poop on the South Beach diet

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PooQueen asks,

I am thinking about starting the popular South Beach Diet. I need to lose quite a bit of weight. I have wicked Irritable Bowel Syndrome and was wondering what effect South Beach will have on it. Do you know?

Poonurse responds:

This sounds like a cop-out -- but it might have an effect, and it might not. In general, you SHOULD try to follow a balanced diet with plenty of fiber. I don't believe there is a whole lot of fiber consumed on the South Beach diet.

However, you could give it a try and see what happens.

Thanks for asking Poonurse!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Excuse me for being a moron, but what the hell is the South Beach diet?

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Shit Volcano, it's one of those new fad diets that cuts out carbs completely for the first 2 weeks then reintroduces them slowly. Even then they have to be limited and preferably whole grains.

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Sounds like a lot of hoo-haw to me. Carbs fuel your brain. Don't cut out fruits and veggies and make yourself stupid! No normal human being ever lived off of high protein diets. Just look what happened to that Atkins freak?

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Thanks, pooQueen. Now I can pretend I knew that all along.

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As a person who has loved animals all my life, I'll say it again........
There is nothing right about any diet that allows for meats like bacon while disallowing fruits and vegetables.
There is nothing right about it.
Furthermore, I'd like to see a study in ten years of serious Atkins diets followers and a study cross examining hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

Do what I do, avoid anything pure white, like white bread and tortillas, and enriched stuff. Enjoy fruits and veggies and beans and remember, no shortcuts to outdo a bunch of shit you've done to yourself a whole life.

Besides, god may be a cow.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I agree with Daphne. My diet is mostly fruits and veggies because of an iron toxicity problem. That means no red meat without absolute agony. The high protein thing would kill me. So far I have been on a diet like Daphne suggests for nearly four months and have already lost 15 pounds. Of course there is exercise involved with this too. That helps keep the million wipers away.

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Slim Jim Junkie's picture

Beware ANY diet with limited carbs.
I remember having to do the low carb thing and I was feeling like crap. I was ready to snap and yell and fight.

The brain needs carbs to function. Cut them off for too long and you will be ready to snap too.

PooperGal's picture

I agree with Slim Jim. Our bodies are designed to use carbohydrates, proteins and fats -- each serves a different purpose in producing energy.

Carbos are for the energy you need for immediate use, including thinking, breathing, getting out of your chair, sprinting up the stairs. Protein energy is for rebuilding damaged body tissues, growth and maintenance of muscle, organs, etc. Fat is for slow-burn long term energy, such as for keeping body temperature constant and for aerobic exercise such as walking or running long distances at a steady pace.

Each is meant to be eaten in certain proportions, with complex carbos making up the bulk of caloric intake, followed by protein and then by fats.

It's the simple carbos (sucrose, fructose, simple starches) that you need to strictly limit. Think of them as a piece of newspaper that burns up quickly -- you get a rush of energy, then you crash. Complex carbs burn slower, like a nice, big wooden stick that provides heat in the fireplace longer than does the newspaper.

Cutting all carbos from the diet will make you feel like crap because you have no ready source of energy. Your body will start burning muscle (protein) before it burns fat, btw, so you end up atrophying. Muscle is denser than fat, so it weighs more per cubic inch. So, you get skinnier and lighter. But you're wasting your body away!

To burn fat, you have to engage in aerobic exercise. The best way to do it, is eat a normal amount of complex carbohydrates and a normal amount of proteins and fats. Then, do a regular regiment of aerobic exercize, such as running, pace walking, swimming, rollerblading, whatever.

What will happen is this: Your body will begin by burning carbos for the initial energy. But once the carbos are used up, it will smoothly switch over to drawing energy from fat next. The aerobic "peak" is essential. Again, using the fire analogy, think of carbos as the kindling. When mixed with oxygen, the flame grows, then burns steadily and you can start feeding the big pieces of firewood (fat) in and that will take over from the kindling.

This lengthy ramble is dedicated to my nutrition professor at the University of Rhode Island. She drummed this stuff into us, and the info is still helpful today. Thanks, Prof.

South Beach Believer's picture

To set the record straight, the South Beach Diet does NOT cut out carbs and let you eat bacon, sloppy joes and pork rinds all day long. It has you cut out BAD carbs (no refined sugars, processed, foods, etc.). There are PLENTY of vegetables (in the vein of this thread, I'm pretty sure I pooped out an entire asparagus stalk the other night). And it recommends lean meats, including a balance between fish, chicken and red meat. It is true that in the strict phase (first 2 weeks), no fruits are eaten, but they are re-introduced once blood chemistry and metabolism have stabilized after the sugar crash.

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Sounds more logical than that Atkins garbage.

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Beppy's picture

Actually, you do eat a lot of fiber on the south beach diet. I've done it on and off and lost a total of 13 pounds, but as far as poop goes, it makes you really gassy and it makes you poop a whole lot (and they're really smelly). I find that not getting starchy stuff into my stomach gives me stomach pain at night, and a piece of bread will calm it down.

Grand Poo Ba's picture

I have irritable bowel/celiac disease and tried the south beach diet and atkins diet. I can speak from experience when I say that these diets can make the condition worse. People with these conditions need lots of soluble fiber, whereas these diets promote insoluble fiber. Unfotunately many of the soluble fiber foods can be high in carbs. Its not just a matter of being able to eat vegetables, because many of the low carb vegetables just aren't good for IBS, like beans, broccoli, and spinach. Here is a good website that discusses these foods for IBS http://www.helpforibs.com/diet/fiber1.asp The best thing to do is try to eat balanced meals with an appropriate amount of both types of fiber, carbs and protein. Avoid sugary foods and lots of fruits, as well as potatoes and bread which are the worst. Stay consistent with your food choices each day and get lots of exercise.

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Atkins was a freak!

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go to hell

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Turdinator sounds a bit bitter, don't you think?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Every time I start the South Beach Diet I get horrible stomach pains...but I am going to try it yet again! The SBD was made for heart patients and diabetics. It really does make sense!

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What a load of crap. Just get off your fat tookus and ride a bike, swim, roller skate. Pretend you are in a maxi pad commercial. Then lay off the stuff that is obviously bad for you. Don't eat cake and candy and sodas. Don't go to McDonalds. These diets are a rip off. There is no short cut.

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youppldon'tknowshitaboutthesouthbeachdiet's picture

I wish that people would at the fucking least read the book before the comment on it. The South Beach Diet is based on giving up BAD foods. The simple carbs and sugars. Not eating fast food shit. Eat veggies and after 2 weeks reintroduce the good fruits. Thie diet is based on the glycemic index. And if you don't understand that... you have the world at your fingertips. Search it!!! It's what foods do to your blood sugar. This person had it right.

" South Beach Believer (not verified) -- 06.09.2004

To set the record straight, the South Beach Diet does NOT cut out carbs and let you eat bacon, sloppy joes and pork rinds all day long. It has you cut out BAD carbs (no refined sugars, processed, foods, etc.). There are PLENTY of vegetables (in the vein of this thread, I'm pretty sure I pooped out an entire asparagus stalk the other night). And it recommends lean meats, including a balance between fish, chicken and red meat. It is true that in the strict phase (first 2 weeks), no fruits are eaten, but they are re-introduced once blood chemistry and metabolism have stabilized after the sugar crash."

So people do us all a favor and read the fucking book before you comment!!!

Yikes's picture

Sorry to disappoint, but the low carb diets do work. I lost 75lbs. I did not buy a book or anything. I just read up on the basics and did it myself. Mostly chicken, lean red meat and a lot of vegetables. 20 minutes a couple of times a week jumping rope helped to. So much for spending money on the diets and exercise equipment.
Now I still eat the same way, except maybe a little more whole wheat bread in there. You don't have to spend money on this, just change what you buy at the store and exercise a little. No more fat clothes. No more high blood pressure. No more acid reflux...

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End result we all die anyway. And if we die fat, our pallbearers will get hernias. That will keep surgeons in business. That's good for the economy. Damn, I guess I'll have to write a book now, I sound just like an expert!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hello. Good Grief...people should know what' they're talking about before they talk. As one person above said...South beach is ALL about health. My husbands cardiologist suggested it and has has lost 40 pounds. :I have lost 60. In six months. We eat piles of vegetables...broccoli with cheese, squash sauteed in olive oil...spinach made with lots of spices...and I don't even LIKE vegetables. :)
No refined sugar,good sugar in moderate amounts through fruit.
It's all natural. Natural oils, whole grain breads, low fat meats, tons of vegetables.
Find out what it's about before bashing it.

The Don's picture

Let's address Atkins for a moment.

I'm no dietary expert, but I am a low-carb veteran. I have been on Atkins for quite a while now, and here are my findings:

-You WILL lose weight. Ridiculously fast at times. Atkins sheds pounds faster than any other diet my big ass has ever tried.

-There is a definite period of exhaustion in the first few days of the diet while your body switches from glucose to fat as a main energy source. After that, you should notice no problems. I lift weights and hit the treadmill regularly, and feel great.

-It's a diet, not an excuse to eat pork rinds. If you're subsisting on bacon and sausages, you're not doing Atkins properly.

-It does constipate you. Yes, I fully admit this. But if you drink goodly amounts of water and take fiber supplements, the constipation disappears. After the first phase (Induction) is over with, however, you should be taking in more than enough fiber without supplements to poop normally.

-There is no change in mood. The earlier poster here was probably having a mood impact from quitting favorite carb-bearing foods, not from the metabolic switchover. Personally, I feel more level-headed when controlling carbs. Each to their own, I suppose.

Anyway, that was the straight poop. If you want the real thing, read the entire Atkins book. You'll notice passages encouraging the dieter to eat salads, take fiber, drink water, and exercise. It's not just a lard munching contest. :)


Anonymous Coward's picture

ok,let's be real. The SBD helps alot of people, but this diet works better:Fruits, vegetables, lean meat,fish(baked,grilled,steamed or boiled)eggs,and lots of water with 30-45 min a day of exercising you are going to lose alot of weight!! You are able to eat fruit because, it has natural sugar, its low in fat, it has a small amount of carbs in it and full of fiber. I lost 15lbs in one month,it works.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Unfortunately, I find this diet to be impractical. First, and foremost, this diet is EXPENSIVE! Second, you need to be willing to invest alot of time in food preparation. I guess that's why it's called the "South Beach Diet" (for all the rich people that either have a personal chef (with a large budget) or own a restaurant. Much of the food you need to purchase goes bad (i.e. cilantro, turkey for the wraps, etc.) before you can eat it all. Also, alot of wine is used in the preparation of meals. Unfortunately, I don't like wine. The only other recommended fluid is water, except for vegetable or tomato juice at breakfast. I don't drink soda (never have), but I like milk (even skim milk). Very little is mentioned about exceptable beverages. Perhaps this diet would be more effective if I was sharing the expense with a mate, but, I'm single. But, to say something nice, the meals taste good and are filling. Before I bought The South Beach Diet book, I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks by simply cutting out all sugar and most (not all) starchy carbs (potatoes, corn and rice). I only want to loose 7-8 more pounds, whereupon my body fat will be less than 6-7%. I'm back in the gym, pumping iron to increase my muscle mass. So, I guess I just need to start jogging to burn off the rest of the fat.

South Beach follower's picture

Just try stick with foods low on the Glycemic Index during the week and reward yourself within reason on Saturday. If you don't know what the Glycemic Index is... Google it.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have to echo the comments from a couple of people above: Read the book before you comment. The book extensively discusses the science behind the program and it is an easy, understandable read. But one very important thing to understand: The Southbeach diet was not primarily designed for weight-loss. It was to helping people with existing or potential heart problems and pre-diabetes correct their blood chemistry. It turns out that it also helps those patients lose and maintain Weight. It is written by a practicing cardiologist who is also a leading researcher. The diet is neither low carb or low fat per-se. It is definitely NOT anti fruit or vegetable, although fruits and carbs other than fresh veggies are restricted in phase one. It advocates large amounts of fresh vegetables, fish, lean meats, whole grains, and mono-unsaturated fats. It IS vehemently anti-processed carbohydrate and anti-saturated fat. It's goal is management of blood sugar, tri-glycerides, and cholesterol. I am 40 and was recently diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and my doctor recommended trying this, combined with moderate excercise, as an alternative to treatment with medication. I am through the first week and have actually found it to be quite easy so far. The cooking and prep times are minimal in comparison to many traditional recipes, but then I do cook every night as a rule. If someone is not a cook and eats out every night, I can certainly see where this might be a challenge/adjustment. The best part of all is that I have already shed eight pounds in the first week. To give a nod the the focus of the site: Pooping without difficulty and on a regualr basis.

funnthesun531's picture

to address the question-- i have IBS and recently went back on the SBD. i have noticed more stomach pains (esp. if you eat fake sugar like splenda) and i'm more constipated bc i eat less fiber. try fiber pills and you should be fine.

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You have IBS and are on the SBD.... No, no. Not gonna go there...

Born right the first time.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Anonymous Coward IBS's picture

Grand Poo Ba, I just completed Phase I of South Beach and I was able to do it but it proved to not work for someone with IBS. I would not go for days and then you know. Wish I would have saw your posting here. Going to check out your suggested website. Thanks, I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me not going eating all those veggies.

Anonymous's picture

The south beach diet is loaded with fiber. It's also not a fly-by-night thing; it's pretty reasonable if you have the time to make your foods. And for the person who said the perfect diet is fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, etc? That's precisely what South Beach Diet is, with the exception of the first two rigid weeks of no sugars. It's basically the diet they would give a borderline diabetic. In fact, it's *all* fiber, in the forms of ruffage and proteins like beans. If you aren't getting enough fiber from foods alone, and if you're hooked on stuff like splenda, then you're doing it wrong because you're basically missing the entire point. Plain and simple. Barring other personal differences in health or physiology, you shouldn't be hungry and you shouldn't be constipated. I finished phase 1 and my IBS actually improved greatly.

Anonymous's picture

The effectiveness of diet plan like the south beach diet depends on your body's metabolism and sticking to the plan consistently. However, this diet plan might not have the necessary fibers to loss fats, for some people, this plan have been effective.

belly fat burning foods

Anonymous's picture

YES -Atkins Diet (FAILED)YES -Weight Watchers (FAILED)NO -Slimb7Fast Optima DietNO -Sugar BustersNO -South Beach DietYES Calorie Restricted Diet (FAILED)YES Whole Plant Based Diet (THE WINNER)NOTE:The only diet that worked for me was a diet clelad a low-fat whole plant based diet that has been endorsed by Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. John McDougall, and Professor T. Colin Campbell. Read any of these outstanding biochemists and nutrition experts for details. If you read Gina Kolata's book Rethinking Thin you will learn that over the long-term, none of the commercially popular diets worked for most people. People, even those who are highly motivated, cannot stay on these diets because they are temporary and cannot be sustained.I will answer the following questions with regard to a Whole Plant Based diet as described by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.1.Why did you initially choose this diet?At a dinner party, a distinguish retired physician pulled me aside and expressed concern for my health because of my excess weight. As an active triathelete, he had instant credibility. He recommended that I read Dr. Dean Ornish. I started the diet, the next day. Since that day, I moved through the authors I listed above who recommend essentially the same diet.2.What is the basic premise of this diet/eating plan?Avoid food like substances that are over processed. Avoid excess sugar, fat/oil, salt, caffeine, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, MSG, aspartame, drugs, food contaminants, food additives, dairy, eggs, and all other forms of animal protein. Instead eat the following foods:+ Leafy greens Kale, Collards High in iron, calcium, and protein.+ Legumes Peas, Beans, Lentils Bean sprouts are delicious and nutritious+ Whole Grains Brown Rice, Buckwheat, and non-gluten whole grains (not instant and overprocessed)+ Colorful Vegetables Steamed and raw+ Vitamin B12 and D as needed+ Ground Flax Seed for Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (avoid all other fats and oils)+ Drink pure well water avoiding municipal water supplies treated with chlorine and fluoride3. What were two positive aspects of the diet?+ This is a lifestyle change and the motivation to stay on the diet is built in. It's how good you feel.+ No calorie counting+ No feeling of deprivation+ Prevention and reversal of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. (Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.)+ Blood work is automatically moved toward health4.Were there any downsides to the diet plan? Explain.It requires that you learn how to cook and not use some common ingredients. Eating out can be a problem, but you can find ethnic restaurants that serve healthier foods.5.Did you have success on this diet?Yes. I lost 90 pounds, regained my sense of smell, no longer have sinus infections, and have perfect blood work.6.Are you still on the diet plan?It's my new lifestyle, not a temporary diet.7.Have you maintained your weight loss?Yes. I am now moving on to portion control. I plan to eat just two meals per day. A big breakfast and an afternoon meal.8.Do you feel the diet is safe? Why or why not?It is absolutely the safest and healthiest way to eat. The authors and experts I cited above are independent of food industry interests. The diet is optimal for everyone, skinny or fat.9.Did you exercise while on the diet?I exercise aerobically five times per week for an hour at a time. I bicycle to work every day.10.Would you follow this diet plan again?It's the only diet for me. If you diet for a temporary period of time, you can be assured that the weight will rebound. You must make the diet a lifestyle choice.

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