poop is flat

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Tim asks:

Hi, I am 30 years old and lately my poop has been comming out a little flat.
Last month my poop was round and I was going on a regular basis. What's the

Dear Tim,

Thanks for asking this question!

I have received a few questions about flat poo of late. Wonder if something is going on....Conspiracy, or coincidence....Lets talk about poo, shall we?

Just like people, poop comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Any similarity between people and stools should end there, however.

The interior of the colon is round, so the shape of poop is usual round, too. A change in stool shape or caliber can be the result of a mass that is affecting the lumen of the bowel. Though many different stool appearances are considered normal, any change from your "usual" bowel habits should be considered abnormal.

Get yourself checked out. This will likely involve a colonoscopy, which is a really fun procedure that involves a 4 foot long "snake" being inserted up your ass, drugs, and a day off work. (Not unlike the ol' college days, eh Tim?)

In all likelihood every thing is ok, but it never hurts (ok, it hurts sometimes) to get a clean bill of health for the old bunghole.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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I had an attack of Diverticulitus last September. I have most of my life dealt with constipation. My poop until recently was flat and sometimes regular colored and sometimes more on the yellow side. Lately I have been using Colon Cleanse with 100% pure psyllium husk and I love it. Sometimes the stool is very round and very long and then oddly enough, the second one of the morning is back to being skimpy and flat....I don't have insurance and heard that the colonoscopy can be very expensive...Am I on the right track here?

Daughter of Christ's picture

I think we should all pray to God about our sitations and for each other. He is the healer of anything and there is nothing that he can't do...even poop problems. Try calling out to him for healing. Father God, I just pray for everyone on this website looking for answers Lord God. I pray that we may be healed in Jesus name. I pray that these doctors find what our problems are and that you are awesome God and can heal us. We praise you and ask this in Jesus name we pray, AMEN! God bless you all! :)

sir bob's picture

some reason my poop looks like its been manufactured flat poop, not really dark, and i don't know how bright poop can get but it sure isn't yellow. it looks like a normal one just flat, and perfectly cut.

Anonymous Coward's picture

my poop went flat, love your website, i'm goin' to the doctor's...galen

UK Tad's picture

My poop has been flat for the last 3 months. Also about 2 months ago I was getting temedous amounts of wind (unusually smelly) and stomach cramps which caused me to go to the docs. The doc didn't seem concerned about the flat poop but put me on some tablets (Mebeverine) for the stomach cramps and wind treating it as irritable bowel syndrome. The pain and wind has now pretty much gone but the flat poop is still there (even when I went for the first time in 3 days). When I am 'well' constipation has always been pretty normal for me. I think if the flat poop carries on for another couple of months I go back to the doc again.

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I have to dig out my shit,sometimes hard, often soft and sticky, with my fingers. rarely I have an almost normal bm except it is not complete, and I have to remove fecal matter of all kinds of consistencies with my fingers. I feel like a freak. had a colonoscopy, told colon in normal, except for a bit weak anal muscles and lack of neural sensitivity in rectum. My social life is zero. I am gassy and mucus comes out of my anus, sometimes with soft fecal matter. It is never normal- years since I had a normal bm. I can't even remember. I am 46. any ideas?

Anonymous Coward's picture

anyone ever think it might just be an internal hemorrhoid.

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Love this site. I've recently had surgery for a bowel obstruction and I'm now experiencing flat poop, bloating and constipation. I was at at the dr.'s office last week ... Glycolax was prescribed. Did not help.

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Flat Poop expert, here. I started having flat poop about 7 years ago... The doctor didn't seem alarmed about it even though he found colon cancer. I had a resection (removal of the right side) This is the side that is up stream from the bung hole. No spreading of the cancer was detected and I received no further treatment for it. My poop is still flat most of the time and I attribute it to a change in the poop muscle as well. Oh, on the constipation guy/gal.... dring an extra quart of water in the afternoon...each day.


run4restrun's picture

I started LMAO when I first found this site. Poonurse, can u give me an objective opinion. I have been having problems with my poop, flat, black, extreme cramping sometimes (don't go often enough). But I also have autoimmune symptoms (feel worse than ever), suspected lupus and fibromyalgia but not definitive. I'm 47 female with history of stroke (19), precancerous cells, and polyps. I feel like something is seriously wrong as I felt before the stoke at 19 but doctors can be idiots-which I know you understand as a nurse. I'm a mental health case manager and know it's so much more than depression but that comes with the territory when u feel like shit! What specific tests do u recommend for possible colonrectal cancer? Can typical blood tests, i.e. CBC show signs of cancer? Thanks so much for your input!!

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I'm usually a normal dookie taker with no problems. Lately I've been having all kinds of problems. Reoccuring UTI infections, hemmeroids, and pencil like poops. I feel bloated and like I have to go but nothing wants to come out besides these thin dookies. What is going on, someone have any information for me please?

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Poop is supposed to stink, dear.

The soft and sticky is better than hard and rocky.

I suggest more fiber, like fresh veggies and whole grains.

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I'm also having soft, sticky poo that stinks really bad. :( help!

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Ok, AC (9/27/06). I had the constipation with sticky poo, when I was under alot of stress. I recommend that you look into a colon cleanser. My prefferances are Dr.Natura, or Sonne #7. It will take a few weeks after the end of the treatment, before the sticky poo goes away.

Flat poo. Maybee your colon is part steamroller.

Seriously, if the flat poo problem persists, I would absolutley see a doctor. It can be a precurser to a more serious condition. Good luck, I wish you the best.
Jammin' lo'flo's since 1977.

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In England, "flat poop" is when some one shits in your apartment. Or was that "flat scat"?
Sir SamDamnit!
The Emir of Crapistan
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Start eating more fiber. Metamucil, whatever. You are in need of more fiber.

What is your diet like?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hello Everyone...Guys and Girls...I'm 25 years old. I suffer from constipation. I've been constipated ever since year 2000. I've seen the doctor...many, many doctors. They can't find anything wrong with me. My problem is...I'm constipated with a very soft and sticky stool that doesn't want to come out. It take me forever in the bathroom. The stool comes out sticky and stinky like a mother-fucker. I can't just wipe it off with toilet paper -I have to wash my ass with soap or else it will leave a after smell if you get my drift...I'm tried of seeing the doctor...All they ever think about is having their nurse finger me in the ass or refer me to a gastro-doctor to shove his 4 inch camera up my ass...AND NO!!! IT'S NOT ENJOYABLE. If anyone with the same symptom please reply back. I'm sure in a hurry to get out of this shit hole. Thanks=)

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Did we know what it means when u get the rabbit poo? Just I had it a few times recently and i was wondering if it was causing this bad back I have been having for the past 4-5 months. Are my innards to blame?

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As mentioned above, softer poop will be shaped by your anal muscles, which aren't perfectly round. Still, I'd get it checked out, meaning there is a chance for a colonoscopy. I have never had one, but hopefully I'll be knocked out first if I ever have to have one. I hear it's fun after the colonoscpy because you are actually told to fart a lot (air gets pushed in). I had a friend who had a colonoscopy and she talked about the farts and stuff. Just don't shart yourself!

Practicing the ancient Chinese art of double flushing... because sometimes, a single flush just isn't enough.

[Insert witty banter here]

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I happen to poop in shapes that look like animals...sometimes letters...once a smiley face! I just think it is so funny, I laugh like crazy - all to myself! I wondered if this EVER happened to anyone else anywhere in the world? ... I just had to find a website that I could ask someone! Please let me know if this ever happens to anyone. It sure makes going to the bathroom a little more fun!

Diarrhea soft poop lover's picture

I have been having semi-flat poops lately and it is because they have been very soft. Your anal hole is more ovlongular in shape and when your poop is very soft, it doesn't open your bottom all the way and it creates a more flatened shape. However if you wait an extra day between bowel movements, then you will have a normal shaped poop, i certianly do.

P.S. I like to have almost diarrhea soft poop because:
a. its bigger
b. it feels better when i poop my pants(i do that allot, but on intention) or my diaper (im a diaper lover)

--May all your poops be soft and suqishi

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I'm sure, Joey.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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my poop is BIG ok i cant fit all my poop in my toliet

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Pour some maple syrup on it and serve it fer breakfast to your cheating wife

sam's picture

what does it mean if my poop comes out in several one inch balls? it looks kind of like rabbit turds. usually there are 5 or more balls at a time. it has been happening on and off for about a year, but lately its all i get!

Bob's picture

I have flat poop, it has been that way about a year. I read this comment form poonurse and freaked out. I went and got checked with a 5 foot snake rod with a camera on the end. It was not painful as I was asleep at the time anyway I checked out Great. Nothing wrong the Dr. told me 90% of the time it is the anus muscle that does the poop end. Oh well that is my experice hope this helps someone.

Carlito's picture

What is wierd to me, is that it can be flat then go normal again. I myself had flat poop once, but it returned to normal within about a week.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I recently had a similar experience, except it eventually involved pain and swelling around the outside of the poop chute. I ultimately couldn't take the pain anymore and went to doctor ( luckily i was refered by a friend to a surgeon). Doc said it was a Perirectal Abcess and drained me out right then and there. The surgery wasn't painfull, but the recovery required some pain medicine; in actuality the recovery pain was no where near the pain I felt before i went to the doctor. Flat poop is no good, go see a doctor. Oh, and BTW my experience at the doctor involved no "wrong way" entry.

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That sucks, dude. But I'd still rather have flat poop than have someone looking up my ass.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Flat pooper get to a DOCTOR. This was my Dad's first symptom of colon cancer. He ignored it until it got down to pencil poop ... and then finally bloody pencil poop. He then went to the doctor and three months later we buried him. So yeah, you could ignore your flat poop ... you could say that it will take care of itself one way or another.

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SPLAT! Ha ha ha!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

Well, sometimes I get a turd that is somewhat flat.
However, it is usually because it hits the back end of the crapper with great force.

pooQueen's picture

Ribbon poo...can you tie it into a little fecal bow? Seriously though, something like that needs to be checked out.

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I'd rather have flat poop.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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