my ass really, really, really smells

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Stevey Stank Ass asks:

Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls. Now this problem I have made me drop out of college, lose girlfriends, and my friends are disgusted to hang out with me.

My problem is that all of a sudden my ass really started to stink even after a shower. I mean it smells like I shit myself or like I just took a shit and didn't bother to wipe my ass. I can asure that I don't shit myself and I wipe my ass until clean. I even tried that sphincterine stuff which seems not to work for me. This problem made me drop out of college to spare myself the embarassment and haven't gotten laid in a while which kills me because girls ask me why I don't want to hang out with them and the 'sick' excuse is getting quite old. I seriously have no idea what to do, it is really bothering me because I am ashamed just to go out of my house. It is weird because when I sit down it feels like theres shit in my ass but when I go to wipe nothings on the napkin and the sphincterine just blends with the smell. If you could please help me because now I just sit at home like a loser and cannot hang out with my friends without feeling ashamed.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the question!

Much as I hate to admit it, you are going to have to see your MD about this one. There are many causes of fecal odor--constipation being one. Other causes may be anatomic considerations. Examples include rectal prolapse, weakness of the anal sphincter or decreased rectal compliance. (I hate it when my rectum doesn't comply, don't you?)

Your doctor might consider doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy to inspect the colon and anus. Other tests you may want to discuss with your MD include an endorectal ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities or anorectal manometry to evaluate for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that intake of vitamin K can control fecal odor, but I don't have any information on this.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Hi everyone, I have been suffering for sometime now with bad smell emanating from my behind. It has killed my career. I found the root of my problem and it is my moral obligation to share with all of you poor souls. I visited a PROTOLOGIST. He checked me out and found that I have fistulas in my rectum along with an abcess ( I think it is written this way). I just had all that surgically removed. I am living normally now with not smell. I hope this helps all of you.

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I have had a smell free ass until recently. It all started with a very nasty bout of food poisoning that had me pissing out of my ass for almost of week. This severe case of diarrhea cause an extremely painful fissure. I saw a doctor who put me on an antibiotic and eventually the fissure healed. During the healing process my ass was secreting a yellowish residue that stunk like fishy ass. The residue, at least visibly when I wipe, as disappeared but the smell hasn't. Even the crack of my ass far from my asshole smells of it once it gets a bit sweaty, even if I have showered recently. Fortunately the smell isn't so bad that other people can smell it but I fear that it will get worse with time. Also, I have lost my confidence when I get intimate with my girlfriend and no longer will sleep without underwear on because it stinks like shit by the morning. I am going to see the doctor in a couple of weeks but I am pretty sure that the post in the beginning of this thread is spot on, in that the only real cure for me will be removal of whatever is left of the fissure that continues to secret this horrid smell.

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Don't worry about it then.Glad to know I am helping in some way.It'd your job and I'm ok with it.Now if you'll excuse me,I have to go extinguish the flaming bag of dog crap on your front porch.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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Sorry, as a moderator here, I am obliged to keep your double post intact as a stark reminder to others to try and be less stupid. I am currently working on flashing borders and highlights to enhance yours. Sorry Butt, nothing personal. It's just my job.

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Odd,a double post.Would one of the mods mind deleting the first one for me?And this one too,so I look like less of an idiot(hopefully)?
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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Ac,how about trying the methods that Poonurse talked about in the original response?And if that won't work,carry some Frebreeze around.If that doesn't work,try car fresheners.Oh,I'd rather smell like ass than a taxi driver.As a last resort,just hand out noseplugs to anyone in your stink's vicinity.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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Ac,how about trying the methods that Poonurse talked about in the original response?And if that won't work,carry some Frebreeze around.If that doesn't work,try car fresheners.Oh,I'd rather smell like ass than a taxi driver.As a last rsort,just hand out noseplugs to anyone in your stink's vicinity.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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Just post a damn solution we don't need to know who HAS is... We need 2 know who has a way to FIX it!

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Man this Problem sux.

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I have 90% cured this problem for myself.

Step 1 - always try and take a shit first thing in the morning before a shower.

Step 2 - After taking a shit wipe both ways with tissue paper - Once clean follow with a baby wipe(or moisten a bit of TP)to make sure

Step 3 - Buy a Flannel just for your ass! Once in the shower wash all over normally - then heat the flannel in HOT water and scrub your asshole really good- try to relax your ass and stick a bit of the flannel in there(wrap it arond your finger)- Clean the flannel with your shower gel each time.

Step 4 - after the shower dry yourself thuroughly with a towel - scrub your asshole dry - then SMELL the towel after drying your asshole - If you can smell anything atall or if you are reluctant to wipe your face with that bit of the towel then you didnt clean well enough!!!

THESE 4 Steps are normally enough to cure my smell however occasionally if I am going to a big social event I like to use step 5 as well

Step 5 - Apply Medicated Talcpowder liberally to ass hole and all along the crack and under the ball sack. I have a menthol talc which you can feel working instantly - it makes ur ass tingle and tighten up and keeps you dry and sweat free for hours!!!

Hope ths helps

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Well to start with one day before school i took a shower. and once in first period i was feeling fine and then it started. my butt felt wet and i keep hearing people say it smells like a sewer and i didn't think nothing of it. until every class i went to the smell followed. i went home and as far as i can remember that was it. i took a shower and it went away i don't know why i had this problem. now everytime after i take a shower i take some toilet paper and ball it up and put it between my ass checks to keep it dry until the morning when i throw the toilet paper away. But over the past couple of days it has came back. I really don't know what the problem is. This problem is really stressing me out and while this has been going on my balls are always sweaty now. I dry them off but not two minutes later i'm having the same problem. I really don't know how to deal with this problem. it has began to really make me feel unsure about myself. I'm hoping it will just go away again. But i'm kinda scared to tell anyone about my problem for fear that they will just think it is a joke and i'm just farting which is not the case. I feel like i have to poop or fart and only a small fart will come out. and it is starting to happen more frequently. please anyone out there tell me what are some things that could be wrong with me. please and thank you

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ok so i think i found the cause of the problem..or at least where its coming from. one day at school i didnt breathe for a while,and then i took a deep breath and blew out the air. the smell was so bad!!! i noticed that people noticed the smell and immediatly they rubbed their noses and their eyes watered. this problem is so embarassing. it smelled like poo mixed with dead people. i want to be social and talk so bad but im afraid to!! So anyway the smell for me is definately coming from my mouth/throat. im going to a throat doctor soon so ill let u guys know how it goes if anyone even checks this site anymore. but i know this probably isnt the cure for everyone but if ur stuck like me and u cant figure it out i would definately consider this. til my appointment, i just have to breathe as little as possible during school :) good luck everyone. i know this problem sucks but u WILL find out whats wrong. it just takes some time

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I suffer of fecal body odor since I was 20 y.o., and now I am 50. It started as a burning sensation in my butt and frequent flatulence. I could not control my flatulence, I would just feel like passing gas, and without passing it, people around would complain about the smell or ask me if I farted.
I tried many things, visited many doctors, took many medicines, did lots of exams, but nothing was found.
For the first 10 yrs I managed to live and work using a tape in my anus, and changing it every hour . It was strange, not easy, I had to go to the toilet to do that so frequently, I dont know how I was not fired.
But then tape would not work anymore... The skin around the anus became thin and sentitive, and could not continue using tapes.
Then I had to change my work. I always worked in offices, but I decided to start a caregiver work for the elderly, so I could stink and nobody would complain, because the patients also smelled bad.
Recently I found out about exercising the pelvic muscles.
It has been 2 years that I do kegel exercises everyday, about 2 hours a day. One hour in the morning and 1 hour at night before sleeping. And I contract anal muscles everytime I have an opportunity during the day.
I fell I am much better after kegel exercises.
I know I need to do it forever, and that my muscles are still weak and I will take a couple of years more to be normal again... The older is the problem, longer will be the time to get cured.
I am very hopefull about my cure. I have many plans for my life after that.
Please do kegel exercises. It really helps. But you need to have patience and be persistent. Dont give up. It will save ours lives.

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I'm tellin you people, use the dam preperation H. You will be amazed on the smell control and comfort it will give you. Its only like 5 bucks. Go get some, put like an inch on your finger and apply over your anal and a little around it. you will thank me. I promise. remember, cream, not ointment.

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For the most part we grow up with asses that smell fine and then for many as they pass the teenage years, this problem(s) appear. It is far more widespread than we think and it is usually nothing to do with how much you wash. Its life style plain and simple.... Sure some will have torn sphincter muscles, IBS from anxiety, warts, or haemoroids, but what about all the rest of us??! Well it is lifestyle, and particularly a modern western lifestyle which has got exponentially worse since the 1970's Its the lack of fibre, the chlorine in tap water killing our internal flora, lack of excercise, lack of fluids, too many diuretics and alcolhol. Anybody who thinks they can even mildly detour from a healthy lifestyle and expect to smell of roses is deluded. We may say all these movie stars, good looking, in films drinking like maniacs, and living rough lifes, but its an act. We assume we can get away with it but we can't. Sure many people get away scot free, but usually for them something else breaks in there bodies, or they develop the same problem but years later. Its one of those things you can throw in the same list as incontinance, false teeth, saggy buts, people have these things but don't talk about them... Solution, drink pure water, eat more fish and chicken and less red meat, avoid diuretics, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get excercise even if its is regular walks etc.., stay positive, take a broad spectrum concentrated probiotic, eat lots of fibre, avoid processed flour. I CAN ASSURE you these problems will for most of you dissapear,.. Just change your lifestyles pure and simple, if it doesn't work..., then see a doctor.

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Rover, your case sounds hopeless, your best course of action is to call the tranny hotline and arrange a date. Tell him/her to wear a cloths pin on his/her nose.

Dirty old men need love too!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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AC I know your pain! I recently got a dag after being friendless and single for a while now. I seem to have a problem of leaking shit outside of my ass even after ive gone to the bathroom. Big chunks I can feel in my pants sliding around. Everytime I get around my place that dogs nose is right in my ass. A few weeks ago I got the courage to start talking to and hitting on a girl. She was holding her nose the whole time we were talking but she seemed really nice. I had my dog with me and that dog couldnt keep its nose out of my ass I dont know what wouldve. Rover had his nose in between my legs sniffing and sneezing it was so embarrassing to have this happening in a large department store on a busy day. This girl eventually gave me a number but it turned out to be some tranny sex hotline...

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My problem started just as a wet feeling in my butt crack with a nasty shit smell about four years ago. I started having on and off constipation which got worse over the years. I have started to use Metamucil which, for now, has cured my constipation. I don't wipe a million times anymore like I used to. Maybe once or twice. My bowel movements have gone from pebbles with a very light brown color to bulky turds more dark brown in color. But now I still have the smell and the wet feeling and its seems worse. I thought the problem was constipation related but now I just don't know. All the doctors I have been to don't seem to help either they say they don't see anything physically wrong so they labeled my condition as IBS. Any advice? Please help! I am running out of options.

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Dear AC, I think I can safely say that you stink because you seem to be a racist piece of shit.

Dirty old men need love too!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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If you stink like shit, it could just be that you are a Paki.

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I've had this problem for a couple of years. I've stopped dating and stopped hanging around my friends. I got a dog which was great at first now anytime I bend over to pick up or clean up anything she runs over and starts sniffing my ass.No matter how many times I say no or put her in a cage afterwards. I shower 2-3 times a day because of it. I don't lay around in shorts anymore because all I can smell is shit. I really hate wearing baggy clothes and hoodie all the time but its the only thing that seems to keep the smell from reaching my nose.

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This forum should be in reverse. From the newest to oldest post.
Anyway, there is a syndrome with the name of Fish-Odor syndrome or Trimethylaminuria or TMAU.

It is a genetic disorder that causes the body to do not produce an enzyme (FMO3) which is in charge of metabolizing a substance called tyramine (contained in cheese). I get cramps and muscle aches when I eat cheese.

Anyway there was a treatment with copper chlorophillin (do not buy the expensive mint brand, which costs $18 US) you can buy it for around $6 US in any supplement store.

Hope this helps.

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I drink beverages thru a straw, that helps with my stomach pains and my poop being very airy, Too much air getting in. it makes me think i gotta poop, but when I sit down, its just a big ass fart... As far as the stink like shit smell, I apply Peperation h every day,( hemmeroids or not ) and that seems to do it for me. Make sure you use the cream and not the ointment tho. Good luck. oh, and chocolate seems to help thickening up the airy poop... toostie rolls baby!

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I'm really glad that so many people are sharing their stories and solutions. the only problem is that there are so many POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS!! like seriously, i wish one worked for everyone..

well, ive limited it down to maybe like 4 or 5..cuz im positive it has nothing do with personal hygiene and wiping. here's my top 5 possible solutions:

1. Tonsil infection- i know it sounds pretty stupid but im really leaning towards getting my tonsil checked out. i rubbed a Q-tip on the back of my throat and it smelled pretty bad.

2. WEak anal sphyncter muscles- I'm really gona try this out cuz even if we do smell its possible that we can hold it in!

3. build up of bacteria in the gut- this can also relate to a tonsil infection.

4. severe anxiety/paranoia- adds to the problem

5. posture when sitting hahah- idk about this one but whoever said it they sounded like they knew what they were talking about :)

well, im gona try to do these 5 and let everyone know if ANYTHING changes. the thing i hate most about this is that i probably smell worse then kids who shower twice a weak and its just not fair :(

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I'll try and make this too long but i'm just so f*cking pumped i think i may have solved my problems along with all of everyone else's as well.

The smell (poop) and anxiety (which a lot of ppl have on this site along with the "stank ass" lol....have to do with the SITTING BONES.

By not sitting correctly, our spine gets all out of wack, so that when we are sitting "correctly" as we may think, we are actually sitting incorrectly on the sitting bones.

Why do I still smell???????
And why at certain times???!?!?!!

The answer- (again I am no doctor, just a 21 year old college junior who wonders why axiety medicine isn't working, oh, and...why i smell)---->

....because when our hips and sitting bones and are not being sat on correctly, blocking blood flow to our legs and the rest of our body.

So...why do i smell sometimes? I think the answer lies in the posture itself. When we are sitting correctly, there seems to be a smell that comes from your butt. This makes sense, since you poop out your butt. But because we have been sitting incorrectly for too long, our butt muscles are real weak, allowing for our butthole to actually touch what we are sitting on, leaving a nasty odor and residue.

Ever wonder why every time when you get up from a plastic chair there's a moisture spot? And it smells??? Because the heat from our butthole (and smell, unfortunately) penetrates our undergarments and pants and gets on the chair.

As for anxiety from this condition comes from the blocked hip and sitting bones. It comes from meditation: THE BLOCKED FIRST CHAKRA

A blocked Muladhara causes anxiety, and a free flowing one deals with the sense of smell (Maybe that's why we can't smell it ourselves, and maybe our sense of smell is weak). I discovered this while doing yoga, and I had smoked Marijuana (I think there is a use for the stuff, seriously).

Anyway, long story short, i just discovered this myself so i'm going to try and sit properly and rid myself from this smell and all of the anxiety that has stemmed from it.....for 3 years....IN COLLEGE!! best years of my life...? Let's just say i'll get these 3 years back in another way.

One love and Peace. CDough

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Hey guys, I'm a good looking, average teen in college (18) and have been dealing with this whole FBO issue for a bit. In my case, it's sort of on the backburner because it only happens in class, but not around friends and fam. I still maintain an active social life, even hooking up w/ girls and whatnot despite this detriment. Everyday I learn more and more through research, trial & error, etc... But i think it would be really cool to get in touch with any teens in similar situations who would like to collaborate... I'm on the east coast... Let's fight this thing together :) !!!

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The reason many cannot smell it themselves is because you are acclimated to your own smells, just like someone that lives in a cowtown doesn't smell shit all day long, but when you visit It is extremely strong to you.

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Try rebuilding the sphincters with COLOSTRUM and/or GOJI juice. It might take a long time but may be the answer. Work with your doctor.

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ok yeah i have the same problem.
here's my story- So im in my junior year of high school and i think this problem first started last year or 2 years ago. i have a lot of friends who still hang out with me a lot but just going to school kills me. No ones ever told me i smell but i can just tell cuz people sniffle around me, their eyes water, and its just pretty obvious. My family i think is immune to it and i dont have the balls to ask them for help or see a doctor. im definately not seeing a doctor anytime soon. its just too embarassing. as far as preventing this 'fart/shit' smell i shower daily for about a half hour each morning. i scrub my ass pretty good with water soap and axe shower gel. whenever i go 2 the bathroom i make sure i wipe reallyyy good. I workout a lot which probably helps with the stress and i listen to music a lot. im like 5'8 120 pounds and im pretty strong for my size. im not hairy and i dnt sweat any more than a normal kid. but i think the smell is most eminent when im at school or in public areas.

but i wont just sit down and try to pass by in life with this problem. I wana get rid of it so i can get a girlfriend(cuz im not bad looking but who would want to date a kid who smells) and a job!

im gona try this out:

-im gona eat healthier. no more pop and a lot of water, less dairy, and more fruit..but im not gona take out meat and fast food once in a while bc me and my friends get it a lot

- im gona do these anal sphyncter muscle exercises or whatever every night and morning

- im gona just use warm water to wash my ass instead of using soap and stuff

im gona do this for about 2 weeks and see if anything changes. i think this has to do with a bacteria infection but im too afraid to go to a doctor and say ' i smell like shit can u help me?' but nobody should give up hope cuz we need to help eachother!

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I have solved it. Not only me but now some other persons.
For what i can tell you is that you have a serious disease. So fistula , hemorhoids, obstipation, diarrhoe are only symptoms of different diseases.
If you find out what is your problem , those most of symptoms will vanish and thus stinking !
You won't need any drugs after success.

Contact me :

I am offering you to be your private instructor in this case.

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My ass doesn't smell, my nose does.

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2 keep this gone and never have 2 deal with this again you must change your life style forever and live a healthier life. .

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I've read most of the comments on here, and still no real solutions. I've been suffering with this for 7 years almost, and I've tried everything except GOING TO THE DOCTOR. I will be going tomorrow. In my case, the smell is not a constant thing, but appears suddenly and vanishes within a minute. I've also noticed that it only happens in public, where I'm most uncomfortable. The smell is overpowering, people react to it, but no one has ever said anything to my face. I have memories where I could sort of hear people talking about a smell, but I can't be sure if my mind isn't playing tricks on me. The smell is real, and it is coming from me, but I think now I'm starting to smell things that don't exist 80% of the time, and thats making my anxiety worse. I tried thinking of what makes me different than others, what am I doing differently than most other people that could be causing this. All I could come up with is that I've been drinking 4-8 cans of diet soda a day for the last several years. I'm trying to cut back to see if that helps. I've also been suffering from incomplete BM's which have been leaving a minor amount of feces trapped in the rectum. Wiping has become a chore, it takes nearly a whole roll of TP sometimes to get everything, but this causes irritation, swelling, and pain, making thins worse. I've found that showering after every BM and using a washcloth to get out the remains has helped greatly. To be honest it may have solved the problem. The last two times I've smelled a shit smell, there was always someone dirty nearby and as soon as they left the smell left with them. I also don't drink enough water, so I'm starting today. I know how hopeless everyone feels. Despite this disgusting problem, most of you are probably extremely clean people like myself who just got unlucky. If you are trying special diets and supplements and have not yet seen a doctor, then you are retarded. I realized that if I want to get rid of this problem I have to fucking take charge, put my embarassment aside, and see a doctor. There is a real cause and there is a real solution. Most likely it is something incredibly minor that can be changed with a little effort, like changing my bad eating and drinking habits. I'll post again when I learn more, but please, if you haven't gone to a doctor, make an appointment today. You will not find a cure on a forum.

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I see that you people in America are pretty averse to water and soap... You say you use a lot of toilet paper or baby tissue (bahhh!) to wipe off your ass, but no talk of water and soap. In spite of the rotten state of your anuses, which is in itself the obvious cause of your smelly state (the only way to heal them seems for you to seek a proctologist surgeon and have a sphincteroplasty performed...), the best way to clean your asses is washing them with water and soap while sitting in a bidet...

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TO LEAKYANUSGIRL: You should have abstained from "hard rapid anal sex". You should have gone slowly and with lots of K-Y lube... Now it's too late and you have a problem to solve. I advise you to consult urgently a proctologist doctor about your issue, before you get into more serious trouble. And stop seeing stupid, rough boyfriends.

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Well, a lot of people here are complaining about ass smell... Are you pretty sure you didn't roughed up with your asses? This sounds like sphincter damage to me. You should seek the advice of a proctologist doctor as soon as possible and be honest with him. Maybe you'll have to undergo surgery to fix the problem.

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Ok, basically I have tried just about everything to cure this smelly problem and I have given up! I am just going to get on with my life. Now I am looking for a girlfriend who also has the same problem. At least she will put up with the smell and I will definitely put with with hers, LOL! Together we can just get on with life and forget about everything else! If you are interested then please contact me: By the way I am from the UK.

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I sadly have suffered from this horrible condition for about 4 years, it has made me horribly depressed and contributed to my already extreme anxiety.

But luckily in the past couple months ive finally taken some control of my life, and said to my body, f**k you, im getting better.

Firstly, this is only my story and may not work for you but if you sound like me it will work some of my symptoms include:
* condition worsens when placed in stressful situations.
* worsens while stressed/anxious
* worsens while certain foods have been eaten
* smell will go away weeks at a time, but comes back worse.
* have a past with antibiotics.
* stomach cramps, bloating, and irritable bowl symptoms.

the reason why i believe this thing started is because i have a horrible time with my immune system, i am ALWAYS off and on antibiotics, which in turn, kill any healthy bacteria. Also while i was younger i would drink while on antibiotics and also right after, making everything just worse. SO IF YOU have had ANY immune problems, OR stress problems, trace back your history and find out when this all started!!! things will make more sense!

now: How To Get Better!!!
I would suggest going to see a doctor with experience in naturopathic medicine! it is not some scam or silly excuse for "real" medicine, normal doctors and clinics do NOT listen to us.

Secondly, examine the other problems that may be related to this smelliness. do you have stomach cramps, indigestion, ibs etc... because its likely all this is connected.

next, you are most likely allergic to some sort of main ingredient in alot of foods, get a GENERAL allergy test, it will test for 96 allergies including fish, veggie, spice, wheat, and milk products. it IS likely your body cannot process some foods leaving them rotting and making it hard for your gut/intestines to digest.

next, look here: and yeah... it sucks you have to eat healthy and be careful but its worth it!

My doctor put me on these natural remedies, and it does get better:
*Probiotics (looks for a brand with OX BILE in it) at first you must use a larger dose, as my doctor said to "fight the war thats going on inside"
* any digestive enzyme pill, it will help with whatever foods are not getting digested, that are ruining your gut, and intestines, hence emiting bile and smell.
* chlorophyll pills, i use Chlorella. this cleanses and also takes down smells.
* peppermint tea and oil: again cleansing and has temporary relief.
* aloe vera juice: bacteria fighting and immune boosting.

and voila! extensive diet change, and a couple weeks of sugar withdrawl :( but it can get better you just have to persist and get your body into where it was/should be. I am lucky I caught this when i did, so many people suffer for 10 + years, when you DONT HAVE TO, you must put some time, effort, and little cash in this process.

Im so sorry for every that has this, i never knew that this happens to others, and i KNOW we can all get better.

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SOLUTION!!!, I tried to make an appointment but all the docotros in Nashville are booked solid. I did, however, find one that treats dyslexia.

Dirty old men need love too!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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It's a problem with our pancreas it can't digest sugars and carbs. Diet should be eggs , fish, chicken, and low carb veggies like cucumbers and avocados. You should take grapefruit seed extract to kill bacteria. No sugar NO flour NO carbs for a while . Good luck
go to docotro and get a glucose blood test

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well I have the same problem as a lot of you poor bastards out there. My problem is where my bunghole sweats when I am around people,(close proximity) workout, or sometimes just sitting down, and Iv'e also had the case where my pants smell sour. I know for a fact what causes my problem and i know the solution. Ive read a lot of people posting on this site that they have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which can be true but I don't have IBS. If you do have IBS then yes you should do the recommended things that people tell you to do like watch your diet etc.

Anyways I've suffered from this miserable disorder for 3 fucking years! It is horrible. I wont go into detail but yes, I have had shitty high school years. i haven't even graduated yet but I plan to. I've been made fun of relentlessly and have lost a lot of friends because of it. I used to be carefree and able to do anything without worry, anyway the solution!

If you people out there have sweaty ass syndrome SAS and it is brought on by being around people and being conscious about how you smell then I have the solution for you! Believe it when I say it is all caused by anxiety. Unfucking believable right! Most of you haven't had this problem all your lives it is all in your head. What it is is a mental thing.

It first started in my sophomore year. It starts out maybe someone making a comment but usually is in your subconscious. It is a habit in which your mind has grown accustomed to. It occurs in a part of your brain called the amygdala which is the same part of your brain which is responsible for addictive habits like cigarettes etc. The more you think about how you smell, the more conscious you are of it, and the worse it gets. You can break that habit. It takes practice and time butt once you're cured, you're cured for good.

I've personally found an anti anxiety program called the linden method which explains it all and am proud to say that I'm getting better everyday. If you want the easy way out like anti anxiety pills think again. They only mask the symptoms. Once you get off of them the SAS comes right back.

It's because the pills masks the symptoms, they don't cure shit! if you really want to cure your anxious thinking habits then you have to;
1.Stop visting everypractictioner you find.
2.Talk to your doctor about withdrawing any medication if you're taking any.
3.Stop researching your condition.
4.Stop talking about your condition.
5.Stop leaning on other people, only you can make yourself better.
6.Don't hold on to the memories of your condition, forget the past and look to the future

If you're at home watching a movie by yourself, or something similar, your SAS doesn't happen because your mind is completely focused on the movie and not thinking about how you smell. Stop accommodating your anxiety. Even if u don't want to go to work go, if you don't want to go to school go. You're the one who has the bad thinking habit which is usually something like what if they smell me? What if I embarrass myself again, well stop worrying because chances are everybody will prob know it's just rumors. you're not God, you can't control what people think, say , or feel. So if they say shit about you fuck em they're not you. They don't know what your going through, so just say to yourself, "later in life when I'm cured a year 6 months,fuck even one month, when I move away to a new town state or city guess what? clean slate." No one's going to know you. You're golden!! Your set.

The key is to break your old thinking habits and replace them with new ones. It works, try it for yourself. the only down side is time. The longer you wait the longer it usually takes to undo the habit process. Just think to yourself, have you ever been around someone your comfortable and your SAS doesn't flair up? Well its because you're subconscious mind isn't doing its same usual shit telling your self to be conscious of how you smell.

The key points are to truly forget that you have this problem, to have new non anxious habits, learn another language write a book about your life etc. Sounds hard I know. Its doesn't stop with your sweaty ass it is known to happen to people with they're pits too. Stinky pits, anything you are conscious about. But seriously look up the linden method, follow the 9 pillas and get ready to get better. Also doing the IBS diet does help but only because it limits your diet by taking out the crap food and therefore your intestines are functioning better, they are cleaner and flow freely and wont make your arse hole stink brcause there's no preservatives and processed foods which plug you up an take longer to digest. Foods which makes your butt smell. Well, this is the solution to your SAS anxiety problem. I don't have a solution for people with other problems like anal retention or whatever their problems are. I'm really sorry for everyone suffering and I feel for you, I know it fucking sucks but just remember stay stay strong and life compensates itself later on good luck!!

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k 500+ points

And don't forget to purchase the Kick-Ass Kegel Keeper. It keeps your cheeks clamped so the smell stays tamped.

My Billy Mays impression isn't quite as good as yours, PD.

When you say the word “poop,” your mouth makes the same motion your butthole does when pooping…
The same can be said for the phrase “explosive diarrhea.”

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Hey, guys! Long time reader, first time poster. Love the site. My buddy and I think we have discovered something known as "Chronic Sweets Syndrome" or simply CSS. This may occur when your farts and shits are sooo putrid, they actually cross over into that "sweet & sour" realm. Its the kind of odor that make you sneeze from singeing your nasal hairs. I recommend some spicy Indian food,some Budweisers and a couple bumps of cocaine as a desert/laxative. Enjoy!

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AC, don't forget to buy my video, "Kegeling to the Oldies"

Richard Simmons

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I am doing Kegel exercises. It is good. It can cure.

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2 suggestions.
Fecal impaction, and possible warts.

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hello my friend?
nas anybody found a cure??
i need to find
my friend was cured by probiotics?
do you think its good way?

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AnonGuy here again. I will repost my "solution" until someone acknowledges my existence! sells anti-flatulence pants (and, by extension, any malodorous output). Buy them. Mail them to someone else if you have to, say it's a gag gift, idk, but just do it. Someone can tell me to STFU if they want to, but I just want any kind of response. I'm trying to help! [I'm not affiliated with the company].

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Please read about kegel exercises. Very important. It can cure you.

Exercises can strengthen these muscles so that they once again give support. This will improve your bowel control and improve or stop leakage of gas or stool. Like any other muscles in the body, the more you use and exercise them, the stronger the sphincter muscles will be.
Learning to do the exercises
It is important to learn to do the exercises in the right way, and to check from time to time that you are still doing them correctly.
Sit comfortably with your knees slightly apart. Now imagine that you are trying to stop yourself passing wind from the bowel. To do this you must squeeze the muscle around the back passage. Try squeezing and lifting that muscle as tightly as you can, as if you are really worried that you are about to leak. You should be able to feel the muscle move. Your buttocks, tummy and legs should not move at all. You should be aware of the skin around the back passage tightening and being pulled up and away from your chair. Really try to feel this. You are now exercising your anal sphincter. You should not need to hold your breath when you tighten the muscles!
Now imagine that the sphincter muscle is a lift. When you squeeze as tightly as you can your lift goes up to the fourth floor. But you cannot hold it there for very long, and it will not get you safely to the toilet as it will get tired very quickly. So now squeeze more

Sphincter Exercises for people with Bowel Control Problems
gently, take your lift only up to the second floor. Feel how much longer you can hold it than at the maximum squeeze.
Practising your exercises
1. Sit, stand or lie with your knees slightly apart. Slowly tighten and pull up the sphincter muscles as tightly as you can. Hold tightened for at least five seconds, then relax for at least 10 seconds.
Repeat at least five times. This will work on the strength of your muscles.
2. Next, pull the muscles up to about half of their maximum squeeze. See how long you can hold this for. Then relax for at least 10 seconds.
Repeat at least five times. This will work on the endurance or staying power of your muscles.
3. Pull up the muscles as quickly and tightly as you can and then relax and then pull up again, and see how many times you can do this before you get tired. Try for at least five quick pull-ups.
4. Do these exercises - five as hard as you can, five as long as you can and as many quick pull-ups as you can - at least 10 times every day.
5. As the muscles get stronger, you will find that you can hold for longer than five seconds, and that you can do more pull-ups each time without the muscle getting tired.
6. It takes time for exercise to make muscle stronger. You may need to exercise regularly for several months before the muscles gain their full strength.
Tips to help you

At first it is probably a good idea to set aside some time for these exercises and really concentrate on getting them right. But quite soon they should become easy to do wherever you are. Nobody need know what you are doing!

Get into the habit of doing your exercises with things you do regularly - every time you touch water if you are a housewife, every time you answer the phone if you are at the office ..... whatever you do often.

If you are unsure that you are exercising the right muscle, put a finger on the anus as you squeeze to check. You should feel a gentle lift and squeeze if you are exercising the right muscle. Or look at the area in a mirror - you should see the anus pucker up as you squeeze it.

Use your muscles when you need them - pull up the muscles if you feel urgency and that you are about to leak. But remember that you cannot hold your tightest squeeze for very long, so you are better to use a gentler squeeze that you can hold for longer. Your control will gradually improve.

Sphincter Exercises for people with Bowel Control Problems

Watch your weight - extra weight puts extra strain on your muscles.

Once you have regained control of your bowel, don't forget your exercises. Continue to do them a few times each day to ensure that the problem does not come back.
Remember - you can do these exercises wherever you are - nobody need know what you are doing!

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