poop smells like mothballs

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Poop's Mommy asks:

I have a 2-year old daughter and whenever she poops, it smells like moth balls! It is awful! I have only noticed it in the past month - does this signify that she is missing some vitamin or something in her diet ... or is she just a smelly pooper?

Dear Poop's Mommy,

NAPHTHLALENE and PARADICHLOROBENZENE are the two major chemicals used in the formulation of mothballs. Both are potentially very toxic. Paradichlorobenzene is also used in diaper pail deodorizer.

Babies and small children that are exposed to the fumes from these chemicals can be affected. Liver toxicity and seizures are a few of the more serious effects that can be caused by exposure.

Chickens that have been exposed to moth balls that have been placed around gardens have been known to produce eggs that are inedible due to them smelling or tasting like mothballs.

If your daughter has not been exposed to diaper pail chemicals, mothball contaminated chickens and/or their eggs, or clothing that has been stored in a container with actual moth balls that have not been washed before wearing, you can request that her pediatrician perform a simple blood test to determine if there are any vitamin deficiencies or other chemical imbalances. But chances are, she just stinks.

Thanks for asking Motherload!

Motherload is a Certified Nurse Assistant as well as an IBS

sufferer, which means she knows a lot about poop. Got a question for


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Hey again!... well it's BAAAaaaack!!
Yep, I mean mothballs stinky feces!
and I am a bit constipated and I am losing weight all cause I am just not that hungry lately... now this time it is related to a lupus flare up... but the fecal moth ball smell? where does it come from?... maybe just from the change in diet, bowel habits change from that and voila... flora changes and the odor appears?!... who knows... just thought I'd check back and see if there were any magical 'cures' since last time I posted.... but *sigh* nope... not this time anyhow.... hopefully very soon!!!

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Hey everybody.......this is a poop related humor site, not an oh my God I'm dying site. If you have a possible life threatening
condition you should see a doctor.

If you, or one of you're loved ones, has poop that smells of moth balls, you are blessed. If your poop smelled like buffalo balls or skunk balls you would have to come up with cash for a new bathroom.
Moth balls are tiny and do not have that much of an objectionable odor.

If you are talking about mothballs that are used to protect woolens from the ravages of insects you are missing a golden opportunity. Take your child around to the homes of the wealthy and charge them a healthy fee to deposit shit on their minks and sables. PETA will applaud your efforts.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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I have read every persons comment on here, because my daughter is 12 months old, and her poop smells of such...mothballs.
I think that the constipation thing seems to be right on the money.
My daughter has had problems with constipation for 5 months now, and I have tried everything. I recently took her off dairy, and feed her pears, peaches, broccoli and she still smells like mothballs every day for about a week now, I believe that it is because it stays in the gut for so long, and causes a chemical change in the intestines.
Yogurt may help, as well dairy restriction, and the Celiac thing is also very good. Thanks for the help. Didn't think any one else has this before!

Mich's picture

AWW some people are joking.... but it is a bit funny , but not if it actually leads to cancer. I have read that antihistamines lead to mothball breath , i guess it could come out in feces... also from too much yeast although many choose not to believe this.

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recently noticed - my poop smells like moth balls or whatever that chemical is

constipation, celiac, probiotics, dehydration, fish, all ring true for me as parallel potential sources - especially the dehydration - and I am disturbed that it may be tap water

and I am amazed that there is a threadonline about this topic

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I'm a male & 63 years old. I'm here because I've had this "mothball" problem for over a year now. I smoked for 45 years, and finally quit by going to smokeless tobacco, (pouches)about 2 Yrs ago. This is the only major change to diet or lifestyle I can think of. As far as I know I'm healthy. I'm regular, and very active for my age. I guess the only way to know for sure is to quit tobacco altogether. If I'm able to I'll come back here & post results.

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my 5 month old (breastfed, w/ some formula supplement) has the mothball smelling poop. Her environment and diet are the same as my older daughters when she was an infant. No one has been on medication or been around weird chemicals or deodorizers...all of my cleaning products are green products. It's been going on for a few months now...an answer as to what's going on would be great. I don't even wear wool!

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It's amazing what google will come up with. All I wanted to know was if there was a reason behind my mothball smelly poop and I found a whole poopulation, both young and old, of fellow smellys. Glad to know I'm not alone in this. I will try the flax seed suggestion. If it works, I'll post back.

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well, maybe she ate a hippo named George and it had gonerah? :)

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My 3 year old daughter has had mothball smelling poop on and off for a few months now....glad to know there are others out there that are trying to figure this out. She has had no exposure to mothballs (I can't stand the nasty things!) and eats a healthy diet. She does take natural gummy vitamins regularly, including a fish oil vitamin, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. The smell is so strong, and takes a long time to leave the room. Sounds like there's no clear answers, but I hope someone will come up with something soon! Her Aunt does have celiac, so maybe we should get her tested for that again. Good luck to all you mothballers from a mothballer mommy!

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Moth ball smelling poop? Never heard of it, but I've heard of coffee-smelling piss. Shit Volcano, I've never witnessed strawberry smelling piss
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

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Just found out I have Lyme Disease. I don't know if it has anything to do with this, but figured I would throw that out there. Because of this, it makes me wonder if the smell is related to some of the more serious ideas suggested in this thread. Lupus and Celiac Disease are frequently a lyme byproduct, so maybe this is a sign of an autoimmune thing.

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after about a year and a half of smelling mothballs in my 3 and a half year olds diaper,i decided enough was enough and googled it.should have done this awile ago,but 2 pediatricians,a neurologist, and a handful of nutritionists all say its just what he ate that day.he has on and off constipation and alternates between eating prunes and bananas to help with this.(fun.)no testing has been done for this particular problem,however we have tested for celiac disease,parasites,and allergies.we have a positive soy allergy and have since removed all soy.also,from the age of 4 months to 13 months he had constant sinus infections.we would treat with antibiotics,he would get well,then he would get sick again.his pediatrician told me babies under a year do not have environmental allergies,i believed her because i was a brand new mom and what the hell did i know.they finally gave in to my constant prodding,and tested him for allergies(no soy allergy at this time,by the way).guess what?turns out the doctor didnt know what she was talking about and my son was allergic to our pet ferrets!since clariten and other meds were not working,i gave them away.my son got better IMMEDIATELY!he has not had another sinus infection or course of antibiotics since!thats 2 and a half years of no antibiotics,so its not recent antibiotic use causing our mothball smell.there is one thing i did not see mentioned anywhere in here,my son has autism.does anyone else have that in common.or think they could have that in common with us?perhaps the lady way at the top with the child with the large head?large heads are often a strange unexplained symptom of aspergers syndrome(a mild form of autism that my son has.he too has a large head.)our local early intervention had us start on probiotics immediately after his diagnosis(which was not until 6 months ago thanks again to the idiot doctor,but that is for a differnet message board!)they told me that when you have been on numerous courses of antibiotics in a short period of time your body can have yeast overgrowth in the gut.you need to eat the probiotics to help clear it out.its like an infection in there.antibiotics will only make this worse!you just dont feed the fire!im thinking of trying the diflucan,however.jenny mccarthy used diflucan with her autistic son to help with his yeast overgrowth.the doctors never mentioned that we should take probiotics along with the antibiotics.early intervention said he should have been on them along!he also eats yogurt every day.he has less bloating since stopping the soy consumption,but still have on and off constipation.this seems to be the times when we smell mothballs.so very confusing!thank you to those who have identified the chemicals in mothballs!right after this,im gonna google them to see if my son could be making them in his little body.and tomorrow we are calling a gastroenterologist and whoever else we have to call,because something strange is going on if ALL these people here have this too!once again his doctors seem to know nothing!hope our experiences have shed a little light on someones situation.i will check back in soon.

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D's Mom, I'm glad you kept looking for answers...Daphne is gonna love you. Thanks for sharing your experience.


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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I had diarrhea off and on for four months! I tried the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast), but only had limited success. Then I figured I should eat something constipating and that might solve my problem. I saw online that cheese is constipating, so I started melting Swiss cheese in my rice. That did the trick. As long as I eat rice with melted Swiss cheese, my diarrhea is gone.

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I'm going to guess that the mothsmell comes from something being ingested. If it isn't the ingestion of something then it could be because of lack of digesting enzymes for the type of food eaten or mabe its something like sugar diabetes or some othe illness going undetected that makes poo smell mothbally.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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Wow I can't believe all the comments!

I have noticed a couple times here and there that my poop smells like mothballs. I finally decided to google it and this is the first site I found. It's amazing. I have no answers, but here's something. My poop does smell like mothballs today. I made quesadillas last night and forgot to wash the green pepper and poblano. On occassion I have forgotten to wash fresh fruit. Someone on here suggested that Dichlorobenzene (and the other chemicals in mothballs) can be absorbed in our digestive tracts from food. I wonder? Maybe my poop smells like mothballs when I forget to wash my fruits & veggies?

Also, I have gastritis and have been taking Omeprazole. My stomach isn't bothering me anymore, but I've always had a problem with constipation and the Omeprazole helps me poop so I keep taking it. I don't recall my poop ever smelling like this before, and I've been taking the Omeprazole for about a month. Maybe it's caused by the Omeprazole?

My other theory is it's from the years of not pooping regularly. Like the poop just died inside? I know, gross.

Anyway, I'd be really interested to find out. I just googled Celiac disease to find out what it is and I think I might want to get tested for that. While I hardly ever have diarrhea, I recognize a couple other symptoms. If it turns out I might have it, I'll let you all know. It could be a common thread.

And by the way, I am lactose intolerant. I love cheese and eat it often.

So glad to know I'm not alone in this mothball-poop-smelling world!

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My poop sits in me for a long time. i have taken omeprazole in the past. i have not ever had mothball smelling poop.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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Check for Diabetes if you are having an odd mothball odor.
one suggestion is that the blood sugar level is too low
diabetes is not limited to fat people!

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i have a 12 week old baby who has such a strong smelling moth ball poo that it burns my nose i have been tring to find out why this is he is on similac sensative laco free fomula and this has been going on for just about 1 1/2 months i`m worried cause he had a severe case of jaundice when he was born i wonder if the liver could have been affected and just not diognosed he also has been diagnosed with allergies if anyone can give me any new info about this please let me know

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The people that have posted about nasal drip and constipation are right. I would doubt that any chemicals in diaper pails or other products are responsible. Someone mentioned the gross "pebbles" that stunk that they would cough up. I had chronic bad breath and noticed the strong smell of moth balls. My tonsils were always inflamed and one day I discovered if I pushed on them the gross yellow stinky pebbles would fall out. They smelled like poop and mothballs. The Ear Noise Throat guy said it was mixture of food and nasal drainage and the bacteria was responsible for the foul smell as they lingered in the back of my throat basically rotting. Well I got my tonsils out at 35 and no more stink balls and no more moth ball breath. As far as the moth ball poop, the same mucus that caused my bad breath can be present in constipated poop. I have experienced constipation and happened to notice mucus present in the stool. And guess what, it smelled like moth balls. If I were a betting man I would say that the culprit is nasal/sinus drainage and/or constipation or both. Get rid of the drainage and constipation and the moth balls will go back to Grandma's. Most of these post just verify what I already believed and that is that doctors are totally ignorant for the most part. If it fits in their neat little programmed box they can puke out a diagnosis, but let it be something unusual or outside the box and they just dismiss it, which is even more ignorant. I'm for replacing doctors with computers. State your symptons and then it pukes out a prescription or tells you to take a test and then pukes out a prescription when the test results come back. If the computer can't solve the problem then you actually go to someone that knows how to thing and solve problems. Anyone idiot with rich enough parents can go to med school. We need problem solvers for afflictions that don't fit their neat little flow charts.

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Okay, this strand of info has been so helpful to me I wanted to share the mothball smelling poop solution that worked for us. First, of all the Doctor was NO HELP and don't even get me started on that topic. Also its important to note that since our Doctor was so resistant to do even BASIC testing it is possible that there is still a larger issue in play here that remains unknown.
First of all my 5 month old developed the mothball smelling poop that most of you all describe at around 3 months. Each and every BM would burn your nose, throat, and eyes when changing her diaper. It is also important to note this all started after a serious bout of constipation. I was never really taken seriously by my infants Doctor or her staff and was mostly treated like an idiot who was making stuff up or AT BEST an annoying Mom that needed to leave them alone. They said the Doctor knew ALOT about this subject(clearly a lie, no Doctor knows alot about this)and its was something in our environment, which wasted about two months of my time and $200 dollars doing various testing and changing things in our environment.
After reading and reading some more,especially this site,I decided it could be celiac disease or lactose issue.Since my Doctor won't even do a stool or blood test I was left to try removing lactose from her diet.I knew from a previous try with soy formula when the constipation first started but no mothball smell yet that it made her more constipated so I also make sure to give her things in her diet to help with that like pears and prunes.Ironically the mothball poop was usually very watery but not always.
Basically less then 24 hours after removing lactose from her diet the mothball smell and dark color(greenish black) was gone and has not yet come back.Knock on wood.Hope this helps someone else!

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MomX2.....My daughter is an RN and will attest to the fact that while there are many excellent doctors practicing today, there are also many arrogant assholes who think they know it all. I almost died several years ago when a doctor refused to believe my breathing problems were caused by disease and insisted I had pulmonary edema because I was fat.

I had a low grade temperature and coughed up phlegm for about two months while making repeated trips to his office to receive the same diagnosis. I was slowly suffocating and was so miserable I actually contemplated suicide (the only time in an otherwise happy life).

Finally my heart decided to give up and started fibrillating one morning, I drove myself to the ER and by the time I arrived my heart rate was 160 and my blood pressure was dangerously low.

I spent well over a week in the ICU and several weeks in the hospital while I was treated for the bacterial pneumonia that almost killed me. After a course of treatment that included draining over 3 liters of fluid from my lungs with a chest tube and taking thousands of dollars worth of antibiotics I was cured.

Since then I have never been shy about asking for, or even demanding, a second opinion.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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interesting site..everything we are exposed to internally & externally effects us. I was living in a house recently when I noticed my BM's were smelling strange..chemical like. I started feeling strange, same symptoms as others on here. My daughter started then my son and before we knew it everyone was up and down being sick. I have major allergies and after some research we discovered "mold" in the house. We moved and our health is fine and for me no chemical smelling poop. We also considered other factors with the house as well. Paint, filters & heating system etc..

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If my son has an "accident" in his pants, I actually have to throw away his underwear. I CANNOT get the mothball smell out of his underwear no matter how many times I wash them. When he is going to the bathroom upstairs, I can smell the mothball smell all the way downstairs. I think part of the problem is that he holds in his poop for too long. I am afraid that he is absorbing toxins from the poop sitting in his colon for extended periods. He eats lots of yogurt and ice cream, so maybe lactose is the problem. He also has foul breath, so maybe sinus drainage is part of it too. I wish I could get some answers. I have heard before that you could get your stool analyzed for $200-$300. I am going to check into that for my son, because his stinky poop smell is driving me crazy, and is very embarrasing.

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Today, my poo stinks like mold because I ate asparagus last evening. It is very strong. Not gagging but definitely not sweet. Mabe it is more on the lines of a Mrs. C. poo smell.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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Hey everyone - I know this post is old, but my two and a half year old has had moth ball smelling poop since she has been one year old. NO ONE has been able to help us. She also gets hives on her face so I am assuming its an allergic reaction. I am really positive she has Celiac Disease and that is why her poop smells like that. She is also small in weight for her age and has problems gaining weight.

She is seeing a GI specialist tomorrow and hopefully he has some answers for us. But seriously - many people have Celiac Disease and do not realize it.

Mothball poop research's picture

I have been searching for years about the mothball smell in stools. I have read the thread on this site a few times over the past year or so. I found this today and thought it was interesting.


I dont know what ammonia smells like compared to moth balls but I wonder If I am smelling ammonia in the stools? Has anyone else thought about this?

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j 1000+ points

Maybe line the dresser drawers to take advantage of the mothball smell.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Please check the links at the end of this post. The second sentence of the first link is;

"Some folks confuse the smell of camphor (mothballs) with ammonia, a byproduct of decomposition."

The third sentence in the second link is;

"To smell like ammonia, you have to eat a lot of protein or be infected with a germ called helicobacter."

If you have read both links then you might agree to start thinking about the protein that you or your baby are ingesting. What kind and quantity of protein is in your baby's formula? Do you take supplemental protein? If you aren't ingesting too much protein maybe your body can't digest it properly. Food allergy or intolerance? Inherent deficiency in enzymes? Pancreas liver function?

You might also want to consider if you or your baby have a helicobacter infection. Maybe mention this site and the articles to your family doctor. There is a simple breath test for the bacteria.

Does this seem possible to the rest of you?



Endisnear's picture

I've been here off & on to see if any solid info has come to light as to what causes this mb crap. I've had this condition every day for over 2 years now. I'm male, over 60, regular as hell, feel healthy most of the time, have no unusual bad breath & can't find any common thread here between we that have this unusual condition. I guess it's not a life threatening thing or I wouldn't be writing this. Has anyone tried to remedy this with a colon flush?

IBS NO MORE's picture
k 500+ points

Endisnear -- A colon flush may temporarily stop the odor problem, but it does nothing to treat the cause, so the smell will return... or something worse may take its place.

What everyone here has in common is that they don't eat correctly. Eating incorrectly makes us sick; eating correctly makes us better. It really is that simple.

The correct daily dietary intake for humans should consist of 80% fresh fruits and non-starchy veggies, with nuts, milks, carbs, and proteins altogether making up the other 20% each day. Even better for us to alternate the nuts, starches, and proteins so we eat only one of those a day instead of all three, and we also should not eat things together which require opposite digestive processes (carbs and proteins).

The more your daily intake deviates from this "normal" diet, the more health problems you will have, and over time they will come faster and hit harder (e.g. Chief's comment 9/4/09).

The only way to truly break this vicious cycle is to change what and how we eat.

One of the first things you can try in order to fix your poop problem is to keep carbs and proteins separate at all times. This means if you are going to eat meat, don't have anything sweet with it, and don't eat any type of bread/pasta/rice/potato/corn products or beans (except green beans) in that same meal either. Also, consume these types of foods separately by at least 3 hours.

Often this one change alone can almost instantly resolve most digestive and poop-related issues, and it also helps with asthma, allergies, aches/pains/arthritis, and mental clarity.

After that, try increasing your fresh fruit and non-starchy veggie intake and decreasing consumption of everything else over time until you reach that 80/20 ratio. You will then know a level of health you never imagined possible.

Read the book linked below for more information.
Open your eyes AND your mind to the power of food!
Health via Food (scroll down to read by chapter)

When you say the word “poop,” your mouth makes the same motion your butthole does when pooping…
The same can be said for the phrase “explosive diarrhea.”

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I have a 5 month old who has had moth-ball smelling poop for about a month now. A few things pop out from reading this site. It started after a period of constipation, she has had a cold. She has been on the same formula since birth, so her food hasn't changed. But she has an older sister who's clothes were stored in a garage (washed before being handed down), and next to her cot is a bed side table (that is cute to look at) but it smells of mold - And her dummy has been placed on it a few times.
So I am going to do a few things:-
1, remove the bed side table, sterilise all her dummies.
2, wash all her clothes again
3, change to lactose free formula
4, get her tested for coeliac disease
I'll do it one thing at a time and let you know how I go.

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Everyone is suffering from CANDIDA yeast overgrowth !!!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Well I am 29 and for the last few months my stool and breath both smell like mothballs. And i've also noticed my stomach feeling bloated and every time i eat i feel sick on the stomach. I am also curious what is causing because i have had an ulcer and other stomach problems as well. It's scary when it starts smelling like that all of a sudden makes you wonder what's going on.

StinkPot's picture

Hey, 37 yr. old female, and have always HATED the stench of mothballs, which permeates EVERYTHING nearby. I'd beg, borrow, or steal before even considering knowingly being exposed to g.d. mothballs! Ewwww!! I'd truly rather smell ANYTHING than mothballs!! I HATE them!!! However, in recent years, yup...I've certainly frequently passed turds that STINK of mothballs, and this seems to be happening more & more often. Did you know that conventionally-growth crops legally use the same toxic chemicals that are found in mothballs?? I drove through Canal Rd. in southern Ontario on a few occasions, which is where produce crops are grown & grapes for wines as well. Guess what: The air around the crops REEKED of mothballs! Imagine that: We're ingesting all those highly carcinogenic toxins. Farmers of such 'foods' won't even eat their own products; no wonder!! All the produce imported from China is even worse: East Asians seem to LOVE using TONS of those g.d. mothballs!! Mothballs are a cheap, plentiful pesticide that not only effectively kills bugs, but eventually also kills HUMANS. Humans and insects are multi-cellular organisms, thus we are going to be affected by toxins in similar ways; just on a different scale. So every time you eat at a restaurant or consume conventional produce, you're a sitting duck for ingesting those toxins. When turds stink of mothballs, ostensibly that is the body's way of expelling much of the toxins out, although there will always be incremental build-up in the liver & other organs, eventually leading to cancer. Very disturbing that the government legally allows mothball chemicals as pesticides for human food crops. Criminal!!!!! Time to eat only 100% organic foods, as Mother Earth intended. The Illuminati are out to poison much of the world's population, plus make a crapload of $$$ on chemo etc. while they're at it.
BEWARE of anything that is not organic!!!!!!! Sadly, organic foods are often prohibitively too expensive for many people to afford. Add everything up, folks: It's more than abundantly clear that there is an agenda to poison most of us! Case in point: I refer also to toxic, ineffective and dangerous vaccines, prescription drugs, etc., yet those are COVERED by the government, but there is NO funding for natural, healthy, organic products!!! THINK about it!!

Who Flung Dung?'s picture

...Who threw poo?

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This is an old thread but, it just hit me that having your poo smell mothballs is probably preferable to having your mothballs smell like poo.

Imagine the remarks you would garner if you removed your woolens from storage only to find yourself walking about smelling like a turd!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Anonymous Cat Lover's picture

I adopted a kitten 2 years ago and one just recently, both had severe viral upper respiratory infection that were treated with antibiotics. Both of their poos and their breaths smelled overwhelmingly of mothballs. My own poo occasionally smells of poo also. Additionally, I once had a boss whose breath could fill a room with the smell of mothballs. I have a very sensitive nose and I have been keen to get to the bottom of this pun. Mind the pun.

ChiefThunderbutt's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatorf 5000+ points

ACL, You say that your own poo smells of poo also. I think this is normal.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Anonymous's picture

she may have an autoimmune response to milk. And have you checked her for gluten intolerance? These things would cause all kinds of digestive problems including constipation. I have all that, and the MB smelling poop. which i also remembered from my grandparents. And it turns out to be genetic in my case. best of luck.

Anonymous's picture

Even if the doctor doesn't diagnose celiac disease (which they will really only do with a biopsy), she's no doubt at least gluten intolerant. The answer would be the same. Strict gluten free diet. You'll know within a month if it will help. Best wishes.

the pigeon's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Sounds like you may have mononucleosis, aka "mono", aka "the kissing disease". Best diet I ever went on!

Some days you're the pigeon; some days you're the statue.

Anonymous's picture

I am a personal trainer -not that my profession make any difference... But people tell me about their personal porcelain problemS all the time. My suggestion: we are not hydrating ourselfs with enough clean water. Try drinking a gallon of distilled water every day. Sugars cause parasites. Go sugar free or space out sugar intake. Eat complex carbs instead of sugar carbs. Moranga powder from the moranga tree is awesome for daily detox. Straight up SAFE. Do these things and your poop will barely smell. ;) hope this helps!

Anonymous's picture

I noticed that my husband occasionally smells like mothballs as do his 2 sisters and his mom. A few days ago my 7 month old son had mothball smelling poo. He normally poops several times/day but in the last few days he has been slightly constipated compared to normal. There are several factors to consider. No person is the same so you may have to figure out your own MB trigger. We are slowly adding foods into my son's diet so hopefully I can narrow it down to something we've added recently...peaches, turkey, carrots, squash, apples.

Another option your M.D. probably doesn't know about is that you can have your urine checked for dysbiosis. This test checks for microbial imbalances in your gut. (While you're at it, have your adrenals checked...many people are fatigued due to stress and don't get their energy back and adrenals are often the problem)

Anyway, Chiropractors who have a nutritional emphasis will often be able to perform this test (Indican test) in their office. If you aren't already a patient they may be willing to take you for nutritional consult and leave it at that, although it wouldn't be a bad idea for your overall health to see a chiro anyway...helped my headaches and several other issues including my sons ear infection without antibiotics.

Sometimes you need to kill off bad bacteria before you introduce the good bacteria back in. I took compressed oregano for 2 weeks and then introduced a pharmaceutical grade probiotic. I'm not a fan of antibiotic use as they are grossly overused.

Here is my recommendation for a course of action:
1. Start a food journal and see if you can relate something you ingest or even something you put on your skin, including lotion and chapstick!!! Chemicals can absorb through your skin so beware. Check the environmental working group website for information on specific cosmetics and other products.

2. Have someone run the Indican test on your urine to check for bacterial imbalances and follow the course of treatment faithfully. It may take weeks-months so give it time.

3.Limit your exposure to known chemicals and use natural cleaning products in your home and office if possible. Research shows that anti-bacterial products are no more effective than plain old soap. In fact, Triclosan containing soaps made susceptible people sicker.


As an FYI...your supposed to poop after each meal so if you're proud of going 1x/day, you're constipated. Get some fiber people! lol

4. Consume soluble and insoluble fiber daily from a variety of sources if possible. Try to improve your diet.

5. Drink plenty of water each day to flush out toxins. A glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon each morning right after you get up will help detox your liver and maybe help you lose weight.

6. Take high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements, especially fish oil. The standard american diet is high in omega 6s and you need to take omega 3s to balance that ratio. As a Doctor I recommend every person take a multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotic at a minimum. After considering lifestyle and other factors I add in other supplements. Vitamin D3 is also a fantastic supplement since the majority of us are deficient and do not know it.

As for my sons MB smelling poop...it only happened once so far. I will try to narrow it down to something he's had in the last couple weeks. Remember, dietary issues can sometimes take days to show up after you consume your trigger. Good luck people!

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I am on my way to the doctor who will probably prescribe antibiotics which I won't take. My symptoms started last week: fever (101.4), night sweats, abdominal bloating and now diarrhea (no constipation) and, you guessed it, mothball-smelling stool. Based on what I've read here, I believe I must have set off a host of harmful bacteria after accidentally using my boyfriend's toothbrush -- after he had a sinus infection! And the antibiotic he's always been precribed for that is indeed amoxicillan. I will now begin again my induction of probiotics, thanks to all your reminders, which includes capsules, homemade kombucha and kim-chi (a fermented condiment). It seems evident from these posts that yogurt, which I also eat everyday, is insufficient alone to reestablish good bacteriail growth. Aain, many thx. Elle

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I have a feeling this aromatic problem may be related to acetaminophen ingestion.

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I first noticed the mothball smell after eating too many "baby carrots", but now it comes and goes even without eating them. Very interesting about the smelly balls of stuff from throat and link to mucus...usually get them after a sore throat and it seems as if my body has fought something off then discards it in these balls? Will try drinking more non-chlorinated water to help with the good bacteria. What about using hand sanitizer gels? Could absorbing too much of it through the skin cause problems in the gut? Really intriguing website, glad I Googled and found it!

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God the assholes with the funny comments are dumb and annoying.

Moderators comment: Not nearly as annoying as the assholes that fail to realize that this is a humor site and the very reason for its existence is to make funny comments!

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Dear D's mommy,

I know this post is old but your post is so familiar. I am doing research after noticing my two year old son is having autism symptoms and out of nowhere has thrush. He is always constipated and his poo often smells like moth balls. I truly believe it is all due to candida overgrowth! I really hope you get this message as I am curious how things are going for your son now. I hope well.

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Came to this site for the same reason as others, except that I (a 40-year-old woman with Celiac disease and thus-far uncontrolled hypothyroidism) have the problem. Mine started recently, after a bout of diarrhea. It went: diarrhea (with light yellow, loose stool before the onset), then constipation with mothball-smell, then back to the light, loose stool, diarrhea, and back to the constipation w/moth-ball smell. I was on two courses of antibiotics, but I also take NOW Food's GR8-dophilus (a terrific probiotic).

What seems to have precipitated this smelly stool and constipation issue is my decision to start eating a probiotic yogurt.

Being Celiac, I am also quite sensitive to casein (the protein in all mammalian milk products--cheese, for example, is almost pure casein. **Most people with Celiac disease or intolerance to gluten also are intolerant of casein**).

A few things I've noticed here, though, that I might be able to offer some insight about: both my husband and daughter, on separate occasions, have had mothball-smelling breath. My husband's doctor put him on Prilosec (Omeprazole), thinking it was due to GERD, but it didn't help. I suspected he has a sinus infection, and was correct. He went on antibiotics and it cleared up. He has since had the issue a few more times (change of season) and it clears up with antibiotics. My daughter also had the mothball-smelling breath (also a sinus infection), and it cleared up with antibiotics.

I don't believe the mothball-smelling breath is related to the mothball-smelling stool. Neither appeared to have this issue when they had sinus infections.

Anonymous Coward, the terrible smelling pebbles you refer to are called "tonsilloliths", AKA tonsil stones. They are a combination of undigested and decaying food proteins (esp. from cheese and nuts, both of which exacerbate the issue), bacteria, lymphatic fluid/mucus, and calcium. The only "cure" if you suffer from them is to have your tonsils removed but, since the tonsils are the head's "command center" for lymphatic drainage, most doctors oppose this now a days, since it can impact the lymphatic system's ability to fight off disease in the head.

As far as this mothball-smelling stool being caused by Celiac disease, I can assure you that I have been gluten-free for ten years, and still have this problem.

I believe it's due to an imbalance of the stomach or intestinal flora. I've also noticed that when I get gassy, it's usually the "strong silent" kind--stinky but quiet. This is due to a problem with fermentation in the digestive track, which likely indicates undigested matter is passing through the gut. This can occur when stomach and/or intestinal flora is unbalanced (ex: candida, or other overgrowth of other "bad bacteria") which allows fermentation of food particles,and leads to flatulence. It can also occur when your body is not producing or releasing the proper enzymes to digest certain types of foods (this occurs often with people that have gluten and/or casein intolerance, due to the swelling of the villi in the intestinal tract. It prevents enzymes from being released to assist in digestion.) Either way, a visit to the doctor is probably in order.

I definitely recommend NOW food's GR8-dophilus for probiotic health (I have no affiliation with the company, it's just helped me a LOT).

So, we still haven't gotten down to what causes the "mothball-smelling stools", but hopefully, this helps a bit. For my two cents, I think it's likely an intestinal flora imbalance--something that can easily happen if you have recently taken antibiotics or are on a high-carb diet (especially sugar).