my ass really, really, really smells

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Stevey Stank Ass asks:

Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls. Now this problem I have made me drop out of college, lose girlfriends, and my friends are disgusted to hang out with me.

My problem is that all of a sudden my ass really started to stink even after a shower. I mean it smells like I shit myself or like I just took a shit and didn't bother to wipe my ass. I can asure that I don't shit myself and I wipe my ass until clean. I even tried that sphincterine stuff which seems not to work for me. This problem made me drop out of college to spare myself the embarassment and haven't gotten laid in a while which kills me because girls ask me why I don't want to hang out with them and the 'sick' excuse is getting quite old. I seriously have no idea what to do, it is really bothering me because I am ashamed just to go out of my house. It is weird because when I sit down it feels like theres shit in my ass but when I go to wipe nothings on the napkin and the sphincterine just blends with the smell. If you could please help me because now I just sit at home like a loser and cannot hang out with my friends without feeling ashamed.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the question!

Much as I hate to admit it, you are going to have to see your MD about this one. There are many causes of fecal odor--constipation being one. Other causes may be anatomic considerations. Examples include rectal prolapse, weakness of the anal sphincter or decreased rectal compliance. (I hate it when my rectum doesn't comply, don't you?)

Your doctor might consider doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy to inspect the colon and anus. Other tests you may want to discuss with your MD include an endorectal ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities or anorectal manometry to evaluate for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that intake of vitamin K can control fecal odor, but I don't have any information on this.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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I have had people comment about me saying i smell like tuna, or fish. I am a 20 yr old male and thus i was perplexed as fishy smells are ussually associated with the vagina. I have noticed that the my ass feels wet and thats when people may comment about me smelling. being in uncomfortable situations makes me feel like i smell as well. not enough people have told me that i stink to make me think too much more about fixing a disorder but being told it on several different occassions makes me worry. so i think after hearing aboutTRIMETHYLAMINURIA thats what i might have but i am going to study this more, i wiill get back to you later. Also if any girl who has this disorder who is 18- 22 wants to hook up ;-P

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My ass never smells. My nose does.

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Thank you Mr. Lipshitz

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Lipshitz is really an alias for dirty Sanchez.

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check out the site below. I think the odour problem may be due to an ulcer and possibly haemorrhoids - The ulcer causing the bad breath and the haemorrhoids causing the complications down under.

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Okay, so looks like other people suffer from something similar, but seems like nobody I know does.

Like most people, I (try to) take pride in my hygiene, doing everything I can to be "clean". I wipe and wipe until the paper is red with blood, and then I put on powder, but I still smell. Sometimes it's worse and sometimes it's better, but I try to avoid leather couches on a hot summer day like the plague.

It's so embarrassing, I was called out on my odor by a friend and a family member in front of a whole group of people. They actually bent down to sniff where I had been sitting, crinkled their nose and looked at me and went, "Ewwwwwwww!" While everybody stopped to observe this happening. I wanted to curl up and die.

Like I don't know that I smell.

So what could be causing this?

Well, there could be many factors. I do know this started in college...a time when, like I've heard elsewhere, your diet becomes absolutely TERRIBLE.

I have since tried eating healthier and exercising, and although I'm overweight, I've got a good beer gut but I'm not obese.

So what are the solutions? I guess seeing a gastroenterologist?

I went to a family doctor once for a solution, and when I asked he seemed to kind of get nervous, wouldn't look me in the eye and told me to try changing to an antibacterial soap.

Of course his body language didn't help assure me, but I tried the soap, and although it helped a teeny bit, I still have the problem.

I have heard a lot of ideas...but does any one have any "success" stories of what actually WORKED? Not something that they "tried" but tried and it did the job?

Frustrated and stinkin' up L.A.

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O man Im not sure what I have just what I was/am going through...between light blood on tissue paper and smell so bad you hope the wind doesnt pick up...I was freaked the f out. Mom told me im being ocd...well I called my doctor rather then him see me eye to eye...Smell is bacteria he said which may be due to not wiping correctly...(i did) So I decided to kill the bacteria with neosporin. After a shower or poop I put on a generous great.

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My ass has been smelling for about 5 years. But I may have found something that may help me and others. In our asses , we got muscles as there as well and it may be that those muscles do not function well. The muscles I am talking about are called PC MUSCLES , the same muscles used to lift your penis up and interrupt the urine while pissing. I have been exercising those muscles but not long enough to notice a difference. Check it out everyone.

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I was wondering when Mr. Lifto would stop by and grace us with his presence.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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Hmm, LA_STINKER just reminded me of one solution. I'm sure all you guys tried it before, but I'll just say it anyways for common knowledge sake. Anyway, this probably won't work for LA Stinker since I don't have the same problem with blood.

****Don't do what I did****
I forgot about it because it was so long ago. I didn't know anything about cleansing because the internet was still in the beginning stages. Long ago, I got a box of mangos, you know how they sell the mangos in a box. I ate that for a whole week and blasted the toilet away into toilet heaven. Eating mango is kind of similar to the cleansing program that also takes a week and you fast and cleanse yourself with their recipe. I did that, but then there's a catch, I started the new diet after that because I was dirt broke and my friend and I had to go onto a poor man's diet, which only consists of a small amount of meat (a few pieces only) or no meat (no dairy either), just flavoring from the meat and a whole lot of vegetables. I ate that from then on and whenever i got hungry, i just ate more vegetables. After a few weeks, everyone in the whole place stopped harrassing me about stinking and people weren't running away from me anymore. I even made friends with the people who used to make fun of me, they turned out to be nice people. Anyway, a few years pass by and I went back onto eating lots of meat and WHAM, the problem comes back with a vengeance! I mean big time.

Risks: I didn't want to tell you guys about this because it's not a sustainable solution.

Especially for young people, cutting out meat and dairy from their diet could stunt their growth. They'd have to live the rest of their lives being short and small.

I regret doing that, I became a toothpick because I was already skinny before that, so I became even more skinny after the diet. I had no energy for anything.

Cutting out meat also causes confusion and distraction. Similar to having ADD. It takes double the amount of time to learn something and waste double the amount of time doing simple tasks.

So, in return for not smelling and not being harrassed, I lost my time and possibly stunted my growth for the rest of my life. Those are the greatest assets a young person could have: time and growth - I gave it all away. That's why I started eating meat again and prefering to stink. But that was a solution and it worked, and you know I'm not exaggerating about stinking extremely.

I hope none of you guys do this and mess your life up.

In the meantime, I will remain silent yet deadly while i research on Gastroenterology. I'm looking for something sustainable.

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Umm, I said I ate little or no meat, but now I'm remembering that I ate egg. It's hard to remember because I was always starving so much all the time back then. It's amazing I survived on that little food. I could have starved to death back then.

hehe, Dirty Sanchez...

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Dog, whoever told you that you can be stunted from not eating meat meant that you can be stunted from not eating protein. Many people raise their children vegan today (no meat or dairy), and they are not only healthier than the national averages, they are just as big as children raised on meat diets.

You could have eaten spinach, kale, soy, beans, nuts, and other types of foods to get protein, omega 3's, and iron. If your vegetarian diet worked for you, maybe you should go back to it better informed this time. The problem wasn't a lack of meat, it was a lack of balancing. I wish you luck in the anti stank chase.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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hey guys, for those worried about the fishy smell, it might be a build up of smegma under the foreskin of your penis (it looks like white, kinda cheasy stuff). serioulsy, that was my problem. i cleaned under there and the fish smell instantly went away. i still smell like farts though. need to figure out a solution to sweaty ass...

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Holy horseshit Aunty Em. We sure as hell ain't in Kansas no more. Funny site but WOW! They's some messed up people out there.

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Long time sufferer, short-time reader. This forum has put me on a path to ass-betterment, I think. My first appointment with a gastroenterologist since late 2002 is next Friday. The 2002 visit led to a colonoscopy which found nothing. I got some sweet pictures though. As I write this, an essay I’ve struggled to find the nerve to write for years, the pinkie knuckle of my right hand is band-aided from hitting a wall very hard. I’ve had another breakdown tonight. These last couple weeks have been more than bad – they’re the worst ever. The number of freakouts I’m experiencing after horrifyingly messy and uncleanable bowel movements has really shot up. There is no more normalcy for me – I have completely lost my faith that this is controllable and not in need of medical guidance. I have tried everything – shitting into my commode like an Asian (crouching asstiger or whatever), fiber regiments (Metamucil capsules, and yes, lots of water, always), quitting coffee (for a long time I thought this was the #1 reason for my problem - may still be, but I can’t give it up), Imodium to toughen up my feces (typically ends up getting too tough, making it harder to pass)……then I found this website by doing a desperate Google search. I know I have hemorrhoids – I feel my asshole shitting itself out when I have a bowel “movement.” Here is how is goes down: I sit down, I begin to extrude a healthily-diameter package of doo, things are looking good, the birds are twittering and it’s generally like a dryer sheet commercial (can you tell I miss normal pooping?)…..I am eliminating wastage like any normal human shitter for about90% of the process…….but at some “critical” point, usually towards the end, and this is effectively every time I shit, my asshole seizes up and pinches off the bulk of the stool. The delivery is compromised. It truly feels like “seizing,” that’s the best word I can find for it. And it’s unstoppable and *gradual*, because I feel it coming on, and then (whatever it is) happens in about 1 second. This pretty much always results in a terribly messy situation that I must combat with Balneol (I literally have not shat without it since I found it in 2003) or watered-down TP. I am aware of dietary effects on stool consistency and I know the things that cause loose stools for me (beer [quit], coffee, rich deserts, greasy food, cheesy stuff, etc…). When I found Imodium I thought I was cured, because at that point I figured that the only problem was the poopsistency. But that’s not true. I took too much the last couple of days and got more constipated, making it harder to pass, so when I really strain down and try to eliminate (I used to avoid this but now it seems necessary because I feel when there are incomplete passages of shite), it’s just as bad. I’ve seen poop ribbons in my toilet bowl, very thin streams that comes out when the seizure of my starfish ensues. My ass is collapsing. No other way around it, right?

In the last year or so I have become terrified that I have FBO, as it’s coined here. I’ve heard the comments from people over the years enough times to realize it’s not all in my head. I catch whiffs of it sometimes. I know it’s not as bad as the worst stories told on here – but it’s still every bit as devastating and crushing when it happens less frequently than daily. A lot of it still *is* in my head, namely because I am conscious every second of the day that I might smell like shit and not be able to smell it. It is true that the olfactory system will not smell one’s own ass-smell. This confounds me, because the evolutionary reason for crap to smell bad is to alert the brain that hey, something’s not right down here, some wipeage please, it’s not healthy to not wipe your ass, etc. It’s an automating response by the system to stay healthy. So why, if I can smell my own farts, and the odor from my BM’s, can I not smell an overall odor of “ass-smell” that I am mortified surrounds me on a daily basis? The worst part is that if people are aware of this, and they assume (as one might) that it results from an uncleaned ass, then bugger-all, that’s the worst irony of it all. Because my ass-cleaning routine is downright obsessive, it is always worrisome, and I put as much effort as I humanly *can* into making sure my shit is not caking my crack. Now I am constantly worried that if I don’t clean enough, I will smell. But after reading a lot of these posts it worries me that indeed, this smell is not cleanable. It’s a defect in the plumbing! LONG TERM CONSTIPATION? Is that it? Do I need a fucking colonic? I don’t know if I’m strong-willed enough for that!! I’m trained as a scientist so lately I’ve really been trying to figure this motherfucker of a malady out. I know this: When the “seizing” happens, my pooptube is shrinking down, making it more difficult to squeeze out the offending party/ies. Also, when this happens it’s more difficult to pass urine. Lately that’s getting worse too. Is my prostate gland causing this? Seems like it could be. Anyway, once I really started freaking about this smell factor, I started another desperate ploy in my “cleanup” routine – essentially covering a well-wrapped amount of TP with gobs of this Balneol stuff and, well……wiping away at the exit wound then inserting it pass the borderline, as one MJK might say. I came to figure that if my shitting problem was leading to a smell of poop, then there truly IS a definite amount of fecal matter getting stuck in my passageway when the pinch-offs occurred. So I figured all I could do is push it back up with my TP-shielded middle finger to avoid smelling like feces as a result of incomplete evacuation that I cannot control. I’m starting to think that this method has made my situation worse. In these last few weeks, with my emotional breakdowns increasing and harm coming to my gorgeous hands (?), I’ve stepped outside of myself a bit and seen how urgent it is for me to seek help from a specialist. I’m just really scared that it won’t be easy to find a very good ass doctor who can immediately realize that I have a very unique situation that needs very rigorous analysis. Huh huh, anal. Anyway, one week to go. We’ll see if I nailed it and found a wonderboy who can cure me off the bat. I might have him read this essay, or perhaps a variation of it (sorry it took so long, but I’m gambling that it’s an entertaining/enlightening read). I just want to be able to have those old blissful bowel movements where everything is normal and there is not a monstrosity of a hemorrhoid forcing my asshole to shred apart anything that comes its way. I have found a lot of wisdom here – thank you collectively, it really has put me on a path to ass-betterment. I hope the journey is short and effective. I hope this triggers more positive conversation about our issues. For the record, I’m 29 and have had ass issues since 20-21 or so (never this bad though). I’m otherwise healthy, and I work out daily and eat sensibly. Like another poster I also had a pilonidal cyst removed (in 2000), though I don’t think that is necessarily related. I remember the doctor who removed it (fucking **ouch**) telling me that the cyst was like a “riverbed” under the skin, and that it might return one day. The cyst was right at the top of my ass crack, not near the hole. But could that have caused damage to my asshole that has now made it want to poop itself out every time my body tries to expel waste? Maybe. Also, I do smoke weed. Nightly, moreso on weekends. I’m a functional pothead with a well-paying, scientifically intense day job. The other day I startled myself by thinking “what if that’s it?!” But at this point, ANYTHING could be “it.” But I need to be inspected by a specialist because at the very worst, something dreadful could be underneath all this. Or, optimistically, maybe there a simple fix. Please let it be that. I can’t see myself living my life like this. Thanks for reading.


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Update. I woke up this morning knowing that I probably had residual stink from last night's episode. I sat on the toilet but nothing happened. As I usually do at times like these, when I am intensely paranoid that there is shit just beyond "the borderline," I rolled up some TP and instead of Balneol, used some Curel lotion, which has more lubrication. When I did this, something incredibly disturbing happened. I could FEEL a bunch of shit up there, and I could actually feel myself pushing it up. So now I have indispootible proof (to my mind) that my asshole IS clenching off and trapping fecal matter just behind the asshole. This is the reason for my odor problem. I lost my mind again and had another quasi-nervous breakdown, and used my left hand this time to punch the bathroom door. This time all four of my knuckles got torn up. There a red circle about half the area of a dime on my middle knuckle. I had to call in sick to work because I did not want to be seen with bloody knuckles, and oh yeah, there's still shit just beyond my anus that I can't shit out. I tried again to no avail. I feel the distinct sensation of turdacious presense down there and I can't do anything about it but sit here and weep like a fucking child. I'm losing my mind. . This really is becoming a nervous breakdown situation. I called the Gastroenterology office to see if I could get in there sooner. One week feels like a year at this point. I'm terrified of what the coming days have in store for me. I'm terrified of shitting again. I'm terrified of leaving the house. Has it gotten this bad for any of you?


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I have spent hours reading these posts and I feel for each and everyone one you because I
know exactly how it feels. I'm so down right now cause i don't know how long i will be able to take this. I'm 20 now in college but barely hanging on to my grades because i miss class to avoid ridicule. I was perfectly fine in high school, i graduated salutatorian. ironically i wanted to become a doctor since high school but i dont know how im gonna keep up with my studies when i can't concentrate in lecture but instead sitting in the back of the class super-cognitive of others reactions. My parents can't detect any odor and neither can my cousins and a few of my family members. Some symptoms as earlier described includes a feeling of sweat running down my anus. I have this warm sensation down there. It is especially triggered when I sit down(maybe I'm assuming that but thats how it feels). Also maybe stress triggers my sweat glands to increase sweat which makes this stench worse. Anyways I think there are two diseases I can narrow this down to which are trimethylaminuria or an anal fistula, Im leaning more towards the first since many mentioned this feeling of leaking something although there not being anything there when wiping.

Here some is some info:

Trimethyaminuria, also known as Fish Odor Syndrome, Fish Malodor Syndrome and Stale Fish Syndrome, is a metabolic disorder in which an individual is not able to break down trimethylamine, the compound that gives fish their fishy odor, into smaller compounds. Consequently, trimethylamine accumulates in the body and is then released in the person's sweat, urine and breath, giving off a strong fishy odor.

If you think you suffer from Trimethyaminuria, the Human BioMolecular Research Institute offers testing for this disorder.

It is said that if this compound that causes this fishy odor is in slightly smaller doses then it smells like fart, if in high doses then fishy.

Here is a very helpful science article from an earlier post about it: please click and read it!!

Here is the other disease I think might be it but I'm more skeptical about this one:

An anal fistula is an abnormal connection between the epithelialised surface of the anal canal and (usually) the perianal skin. (See definition of a fistula).

Anal fistulae originate from the anal glands, which are located between the two layers of the anal sphincters and which drain into the anal canal. If the outlet of these glands becomes blocked, an abscess can form which can eventually point to the skin surface. The tract formed by this process is the fistula.

Abscesses can recur if the fistula seals over, allowing the accumulation of pus. It then points to the surface again, and the process repeats.

Anal fistulas per se do not generally harm and they often do not hurt, but they can be irritating because of the pus-drain; additionally, recurrent abscesses may lead to significant short term morbidity from pain, and create a nidus for systemic spread of infection.

Surgery is considered essential in the decompression of acute abscesses; repair of the fistula itself is considered an elective procedure which many patients elect to undertake due to the discomfort and inconvenience associated with a draining tract.

* 1 Symptoms
* 2 Diagnosis
* 3 Treatment
o 3.1 Treating active infection
o 3.2 Definitive Treatment
* 4 External links

[edit] Symptoms

Anal fistulae can present with many different symptoms:

* Pain
* Discharge - either bloody or purulent
* Pruritus ani - itching
* Systemic symptoms if abscess becomes infected

[edit] Diagnosis

Diagnosis is by examination, either in an outpatient setting or under anaesthesia (referred to as EUA - Examination Under Anaesthesia). The examination can be an anoscopy.

Possible findings:

* The opening of the fistula onto the skin may be seen
* The area may be painful on examination
* There may be redness
* An area of induration may be felt - thickening due to chronic infection
* A discharge may be seen
* It may be possible to explore the fistula using a fistula probe (a narrow instrument) and in this way it may be possible to find both openings of the fistula

[edit] Treatment

There are several stages to treating an anal fistula:

[edit] Treating active infection

Some patients will have active infection when they present with a fistula, and this requires clearing up before definitive treatment can be decided.

Antibiotics can be used as with other infections, but the best way of healing infection is to prevent the buildup of pus in the fistula, which leads to abscess formation. This can be done with a seton - a length of suture material looped through the fistula which keeps it open and allows pus to drain out. In this situation, the seton is referred to as a draining seton.

[edit] Definitive Treatment

Definitive treatment of a fistula aims to stop it recurring. Treatment depends on where the fistula lies, and which parts of the anal sphincter it crosses.

There are several options:

* Doing nothing - a drainage seton can be left in place long-term to prevent problems. This is the safest option although it does not definitively cure the fistula.
* Conversion to a cutting seton - this involves a similar process to a draining seton but the suture is tied tightly. This gradually cuts through the muscle and skin involved, leaving behind a small area of scarring. This cures the fistula in most cases, but can cause incontinence in a small number of cases, mainly of flatus (wind).
* Lay-open of fistula-in-ano - this option involves an operation to cut the fistula open and let it heal naturally. This cures the fistula but leaves behind a scar, and can cause problems with incontinence. This option is not suitable for complex fistulae, or those that cross the entire anal sphincter.
* Fibrin glue injection is a method explored in recent years, with variable success. It involves injecting the fistula with a biodegradable glue which should, in theory, close the fistula from the inside out, and let it heal naturally. This method is perhaps best tried before all others since, if successful, it avoids the risk of incontinence, and creates minimal stress for the patient.
* Fistula plug is an "advanced" version of the fibrin glue method. It involves "plugging" the fistula with a "plug" made of porcine small intestine submucosa (sterile, biodegradable), fixing the plug from the inside of the anus with suture, and, again, letting the fistula heal "naturally" from the inside out. According to some sources, the success rate with this method is as high as 80%.
* Endorectal advancement flap is a procedure in which the internal opening of the fistula is identified and a flap of mucosal tissue is cut around the opening. The flap is lifted to expose the fistula, which is then cleaned and the internal opening is sewn shut. After cutting the end of the flap on which the internal opening was, the flap is pulled down over the sewn internal opening and sutured in place. The external opening is cleaned and sutured. Success rates are variable and high recurrence rates are directly related to previous attempts to correct the fistula.
* Anal Fistula Plug is a recently developed method known as AFP. This treatment requires placement and fixing of a plug in the anal fistula by a special technique. The plug is made of highly sophisticated absorbent material; it provides a scaffold over which body’s collagen gets deposited and closes the fistula. Comparative studies have shown this method to be very effective. One advantage of this method is that it involves no cutting, so there is no post operative wound and pain. AFP plugs can sometimes be inserted under local anesthesia. This method can be used successfully to treat high fistula without colostomy. It does not carry any risk of bowel incontinence. As opposed to the staged operations, which may require multiple hospitalizations, AFP requires hospitalization for only about 24 hours. The success rate of AFP is better than the other procedures. AFP was approved for clinical use by the FDA in May 2005 and hundreds of procedures have been done since then.

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I just had an incredible AHA moment. I chew Orbit gum every day. I had heard previously that sorbitol can cause IBS-like symptoms, but until now, it never really clicked. I chew it EVERY DAY! I am clinging on to this in a bad way, that quitting gum will fix my problem. Will keep this forum posted!

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By "until now" I meant after stumbling across this sites:

SO....ask yourselves....who here chews sorbitol-containing gum every day????

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How is trimethylaminuria treated?

There is currently no cure for trimethylaminuria. However, it is possible for people with this condition to live normal, healthy lives. The following are some ways a person with trimethylaminuria can lower symptoms of odor:

* Avoiding foods containing trimethylamine and its precursors (choline, lecithin and trimethylamine N-oxide).
* Trimethylamine is present in high levels in milk obtained from wheat-fed cows
* Choline is present in high amounts in:

o Eggs
o Liver
o Kidney
o Peas
o Beans
o Peanuts
o Soy products
o Brassicas (brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower)
o Lecithin and lecithin-containing fish oil supplements

* Trimethylamine N-oxide is present in seafood (fish, cephalopods, crustaceans). Freshwater fish have lower levels of trimethylamine N-oxide.
* Taking low doses of antibiotics to reduce the amount of bacteria in the gut. This suppresses the production of trimethylamine.
* Taking laxatives can decrease intestinal transit time and reduce the amount of trimethylamine produced in the gut.
* Taking supplements to decrease the concentration of free trimethylamine in the urine.
* Activated charcoal taken at a dose of 750mg twice daily for ten days. Copper chlorophyllin taken at a dose of 60mg three times a day after meals for three weeks.
* Using soaps with a moderate pH, between 5.5 and 6.5. Trimethylamine is a strong base (pH 9.8), thus soaps with pH closer to that of normal skin help retain the secreted trimethylamine in a less volatile form that can be removed by washing.
* Taking riboflavin (vitamin B2) supplements to enhance any residual FMO3 enzyme activity. Recommended intake is 30-40mg taken 3-5 times per day with food.
* Avoiding factors that promote sweating, such as exercise, stress, and emotional upsets.

It is important that a person who has trimethylamuinuria follow the treatment advice of their health care provider. They should not attempt to self-administer these treatment approaches. Medications and supplements can have unintended interactions, and dietary restrictions can result in nutritional deficits. Choline is essential for nerve and brain development in fetuses and infants, therefore, pregnant and breast-feeding women should consult with their health care provider before restricting their dietary choline.

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So the evidence for an inverse relationship is mounting: if it comes out reluctantly from one end, then it ushers from the other in great abundance.


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Some of you posters leaving such long and in depth comments should submit these for front page stories instead. You might reach more people who don't take the time to read the coment threads.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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i have the same prob as you guys. but i had a difficult childhood; i hated to go to the loo, for days( can u believe that?). i dont know when the smell started, but I am 21 today and it has not gonr. i have rashes on the inside of my leg as well. i went to see a doc, he told me to stay off onion and ginger, wear cotton, take bath twice a day, change my inners, and gave me a couple of tablets...BUT NUTHIN WORKED!!! am goddamn tired of this. someone plz plz help me...

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This site (and this thread in particular) is a real revelation - it's reassuring to know that I'm not alone - but is this really the first post of 2008? If only the problem would just go away with the New Year...
Anyway, this is a problem I have suffered from for at least a decade although I can't remember when exactly it started. I know the odour is partly aggravated by a minor haemmorhoid, hopefully soon to be removed. I tried using spray-on deodorant but that caused more anal irritation than it was worth. My latest discovery is a talc mixed with zinc powder and allantoin called Cuticura (here in the UK - the same or similar product may be marketed under a different name in the US). It says that it can 'provide personal freshness' (which as we all know is marketing code for stopping odors from places the manufacturers don't want to spell out on the packaging) and I find it pretty effective, applied generously after showering. However, I appreciate that this is only a treatment for a symptom, not a cure. I think the real problem is an underlying one of diet. I am also very prone to flatulence, sometimes involuntary, which at times is as socially embarrassing as the anal odour. I suspect the two are related through bad diet, bad eating habits, lifestyle, etc. Does anyone have a view on this; and any more specific advice on what/what not to eat to avoid flatulence? Thanks.

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To the person who posted about sorbitol causing gut problems. Right on. This is well know. I discovered when, after consuming sorbitol sweetened mints over a period of days (I was trying to quit smoking), I found myself with the worst case of gas I've ever had. I mean, I farted, great thunderous claps for 48 hours continuously. This happened on a couple more occassions, and I finally made the correlation. Cutting out sorbitol eliminated the problem.

I've read that mannitol, another artificial sweetner, can cause similar results. And to tell you the truth, Splenda does not agree with me, either, and I avoid it, as well. I pretty much have concluded that synthesized molecules for sweetening are a bad idea, at least for me.

A student of all things stinky, I endeavor to document all that which is foul and smarmy.

A student of all things stinky, I endeavor to document all that which is foul and smarmy.

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I don't want to say I'm "glad" that there are people out there besides me who may suffer from this, but I just came across this site recently because I believe I smell bad, and thought my life was over when I found out. People around me asking who farted, or whatever, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! This is what you have to do, condition yourself to NOT CARE, write down possitive reinforcement questions, you have to go on with your life, you have to fight the shame. Everyone has liabilities, and life is about stepping forward while others stand still. And i'll tell you what, I'm not gonna stand still and just not go out because I may stink. Then I'll be a stinking loser, no pun intended. I'm gonna do what I have to do, go to school, go out, have a good time, and NOT CARE what others may think or say. This caused me to drop out of college because I was a different person before, I let it get to me, but I've grown from it and I don't let it get to me anymore, you gotta find ways to relax and not care and forget about it. Be strong, and fight the good fight versus shame, because there's no guilt because it's not something you do deliverately, it's something that happened to you, and obviously it has happened to others, and just keep living and not being a loser, it's easier said than done but I've said it and I've done it myself. I stopped going to classes at a NICE university but I'm getting back on my feet and going back to school and I'm doing great! Good luck to everyone and best wishes for everyone including me.

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I too suffer from this, and have yet to find a cure! All I will say, speaking from medical experience (as I am a med student) is that blocking all sweat in the anal region, does not eliminate the odour- to my knowledge it has NO effect on reducing the odour at all. Try applying Driclor or Maxim (AlCl-) to the regions that are perspiring- and it will completely stop all sweat secretions, but the odour will still remain. This indicates that the smell is not synonymous with sweat. I believe it is either flatulence, candida OR this "leaky gut syndrome" although I can't see any evidence proving this latter syndrome exists. My suggestion would be to look into acquiring drugs which reduce the volume of flatus in the system AND means which reduce the odour of flatus. My recommendations aren't the answers to our problems- they may alleviate the problem, but I think something far more sinister is happening here. One thing I would need is information on EVERYONE on this thread, so I could find conditions which correlate (however mundane, the problem most likely lies in something everyone has over looked, otherwise a cure would have been found) A big theory of mine is that this odour- as real as it certainly is, is somehow being induced physiologically, either through stress or anxiety, this is producing the odour and then the presence of the odour is producing a depression, and this depression is inducing severe mental responses from some individuals on this thread, such as suicidal contemplation. So you see how its an impacting chain reaction? If this is the case, then anti-depressants would totally cure us of our problem!
Good luck to you all though, and I greatly appreciate the responses im seeing on this thread, certainly puts our problem into perspective!

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what are u saying is extremely right and thats what i thought of!

i dont think we have TMAU nor leaky gut cause i dont think holes in the colon might only create a bad odor there are other implications and problems that are severe in that case like ulcers and inflamation due to the reaction of immune system.

about Candida it might be the reason but damn we are totaly fine we dont have any symptoms guys we are superbly healty.

IBS is created by stress and anxiety bcs of the smell.

Maybe because of too much stress!our anal muscles near the rectum have somehow loosened
in this case the poop will pass this area immediately and localize near the anus which create the smell!Bacteria secreation in this area also sensitive or sweaty skin or irritation.
Stressed Rectum! relaxed Anus! + IBS worsen symptoms
what do you think?

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it really is strange to see that so many other people have such a problem. I've never met one in real life, but I guess I take some sort of comfort in knowing that there are others out there who knows how it feels to only be living half a life, if that.

for me, the smell only comes from my ass. no matter how often I wash it, it just stinks like shit. typically I have diarrhea every day. on the VERY rare occasional I don't have diarrhea (and I mean once a month if i'm lucky), the smell is GREATLY decreased. but then it always comes RIGHT back as soon as I'm spewing out butt mud again.

I always have that feeling like I still have to go, even after I just spent 20 minutes shitting my brains out. my ass usually burns all day long, and sweats like crazy. the rest of my body usually smells perfectly fine. I can even go a day or two without deodorant and my pits smell like lemons, but no matter what, fresh out of the shower, my ass smells like a fucking septic tank.

so far there hasn't been a single thing I've tried that has helped in the least. and of course, the doctor I mustered up the courage to talk to about it was entirely useless. he gave me a strange look, a colonoscopy, and some medicine for cramping (?) which did absolutely nothing except give me cramps.

:'( luckily I never have anyone say anything to me about my smell, or complain about a smell in the room, or anything like that, but maybe it's just because I go through extreme measures to keep my ass far, far away from their noses.

dunno, I'm just gonna keep praying for a real cure, I guess. :'(

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Okay, one question I'd like to ask many people have IBS? If you have IBS and notice this smell then it would be logical to assume the 2 are related. If anyone has this smell and does not suffer from IBS in the slightest- then please let me know.

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I think I might have Irritable Bastard Syndrome.

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AC, I dont think the smell is related to the IBS. Before I got my (alleged) IBS, my shit stunk as bad as anybody elses. Since I kept myself clean, I never really smelled outside the bathroom. Now, the consistency, and frequency have changed, but the smell is almost non-existent. I'm not sure why my shit doesn't stink anymore, but nobody around me is complaining.

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hi everyone. iv had this problem for 2 years now i was recently dating a girl and i met her for a drink in a bar. it was going well until she found out that i stink now no girls will go out with me. its ruining my life please help.

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Stop eating all that chili and curry. Sounds like you have got the gingangoolies or Delhi Belly. Perhaps try a bung and glue to limit the methane discharge. Otherwise the police might visit you, worried about you becoming a mobile bioweapon.

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I believe that IBS is related to this. Im studying medicine at the minute at university, and there seems to be an alarming frequency of IBS sufferers present here! Logic dictates that there COULD be a correlation here. It's not certain as I haven't seen any evidence or done any experiments to prove this theory, but the figures seem present. If I may ask, could people start listing the exact foods they take (and the approximate volume/mass) so that I can see if any of these foods correlate. It would be interesting to see if we all have a very similar diet, or that one particular food is predominate with us sufferers. I could then present this information in the form of a report and really get some progress made into this problem (and possibly IBS) So please, tomorrow, can you all write down your food intakes and present it to me on here, in a clear fashion. Help me to help you! (which in turn helps me!)

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Im not sure if I stink, but my ass does start sweating when I sit down and it does feel like leakage.. I goto the toilet and have a look and give a wipe, nothing there. I had a bad experience when I went on a wild party to a festival, came back to a party taking loads of exstasy all night and I got the sweaty feeling again while sitting down, coming down off the X. No1 said anything but windows and doors were opened maybe I was being paranoid? I have noticed a bit of a stink in the morning after been asleep all night. I wash myself twice a day, so its not that. When I go out on a night out on the beer it seems to be at its worst in the morning, is everyone like that though, tend to smell like shit after being out on a wild one all night?? I also feel alot of presure in my anus, any1 get that??

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Ive had this problem now for about five yrs and the one concurring thing that i keep reading on the web is all this bullshit about diet and creams. I know people who live on mc donalds and dont smell like shit. All i keep reading is that there is no cure.

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That is not entirely accurate.

If you would have taken the time to read this thread, you'd find comments from people who have written in ecstatic that changing their diet or increasing their fiber intake has cured their stank ass. You'd have to do some seriously selective reading to avoid them.

The reason this thread exists here and has been commented on so many times is because this is one of the few places on the internet that people with this problem have found it as a topic. While it's more common than sufferers might have once thought, it's still not normal, and it's still not experienced by most people. So, of COURSE you have friends who eat a lot of McDonald's and don't have leaky asses. If everyone who ate McDonald's had a leaky ass, would McDonald's be in business?

If you haven't found a cure in the past five years, maybe it's time to go to a doctor and demand to have some tests run or get a colonoscopy instead of complaining that the suggested cures have not met your expectations. You might have a bigger problem than just a leaky butt. It's time to get real medical help.

Get some help and good luck.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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So im a 17y/o and a senior in high school. i never smelled i was always the one with cologne in my book bag. it creeped up on me one night at a big outting with friends. we were at the movies and my friends 3 seats down could smell it. we all cracked our jokes i didn't know the smell was comming from me until we left and i got in the car with some friends and the smell reappeared. i was so embarassed. now i dont know what to do. im new to this and i dont really want this to follow me to college. thats if i even make it out of high school on days that the smell is real bad i just wont go. i poop about once every 5 days and they don't smell too bad. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!

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I posted on here about 14 months ago, I'm cured. One thing, stop being stressed out, if your afraid of stinking around people, your likley to stink even worse, I don't know why, but thats the way it works.

2. Change your diet, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid fast food as much as possible, also use a lot of spices on your food like ginger, turmeric, garlic. Fresh spinach and carrots are a must, also beans are very good for you, I know beans sound counterproductive, but actually beans help a lot, black beans, kidney beans and soy beans are the best. Trust me with the beans, I know beans give you gas, but there good for you, and they help balance out the flora in your gut to what it should be.

3. Exercise, this is very important, a healthy diet will help clean you off toxins, but only exercise will sweat out all the toxins.

4. Don't worry about it, if you change your diet and exercise you'll be fine.

I've lost 20lbs since 14 months ago, and I don't smell like a poopy sweaty ass anymore, since I changed my diet and started to exercise.

Lastly, don't avoid people, step out of your comfort zone, even if you fear smelling bad, and talk to everybody you see, and don't avoid people. Plus do avoid processed foods as much as possible, the main goal is to eat fresh foods, canned foods are good as well, I use canned black beans, and green beans, and use fresh spinach, carrots, apples, oranges, and I eat half as much meat as I used to. You should cut down on meat, the way your stomach digest meat is too let it rot in your gut, so your stomach acids have an easier time to break the meat down while it rots, so yes cut the amount of meat you eat down and eat fresh healthy foods.

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I too had a severe sweating problem a while back.It most prevalant on the feet,underarms and anal area. The odor is usually coming from the apocrine glands which secrete oil with bacteria. The natural skin moisture or sweat can worsen the situation and give off an has nothing to due with hygiene.The primary cause for me was GAD - General Anxiety Disorder which became severe anxiety for me. Stress can cause the nerves under the sweat glands to become hyperactive, causing more sweating and stimulation of these glands. After a year of unbelievable trauma and humiliation, I found a few things that work, in addition to some therapy to help resolve the anxiety.

Clindamycin Phosphate 1% - this is an antibacterial gel that can be applied to the external anal area. It kills bacteria and is not oily or greasy. Need a prescription from a Dermatologist or Dr. This really works!!

For overall body odor my Derm recommended Zeasorb AF (super absorbent anti-fungal powder).This stuff is incredible. After showering, and your skin is completely dry, you can put this on all over your body. It kills bacteria on your skin that causes BO. Available at drugstores over-the-counter. It also has no perfume like many other powders.

Zinc and Magnesium supplements help also.

For fecal odor use chlorofresh liquid chlorophyll. It's used as an internal deodorant. 2 tablespoons with a meal work wonders. It's completely organic and made from alfalfa. Mint flavor tastes better. Your pooh will be a bit green, but it won't smell so bad.

Antibacterial soap also helps as well.

Wearing cotton clothes that absorb moisture is also a help. Moisture on your skin create a medium for any bacteria to grow.

Finally - you should see a doctor to make sure that it's not a medical problem (thyroid, kidney etc)

The Zeasorb, Clindamycin and Chlorofresh are incredible. They will save your sanity!!!

Hope this helps!!!

To  YDoIStink (not verified) -- 02.12.2008's picture

You poop once every 5 days!!!!! Most people go at least once a day. You may want to see a doctor!!!

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Actually eating too much meat and not enough fiber, might be the main cause of stinky ass syndrome. Eating too much meat and not enough fiber can cause constipation in people. Our bodies don't digest meat very well, and by the time meat has traveled through most of our digestive tract it is still not digested completly and begins to rot. People have weak stomach acid compared to carniverous animals, and we don't completly digest all the meat we eat, so in reality, if you have a diet which consists of 60% meat, a third of the crap you are shitting is un-digested rotting meat, and we all know rotting flesh is one of the most horrid smells. I'm not suggesting to stop eating meat, and go vegan. I love meat, but I only eat it once in awhile, and when I eat it, I eat a lot of vegetables with my meat to help digest it, plus if your going to continue to eat meat, and not expect to have Stank Ass syndrome, it would be wise to chew the meat you eat into a pulp so your stomach can digest it easier.

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If you guys wish to full understand the reasons about why we stink, here is an artical that will explain everything to you.

Its mainly processed foods, and red meat, that produce a lot of toxins in your body. Then if you wear anti-perspirant deodorant that clog up your sweat gland in your armpits, you will start sweating out of your ass more to realease all those toxins, and it will smell much worse.

Remember, red meat equals toxins, anti-perspirant under your arms will clog your sweat glands, so in turn you ass and crotch will start sweating more.

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So if you eat mostly red-meat, starchy bread, and cheese for your diet, smoke cigarettes, and clog up your armpits sweat glands from anti-perspirant, you will sweat all of the nasty toxins out of your ass and crotch sweat glands, and you will smell like shit, garbage, rotting meat, fish, or genreally like a land fill. So clean up your diet, clean out your insides with healthy food, quit smoking if you smoke, get some exercise, and use some deodarant that dosne't have anti-perspirant in it that clogs up your sweatglands.

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If you don't feel you can cut down on eating meat that much, at least cut down on eating cow, and pig, and fish, eat more chicken and turkey, and spice up the meat a lot, most spices you can put on your meat will help digest it faster. Pepper, garlic, cumin, curry, turmeric, ginger, red pepper, are all spices that help break down meat faster. Plus if you can't cut down on the meat you eat, besides using spices, chew the meat up into a fine pulp and eat fresh leafy green vegetables with your meat, this will speed up the process of digesting, eating meat slows your digestion down. Our bodies are not evolved to digest meat, we have the bodies of herbivores, the only reason we people eat meat, is because back when we we're evolving during the winter when all the fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and berries wern't there because the everything goes dormant in the winter, we learned how to make spears and stab bunnies and deer and what ever else we could kill and eat to help us make it through the winter.
I still like meat, and eat a little meat every few days, but nothing compared to the amount I used to eat. I used to live on hamburgers, lunch meat, steak, hot dogs, brats, cheese, white bread, fast food, frozen junk food, chips, and pizza. I still eat those things, but they aren't the food I live on, their like snacks I let myself eat once in awhile. I mostly eat beans, rice, carrots, corn, onion spinach, oranges, apples, chicken, turkey, cashews, almonds, walnuts, lettuce, celery, and peppers. It's also easier if you can learn to use fresh foods and cook for yourself. Like One day, I'll have red beans and rice with cajun spices, then the next day, I'll have black beans, rice, with carrots and chicken with curry spice. If you don't learn how to cook differnt meals with the same ingrideints eating healthy will get boring.

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Thanks, Doc, for the reminder that we have to really work at things to keep them from becoming boring.


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....bunnyhugger enters the room....

Stabbing bunnies? Not my bunnies. No one's going to be shivving my bunnies now or anytime soon. They've gone to the mattresses, joined forces with the raccoons. I found two of them with a cache of Molotov cocktails and about 40,000 semi-automatic rounds. They're wired, on edge, and they're out of rufies.

They're the renegade bunnies. My crowd.

P.S. Just kidding Dr. Wad. Welcome to Poopreport! But watch out for the renegade bunnies nonetheless. muwahahahahaha.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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For God's sake, I can't believe there have been almost 400 replies to this. Everytime I get on this site this is one of the most recent comments. For chrissakes, wipe your ass. Use soap and water if you have to. Just please go to another topic.

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Mr. Postman I echo your sentiments about the soap and water, however I believe that if it takes 400 posts to save 1 smelly ass, then it is worth it. Just imagine you are in a movie theater or on a flight and the person next to you has to get up to use the bathroom. They pass you with their ass mere centimeters from your face. That may be that one person. You will never know for sure, but PR will have saved you a most unpleasant experience.

PR, making the world better, one smelly ass at a time.

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