poop always makes me bleed

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Elizabeth asks:

Lately, my poops have been much more painful than usual. I say usual because I've never had comfortable poops. They're usually hard and hard to get rid of. Additionally, I only go once every few days, if I'm lucky. But, even then, I have to force it out sometimes.

I don't have a hemorroid, nor am I constipated, but the past few poops have made my anus bleed. The bleeding doesn't last long, but it still bothers me since it is painful.

Any suggestions?

Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for the question.

If you are only "going" every few days, poop is hard, you have to force it out, and sometimes your anus BLEEDS, then for GODS SAKE, you ARE constipated!!!!

Don't dispair, here's what to do to fix the situation:

- Drink at least 60 ounces of water a day.

- Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

- Wouldn't hurt to throw some Metamucil at your colon while you're at it.

If you are continuing to bleed after things normalize, see your doctor.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

212 Comments on "poop always makes me bleed"

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Alas young man, this is indeed a conundrum in which you seem to be involved. Perhaps you should just use your pooter for expelling turds and concentrate on being a dick sucker. Voila! Problem solved.

Dr. Phil

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I have the same problem. I'm gay and I'm bottom. Still virgin but I really wanna solve this problem because later or sooner I'll start having sex and I don't wanna bother my bf with this problem! What can I do?

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I'm sixteen and every time I go to the restroom there's no blood in the stool but when I wipe there is a little bit of bright red blood. My boyfriend is having the same issue, any help?

It's gone on for a few months.

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I just experienced some huge relief. I guess eating a lot of saturated fat can make pooping painful and blood filled. I read the nutrition facts on my peanuts and cashews and since they have a lot of saturated fat I'm definitely cutting way back on those. I'm very relieved to know I'm not going to die.

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I have been having blood come out, and when I poop it feels like my poop is cutting my anus, and it hurts. What do i do?

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It sounds like you may have an anal prolapse which means the muscles along the wall of your anus have weakened and are slipping out this happens when the muscles are stretched often and they can no longer hold themselves up surgery can fix this but it will never be the same this mostly occurs in the porn industry I would advise going to see your doctor ASAP!

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Well thank you.

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For a while now when i poo there is blood on my poo and also there is blood when i wipe, and lately when i poo something slips out of my bum and when i stop forcing it, slides back in,I had a closer look at it and it is like a red olive pip and i am getting worried now

any suggestions

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Well my situation is very similar when I have to take a shit it feels like the inner walls of my rectum have shrunken and have torn because the poop is hard. Lately I have been eating fruits and drinking water and I eat maltomeal hot cereal every morning. I went to the doctor because everytime I finished shitting id be in pain for hours at a time I mean unbearable pain for hours. I used a numbing cream it was ok an a missile shaped typed tablet suggested by my doctor and didnt work that well because even after drinking lots of water, the vegatable based missles I had to shove up my anus. It would still hurt after and there was also the stool softner. After I took those it helped a litte id still be in much pain for hours I was scared to sneeze because when I sneezed Id feel this really bad pain on top of the pain it really sucks. I tried raw aloe vera and it burned I used this creme that heals cuts and scrapes faster and it healed the outside of the anus but the inside of my anus would still be in pain after taking a dump. I need help what should I do I seen to doctors they said it was anal fissure and 1 said I had to let my body heal by itself I thought that was so dumb all these treatments for cuts and I should let it heal by itself I think Ima take the advice of the experience and use a syringe and punp some aloe vera up in there because I hink its cut in there and it needs assistance healing that doctor dont know the pain im in constantly battling everyday and this shit is kicking my ass.that should work because its assisting the immune system fight the tear.

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Hard stools and slight bleeding on defecation can be due to constipation. Be careful to consume regular meals, take in dietary fiber, and an adequate amount of exercise will produce feces of the right hardness.

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Okay, so after reading about a lot of people with pooing problems, it sort of relieves me.
But when I poo usually I will have a few drops of blood left on the toilet paper, but I don't poo a lot maybe every 2-4 days. and I exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water, I hope it's just a tear but I don't know. And wouldn't a tear close up by now? It's been about eight months and it still hasn't gone away. Also I read that if you have black poo that it could be dried up bloody poo and I had that once like two months ago but I haven't ever since then.
Help please!!

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So I took a crap and it came out easy enough, but when I looked at it, there were peices of red poop, kinda looked like meat, and I bled bright red, not a lot but enough to cover the toilet paper. Anyone know what's wrong?

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this stated yesterday..um i was pooping and when iwas done i wiped and i saw some blood..i didnt feel any pain or anything but i know its not my period because theres nothing coming out of the vaginal area..what should i do i feel nothing..but its everytime i poop theres blood..

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I had the exact same problem,my friend did too, she said it was from lack of water.
I drank more water and now it hasn't bled for about 7 months. Try it and listen to other people, if you get worse symptoms see your GP.

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Most of you guys are probably having problems because your'e taking opiates. (vicotin, oxicontin, lauracets, suboxone, or even heroin) if this is the case stop for a few days. If you can't, go to your local rehab NOW!!!

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Hello anon: I assume you know about your anal gash (fissure) because you bleed, and because you feel pain at that spot. To cure it, you should visit your doctor, who can prescribe something for it. For a small fissure, simply waiting for it to heal often works; but for a larger or more stubborn one, medication can help, such as Balneol, Anusol, or the like. Even so, if it continues, see your doctor.

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I've a gash in my anus, when ever I poop, it hurts and starts bleeding:(
what should I do?

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AC ... You should go see a doctor.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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so when i take a poop my buts hurts bad like theres glass in my poop. i dont bleed and my metabolism is pretty fast.. its becoming a problem and i cant take the pain wat shud i do

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Dear AC ... The first thing you need to do is learn to spell along with a few rules of grammar, then perhaps you can make a comment that is intelligent enough we know what the fuck you are talking about. I hope this helps.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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i but a glass bottle in my bum and put it all the way up for along time and went very violent for like 2hrs the tip of the bottle broke abit during my fun and it riped my love hole wide open on the way out and then the other bit came out in my poo and riped it up to not i bleed lots and cant have more anal sex cous of my pain in ass plz help what do i do?

=('s picture

Hi there, i have this problem since 5 years ago. Sometimes after i poop, there is blood when i wipe myself. The colour is usuallu bright red. Sometimes blood even drips from my anus. However, i dont feel any pain while pooping, not at all. I visited a doctor years ago and she said its due to my poop being too hard, causing abrasion to my anal wall thats why it bled. Can anyone advise me on my condition?

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Hello, AO: Some good points there; however, blood from the anus is troubling enough to be distracting for some people; I myself can't imagine just laughing it off. My experience is that if something--anything--about my body is that troubling, I would rather go see someone who knows about it and tell me what's wrong. I, too, gave the advice to let it heal on its own; but if it doesn't, see the doctor. And I would add: If it really bothers or scares you, see the doctor.

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Hi all, my opinionis im sick of hearing this "go to the doctor" crap. we all know that noone wants to got ot he doctor, hell half of us cant afford it. The doctor is better for a long term problem. and if your a young adult, its very unlikely to be cancer or anything. Bright Red Blood, means an open fresh cut. Honestly Its logic people. so a tear, or cut, or fisure, a flesh wound whatever. Give it an oppurtunity to heal. Quite simply take a saxon laxative once a night, dont over do it tho, avoid the medicine crap. Improve fibre diet and hydration, bananas obdviously. And pick up some benefiber orange drink mix - yummmmo!. or any fiber tablets or food fibre addatives and just go apeshit! Then lastly feel free to apply creams to yourself vaseline, bepathamen, but wht will really work best the miracle helper is BioOil. Look it up!!

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Dear Dude ... Look at the title of this thread and you will notice it is, "Poop Always Makes Me Bleed." An occasional drop of blood is certainly no cause for panic but if it happens every time you dump your load there is something wrong.

You should never go to the ER unless your asshole is gushing blood but if blood is present, even in small quantities, every time you make a deposit you should certainly visit your GP, bend over and spread those cheeks and let him peer up your hiney hole.

Appropriate adages ... A stitch in time saves nine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, etc., etc., etc..

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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I believe a lot of people tend to over react here. Especially the people directing users to go seek immediate medical help. While excessive bleeding from any orifice is a cause for concerned. Small amounts of blood or occasional bleeding from bowel movements is quite normal. The anus is covered with many small veins. These hemorrhoids carry blood and are very sensitive. They can break very easy and cause bleeding. The bleeding usually stops almost immediately. Hemorrhoids are really not a medical emergency. Anal fissures could be cause for concern, which can be painful can cause bleeding. In rare cases fissures do require medical intervention, but in most cases they heal themselves. I wouldn't worry if you have occasional bleeding or if you experience a few small drops of blood when passing a bowel movement. While scary and not a pretty sight, rarely do they require medical attention. Listen to your body, if you have excessive bleeding with or without pain, contact your doctor ASAP. If you just have spotting or bleeding that stops almost right away, think of it as hemorrhoids. Get into a healthier life style and better diet and the problem will go away. In the mean time, you can take warm baths and soak your butt. It will help heal. Also, if possible try to wash gently after bowel movements to prevent any kind of infection. Best of all don't panic and realize that as bad as it may seem, many people experience the same thing and does not warrant a trip to the ER.

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i had mild dheorea, recently! and i had taken norfloxin, now the dheorea is gone but i get a lil blood while i poop, the water is bright red an not dark! and it only happens in the start and then reduces to nothing! should i take some special medications or anti biotics!

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hi there cat's picture

it is called hemroids and I have hurting poop too.

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To all those people in pain from constipation due to medication, although fruit and veg helps, sometimes we can't always afford them every day, Try taking vitamin C tablets, I have just been through the same problem, and IT HURTS LIKE HECK! Vitiman C works wonders. And try not to push so hard u bust a foo foo valve. Happy crapping...

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Oh, I know!!! I know!!! Its a bleeder valve!!!

Ok, not really, in all probability, it is a hemorrhoid, but I would suggest having it checked by your medical professional.

Bleeder valve...damn, I crack me up.


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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For about a week now I have been pooping and bleeding at the same time. My whole life I've had constipation problems but not like this. There's this little piece of skin on my anus that makes it bleed, anyone know what that piece of skin is called?

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That *sniffle* was beautiful Chief.

Eskuse me now.

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Well Steven....I have a suggestion for you, give up some of your drugs and use the money you save to hire a tutor to help you with your English. Your writing skills make a grammar Nazi like me cringe, lets start at the beginning, please give me a definition of the word "Aight", I'm not familiar with it. The word "fuckin" I will assume to have been a misspelling of "fucking", use your spell check, the same with "consatpated" and "genecide".
The contraction idk is OK to use when you are sending a text message but shows some degree of ignorance when used in a comment on a quality site like Poop Report.

I suggest you purchase some crackers and handle your dick cheese issue yourself. Now....let's start practicing our spelling! Oh yes, asshole can actually be printed as one word rather than two.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Steven 16's picture

Aight so my ass hole is bleeding a tiny little bit every time I take a shit. I take a shit every fuckin day so I'm not consatpated or anything. I do drink, smoke weed, and snort cocaine everyday but I don't think this is a problem. Also recently I have been developing dick cheese around my penis head. I fuck every day so idk if this would also be a problem. Also my girlfriend puts her pinky in my ass hole wen she sucks my dick so this migh be it. Oh and I'm 16 years old. Well if you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it.


Sober genecide

Anonymous Coward's picture

I think a have a fissure cus it only hurts when poop is coming outand been drinking a lot of water stool softeners and metamucil and eating less maybe this will help me.

scardey miss's picture

hello over the past 4-5 days ive noticed that everytime i go poo there is so much blood in the bowl it looks like someone poured a pint of cherry-aid in it, and it looks like a light burgandy couler not red, and thenof course it hurts afterwards. i have an appointment friday but im still worried... thank you

thumpling dumpling's picture

hi ther i want 2 know for me 1time a weak is normal for taking a dump recently i took a dump and i think i wiped alittle to hard small amounts off blood is coming out i have a small thing at the top off my anus and it had a little blood vesell or something looked like blood in a little bag after 4 days i turned to forums 2 look for some info and decided just to wash my anus more often .after i washed the bag thing came off and i blead more than usual i woke up this morning my but cheeks was stuck to each other so i cleaned off all the blood and took a look at my anus again i cant c any blood atmoment .i have very little cash and no medical is it nesassary to go c a dockter? It also itches abit and i dnt wana make sudden big moves for it to start bleeding again plz help what must i do?

Anonymous Coward's picture

DONT FORCE too much

Anonymous in need of help!'s picture

so I poop once a day at least but for awhile now it has been very painful. When I poop my anus hurts really really bad around the same spot. Also when I am done my anus bleeds. Sometimes it hurts for awhile after I poop too. This has been going on for sometime and I need help!

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Dear Milf head.....Your problem will probably cure it's self in time, if the paranoia that comes from the cocaine doesn't get you then someone will sell you some heroin that is more pure than you were expecting and you will OD. Bleeding to death might actually be an easier way to go.

KrisszKhaos....It could be, eating wrong can cause constipation which in turn can cause hemorrhoids and that is the probable cause of your bleeding. Get yourself to a doctor and let him take a look up that teenage asshole.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Milf head's picture

I am bleeding out of my ass like a god damn waterfall and have fainted from blood loss only once. It has started recently when I've been injecting surplus amounts of heroin into my abdominal region. So I stopped and have moved onto blow but my problem still persists. I've been taking OCs to help the pain. Anyone know what's wrong? And I got my ass hole bleeched and it felt very arousing at the time but have developed a problem looking at my anus in the mirror constantly or while I'm ejecting stool. It looks beautiful.

KrisszKhaos's picture

Hey. I'm a 17 year old teenager and i have this ass bleeding problem. My poops doesent hurt but i am really scared about the blood. it's not much just a little but it still scares me. is it because i dont eat the right food ???

Help Me Please's picture

The last few times I have gone poop, my butt hole starts to bleed. The poop comes out like normal, but when it does start to come out, my butt hole starts dripping blood. It doesn't hurt when it is coming out but, I know my butt should not be bleeding like this. Can someone please help me. Tell me if I need to go see a doctor or something.

painful poopster =('s picture

I have been having problems when I poop. It is extremely painful and consistent and it makes me bleed. It is a very sharp pain and it is everytime I poop. Please help!

Sir Bartholomew Crunchworthy Esq.'s picture

I only go every few days, my arse hurts like a bast*rd and I feel like I've just given birth. That is pretty normal for me. I put it down to the vast amounts of drugs I take that have the unfortunate side effect of constipation. I look forward [not] to early onset haemorrhoids. Oh well, life is crap....then you die. :)

spicy's picture

rite ive read all the comments above took me a while, i have to say... rite the last few times i have pooped it hurts alot but today when i went it really hurt as if i had to fore it out.. and when i wiped it looked as if my poop had cut my bum,, also my bumhole is tight and can it be itchy at times but lately it has become very tight and feels like its has a heartbeat like a pulse feeling to my bumhole... prob not much to worry bout,,, but just wanted to know if its a common ting to happen.... and i dont want to hear anyone saying i dont excrise becoz im on my feet 6 days a week


gaara's picture

i have had gastro for the past three days and today i noticed their was a lot of blood in the toilet and i don't no why i don't have any medical problems that i no of advise would be good

Anonymous Coward's picture


Lately it hurts a lot after I go poop. It feels like my sphincter throbs for hours. I go at least once if not twice a day. It all started yesterday when it felt like I was having the biggest poop of my life and I had a hard time pushing it out. It was extremely painful. I looked at it after and it was normal sized it was just dry around the edge. Today I went again and it felt like my sphincter was going to explode. The poop was not dry though and it was again very normal in size and colour. There was blood both times. (I'm guessing because I tore my sphincter but I don't know how) My sphincter still hurts. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

Lauren's picture

i goo t the toilet reguary mostly everday sometimes miss a day. just recently everytime i goo to the toilet it hurts really bad and always has blood on tissue :/ shud i be worried? is there anything i can doo and could it be the food and the amount of food intake?

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