poop always makes me bleed

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Elizabeth asks:

Lately, my poops have been much more painful than usual. I say usual because I've never had comfortable poops. They're usually hard and hard to get rid of. Additionally, I only go once every few days, if I'm lucky. But, even then, I have to force it out sometimes.

I don't have a hemorroid, nor am I constipated, but the past few poops have made my anus bleed. The bleeding doesn't last long, but it still bothers me since it is painful.

Any suggestions?

Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for the question.

If you are only "going" every few days, poop is hard, you have to force it out, and sometimes your anus BLEEDS, then for GODS SAKE, you ARE constipated!!!!

Don't dispair, here's what to do to fix the situation:

- Drink at least 60 ounces of water a day.

- Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

- Wouldn't hurt to throw some Metamucil at your colon while you're at it.

If you are continuing to bleed after things normalize, see your doctor.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Dear Elizabeth:

Nurse Poo has given you some very good advice, and you should follow her advice to your benefit.

However, I think the good nurse left out one very critical element of treatment for your poor sore anus. Have someone who cares about you very much apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly to your anus daily. The caregiver should pay attention to smearing the vaseline carefully around the entire circumference of your petulently puckered sphincter and very gently insert the lubricant just inside your anus far enough to get the inside of the rim in case there is a particularly sore area that needs attention.

I hope this information serves to help alleviate your suffering.

Peace in the Poopchute.

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Can we say "anal fissure"?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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anal fisssure HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Bleeding from the back passage is something that you should always see your doctor about, even if you are convinced it is piles or an anal fissure. The reason you need to be checked is that bleeding from the back passage can be a symptom of bowel (colon or rectum) cancer. If you don

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I started having a few shits that had blood come out of my ass.

As in when i shit it was about 50% blood & 50& shit.

This only recently has happened in the last 3 months. I think it's because of me using blow.

Iether that or me sitting on my computer chair for 15 hour days.


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I have been bleeding out my ass for a short amount of time. I dont know what is happing it is like 50% blood and 50% shit. I dont know why this is happing if its because I have something or if its because I sit on a chair for hours and hours on end.

Well if anyone has any ideas please send me them.

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erm lil worried coz i bled after pooing, my poo werent that hard nor did i have to force it out. ne1 know wats going on???

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I always shit alot.. like three a day. It never really bothered me. But in the past year i always bleed after i shit, but lately i have been bleedin non stop, even when i dont go to the bathroom. Its very painfully.. Anyone have a clue whats goin on? I hope i dont have cancer or anything.

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My boyfriend has complained about the discoloration around my anus. When he first say it, he thought the discoloration was poo and he was quite turned off by it. But recently I heard on the internet about a procedure known as "sphincter bleaching" where a technician can actually use bleach to remove the discoloration that some women have around their anus. I was wondering if anyone here has had their sphincter bleached and if so, what was it like. My boyfriend would certainly appreciate my anus looking as if I had not just taken a horrendous dump. Also, I would like to know if there are other women here who naturally look as though they had just taken a monster-sized crap. It is humiliating when your boyfriend always thinks that you need to wipe your butt all the time.


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NastyGirl and the others, this is disturbing and disgusting. Don't bleach your God damn anus! If your boyfriend/girlfriend has a problem with your anus then you need to find a new one! People in this country are so damn shallow!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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worried because i bled after pooing, my poo wasn't hard to get out. this has been happening for a week now it is bright red, but i think i had a clot of blood. what's happening?

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i usually don't have a problem going #2. but i have been sick and on some meds not sure if that is it. but last few times i have pooped it hurts and blood comes up on the toliet paper. usually i go once a day or once every other day, but not the last two weeks? thats how long i've been sick for.

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when i have a shit i always see very small amounts of blood on the shit paper when wiping my arse? is this something to worry about

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One comment, I want to know about, My butt bleeds sometimes and ihave to keep wiping to stop the bleeding its bright red.

Wondering if i should go see a doctor.

I would like to know about butt bleaching.

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if you get someone to lick your ass, it will stop it bleeding, but mke sure they get their toungue right up there.

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solution to ur problem...i think i know whats goin on...i bet that u all have one thing in common..ur lazy and u do little sports..or uv havent done any sports or activity for a while..the common anal bleeding usually happens if theres constipation..it happened to me..u should start to work out and be more active..especially abdomin work out..r a necessity..do as much as u can abdomin work out untill ur abs start burning..do that for 3 weeks at least..then ull see major differences in ur pooping! and stay active afterwards..

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Nasty girl,
That is the natural color of the skin around the anus, and should be left alone. Dump your boyfriend, not poop!

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i've been having that poo problem aswell for two days. it's freaking me out. i'm 14. my vagina itches real bad and when i poop, it feels a little stretched and a little bit of bright blood comes out. i've never had sex, but i feel like i'm infected with something. i'm scared to tell my mom, but she used to work at planned parenthood.
maybe its that don't excercise enough thing, i haven't really done much of anything for like a week. i run track and cross country, but i havent been practicing. i'm glad i'm not the only one with bloody pooping.

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I have had some pain when i go poop in the past almost 5 months. sometimes there's blood in the toilet & it'll be a lot sometimes but I haven't had too much bleeding lately but I felt something weird like 2 months ago. I feel an extra piece of skin on my anus that's really little but I feel it & it feels kinda sharp. I have no clue what it is? I'm just hoping nothing serious is wrong with me. I really don't want to go to the doctor for this but I don't know what to do about sometimes bleeding & pain & this weird thing thst's grown on me??

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AC#1- the girl with the itchy vagina. It is probably not related to your butt blood. Your butt blood is probably related to not drinking enough water while running.

The itchy vagina is related to many things. I doubt if you have an infection unless you are passing cottage cheese-type ooze. It is probably related to working out and getting a lot of sweat down there. A little vinegar in a bath will remedy the itch.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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My post is for AC#2.

You probably have a hemorrhoid.

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For about 3 weeks now sometimes when I poop blood comes from my asshole. Its never alot but sometimes its more then others. Its looks like normal blood. Though it has never hurt when I do bleed out my ass... Whats the problem... someone tell me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I always get into trouble when I wade into these PooNurse threads, but to quote the King James Bible, my "bowels are moved with compassion" when I see these poor sufferers with symptoms of serious medical problems seeking advice online.

Mind you, it is better to come here than to do nothing at all, but the greatest gift PR can give to most of you is the advice to GO SEE A DOCTOR!!! Other than menstruation, the human body NEVER discharges blood for normal reasons. This is especially true when the blood source is internal, as with many of the cases described above.

If you don't know what it is, or if it keeps on, you are simply playing Russian Roulette by ignoring it.

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Amen, brother Dumpster.

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Guys and girls with the bleeding, beware! I had really bad anal bleeding start one day and hoped it would go away overnight. But my boyfriend made me go to hospital, and it's just as well he did, becuase that night I lost so much blood I collapsed repeatedly, and needed 8 blood transfusions in 24 hours. No dramatisation; this was scary stuff! The Nurses called my family at 3 am becuase they didn't think I would make it. So don't leave it until it's too late, and don't worry about being embarrassed, because the doctor has seen it all before!

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Shelley, I'll bet you didn't sit around all night asking for medical advice online, did you?

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I don't have trouble pooping but the last couple times there has been blood after. The first time was only a little almost not noticable, but as time progresses so does the volume of blood, too much lately. It appears while and after and is bright red. I am wondering if this is bad or will go away.

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I just wanted to comment on anonymous coward and the little growth they feel in their anus. I had the same thing and I found out it was an std...hpv to be exact. so please see a doctor right away. and pray about it.....God answers prayers and regrets.

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I had a rectal fissure once (actually a few times). Yeeouch! I went to see a doctor about it and he diagnosed a fissure but when I went in the second time for the same thing he had me referred to a specialist for a colonoscopy, just to make sure it wasn't something more serious. There was a T.V. screen and when I looked up I could see the inside of my colon, which was all pink and fleshy since I'd taken an enema twice to flush it out. By the end of it I was pooping nothing but clear water, but it was very salty (the enema used some form of salt), and oh did the salt sting! If you ever get a chance to see the inside of your own colon, do it, it's pretty cool looking!

Anyways, in the end they found nothing wrong and I started eating more fiber and retraining myself not to push so hard, and I haven't had a fissure since. In fact in the last two years I've never even been constipated or had a day where I didn't crap. It's great what a big ol' bowl of oatmeal every morning for breaksfast can do for you. I'd recommend starting off slow though since it will take your body some time to adjust and you might get diarrhea a few times at first.

Nate B

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Hi i'm 24yo male, Lately when I poop, there's some bright red blood on the toilet paper, sometimes a little and alot.. it's not there all the time, just occasionally, i'm so worried.. I had it yesterday, although I did hold my poop in for about an hour as I was en route home.. do u think holding it in could of ruptured something?

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ok,so i know this is a poop site but lately ive been really itchy in my vagina,and there'e been alot of discharge...I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS! and the worst part is that the itchyness is starting to like...spread...to my anal area...that SUX!

does anyone know what it is?!?

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Go get yourself some Mycelex at the closest 24 hour Rite Aid pronto. It will help.

Then please see a doctor.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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i have a problem for the past 5 months i have been very constipated i drink massive water ive aways been pretty active... yet i get constipated for 2- even 4 days but i always feel as if i need togo... then when i finally do get to go my shits so hard it rips scratches in my anus and i bleed... its so soar... and its getting to the point where im afraid to shit... how sad... can anyone help me?

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^dude above, consider things called laxitives and talk to your doctor.

Everyone else: GO SEE A DOCTOR. You don't want to be regretting not doing so, believe me...

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when i take a poop i bleed!!! i have been doing this for a wheil now but not a lot in the past...... i am not sexualy active..... i am really scared and dont no what to do...... i dont want to tell someone because they might laugh or something like that ........ what should i do????? What do u think might be happening????

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Frosty my friend, have a glass (or tablet, or wafer... they come in so many forms these days) of Metamucil in the morning. If that doesn't work, have one in the morning, then one at night.

Stay away from laxatives. They are not good to use frequently, and your body can and will become addicted to them if you use them too much.

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when i poop it hurts alot.i only poop like 2 a week.and when i do it hurts and there is a little bit of blood.not alot but some...can anal fissure be what i have.

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That or mining ass-gnomes.

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Volcano - "Don't bleach your God damn anus! If your boyfriend/girlfriend has a problem with your anus then you need to find a new one!"
Boyfriend, girlfriend, or anus?

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Hi. My Mom passed away 12 years ago. They thought it was cancer of the liver. After she died we found out she'd been bleeding from her butt for the previous 10 years and had been too embarrassed to say anything to anybody. As fast as she went, it was one month from the time she complained of being tired to the day she died, they believe it was cancer of the colon that took her. Cancer of the liver was what happened when the cancer of the colon went out of control. Please, please go get a colonoscopy or a sigmoidoptomy. Please, please see your doctor. So, maybe all they're going to say is, "Yes, have some Metamucil every day and drink lots of water", but you need to hear it from them. Nobody is going to laugh. Least of all me. My mother might have lived longer.

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i have a problem. last couple months when i poop i itch severly and i itch it when i done pooping and then it stops till my next dump. any body have thius itchy problem too.?

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you guys are all getting your anus mixed up with your vagina. its called a period

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hey reacently i have pooped normaly,but after i have done my stuff with the toiletpaper it`s a little bright(it`s bright red) blood on the toilet paper,just a little spot,also when i have done my stuff with the toiletpaper i have been a little soar while doing it,SERIUS?
i`m getting afraid pleas help..

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So, my friend Haley and I have one question on our mind. You know those kinds of poops where they hurt SOO bad and you see the poop in the toliet and what not, but when you wipe there is nothing there? What is that all about? Is it something we eat or ?? I've tried googling it, but I got this website and couldn't find the answer among all the poopyness. i admire you for this site by the way. your a super hero. informing the town's people about poo. righteous.



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To all:

The majority of all your symptoms point to hemmoroids. You will bleed bright red blood sometimes heavy sometimes a spot. Then the itchiness is also a symptom of having them. Try some Preparation H and see if this helps. If it continues pretty regularly, then you need to go to your physician and let them do their thing. Hope this helps :)

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okay, sometimes when i poop my anus is a little bit itchy and there is like tiny dots of bright red blood on the toilet paper. i am a bodybuilder and i drink about 1-2 gallons of water a day, eat about 6 meals a day oats, fruits, veggies, meats. no refined sugars or wheat or dairy products. i usually shit 4-8 times a day on average an they are usually good for the most part. what might the itching/bleeding be? candida or yeast? its about all i can come up with...

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Someone please help me I am only 11 and dont want to die my butt does hurt when I poop like something is scratching against it I went poop today and when I wiped I saw a bright red color. I got really scared I wanted to tell my mom but shes not home. I told her about my but hurtingness before but she said I need to poop more often I hope shes right! I was so curious and since Im a smart 11 year old i decided to look it up and I've heard a lot of scary stories about it like hemroids and cancer someone tell me the truth please I'm so scared of dying!

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^ Don't worry too much. You're only 11 years old. As long as you tell your mom about any health problems and you guys get them checked out when necessary, you should be ok. Try adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also, you should be sure to drink plenty of water daily and poop more like your mom told you. If you're a girl, maybe it's something else that you should ask your mom about.

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Im 20 year old female and I have been pooping blood for years now. But I dont always have blood. But when When I do poop blood its really bright red and the whole torlet had red water. And When I wipe I have what looks like blood clots the size of a Quarter. Im to scared to call a doctor.

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Um... Are you sure it's not your period?

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well... When i poop sometimes and it doesnt come out too.. "ok", not water but like idk... like... grainy? after i'm done, I'm sore... and when i wipe little dots of blood around the asshole..., that only happens when it doesnt come out too good... what could it be?

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im a 14 year-old male and i have been bleeding from my ass for about 2 to 3 years. i havent told anyone cause ive been to embarrassed. but i think i will start taking metamucil or whatever and drinking more water. also, i am on a medication so it might have something to do with that.

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i have been bleeding a litle bit for the past month or two but its very rarely that it happens. it happens when i push too hard like if im at school and have to get to class. the other day i did it and i pushed until i was in tears and i saw a lot more blood than i usually do. it wasn't clotty or anything just thin bright red but it was more then my usual little bit on the paper. i think i just need to drink a bit more water cause thats something i dont do. hopefully that will help soften my poop a bit so i wont have to push so hard.

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When i take a massive poop, my anus bleeds like a water fall, sometimes it turns the water dark red, and then when i stand up afterwards, im real light headed and dissy. this has been happening for a couple days now, and i think i've lost atleast 5 cups of blood to it, is this something that is serious?

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Was any one else disturbed slightly by Turd Hugegrunt's loving description of vaseline application? Any one?

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Hmm.. After reading these stories, heres mine;

Started about a year ago, but it would be once a week every month or so, but lately its been EVERYDAY where I would bleed right after I pooped. It would feel itchy, wet, moist, and VERY uncomfortable. I found out that it would only occur after I had used the restroom, because usually when I wake up for school, I would feel great, because by the end of the day when Id be at work, I would feel like crap, and I wouldnt feel like working at all. So I started mentally noting what would trigger this. At first I tried showering after I pooped, but that would cause major itching and I noticed that water would get caught inside and would later seep out when I was working (I work at a retail store, so as soon as I started walking alot it would cause moist and inchiness). Then I went the health food route; Before I used to work out almost everyday and was healthy because I had to stay fit for football), but that soon stopped as soon as I got a job, then unhealthy eating habits started. So now I began eating fiber ceral (Frosted Mini Wheats is my favorite.. haha) Its not much but its working because my poop went from semi hard, firm, to semi firm, and now its been soft for a while, and now I can poop and not feel pressured if I want to go or not. Also another thing that also helped was taking my time when I went. I always rushed and that caused some swelling and the other symptoms came as well, so what I did was start to take my time and wait a bit incase I felt like any more came out, I never over pushed, just enough to get it going by itself. Hope this helps. Although I havent tried vaseline, thats my second to last solution should my problems reoccur. If that doesnt help, I have to suck it up and go see a doctor.

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Ok I went to the doctor and I dont think I have anything bad yet mabye we all have hemroids:o i have no clue... or even a tear which bleeds and our asses have to much bacteria to heal mabe?? I have no clue

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Heres some cure info from someone who has suffered for 5 years with anal pain and bleeding, and at last found relief.

1. You must poo at least daily, eat more fruit if not going every day.

2. Stop eating all rough sharp food such as nuts crisps, oat bars. NO HARD FOOD AT ALL Only eat smooth soft food, fruit smoothies, ready brek, soups, stews, mince meat, etc.

3. Drink plenty of fluid in any form except alcohol.

4. Use giant half pint plastic tip syringe(NO NEEDLE) to pump half pint of warm water into anus after bowel movement. Then have another bowel movement to clean anus repeat if needed.

5. Buy aloe vera pure gel or capsules, cut open capsules to get gel out. use plastic tip syringe(NO NEEDLE) to pump gel into anus daily. (carefully) (can also use germalene or savlon type creams) Also eat aloe gel 5 x caps daily

6. Do not strain while pooing.

7. Inside of the body takes much longer time to heal. can be years to fully heal so do not stop treatment.

8.Chocolate and sugar will make you much worse, stop eating it.

9. You should notice relief after a week, it no change after 1 month arrange anal examination with doctors immediately.

Hope this helps all those suffering anal pain and bleeding. There is Hope.

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well after doing a cleanse on my body (which is all liquid and then a "tea" which allows you to shit like craxy in the morning and after taht ordeal for breakfast you have a "salt flush" whichg leads you to the toilet at least 10 times after drinking it...
no blood whatsoever..now that i started eating proper food (only fish) my shits have been hard/solid and ive been bleeding out my a-hole...usually the 1st initial crap will be with blood and after that its regular turds...im assuming its hemmoroid issue or something of that nature cause fater im done my a-hole still hurts like it passed a baby(im assuming cause im a guy).i just ate a bowl of frosted mini wheats to see how i react in the morning..if all is well ill make a habit out of eating 1 bowl of something with fiber a day to keep some lose stools happening...im assuming its fiber issue cause during the "flush" i didnt bleed and all my craps were liquid related...
so all in all...eat more fiber bloody ass's!!

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To whom this may concern, i read the site on poo , but my question is douching the rectum with bleach & what are the side afacts thank you ...

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The side EFFECTS are an inability to spell, capitalize, or punctuate correctly.
Hey! Don't touch my wenis!

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hey guys i had that problem before and its ez to solve it...drink more water eat more fruit and dont seat for too long...seating in a chair or bed and not moving makes your ass bleed bright red if its dark its serious should go see a doctor..but try not to seat for too long and that will go away

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I have pooped several times within the past 8 months and blood has come out. Not all the time I can say it has only happened probably 5 or 6 times in 8 months. Does anyone know if my symptom is of concern or just irritation since those times I have gone I've had to force some out and just today I came out really easy but a lot of blood was with it.

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For about the past year I have been bleeding after pooping. It does not matter if it is hard or soft, I bleed every time afterwards. It is bright red and just enough to be able to wipe away. My mother and grandmother both had colon cancer within the last five years and I really dont want to see my doctor about this... unless it is a serious problem. Do people think that this problem is serious enough to see my doctor?

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my penis sprays out blood when i piss wat is happening? anyone

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Both the above - go to the doctor!!! Whether you want to or not! Inquisitive, I had this problem, and family history like you. I had it properly checked out and it was nothing. So when it happened, as it occasionally did, at least I didn't worry about it. Incidentally, I found that it was related to straining. So I just don't! I just wait till the poop is ready to come out naturally, and I'm ok.

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Those of you out there that aren't doing anything about their problem except for getting on here, especially those of you who have had problems for YEARS, you all should GO TO THE DOCTOR! Or at least CALL the doctor, they could tell you on the phone if they don't think it's serious. Why on earth would you put yourselves through that much misery in waiting even more than a couple days? I know it bothers me too much when I just wipe too hard or too much. There's absolutely NO reason to be embarrassed, just look at all the responses in here, it happens to LOTS of people. So all of you having problems TALK TO A DOCTOR please!

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When I shit, my ass hurts real bad. Its like the asshole is stretch and it really hurts, even after i've shitted it out. And sometimes when i wipe, theres blood, bright red. And it really hurts. For months. Wad should i do? Why is this happening? I do exercise. I swim. I eat vegetables and fruits daily and drank lots of water. Why is this happening?

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AC - 'Wad should I do?'!!!!? Look at all the advice above!! Go to the Doctor - simple!!!