with friends, but if you bring up squat toilets, they will think you are being vulgar and rediculous. You can buy or make a squat platform for your toilet and after a while of use, most (if not all) of your bowel problems will go away. Fiber is still a good idea though, but all you need to do is eat fruits and vegetables regularily.

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Well the results here are for me only ..but I post here with a couple of references back to other posts. Note that a lot of my conclusions have come directly from this site,and although my result is positive and correct for me,please keep on trying until you find something that works for you.

As stated in previous post I have been leak free for some time now thanksmainly to metamucil and psyllium husks. On occasion however I have found it coming back for a day or so. So I evaluated what I had eaten over the days prior. I also noted one of the first posts stating that over Christmas posts increased. So I thought ..if a lot of rich food is causing probs for others why not look down this path.

To this end I have reduced a lot of processed carbs and eat natural ones to supplement any deficiency. For the first time this morning Icould go for a walk and DID NOT have to attempt to clean up any mess afterwards or take a shower (which has been normal - when I felt I could even exercise - for the last 8 or so months).

So in my case I have tried and had results with pro biotics, psyllium husks, metamucil and now a big reduction in carbs. Please note with the carbs that I came to this conclusion also by taking into account if I over atethe wrong types of foods my stomach would become upset.

As for the comment posted about why carbs have not affected someone prior to this -our bodies change all the we are growing up when we reach middle and old age. When I was about 30 I noticed that allthe food I ate which I had not stopped intake of,was notburning upand so I started to get my spare tyre. Alsothink ofpeople that have heart attacks it valid to say as they never had one before they should never have one? I take it that the carbs and crap I have eaten over the last 40 odd years have built up to a level where my body cannotcope and so has todosoemthing to get rid of these excesses as it cannot absorb them. Who says a leaky butt isn't the way a body protects itselfwhen it can't process the carbs and crap!??

This is mainly food for butt seems to be fixed ..but I KNOW what it was like for 8 odd months and if this post can helpeven one person then I think it is worth it. If you have had positive experiences then please post them up so other people can take advantage of your knowledge-apologies for the long post!

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Glad I found this website. I was freaking out! I thought something was majorly wrong with me and my butt. You know the drill, if you are here..... All of sudden there is burning, and itching and then you run to the bathroom and wipe and there is blood and some liquid diharea looking stuff on the paper. After that. It's all better....till next time.
At first I thought it was hemeroids and tried treatment for that. It didn't work. Then I tried cleaning with witch hazel. That helped the itching and cleaned it good. But didn't fix the problem. I think next I am going to add more fiber in my diet like those before me have suggested. I hope it works. Cause I wasn't really wanting to have this conversation with my doctor. Glad I am not the only one! I feel so much better.

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lol too funny..I feel sorry for you ppl!

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I just would like to say thank you i have read allot of peoples stories and glad i am not allone i have had ass leakage for a while and now i fee like people are talking about me behind my back about my smell it really sucks i try so hard not to go the toilet at work so i dont have any leaks but sometimes its hard the days i avoid the toilet everything is good but when i go i hear certain remarks form other people this is so embarasing i cant take it no more i have quit one job because of this now i have a new job where i have to be sitting for 8 hours and there are times when i get up there is a wet mark on my chair i try really quickly to cover it up so no one can see it and is not that i dont have good hygine i do i just dont know what to do thank you all though your stories have made me stronger and more informed on what to try god bless

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Anyone try ?

Its an underwear thats supposed to stop anal smell?

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I had the same problems many of you have described for years. Embarassed, I just put up with it for years and years. Then I had a funny bump between my scrotum and rectum, it burst and never healed. I finally went to the doctor and found I had an anal fistula. I had a fistulectomy about 5-6 years ago. Since then my anal issues have been off and on. My main problem nowadays is only at night. I wake up in the middle of the night scatching my itchy anus. This is the only time it leaks, or itches, is at night. I think the leaking is really the fact that I have scratched it raw and the abrasion is weeping. It doesn't smell poopy. I eat a massive amount of fiber. I take fiber supplements, plus about half of the food I eat is raw vegetables. I have a showerhead where it's connected by a hose and I can take it off the wall and really clean my butt up close. I totally recommend it. I have found that if I shower right before bed and clean my rectum really well, the problem is much less likely to occur. I do use soap (I have a bar in the shower for designated for just this purpose), but have found that a washrag abrades it raw just as scratching does. I was really glad to find this website and know that it's not so uncommon and other people share my pain and frustration.

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* A few things could be causing leakage. 1) consumption of caffeine( like coffee, tea, colas) and vitamin C at the same time (consuming caffeine and vitamin C within 4 hrs of each other could cause diarrhea). 2) weak sphincter in anus. For this, exercise anus muscles -contract and relax anus muscle about 50 times a day- it will strengthen anus muscle.
BTW, for smelly butts, try cleaning in about 1/4 inch in anus area, then rinse with warm water, and dry with tissue. Please be gentle when cleaning back there.

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I have this issue. I go to the bathroom and have to make a return trip around 20min later for cleanup and the paper is completely brown, even though i wiped my ass until it was clean last time. I have had hemhroidectomy in the past and it was painful, but i cannot remember if i had anal leakage since before that, or if it began after.

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A great 'workaround' for this problem is really amazingly simple.

After having a crap, wipe as usual and, if the toilet that you're in permits, wash or dab with a damp tissue until you're clean. If there's a bidet - even better.

The trick here is that you use the coldest water possible. The cold makes your butt-hole contract and so plugs it up until its time to go again. Happy days!

The best thing to do is to add a bit of fibre to your diet because, aside from the health benefits, it makes you regular. Ive now 'trained' myself to be a regular 'Morning Dumpster' which means I get to shower straight after and am fresh for the day ahead. After washing and rinsing I crouch down and fire a few seconds of freezing cold water up my ass with the shower head. It does the job perfectly, but if you're a man dont let anyone see you naked for a few minutes after. It doesnt do much for your front profile.

Its a simple solution that really does work.

Good luck

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Balneol cream......Nuff said!

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Short Term Fixes -

There are obviously so many possible causes to the AL problem. But here are a couple of temporary relieve approaches that should work for almost everyone.

Enema. If you've never done one, it's just not that big a deal. A little expensive if you use the disposable "Fleet" things and do it very often, but it REALLY works. If there's nothing up there in your butt to leak, you've got MAJOR relief. So if you have an important day coming up or whatever, give this a try. It can work for 12 to 36 hours based on my experience.

Suppositories. A cheap fix. Fixes an itchy, burning ass. That reduces further leakage because when your ass is burning, more leakage occurs. Maybe nature is trying to lubricate the burning, who knows. The price is cheap if you get the big box at Walgreen's. The downside is that you pretty much have to slip in another one every time you poop. The cost is about 20 cents each.

Washing your butt after pooping is critical too, when the problem is occurring.

So do this stuff to give temporary relief while you try the various remedies listed on this site. The answer is out there. Become your own detective and you'll figure out your problem.

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well recently, i have been struggling with this problem to. it started about 2 years ago, and it was only noticeable after an intense work out. BUt as time went on it got worse and worse untill it became an every day problem. Now ill spare you my lifestory and ill give you a few answers.

The first step is see a gastrologist. He will make it eaiser for you to find a solution or its possible he will be able to fix you right then and there.

But for some of us, thats not the case. so if he fails here are some very good steps to take.

1.soda, or other caffines. Having a coca cola makes my day a living hell. coffe isnt that bad compared to cola.

2. Hot pockets or other saucey foods. Hot pockets more then any other saucey food seems to cause problems. due to the sauce, and the many spices within them.

3. more fiber, even if this doesnt fix the problem, its going to help you, and the problem. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables every day

4.Medicines, such as metamucil, or psyllium
They were made exactly for this problem!

5. If for some reason the last 4 steps didnt solve the problem! turn to the last resort! Butt plugs.

6. There are lots of temporary solutions for this problem, such as taking a full bottle of laxative, or an enema. if theres nothing in your bowels; then theres nothing to leak!

Cold water will also close up the bum for atleast a few hours.

7. pray

I gurantee if you try all of these you will either find out, or have a much better idea of your problem and thus will be able to manage or fix it :) God bless

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Wow. I have all of these problems...
I posted over a year ago about how much I freak out worrying. I had the ass leak problems until recently, when I cut out dairy products. Turns out I was lactose intollerent, problem gone.

Or so I thought. The paranoia was still there...I keep freaking out worrying I smell, or thinking I can smell bad smells. I also suffer bad breath and bad taste in my mouth, smells like shit.

So I thought, maybe I don't smell, maybe its a problem with my mouth and/or nose.


Have a close look back there. I found TONSIL STONES. Look them up on google. You can squeeze them out, they SMELL OF SHIT really really bad...the same smell I keep worrying I smell of. This was literally a few minutes ago I found this, hopefully this is the end of worrying for me.

Go and check.

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I think im reaching the end of my teather with all this. Im an 18 yr old male, very slim and active. Ive lived with this problem (clear, sweaty, smelly, waterly anal leak; however you want to describe it) since I was 12 and my life has been absolute hell... Every second of everday, wondering if I smell or how bad its going to be today. I think now its just as much a mental problem as it is a physical one. All I do is worry; where to sit? Should I go here? Should I not? Which ultimately stresses me out and makes things even worse. Ive also become very reculsive and shy away for social environments. Sometimes I wonder if im depressed? I dont know. These are supposed to be the best years of my life, years i'll never get back. God I feel so low right now.

Anyway enough of the self pity and loathing! Like most males, I find telling people I have problems EXTREMELY difficult. And the nature of this problem makes it even harder to talk about. I went to the doctor close to my 13th birthday. She prescribed me this course of weak laxitives, thinking I was blocked. If they didnt work I was to come back for a rectal examination. The medicine didnt work and of course the thought of such an examination for a terrified 13 yr old boy was very daunting, and so I never went back. So I continued to live through the problem and the hurtful comments for the next 5 years until it got to the point where my inability to seek a solution was disrupting my education and nearly putting an end to my hopes of going to university. So I built up the courage to go back to the doctor again a few months before my 18th birthday. Once again she thought my bowels were severely blocked and prescribed me these laxitive sachets (whose name is deceiving me at the moment). I also really made an effort to improve my diet; more water, more fruit, more fibre... I was already very active, I walk everywhere, play tennis. And again the medicine didnt help. I went back AGAIN in September there and told her nothing had changed. So she prescribed me this very strong laxitive called laxoberal (sodium picosulfate). Now this stuff is wonderful. I take 2 teaspoons before I go to bed. Not only does it soften and loosen the stools, it also stimulates the bowel muscles to contract. God having that sensensation of actually needing to go to the toilet after 6 long years was just an amazing feeling. Aslong as I take the stuff, I go regular like clockwork. But alas, the problem has not gone away. I still have that sweaty leak which still obviously smells judging from peoples reactions. Recently ive also noticed this really pungent yellow/clear mucsus that comes out a lot now, it has a strong smell of fish. Lord knows what this is. The doctor also sent me to have an xray of my bowels. The results showed that, prior to me taking this laxoberal, I wasnt blocked at all. Which disproved her original diagnosis. So now ive been referred to the hospital for a series of internal tests, using cameras and all sorts. Im awaiting a letter for my date, it should come before Christmas.

Part of me is scared but I know I cant go on like this forever. I figure nothing can be more embarressing than sitting in a lecture or on a bus or in a queue and hearing the people behind you make nasty comments about how you smell or how unhygenic you are. 'Cause im not unhygenic, I shower everyday like anyone else. Its true what they say... the truth hurts. So off to the hospital early in the new year. If I find out anything worthwhile or of use I shall pop back on. Sorry for my ramblings, tis good to share with fellow sufferers though. Laters!

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I have had this problem since a trip to the Domican Republic 7 months ago. Itcy butt at times as well. I do drink a lot of coffee and red wine. I am 50 something woman. This really sucks.

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I started having this problem about 3 years ago. The same problem everyone else is having.

I have always loved eating whole grain breads, and when I was younger I added wheat bran to everything, even juices. When this all started I began taking wheat bran again, but found it casued me have violent poop-sessions. Turbo shit, if you will. So after a short time I stopped taking the bran. Even eating whole grain bread caused me to have the leaking, if I ate more than say 2 slices a day.

Recently, I only have the problem if I eat 2 (or more) slices of whole grain bread. And I love my breads as I said. I can eat oatmeal or cheerios without problem, so I think it's just the insoluble fibers, as found in wheat bran. For a while I was taking ground flax seed, but it, too, seemed to set me off. I am therefore a bit leery of trying the psyllum; don't know if it's water soluble or insoluble. I have no problem with any fruit or vegetable, but again they are mostly water soluble fibers. If I only eat 1 slice a day of whole grain bread the problem either goes away or is managebable. It is very difficult to make a decent sandwich with only one slice of bread. If I eat the bread that is listed as 'wheat' bread, that uses caramel coloring to try to make it look like wheat bread I have no problem. But there is little or no fiber in it. It's just white bread, colored brown. My wife loves it. She has much the same problem, but she never eats whole grain anything.

We have one grand daughter who has been diagnosed with celiac disease, traceable to her father. From that we have all become aware of the symptoms of the disease, and we can see that there are many in our family, as well, who may have a touch of gluten intolerance. So, it could be a familial thing. We also know just how difficult it is to try and live gluten free! Now, my wife and I do not eat a lot of bread or pasta, but we don't avoid it, either. I track all my meals and everything I eat, as part of a health plan I follow. ( From this I know that I am not getting enough fiber in my diet, but with my problem I am reluctant to add more. When I add more, epecially with bread, the problem intensifies drastically. I love walking and after breakfast I try to get out and do my 3 miles, after a morning BM, but before my shower. Invariably I get the burning butt and feeling of being 'dirty.' If I can manage to not have a morning BM then it doesn't happen, though by the time I return home I am walking very fast in order to 'make it' on time. There have been times when I didn't! Times when I was eating more fiber. I drink 1 or sometimes 2 cups of coffee a day, and I don't think that is my problem, because soemtimes I go for several days with no coffee. I don't add sugar to anything, nor do I eat a lot of white flour. I do eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, usually keeping pretty close to the dietary recommendations. All things in moderation. The only thing that has changed or happened is about three years ago I had my first colonoscopy. They found a few polyps, which were removed and some were suspicious. I had a followup colonoscopy back in January, and everthing checked ok. But, since the first one I started having these crazy problems. Whether there is any connection, I don't know. As people have said, the doctors don't have much to offer. My plan right now is to look for oat bran to add to my foods, getting my fiber intake up to about 30 grams a day, from the current 12-20. And leave out the whole grain breads I love. I have a bread machine and plan to try making my own bread, using soy flour, or rice flour if I can find it. I will post back here with my results.

It looks like different things work for different folks, so we won't find a magic pill to cure every bodies problems. But Good luck to everyone!

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2 with every meal

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All you sufferers out there I do feel for you,!
but having read a couple of hundred comments some were so damn funny I pissed myself laughing
so I hope your satisfied now I,m wet as well.

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try eliminating soy from your diet. It's solved my issue.

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taking ultra fiber and eating bean but still leaking.

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I am a 56 year old male and suffer the anal leakage problem.
I take tons of prescription meds and drink lots of coffee. Neither of which will go away.
I guess I am doomed to frequent between bms wipe ups to keep clean.
I thought no one else ever experienced this until I found this site.

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I have had the same problem for about a year... I read the posts and followed the advice. My problem went away instantly. I drank 2-3 cups of coffee a day then drank caffeinated Jasmine green tea for the rest of the day. As soon as I stopped drinking any caffeine the problem instantly went away!! If you drink a lot of coffee or caffeine and have this problem seriously just try not to drink any caffeine for a couple days. It worked for me!

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Hey People. I just got home from the Doctor's regarding my anal leakage. Yep I have the same problem and worked up the guts to see the doc. Turns out he thinks my problems are caused from this checmical found in a lot of soft drinks and sweet treats. Sorbitol. Is a natural and man made sweetner. If you get the man made the body can't absorb it and it makes your bowels do all kinds of weird things. I have to stop the soft drinks and drink water for 1 week to see if corrects my problems. I have my fingers crossed. I can't live like this anymore. All ways running to the can to clean up. I will try and post my results after a week and let you know how its going!

Happy Holidays!

Oh a google on the sorbitol and read up on it. My doctor also told me he just cured a patient. The only thing he did was chew about 20 pieces of gum all day. This was what caused his problem. Good Luck everyone!

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OK, so this site should at least confirm that everyone is different. With me it's any processed grains. If I stick to whole grains I'm 90% better. What about the last 10%? Well, if I eat tons of dessert the sugars cause some problems. But there was still something and guess what - I drink tons of Ocean Spray cranberry juice - I love it. That couldn't cause a problem, right? Well, not exactly -- I was drinking the low calorie version, sweetened with Splenda. Like taking massive doses of Splenda. Artificial sweetener in that large amount is not a good thing. So now I'm down to about a 1% problem. That I can live with.

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I am among friends. I've been suffering with this problem for years, and it has gotten progressively worse. It started with the skid marks in my 20s. It didn't matter how well I wiped, washed, or preped. It was more irritating than anything, but now I feel like I am a leper. My butt is always wet. Not from poo but this slick clear liquid. I use AD and that helps quite a bit. The powders didn't really work and they made cleanup a chore. I use wipes after every BM and that keeps my shorts cleaner, but they stsrt to irritate my bung hole after a while. I can be sitting in the house and feel what seems to be a worm sliding out of my butt, and it makes me go to the RR for a quick wipe and check. It isn't brown, just wet. I feel like a man on the rag. the pantyliner idea works pretty good but they are a little on the small side. I found that sterile gauze works better and I don't look so strange buying panty liners. I did notice that when I drank too much it was worse, but now I don't drink as much and it is still the same. I think I will try to do the fiber thing, and buy those anal pads someone mentioned. Good luck fellow snail trailer's.

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Always ultrathins. Easy to use. Amazingly comfortable. Problem simply dealt with.

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well this site has been fantastic i havent stopped laughing for over an hour , didnt even bother going for my half hourly wipe. i got AL by the sounds of it and it looks like my 1st option is to try fibre. i cant beleive so many ppl have got it and way worse then me from what i read. Some of you guys should really go see a dr and fast i reckon. well lets hope the fibre cleans up my ass.

Im forwding this site onto some friends some because they stink like shit some so they can have a laugh although who knows they just might have AL aswell looks like half the bloody world has it.

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After over 5 years of suffering from this terrible affliction, I stink no more! How? Well let me say this... it won't happen overnight. It's definitely diet... i'm convinced 100%. I had tried everything, including those colon cleansing tablets (they were fun though-shit like a champion for ages I did). Look, if you want to be free from this embarrassing problem you have to stop eating crap. I mean really wake up to yourself and try to eat more natural foods. Chocolate, fatty take out foods, high sugar drinks. You have to give your ass a rest from all this and let it heal. The body will always try and tell you something is wrong by giving you symptoms. Your ass leaking is a huge clue that you're eating food that your body is rejecting. Trust me I should know. I'm still recovering and am about 95% cured. It takes time but it will go away. You have to commit yourself to eating better. Exercise helps also. Please, do yourself a life changing favour and look after yourself. You don't have to be a health freak, just eat sensibly. I still go to McDonalds now and then and it's fine to do things like that. The body will recover and cope with it, only with moderation. Look, I wish you all the best in your conquest of eliminating this horrible fucking problem. Just keep it simple and eat well. I hope this helps and wish you good luck. Cheers.

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I like hearing that people beat this. Good for you!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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My 'cure' was to stop drinking beer, drink at least two litres of plain water a day and take two teaspoons on metamucil in water every morning.
I have been free from leaky arse hole problems now for months, and it has changed my life completely.
It did take a week or two to really work.
I have never looked back.
Good luck to all those who share this terrible problem.
Give my receipt a go, you never know, it might just work for you too!!

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Recently I started taking 1 tsp of natural psyllium seed powder Indian husks (available from Freeda) in a glass of juice at night. It has lessened the amount of leakage and the number of occurrences substantially. Hope it works for you too!

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I have suffered from this same affliction for years and here is what works for me. Every morning I take a Benedryl. This dries me out a bit and allows for my body to retain more fluids. This increases my urine odor and darkens the color however my leakage decreases considerably. I also use three squares of TP, folded enough to make a rectangle that will cover my asshole when tucked in my crack. This grabs what little leakage I still experience.

Benedryl will make you sleepy so you can take one before bed and try non drowsy Sudafed or Day Time Benedryl in the morning. These results will vary but may help some of you.

Good luck!

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It is good to have this discussion...and yes it would help to have a summary. I've only had the leaky but syndrome for about the last year as a 50 yo female, slightly overweight but eating healthy and excercising regularly (except when the leaky but almost makes that impossible). I waded through about half of the postings. The main observations that will be helpful for me are that 1) I am not alone, 2) there are several types of anal leakage, and this discussion might be even more useful if posters focused on which types they deal with (clear-sweaty, brown sticky, smelly, bloody, or grainy-undigested bits, and itchy or not itchy and if there are other potentially related GI symptoms), 3) sounds to me like this is an increasing problem...not just due to age, weight, or fitness but ultimately related to a bunch of environmental, dietary (and drug) and even social (ie stress) factors related to our times, 3) that the anal leakage is just a symptom and the causes may be many and perhaps in any one individual there may be a synergy of causes rather than just one, and 4) I suspect that leaky butt is the first indication of a problem that can get much worse (with blood and physical polyps, ulcers, etc needing to be physically treated) I am motivated to fix my problem by finding the root causes. I agree with the posters who offer what has worked for them and not think it is the cure-all for everyone. The one thread through the postings I do not agree with (at least for my case) is that it is related to aging and lack of tone in the rectum...I can tell my problem originates further up (with discomfort, bloating, pain, and even the feeling of leakiness from much further up in the gut and not just down at the end). All the spincter strength in the world is not going to contain the leaky fluids. More specifically, how I apply this to my case is that I have a combo of fairly constant leak ranging from gritty un-digested to sticky brown with sporadic accompanying itch. It is not just after a major bowel movement...but all the time, and particularly during exercise. I am guessing that the sticky smelly brown stage is when I have an active yeast infection. Looking over the postings...I had AHA moments with caffeine from coffee combined with bran muffins (seems to be the grainy undigested bits), cough medicine (not cause, but definitely related to major flairup), and concurrent vaginal itch (ie. the anal itch and some of the internal problems may be related to yeast infection). Soooo...I am going to treat myself for yeast topically and systemically (by going on a cleanse and controlling yeast inducing foods) and cut out the cafeine and bran muffins (which i notice another couple posters also have in conjunction with caffeine as their only breakfast on a regular basis justlike me), maybe add some physillim (although I eat a unprocessed whole foods sort of diet as it is), consider cutting out wheat. If all else fails, will cut down on spicy foods and give some thought to whether it is fats or carbs that cause my upper GI gas and problems that may be the ultimate cause of my lower GI problems. Yes, a very few posters more recently have asked if they are the only ones with upper GI concerns. I suffer from allergies and my stomach gas & lower GI flairups all seem related to my nasal a possible theory is also that the recpiratory mucus that drips down my throat adds to the secretions from the upper GI then causes inflamation etc in the lower GI. One or 2 posters mentioned benydrl as a solution, but did not tie it in specifically to allergies. I don't think going on benydrl on a regular basis is a solution...but good to add it to the arsenal of temporary and immediate solutions to major flair ups. Oh, and I'd add in another thought on a trigger...I am not sure it is just alcohol...I think it might be sulfites found not just in wine but also many processed and preserved foods.

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ok, the problem with most of is lack of fiber, thats it take fiber in pill form or some other way, i know you think that it cant be that simple, but it is try it, wont hurt you, and maybe you will be thanking me later, good luck,until next time, this is fiber chuck signing off.

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I never knew so many people had the same problem with butt-juice. In my humble opinion, I think that over time the muscles down there begin to expand and are not able to hold in those juices from the stomach lining. This happens to me during the day as well as night. I like to keep myself clean and dry so I have taken to keeping the tissue handy when I sit for prolonged times or pass gas regularly that day.

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Greetings people, i too suffer from the "revisit the back" problem, none the less, i thought I would offer some of what i have read :


TO "Wet Willy (not verified) -- 12.12.2008"
I am not a doctor but from what I heave read, you have mentioned the "Slick Clear liqued". If this slick clear liqued could and/or does resemble semin, perhaps have a check up with the doc as it could be a prostate issue. no idea but felt i had to mention it.

anyway, i have read up apart from the high fibre items such as metamucill and psyllium husks (possible lack of fibre issue or simply firm up the poots) one could also try cranberry juice and/or Raw Garlic (possible yeast infection). This option seemed to have worked for some people as well.

Side note on firming up the poots :
Chances are some peeps or most of our "AL" peeps would prevent heading to the toilet during "öperational hours" (work, School etc) {I know i do , thankfully i am regular}
If you are going to pump yourself full of fibre remember that "those poots" are not gonna play around, perhaps try and ensure that you are regular before pumping on the fibre cause if you "firm up" and "hold in" until home time.... well lets just say, we will probably have more posts with blood lined TP, you may injur/damage or weaken the butt muscle and you could prossibly land up with a different form of "AL"

Anyway just some thoughts on the , "yes, been to the doctor and had the finger visit"

p.s. My story: Mine started out with wiping millions of times when i was younger, the "little brown line never went away on the on the TP" until some 10mins later or something and "hey look is that red or brown", yeah thats red (blood line) , ok its clean. At that time, no leakage but ichy as hell probably cause of the raw butt :) anyway, i started using moist TP which made the process allot more comfortable (it was great).

Anyhow, now i dont get the red lines anymore cause i make sure i have good TP and dont wait around on the loo, drop off the kids at the pool, wipe up till (and trust me you all know it) the TP is clean and get out. (formula , the longer you read the longer you wipe, unless you are using moist TP). A little while after the visit to the loo the ichy starts , then, ok better re-visit and so on and so forth.

I will try a combo of Cramberry juice, garlic capsules & metamucil, ill let you know how it goes.

Hope you all find a solution to yours.

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The more I read these posts, the more I think leaking is due to a lack of fiber, eating foods that you are allergic to, and possibly some type of injury to your butt.

I think it might be different for many of the people who come here looking for answers. I hope each of you who cannot find a cure will continue to visit your doctors.

Best wishes, you leaky butt people.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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thanks too all those that made suggestions. I have began a cleansing programs and taken addition fibre. After only two days they problems have stopped. no additional wiping, or wet steaks on chairs. This is the way to go the fibre and cleanse help remove nwanted toxins from the body and eliminate any bacteria. Never mind there is a benefit of weight loss. And drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

Buttonomics's picture

I think that the best solution for all those suffering from anal leakage and other ailments would be as previous posters suggested, is to increase fiber intake. Another thing to look in to is the underlying root of the problem. check with your doctor to see. In addition, invest in a squatter toilet, or a squatting device for a seated toilet. That helps you evacuate better with less strain in a more natural way. Plus, you defecate faster and spend less time on the toilet, reducing the strain on the rectum, thus alleviating ailments such as 'roids, rectal prolapse, anal fissures and the like. Don't forget to treat your anus like a newborn. Be gentle. No excessive scrubbing, or wiping. Does not do much good, except you want to irritate the area. Hope that helps.

Out Doors  NJ's picture

Great site for all of us with this type of " WEIRD " problem. I have the same one. Mine was brought on by Fisure Surgery almost 20 years ago. Talk about being ready to put the " GUN IN MY MOUTH " 20 YEARS!!!!! At any rate ,found a great Dr. about 5 years ago who stiched uo the void to where it is 80% better and with religious use of fibre I am much better. My NEW PROBLEM IS SWEATING back there.
For some reason my ass is always wet! Winter summer,day , night it doesn't matter. The sweat causes a BURNING that I cannot take. I can't sit,it is much worse when I sit. I seems to stop almost immediately when I stand up!!! After 20 years of suffering with the leakage problem, this is more than I can take. I have tried every over the counter product and 2 Dermo. Doctors told me they have no idea and nothing left to prescribe for the burning.They are at a loss. I am in pain sitting here typing this!!!! Has anyone else experienced this BURNING??? I have NO ITCHING AT ALL, JUST BURN !!! History 59 year old male
slightly over weight. I eat well & take fiber every day. If anyone has any ideas on this burning or better leakage control please let me know. Thanks

toilet train's picture

hi every 1 have had this problem 14 years tried every thing psyllium husk benifiber dosnt work but me problem is some times my ass is dry and it still reeks and been on a proper diet high in fibre dont know what to do

thiswilldoiguess's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Everyone should keep on trying different supplements. I will experiment and report back.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i have got to say this site made me laughed so hard.

DD's picture

I am a vegetarian, exercise, cook at home a lot (am quite good at it), in good shape and slightly underweight (6'2" 165). I mention this last part b/c my wife (who is smoking hot) has to exercise 3X as much as me to maintain her hotness. So, I've begun to eat a slight bit more in hopes of possibly gaining a few pounds. I've added a lot of dairy and am wondering if that might be some of the cause of the swampass. It's hit me on and off throughout the past 6 years, but over the past couple of months has been regularish. I'm thinking caffeine maybe too, but I don't drink that much of it. I've always been a little lactose intolerant and sensitive to spicy foods, which we eat a few times a week b/c wife loves them. I also drink alcohol several time a week, though less than I used to. Going to try the fiber and staying off of dairy for a month or so (I've also got nasal mucus issues). Any other thoughts? Much love to all who posted, good to have community in butt juice, as in anything.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am a female and have this problem, I wear 2 maxi pads just so I won't stain my underwear... I always carry extra pads in my purse..I don't want to smell like poop...I also have wipes at home..

Ass_Master's picture

Reply to Out Doors NJ:

Try this:

You can get it by going to the pharmacy at Walmart. You have to ask for it as they keep it behind the counter, but you do not need a prescription. This should help with the burning. It has menthol in it, which will give you an instant coolness. Apply sparingly twice a day. As for the sweat, I don't know. I deal with the same thing. Mine is only prior to a bm, or when my nerves are going crazy, but there are no answers out there for it as of yet. Thought about seeing if they could do a surgery to sever any pathways to sweat glands in that area, but haven't approached the doctor on that yet. It's going on 10 years for me. Sucks. Good luck

go navy's picture

I just signed up in the gym and on my first workouts I noticed that I sweat down there pretty bad, and then I noticed the smell. I am very strict when it comes to my personal hygiene, so I found this site pretty fast.

I was definitely slaking on good diet for a while, so that the problem. (because I hate cooking) But now I gonna go for lots of fruit and fiber and start learning how to cook.

Also, I recently noticed that my feet sweat like crazy at work. Foot prouder and anti-perspiration deodorant barely makes things better.

So please tell me if the sweaty and leaky butt crack is somehow connected to the sweaty feet problem?

Richboy's picture

Hey about a year ago I suffered thet samething. I was only 19 at the time. I to never had anal sex, i don't drink, or smoke, i don't party but i go to school most of the time, however i dont excercise like i should. I had n inssurance so i search the web for answers, and i found this web site. I was so scared to see some terrifying stories, and I was also scared to tell anyone else also. I finally told someone very dear to me that assisted me to get inssurance. I went to the doctor to find out that My iron level was exremly low. It was just a bad case of hemroids and low iron mix together. That to can cause anal leakadge. All you need is to add some fiber and iron to your diet and see if that work out. If you do feel discomfort after using the toilet you should wipr with a warm towlet to soth the pain or afterwards take a sids bath. I didn't know that this stuff is commen. Not for my age but for an older person. a sids bath is just a tub filled with hot or warm water, just sit in it for about 15 minutes, and dont wipe so hard and everything was ok.

canada's picture

I have joined the club. I find that acid foods like fruit juice and coffee cause the problem. I am working on changing the acid in the morning. I buffer my first morning food with 4 tums or baking soda on jam on toast before drinking my coffee. That seems to stop it in total. Acid reduction works.

Call me Al's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Here's a really easy tip to try - eat a couple of teaspoons of PLAIN yogurt at or after meals. I guess it helps with digestion, but it allows me more leeway in eating the things (see below) that give me problems. It might not work for you but it's easy to try.

My problems of many years are pretty much solved by eliminating ALL artificial sweeteners, along with processed grains (flour) like in white breads. I also think acidic foods are a problem. Many have said coffee causes their problem, although I'm thinking it could actually be the acid or maybe they're using the artificial sweetener, rather than caffeine being the problem.

I'm amazed that so many are helped by eating more fiber - it makes my problem MUCH worse!

Anyway, acidic foods are a suspect for many of you, so try eating a couple of bananas a day (the less ripe the better in terms of neutralizing the acid).

Everyone is different - your particular solution is almost certainly somewhere in this section. Be patient, try everything, and don't give up!

Drippy Drawers's picture

Just had this "condition" for about a week or so now and im sick of it already. Pretty much the same story, go to the loo, drop some poo and return in a few cause my butt leaked... eww! (lol i had to make a rhyme!)

The main change to my diet is that im now on an antibiotic for a sinus infection/bronchitis so im sure that's gotta be it... I have been eating more fruit/exercising recently but i don't see how something healthy could make it worse. My question is should i continue to take it? I only have a few days left of pills and my sickness is all but gone OR should stop now while i can? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had this problem too! Turns out hemorrhoids were the issue. Talked to the doc, got some cream, cured the 'roids, leakage and smell gone!

:D I am so happy now!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Glad to know I'm not alone. I've had this for as long as I can remember, ever since someone joked about "skid marks" in high school. No poo leakage but after a period of working several hours or after exercise I'll get the clear, yellowish funk that reaks like crap from hell.

Doctor wasn't much help. Suggested I use some soft type of baby wipes. But he did mention the mucous membrane and that it could be leaking out. I instantly knew he was right.

It's affected my entire life, filling me with fear of being an outcast leper due to stinky butt syndrome. I can't exercise with someone too vigorously, like running, for fear of sweating too much and working a bunch of the yellow demon shit funk out my butt. (Stupid shit funk!) I can't sit and work in an office for more than 4 hours at a time, for the same reason. Nor can I do vidorous work for too long or the same thing happens, like it did when I worked for a parcel delivery company where a coworker commented on me not taking a shower regularly. What can I say? I lose if I say "yes" then why would I smell, I lose if I say "no" then I'm a pig. I've had the same thing with people asking in exasperated shock, "DID YOU JUST FART?" Here you HAVE to say yes then apologize, "oops, sorry, had tacos for lunch." Then I make a quick dive to the john and do a man douche!

I've had some embarassing moments that will haunt me for the rest of my life, so I do my best to a) wipe the hell out of myself (but not to the point where I get a stingy raw bleeding sore, again) and then b) follow up with soping wet tp to do an additional cleansing, then c)once more with dry tp to dry up the area. At least every 3-4 hours.

Even in public restrooms I won't go unless I can get a decent amount of wet tp at my disposal before checking into a stall. Man-douching is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before going to bed. I also do it 1-2 times throughout the day depending on activity.

I've never smoked and never drank coffee, till now, so I know it's not directly related to either. Possibly stress, possibly diet and hot spicy foods. Regardless, I'll try the high fiber diet as if i'm a religious convert. From now on, I'll bring bark, twigs and leaves with me so I can munch on throughout the day.

Thanks for sharing. Good luck everyone. Too bad there's not a forum here so we could post daily conversations and threads.

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There is a Forum link under Report Poop on the left hand side.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I always have sweaty ass and poop leakage. I just wipe ass alot and use soap and water to keep clean.

Dork's picture

Okay, so I've had this leakage problem as well. I think I may have figured out the obvious from my end: Gas. If I fart or even if there is pressure there and I don't actually pass gas, the problem arises. The fart feels dry so I never put two and two together, but it must push out a little poop, especially if the stool is a little loose. I see that the main questioner states he/she doesn't fart and still has the problem, but in my case I'm thinking there is a direct link. I think I will get some frickin' Beano at the health food store and try to decrease my gas. Sometimes I'm outside, getting ready to go into work and I let one fly, so sue me. I thought I was being a good friend to my workmates by leaving it outside. Often, I'll feel a fart coming on and not actually fart, but I think this gives a little gas pressure, which pushes out a tiny bit of poop even if no gas actually escapes. This was embarrassing to admit, so I hope it helps someone else.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I quit coffee and Im cured!

embarrased lady's picture

I have not only had the leaky problem and itchy problem but have also had the real poop problem. I cannot feel it until it comes out and then is too late. I have had IBS, spastic colon and other colon problems. This is so embarrasing but I am going to try the Fiber and hope that it helps. Thanks for this page, it's good too know that I am not alone.

Anonymous Coward's picture

You could be impacted. It is called fecal impaction. There are game plans all over the internet.

What you are doing sounds like soiling, and you may have some hardened stool trapped in the rectum. This allows only liquid stools to ooze through and out onto your britches.

PossibleHomersexual's picture

I'm a young fit, healthy queer who enjoys avid anal stimulation from my well endowed boyfriend. I do not have any problems with surprise anal leakage. *knock on fat wood*

I attribute this to good diet and squats.
Stay away from processed crappy food. Think "lean, green and marine", choose lean meats, fruits/veggies fibers and fish. To those of you who think McDonald's once a day is acceptable, well, it is not. Try it once a week as a reward for healthy eating.

Good luck with your butts!

PS: To you straight guys, treat yourselves to a nice fresh anal douche (follow the instructions on the box) and encourage your lady friend to stimulate your prostate a little. You and her will both be happy with the result! Take care.

Anonymous Coward's picture

im an athletic male and normally get a smelly leakage while having intercourse (embarassing) or playing sports. it can leave a residue on my pants, this normally only happens when i sweat though can someone give me an answer on what to do to get rid of this smell?

some guy's picture

i've read the majority of the comments below and i'm seeing everyone is having the same problem i had. i'm a heavy drinker so i thought maybe i a damaged my digestion system a little bit. i figured i would go see a doctor, but who wants to tell your doctor that your ass is leaking. so i tried to figure it out myself. i tried a couple things, i thought maybe my i forgot how to sit and stand, maybe i drink too much, maybe i think about it too much. then i tried eating healthy and guess what it worked which makes sense cause i was eating really only one meal a day. so maybe i wasn't eating enough? i believe what solved my case was that i started eating whole grain cereal, kelloggs mini wheats to be specific, and after eating it for breakfast for a couple days the leakiness went away. hopefully this will be of some help to someone. :)

amber soto's picture

i have a butt is being a little leaky each day..i dunno what to do really, i try putting a plug on my butt and it still leaks, im embarrassed because i dont want kithzia to know about this im afraid she'll hate me for my anal leak...age...i cringe when i say that...when i sit down i just start to smell like fart and everyone just looks at me like im some fricken freak, i dont know. i take 4showers a bestfriend trey says its okay but he always laughs about it and posts mean bulletins about it. im kinda ashamed in a co workers tell me its okay..that i should just put a tampon because it absorbs the sweaty slippery substance...halls cause anal leakage i think i should cut back. ;)

Anonymous Coward's picture

Im totally stoned right now and thought... Hey i just started having swamp ass so i googled it and what do you know? BAM im off to the store for some fibre!! Thanks guys Doctors suck and i sure aint telling her about my leaky butt.

edwin's picture

I have had the leakage since 1995 now 2009. I been to doctors and it is embarrassing to discuss. It was said to drink Metamusel because if there is any restriction it will come out the top of the channel (like an anti siphon-valve area) and leak down to the anal. Brand fiber tends to make me sick. As mentioned above I fold a paper towel into quarters (I don't cut the towel) and stuff it against the anal. If I don't I will get burning and all sorts of discomforts. I could just get out of the shower and as soon as I start shopping, the walking creates the leakage to flow out the anal. In a mall bathrooms are so far away at times.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i believe my problem is sweat. i believe that when my ass starts to sweat, some of the fluid is reabsorbed into the anus, and washes out what ever residue remains in there (even after a bowel movement), causing increased need to wipe after BMs. i have increased my fiber intake (simply more oatmeal in the a.m.),
but i think what has really helped me is antiperspirant. i used to wear antiperspirant in the axilla only, however i now rub it in between my butt cheaks after showers and in the morning. also, i apply just regular deodorant (sans antiperspirant) in my armpits now. i now sweat less in my ass, my stools are more solid, and i do not have to wipe my ass 20 times a day. if you think sweat is your problem, try this!

bubbles1129's picture

I've heard the advice about drinking metamucil. Just wondering how long will I need to drink metamucil for to have this embarassing issue stop.

Anonymous Coward's picture


Rock's picture

In reply to bubbles1129,I started Metamucil and within a couple of weeks my problem had all but gone. I take a teaspoon full into a glass of water each morning and that's all I have done and I am fine now.
I also stopped drinking beer, but now and again I will have one and it seems not to have issues with a leaky butt.
Metamucil is very good for you and as far as I am aware long term use is not a problem.
Email the company who makes it if you are concerned.
Good luck !!

Here's a remedy...'s picture

I have the same problem too. here's what I found out about my body, and what i do to solve the problem. My wife told me to do this years ago, and i didn't know what she meant, so i didn't do it. Until recently, i just had to try something, and after i did it, it made a difference. My wife said, 'push it back in when you're done'. Push what back in you say? your butt muscles surrounding the anus, that's what, especially if you have hemorrhoids. After I'm done, i take 3 or 4 sheets of tp, fold them into a sgl layer, take my middle finger in the center of the sgl layer and push around the lower anus as if I'm try to push my anus in. you'll feel the muscles resist but then they'll give and your anus will close and relax, if you're not too sensitive, try and push that hemorrhoid back in too. Its as if after that last poop push, your anus stays open, when it should close up tight(it used to, but now it doesn't, poor muscle control maybe?. If you have hemorrhoids, they come out and swell when you poop and block the anus open, then contract, and then you leak. So i finally do what my wife said years ago, and it works. I poop, then push everything back in first, then wipe, i can feel the closed butt crack, and there's minimum wiping necessary, usually just one pass, where i used to wipe as many as seven times before being clean. so, i say , push once, wipe once. And thank my wife.

Also note that, when you fart, masturbate, lift something heavy, etc., you tend to push you anus muscles out, if you dont push them back in, your anus is now open enough to leak. i've accepted the fact that i have poor muscle control in that area, so thats my remedy. if i've helped one person here, then i'm happy.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

And I really like your attitude! If you help one person, you're happy. You know, we've had quite a few commenters over the years who have shared one or two things they've found that helped, and later someone will post back saying "hey, this helped."

Not one cure is out there for every person who signs on to make a comment; but the more suggestions/solutions we get, the better chance that some poor desperate soul will try everything for success. And, with your suggestion, we have another solution that will surely help someone.

Good for you for wanting to help others. Stick around, and maybe you'll find that you've helped that one person that will make your post worth the time.


.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Let me start by saying thank you to everyone that has shared their stories and posted suggestions. It's a good feeling to know that I'm not alone - this forum definitely has given me encouragement to find a solution to my problem.

My AL started when I drank alcohol on an empty stomach with nothing to eat but spicy potato chips. The following days I had diarrhea. I took Immodium AD and the diarrhea stopped. I then started developing stomach cramps and gas issues. Gas-Ex relieved these problems. Soon after I noticed that my butt was leaking a clear, sticky fluid that did NOT have an odor.

At this point I went to the doctor. He took a blood test and a stool sample - nothing came up. Nexium (an acid reducer) was prescribed and I took it for a month. The Nexium didn't make a difference so I saw a gastroenterologist. He told me the drinking and spicy chips probably irritated my digestive system and the fluid I was leaking was mucous. In a week or 2 he said the AL would go away on it's own.

It's been a month since I've seen the gastroenterologist and my AL is still occurring. I'm still leaking clear, sticky mucous. It doesn't seem to flow out constantly but it occurs throughout the day and night.

I've changed my diet dramatically, thanks to the suggestions from everyone on here. I basically am now eating a vegetarian diet - lot's of fish, fiber, fruits and veggies. I've eliminated processed, greasy, spicy, and fatty foods. The only diary I have is from Activia yogurt, which I take for the probiotics. I've been taking Metamucil for a month also.

All these changes have not stopped the AL. I was wondering if anyone else was only leaking mucous and not fecal matter?

Can anyone offer any additional suggestions? Thank you for all the help this board has provided.

Anonymous Coward's picture

This site has given me hope with this dreadful and embarrassing shit I have to deal with daily. I am a 23 year old male and I’ve had AL (I’m guessing that’s what it is) for a couple years now on and off. I get up and shower and usually use a wash cloth with soap and scrub my ass or just use the soap in hand, then I use a body wash just for my ass so it smells good. I get to work (I work in a shop so its pretty physically demanding, therefore making me sweat in the bum area), and about two hours or so into work I start to smell like poop, so with my trusty wet wipes I have in my tool box, I go to the restroom and wipe. it works for a few hours at most, then sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn't, depending on my stress level I’m guessing, I’m not a shit leaker but it sure does smell like shit, I wipe and nothing is there but sweat, it's such a pain to have to go and wipe every couple hours. I like the post that "here's a remedy" wrote about pushing your anus muscles back in. I found that deodorant can work wonders for most of the day, wet wipes are only a temporary fix, and I have actually shaved my ass hairs next to my ass hole which helps with the smell I think. When you can smell yourself, other people can smell it too, it's when you can't smell it and someone else can is what's irritating. It would be nice to have someone at work that has the same issue and could "smell check" me ha-ha! I am going to try that Metamucil fiber supplement everyone is talking about and see if it works. A cause to this problem I am realizing was my alcohol consumption (2-3 beers a night) poor diet (skipping breakfast, eating fast food daily at lunch, and sometimes even skipping dinner at times). I've quit beer and coffee (quitting coffee really helped) I'm thinking that my colon is loaded up from all that bad greasy food I’ve eaten, as well as the beer etc. I'm not eating like a health nut but I’m not eating fast food anymore.

This site has given me a lot of laughs! Glad to know I’m not alone with this issue! I’ve learned a lot more on here than any doctor could tell me. Best of luck!

Jack-Ass's picture

Wow, Glade I found this site! I have had leaky butt for years now, but was never sure what was really going on? Now I know why I always got the Body wash kit for x mas from co- workers. One time I was at the beach and flies were attacking my ass! No one elses, I jumped in the water and came back, so did the flies. My freind were laughing histericly, I had to leave the beach! I'm going to try the fiber thing, My ass is raw! My underware a mess and I havent dated since the problem started! I hope I can fix this thing! Will also see a Doc and tell him straight up, I got leaky butt!

I have the answer!!!'s picture

Lol ok everyone please please trust me on this! i had a problem with i'd get constipated and then it would leak out. i would go pee and find poop on the tp. this seriously sucked. considering i couldn't even have sex for fear of pooping on my husband (which happened once for real) he called me a dirty bitch because he ended up finishing off with it and didn't know till the smell hit him. patheticly this is a true story that he loves to share with friends when we are drinking lol. anyways for the answer whenever this happens all you have to do is a good colon cleanse. buy some psyllium husk powder take it once a day for a couple of days then twice then go up to three times a day. get the orange flavor. the apple is gross. anyways it's as simple as that. if you want to detoxify while you're at it get some calcium bentonite clay and mix a tsp. full in one of your husk shakes once a day. that will draw toxins and excess water out of your fat cells! all your anal drainage problems should be solved now!

Ignoranceisbliss's picture

I have had this issue as well. Everyone's descriptions have summed up my own feelings. As for all this "get off the weed", what on earth does weed have to do with ass dripping? It is no secret that I like to get high. I would say alcohol is a bigger cause than weed. Since when do you shit smoke? Keep it dry brothers

leaknomore's picture

I agree with those that reco Psyllium Husks Powder. Without question this is like a miracle for my butt. It's cheap too. I found I need only about 1 level teaspoon (1/2 the normal dose. Nothing else worked for me. Not eating more Fibre One cereal, cranberry juice, garlic, etc.

Cantakeanymore's picture

For about 10 years, have had anal leakage problems. I went to doctor numerous times and they had no idea. They stated that my gall bladder was shot though. I had them take it out and they found many gallstones. Its been three months and the problems have not went away. I found this site and I started taking fiber supplements because I dont eat ANYTHING with fiber, never have. I have 3 good days, then 3 bad days. I still cant beat this. It is affecting my entire life.

Its the same problem as many of you have had. It just keeps leaking, and causing much irritation. Its as if there is more in there and is slowly seeping out. Any more ideas?

maybe i have anal thrush's picture

i have had diarrhea for the past 3 weeks i have been on antibiotics for what i thoght was a uti infectio but it turns out its something else because i still have the symptms of it eve though they say the infection has cleared i think it vaginal thrush. i have stinging and burning after urinating and then i would see blood in my urine. it was PAINFUL at one point it hurt so bad i coudn't even walk . i am supposed to see a urologist today. its alot better but i still have the symptoms that something is wrong.i hve been taking pyridums so it helps alot i have been coping with it i am frustrated and exhausted. But besies the vaginal issues. i have had diarhea for the past 3 weeks i think i have anal and vaginal thrush my but ithes a little i have no leakage though i don't think but its a little itchy. i feel like i am infested and disgusted hope this damn urolgist has the answers and the medicine i nee to bring my life back to normal because i am exhausted. seone help with some much needed advice.

Anonymous Coward 2009's picture

Thanks for this site. I'm not alone. I've had this problem off and on for a few years, but it hasn't gotten too bad until the past few months. It doesn't matter how much i wipe,there is still some there. I use baby wipes now and it helps a little, but it doesn't solve the problem. I know that if i walk around my butt cheeks will move together and make a mess, so i try to take a dump at night before i go to bed. I've never mentioned my condition to anyone. It's almost like my sphinctor clenches against the turd at the wrong time, breaks it in half, and makes a mess. I often get streak marks so i buy dark underwear. I notice that if i clean good when i'm in the shower with a rag and soap it helps. i haven't had 3 consecutive day normal poops in months. thanks for the comments. i'm going to try eating more fiber and let you know how it works out.

Leakage am I's picture

Guys, The first step in recovery is by going to your Dr. and confidently saying "I'm a leaker and a stinker". Trust me he will understand. Brothers and sisters this has been my cross to bear also. The solution exists, it's just a matter of finding it. Start with your Dr. (if you can aford it) or the husk fiber.

Antibiotics can cause this's picture


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j 1000+ points

As tp Psyllium husks as a treatment, do it during the football season and root for Nebraska. Then you can truly say GO HUSKERS !

hotdog water crack's picture

i have a constant sweaty ass crack. i wipe my ass all the time through out the day and it furiates me when i have to get up nd find a bathroom to wipe it dry. not only that i powder my ss real good and 10 minutes later, my ass feels sweaty and that powder magically dispers. wtf! now i wad up a few pieces of tiolet paper and powder both to try and prvide double protection againt the sweaty ass crack and my ass seems to win everytime. can anyone help me

Anonymous Coward's picture

I found it!!!! There are a few causes and some treatments. Google 'spinal damage anal leakage' then click on the site 'Continence Symptoms and Treatments'. This site mentions that a lot of doctors aren't knowledgable in this area and some don't take it seriously. Since my motor vehicle accident and spinal injury I have suffered the leakage, itch and embarassing mess. I will know go to the doctor with information and ask for a referral. Good luck folks!!!!

Anonymous guy's picture

I first noticed the sweat issue less than two years ago around when i started college. The time when it is REALLY a big problem is when sitting on black or dark-colored hard seats (plastic or metal) for any period of time. There is often a mark of wetness left on the seat which is extremely embarrassing and requires a quick move to cover it up and wait for it to dissipate within a minute or so. I cut the morning coffee, and any sort of danish with sugar, frosting, etc. but little help. It still varies from day to day. I guess after the years worth of comments here, there is no magic remedy other than dealing with it, but if someone figures something out, let us know. :(

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have also suffered with this for two years. During that time I had taken a large amount of Ibuprofen and often Aprin also. Both caused stomach bleeding and that led to a mucus discharge from the anus. I had no idea at the time and found this out much later. When my hip problem was sorted out and I did not need the constant ingestion of mild pain kilers, the problem ALMOST left. I had to change my diet and stop drinking Coke by the gallon everyday and I ate a lot more fibre. RESULT: Problem gone! Back to being dry and socially acceptable again. I don't drink or do drugs. I am 56 and male and resonably fit but a little over wieght. I have started long walks to deal with that.

Good luck.

Hope this helps someone.

Got Poopie Poo Poo's picture

Holy crap...thought I was the only one. Gonna try everything listed here to try to solve this. I too have the ManPons made out of toilet paper. The most embarassing thing for me was having sexy with my woman and leaving a streak of poo on her leg from my leaky butt.

Anonymous Coward's picture

if i were to use the ultra-thin nursing pads do i use them like i would use the ol toilet paper folded and placed between my butt cheeks? anybody? lol..

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hey I have the same problem I was laying in the bed the other night and It felt like my but was taking a piss.. so I went to the bathroom to wipe my ass and It was shit.. Im not even gonna lie It scared the shit out of me ... but I guise its natural... this site eased my mind.. Im not allone..

Anonymous Coward's picture

WOW! What a great site. Ive had this problem for years, and too much of a coward to talk with a doctor. Im going to try fiber and a better diet. This has been both helpful and humorous. Thanks again!

Anonymous Coward's picture

hi from asia. i have the same problem where after 30 mins or so, i feel a little itch and when i wipe, i see a little poop stain like it was the last stages of wiping. I've been drinking cofee on a daily basis for almost five months and have been binging on fastfood occasionally. on my own i've been deciding to stop drinkin coffe to find out if it was the cause. reading your mentions about coffee made me more confident. i've stoppped coffee for 2 days but the AL still hasn't stopped. I'l also take your advice and fill up on more fiber. Is oatmeal good? anyway I'll post again if the resuls are good. thanks!

Jade's picture

I know the answers.
Natural fiber from whole unprocessed foods (NOT powderded fiber!) is the secret to the natural diet of human beings. What foods contain fiber you ask? Fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, and small amounts of nuts and seeds. Grains are full of fiber too, but be aware that grains are naturally for birds, not humans! Most humans are allergic to grains, so choose a superior non-allergic grain like Quinoa. What foods do not contain fiber? Animal flesh and animal secretions like meat, dairy, and eggs.

So how am I supposed to live off of plants? YIKES! Well, since humans ARE scientifically considered anthropoid primates, then humans ARE naturally frugivorous herbivores. In other words, all other primates thrive from eating fruit mono-meals and an abundance of leafy greens. Get addicted to green smoothies (bananas or other fruit blended with leafy greens + maybe a touch of fresh mint and nothing else). Get addicted to fruit mono meals for your first two meals, then if you must, eat non-allergic pasta or Quinoa + steamed veggies + large leafy green salad for dinner. Eat the fattier meal for dinner, and be aware! You may think you are going light on the fat, but fat has 4000 calories per pound, whereas fruit has 300 calories per pound, and thus you may think "Oh, I ate a pound of fruit and only three tablespoons of fat." Well, your meal may be 60% fat in calories which would be too high.

Try an experiment:
Eat 80% of more of your calories from simple carbs (fresh fruit and leafy greens).
Eat 10% or less of your calories from proteins (fruits and leafy greens have more protein than you will ever need, and yes, they have all of the amino acids, all the vitamins, and all the minerals + all the water you need + fiber + more!)
Eat 10% or less of your calories from fats (fats are very good for us, but if eaten in excess oh my...they ARE the culprit!). Fruits and yes leafy greens contain plenty of fats. Be aware that avocado is about 70% fat, and be aware that most nuts and seeds are about 70% fat! Eat fats sparingly!

For more information go to and read Dr. Graham's awesome book The 80/10/10 Diet. or read or Google Dr. David Klein of Vibrance magazine. He specializes in digestive issues. He has a great book out that applies to all of us here. All three resources I just gave you know each other and agree on pretty much everything.

Also, I went to a hemorrhoid clinic and learned to never use TP to wipe, but instead to use baby wipes - the ones that have as few chemicals in them as you can find or make (you can make your own baby wipes; it's super duper easy and cheap!)

I suspect that hemorrhoids can be causing this problem for some. The tissues where people get hemorrhoids are like three balloons that enable us to hold our poop. If these tissues get weak, then degrees of incontinence can result.

Since I have been doing the 80/10/10 diet (I am in incredible athletic shape, 38 year old female), I have to say one of the best benefits is no more hemmorhoid or poop problems. Also, my poop smells like fruit or sweet vegetables, and this is actually how healthy poop for humans should smell. Similarly, if you smell the poop of a Koala bear who is eating his or her natural diet (eucalyptus), their poop will smell like the food they ate, not like shit! So why does cow farm shit stink? Because the humans are feeding the cows grains, which are NOT the animals' natural diet. My friend, who is an MD, also does the 80/10/10 diet, and she has this great saying...

"I hate it when my poop smells like shit!"

She and I both fall off the 80/10/10 wagon occasionally, and when this happens, the poop smells like shit...disgusting.

So there is hope for all of us, and for any of you who are adventurous and ready for a challenging the 80/10/10 diet, and get ready to detox and heal from years of self and society abuse. Get ready to feel great.

Jade's picture

Hi again...I just left a long loving post, and I forgot to ask...

I read the poo-RN above stating that a person can use a tampon for leaky butt. But then I read another website where a person pointed out the danger of having a tampon actually moving up into the colon and intestines. The person warned never to do this. Makes sense. Any thoughts anyone? Also I realize the risks of bacteria growth in putting a tampon in the anus or vaginal. So if someone wanted to risk putting a tampon in the anus, I'd change it every two hours, but actually I wouldn't do it in the first place. I'd use a pad + baby wipes + change diet and lifestyle dramatically.

Read the science of Natural Hygiene. Changing your lifestyle will solve every degenerative health problem you have.
All of the resources above are friends with each other. They can help you to feel better and be fitter and healthier than you ever have in your life.

Russell's picture
l 100+ points

I've had the problem before but it eventually went away. I'd wipe and wipe and then a few hours later, go back to the bathroom with stuff in my crack.
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

Trying to Solve It's picture

Whew... I've been reading this site off and on for quite some time. I, too, am glad I'm not the only sufferer. If nothing else, this site can be used as some sort of database for symptoms, and possible remedies.

Here's my story (with lots of details):

I am a 31 year old male, suffering from this problem for about 8 months now. I started last August or so. I had gone in for my yearly physical, and noted to the doctor that I had an uncontrollable sweat problem under my arms. Among other things, he also did a cholesterol check. Finding my heriditary high cholesterol, he prescribed some Simvastatin (Lipitor generic). He also prescribed something to "blot" my underarms with to stop the excessive sweating.

Within 2 weeks of the two medicines, I developed AL. I mostly have the mucusey kind with no smell. Sometimes I do have some bits of excriment though. I immediately attributed this to the Cholesterol med, so took myself off it, thinking of other cholesterol blockers like "olestra."

Through reading this site, I've tried it all. I've quit coffee for about 3 weeks (switched to decaf), I've tried the Fiber supplement (works for a week at most), upped my exercise, stopped dairy for two weeks, etc.

Here's my stats... I'm 5'8", about 165, athletic, high stress job, lots of driving/sitting in my job, married, no kids, no drugs, no smoking, but lots of alcohol.

About two months after the problem started, my wife, some friends and I all took a trip up to do a "micro-brewery tour." After a full day of drinking microbrews, I excused myself to go take a piss. While pissing, I felt something wet running down my leg. Knowing of my AL problem, I pulled my PJ's down and inspected, to see that I had completely crapped myself. I was mortified. At this point I decided it was time to go back to the Dr. and relay my issue.

I told my primary, who felt it his duty to do the finger test. Of course, we found nothing wrong with the muscle of the sphincter.

He referred me to the gastrointestinalist (is that a word?) who couldn't see me for another two months.

When I saw the gastro doc, he asked me my symptoms, and we identified the risk of a parasite, due to my camping activities. (are you aware of the more tha 175 kinds of parasites that can infect the human body? Dr's usually only check for the most common ones) He ran some blood tests to check for lactose intolerance and also requested stool samples. Everything he checked for came back negative with both tests.

His next suggestion to me was to lay off dairy for two weeks (as mentioned above.) Then he said to follow up with a colonoscopy & endoscopy (stomach flush). I haven't gone yet for either of these. Up until now, I have been able to keep this problem from my wife, and if I go for any of these "all day" procedures, she will surely have questions.

More details... I am sort of vegetarian as it is: No red meat. Not much fast food. I do strive to eat whole grains. I am a home brewer (as of January). I thougt maybe the live yeast caused this problem. I started to take acidophillus (like the natural yeast in your GI) but it does not seem to help much. I have now stopped taking the fiber supplement, as it seems to tear me apart, and leave the red streaks on the TP. I have a healthy sex drive, and I do masterbate regularly. Sometimes I feel the leakage come when erect, thus having more bloodflow the anus.

Reading some more posts tonight, I'm suspecting six things still: 1) iron: my diet is probably low in iron. 2) acid: still like spicy foods and coffee; 3) alcohol: the refined sugars could be causing this; 4) the alcohol over the years has caused tiny ulcers in my stomach to form, thus causing the extra mucous to line it & leak; 5) I still have some sort of parasite (I get the worm coming out of my anus feeling during leakage) 6) the original anti-persperant perscription (note - I haven't sweated from my underarms in months without additional applications), and there's been some talk about "anal sweating." This problem occurred witin 2 weeks of using this remedy for under-arm sweating...

Anyhow, a thank you to all who have shared & much support for all who continue to suffer. Keep perservering & we'll find a solution.

generalfrosty's picture

I had anal leakage. Ruined several pairs of underwear.
Some routines I used that were helpfull: A removable shower head is perfect for cleaning your anus and surrounding area well. I also use a shower poof specially for that area.
Moist 'babywipes' are best to wipe with. I try to only poop at home, but if I have to use a public restroom, I wet paper towels and bring them into the stall with me.
The BEST method to avoid and/or subdue anal leakage - despite your best efforts to clean yourself - is to introduce a diet RICH in fiber. More fiber = cleaner colon = easier moviement of bowels = less buildup in colon. The more fiber you have in your diet will decrease anal leakage because all that excess fecal-fluid will be soaked up and excreted when you poo.
Try a good colon-clensing program. They work wonders.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Anybody notice that after taking pain meds i.e oxycotin, that the problem occurs? I had such terrible constipation while taking the medication and went off of it 3 days ago. Now I have the leakage, and it burns (doesn't itch)
Anyone else with this problem?

Trying to Solve It's picture

Just a follow up... I've been off coffee (completely- no decaf) for three days. I'm also cutting back on my alcohol consumption & eating some source of NATURAL fiber each day. So far, so good. I'm on day three with no AL issues!!!

Identify the CAUSE, then FIX IT's picture

I've been suffering from AL for 10 years. I have finally begun to see light at the end of the tunnel...

I grew up with bad bathroom habits. I would literally sit on the toilet for an hour to evacuate completely. Years of constipation and diahrrea, and pushing to evacuate caused this problem. The weird looks, the negative comments, the embarrassment, the has affected me negatively yet in a way positively.

I desperately went to the doctors, and went through multiple tests, exams, and procedures to figure out what was causing this issue. Every time it came back as a disappointment. Doctor said to increase fiber and drink lots of water. Fiber made things worse, because it caused me to become plugged up. Trying to understand why fiber made me more constipated, I came up with the conclusion that it must be a muscular issue because fiber SHOULD help move things through. And boy, was I right!

My pelvic muscles became so weak from the years of constipation and diahrrea it eventually lost the tone to "hold things in place". This happens to women after giving birth. My problem was part of the anus was "sliding" out, which showed the mucus membrane (pink part) of the anus. And add to the mix of the anxiety/stress I dealt with from fear of smelling, it made me sweat down there which worsens the problem.

Look in a mirror...if you see any pink, that is causing you to leak!

***THE FIX***


I had a doctor years back tell me to do these exercises, but stopped because it had not helped. Years later, I realized I was doing them wrong. I was tightening the wrong muscle

Take a deep breath, and completely exhale to release any tension and do not flex any muscles especially your abdominal muscles. Picture yourself urinating, and then stopping the flow of urine. These are the muscles you need to work on. Then, try to imagine your are "pulling" your anus anus up. My situation was bad where I had a difficult time pulling it up. So I would take some toilet paper and push it up with my fingers. Hold this as long as possible and with all your might(up to a minute) and then relax everything for 10-15 seconds. Repeat.

It is important you do not flex your Abdominal muscles while doing the kegel exercise because that will defeat the purpose of this exercise because it will push pelvic muscles the anus back out (downwards). Do this daily and you WILL SEE RESULTS if you do them PROPERLY.

After two months of this, I am finally having normal bowel movements and able to evacuate completely and the leaking has improved 90%. Before this, it would feel I would not completely evacuate which made the leakage worse. With long bouts of constipation and straining, your pelvic muscles weaken which makes you more constipated and causes leakage.

Do these exercises along with a high fiber diet, and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

THE CURE - Indentify the REAL CAUSE's picture

I've been suffering from AL for 10 years. I have finally begun to see light at the end of the tunnel...

I grew up with bad bathroom habits. I would literally sit on the toilet for an hour to evacuate completely. Years of constipation and diahrrea, and pushing to evacuate caused this problem. The weird looks, the negative comments, the embarrassment, the has affected me negatively yet in a way positively.

I desperately went to the doctors, and went through multiple tests, exams, and procedures to figure out what was causing this issue. Every time it came back as a disappointment. Doctor said to increase fiber and drink lots of water. Fiber made things worse, because it caused me to become plugged up. Trying to understand why fiber made me more constipated, I came up with the conclusion that it must be a muscular issue because fiber SHOULD help move things through. And boy, was I right!

My pelvic muscles became so weak from the years of constipation and diahrrea it eventually lost the tone to "hold things in place". This happens to women after giving birth. My problem was part of the anus was "sliding" out, which showed the mucus membrane (pink part) of the anus. And add to the mix of the anxiety/stress I dealt with from fear of smelling, it made me sweat down there which worsens the problem.

Look in a mirror...if you see any pink, that is causing you to leak!

***THE FIX***


I had a doctor years back tell me to do these exercises, but stopped because it had not helped. Years later, I realized I was doing them wrong. I was tightening the wrong muscle

Take a deep breath, and completely exhale to release any tension and do not flex any muscles especially your abdominal muscles. Picture yourself urinating, and then stopping the flow of urine. These are the muscles you need to work on. Then, try to imagine your are "pulling" your anus anus up. My situation was bad where I had a difficult time pulling it up. So I would take some toilet paper and push it up with my fingers. Hold this as long as possible and with all your might(up to a minute) and then relax everything for 10-15 seconds. Repeat.

It is important you do not flex your Abdominal muscles while doing the kegel exercise because that will defeat the purpose of this exercise because it will push pelvic muscles the anus back out (downwards). Do this daily and you WILL SEE RESULTS if you do them PROPERLY.

After two months of this, I am finally having normal bowel movements and able to evacuate completely and the leaking has improved 90%. Before this, it would feel I would not completely evacuate which made the leakage worse. With long bouts of constipation and straining, your pelvic muscles weaken which makes you more constipated and causes leakage.

Do these exercises along with a high fiber diet, and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

Anonymous Coward's picture

WOW, this site has been useful, i am 30 years old and i have been having this for the past few years.
I play cricket and ride a bike every day, and performing both i get an odd feeling near my ass, then i have to dash off to the toilet (its very very anoying when you aren't supposed to move for hours) to wipe. Riding the bike sucks as i don't want my pants pushed into my crap stained ass.
Its not a lot of residue, but i have always wiped my butt clean so there has never been any crap left, but within 30mins of wiping i go back to check and its damp.
Sometimes it just feels damp and i wipe and there is nothing there.

My diet hasn't changed, my brother had IBS and i did go through a stage of crapping and gas for a while, but this was years after the problem presented itself.
Sometimes it smells bad and i hope and there is a little blood/

I have a crap once or twice a day and i don't eat much fruit and i don't drink litres of water i have a few glasses, overall i am not overweight. 80KG, 6FT.

i think in my case its one of the following:

1. Diet
2. Some kind of rip in my ass
3. IBS

i can't see what else it can be.

I have recently signed up with a doctor after not being registered for 3 years, i will pop down and see what they say.
I will try some fibre before, see if i can solidily the poos first.

I have some days where it doesn't happen but its few and far between.

Ileocecal Valve's picture

For the people that cut caffeine, popcorn, chips, rough food from their diet and that helped tremendously, the problem was likely an dysfunctional/irritated ileocecal valve. It's a "valve" that joins the small and large intestines together. If it gets stuck open from a variety of reasons, it loses it ability to control fecal matter from going back up to the small intestines and being absorbed into the bloodstream or back down causing bouts of diarrhea and constipation and eventually AL.

A simple massage of the pelvic area will re-train the ileocecal valve. A couple inches left of your RIGHT hipbone and a couple of inches down is where it is located. Massage that area firmly with your finger tips in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Do this before a meal and throughout the day. You may not see immediate results, but a few weeks or months you may see improvement.

2 curious's picture

I don't have the answers but I can say I have found
a lot of help from eating a lot of rice. It apparently
helps to soak up moisture not being absorbed in the
colon. I can't yet say if this relief is from other
foods I otherwise would have eaten but did not.

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