recurring blood in poop

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Leah asks,

I have had poop in my blood from mid-December last year to the beginning of March. When pooping it was VERY painful... so much so that I literally cringed even at the thought of pooping. Anyways, I finally went to the doctor to see what was up. She did her probe and declared me perfectly healthy, but gave me some medication to see if it would reduce the pain and the blood. It did. But since I've discontinued the use, I've started to poo blood again and it hurts a LOT. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?

Poonurse responds:

Do you have poop in your blood, or blood in your poop? Very different problems.

If you have the former, I would say you are in deep doo-doo, no pun intended. It is very hard to get poop out of your blood.

If the problem is the latter, I would advise you to start back on the medication your doctor gave you for this problem. See if you can't find out what the ACTUAL NAME of your condition is, from your REAL DOCTOR. This would go a long way towards helping me give you some advice.

Let me know what it is when you find out, and I'll see if I can offer any help.

Leah writes back,

The medication my doctor gave me is called Proctomyxin HC. I was to apply it morning and night and after every poop for ten days. I did all of this as instructed. My doctor thought it was a cut that I had "in there." The medication started to work, but not after one huge poop of blood. It was on my poop, I think, although I didn't excatly pick up my poop and open it up. After this terrifying incident, it went away -- both the pain and the blood. It stoped for the duration of my ten days, and I was a happy pooper. Since then, I've discontinued the medication (as instructed), but the blood has now returned, along with the pain. But, if this makes sense, the pain has moved to a different area in my rectum. But it hurts just as much!

Dear Leah,

As you know, I am not a doctor. But it sounds like you possibly could have a rectal fissure, which is like a tiny tear in the lining of the rectum. It can cause pain and rectal bleeding such as you describe.

But I must tell you that beyond following a high fiber diet and drinking tons of water (these make the poop easier to pass and less likely to keep irritating your rectum), you REALLY NEED to go back to the butt doctor and report that your symptoms have returned.

If you have a family doctor treating you, ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist. They specialize in these kinds of problems. But do go back.

Thanks for asking Poonurse!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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about an hour ago when I wiped I found blood very small only 2-5 mm big is this bad or Am I rubbing too hard causing wear and tear it just happened 45 min ago just the first time

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hey , i`m 15 years old and every time i wipe i see a little blood not much tho. Is this normall or should i go to the doctor or am i sick?

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This is a poop HUMOR site; NOT a medical help site! Even Poonurse (may she rest in peace) was intended to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek (maybe not the best analogy here, but...):

You poor, benighted masses: Blood in your stools is NEVER a trivial matter. PR cannot help you!

The only upside to coming here is, if you continue to look to this site for medical advice, you may die, but at least you will die laughing!

Sorry, but in all seriousness, it is pretty stupid to waste your time posting your gross medical details here. There is no one to help you. Poonurse has left the building. ET, phone home, or at least call 9-1-1.

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Dumpster.... well said. Why are people so stoopid? I have marvel at the stupidness of others so much, I almost got kicked out of MENSA. Ugh!!

Have a Crappy Day!! Poop Shooter!

Poop Shooter!

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I've said this elsewhere, but when I applied for MENSA, they decided to create a sister organization for people like me: DENSA.

It is hard to get kicked out of that.

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Dumpster: I completely disagree with you. Behind her sarcasm, Poonurse provided a lot of great advice. Beyond that, there are few other places to talk frankly about poop health; we should be supportive of those who found this site. The green poop page, for instance, has saved thousands of people over the years its been online. Look at how many comments there are!

Poonurse has indeed left the building. But a lot of her advice still stands. And for the record, here's the cardinal rule for blood in your poop: if it lasts a few days or more, call the doctor. There's no other way around it.

But that's only if there's blood IN your poop. If there's blood when you wipe, you probably have a chafed anus. Keep it moist with vaseline or antibacterial balm for a couple of days, and it should get better.

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i 2000+ points

Dave, precisely what do you disagree with me about? Did I say Poonurse did not help people? I said she was "somewhat tongue in cheek"; you said she was "sarcastic."

I'm just wondering where we disagree?

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It sounded to me like you were saying people shouldn't use PR as a resource for poop health. I think they should.

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Well I guess I know who flamed me, too! Sorry to offend the powers that be, but the lawyer in me is just afraid of somebody placing undue reliance on this site for serious health issues. Reading these posts, it is sometimes very hard to know where humor ends and where justifiable reliance begins. With 25 years of legal experience, I hardly think that constitutes "lame" advice, but you are free to differ.

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i was pooping blood and i do no no what to do is it a teen thing or is it something bad bad.

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Every time this thread comes back up it bothers me so much I have to take a couple of days off from PR. See you later.

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I saw you were on Poopreport earlier today Dumpster, it's a hard habit to break isn't it?

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My 11 yr old daughter has blood in her poop what does it mean?

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It means you should take her to the doctor. :)

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Mine keeps getting more blood lately. Lately it goes right through the toiletpaper. My poop does contain a lot of slime too sometimes.

Does this mean I have cancer? :-(

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Question: 24 hours before I had blood in my poop I took too much viatamin C (more than 2000mg). Is it possible that this could cause blood in my poop?

I am 31. I had blood in my poo for 2 days. It has now stopped. I went to see 2 doctors about it because the first one didn't examine me properly. I eat very well and look after myself so I was surprised and worried. They think it was an anal fissure. The blood was bright red and in the bowl and around the poop 9which was soft). After 2 days my anus area was a little sore. I'm really glad I consulted my doctor.

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yea i have been noticing blood in my poo for the past two weeks and i have this small pain where my ass is.. but i have also noticed that a coulple of people been posting that they have been eating junk food and i have been eating mostly junk food everyday for lunch. so im guessing a non healty diet is the cause???

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I have had blood in my and poop for the past couple of weeks, then today when I pooped it was bright green. I am not in any kind of pain, but I don't know if I should be concerned? Can someone help me?

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Late yesterday I went to the restroom and whenever i got off I just happened to look while I started to flush and I had saw something bright red blood like. So I just stood there and thought about what all I have had to eat before i started freaking out(i am known to do that)and I hadn't had anything to make me do this. So I told my mom and of course she looked and she said that it might be hemoroids or I am just spotting in between. Then today again in the late evening I did it again and this time when i wipe there was slime with the blood! I am worried cause when i started reading this it said something about cancer! And I just want to know if someone were to have this kinda of cancer if it would be treated fast. I am going to the doctors sometime and I will get back with you all on what I have. Hopefully nothing Bad!!! Pray for me! lol!

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for the last month or so i have been having really bad pains when when i have a poo iam so scared of going to the doctors can anyone give me sum advive

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hi there..

I have had this now for nearly 2 years, when i go too the loo i sometimes get blood on my tissue, and at the very worst it seems like a tissue on the paper and the water mayeb red, over the last 2 weeks i have had no blood but the last few days it has had small amounts again, i dont think i have a majour problem and i have had no side effects for the 2 years this has happaned, im a little worried about it and i dont want to tell my parents or my doctor (im 18), i would be extremely gratefull if someone can give me some advice or just some kind of description of what i may have, thanks in advance :D

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unfortunately, poonurse is no longer with us, but i'm going to repost what dave said earlier in this thread:

"Poonurse has indeed left the building. But a lot of her advice still stands. And for the record, here's the cardinal rule for blood in your poop: if it lasts a few days or more, call the doctor. There's no other way around it.

But that's only if there's blood IN your poop. If there's blood when you wipe, you probably have a chafed anus. Keep it moist with vaseline or antibacterial balm for a couple of days, and it should get better."
i really don't understand why so many people are afraid to go to the doctor when something is clearly wrong with them. i can see being worried that they'll tell you something you don't want to hear. but i, for one, would prefer knowing what's wrong with me and taking steps to fix the problem, rather than pretending nothing's wrong until i die cuz i was too scared to see the doctor. suck it up! doctors are here to help you. that's why they get the big bucks.
i love poop.

i love poop.

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When i got 2 do a poo...there is no blood visable..but when i wipe..there is a very light red colour blood. what may this be?

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plz help me! i am 12 and i am pooping blood! i am scared and dying!!!!1 what do i do!?!?!?

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Couple months ago, I was pooping and everytime I wipe there would be a mass amount of blood. When I poop it never hurt, everything just came down straight. I went to go see a doctor couple months ago and he told me that I was pushing too hard. After a while the problem went away. Recently fort he last 1 week I've been pooping blood again. Now today is when the problem started to worry me when my poop was really tough to come out and it was actually stuck. I waited and waited, then pushed and it came out and as expected, there was blood again. I will give this matter another week and if anythig I will go see my doctor again. Lately I have been having a lot of stomach pains when it comes to eating time. I just hope they are not related. Anyone have anything to say about this?

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When i poop my poop is really firm and it feels like glass is coming out of my butt when i poop.....then it bleeds but only a little bit not alot. Its really just the pain that bothers me. This started when i moved and the shower has hard water. I also use soft sharmin TP...any answers or suggestions? :) Thanks

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well I think I know what my problem is after reading all this I most likley have intermal hemeroids cause i did do alot of heavy lifting today and I have been eating alot of junk recently i think if I cut down on the junk and refrain from the heavy lifting it will probably fix itself and if not I'll have to find a doctor cause I don't have one yet I'm 24 and I have never had need of a doctor I usualy can diagnose and fix my own problems.

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You know, I was just reading something on hemoroids (sp?) and it said that a percentage of people that experience anal bleeding with no apparant cause turned up to have pollups (sp?) that could very well turn into cancer...scary thought. I would definately go back to the doctor. I have definately had doctors tell me weird things that most likely weren't true. For instance: I have a very dry and itchy spot on my arm that doesn't go away, and gets irritated especially after a hot shower on a cold itches, but usually stops itching (for the most part) after I put lotion on it...or just scratch it lol. Well, I went to the doctor and he said "oh, it's just dry skin, nothing to worry about. Just use lots of lotion" well..I can tell you right now it isn't just dry skin (although I have not gotten a second opinion). If it was dry skin it would either move around my arm, or it would be on most of my body, but it isn't. This is the only dry spot I have. My knees and elbows don't even get this dry. It doesn't peel, but it is always in the same exact spot, and it stays the same exact me, it looks like exema. I don't want it to get worse, so one day I'll go to the doctor about it (a different one, maybe a dermitologist) but right now I cant afford it (no insurance). So, sometimes doctors just don't always have the correct answers (not that they're bad doctors all-round...just that they are human, and humans make mistakes).

lucy214's picture

Okay so, the other day i went poop,it took a while to come out, and later i saw that there was blood in the water, alittle on the tissue but not really. I have notcied blood before maybe like five-ten times somewhere over the past year. Couldnt really tell you.....i thought maybe it was too big but sometime i get a sharp pain when i sit, not often at all, like maybe 5 times again over a year. Im scared becuase i dont really know what it is and i hate the doctor. What are symptoms of colon only 20 years old.

im now coward. im just shy :P's picture

well, i had trouble pooping for a whole week. there was a rip. found blood in the tissue, but i figured, it'll heal. and its been normal lately till today, where i took a normal poop and then there was bright red blood in the toilet water ?! :(

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i'm 16 and my b-day's in 5 days and just 5 days ago i started pooping with blood in the toilet..i started to research it and the result i got was colon cancer and i started freaking out..i'm really scared it might b colon cancer and i really hope it isn't. so i'm def. going to the docs..the big problem is that i do tend to sit around all day on the couch and i'm not the biggest veggie and fruits person but i do eat some everyday..and i'm prob. the laziet person in the world when it comes to exercising.. i guess my vow for the new school yr is to just change all that and become a healther fit person and i REALLY hope i stick to it!

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i'm 16 &i've been having blood in my poop for about 5 days now. earlier when i pooped, i noticed loads of blood in the toilet &got a bit scared. i'm too scared to tell my mum about it &i definitely do not want to go to the doctor as my doctor has always been rather useless &it seems a waste of time to go to see him. i've hardly been eating the past few weeks so i'm probably not getting the right things to eat. i'll try eating more fibre &see if that helps. but if it doesn't, i have no idea what to do.

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Sweetie, you could ask your mom if another doctor is possible, you know? See what's available with the health care you guys have. Take care of yourself.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

a worried gal called kelly's picture

hi, i've just read all of ur comments n now feel real scared! lol, im 19 n have been avin the same problem when i poo blood comes out but i dont fink its acually in my poo but when i wipe its on the paper n some times some in the water, i really dnt wana go to the docs as i dnt realy fancey him or really any1 looking up my ass or even sticking sumink up it lol, n also scard to tell my mam cause she'll just make me go the docs!! but then agen i've noticed tha most peps av been saying tha dats all the av been eating is junk n for the last nearly 2 months thats all i've been eating, i dnt fink i've been sitting alot o, n i do exercise everyday, please help!!!

Anonymous Coward sc's picture

I am a mom my son is 1 years old BUt The other day and again today I had poop with blood on the outside of it. When I pooped it was a liilte pain in my stomache but when I was done pooping the pain was gone. But the poop keeps coming out with blood and some blood clots too. At first I was not sure it was my butt cause I was on my period But then I saw it in the poop and noticed it was in my butt. I need advice I am really scared will see a doctor about this butt right now I need to know what will make it better and what it might be,PLEASE HELP.

concerned and young's picture

Hi there! I'm fourteen and I've been having blood in my poop lately. When I poop, there is usually a sharp pain and blood in the toilet and tissue. Sometimes I get stomach cramps also. At first I didn't think much of it but it has been happening often. I am hoping it is not colon cancer and something that can be treated easily. I'm also recovering from anxiety disorder, and seeing blood in my poop doesn't exactly help =P. I'm planning to tell my doctor during my next checkup, hoping he can tell me what's wrong. I just want to tell all out there with the same problem to just check it out, but don't worry too much because there ARE many who share your pain. Keep a healthy diet and try to get some excerise. If you are too scared to see your doctor, try doing some home treatment like sitting in a warm bath. Don't worry too much! :)

Mrs. Poopy's picture

Well, I am having the same problem right now....
I pooped this morning...well when I finished..I was shocked when I saw a blood stain on the tissue..So, I checked the God! I didn't know it was a lot...
I am worried but...I think I have to see if tomorrow will be the same..Then..if that happens..I will go to my GP as soon as possible.
It's really good to have this site...

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it's 11pm at night, I have been studying for a while, I just went to the bathroom and took a mushy one, with LOTS of blood.

I am feeling very light headed and wousy now, breaking out into a cold sweat.

I think this is not a good sign, I have read
all the comments, but the hospitals around here
are not open at night (they're cheap)
and my parents aren't gonna budge either, they
just give me the:

"don't worry, you'll be fine in the morning"

ummm, any self, relatively fast things I can do

I really dont feel well, I'm getting those cold waves coming over my body and have a high temperature, im crapping plenty of bloody dhiaria stuff right now....

I seriously don't think this is good...

I can't die at 13!

Dont know what to do's picture

hi i'm 16 years old and today around 4 o'clock i went to the toilet and noticed when i wiped that there was blood on my toilet paper, i looked in the bowl and the water was a bit red. I dont really have any pains but i'm getting scared about this. I dont want to tell my parents because it will be major embarrasing. I dont know what to do. I have lost weight over the holidays and havnt been eating as much as i used to. could this be part of the problem. Please help me. i dont want this to be a serious problem.

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Please tell mom or dad. It will be OK. Make sure the doctor that you get is the same sex as you are and you will feel a bit better. There's nothing worse than being alone with this type of worry.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Anonymous Coward's picture

hi im so scared im only 15 and when i go for a crap the pain is unbareable and i bleed lots!!!! i wanna go to the doctors but im too scared and embarased and all of this about cancer is making me cry and really scearing me PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Keep your poop-hole healthy's picture

#1 If you see blood it could mean anything from hemorhoids, fissures, or the result of an irritation via food or antibiotics.
#2 Continuing to see blood in your stool can be SERIOUS SHIT!
#3 Fresh blood is usually from an injury, or broken vessel. Blood IN the poop, or blood and mucous in the poop (looks like strawberry preserves) can mean inflamed intestines. Inflamed intestines are nothing to be trifled with! Can be life-threatening!
#4 Blood with pain can be an emergency situation. Quit ignoring your body, it is trying to tell you something!

I had severe ulcerative colitis (bloating, gas, terrifying cramping, diarhhea, weight loss, dehydration, and eventual malnutrition) and had to have my entire colon (large intestine) removed. I am now diagnosed with Crohn's as well, and many who come here with these symptoms could be suffering this disease as well. Both are serious and need attention. . . but you may have to spend some REAL time looking for a good doctor.

Ignoring these symptoms long enough might make YOU go away. . . I almost died! It is more embarrasssing answering the question"Why did you wait?" than "When did this begin?"

Ignoring this problem can have one other side effect you really want to avoid. . . it can lead to loss of your ability to poop normally. . . and you could end up with an ostomy (where your intestine is surgically redirected out through your abdomen, and empties into a pouch you attach to your skin. Not the END of the world, but avoid it if you can!)

As far as this being cancer. . . do not let that keep you from getting a diagnosis for your problems! I wish mine had been cancer. . . it is curable if you catch it early enough. . . . I now live without a colon or rectum, and even though my doctors constructed my small intestine to hook up to my anus, life is not fun with constant half-digested diarhhea and leakage that leads to the worse burning and pain than the meanest diaper rash. It is a pain in the butt.

For all you kids who are afraid to tell your folks. . . .TELL THEM. Just for one moment picture them hovering over your hospital bed praying you don't die with tears running down their cheeks onto your bed. . . . TELL THEM! If they are asleep, WAKE THEM!

In the mean time drink tons of water. . . .eat yogurt (it has "good"bacteria your body needs right now) and cut out as much junk food, sugar, and caffeine as you can.

I am not a doctor or a nurse. . . but I have lived with this long enough that I am now making suggestions to MY doctors who don't know what to do for me anymore!

Please, log off the computer and get help. . . .I wouldn't wish THIS on my worst enemy . . .

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Dr. Green Howard's picture

*************Fresh blood is usually from an injury, or broken vessel.***************
(THE ANSWER IS, YOU WILL DIE**** IN A MATTER OF 1 YEAR.) Thousands have this problem and are seeking cure however most dont survive to see 30. There is no cure unless surgeory is done. This is only for those who poo out blood with no pain of constipation or minor pain. Many recieve this from scratching of anal area at a young teen age and the problem just gets worst after months... good luck and get checked.

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Which one, bloody poop or typing in caps? Given a choice between being embarrassed or finding out too late you had something serious that could have been treated, I'd opt for the embarrassment. Best case scenario, doc fixes problem. Worst case - he tells you that you're a bloody asshole. Either way its better than being so anxious YOU HAVE TO TYPE ALL IN CAPS WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

jhon boorlo's picture

i have had blood on my poo for about 2 days. i am only 13 and a bit worried please help me out.

Anonymous Coward's picture

For the last 2 times I have gone to have a poop the water around the poop is a light red and then when I flush all this blood comes out of the poop. I'm getting worried because this has never happened before. Is this normal? please help.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I read this site cause I to have been having the same problem ... but I notice it happens when I am stressed out so I have No idea if that has a factor to play in the blood in poop thing ..HELP..

Blood-coverd poop log's picture

I'm scared, i'm 15 and i have been having blood in my crappers for the last month or so. Before it was just once every second day but now its everyday constantly. It doesn't hurt but i bleed alot. I don't know what hte hell is going and i'm starting to get a lil scared!
Someone Tell me what to do!!!

ps. I'm a guy and i don't think guys are suppose to bleed.

Anonymous Coward's picture

hi all, its interesting now with the internet, people begein to self-diagnose themselves and might even avoid seeing a doctor just from reading a few comments from others. i think at the end of the day, each person that experiences something not normal, should consult a doctor if these bleeding continues after a few days. Its always better to be sure, and from what i understand if it is rectal cancer, this curable in over 50% of cases if attended to earlier. also from what i understand most of these cases of blood in poo is in fact due to lack of fibre, exercise and water and the build up of piles, i think majority of people will be safe....but do you want to risk it. go see a doctor!

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