little white balls in my poop

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Becca asks:

When I take a poop there are these little off-white round things that I see on the paper as well as in the toilet. What could this be? I have had this for over a month.

Dear Becca,

Let's look at this logically, shall we?

Anytime one has little white things coming out of one's butt and one is sure that it isn't just cheap toilet paper balls, one should go to the doctor (preferably with the aforementioned little white things in a jar) LONG befoe writing to a website devoted to humorous poop stories.

But, that's just my opinion. Go get it checked out.

Thanks for asking Poonurse!


Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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willy the 1 eyed pirate's picture

sometimes, I get little white balls in my pee...It's really hurts when they come out...can anyone help me

ted's picture

i have the same problem. little white balls, about 6 months ago i had a problem of when i pooped blood came outt, and one time clots did too. i had a colonoscopy and they couldnt see a problem and since then i havent been bleeding, but its been replaced with little white things about the 2 centremetres by 2 centremetres, and also my poo has been coming out differently like in little bits. this has been happeneing for 3 months. the white balls arent moving tho next time it happens im going to the docter.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I asked my doctor about the little white balls in the poo (on effexor and wellbutrin for years and never had them until I started an antibiotic for monthly breakouts)- of course she had no idea and said they were probably pinworms. When I look up the information for pinworms it doesn't sound like what I have.

She gave me a stool sample jar and directed me to drop it off at a lab that would do a parasite test. I didn't do it because I really don't think its pinworms and the test can't tell you anything other than yes or no to parasite infection.

In addition to little balls, sometimes I do see little sesame see shaped things as well. From my own personal research, my best guesss at this time is an overgrowth of yeast in the colon.

Of course my stupid doctor didn't "think so" because if I had a yeast overgrowth, wouldn't "I have recurrent yeast infections"?
Not necessarily if the yeast is colonizing in my intestine. What an idiot, and could she have talked any louder about parasite tests when she was walking back into the frickin'examining room after getting me the damn jar?

I think this probably could happen after taking an antibiotic for a long time..... This poo with the tiny balls definitely comes with a different wierd...

Oh and to the people who found larger round things with stringy stuff inside, I'm sorry but that definitely sounds like a parasite...

saw a real specialist and you should too!!'s picture

I started having intestinal problems 6 weeks ago, after what i thought was an upset stomach. I saw a top gastroenterologist, and had a slu of tests run, everything checked out, until i asked to be checked for parasites. I was very weak, and not feeling myself for a month, with constanct nausea, and constipation. Turns out I had an intestinal parasite laying thousands of eggs in my system a day, and YES you MUST get medical treatment for it, or your body will continue to lose vital nutrients. And Yes everyone has bacteria, but you SHOULD NOT have a parasite!! start taking vitamen B and an iron suppliment if you feel week. it helped me immediately, then go to a doctor!!!

Juan's picture

Landed here from Google (I'd love to see your referral report some day). Figured out they were sunflower seeds. Watch out corn, you got competition!

Me's picture

This has to be the funniest site I've ever seen. Quite helpful, too. Haven't LOL in such a long time! Genius!

(formerly) depressed about effexor's picture

okay, i know you all have been on the edge of your seats about this -so pay attention-


go figure.

Anonymous Coward's picture

if you have worms and you leave them untreated, do they burrow so far into your intestine it's impossible to get rid of them? that's what i heard and i'm really scared now because i've got them and i've had them for ages but i haven't done anything about it cos its soo embarassing!!! help!!

skinny white kid's picture

Ok so i noticed that maybe for the last week when i go poo my poo is very light orange and loaded with what appears to be hundreds of little offwhite round balls! like a shitty gooey orange crunch bar....its pretty gross and its freaking me out! im only 16 im not supposed to get diseases ahhhhhh whats goin on! What should i do

T.P.Junkie's picture

What about when you feel like something's moving just inside your bung-hole? Is is a Hemmi? Also, I ate yougurt covered pretzels with Christmas sprinkles on them and wow, I was freaking out when my pooh came out white with green strpes last night...It has to be that, right? What about white liquid that comes out after a normal BM?

Anonymous Coward's picture

omg I have those little white squrimy things I seen em again last week I remember having them when I was like 10 I`m only 16 but I don`t want to tell my parents I`m scared

new poop's picture

I've got small pea sized Black balls. Several that float with mild loose stool. Any info on this?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

new poop (not verified) -- 12.08.2006
I've got small pea sized Black balls...

HEY! We don't cotton to racial slurs around here!

Anonymous person's picture

has any one with these little white balls who isnt on any meds actually find out what was wrong with them?

notsaying's picture


Anonymous Coward's picture

If you guys are on effexor xr and have the little white balls in your poop, it is normal. Its the way the pill works. XR stands for extended release. The drug releases slowly as it travels through your digestive track, and you are left with the non digestable part of the capsule, that released the drug.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have been noticing the little white balls for several weeks. Today I plucked one out of the juice and noticed that it was just about the same size and shape as Wellbutrin XL 150, which I began taking a couple of months ago. I also take Metamucil, though I do so in the evening and I take the Wellbutrin in the morning. Does anyone else who is blessed with the little white balls from Wellbutrin XL also take Metamucil or some other fiber supplement?

slv's picture

I've been experienceing painfull diareah, gas, bloating, nausea...think I may be lactoce intolerant, but that didn't explain the all the tiny white balls in my stool. Found this website, and figured out it has something to do with the Effexor XR. Someone mentioned concern regarding the absorbtion of medications. I too share this fear. I have noticed that my stomach acid can't even break up lettuce, strawberries, grape skins and other fruits and vegetables that should be easy to digest. I'm concerned that the white balls are undigested X-tended Release Effexor. Does anyone else on effexor have a hard time digesting fruits and vegetables?

Another anonymous coward white ball pooper's picture

Put me down as another white ball pooping, Effexor XR sufferer. What a relief, the anxiety was killing me - thank you google, thank you I can now ask my shrink to take it down to 300mg.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I too have little white seeds. I take Effexor XR but for years I was told parasites (which we all have in our bodies) were being excreted. I have two to three poops 12" long each day. No problem but every so often the little white seeds show up. At present, there are more than I have seen in years.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Just wanted to add, another Tegretol XR user here with the white balls. Obviously the casing, but like others here, I'm worried that the presence of undissolved stuff inside means I'm not getting the proper amount of medicine in my system.

Anonymous Coward's picture

The little white balls/spheres in my poop has been freaking me out for a few weeks. I take effexor XL (venlafaxine) too like many people here having same problem. I found this on the web:

"The extended release formulation of venlafaxine contains spheroids which release the drug slowly into the digestive tract. The insoluble portion of these spheroids is eliminated and may be seen in the stools."

I feel a LOT better know about my poop!

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Wait. WHOA!!!!! You mean... you mean someone ACTUALLY READ THE INSERT THAT CAME WITH THE RX?!?

*GGG falls over in a dead faint*

Anonymous Coward's picture

hello, i have been having abdominal pain mainly in my lower right stomach near my appendix i been in and out of the hospital for the last 3 months a mri has shown thickening ileum and my lymphnodes are swollen i got a colon test with biopsy and they found nothing and told me its probly IBS. i think its more then that i cant digest foods that i use to like red peppers green beans poppy seeds(dont no if this can be digested but i just started to see this) olives and the pain can go to my left side as well its very painful and annoying at times and i allso get bad head achs after i eat a big meal. i dont have diarrhea could this be crohns? my biopsy came back ok i also got a upper GI it came back fine took while to digest but it came back ok and i have not gotten a lower GI do u think i should suggest this test? I just cant take this much longer please help ty.

Dcoolmom's picture

My daughter 14 is bleeding during and after bowel movement. Pain near her "tail bone". I am concerned. Can you help me?

Anonymous Coward's picture

wow. this is hillarious. I've never heard so many people talk so seriously about poop. Definitely worth bookmarking for days when I'm feeling bad about my life... At least I don't have worms coming out of my ass!!! :) Life is beautiful! :) hahaha

Artur P's picture

Thank you all! I have been scared for months about the small white spheres in my poop. Presumed they were eggs of some parasite. Now I went to dismantle a capsule of a medecine I normally take and there they were: exactly the same! Once again, thank you all for the relief.

Anonymous Coward's picture

(((Anonymous Coward (not verified) -- 02.13.2007

hello, i have been having abdominal pain mainly in my lower right stomach near my appendix i been in and out of the hospital for the last 3 months a mri has shown thickening ileum and my lymphnodes are swollen i got a colon test with biopsy and they found nothing and told me its probly IBS. i think its more then that i cant digest foods that i use to like red peppers green beans poppy seeds(dont no if this can be digested but i just started to see this) olives and the pain can go to my left side as well its very painful and annoying at times and i allso get bad head achs after i eat a big meal. i dont have diarrhea could this be crohns? my biopsy came back ok i also got a upper GI it came back fine took while to digest but it came back ok and i have not gotten a lower GI do u think i should suggest this test? I just cant take this much longer please help ty.)))

perhapse you have Gerd. Thats what I have and it led to IBS and you can't eat foods like peppers and greasy foods.

Keeled over's picture

How many of you white/black sesame pooping visitors wipe off with blood in your tissue every now and then (and i am not talking about a little hemi either, something closer to a bloody nose with evidence showing in the bowl and even on a turd or two)? In other words is it usually a (really) rough dump or a smooth ride?

Anonymous Coward's picture

White spheroids in your poop?Check out the last paragraph...

Depressed guy's picture

Well, I am yet another person who is on Effexor XR, (about 300mg) and I have those things in my poo. and i was worried they were worm eggs. havent been to the doctor though.

Anne's picture

I am on red capsules of Effexor XR 150mg and have been for 13 years. I have little white balls in my poo too! They are about the size of a sesame seed. I thought they were undigested calcium but it seems like it is the drug. I crushed one of these little balls and it turned into a powdery substance which made me rule out parasites. The drug makes sense. THANK YOU!!!!!

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had a white poop come out the other night .The rest were all brown of course.It didn't look a little a egg and didn't move . IDK what it could be . I did recently change my diet 3 weeks ago and I stopped eating bread altogether .Any ideas ?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

"It didn't look a little a egg..."


Wellbutin XL user's picture

Glad I found this site. I thought I might be nuts thinking my poop pill was my undissolved Wellbutin XL. But from reading all this, it has to be. I will start taking my pill by breaking it in half and see if it changes anything. I will post again letting all my Wellbutin friends know if it worked.

Newkidontheblock's picture

I keep passing what looks like pieces of white/cream colored jelly beans. They strongly resemble gallstones but a doctor said no.

One day I passed one the size of a jelly bean.
Don't float. Mixed in with stool, and when pressed they kinda squish. Looks like gunk.
I can feel them get lodged in my left side sometimes.

Doctor found colitis months ago and have since been on a gluten/dairy/soy/corn/vinegar free diet. Eat mostly organic spinach, eggs, oatmeal (I can handle it), fish, and 100% apple juice.

Any ideas??

Wellbutin XL's picture

Well poop fans, it is true about the undissolved Wellbutin XL. I have been cracking mine before I take them now and all is back to normal. No more sudden diarea or loose poop. No more "poop pills" showing up. From all this, I would think I may be getting my full dose now. Before, I would think some of it came flying out my butt. Anyway, XL users should not worry anymore. If you want to go back to normal poop, try cracking open the pill's outer shell before swallowing. Works for me! Of course I'm no Doctor so maybe you should discuss this with your Doctor before cracking.

dookiedoodle's picture

ew, if ya'll have worms in your poop I'd go see a doctor pronto. I'm sure it itches when they try to get out, like in dogs & cats, and when you itch it they get under your nails and you could easily spread them to others.

Anonymous Coward's picture

A few moths ago I got the flu and so did my mom. The entire time my mom had the flu she had diarrhea but I got it only on the last day I showed any symptoms of the flu. I have had diarrhea since then and now I'm getting hemorrhoids all the time.
I noticed the blood and my stool started to smell weird. Then I saw little white things in my stool; they don't move but sometimes at night I start to itch(making me paranoid that I worms), so I'm not sure if it's worms.
Then one time I ate a bun with sesame seeds and had more of the little white things, one was on the paper so I cleand it off and watched it for awhile to see if it would move but it didn't, so I took the paper and squeezed it; it popped and white stuff come out(kinda like a pimple). Was that a seed?
I also have some adominal pain and now I'm seem to be alternating between diarrhea and constipation but mostly diarrhea. I don't take any medications. What would most likely be causing all of this?

Anonymous Coward's picture

wow, this thread started in 2004! anyway, today i found tiny tiny off-white balls in my poo, which has been loose and dark colored for about a week, and smells really different as well. i also have been having gas, which i never really had before. i have been on wellbutrin tablets for over a year, and the balls are really really small, like sesame seed sized but roundish. they do not look at all like something my meds would turn into. they are pretty hard as well. i also have found pieces of dark jelly-ish clumps mixed in, which is really gross and i can't tell if it's digested blood or undigested onions. i've never had digestive problems until now. i'm 26, female. i did just start taking a ton of vitamins and supplements. does anyone have any info on that?

PooParanoia's picture

I've been on Effexor XR for about 10 years. About 6 months ago, I started noticing the infamous tiny white balls. My gastroenterologist noticed them during a colonoscopy and said it looked like undigested time-release medicine. When I told him I was taking Effexer XR, he told me that's most likely what it is. My psychologist never heard of this and is concerned.

Until reading through this thread, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Now I believe they are the "insoluble spheroids" that hold the medicine, but why did they not show up for several years? Coincidentally, the medication does not seem to be working as well and I have been experiencing very mild withdrawal symptoms in the evening which now are occurring more frequently and earlier in the day.

I'm just thinking in writing and plan to discuss this with my doctor, but I wonder if my body has developed an immunity to the medication after prolonged use.

Becca #2's picture

I have been using Dr. Natura Colonix program for 8 days and have had these cream to light yellow balls in my poop as well. I am convinced they are parasites. Dead ones because of the Colonix parasitic pills.

Flooky is scared!'s picture

hey guys, im scared out of my mind about what could be going on down in my shoop factory(shit and poop). Well for the past couple of days when i wipe i notice these little off white things kinda look like rice but there itty bitty like id say ( )<~ not even that big i hope it shows up! but ya and i have extrrrreme amount of ass gas have to describe them looking like little maggots BUT THEY DONT MOVE i stared at them for atleast 5 mins. and i only see them on the first wipe the other ones are just poop nothing else. i went as far as to stare at the floaters in the toilet waiting for something to crawl out of them...nothing happened so just flushed and walked away. im concerned, well i do take adderall XR and Zoloft but i dunno ive been taking them forever and never got this. I just started eatting sour dough bread? maybe thats it please really help me im 18 and confused.

Flooky is scared!'s picture

ok well it didnt get added on but i do take adderall rx and zoloft. i never got these before and ive been taking them forever, so i dunno if its them. but i did start eating sour dough bread around the time i first noticed them...please help...

Poppa Pooper's picture

Well pupils of poop, it seems the culprit that causes the little white balls, (bout the size of a pinhead), in our poop could indeed be any slow release medication. Like quite a few in this thread, (pardon the wormy pun), I noticed LWB's after wiping my bum where no LWB's had been before. This only started after I started taking EFFEXOR-XR. I know it isn't other medications as I have had a kidney transplant and have been taking shit-loads, (pardon again), of drugs for a couple of years. I have taken an interest in what my body excretes and have done since I was a littl'un. I always check colour, texture, smell, (forgo the taste test tho), and check for things like seeds and other undigested bits. I've started eating a lot of chili lately and the LWB's are definitely NOT chili seeds or any other seeds either.
I reckon quite a bit can be learnt about your health from digging around in one's poo and I'm sure the Poonurse can give a few examples. But as always, if you are really concerned - see your doctor.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I noticed this when I started 150mg wellbutrin xl as well. In my situation I take 3 in the morning and 6-8 hours later they are expelled completely intact. I mean solid and undisolved, not just a shell. I'm convinced I'm only ingesting a small amountof the actual medication. These are very expensive and they're just being flushed down the toilet. I suspected this right away and left a message my doc and he never responded so I mentioned it to another doctor who arrogantly dismmissed me as a nut.

A few months ago a generic form was introduced and my pharmacy replaced the name brand little white pills with a generic yellow chalky horse pill. I instinctively knew the time-release mechanism could not possibly be the same. I had a terrible reaction as have many others and I have a theory that the generic form dissolved immediatey sending too much of the med into the bloodstream at once. My doctor was not aware of the switch and ordered the pharmacy to dispense as written because he'd heard of several bad reactions to generic wellbutrin xl and there are many reports online and the People's Pharmacy is launching an investigation in cooperation with the FDA because they have recieved so many complaints since this generic xl was released just late last year.

It's a difficult topic to bring up and it's disheartining not to be taken seriously.

I hope someone finds this info useful and makes at least one person feel like they are not alone and/or "crazy".

Mrs. Poopizzle's picture

I have white balls too! I have been constipated lately, and I have a hemoroid that hurts like a mother when I go. I am almost TERRIFIED to go potty @ times. Anywho, back to the white balls! I dunno what they are, but they are kinda Roundish, then some are just shaped wierd, but have a rounded side...They are like a creme color..I guess kinda tanish! I dunno what they are...they are NOT ALIVE, and they are just embedded inmy poopies! What do you think it is!?

littlewolfcss's picture

I just returned home from the ER-been having alternating mild diarhea/constipation since I started taking effexor XR in December. I just noticed the LWB's today. Raised my dose to 300mg a few months back, but life changes and counseling may have caused the improvement in mood, even if I am not disolving all my meds. I also started taking a multivitamin about a month ago, learned my whole family has IBS, drastically reduced my water intake due to a new work schedule-and had the most painful attempt tp crap of my life last night (hence the visit to the ER). It really did seem to be constipation, although I thought it must be something worse. Have a follow up appointment with a Gastroent and I think I'll try to get all kinds of labs done just to be sure. Then change to a healthier diet/lifestyle if possible.

I still am concerned that the LWB's may be parasites and not the Effexor, or if I have poor digestion and don't digest some things. I've also found whole pills undigested (just ba changed color) in the toilet, years past.

In Life's picture

Yep, I have the white balls and nope, not on the medication everyone else is. I used to be on Zoloft and have in my life taken many herbal supplements without observing these things in my poo.
I'm lactose intolerant and may have other food allergies/intolerances. And it's believed I have IBS.
Well, I learnt a lot from this...good old Google.

Anonymous Coward's picture

i have little white worms in my poop and when i wipe they're there to and in the toilet but latelt they haven't been coming and so i dont know whats happening AM I DYING ?

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