should i push? should i grab it? should i wait?

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Michael W asks:

Today I had more trouble that I probably ever have going to the bathroom. I had to strain really hard, and it just wouldn't come out. It seemed like it was stuck or something and would almost come out, but stop near completion. I've had problems with rectal bleeding over the past few years off and on, and a doctor at the hospital told me upon examination (many months ago) that it was due to straining too hard. I've never done it before, but as I almost had the poop out, I used my middle finger to try and break off some of it in a desperate attempt to stop my pain.

I didn't go deep at all, but I know I shouldn't be doing that. I was on the toilet for a good hour, and I did manage to finally get the first part out, but the second part was stuck. I continued my method, and again desperate, I found blood on my finger and stopped. My anus is sore now, so I just gave up. I put almost all of my energy into pushing the poop out, and I became light headed/dizzy. I felt like I was going to pass out. My question is, well, even though I went from Thursday to Tuesday without going, was it wrong for me to force it? I could feel it inside of me, so I figured it would be okay to go. Apparently it wasn't. Should I start waiting until the poop easily comes out or what? Should it have been soft enough and/or broken down enough to come out by then?

Also, I'm sorry for asking so much, but are there any serious health risks if there was blood stopped up in my anus around or behind the poop? I don't know if that's the case, but I'd like to know anyways.

Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate the help.

Dear Michael W,

Since you did not have any luck getting the poop out with your finger, I suggest that you get a glycerin suppository. That will soften the poop, and cause a bowel movement within 15 minutes to an hour.

You should also increase your water intake and add more fiber to your diet in an attempt to regulate your bowel habits.

Leaving the poop in there is not going to soften it up. The longer you keep it in, the drier and harder it will become. Then someone with more experience than you have is going to have to stick their finger up your butt to get it out.

Pushing too hard causes something called the vagal maneuver to occur. If you take a deep breath and bear down with your diaphragm and abdominal muscles, it causes your heart rate to slow down. If done too hard or for too long you can experience a loss of oxygen to the brain. This is what caused your light-headedness. You could actually die from this if done for a prolonged period of time.

Blood being stopped up behind your poop is unlikely unless you are bleeding internally. Hemorrhoids and fissures don't usually bleed enough to cause any real health problems.

Thanks for asking Motherload!

Motherload is a Certified Nurse Assistant as well as an IBS sufferer, which means she knows a lot about poop. Got a question for her? Ask it here.

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I think this case calls for the RONCO Inside The Egg Scrambler. Just stick that sucker in to your poop chute, and turn it on. It will whip that turd in to a frothy cream that just slides out of your poop chute.
Sir SamDamnit!
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The Emir of Crapistan

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Youj can also use a laxative but, don't mak qa habit of laxatives, as your body can become dependant on them. I would listen to ML, and try more water, roughage, and suppositories. I would see a doctor about the rectal bleeding. You might have hemmorhoids.
Jammin' lo'flo's since 1977.

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Sam, I believe you could actually market that. "Make your own frothy ass treats at home just like a professional, but at a fraction of the cost!"

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More fruit, more fiber, more H2O and maybe a jog around the block and you'll be blowing your colon in no time. Trust me. I know.

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He never mentioned his diet. I, too, wonder what's on the menu. Probably alot of processed foods, or the guy doesn't drink enough water.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I've been eating the same as usual, and I haven't pooped in 3 days. I'm about ready to sit and strain (yes i know its wrong to) until i get something.

Damnit, someone stole my signature!

[Insert witty banter here]

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I cannot tell you guys enough to get some Fleet Glycerine Suppositories. Not only are they fairly cheap, they work wonders. They saved my daughter when she was younger and was so constipated. Give them a try before you end up looking like one of those stress dollheads with the eyes all bugged out and stuff.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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If we change "Michael" to "Dave", we can enter this in the How-Dave-Dies contest.

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dungdaddy you're my hero.
i really don't understand how people can go so long without pooping! don't you start to worry???

poop poop eee doop!

poop poop eee doop!

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Sorry to offend anyone who doesn't necessarily want to hear about this, but this is a place to talk about personal experiences, so I'm just sharing mine.

My rather odd pooping time is right before I go to bed, in my bedroom toilet. I take my pants off and drop my boxers to relaxingly wait for nature to take its course, which can last for a while before my bowels start moving. I was sitting there flipping through Reader's Digest, when this painful knob poked its head out of my ass. I decided to push, already knowing that it was never a good idea. I cringed in pain, and it felt like I trying to pass a fucking SLEDGEHAMMER. After a minute of pushing, the blockage cleared and the dump gradually made further progress to the bottom of the bowl. Just what Michael W was talking about in the original post, the dump was almost out of my ass when it hit another buttplug. The straining had made the inside of my rectum sore, so I gave the fuck up and rested my head on my knees to wait for the rest to fall out. Two squeaky farts escaped around the poo hanging there, but that obviously didn't help. I gave one final push, and the poop slowly kept coming, and finally hit the water. When I looked in the bowl, I didn't know how the hell I was ever going to flush it. But I was lucky in that aspect, and it barely flushed itself away before skidding the hell out of the bottom of that bowl. I wiped and went to bed exhausted, but cleansed.

I'm sure we've all had constipation problems in the past, but mine wasn't half as bad as some of the horror stories I've read on poopreport. Anyway, I sympathesize with all of you that have this problem. As someone suggested, fiber, water, and fruit are good ways to avoid this type of problem. And being a shameful shitter, I can't always empty my bowels whenever I have the urge, so naturally I run into some problems. But I just hope that Michael W never has to go through anything like that again. Sounded far scarier than any horror movie! Anyway, good luck to you all.

fred kruga!

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you are not going to die from pushing your poop out.. oh my gosh. you'll be'll get lightheaded but thats it..

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drink smooth move tea if you're feeling backed up.

all aboard the farty train to pooterville..if you can't shit at my house, we aren't friends

all aboard the farty train to pooterville

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As we get older our digestion slows and we become more susceptible to the harms of refined & processed foods, not drinking enought liquids, improper food combining and so on. Yep...only temporarily should you use any stimulants to help you move your bowels. A stimulant or stool softeners are short term. better learn as much as you can about diet!! Its NOT JUST about 'drinking more water, increasing fiber, eating more fruits & excercise' like so many are saying. Its what you dont do that counts also. Constipation can be many things including some serious conditions. general and for most people proper food combining is a key. Stop mixing Protein (from meat) with Carbs..that is the SAD!!! Standard American Diet and that is why there are so many health problems. Dont take my word for it. Do a google search and look about 100's of articles about "Food Combining". I finally did this along with more water, fiber, excercise, fruits/vegetables etc. My constipation is gone after 20 years listening to the experts giving half assed/pooped answers. Honestly, not learning the aspects of what causes constipation will literraly poop you out...or should we say in. Good luck all.

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Michael, I think the obvious is being overlooked here. As long as you are going to ram your finger up your ass, why not slather some vaseline on it first. Those turds just need some lube.

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What a site and no better to explain my problmem.

I get back logged and can't poo not even if i push

I have done as many others have, and tried to work it out with my finger but when i did I found found a type of cavity area in between where my poop comes from and my butt hole and there is usually left over poo staying in there and not emptying.

So what i think is happening is, im having a poo but the exit end for my poo is to far up and away from actual ass hole and i can't push with out the poo expanding into this area so it doesnt actually come out and stays and compacts and i usually have poo protrouding when i wipe.

I can not physically push poo out I havent been able to for a year or more, the only way to get the poo out of the pocket is with finger or to push from the front area of my butt hole i can feel the poo filing up the cavity.

i do however have a straight through poo if very loose but still there must be remians left in teh cavity

like others i have blood on my finger but Ive never worried about it as its not continues or even in my poo ( when its out!)

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OH HEAVENS! OMG no don't strain when going poopie....jeezzz if its that hard and that much work2get this sucker outta ya try later and if that isn't an option well ya better get ur buttooty too a Dr and find out whats up w/your colon....I hope you'll have great success in ur future bowel movements! ;)

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Ok i have this problem where my shit will NOT come out at all and its scaring the shit out of me (joke) i dont know whats wrong but i push and push but nothing happens it gets to a certain point and my anal muscle just pushes it back in which can be painful, i have no way of doing this guys please can someone help me and will a laxative tablet or something work?? its fukin huge and hard.

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Diet schmiet. Laxatives taxatives.

I say PUSH.

Push until your face flushes red.

Push until your lungs give out.

Push until the veins on your forehead protrude. Push until your pulse pounds in your ears. Push until your eyeballs feel as though they're about to explode from your skull and your colon distends into the water. Push as though your very life depends upon the movement of that logjammed turd. And when you reach that nirvannaa-like state of near-anurysm...push some more.

If you're not dead, unconscious, or otherwise relieved by that medical attention. Or rent a Roto-Rooter.

" guys are missing the genius of Turdgutson's idea. We should certainly not be shitting in the sink, but why not invent a Toilet Disposal? Your tampon, giant turd, or some hooker's hand won't flush? Just flip a switch!" - SamDamnit

"You will spray oil when you fart. You will have diarrhea. You will be shitting constantly and you will lose control of your bowels." - Mr. Angry on alli

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As long as the constipation is not caused by a serious medical condition, follow the advice on food combining, drinking enough H2O, and having enough fiber in your diet, and add a MAGNESIUM supplement.

Most folks are deficient in Magnesium. They can be found at your local drug store or health food store. They are often combined with Calcium (because they help prevent constipation from the calcium) so be careful about getting one with a very high calcium content (because high calcium will cause constipation). It is possible to find one with no calcium which is especially helpful if you're already taking a multi vitamin which has calcium in it. You wouldn't want to double up on calcium if you are having constipation issues.

The magnesium will be a great aid in bowel movements. I tried all the suggestions mentioned above and had some relief but I was not free of constipation until I started using Magnesium. It has changed my life! :)

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I find that WD40 works a treat. The straw allows for deep lubrication.

Its also used a a tool to displace water, so if you ever get the liquishits.... WD40 does it again!!

Did I just fart?.... Oh shit! NO!!

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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BVC..........Thanks for adding another handy use for WD-40 to my ever growing repertoire.

Michael W.......Please wash your hands very well before you make me a bologna sandwich.

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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hi im 11 and i have really hard time going to the bathroom. My mom has to hold my hands, and when i wipe all it is is blood. It hurts so much i try not to go! Every time i do this i cry because i feel bad. I t just is soooooo hard please help me!

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poop010004, see above two posts.

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try this. instead of pushing it out wait. if nothing is happening this accupuncture technique helps me.
use the index and middle finger and push into the tummy about and inch out from the belly button, it should feel slightly tender. hold for 20 seconds or so then try the other side a movement should come with no effort. this is a great website

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Did you mean "acupressure"? Hmm... I'll have to try that one.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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How could I be so lucky to find this site on a Saturday nite. I could have missed it had I have been on a date or doing something to integrate my sad, sad life into society. Thank you PoopReport for changing my life.

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Laxitives help and lots of water
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

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I too have to push from the front area of my butt hole to poop and have a hard time cutting it off. When i went to my gynocologist she told me I have a pocket area in my butt that makes it fill up there and gets stuck. She told me the name of it and i forgot. I've beentrying to find the medical term but can't seem to find it on the web anywhere.

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it's called a rectocele. I have it too.

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I had more trouble that I probably ever have going to the bathroom. I had to strain really hard, and it just wont come out. It seemed like it was stuck and after my hard effort, it just comes a little bit not completely.I've had problems with rectal bleeding over the past few months thought I would see a doctor but I cant. I feel shy.So please give me some suggestion . What should I do??/

Magnesium Supplement

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Ok, so I am on the pot today and quickly realize the titanic is in my tushy and it won't come out. My self determination causes to me try bill Cosby's pushing/breathing tricks then I feel that was a bad idea. So I try the walk and wait, nothing. Then I put my finger inside
my vagina to push the titanic in the right direction... You know wide is the fare but narrow is the way. Then by this point I am in so much pain I start to pray for help a miracle of softened stool. Did I mention my phone is ringing f friends an fam wishing me a happy birthday. So finally I grab my IPhone and google my poop is stuck and end of here!

Determined not to stick my finger in my boat dock, I try a hot bath! Yeah right all that did was stimulate bowels. So now I am contracting with no lick! So the pain was so intense ( I know pain I've birthed three kids w/o any drugs) that I decided grabbing it was m only hope! Afterall how would I make it to a pharmacy with a three year old and the
titanic peeking out! So much for natural endorphins kicking in the lessen the

What happened next traumatized me! PAIN, stench of Ammonia and a fifteen minute process of navigating through the
bouoys (hemmys and lots of them, thinking about charging them rent around my dock and up into and around the titantic. I broke off what felt like large pieces nut only ended up being a tablespoon size chunk at a time! Blood Sweat and Tears for almost an hour! So when it was all out or at least what I could reach, my bowels started to move like a propeller unglogged
of fishing line, seaweed and a shoe! I ha to push but was petrfied . I did anyway and I exploded. I have never seen that much poop. Did I mention I bled a good bit and gagged a ton more! I have eaten almost nothig today out of fear and just recently tooted an it get like I had to do a split to get the air around the Fricken Colony of Buouys! What can I do from here
to assure this doesn't happen in the am again. Now that I know how bad it can be I CANNOT GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN! thanks for being sonopena ns honest! It saved my ass! Literally

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OK here's what you do.

1. eat fruit and vegetables, get lots of fibre in the diet.

2. Exercise - move that body so those bowels are moving and working properly.

3. don't push. let it come naturally. if you push forwards those muscles are going to contract and push it all back. not good. Don't use laxatives because if you follow these rules youw on't have to.

happy pooping x

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Female age 50 - after suffering for months - and do eat lots of fiber/drink water etc - had tried to push poop out manually in desperation I used a gentle flow of water from shower hose - relief - only use occasionally and no more piles, blood or laxatives

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Please help. Ok, so one day I was out on the driving range playing golf and it was the middle of the day, and i was really hot, and I started feeling all lightheaded and dizzy, so i went to the bathroom to cool off (AC in bathroom) then, I felt like I had to shit, so I sat down on the toilet and pushed. The pain was unbearable. it was like a watermelon was ripping through my ass. I got off the toilet, an went back out to play golf. When I got home, I started feeling like I needed to shit again. This time, I sat and grabbed the edges of the toilet and pushed. I sat there for an hour at least pushing as hard as I could and I had gotten about halfway through and I looked down and I had a football sized turd coming out my ass. Well, stupid me, freaked out and sucked it back up. Well, I went to bed, and now, at least 1:00 AM, I have to shit again. So I go to the bathroom and I push and start to sweat and I cried and sobbed because it felt like my ass was being cut open. then. I got it out finally with one big push and I swear my toilet bowl was filled with blood, turning the water red and my turd was about the size of a basketball (ok, I'm exaggerating it FELT like it was the size of a basket ball.) I just about passed out when I was done. But, man, the pain was awful. Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this? I had a similar experience another five times other then this, and I am in so much pain, please help me!

This is Poop for Life, signing off of

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Dear PFL: You did not mention eating or drinking habits, so I assume you have not made major changes in those to soften your poop. First, every day, drink lots of water; I drink 64 oz. per day. Second, eat more high-fiber foods: whole grains, nuts, leafy green veggies, etc. Third, when you feel the urge to poop, do it as soon as you can; don't deliberately wait. Fourth, try to establish a daily habit: figure out when your bowels like to move and, whether you feel the urge or not, go sit on the pot and wait to see what comes. It may not every time, but then again, you might get more frequent, softer, easier stools.

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cant poo? try using that plunger on something other than the toilet.

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Hey, I find that as long as it's not a rock hard poop, I find that drinking water while I poop, and also smelling something sweet or just something that smells nice helps.

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I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I have resorted to inserting my finger up my anus in order to expedite a stubborn BM a few times (only at home though, would not do this in a public restroom). I first will try to massage the rectal area as best as I can in hopes that it will help. I then try to open wider by pushing on the front area between my legs near the rectum (someone else mentioned this too) and then strain some to try to get it to come out further. Only as a last resort do I use my hand to pull or dig the stuck poop out; I find it humiliating to need to touch my feces in this fashion. The smell of poop on the hands is not a pleasant one, and after the first time of doing this bare-handed, I keep disposable gloves under the sink in the bathroom.

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I am so shocked to read I am not the only one who has been through all this before - The straining for an hour in unbearable pain, resorting to breaking off chunks with your finger that feel huge but turn out to be tiny, putting fingers into the vagina to push the poop out manually (I feel horrible for guys who can't do that and just have to wait!!!) the sweating and feeling like a vein in your forehead will burst and your actual intestine might come out your anus, and feeling like you will actually pass out from pain and like your anus might just tear, and then finally, FINALLY, IT'S OVER and, and then the intense fear that we will ever have to go through that again!!!

Which brings me to the point of my comment:
People, how on earth could you EVER be brave enough to WILLINGLY ENDURE THAT EVER AGAIN?!

It happened to me ONCE and I learned my lesson:


Sure eating more leafy greans and whole grains is great and increases your dietary fibre, but what if you CAN'T always eat perfectly or you just DON'T eat perfectly/eat enough fibre???

Are you just going to suffer through passing the titanic through your asshole again??? NO!!!

I started taking a brand called "benefibre"
It's CLEAR, TASTE FREE, and you can add it to just about ANYTHING that you can mix it into.
Although it claims to be "taste free" and it pretty much IS, it does have a SLIGHTLY sweet hint to it, I find, if you add enough of it, so I prefer to add it to sweet foods (say rice pudding or ice cream)

But the point is, if you're constipated, don't go through that torture ever again, I know I haven't had to ever since, go to the drugstore, grocery store, whatever, and buy yourselves a fiber supplement.

YES it works, NO it's not a waste of money, or a gimmick, I have forgott to take it twice since that fateful day I passed the titanic through my anus and started using a Fibre Supplement, and the two times I forgot to take it, about one week at a time, I got constipated and went through the same hell all over again, but I learned my lesson trust me, until I KNOW I have enough fibre in my diet without the supplement or until I understand what other factors caused me to be constipated in the first place, I REFUSE to stop taking my Benefibre, and I know I won't have to worry about spending an hour on the toilet in unbearable pain ever again, for as long as I do!!!

So for those of you still suffering, please try this simple and quick solution and put those one hour torture sessions in the bathroom behind you!!!

How come nobody has mentioned this?
Has anyone else been as successful just by taking a fibre supplement?

Thanks for reading!!!

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Lately I've been having occasional very hard movements that require a lot of hard pushing--this in spite of drinking lots of water. Don't know what it means; but I have learned that it's better to push hard enough to get the poop out the first time rather than wait. On the other hand, sometimes there's just not enough for a good movement the first time, so waiting lets a bigger mass descend through the pipe, and then it comes out with less pushing. I never know which it will be. It all comes out in the end, though.

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I went in to hospital for an operation on my foot. On the 4th day after the operation I felt a monster poo coming. I sat on the bog for about 30 mins trying to push this poo. It just wouldnt come out. It was the toughest poo I've ever had in 30 years.

I could feel it was all hard and dry, and thats why it wasnt coming out my butthole. I also wanted to stick my finger up by bum to try to dig it out. The desperation does eventually get to you. I tried massaging my anus on both sides. This loosened the dry hard bits.

Once that dry hard bit come out, then I had a normal soft lava poo that came out after that. It was about 3 days worth of poo in one go. I was proud.

So you must poo regularly, and try a massage before sticking your finger in there. Hope this helps you guys.

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I haven't passed a "log" in I don't know how long. I never really thought about it until recently. I drink coffee and that seems to do it for me but it's always softer chunky poo. Like I said, I haven't passed an actual log in a long time... can't remember when.

I moved to Asia a few years ago. I eat a lot of kimchi but avoid rice. Recently I stepped on a scale and realized I lost a lot of weight since I moved here... I've always been underweight so it freaked me out. I started eating cheeseburgers everyday. I gained a bit of weight back and started to look a bit healthier. It was weird. With the cheeseburgers (no fries or cola), my complexion cleared and the whites of my eyes were brighter and clearer. However, my stools slowed way down... like every other day if that and were not too productive.

I'm not a big eater. I think that's maybe part of the problem. If I eat three times a day they're usually small meals that are calorie dense (cheeseburgers) (ramen noodles with kimchi, eggs, tuna, etc.).

Not a big veggie eater although I do eat them... canned usually and a bit of fruit (usually at least a piece a day).

So, would you be concerned? Do I have some blockage deep in my plumbing preventing log formation?

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I've been having the same problem as a few people here. I have an incredibly hard poop and no matter how much I strain I can't pass it. I feel it at the base there, but just can't quite get it out. Lately I've managed to get a few small bits out but there's been no more progress. I've taken laxatives, which have no effect, some supositories which were meant to work in 30 minutes but didn't do anything either, and I've been having awful stomach cramps.

I'm really not sure what to do. I just want to know if there's some way to soften it? I've tried everything!

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I've been constipated since I was 6 y.o.
Female, now I'm 61! living in Southern Europe.
A whole life on laxatives, that allowed me to have a somewhat "normal life".
This summer, not having gone on holiday, staying at home & having a lot of free time, I decided to break the addiction to laxatives, or at least to try .
So I put mysef on the "anti-constipation diet" (water, fiber, very little meat only with vegetables, no carbs - summer temperature helps ! - fresh prunes & melons & peaches)
& waited to see what happened.
The first time I felt the urge (say a 3 days after the last good poop) I squatted on my potty & started to push and push and push: the log was there, I could feel it inside my bum, some movements I had too (mr Perry Stalsis), but it was big & dry & wouldnt move, in spite of a lot of pushing.
So I had an idea: I have to make il slippery!
If it’s slippery, I'll push it out, no matter how big it is.
So I went to the kitchen, took out some butter and with a sharp & hot knife, I sculpted some suppostoires, put them inside a cup, and the cup inside the FREEZER.
Without this, the butter would melt, while inserting it inside the anus.
So I waited some hours, until the butter suppostoires were frozen (that is: hard enough) & with a sense of excited hope took them to toilet, to insert a couple of them up, into my anus.
It didnt hurt at all, in spite of the temperature-difference !
With one finger, I pushed them as high as possible in my rectum, possibly BEHING the big turd.
Then I kew I had to wait at least 30 min. So I did.
This time elapsed, some farts & some liquid trying to escape, detecting that the GREAT MOMENT WAS COMING.
So, back again, squatted on my potty, praying God.
The beginning was hard: sweating & pushing (but only when I felt the contraction arriving, otherwise I'd get hermroids).
The first result of ¼ hour work were just 2 round, hard little things. I watched them lying miserably in my potty: it was better then nothing, though not what I wished & needed ! Most ot the hard turd was still there!
So I gave time, every now & then, kneeling to rest the legs, with my back right & bowel muscles as relaxed as possible.
Then again squatting, wait for the contraction & pushing.
I had not to wait long: when I felt the turd had starting to open my anus, very slowly proceeding his way down, I took a long breath and - shivering all the way through - pooooshed without stopping as long as I could stand without taking breath !
And there it was: my masterpiece.
Just one, but it was there, a turd about 15 cm long & 3 cm large.
It was 1 to 0, in the match with my constipacy, achieved without laxatives, in the first time of my long adult life !
The days that followd, I prosecuted the "ideal diet" & repeted the "butter suppositoires" treatment, whenever I felt the rectum was full & a B.M. was arriving (say every other day)
You know what ? With the system described above, this afternoon, i succeded in making as many as 3 (THREE) turds, the same lenght & width, like the first time. WAW !
Had not hoped so much !
My match against constipation is now 3 to 0, in my favour.
Not yet won the war, but starting with 3 won battles, I feel glad & happy.
If someone wants to try THE SAME, i RESUME THE ESSENTIAL:
4. PREFER TO SQUAT, instead of SITTING: a baby potty, not too small, will do perfectly
and you’ll see the difference with just SITTING !
That's all.
Mothers in birth-labour do the same, when giving birth to a child.
With me it worked ( a very constipated lady, with totally lazy bowel, addicted to laxative
for her whole lifetime).
Why shouldnt it work with you ? GOOD LUCK !

Anonymous's picture

Oh for the love of GOD....I'm not the only one in the world to have done the finger in the butt move only to pull out a tiny little nothing that felt like a damn truck. I've strained, I've cried, I've prayed and nothing. Guess I'll just stick to water, fiber, fruit and hope this damn monster in my body makes an appearance soon.

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hey this might sound dumb but it works for me to speed up the bowl movement..... I massage my uteris/stoumach area, right below the belly button. I don't know why it helps but after a few minutes of the massage everything falls out. also if its really bad i kinda shake my belly a little (that little roll of fat under the belly botton) gently but firmly

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Dear people on this site. Dear LORD! Today I realized my tummy hurt, so i went to the toilet, and sat down. The poo started coming and then it stopped mid spill. I started freaking out. I have NEVEr had this happen to me before! So i started deep breathing, which helped some, but still nothing. I was desperate! We happen to have those plastic gloves in the bathroom, so embarrassed, i put one on and started popping off pieces, which felt HUGE. I looked down and they wer so small. But anyways, i did this a few more times and finally got out the HUGE log stuck in my bum. I felt so relieved. Then i had a normal BM. Even though it hurt and stung so bad, it happened. After cleaning up, i got out of the bathroom and went to my room and laye down, so tired from all the pushing and straining. Then i felt like i would puke, so i got up, drank lots of water. Then i kept feeling as though i had diariah. It was horrible. I went back to the john and pooed again. Now im sitting here not sure how i feel. But just so you all know, dont be scared to put on a glove and plop off the turd. Breate and you'll eventally get there. Even though now i have to pee every 5 minutes because of all the pushing, i feel muc better! Good luck yall!

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Why doesn't everyone squat to poop? I used to be a 20+ minute toilet user using 8+ sheets of toilet paper. Now that I squat it's a minute or less and 4 sheets of toilet paper. I really pay attention to the quality of my poop now also and enjoy my quick poops. Poops to avoid meals only consisting of: low fat beans and low fat wheat products.

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mineral's not the best tasting stuff but it lubricates. follow instructions on bottle. rubbing around anus also helps.

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My sister had this same problem last week. She never has bowel trouble then found herself five days without going. She said she was driven out of her mind with the obsession of getting the hard brown bullet out. finally she poured some soapy water into a baster and squirted it up. within an hour the eagle had landed. Hope this helps.

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