my ass really, really, really smells

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Stevey Stank Ass asks:

Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls. Now this problem I have made me drop out of college, lose girlfriends, and my friends are disgusted to hang out with me.

My problem is that all of a sudden my ass really started to stink even after a shower. I mean it smells like I shit myself or like I just took a shit and didn't bother to wipe my ass. I can asure that I don't shit myself and I wipe my ass until clean. I even tried that sphincterine stuff which seems not to work for me. This problem made me drop out of college to spare myself the embarassment and haven't gotten laid in a while which kills me because girls ask me why I don't want to hang out with them and the 'sick' excuse is getting quite old. I seriously have no idea what to do, it is really bothering me because I am ashamed just to go out of my house. It is weird because when I sit down it feels like theres shit in my ass but when I go to wipe nothings on the napkin and the sphincterine just blends with the smell. If you could please help me because now I just sit at home like a loser and cannot hang out with my friends without feeling ashamed.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the question!

Much as I hate to admit it, you are going to have to see your MD about this one. There are many causes of fecal odor--constipation being one. Other causes may be anatomic considerations. Examples include rectal prolapse, weakness of the anal sphincter or decreased rectal compliance. (I hate it when my rectum doesn't comply, don't you?)

Your doctor might consider doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy to inspect the colon and anus. Other tests you may want to discuss with your MD include an endorectal ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities or anorectal manometry to evaluate for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that intake of vitamin K can control fecal odor, but I don't have any information on this.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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This is my therapy.

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Maybe we suffer from social anxiady disorder?

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I have a fear of getting rusty fish hooks stuck in my eyeball. Other than that I'm pretty good.

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Since I got this shitty problem that makes me despise the sun and close the curtains , I can't get myself to work cause I know that I have those situations which make me wish I stayed home. Thank God I recieve social security yet the bastards want to sabotage the payments to force me to start working. I haven't worked in years! All I do is sit home , play video games , work out , sit in front of my pc and drown in my pool of insecurity and frustrations. I want to work but no way I want to be out there when I got a piece of shit right inside my asshole and the odor is enough to go around. Let alone the conditions when I just took a dump.. phew.. I even have trouble getting out to do things that only don't cost much time! I would give anything to restore my health just like it was before I got this curse , literally! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!

Don't you just hate it , when you get rid of crap stuck inside yer a-hole all day and then you look down at the shit in the toiletbowl you just crapped in , the piece of crap that everyone else could smell all day WHILE IT WAS STILL IN YOU !!!(banging head against desk). So yea , you look down and go : you piece of shit!!! Then I can almost hear it laughing at me. I say , the best thing that can happen to me is when I crap my shit out clean and without leaving any pieces behind up there. Yay for me! Yea I know , I am pathetic.

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To the art.....go to beatleakygas there are other people like us just don't give up this is call ibs,try two spoons of metamucil in a full glass of water every night that help with that problem your having and also excercise every day will help.

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Here are some options...Move to a remote island where no one is there and make fake people, take a lot of laxitive and see what happens, or you could take the stupid way out and tell all your friends the truth and lose your rank in popularity. You could also have an extremely painful surgery to get your annoying duece out of your gut.

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The jackass award goes to some random guy!!!!!!!! P.S a jackass is a person that feeds there ego on another person low selfestem.Wow way to go kick him when his down!

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I have the same problem as many have listed before me. I smell after I get out of the shower, about 1 hour after. It smells kinda sour, but wierdest of all it sometimes smell like cherios. Idk. It just doesn't. I don't even eat cherios. lol Does anyone know why this might be?

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TO: the_art_of_shitting I understand all to Well what You're going thru. I've been Suffering from this Problem for 7 Years..I had 3 Major (unnecessary) Surgeries..They Misdiagnosed Me with Hyperhidrosis. Sweat isn't the cause of B.Odor..Bacteria IS!!

So...for 3 Years I went on a Deodorant goose hunt..I took all sorts of Aiti depresants..Rubinal..Everything to Stop this "sweat" 5 Years after the 1st MISdiagnose
AND 49 DOCTORS Later..I found out that I have SEVERE CANDIDA OF THE COLON & several problems because of the LACK OF TREATMENT AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS..If I wouldn't have been Misdiagonosed with some BULLsh*t I couldve cured this Long ago before it got as bad as it's NOW gotten..Anyways..It's 7 years later..and Like you I've been Living in a room for YEARS..Like literately! I used to have odor and that was it..Now after having the Skoog Procedere x's 2 and Endoscopic sympathetemy for "supposedly Hyperhidrosis" now I have EXCESSIVE sweating when I NEVER had that before..So my Problem went from a 8 to a 36..But I'm Optimistic! I'm on day 3 of My Psyllium Capsule, Black walnut-Cloves-woodwrom Complex, raw Broccoli/Spinach shakes & Plain Oatmeal for 40 Days!! Idk if it will work..But I've done my research..If this Dr sebi/Dr Hulda's herbal remedy can cure aids..and cancer Im sure uit can cure OUR FUNK!! Have Faith in God and Remember folks..What doesn't Kill you.Only makes you stronger!!

If any of you want to Chat/Talk Email We ought to Create a room so that We can ALL talk Live and Exchange info

God bless us ALL!!!

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Hello my fellow stinkers. I've suffered for 8 years this treacherous disease. Now I've decided to beat this motherfucker. I'm quite sure the reason for me to stink is bad bacteria/yeast. I got ALOT of Antibiotics (antibiotics destroy good bacteria) when I was a kid and I was underweight back then. My body was excellent place to bacteria/yeast to start growing.


Copied this from that site:

Bad bacteria is characterized by:

- aggression
- moodiness
- irritability 'anger' for no apparent reason

- sleep problems

- really foul smelling stools or body odor (we are talking incredible STENCH)

- bad breath; stinky sweat

- ammonia odor

- frequently occurs with constipation (infrequent painful stools, streaking/smearing in underwear, etc)

Proper Diet, Supplements is the key to victory.

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Stevey Stank Ass, same problem here. I've found that about the only that works for me is to use disposable wipes although I guess a face cloth (ass cloth) would do the same. Whenever I have a dump, I wipe with the wipe as well as TP but I also use them throughout the day, especially after a fart or something like that. I suspect I have a little leakage back there that causes the problem but the doctor found nothing after a colonoscopy. I also change underwear a couple of times each day and that helps too. Good luck man!

Fascinated but not obsessed :-)

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From reading the comments on this site it seems that there are a number of supposed solutions. However maybe the answer to our problem lies with finding the actual cause.

I was wondering how many of you, before this problem arised, held in their farts or even their need to do a "poop" for excessively long periods of time rather than use the toilets at school, work, etc?

When I say "excessively" I mean more than 2 hours after the initial urge or for example your at a nightclub, friend's place or any other type of social gathering and you get the urge but you say to yourself "f#$k it!! I'm not gonna use that toilet. I'll wait till i get home". So much so that when you finally do use a toilet it's like you dropped an atomic bomb.

This was the norm for me before the odour problem arised and even after it started I think it took about 5-6 years for my bowel movements to become affected. Now I find myself going through alternating periods of constipation and not-quite diarrhea like symptoms.

On a side note the smell does seem to be more noticeable by others when I'm trying to hold something in whereas before the odour problem started i could hold in a fart and no one would notice. nowadays if i try this i can tell by peoples' reactions that they can smell something.

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Ok Guys, i've found this website which i think might be a clue as to why i am and maybe some of you are going through this problem. check out the link below

two points that are of interest are PUTRESCINE and HYDROGEN SULPHIDE which are both bullet pointed under the heading "what makes breath smell".

I don't know about the rest of you guys but as i've had the fortunate or rather unfortunate opportunity to get a whiff of the smell others whisper about i can tell you that i've smelt the foul odour which people must have been referring to when they asked "can you smell rotten ham?". I've also smelt the rotten eggs once when a colleague and I were playing football indoors. I thought that he might have farted but the smell never left and that's when i knew it was coming from me.

I know the link i've given is for bad breath but this also is my latest affliction. I've had this problem for 10 years now. The first 6-7 years i didn't smell anything and i thought i was going crazy and beginning to hear voices and i know for sure i didn't have bad breath. The last three years i've only smelt what others talk about less than 20 times and i can tell by others reactions that my breath has been affected so i can assume that the problem is getting worse and this smell is becoming stronger - strong enough for me to notice.

Anyway now that i've got that off my chest i hope you guys check out the link - i'll think it might be helpful.

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Save me, you have ass breath. You can't be saved.

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okay guys i had the same problem and i'm here to tell you guys how i got over it. all you gotta do is wipe better. i'm serious. like really get in there and if you got to, which you probably do, wipe inside your asshole. seriously just wipe it really good, stick your finger in there if you got to until it's clean. showering after you shit really helps too. i've tried fiber and deodorant and only wiping better helps. try it.

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Save me, try Thera Breath or Breath Rx. These products have helped tons of people, and they aren't terribly expensive. You might also want to see a doctor or dentist.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Weeks 1 & 2:

almost to the point of fasting. I consumed only
-water (3 litres a day)
-spices (to add flavour. Including sea salt)
-canned tomatoes
-Greens + Daily Detox and Whey Powder ( for shakes )

In the first week I tended to only eat dinners which I consumed around 2pm.
I consumed absolutely no carbs. Unfortunately, I had no energy either; however, since bacteria are fueled by carbs I figured it was a no-no.

All of the food above are non-gas forming and contain no sulphur. Probably you can add more foods to the menu, however my aim was to facilitate the removal of waste from the body and the less the body had to break down new matter, the easier it could be achieved. If you do want to add more food to this very restricted diet search online for gas-forming foods and stay away from them. And stay away from the carbs (especially sugars of all types). Believe me, they are in nearly everything! You'll be reading nutrition labels religiously. Fruits are an example.

Medical/Cleansing products
During this time, I also began a very rigorous cleanse. I am Canadian so I chose products that were readily available from my local retailer. I used Greens + Daily Detox which I added to a whey powder protein shake and I also underwent a full body cleanse using a prodoct called Herbal D-Tox by Wild Rose. It included four products called Cleansaherb, Biliherb, Laxaherb, and CL Herbal Extract. These herbs cleanse the bowel, the blood, the kidneys and the liver.
If you can't get this product make sure what you use contains as many of the following herbs:

for the blood:
red clover
burdock root
echinacea root
mullein leaf
ursa ursi leaf
parsley leaf
marshmallow root

for the liver and kidneys:
black radish root
barley root bark
dandelion root
ginger root
marshmallow root
cramp bark
wood betony herb

for the bowels:
cascara sagrada bark
buckthorn bark
barberry bark
turkey rhubarb root
giner root
red raspberry leaf
fennel sead
cayenne fruit

As well as undergoing the body detox, I also took a broad spectrum antibiotic every four hours, religiously. I am not promoting that people use an antibiotic without consent of their doctor or any other pharmaceutical for that matter. What's safe for me may not be safe for you. If you choose to take antibiotics it is vital that you are not allergic to it as penicillin allergies are reportedly the most common of drug allergies. Be warned - get medical advice first. The reason I took the broad-spectrum antibiotics was to kill intestinal flora. I was napalming the digestive tract while I underwent my body detox. I've also never taken antibiotics before so my body was virign to the drug.
And still, I was not done. On top off all of this I also began a parasite cleanse. I was popping tablets like crazy. However, did I have parasites! Ewww. Mostly I just saw the eggs in the fecal matter. When I still had bouts of constipation I used Senekot tablets. Remember: drink lots of water. No coffee and no tea unless it's herbal.

So that was the first two weeks. Pretty intense. I would like to mention that I began the regime as fairly healthy with no health problems other than being uncontrollably stinky. Everyone is different and you need to tailor your treatment to your health status.

Week 3:

by this time I was desperate for energy and variety in my food.
So I started to add plain almonds, canned sardines, chicken, ground flax seed, almond milk, and canned black olives (high in iron) to my existing paltry diet. In essence, I was eating a high protein, ultra low carb diet . I must warn you to stay away from eggs, though. They are extremely high in sulphur content.

I highly recommend that you go online to look for foods that are non-sulphurous and low carb (especially low sugar). Any carbs I did consume were complex carbs that did not gum up the intestines but acted as a bulking agent that helped pass fecal matter. However, I kept carbs as nonexistent as possible. Just enough to give me energy to last the day.

Medical/Cleansing regime
By the third week I finished the antibiotics. I was still undergoing the body cleanse and parasite cleanse. I started to add magnesium oxide tablets daily to my regime ( 420 mg ). I also began Vitamin B12 daily (200 mg). Ocassional Senekot tablets when necessary.

Weeks 4-8:

All of the above. I also began probiotics. Probably I could have done this in week three but I was low on cash (who wouldn't be with all of these herbal supplements!). In order to reduce costs, I decided to make my own probiotics. I made my own Kefir using the Yogourmet Kefir starter ( you can purchase that at any health food store). Essentially you're making your own yogourt at home. It's very easy to make and is LOADED with many good bacteria strains. I drank this twice a day. I used whole organic goat's milk. I also began introducing more carbs to my diet as well. Brown rice flour products ( I started baking) and wild rice, some fruits and all vegetables except mushrooms. Up until this point my fruit intake was nil due to the natural sugars they contain. Now, I was eating everything veggie. I started eating fruits that weren't loaded with sugars ( ie- tropical fruit due to its high sugar content). I consumed absolutely no yeast as I began a candida cleanse. I was eating lots of plain almonds still. I also began to drink some dairy as well, though on a limited basis. My body rebelled at the introduction of carbs, but quickly adjusted over a few days. I've found that my diet has remained generally lower carb after the end of this regime.

Medical/Cleansing regime:
By this time the body detox was finished as was the parasite cleanse. So, I began a Candida Cleanse. This took me through to week 8. Essentially, no yeast products and as little sugar as possible. Even though I was eating some fruit again I tried to go for fruit that wasn't tropical and high in sugar. It just slows down the benefits of the candida cleanse. Sorry, still no coffee either. Still, I was taking the Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin B12.
**In week 5 I started to eat a clove of fresh garlic daily (do it right after work when you're sure not to meet anyone for the next 12 hours or so) and a few pieces of fresh sliced ginger.

What I noticed in my body:

It took about 2 weeks before I saw a significant change. By the end of week two I was passing frequent amounts of fecal matter easily. They were softer, more regular and of sizable quantity. The odour also improved and they were light brown in colour. Healthy fecal matter should be formed, float and break apart when flushed. The constipation was infrequent. The fecal matter started to float in the toilet by the end of week three. I also had major blemish breakouts for the first three weeks but they disappeared in the fourth week (normally I have flawless skin). It wasn't until the end of the fourth week before I can positively say that I wasn't regularly passing offensive odours in public.
By week 5 any odour was very faint and often non existent. I could go into public without comment. My bowel movements were easy, copious and twice a day, like clockwork. No more paint-peeling odour in the bathroom, either. By week 8 I had no odour whatsoever in public.

My thougths?
I believe this terrible affliction is caused by overgrowth of bacteria in the body. I really think that my body was very sick, even though I looked healthy. So, I wiped out all the old bacteria, good and bad and started over. I napalmed it, starved it, and rebuilt it. I have read that fecal matter should have no smell. By the end of this brutal regime that is certainly the case. I have also read that EVERYONE passes gas involuntarily many times a day. I do not believe that this problem is due to uncontrollable sphincters. Instead I believe that it is caused by the overpopulation of bad bacteria that is producing noxious gas waste and which is naturally passing from our bodies.

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Marshmallow Root? I'll be darned, I had no idea marshmallows were tubers...

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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That is one hell of a detox. It could be a front-pager.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

found this on another site's picture

I had copied that off of another site I just lost the link I found it reading through all these posts somewhere, the lady's name was Linda. Also check this out

It's called the Mineral Miracle Supplement, it's cheap and googling around I couldn't find anything that said it was a scam and suprisingly it actually has some science behind it if you read into it, I am going to do what my first post said with this while getting anti-bacterial soap and bectine cream for around my anus plus a healthy pill of probiotics.

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I will, and thanks for getting back to us. Whether or not this was comprehensive and costly, I bet it was worth it for the person afflicted by the stink.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I have had this for a few years now. Good and a shame also to see other people have it too. The smell definitley comes from my pores or glands and not my bum. The smell is bloody revolting and highly pungent. Its so bad when it happens that I am fascinated that this could come through my skinat all. I have always been nervous in certain public situations and nowwith the threat of this thing occurring I am prone to take panic attacks in case it happens. A vicious circle. I think I feel a burst of adrenaline then it happens. It affects all aspects of my life.

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I dated a guy once who I realised occasionally had sh*t breath, he actually smelt of the toilet. The first time I noticed we were watching tv in his lounge, and i realised i could smell the toilet, but because his WC was next to the living room, I thought i was just inhaling his flatmate's poopy odours. Then he kissed me.... ** shudder** 'Ew', I realised it was originating from his mouth! The second time this happened, I decided he had to go. I used the old 'it's not you, it's me' line, although that was true - it was me who had to put up with the stinky sh*t breath, not him. I do sympathise with you save me, but spare a thought for those who you may be getting intimate with... ** shudders as she remembers **

Keep on Poopin'/Poppin' (delete as appropriate)

Keep on Poopin'/Poppin' (delete as appropriate)

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I am praying for a cure everyday. I having been dealing with this problem for over 25 years. I have had every kind of procedure done to find out the odor problem. I am very tired of dealing with this problem. I have been praying and praying and believe that God can do all things. I am praying for each of you and I feel that God will hear our plea. The bible states that "we were healed by His stripes" (that means the beating and bloods shed from Jesus has healed us of all sin and disease) also the bible states that Jesus went around healing all that sick and aflicted. We'll that us. Why not heal us lord. I want to say a prayer for us. Father in the name of your son Jesus, I pray for each one that has posted and those that have not in reference to this odor in our bodies. This is not a problem of the mind but a physical battle we have all gone threw. I pray for divine healing of our digestive systems, acid build up in the body, sinus problems, rectal problems, enzyme problems, sweat gland problems. I pray that every cell of our body be healed and function as you have designed the body to function. Lord rebuke satan right now in the name of Jesus. This unclean spirit can no longer remain in us. I asked that you restore our bodies and make us whole right now. I asked that you forgive each one of us for our many sins of lust, anger, unforgiveness, murder, hate, adultry, fornication, lying, stealing, cheating, pornography, drug use, drunkiness, homosexuality, and all other sins. I know that you love us all and I pray that you give us a clean heart and mind and all bitterness be removed. I feel the power of your Holy Spirit upon us to make us whole and save our souls so we may be with you oneday in heaven. In the meantime, save us and we will be saved, heal us and we will be healed. Jesus come into our hearts today, for give me for all my sins, give me a new life, help me to live for your and help me to serve you and others. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and I pray this sick, disease, infirmity, condition, issue all be healed for those who are suffering from this now and those who were going to suffer from this. I rebuke this condition now in the mighty name of Jesus. I curse this condition that it may never effect anyone ever again. That we may have eternal happiness, love, peace and joy, that we be irrestible to people and that we live our lives according to your will and purpose. Lord have grace and mercy on all of us and thank you for your loving kindness and let us give your name all the praise and glory. We are healed, We are healed and We are healed. Thank you lord for healing us right now and this conditional shall never return again and it is cast out of this earthly realm forever. Jesus is our healing, deliverer, and restorer. We have been redeemed by the power of the Most High God, the God of Abraham, Issacc and Jacob and his precious son Jesus Christ who shed His blood for all our sins and disease. Amen, Amen and Amen. Watch the results of this pray and receive your healing and salvation today in Jesus holy and righteous name. Now live the the Lord because you are blessed and highly favored and he has a special plan for your life. I pray His eternal blessing upon you and no harm nor danger shall come to you. You have been set apart for a special time like this. Seek God today and He will show you the special plan he has for each on of you. You are so special to God and we all now smell like God wants us to smell and the curse has been broken. People will talk about a good you smell and look. Don't give up, but believe with all your heart today. He has answered you prays and petitions. Love and and be blessed!!!!!!!!!

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I almost wish that truly shitty people smelled as such. What a concept.

In the meantime, you should try some of the suggestions sent in on this thread, like the comment submitted a few above yours. Of all the comments I've read over the past couple of years, the one titled "found this on another site" seems to be the most comprehensive attack on any sources of the smell suggested yet. If you found this site, maybe God led you to it at this time to read that post and take action. God helps those who help themselves. Thank you for your nice prayer. I'm not going to quit swearing or drinking, but your thoughts were appreciated nonetheless. Back at'cha!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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    things that suck about smelling like ass
  • a crap load of people are suffering
  • no full solution has been found <.li>
  • and im stressing coz my gf just dumped me

ps. im not happy

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Hi well I just turned 19, Well my junior year of high school I started leaking some kind of mucous substance from my anus. I thought it was poop but it does not smell as strong as poop, but does have a stinky smell(I had to smell it people don't judge). Well I noticed it felt wet back there after a meal. When the bell rang I had to take a long time to pack up my stuff so everyone will be out of the room and no one will notice the smell! Well i thought I had the hang of it, until I started college. Last semester the smell was stronger. I felt so uncomfortable, I couldnt think of anything else but if people noticed the smell. Well now my second semester the smell is even worse. When I know am not going out I eat a lot of food that I know is going to make me go to the bathroom, so I could go to the bathroom n shower. Then in the morning I shower again before every class, but I still smell. I dont have three meals a day is most like one but I eat somewhat alot. Because if I eat something I feel that my anus is more wet, Being in college m very close to people and that is the most unconfortable thing ever. It is very frustrating, I'm thinking of dropping out of college. Because this problem does not allow me to live a happy life. I want to do so much but the idea of smelling limits me from having a busy schedule. I'm doing bad in all my classes because I cant concentrate and I feel so depressed. I have not talked to my parents about it but I think they notice the smell. Also I hate going to dinner with friends because after we are done we usually hang go home and watch a movie, and we lay next to each other and I feel they noticed the smell. One time one started smelling someting bad at the dinner table and my other friend kicked her under the table. That lead me to belive they did not want to hurt my feelings but I felt so bad. About my parents they dont know why am doing so bad but I m very afraid to tell them about my problem and I dont think who ever is in charge of my academics will understand my problem. I have two essays due today and I felt so depressed that did felt like going to school. This does not only affect my academics, it affects every single aspect of my life. Please someone help!! Also when I go to the bathroom I dont poop right somehow I poop, but then I feel there is still some there, but does not come out, when I clean I take about half a roll to clean out but it still feels dirty and by that time it hurts to clean anymore.....I'm crying for help!!!

Save Me's picture

OK. I never said i'd suffered from halitosis for ten years. In my last post where I mentioned "bad breath was my latest affliction" that is exactly what i meant. I also don't recall saying how terrible people are. I think the lengths of my previous posts (which were so to be able to give a descriptive account of my problems to others) were misunderstood by and mistaken to be a spilling of emotions/feelings. Not so. Peoples' reactions to bad breath and body odour is perfectly understandable (I'd definitely would react the same way).

What I tried to get at by including the link on PUTRESCINE and HYDROGEN SULPHIDE is that this could definitely be a problem with the digestive system and how its breaking down the food we eat. That weird foul smell others can't quite put a name on is how it starts and its most likely coming from your body. Give it some more years and when this problem gets bad enough it will start affecting your breath because as most of you probably already know digestive problems can lead to this.

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I was amazed when i found this site. i truly thought i was the only one on this planet with this shit. i've had this affliction for 2ish years, about the same time i started dating this girl. we're still together and at the point where we can be entirely honest with eachother, so after a long conversation with her about it, she assured me that she never thought i has smelled our entire relationship. and as much as i can relate to what everyone of you is saying i'm beginning to think of it as much a psychological thing then anything. your mind is pretty powerful, and the stress of thinking about it i'm sure could lead to gastral issues in itself.

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Well, I've had this affliction off and on for years. The sour stink that I KNOW other people have commented on. It disappeared for about 5 years, but it's back. And so are the mutterings of people behind my back, but close enough to hear. I think they think they are helping me. But they are just confirming my worst nightmares.

I'm fairly certain it's related to my hemoroids. I'm out of the country at the moment, but when I get back I am having this thing zapped off of me.

Anyways, I just wanted to pass along something that I've found helps with the smell. Not a solution per se, but when it gets to you and you want to crawl under a rock: try Witch Hazel. It's an astringent which basically means it constricts the tissue when you put it on.

When I have a bad attack and I can start to notice the smell myself, I duck out to the bathroom with a small bottle and apply it using regular toilet paper. I get back and I can actually tell that the smell has become next to nothing. It works for a couple of hours. If it comes back, off I go.

Witch hazel is also a natural treatment for hemorrhoids. Which is why I am pretty sure it helps cut the smell down for my situation.

Be careful as I have seen sites that people say it stings a little bit. I notice it, but it's not too bad. The fact that it helps control the smell means more to me than anything in the world.

Best of luck gang. I'm gonna pick up some Chlorophyll in the next couple of days and see how that goes.

Witch Hazeler's picture

I found another thread on this site called "leaky butt syndrome" and they talk about fiber and quitting caffeine.

Well I thought the fiber thing was nuts because it seems like 100% the wrong solution. However, I'm here to report that after 3 days of Metamucil and no caffeine there is no sign of the smell. Wanted to pass that along to you guys. Good luck all.

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avengerdev's picture

I believe alot of us are suffering from Trimthylaminuria. See information from the website. They also treat many other diseases. Take a look. I just ordered on of their products. God bless each one of you and I am praying for our healing. God has a special assignment for each of us.


Treatment No. : RD0569
Dosage & Instructions: 15 drops in 15 ml of plain water twice a day, mornings and evenings.

Antim crud D12+100C
Robinia D2+20C
Carbo Veg D16+100C
Asafoetida D100+100C
Sulphuric acid D16+100C
Nux moschata D6+60C
Chelidonium maj D2+20C
Hydratis can D2+20C
Treatment Type:
This remedy is a symptomatic treatment. A symptomatic treatment cannot eliminate the disease from its root but is able to considerably improve the patient's condition by easing his or her symptoms.

Contra-indications: None established
Special Instructions: Whereas this remedy can be safely used by teenagers, its use has not been evaluated in children under 12 years of age. Please do not administer to children under this age.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place
Precautions: Keep away from the reach of children
Standard Packaging : 30 ml Drops
Order Online:
One 30 ml bottle for $79.99
Two 30 ml bottles for $129.99

Condition Overview:

Trimethylaminuria is a rare disorder in which the body’s metabolic processes fail to alter the chemical trimethylamine. Trimethylamine is notable for its unpleasant smell. It is the chemical that gives rotten fish a bad smell. When the normal metabolic process fails, trimethylamine accumulates in the body, and its odor is detected in the person’s sweat, urine and breath. The consequences of emitting a foul odor can be socially and psychologically damaging among adolescents and adults. The genetic or primary form of this disorder is transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait.

A secondary form of trimethylaminuria may result from the side effects of treatment with large doses of the amino acid derivative L-carnitine (levocarnitine). The metabolic deficiency occurs as a result of a failure in the cell to make a specific protein, in this case, the enzyme flavin-containing monooxygenase3. Enzymes are nature’s catalysts and act to speed up biochemical activities. Without this enzyme, foods containing carnitine, choline and/or trimethylamine-N-oxide are processed to trimethylamine and no further, causing a strong fishy odor. This secondary form of the disorder is a result of an overload of trimethylamine. In this case, there is not enough of the enzyme to get rid of the excess trimethylamine.

"Homeopathy cares for a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The introduction of Homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the orthodox Physicians to destroy it." - Mark Twain

Click here for more homeopathy quotes.

Larsons Homeo
Suite 3587
SE-111 74 Stockholm

© Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy

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StinkAss (not verified) -- 03.26.2008
Hello my fellow stinkers!!. I've suffered for 8 years this treacherous disease. Now I've decided to beat this motherfucker. I'm quite sure the reason for me to stink is bad bacteria/yeast. I got ALOT of Antibiotics (antibiotics destroy good bacteria) when I was a kid and I was underweight back then. My body was excellent place to bacteria/yeast to start growing.


Copied this from that site:

Bad bacteria is characterized by:

- aggression
- moodiness
- irritability 'anger' for no apparent reason

- sleep problems

- really foul smelling stools or body odor (we are talking incredible STENCH)

- bad breath; stinky sweat

- ammonia odor

- frequently occurs with constipation (infrequent painful stools, streaking/smearing in underwear, etc)

Proper Diet, Supplements is the key to victory.

So what this playas saying is that if ya shit smell way more thanthe norm then its probably BAD BACTERIA OVERGROWTH can you read that, my shit smelt so potent i didnt enjoy it anymore:( so what i did was a full body cleanse, didnt eat any sugar no carbs or yeast because i had and you probs had Candida TOO, so get some miracle mineral soloution on e-bay but you have to i mean this isnt possible without a proper diet that starves the candida and bad bacteria... i ate only green vegies and fish, plain almonds and some nuts are okay must be raw!! for 6months and my smell went away in the first month so get to it its not going to go away if you dont put everything aside for a while, low stress is a must westside yo

Anonymous Coward's picture

antibiotics, sugar, yeast, lots of carbohydrates, like bread (but especially antibiotics, all cause yeast (candida) overgrowth. Lots of women get it every time they take antibiotics, but unlike men we know when we have it 'cause the vaginal itching is unbearable. Men don't get those symptoms, though. it's in the whole digestive tract. Try probiotics, like yogurt with live cultures--or better yet, oil of oregano kills all fungus (yeast is a fungus), just two drops a day.

i found life's picture

Hi my brothers and sisters. A few months ago I left a comment on this blog. I was literally so close to ending my life. I remember spending hours and hours reading every comment, just crying and crying. Going to the elevator hoping no one was in it, going to the grocery store at late hours hoping not many being there then I'd go home and just cry cry and cry. For some weird reason I started following Jesus and accepted him into my life a few months ago. It has never been the same these last few months, it has been wonderful. he delivered me from this pain after i asked for forgiveness..i never went to church i just praised him all day everyday in my room because i was so happy he delivered me from this horrible misery. But after he delivered me from this, i never bothered to share my story with you guys and i feel so guilty for not doing so until today. I have had the best few months until today, but i never came to share it with you guys. after i received Jesus i didn't go to church until last week. and today i felt like the Lord spoke to my heart. today i got that same feelin down there while i was in church, and everyone turned their faces to me, sniffling and snorting, and not sitting next to me and i just left and broke down when i got home. as soon as that feeling came to me in church all i could think of was you, and how much you are suffering, i can't believe i forgot about this blog i think thats why i got this feeling in church today. I heard this verse today and i just wanted to share it with you, its from Romans chapter 8 verse 17 from the Bible, it said “Now if we are children, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.” i started crying when i got home after having heard this in church, cause all i could think of was you guys probably think im crazy but im telling the only telling you this story because no one would believe me about this pain so i don't ever mention it to anybody only to u guys cause you are the only ones who know what it feels like. This life will pass away so just hang in there. Know that there is life after death. Know that God cries when we cry. But we must understand that suffering in this life is righteousness. Remember that God is a just and fair God, and he sees your suffering. Please if you are not a christian it doesn’t even matter just read this book Job from the bible. You can find the book of job online at, just type in job and click search and read the book. I wont forget to pray for you guys, I wish I could meet with you all, I love you so much. I hope that our suffering will be cut short. The most important thing is that we get right with God, so just remeber that suffering is not pointless, it has a purpose, we are all suffering for a reason. Here is my e-mail for anyone who wants to be friends or has anything to say. My e-mail is

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*eyes roll upwards, whilst forehead is slapped by own hand, exits stage left*

Recently, as time has been at a premium, I have failed in my duty to add content with substance. Time dictated that comment was enough.

Butt, thats some post, i found life, on the money.

Your references to poop were brilliant.

God! I am getting to be such a gripe!

Did you just fart?

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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oops, any reference to Handle's massive work, ermmm and a chorous, was omitted_

hali who ya?

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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I started having a similar problem after abusing narcotics. I think it has something to do with opiate addiction in my case, because when I take any sort of opiate my ass doesn't sweat whatsoever. Another thing that is a benefactor is diet, which I think seems to be the leading cause, simply taken from the observation that most of the people who have this problem grew up in the fast-food generation (which I realize how nasty it really is now that I changed my diet).

A good start might be to shave your ass hairs
to get rid of the dingle berries that they catch from your bowel movements. I found out that once I was clean shaven, the horrible odor seized to exist. If my ass does sweat (which in some cases, it still does) I don't smell that bad, normally only like strange BO, which can be cured by a small dab of cologne. I also recommend going vegetarian, which has seemed to make my poop smell better in itself; truly a pleasant attribute to any human being. So before you try any sort of extreme diet, useless medication, or embarrassing visit to the doctors office, try shaving your ass hair. Also, for all those who are constantly ostracized because of there condition, it's extremely beneficial to convert all your shame, embarrassment, anger, and other negative emotions produced by it into something more productive. Instead of diffusing all this wasted energy into the ethereal wasteland allowing your mockers to be powered by it, build up every experience that angered, frustrated, or destroyed you in some way into the will to power, into a driving force of ambition and determination to succeed in your goal of existence.

Turban Trooper's picture

Hello fellow sufferers :) i hope everyone’s still holding onto that hope! I’m having marvellous results after detoxifying (d-tox by wild rose), cleansing the blood/liver/kidneys/bowel. i also did a really good parasite flush
this parasite cleanse has heaps of great ingredients that helps us get back to normal.

Whilst doing the detox, cleanses and flushes i was/am on a very strict diet, no sugar, no carbs, anti acidic, no meat, lots of green veggies, chicken and fish.

Every two weeks i will have veggie juice fasts these last from 3-7days, i will juice any veggies that are green and scull it whilst blocking my nose, it tastes terrible, makes you feel just as bad, gives you head aches, heaps of die off symptoms from starving the candida fungus but, its well worth it in the long run.

now iv noticed great results with the odor being decreased dramatically and i think its even gone 100% BUT GUYS KEEP READING, you must continue this diet for a long long time, if you have problems with sticking to diets ask your doctor for medication that decreases the appetite, im on diabex its for people with diabetes but it also reduces your appetite it takes a while to kick in but I love it.

im also on a very good anti depressant iv tried about 5 different ones and the best one for the excessive thoughts about smelling and beliefs is clomipramine(brand name Anafranil)300mg.

good luck everyone, get that d-tox by wild rose and the enuvia flush theyre extremely beneficial for us as we have got sooo many toxins running through our blood/system, my ass smells but that shit smell, it comes from our pores... sickening i know but its reality and were the only ones that can turn our live back around…to what we miss most-normality, we have abused our bodies, with drugs/sugar/carbs/alcohol/antibiotics either one of them might have caused you this FECAL ODOR but now its time to get your lives back.
I also use miracle mineral solution for the Candida and it seems to be working pretty well. Good luck and id be more than happy to answer any questions.

best of both worlds's picture

i was reading the vary last post and im thinking there is no treatment for of us is wat it sounds to me, everyone post i start reading starts of great but at the end there is no real cure or een have a namefor this sypmtome i feel greatfull that there lots of other people out there that have this "shyt" but we dont even no wat its called man the other i was actually thinking bout suicide but my gf had this whole talk with me but dont get me wrong its still a thought, i dont noe where everyone lives but its seems as though im the onlie one that has this problem in winnipeg mb, canada, i feel like a fool n i hear poeple talking to even though they havent said a dam thing my name is best of both worlds bc my urine andmy poop stinks poeple wannah kill me here im sorrie im typing crap that doesnt help but i feel as though i need to share how ive been feeling to humans that understand wat im going though, i even tell myfriends a gf to tell me if i smeelor notbut everyone just tells me that i dont but yet poeple around me that walk by or sit clos by smell it, i smell it im urrently taking antibiotics on my 3 week im taking somthing stronger then thefirst week n ifu smell like urine also im trying potacium rite now ill tell u if it works though i bought the pill form though but there is a liquid from also.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Best of Both World Reply
I understand what you are going through i feel the same but i cant smell anything myself and how can i be sure if i do like what makes you think you smell?

Anonymous Coward's picture

TO THE LAST MSG - There is a cure for this "fecal body odor" or "leaky gas" as they like to call it on the ibs forums, but fecal odor is what most sufferers call it,doctors and physicians these days dont know anything about what caused or how to treat fecal odor in humans, theres treatments for animal but no doctor that any of us have gone to(iv suffered for 3 years and searched all forums) have any idea about this phenomenon thats getting new sufferers every day. they just tell us its all in our heads and to get going on anti psychotics or some sort of anti depressant, which is f'n usless, drs these days are Shyt...

Now, you need to stop being so negative and realise there is a "cure" for this, its not a quick fix but a long and hard recovery, "this aint you 100m sprint, this is a frigen marathon brotha, keep on running and dont look back, you will finish this thing if you have the will power and determinaton" visit and IBS groups forum page, have you even read a few of the previous posts on this page? theres like 3 that have said this isnt forever. dont be selfish by commiting suicide, think about your gf and family, how would they be without you? we all care for you on this site and visit the other forums on the net you will have great support through out your recovery and it might only take you 3-6months to get to not smelling anymore, it took me 3 months but others have beat this in 2months, diet is so important, you said you read the post before yours, that person has reached the no smell point in the recovery, doesnt that inspire you a little? congrats to turban too, you can cleanse all your kidney,liver,colon,blood at once with d-tox by wildrose that iv read by "i beat it", dont waste such a special thing like your life when theres hope out there, i sometimes smell like urine from the crotch after sweating so much, but i think you should stop taking those antibiotic they are really not good for the smell, thats how other poeple got the smell from being on antibiotics... youv got a friend in me buddy and no one in my whole state let alone my city has what i have so your not alone, there is some from canada iv read a few of em. good luck friend.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i dont wash and my butt smells like theres dead rats up there, im allergic to water, so wot u think the chances are me getting a gitl, ive tried but as soon as they goin down on me i dont ever see them again. plz help

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if thats a joke you must be a the biggest loser get a life

INTENSIVE Cleanse Day 1's picture

Hello You all..I Too Have Suffered from Terrible Body odor..I Totally agree with TURBAN TROOPER the Person (above) Who said that we should be Optimistic...I Ran across some info on the Internet Called "INTENSIVE Cleanse" With Bentonite (collects Toxins and Passes them thru your system)/Psyllium the Best BULKING Natural colon cleanse)/sea salt/water/Organic apple juice= cost no more than about 25 bucks to get this..Well Today is Day Two for Me..Well really day 1 because I ate chicken yesterday..And with This cleanse You're not supposed to Eat food..You can only drink 2 cups of VEGGIE BROTH..Here's the Link..4 other ppl with HORRIBLE Body odor that I know were CURED within 4-6 months Completely they found out that they had SEVERE CANDIDA OF THE COLON..and it got so bad that it went into the bloodstream..I'm only on day 2.and I had a HEALTHY Bowel movement which RARELY Ever happens...EVER! It was thick but it smelt so bad,UGH...Here's the Link to the Website

I will be updating you guys EVERYDAY

Contact Me via email RANSOM4858@AOL.COM If you'd like to do it with.It's always better to have support..If anyone wants to Talk and Aren't Bitter or Negative..Feel free to Contact Me

INTENSIVE Cleanse Day 2's picture

Well today is day 2 of this Intensive Cleanse..I canNOT believe what's ALREADY Happening..I rarely ever poop and when I do it's like 3-4 small pebbles with some mucusy (candida) stuff on it..Well Yesterday (day 1) I drank FIVE 20 oz glasses of (tbsp) of Psyllium and Water..Yep I took that much! Again I'm doing the INTENSIVE Cleanse so I drink a 20 oz glass about every 2-3 Hours..And you know what's really weird? I have NO Hunger pangs..I feel FULL because of the Pysllium which is a BULKing laxative (husk seeds) anyways..I had my First Fluffy POOP around 3pm 5/7..another one 2:38 AM..They were weird in color..the Psyllium is beigeish but my Poop was darkish green and Smelled HORRIBLE..another thing I noticed was that since I started taking this Psyllium my poop started floating..Which it hasnt done in 7 YEARS..It usually goes str8 to the bottom on the toilet and remains there.

Because this is an INTENSIVE Cleanse and Im doing (dr.jensen intensive cleanse)Starting today I'm going to mix Bentonite in my psyllium shake..I was going to do it yesterday but I just wanted to test it out first. Every hour and a half after taking 20 oz of water (tbsp) Psyllium Im going to be drinking 8 oz mixed with Blk walnut,cloves, & woodworm (parasite cleanse)..IDK But this is something that I think is going to work..Im NOT Hungry..Im not sluggish (yet) and Today around 2:30 pm.. I went to Take a dump and couldn't so I did a 2qt enema (really warm water) held it for about 4-6 min..O M G I could NOT believe what came out..At first nothing came just water..Im was upset thinking maybe there's nothing in there left..and as soon as I go up BAM!! It was as if some put marbles in a high pressure water hose..a BUNCH of DARK Blackish/Greenish SMELLY snakes with brown psyllium goo came out..I swear it had have to have ben atleast 1-2 lbs..I had a Terrible headache while soon as IT came out..It went away..I'm seriously thinking about making a Youtube video for you all..and take pictures..because like most of you..I too dont believe anything ppl say..If someone gets cure..It want to see actual proof..I too have suffered from BAD BAD BADDDDD B.O. For about 7 and a half yrs now..I've Never ever cut out sugar..or anything that'll kill severe candida..I was taking tons of antibiotics= HUGE Mistake that made it WORSE!! Welp I'll be back tomorrow for another update. GOD bless us folks and remember..Don't let this rule your life..It's worth sacrificing certain sugary food for a while..I'm going to be CURED!! I Have faith! No more living like an animal..hiding from society..I wasted the best yrs of my life over this illness..I'm going to BEAT this DEMON!!

daphne's picture
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Psyllium is the shit. Literally.

Get back to us. We love to read success stories in this thread, because they possibly help others later on.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

INTENSIVE Cleanse Day 6's picture

Well You all it is Day 6 (really 7 because it's after Midnight) I lost 8 lbs yes! Okay..So this is What's been Happening these past couple of days..The first 3 days..I pooped out really NASTY STUFF..I Didnt get the 10 ft long ropes..But than again..It's only day six and I started the INTENSIVE CLEANSE with Psyllium (with probiotics in it)(only added bentonite 3'x since I started) and I bought some senna tea on day 4..

I read about how the ppl who did the cleanses with psyllium got "ropes" out...They "softened" it first..Meaning the took an Herbal colon cleanse capsule (western botanicals is what is best) for the first couple of days..Because it BREAKS the hard caked up fecal matter down..and Makes it soft enough for Psyllium to sweep and pass thru your colon...anyways..I didnt do it that way..I dont have the capsules, but I do have senna tea bags which arent that great..but they;ll have to do until I buy some of the caps..So for the past 2 days I havent taken any Pysllium at all..AGAIN i WANT TO "SOFTEN" All I did today was wake up I did a 2qt enema with warm water (nothing at all come out)but water...and I drank 32 oz water with 3 drops of blk walnute,woodworm & 2 clove caps (parasite cleanse)..2 cups of Veggie BROTH..and I'm now making anothing 32 oz of senna tea (2 tea bags)..Like I said..I'm doing an INTENSIVE Cleanse..So I havent eaten any food..and You know what..I seriously have no hunger pangs..well Today was the first time I got hunger..Only because I wasnt taking the pysllium..Psyllium fills me up..When Im on it..I feel like I can go without food forever,lol.

What I've noticed so far..I've lost a total of 8 lbs so far (feels like Im melting away)..Okay the first 3 days..My face broke out..The taste in my mouth tasted like shit smelled if that makes any sense..(it was because of the breakdown :)~ so Im okay with it)I had a patch of dry skin by my nose..nothing to turn your nose up at..I noticed it because I never had acne before..It went away after the 4th day..My hair was thinning before I did this cleanse..Now My hair is shinny and seems to be getting thicker..I have more energy..I can smell things that I couldn't before..OKAY..I Know what you all are wanting to hear..The juicy question.."WHAT ABOUT THE SMELL"..Well..I havent been out in public YET (I will tomorrow tho) but from what I can tell it's gotten MUCH Better..I wore this deodorant yesterday that NEVER works on me..When I used to put it on..It smelled up the entire room..Like roses and musty pits..but today I wore it all day..And it had a TOTALLY different smell to it..It wast unpleasant..But I'll know definitely KNOW tomorrow..I'm going to walk around a park full of kids..As you know they are the most HONEST ones..and If I see them moving away or cringe then I'll know it hasnt gotten better..Like ppl who have gotten cured by this DEMON said..We didnt get it in a day..and we wont get rid of it in one day..BUT Im on the right path..I finally feel hopeful..I've lost skin is flawless..and for some Odd reason this has made me so much closer to God..I have such a positive outlook now..idk why..But I really do feel like THIS IS IT FOR ME! I'm going to beat if you have any questions or want some support..I apologize for being a little bit of everywhere with this tonight..Im really tired..but I wanted to make sure I gave you all an update..

Roberto 1's picture

Hi everyone
I live in Australia and I have this problem(malodorous anus)from 7 months ago, Befor this time I have never had any bad smells.. nearly 3 years ago my problem started with tear in my Anus and unfortunately I did not get it serious and by passing time it got worse but again I did not go to the doctor until 7 months ago when my bad smell has been started already. I went to doctor and he told me that I already had ANAL FISSURE (tear in Anus) and I got Anal FISTULA(Glands around Anus bieng infected and got Abscess and pus)by the time I saw doctor. my Anal fissure is gone
by using medicine after 7 month but my Anal Fistula and bad smell is there yet. Ok, I am 95 percent sure that we have all the same problem which is ANAL FISTULA disease(infected glands around Anus) I wanna ask you something, why your mouth gets bad smell?
yes because of Bacterias and Germs in there, and sometimes it gets worse because your teeth get Abscess and it has too much Pus in there
ok I think now you can amagin better what is happening around your Anal(Anus) and why it is smelling bad. I myself looking for a permanent treatment for removing Germs and Infected glands around anus as well to treat this problem befor last option which must be an operation(I do not know it works or not)..but I as a simple person have some Ideas to give:
1- I think as doctors use Antibiotic for removing Abscess and bacteries for teeth, there should be suitable Antibiotic for Anus Abscess as well to remove all Bacteries there.
2- I think if the smell is there yet after using Antibiotics, Scientist should invent an ABSORBENT PANTIE which can absorb the smell from Anus and avoid it to spread around and bothering the other people.
3- should be an Operation, to remove this problem and after that bieng very carefull to keep it clean and not getting Glands
infected again.
Thank you all plaese search more and give us your idea too.
I think doctors should be here as well to give us more

P.S Sorry about my lack of English language

God bless you all

Roberto 2's picture

Hi everyone
I am reacently using Salt and Water mixed, in a bowl and I try to sit in the bowl for 20 minutes, 2 times a day and after few days now I fill much better and I think the smell gone by 80 percent, I think it is because that the salt works as a powerfull natural Antibactrial and anti infection which are the cause of anal bad smell.

Logjam's picture
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You can sit in a bowl? I always figured leprechauns would be immune to indignities like stinky ass.


Anonymous Coward's picture

hahhahaaha stinky ass roberto you poor bugger i realised it wasnt my ass that smelt but my skin, think about it long and HARD

to intensive cleanse prsn's picture

Hows your intense cleanse going now? iv just ordered d-tox off e-bay and i should get it within the next two weeks :) its suppose to cleanse the colon, liver, kidneys and blood...goodluck my friend its going to be a long a bumpy road to recovery i see. =)=)=)

Smelly for 7 months dont know why's picture

hey guys I have been smelly for a while but the smell is terrible. The comments from people make it worse and I'm tired of it. Everyone has found their own cure but nearly all of them are different. When I turn 18 in a couple of weeks I might order those detox kits and go on the hardcore diet. Do u guys know if yogurt would be good for the diet? I heard they are probiotic which overpowers bad bacteria. I have been praying everyday that this would stop and it has only gotten worse.

RObbO's picture

Hey Smelly For 7 Months, do this test tomorrow morning before you eat anything or drink anything, get a clear glass of water and spit in the top leave it there for halfanhour and if it grows legs on the underside of the spit then it means you have a candida overgrowth, now if you do have this candida that just means you need to clean up your diet quick smart the sooner the better and faster youl be smell free, get yourself a d tox kit that will cleanse your whole body and go on a candida diet asap, pro-biotics are great, they do help even the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines. if you have really foul smelling stool then i highly suggest taking them, usually ppl that have really smelly stool, it is caused by bad bacteria overgrowth. any other questions u need answered id be happy to answer them :)

Anonymous Coward's picture


Anonymous Coward's picture

I have the exact same problem and i have been living with it for the last 5 years.

I have checked sites like this and the old saying of "missery loves company" comes into play lol.

My problem first started when i had really bad Piles/Hemorroids on my ass and since then it has weakend my Sphincter muscle.(this is my theroy)

Most days now i leak water out of my ass and that water smells of crap and therein is the problem.

I have tried lots of pills and other so called solutions to this problem but still i leak.

I have found out tho by chance that drinking lots and lots of water through the day supprisingly reduces it and everytime i got for a crap, when im done i clench my ass hard for 30 seconds. I heard this is spyincter muscle exercises and it strengthens it.

The last month or so i have had the problem a lot less and i think, given time i will overcome it completely.

Avoiding Alcohol and Red Meat is supposed to make it even better but i love my Beer and Steaks so giving that up is a last resort hehe.

GoodLuck :)

Smelly for 7 months's picture

RoBBo what is ur email so I can keep close contact? I'm doin that test tmmrw morning. I hope it is something I can stop before the summer ends and my SENIOR year of high school starts.

RObbO's picture

My e-mail is only you e-mail please, no one else thanks

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hi everyone, I believe i suffer the same as everyone here and it hurts because you cant do the things you want to do or you used to do. The thing is I am not a 100 hundred percent sure if i actually do smell and i get so freaking paranoid . Can some one please tell me how i can be sure if i do smell like crap like is there any tests i can do. Does anyones underwear smell or their clothes smell, i just want to know how i can be sure if i do smell bad because i cant smell it myself. Can any of you smell it yourself? Plz help
God Bless

Anonymous Coward's picture

I was diagnosed with Crohn's back in November. Between November and March I was put on antibiotics FIVE times. turns out I never had Crohn's or anything. The dumbass doctor misread an MRI I got for lower back pain.

Anyway, since my last round of antibiotics I've noticed my stools smell like bad B.O. Even after showering my crack smells like it. Thankfully, you can only smell it if you rub it with TP and then smell the TP. I don't have terrible B.O. or anything like that. My poop is usually pretty regular and wipe-free thanks to lots of fiber, water, and probiotics daily. Sometimes I'll have major constipation followed by just a complete purging that's really painful and basically ruins the next day or two. My colon is always very tender and my belly is often bloated. My tongue has always been white and tongue scrapers don't help. I'll scrape til it bleeds and it's still white. Sometimes it's yellow. My breath doesn't smell like shit but sometimes it isn't pleasant.

Do I see my GI specialist about this or should I try some natural solutions in addition to the probiotics? I'm definitely not letting these quacks prescribe me antibiotics any time soon. If they do, I'll get a second opinion.

The B.O. smell is kind of troubling, though. Like how your armpits smell if you don't wash after working out except more sour. Again, I'm the only one who can smell this at this time, but I'd rather take care of it if/when it gets worse, God forbid.

Lucyfer's picture

I don't know if anyone here has tried a gluten free diet, but the smell virtually went away for me after transferring to one. I think this smell occurs (the fecal body odor, not the infected anus) because our bodies cannot properly digest gluten, so the small intestine and digestive system go haywire and the undigested gluten seeps through our pores. This problem just recently occurred after I quite smoking marijuana about 4 months ago, and has left me baffled and confused, trying numerous things, and I finally stumbled upon this conclusion that works for me. So for now, take some laxatives, then exclude any gluten products from your diet, I guarantee it will at least reduce the smell, if not obliterate it.

As for the marijuana, I am going to try a experiment and see if my body has become dependent on marijuana to properly digest food ( since I was a pot head before this) and smoke or ingest a little, and eat a gluten product and go into public to see if I smell (my odor and digestion was fine when I smoked marijuana). As for the rest, I wish everyone here goodluck to finding a cure for your symptoms, I know you suffer, because I suffered to, and I can only stress to never give up, never give in, live long and die strong--GOD SEND BROTHERS, AND MY BLESSINGS OF BLISS ARE UPON YOU, LIVE A FEARLESS LIFE AND DESTROY YOUR DAMN ODOR!

Sad Gal's picture

Have you tried Devrom? It kills fecal odor so completely for me that I could poo right next to a person and he would never know. However, my problem doesn't seem to be poo smell, but horrible breath smell. My dentist says it's not from the mouth. My other doctor thought it was from the sinuses, but now that they are cleared up, it doesn't seem to be that. So, they figure it is coming from the stomach. I am going to try charcoal and Chlorofresh to see if they will help, but having already tried charcoal somewhat, I have my doubts. God help us all!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Drink a lot of water each day. It will remove most toxins and also let ur digestive system pass the stools naturally.

The Colon is the main problem and it keeps lots of bad things in there and they fester and will make very bad odours.

Keep a Pint glass in ur bathroom so when u pee, drink another pint of water. This will make u go for a pee many many times through the day but it works very well to combat bad odour.

The more water u process, the less u leak out of ur ass. I know it sounds a contradiction but its actually true.

The main problem we have is simply Digestive + Sphincter weakness. Water would never leak out if the muscle was stong and held it behind. Also there would not be the water or moisture there if we didnt have the Digestive problem. Its sadly a combo of the both.

There is many excersices and guides on how to strengthen this vital Sphincter muscle in ur ass to stop any moisture leakage.

Also there is many Diet guides that we have to follow to fix the Digestive problem too.

This is the way to combat this affliction and i know cos i had to do it all myself to combat the same problem.

Follow these simple guides and after a month or so u will notice a big diffrence.


Dr.John's picture

Hi everyone, this site is astonishing. I understand what you are all going through patients come to me with so many different problems but nothing like this and i want to figure out the cause. Diet, Hygiene, Bacteria, are just some of the things that can be causing this. So first of all it would be great if i could just find something out from you guys. Dous your breath smell awful in the morning? Do you have trouble swallowing food? Do your clothes smell? Does your underwear smell? Can you smell the smell yourself?. It would be awesome if i could get an answer to these simple questions and i may be able to recommend something that will help this problem. Thanks and Good Luck

Anonymous Coward's picture

Morning breath i always have but its natural and everybody has it.

I never have proble swallowing food unless i think about it too much.

My clothes do not smell but my Bed does after a night of leakage and i have to change my sheets.

My underwear does never smell.

I was told by friends that i do smell but i couldnt smell it myself until years later because its getting worse.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I havnt had a solid shit in about 2 years now, that is unless I take Imodium AD. What is wrong with me?

Artful Dodger's picture
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My ass also really, really smells. It smells like freshly baked cookies, and I'm really freaked out. Am I going to die?

dr.John's picture

Hey thanks for the reply, but you have a weak anus and you should go to your doctor because he'll prescribe you something as im not sure if i prescribe you something im not sure if the pharmacy will have it, now is there anybody on the site whos doesnt have ny type of leakage, underwear does not smell, cant smell it themselves. Thanks

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have had this problem since I was 12. I am now 18. I used to be happy, have a ton of friends and enjoy life. After this happened I have become depressed like crazy and have thought of killing myself plenty of times. Considering I am a girl with this problem people, boys especially have been really mean. People always make a remark, like take a shower, and I take about three a day. It doesn't help but I can't smell myself. I have gotten into a pretty good college, but am wondering whats the point? Will I get hired if I stink so badly? Anyway, I just have a question, do you think this has something to do with hormones? It started when I was 12, around the time I got my period. BTW I have terrible period pain too and it smells like fish/garbage down there. I was just wondering if someone could find a cure. I have gotten to three doctors who told me I have IBS but I don't think I am constipated or have direhha, I just smell. I am really depressed. I just have a few questions. Is bad smell the only symptom you have? Because I also have heartburn, muscle pain, twitching in my feet, PERIOD PAIN, exhaustion, gas down there and my stomach looks kind of big like its malnourished while the rest of me is skinny. For some reason I think I have brucellosis? Its very rare, maybe it came from something we ate..

Anonymous Cowhard's picture

you sure dont sound like a doctor, its not a anus its a sphincter you sphincter, and what kind of doctor would come online and try to help us over the net, you cant do sh** when were face to face but all of a sudden you can help us over the net, as if this is a hygein problem we bathe more than normal ppl sphincter

Thom's picture

Hey, if theres someone reading this please reply if you have the smell ass problem, i don't have any type of ass leakage, i cant smell it myself, my bed or clothes don't smell, i shower daily, brush my teeth, wipe and wash my ass, and i don't think i smell but i get paranoid that i do, is there anyway i can tell for sure that i do smell, plz help it would be soo helpful, Thanks and i feel what all of you must be going through. Good Luck


THIS IS FOR THE NOW 18 YR OLD GIRL. I have the same problem. I think I found the problem. I finally went to a hydrotherapist who didnt bullshit me. Anyways long story short I have severe canida of the colon. I started a intensive cleanse with psyllium n bentonite. I lasted for 12 days it was workin BIG boy friend notice the improvement on the 11th day.a bunch of mucusy yellowish/whiteish stuff came out of me.I messed up and ate fried chicekn and fries w/ a pop,dumb i know. but good news is I bought everything that i need avacados,eggs but you cant eat the yoke,tons of greens veggies,water,watermelon,white meat like plain turkey not smoked and plain/organic chicken, NO BREADS tho that has yeast.



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Hey, if theres someone reading this please reply if you have the smell ass problem, i don't have any type of ass leakage, i cant smell it myself, my bed or clothes don't smell, i shower daily, brush my teeth, wipe and wash my ass, and i don't think i smell but i get paranoid that i do, is there anyway i can tell for sure that i do smell, plz help it would be soo helpful, Thanks and i feel what all of you must be going through. Good Luck

Threelac buy it's picture

hey guys I have figured out what I have and this may help u. My symptoms were very smelly ass farts and stool not to mention bad breath. I also get very bloated at random times. I did tons of research and found out I had candida overgrowth. It is when there is an chemical imbalance of good to bad bacteria in your body. Threelac is the answer people google Threelac read about what it does and if u match just sum of the symptoms then order it. Mine just came in today and I will report to u in a week for a report on this.





Bob jayne's picture

Hey person who thinks they smell but might not, erase it from your head, you DONT smell okay, if you do a little bit if you tell yourself everyday you dont you dont you dont, then u will end up not smelling trust me it works thats what happened to me, and i dont smell

dookieheadjane's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

mc-the sparkling laxative

i have had this problem lately of pain in my abdomen,and the feeling my rectum is going to fall out. i went to dr has xrays and have been given 2x that MC rapper crapper laxative.
i squirt but the real block of poo never seems to come out it must be a relic by now.

mc-the sparkling laxative

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hey Bob Jayne thanks for your reply, yea i don't think i smell thank you so much. It so weird i get so paranoid that i am a weirdo and i don't feel comfortable going out. Did that happen to you to?

Anonymous Coward's picture

YES it did but i always knew in the back of my mind that it was silly and even though people looked like they were annoyed at a smell, it wasnt that at all, i was just really paranoid and worried that there might be, but in the end it was nothing and as soon as you realise this you can slowly return to your old self

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hey bob jayne thanks again for replying do you have an email that i can contact you at because i dont think i do but jsut little thinks makes me think otherwise.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Yea I got this problem and I'm 16 I had it since last year.I think one thing that help us when I wake up I drink a lot of water until I have to take a sh*t.after that I wipe clean use baby wipe 2 get really clean take a shower wash the ass and the smell don't come no more I don't sweat down there no more.this might help 4 some people it kind of helped me.just drink a lot of water.

Krishna's picture

Hi All, I am also a victim of this strange thing from past 5 months. I had been to doctor he prescribed some anti biotic etc...but didnt helped...But I found the solution for this problem. The root cause is STRESS. I dont know how many of you got this due to stress...but I got it due to working under continues pressure n stress. Due to stress our immunity decreses and pron to bactarial attacks. The solution I have found is and is working very fine for me. I am keeping my mind cool and I observed whenever I keep it cool I didnt find the foul smell. Keeping mind very relaxed and happy. Its working just perfect for me. I also advice you to avoid milk and milk products. Let me know if my solution works for you. Try it, I am sure it will work for you and you will be normal like any other. All the best.


shed so many tears's picture

Finally I know why im emitting the smell of toxic feces. It all started with illicit drugs and a poor diet.
Id smoke crack and get stoned and such an unhealthy diet and lots of stress caused me to get leaky gut syndrome it is just what it sound like, holes in my gut lining and small intestines(bowel) made tiny holes in which undigested food, feces and toxins pass through into my bloodstream, what my naturopath has told me to do is to, 1. stop drugs 2. eat foods that i dont have an allergic reaction too(you can find these out by getting your food allergies tested) 3. take intestiNEW(this has many beneficial supplements and herbs that help heal a leaky gut)4. take zinc, vitamins a,b,c,e. 5. research alot about the treatment for this problem, most of you will have this problem its not hard to get back to your healthy self, research leaky gut syndrome and visit the curezone forum, iv learnt alot about this LGS, its quite common, if you end up not having LGS then do a parasite cleanse, stool body odor usually means you have protozoan parasites, thanks and good luck

Anonymous Coward's picture

I can't beleive we are all so.. open about these embarrassing problems and yet.. they seem complicated to get rid of. I am not having sex for years over this. I dont have health insurance, most places dont offer it. Sad but true to save themselfs money. My vagina smells like my ass.. like a dead mouse crawled up there and died. I am not kidding or.. playing it down. Its not a fishy odor at all.. It smells like garbage rott. I dont see any discharge at all. That is strange. Even though.. the vagina is suppose to be self cleaning... it never seems to do the job. I eat yogurts every day, fruit and my diet is not full of red meat. But.. my vagina even in the shower.... smells like a piece of rotted meat. I am mortified. Please help. I also drink alot of water.

i stink's picture

i want to get a lawyer for all the comments i hear at work i can't quit cause it's a good paying job but i also have heard "whats that smell? smells like diaper dunk" smells like shit am glad and i cant smell what there talking about but am glad i'm not the only one

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hey girl with the stank fefe, A smell like rotting meat accompanied by feces/fart odours is usually a candida leaky gut problem, so do the candida test thats disclosed a few posts up and if you end up having candida/leaky gut then kill the candida and heal the leaky gut. its as simple as that, you can never go wrong witha parasite cleanse while your at it, its good to be open and honest because people like me who want to help will really... help. thanks

INTENSIVE Cleanse GURL IS BACK's picture





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Seems like there are alot of Brits with smelly asses. Hah! Try a olive oil lemon juice cleanse.

The Chosen Stinky One's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

does the psyllium and bentonite work?

talcytalcy's picture

Hi there I once used some talcum powder to try and eliviate the problem of a smelly bot. I was at work and had the biggest breakage of wind, it blew the talcum powder out of my briefs and a guy standing next to me on the bus almost fainted. I saw him stagger for the exit door. I then tried shower gel, shampoo, nothing worked until one day I read about organic body cleansing. I simply crushed 1 clove of garlic, 2 tablespoons of Ceyenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda, 1 tabelspoon olive oil, mixed with crished ice cubes and made myself an eneama with a washing up liquid bottle. I gave myself this eneama and held the liquid inside me for about 10 minutes. When I went to the bathroom to pass the motion I noticed a large round ball of feacal matter that resembled the size of an orange but was rough and leathery looking. I have since been more smells and living a good happy life. I hope this may help all with a similar problem.

The Chosen Stinky One's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

talcytalcy: how many times a day? can you eat normally whilst doing this cleanse?

Artful Dodger's picture
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The Chosen Stinky One (and everyone else), I suggest you think carefully before trying talcytalcy's enema recipe. While it doesn't appear to contain anything harmful, I personally would think twice before putting anything that contains cayenne pepper up my ass.

Be advised that no one here can confirm the effectiveness or safety of this mixture. Basically, you're putting your trust in a complete stranger's anonymous internet post with no way to verify whether that person's intentions are fair or foul.

Try it at your own risk.

Brat Worst's picture

I have the problem discussed here. It's just that the smell isn't bada lot of the time (especially when I eat a lot of veggies). But sometimes my bowel movements are very light beige and stink just awful for a long time after I flush it. It's then that I stay away from people because of shame.

talcytalcy's picture

With reference to my herbal anema,'ARTFUL DODGER' is right, CEYENNE PEPPER should not be included only the crushed garlic, olive oil etc. The ceyenne pepper was used in a rememdy I drank while suffering from a fever. Sorry folks.
It is the garlic that works with this remedy and cleanses and kills any bacteria. I only used this cleansing method once and it worked for me.

Rolando's picture

I got a BAD problem. About a week ago I drank some milk that quite possibly could have been off. It had been in the fridge but after drinking it I noticed green fungus like floaters in the bottom of the carton. This made me feel quite ill but what came next was even worse. I began having green coloured craps in the bathroom. At first it was every morning, now its like very morning, noon and night and Im scared to use the bathrooms at work. I heard a guy in the next cubicle reciting the lords prayer when I took a crap last week in my lunch break. What the hell am I to do ?? My wife thinks I have a parasitic infestation as she thinks Im scratching my anus during my sleep and farts that seem to be smelling of what I can only describe as being like penicilin medicine. They have magnified this past few days so much that Im having what I would call watery farts. When I went to buy a new pair of trousers last week I farted in the changing room and it ran out of my anus into the stores trousers. I hesitatantly had to give them back to the assistant claiming they were too big whom I later saw making a trot to the stores toilet with the pair of trousers waving his hands to security. Im now ashamed to even go to the supermarket, clothes shopping and Im not sure what the hell the doctor will do. has anyone got any recommendations. My wife thinks I have a parasitic worm type infestation as she said shes seen them in my shorts. Id like any help as Im at a loose end and cant concentrate at work or home. Thankyou.

mr. smelly's picture

mr.smelly i need some help. i quit my job becuz people said i smell. but, i dont know if thatz true? why? dont i smell what they smell. i just want to know why dont they just tell u in ur face than tell everyone else and make fun of u. my parents say they dont smell anything.why? is it that other people r persons can smell this smell. sometimes i when i close to someone they just rump there noses. i hate that but, i have since people talk about me behind my back and when i turn around they r laughing and joking. sometime i wish i was normal like before. i pray to god that i wish i was died. i hate my life i cant and even get a job somewhere becuz people laugh becuz i smell. i didnt have this smell about 2yrs ago. i feel like shit. sometime i dont like being in line like at store r outside to long with friends becuz sometime i smell something but, i dont know if its me. but, i wish i had a good friend r someelse like someone that smell will let me know if smell like him r if i can smell u if u sticking. i just dont know if one day this will go away .


avengerdev's picture

Lord I pray that everyone on this website be healed of all foul body odors, from the rectum, vagina, sweat, breath, sinus, every area where bacteria and odor can build up. I speak total healing, deliverance and restoration. I curse every demonic and foul spirit that seeks to harass, embarrass, mock, torment, alienate, etc. these beautiful people. May they have peace in their mind, body, soul, heart and spirit. May they receive eternal life from Jesus Christ who is our Lord, Savior and Redeemer. I count it done forever more in Jesus name. Receive and be healed. This is new beginning and wholeness for all. Amen Avengerdev 8/8/08.

wonderpance's picture
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avengerdev, thanks for the stink exorcism! let's hope it works so all these smelly people will leave us in peace.
i love poop.

i love poop.

avengerdev's picture

Jesus and God are the only ones who can heal us. I dealt with for over 25 years and I now that we are healed, because it is our TIME! God has a Great Plan and purpose for our lives. I serve him and know that it is OVER!!!! We all smell GREAT in Jesus Name. Amen

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Fart. Oh, man! They made a part six!

Well, you don't actually blow on it. That's just an expression.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Pooplaya's picture

I've suffered from this same problem since I started 7th grade. I had no clue I stunk until one day I was walking down the hall with my "friends" and they asked me if I forgot to wipe. I'm now going into my Senior Year of High School. For the past two years in High School I have just dealt with it. I've come to the conclusion that the smell comes about around Noon (so 5 hours after I take my shower) right after I eat lynch. I begin to fart over and over and over again. The worst part about it last year was I had one of those classes where you go in and sit there for an hour READING IN SILENCE. So I had to hold in my farts and let them pass silently. It was the most stressful thing ever. And it happened over, and over again for the remainder of the day. And that's leaving out the smell that comes with it. Imagine being in a hot room with people sitting all around you for an hour and a half with this problem. It's awful. Luckily the people in my school are for the most part nice about it. Every once in awhile I'll notice someone saying "It smells like shit in here" and towards the end of the year one of my friends asked me and another friend if one of us shit our pants. Really embarrassing. As for my showering habits, I shower once in the morning and once in the evening. I normally scrub my ass with soap. It does absolutely nothing and it really, really sucks. :( Anyways, I'm keeping strong and hoping it gets better. This only happens to me when I'm at school which is the worst part. I don't really ever notice stinking when I'm with friends or at home alone. Anyways, thanks for reading guys. I hope you leave a few comments for me. :)

Anonymous Coward's picture

hey i have the same problem at first i thought it was smoking weed dat was making me smell but now ive stoped smoking ive realised its not it just seems 2 make it a lot worse im really getting worried now as i dont know wat 2 do.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Can you smell it yourself?

The Chosen Stinky One's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

talcytalcy: I have tried your enema and it did NOT work. Has anyone actually had any success at all?

My life is fucked up's picture

Guys my life was going on fine everything was going on ok but i got the same fucking bad ass smell problem this problem occur because of poor diet i think bcoz my diet is very poor from few days when i got this fucking problem. i wants to die. I live alone and no body is with me who can take care for me like cooking etc i am student and i always use a TTC ( Subway) it is really difficult for me to travel in it.I wants to die i give up
My email address is
u guys can contact me if anyone find the solution to this fucking problem.
i am only 20 yrs. fucking its difficult to travel with this asshole disease.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I thought I had a problem,when I exercise vigorously I sweat profusely from my asshole and it smells quite bad.It is a problem these days because running shorts are synthetic not cotton and the smell is really strong with synthetic materials,whereas cotton seems to absorb the smell more.
I do not have the problem of an evrday ass stink though unless it is hot and I am sweating.

Siddhartha Gautama's picture

First of the "Four Noble Truths"
all assholes stink. Glad I could help.


Anonymous Coward's picture

Yes thats my problem also i think i smell only when my ass sweats and i think it starts sweating cause i get nervous that i have a smelly ass. My ass sweats alot though even if im not working out . Any ideas on how to keep your ass from sweating?

Anonymous Coward's picture

To all my brothers and sisters looking for a cure, here is the protocol you must follow to rid yourself of this body odor causing candida.

1. Suppress or kill the yeast with anti-fungals.

2. Deprive or starve the yeast by diet modification.

3. Cleanse the walls of the GI tract.

4. Rebuild the walls of the GI tract.

5. Rebalance bacteria/fungi in GI tract.

6. Identify and avoid drugs, chemicals, foods and other allergens such as car fumes, pollutants, insecticides, preservatives, emulsifiers and food allergens that you know trigger your candida and its symptoms. Also, avoid yeast spores released into the air by mold in areas such as bathroom, kitchen and around leaking pipes in walls. Remove the mold or move out to a dry sunny spot.

7. Build your body, immune, emotional, mental and spiritual health via a strong program of supplements including electrolyte and pH balancing, fluids, exercise, therapy and meditation.

The reason why your ass sweats and smells is because of the candida fungus makes you sweat more and the whole body is toxic with candida albicans once harmless, turned evil fungus, The candida grows hyphae or long root-like filaments that extend and penetrate into cell tissue of the intestinal mucosa. That directly 'eats' into the intestinal wall. you do the maths. goodluck brother and sister make me proud and cure this

Anonymous Coward's picture

I've pinpointed the smell to be my anus. I noticed today that it was seeping a bit of liquid fecal matter even though I didn't have to go just then. I also have painful gas after nearly every meal. This is definitely a digestive problem. I combination of gluten intolerance and bacteria. Started drinking plain kefir tonight for probiotics and taking flaxseed. Cutting back on sugar. Wish me luck.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Forgot to mention. Has anyone been to an endocrinologist. I have had my cortisol levels check ned and they are high. Anxiety can increase sweat and other secretions, perhaps from the apocrine glands of the anus and groin, hence the smell. Just a theory.

Maria's picture

You might want to try this stuff... My farts, flatulence, ass bombs, whatever-my gas made the local city dump smell like roses! As a recruiter I need to be presentable and of course try not to cut the cheese during my meetings. My stomach is sensitive and sometimes the most random type of food will set me off. I needed something to help me now! Well, I had tried the random herbal products with nothing to show except fish food breath and no otc products really address this except this stuff. My sister has ibs and uses it sometimes. She told me about it so I decided to give it a try because I really had nothing to lose. I took the banana flavored tablets and I don’t know how devrom got rid of my foul gas odor, but it did and I’m elated!! Devrom is a life saver!

redd williams's picture

Just shove a buttplug up your ass and walk around with it stuck in there all day, then the smell won't seep out your crap hole. Please be sure to use plenty of lube and I recommend nothing over 4 inch, unless you make it a habit of inserting items in your anal cavity.

The Chosen Stinky One's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Maria: Can you provide me with a link for those tablets or tell me were you bought it from...thanks

Lil Stinker's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

To: found this on another site (not verified) -- 04.02.2008
That was one long ass post dude. But if you pick the corn out of the poopie, you'll find it really isn't so full of shit.

Colon cleansing is probably the best way to remove unwanted crap from your system.

Have you ever had a clogged disposal? Well, last weekend, there was some water just sitting in the disposal area of our sink and it sorta smelled a little. The hubby figures, we'll root it out ourselves. We detach the U-cap, get the garden hose and prepare to flush out our pipes. Well, the stupid ass plumber who installed our sink did not put a real cap on the other side, so when we turned the hose on, PWOOOOFFFF - here comes all this caca. I gagged and had to leave. Sorry honey!

You would NOT even believe the icky stuff that was lurking here. It was duh, raw sewage. This is food items that we didn't eat, coffee grounds, potato peelings. FOOD. Food that we eat... So guess what, if this is the stuff that is in my sink pipes, guess what is STUCK in my butt pipes?

Flush out your system and I'm sure your butt pucker will smell better. Hey - if you butt smells like shit, I'll be your breath is dandy...

Sealed, for your protection...

Sealed, for your protection...

Fletcher's picture

I eat jumk food all the time and my ass smells fine. The trick is, after 'wiping until clean', wash the anus thoroughly and get your finger right in there and dig the poo out and wash it into the sink. This is the only way that you will remove sufficiant shit to eliminate all traces of anal odour.

Anuses are fucking disgusting.

depressed's picture

I have had this same problem for 3 years now and it is very comforting knowing i am not the only one. i looked online and found out about celiac disease. it is a sensitivity to gluten found in wheat products which is in everything. i'm trying to get the money to get tested for this. my whole life has been ruined by this stinky affliction i just hope this is what i have so that i can start treating it. if you also have a body rash that is extremely itchy you might want to look into celiac disease to.
i'll post back with my test results.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have a very similar problem. I think the best bet is that it is either an anal fissure, piles/hemmoroids, rectal prolapse, or proctitis. A fissure can cause mucus, or a pus-like slimy liquid to seep out in the anus. This seems to be the exact thing affecting me. Although my stools are usually wet, i never feel like i have completely emptied. I also detect blood when wiping. The problem now is trying to muster up the courage to go to the doctor. Im only 16, so id have to tell my mom too. I understand how all of you feel mentally. The social impacts and the constant worrying are absolutely terrible and unfair. No one should have to suffer through this. And what makes it worse is that your friends will think you just have poor hygiene when that is completely false. Only people who are going through this problem can understand what its like and that we are doing everything possible to try to fix it.

copper olive's picture

I totally agree with you, anonymous coward, people around us who don't suffer like we do tend to dismiss our body odor as bad hygiene. And if we try to explain our medical condition, they make it appear like we are calling attention to ourselves and that they are just lame excuses. Like at work, they even made a joke about food allergies like I'm making things like food a big deal. If it were a simple allergy, we would've solved the puzzle already.

Anonymous Coward's picture

use kyo-dophilus probiotics

Super cool smelly one's picture

I have this problem, too. I don't even know how long it's been going on. I only found out about it a few weeks ago but a flood of memories came back that suddenly made sense now that I know I smell like ass.

I wish I knew what to do.

It seems to be at it's worst just when I finish eating. It's a pretty bad smell. Ruining my life. :(

Anonymous Coward's picture

Super cool smelly one can you smell it? Because i think i have it but cant smell it what so ever and im paranoid and if people say its diet i think there wrong because look at all the fat people out there that eat chips and pop and MacDonalds and sit on the couch all day

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Good day to all,

Before I begin to give the option for curing or maybe treatment, I advice all of those who is suffering to this such symptoms to “CONSULT A DOCTOR” First, and undergo some of diagnostic exam which correspond to some of the pathological disease, such of this exam are sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, amino acid test, blood exam, exam for ammonia level, endorectal ultrasound and so on. The symptoms maybe similar like fecal breath, fecal body odor, etc, but may differ to the cause, i.e. all can have s/sx of fecal breath and fecal body odor, upon suffering with a bowel obstruction, Leaky Guts Syndrome, IBS, Trimethylaminuria, chronic internal hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, anorectal fistula, Candida, Yeast, those who have undergo ostomy etc. The diagnostic test will help to classify which disease one is suffering. If, you have undergo other exam please do specify it here.

What I recommend is not to take medication without prescription, because some of the drugs taken, instead of providing cure, it create the side effect/adverse effect which may worsen the symptoms. I’ll be discussing several steps that I hope might work to alleviate the symptoms and hopefully to provide cure. But before that I’ll be giving few drug studies, for the drugs mention in this site.


– Generic name: Metronidazole
- Indication: Treatment of susceptible protozoal infections
- Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to imidazole
- Side effect: Psychiatric d/o, mild GI disturbances. Urticaria, flushing, pruritus, glossitis w/ dryness of mouth, convulsion, headache, dizziness, leucopenia, peripheral sensory neuropathy, pancreatitis, reddish or brown urine.


- Antifungal
- Indication: Treatment of intestinal candidiasis (oral)
- Treatment of oral candidiasis (oral suspension, troche), Local treatment of vaginal candidiasis (moniliasis; vaginal), Treatment of cutaneous or mucocutaneous mycotic infections caused by Candida albicans and other Candida species (topical applications)
- Contraindication: Allergy to nystatin or components used in preparation.
- Adverse Effects:
- Oral Doses; GI: Diarrhea, GI distress, nausea, vomiting
- Oral Suspension: GI: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, GI distress
- Vaginal: Local: Irritation, vulvovaginal burning
- Topical: Local: Local irritation

- ceftriaxone sodium
- Drug Class: Antibiotic
- Indication:
- Lower respiratory tract infections caused by S. pneumoniae, S. aureus, Klebsiella, H. influenzae, E. coli, P. mirabilis, E. aerogens, Serratia maecescens, Haemophilus parainfluenzae, Streptococus (excluding enterococci)
- UTIs caused by E. coli, Klebsiella, P. vulgaris, P. mirabilis, M. morganii
- Gonorrhea caused by N. gonorrhoeae
- Intra-abdominal infections caused by E. coli, K. pneumoniae
- PID caused by N. gonorrhoeae
- Dermatologic infections caused by S. aureus, Klebsiella, Enterobacter cloacae, P. mirabilis, S. epidermidis, P. aeruginosa, Streptococcus (excluding enterococci)
- Septicemia caused by E. coli, S. pneumoniae, H. influenzae, S. aureus, K. pneumoniae
- Bone and joint infections caused by S. aureus, Streptococci (excluding enterococci), P. mirabilis, S. pneumoniae, E. coli, K. pneumoniae, Enterobacter
- Meningitis caused by H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae, N. meningitidis
- Perioperative prophylaxis for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery
- Unlabeled use: treatment of Lyme disease in doses of 2 g IV bid for 14 d
- Contraindication: Allergy to cephalosporins or penicillins, renal failure, lactation
- Adverse Effects:
- CNS: Headache, dizziness, lethargy, paresthesias
- GI: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain, flatulence, pseudomembranous colitis, liver toxicity
- Hematologic: Bone marrow depression: decreased WBC, decreased platelets, decreased Hct
- GU: Nephrotoxicity
- Hypersensitivity: Ranging from rash to fever to anaphylaxis; serum sickness reaction
- Local: Pain, abscess at injection site; phlebitis, inflammation at IV site
- Other: Superinfections, disulfiram-like reaction with alcohol
- Laxative
- Ammonia reduction agent
- Treatment of constipation
- Prevention and treatment of portal-systemic encephalopathy
- Contraindication: Contraindications: allergy to lactulose, low-galactose diet.
- Use cautiously with diabetes and lactation.
- Adverse Effect:
- GI: Transient flatulence, distension, intestinal cramps, belching, diarrhea, nausea
- Hematologic: Acid---base imbalances
Ok, after giving some of the drugs mention, I’ll start discussing some of alternative remedy that I sure hope will work to you guys, lets start:
1. For those who are suffering Hemorrhoids/ Constipation as diagnose;
Start modifying your diet and adopt a natural diet without stimulant. Eat fresh fruit, raw vegetables, keep in mind that fruits and vegetable must not be eaten together. Avoid salt or w/in moderation avoid meats, alcohol and spicy foods.

Use enema with mallow water. Upon going to bed apply a cold compress on the abdomen, leave it there for hours. Sitz bath w/ guava leaves must be done, in the morning and upon retiring. Continue taking citrus fruits like lemon, orange, mandarin and double your dose of vitamin c. drink tea of nettle, chamomile and horsetail. Sunbath can give positive result. Take white oak bark internally or place the capsule in the rectum for hemorrhoids, a home remedy is by the use of white potato cut, and serve as a suppository for three successive days for hemorrhoids, vitamin e can also be use, aloe vera sap can be swab in a cotton balls and wipe into the hemorrhoids if it is a external hemorrhoid.

2. Colon Cleansing:

Adopt natural diet; vegetable and fruits, eliminate or avoid intake of meat, poultry products. Increase your intake of probiotics; limit your intake of diary products. Alternate warm and cold compress in the abdomen for 20-30 mins, a lower bowel cleanser such as herb combination can be used to eliminate waste that has accumulated; cascara sagrada can be use as a laxative. Slippery elm is use to soothed the colon to promote rejuvenation and healing. Herbal pumpkin or black walnut is also use as a laxative but be advise to use it in a low dose because it can have a strong laxative effect. Comfrey and pepsin is used for cleaning the intestinal wall. Mud pack can also be apply, sunbath and exercise such as kegel exercise, brisk walking and jogging.

3. For Halitosis: Fecal Breath and Smoke Breath.

Halitosis may indicate certain disease a few have been mention above and in additional, sinusitis, hum disease, lower GI problem and respiratory problem and direct consultation to a physician must be done. Cascara sagrada and chlorophyll can be use, and deodorant herbs such as cloves, peppermint, parsley, and spearmint maybe use to mask the odor. Myrrh and white oak bark is used to correct the condition and tighten the gums.

Colon cleansing as mention must be perform, drink lots of fluid 6-8 oz glass, sunbath, green leafy vegetables and fruit; mangoes, apple, melon especially watery fruits. Eliminate or avoid meat since it may add to odor, avoid also diary products such as milk, cheese to name a few. Probiotics intake must be increase for about 3-4, activated charcoal is use to mask the odor especially for those who have ostomy, it is categorized as an antidote. Drink tea, use sage, parsley, guava leaves for mouth wash. Use ganoderma tooth paste it contains red mushroom that helps to heal and strengthen gums.

Wash hands and massage gums, for an alternative tooth paste baking soda or salt can be use, brush after eating, floss and use tongue scrapper, avoid the use of alcohol based mouth wash and switch to a chloride dioxide mouth wash, mint candies doesn’t mask the smell, it does worsen it, instead chew gum sugarless gum, or chew the leaves of parsley. Respiratory exercise, deep inhalation and exhalation through the mouth. For gums abscess arnica pyrogen, belladonna, hepar sulph.

Note: These herbs can be toxic to the body and can be fetal arnica pyrogen, belladonna, hepar sulph so done experiment on taking this without prior consulting a qualified or professional medical doctor, homoeopathic therapist, or naturopathic doctor.

4. For Body Odor fecal body odor and excessive perspiration,

Follow the above procedure for colon cleansing, additional use heart herb combination, vitamin e and calcium rich herb this reduce excessive perspiration, chlorophyll and alfalfa are use to eliminate the perspiration odor, shower with cold bath early in the morning, perform cardiovascular exercise, aerobics, and anaerobic, drink tea of yarrow.

5. For blood purification,

Herbs provide a wide benefit in purifying the blood, use of cloves, burdock, yellow dock, dandelion, licorice, chaparral, barberry, cascara sagrada, sarsaparilla and yarrow combination. Cold bath will help to provide proper circulation to the blood.

Note: use herb with caution

6. Most of all don’t lose hope. Be confident about yourself and do not be affected to what others may/say, say to yourself that you are unique and may have the talents that others with normal condition cannot do. Be proud because even if you don’t have friends to confide with you have your family to accept and understand you with love and belongingness even if they don’t admit it. Also reduce your anxiety regarding the problem since it may trigger response.

Note: I don’t think it is a form of a devilish act,

Guest that’s all, I will broaden my research to help further those who are longing for cure. And be bless in light and darkness!

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I have this albatross around my neck too...

I even remember my grade three teacher telling me to go sit on the toilet, I'm 31 now. I didn't believe I did smell until recently when everything started adding up from comments made to me over the years...I basically quit my last job because the people really did a number on me, and made it well aware they didn't want "sh*t pants" around...I started a new job and getting the same thing.

I have a hunch on what this actually is...I might smell like shit, but don't have shit for brains luckily haha.

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, which are pockets in the intestines when I was 19. They cut about 5 ft. of small intestines out. I thought I had appendicitis going in...

Anyways, I suspect that since our foods these days are so bad, we are prone to these sorts of conditions. With these pockets in our bowels, the shit particles stay put and thus get reabsorbed into our blood stream, thus reintroduced. This is possible, along with possibility of fecal impactions (my case from malnutrition, dehydration, chronic constipation since I was a kid). This makes the most sense because the long dead dry fully solidified shit you can't pass stays put and whatever comes out, flows around it. But imagine just how rank the smell of the old turd would get and smell up any fresh gas made, right? We'd have a constant flow of stink from our butts with a situation like this. A racoon dies in the attic, just because we can't see it doesn't mean it's not there and still going to stink...much like our ass is now.

I'm working on "the problem" as I'm sick of stinking up rooms, cars, trains etc. and foxy chicks from far away coming to me, and walking away when they get near...

I guess what hurts most is the lies people close to me told when I'd ask right to my face, but bless them for knowing living with this isn't easy and trying to make us feel normal in their presence.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Futhark: I have this smell coming out of my ass, which one is the BEST option for me, Metronidazole or Nystatin? Thanks.

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@ The Chosen Stin...

Thank you for your question,

The first thing I may recommend is for you to consult a professional medical practitioner which is a doctor, since they are the only one who can prescribe drugs other than a VMD and DMD w/c can also prescribed but have different degree of practice. The drugs study I post will give a clear or somewhat brief introduction about the drugs presented in this site but I am advising you not to take it without directly consulting a physician. What I can suggest now is for you to follow the simpler ways that I post earlier in this site, yet can have a good result to you. In addition to what I post you can try blending tomatoes, apple and carrot and drink it. Since it can fight bad breath (halitosis), or try blending bitter gourd, tomato and apple together, I know it may not have a good taste, but it can be a remedy to bad breath. Also you can try increasing your intake of pineapple it does provide a cleansing effect with in our colon and blood, the high content of vitamin c of the pineapple will help in the body matrix. The cold compress on the abdomen will also help, you can also try doing sitz bath with mallow, for at least 15-20, after that put a small content of the activated charcoal(can be use as deodorizer and antidote) in a cotton ball then apply it directly in you’re anus and change it q 1 hr. or every 1 hr.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) is a antibiotic, since it is a antibiotic it may caused much adverse effect in are body especially in are GIT, Liver and Kidney. Taking flagyl without a direct or proven diagnosis of bacterial infection may not provide benefit to the patient instead it may increase his/her risk to develop drug resistant or may cause superinfection. Some of the diagnosis found that taking flagyl may cause leukocytes to decrease or leukopenia. This may be bad for those who have hematological disorder.

While the intake of Nystatin, an antifungal drug, may cause an adverse effect of severe diarrhea, N/V and gastric or stomach pain. So a good advice is for you to get a direct teaching from your doctor if you can take this drug. The grape extractseed and glycosalyx may also have a bad effect within our body, so strict cautions must be observed.

For now, try undergoing colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy with a direct supervision of a professional. To determine whether you have an external/internal hemorrhoid, if it is an external hemorrhoid you can simply determine it for yourself. This is just an assumption and not an actually diagnosis, for accuracy consult your physician. Please answer this question. Do you have constipation? If, yes, For how long? Is there any streak of blood within your underwear? Have you been experiencing any difficulty upon defecating? What diet are you into? What activity have you been committing? Have you done any step to remedy your problem, if yes, please state it here?

Ok, that would be it. I’ll try to find time to answer, your question, so hope you can still wait. Blessings! Futhark

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k 500+ points

oh shit! I just lamed the wrong post!

Super cool smelly one can you smell it? Because i think i have it but cant smell it what so ever and im paranoid and if people say its diet i think there wrong because look at all the fat people out there that eat chips and pop and MacDonalds and sit on the couch all day -

AC sorry for the lame, Futhark, who should be lamed.... plagarism is like liquishit, easy to doo, butt hard to read.

Did I just fart?.... Oh shit! NO!!

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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It's so refreshing to see that other people suffer from the same poop odor condition i have/had. I had to make drastic changes to my diet and eliminate foods that need to putrify before my body can expel it. Then in a desperate move to remove the odor which i read might be related to odor bacterias i've been rubbing my body from top to butt crack with alcohol. Now i will simply try the over the counter laxative Miralax and see how that works.

Thanks for sharing guys :)

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To baron von crapalot

I am also suffering with this disease/condition and experience 6 years of being miserable. the drug study that I post is based from the book pharmaceutical directory and focus on pharmacological nursing, and, and am very thankful that the book and the site comes out handy for me. The other reference books that I took information’s are the following: the little book of herbs encyclopedia by jack ritchason and the science of natural healing by Carlos kozel and I really appreciated that and acknowledge there works and contributions, and the credit must goes to this authors and site. I am not taking any fee/profit from there works, and do not make the information commercialize for my benefits. Why do I post this information? I, post this information to help others, suffering and feeling hopeless with there condition. Because I have felt the similar pain that they experience, being alone and depressed, I begin experiencing social phobia, I’m afraid of the rejection of others, everywhere I go, theirs always degrading comments ahead of me, like “the poop man, the man who smell like shit, your breath smell like feces, walking shit etc.” And I begin to lack confidence about myself, not to talk to other people, other than my family and my real friends that accept my condition. I also have undergone laboratory exam, I already take different antibiotics, I consulted a dentist, gastroenterologist, the same way others do. I find the book and site a big help, I don’t want to keep the good information that maybe the remedy or such to say cure, to myself so I decided to post it here. My intention in posting the information is not to take credit but to help others, If, my post does create and makes you uncomfortable, then, my apologize about that. I, ask the moderator of this site to delete all my post. I am thankful to have visited this site and learn from other experience. Again, my apologize if you’re offended with the post and another thing am also in the medical field, that’s why I know some of the procedure and drugs mention, and not all the part of my post are copied from books and sites, but most of the information I shared are based from what I learned and studied and begin to compiled it here, for the benefit of the members. I ask the moderator to please do delete all my post, if it does offend. Sorry if am not that good in English. Because of the limitation of post, to 20,000 character words, the reference has not been included in the post. So, allow me to give the utmost gratitude and credit to the following reference:, little book of herbs encyclopedia by jack ritchason and the science of natural healing by Carlos kozel, pharmaceutical directory and focus on pharmacological nursing. God bless!


OMG i have the SAME PROBLEM everyone, i smell like poo all day long, and i shower at least 4 times a day. my best friends always ask if i shat in my pants but its so embarrassing because it is not my fault. my bedroom also stinks like a public toilet even thou i keep the window open all day. i am out of control in smell i have no friends, and no girls wants to come near me. i want to drop out of school because i am a walking SHIT!! help me someone!!!!

Cry's picture

Wow... I posted my comments 2 years ago when i first discovered this awesome place. I'm 16 now, have had a girlfriend for 8 months which is obviously difficult as i know she must smell me. but I shower a lot and deodorize my ass so it helps a bit, i guess. I still smell however, and id really like to get rid of it. luckily you learn to live with it. I went to gastro-int... whatever doctor and asked him about it and he had no comment. he didnt say hed never heard about it, he just said i was wrong. fucking idiot. and told me to go to a general practitioner of childrens medicine, i doubt a regular doctor would know about such a rare ailment. So just commenting to see whatsup with the stinky community lately, and has anyone really found out what this random smells like rotting garbage/shit smell is? some say TMAU but i dont smell like a fish.

Saviour's picture

guys the smell is in your head beleive me... cry ask ur gf she will say u dont smell and i am sure of it

i have this problem its all in my mind... stop analyzing what people! trust me

just if it makes u feel well take probiotics and shower each day once and forget about it

one more thing PRAY! thats all what you should do stop stressing and live ur life

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hi all --i had similar issues -- for me what worked on my partcular problem was a really strong general antibiotic. i was being treated for a urinary track infection and the antibiotic fixed this up as well --

finnaspinna's picture

I am 16, and I have alot of friends and am popular, but my ass starts to smell sometimes. It holds me back from having girlfreidns, going to dances. i am really seflconcious about it. I dont know what to do, Im too emberassed to go see a doctor or aks my parnets or anyone for help. I take two showers a day, wash my ass really goo, take at least two poops a day, but i still always have swass and it smells. hat are some simple things i can do?! PLEASE HELP

Dumpster-ass's picture

It's been almost two years since I've last posted my condition on here, and my problem hasn't improved. I smell like rotten cheddar cheese and shit, it's destroyed me emotionally and socially.

Who deserves this kind of torture?

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I think I have it so im chaning my diet to veggys, gonna stop drinking pop, eating junk food and where can you buy Devrum

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AKA, Dr. Doowad. I posted the first time, almost two years ago. I have defeated my Stank Ass Affliction. I had to make some life style changes. I quit smoking, started eating a lot of vegetables, using lots of spices to cook with. Cut down on junk food, fried foods, soda pop. Started exercising, and stopped using antiperspirant. I only use antiperspirant free deodorant. I have a theory that using antiperspirant contributes to stank ass syndrome, antiperspirant contains aluminum a heavy metal bad for the body, not only does it block your sweat glands natural ability to rid itself of toxins by perspiring, it traps those toxin in your body, and the sweat glands around your ass start dumping out those toxins instead of your armpits, and makes the smell a lot worse. If you use antiperspirant on your ass and armpits, your trapping toxins inside your body, and the smell will permeate from every pour in your body now, not just your ass or armpits. I believe the antiperspirant is only a contributing factor though, I think bad diet, lack of exercise, are the main problems. I recommend people drink plenty of water every day, this will help as well. What else will help, is staring your stank ass problem down, and live your life, don't hideaway from the world, and be defeated by your stank ass. Make the lifestyle changes needed to fix this problem, and at the same time live your life, think to yourself, this is just an opportunity to improve my life, my body is telling me something, that I need to make changes. Don't Go smelling gently in the merciless night my friends. Get out there, and do what you need to do, and seize the day. The first step is to not let the Stank Ass control and dictate your life, say fuck you stank ass, you don't own me. Say, your gonna die stank ass, your gonna die a slow and merciless death, I'm gonna kill your ass with healthy food and exercise, die mother fucker, die mother fucker die.

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