little white balls in my poop

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Becca asks:

When I take a poop there are these little off-white round things that I see on the paper as well as in the toilet. What could this be? I have had this for over a month.

Dear Becca,

Let's look at this logically, shall we?

Anytime one has little white things coming out of one's butt and one is sure that it isn't just cheap toilet paper balls, one should go to the doctor (preferably with the aforementioned little white things in a jar) LONG befoe writing to a website devoted to humorous poop stories.

But, that's just my opinion. Go get it checked out.

Thanks for asking Poonurse!


Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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I've been on Effexor XR for about 10 years. About 6 months ago, I started noticing the infamous tiny white balls. My gastroenterologist noticed them during a colonoscopy and said it looked like undigested time-release medicine. When I told him I was taking Effexer XR, he told me that's most likely what it is. My psychologist never heard of this and is concerned.

Until reading through this thread, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Now I believe they are the "insoluble spheroids" that hold the medicine, but why did they not show up for several years? Coincidentally, the medication does not seem to be working as well and I have been experiencing very mild withdrawal symptoms in the evening which now are occurring more frequently and earlier in the day.

I'm just thinking in writing and plan to discuss this with my doctor, but I wonder if my body has developed an immunity to the medication after prolonged use.

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I have been using Dr. Natura Colonix program for 8 days and have had these cream to light yellow balls in my poop as well. I am convinced they are parasites. Dead ones because of the Colonix parasitic pills.

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hey guys, im scared out of my mind about what could be going on down in my shoop factory(shit and poop). Well for the past couple of days when i wipe i notice these little off white things kinda look like rice but there itty bitty like id say ( )<~ not even that big i hope it shows up! but ya and i have extrrrreme amount of ass gas have to describe them looking like little maggots BUT THEY DONT MOVE i stared at them for atleast 5 mins. and i only see them on the first wipe the other ones are just poop nothing else. i went as far as to stare at the floaters in the toilet waiting for something to crawl out of them...nothing happened so just flushed and walked away. im concerned, well i do take adderall XR and Zoloft but i dunno ive been taking them forever and never got this. I just started eatting sour dough bread? maybe thats it please really help me im 18 and confused.

Flooky is scared!'s picture

ok well it didnt get added on but i do take adderall rx and zoloft. i never got these before and ive been taking them forever, so i dunno if its them. but i did start eating sour dough bread around the time i first noticed them...please help...

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Well pupils of poop, it seems the culprit that causes the little white balls, (bout the size of a pinhead), in our poop could indeed be any slow release medication. Like quite a few in this thread, (pardon the wormy pun), I noticed LWB's after wiping my bum where no LWB's had been before. This only started after I started taking EFFEXOR-XR. I know it isn't other medications as I have had a kidney transplant and have been taking shit-loads, (pardon again), of drugs for a couple of years. I have taken an interest in what my body excretes and have done since I was a littl'un. I always check colour, texture, smell, (forgo the taste test tho), and check for things like seeds and other undigested bits. I've started eating a lot of chili lately and the LWB's are definitely NOT chili seeds or any other seeds either.
I reckon quite a bit can be learnt about your health from digging around in one's poo and I'm sure the Poonurse can give a few examples. But as always, if you are really concerned - see your doctor.

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I noticed this when I started 150mg wellbutrin xl as well. In my situation I take 3 in the morning and 6-8 hours later they are expelled completely intact. I mean solid and undisolved, not just a shell. I'm convinced I'm only ingesting a small amountof the actual medication. These are very expensive and they're just being flushed down the toilet. I suspected this right away and left a message my doc and he never responded so I mentioned it to another doctor who arrogantly dismmissed me as a nut.

A few months ago a generic form was introduced and my pharmacy replaced the name brand little white pills with a generic yellow chalky horse pill. I instinctively knew the time-release mechanism could not possibly be the same. I had a terrible reaction as have many others and I have a theory that the generic form dissolved immediatey sending too much of the med into the bloodstream at once. My doctor was not aware of the switch and ordered the pharmacy to dispense as written because he'd heard of several bad reactions to generic wellbutrin xl and there are many reports online and the People's Pharmacy is launching an investigation in cooperation with the FDA because they have recieved so many complaints since this generic xl was released just late last year.

It's a difficult topic to bring up and it's disheartining not to be taken seriously.

I hope someone finds this info useful and makes at least one person feel like they are not alone and/or "crazy".

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I have white balls too! I have been constipated lately, and I have a hemoroid that hurts like a mother when I go. I am almost TERRIFIED to go potty @ times. Anywho, back to the white balls! I dunno what they are, but they are kinda Roundish, then some are just shaped wierd, but have a rounded side...They are like a creme color..I guess kinda tanish! I dunno what they are...they are NOT ALIVE, and they are just embedded inmy poopies! What do you think it is!?

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I just returned home from the ER-been having alternating mild diarhea/constipation since I started taking effexor XR in December. I just noticed the LWB's today. Raised my dose to 300mg a few months back, but life changes and counseling may have caused the improvement in mood, even if I am not disolving all my meds. I also started taking a multivitamin about a month ago, learned my whole family has IBS, drastically reduced my water intake due to a new work schedule-and had the most painful attempt tp crap of my life last night (hence the visit to the ER). It really did seem to be constipation, although I thought it must be something worse. Have a follow up appointment with a Gastroent and I think I'll try to get all kinds of labs done just to be sure. Then change to a healthier diet/lifestyle if possible.

I still am concerned that the LWB's may be parasites and not the Effexor, or if I have poor digestion and don't digest some things. I've also found whole pills undigested (just ba changed color) in the toilet, years past.

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Yep, I have the white balls and nope, not on the medication everyone else is. I used to be on Zoloft and have in my life taken many herbal supplements without observing these things in my poo.
I'm lactose intolerant and may have other food allergies/intolerances. And it's believed I have IBS.
Well, I learnt a lot from this...good old Google.

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i have little white worms in my poop and when i wipe they're there to and in the toilet but latelt they haven't been coming and so i dont know whats happening AM I DYING ?

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Also on Effexor and Wellbutrin, also have the white ball situation.

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I am also on Effexor and have recently discovered the little white balls about the size of a sesame seed. I was worried that it might be a parasite because I have been traveling around Africa recently and thought I had picked something up from there. Of course I have been having the African shits for about a month so I probably do have something...but its nice to know the little white balls arent from anything too creepy! So I think we can conclude that Effexor=little white poo balls!!

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White balls in poop? Sounds like those white things in potting soil. Some of you people could probably make good money selling potting soil that doubles as fertilizer...

...and they all lived crappily ever after!

...and they all lived crappily ever after!

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When i take pain killers for to long my poop is dark to black in color, But recently my poop has bubbles comming out of it as if something is trying to breath under water.

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_Anonymous Coward, ask your doc if you may becoming lactose intolerant (can cause foamy poop). If you can, stay away from the pain killers, they are trouble. ______
Press on warts, who would buy those? -Well, hags mostly.

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My 3 and a half month old daughter has been switched from regular milk formula to soy to Alimentum to something called Neocate which is an amino acid based hypoallergenic formula and has had a wide variety of poops...the most disturbing of which are the little white ball things! They better not be parasites!

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Please rest assured that the LWB (little white ball) mystery is indeed the tablet shell of Wellbutrin XL, Effexor, or any of a number of other extended release oral drug formulations. If it looks to be the same size as the pill you take...that's what it is. I have worked for almost 20 years in clinical drug development (PhD) and have also been taking Wellbutrin for years for BPD. The technology behind the extended release drug formaulations is a shell with tiny microscopic pores that allow slow and constant diffusion of the drug into the digestive system. The shell itself is insoluble. (Notice how the shell floats in the potty, whereas the pill would sink) Normally, any stuff left inside it would be inactive "carrier" ingredients. However, if you're experiencing nasty diarrhea, the transit time through your gut is shortened and all the drug may not have been absorbed. This situation is also when you're more likely to observe the mysterious floating LWB. (I can speak from experience). Whatever you do (as some have suggested) do NOT break or crush the tablet/capsule before you take it. This can result in unsafe rapid peaks of drug exposure that could increase side effects and decrease the effectiveness of the drug over time.

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Hi, saw the page. Found it because I found a strange object in my poop. I thought it was corn...but then thought "hey i have not had any corn?!" So I got out the surgical tweezers and extracted the UPO. Under closer inspection it was white and round, it was my Wellbutrin XL...I am not sure how long I have been passing them, but isn't that kind of weird that I didn't digest it? I don't know if you take a pill it should get her done.

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I do not take any medications and I almost never take pills of any kind. But I do get white stuff in my stool. Sometimes it is in the form of balls, and other times it looks like chocolate marshmallow swirl ice cream or something. Like the white stuff is more creamy and mixed in with the stool. Sometimes it appears to be somewhat foamy as well but that's not often. Is this lactose intolerant?

I grew up using 2% milk and switched to %1 as soon as I started buying my own groceries. Since then, I've switched to skim milk. I can't live without milk - I live off of cereal! I tend to eat cereal like Trix and Fruity Pebbles. The white stuff in my stool does not resemble any cereal I eat.

I want to know what's going on, but I don't know how to get my poop examined without feeling embarrassed. I don't speak to my PCM(doctor) directly. I call an appointments line and have to speak to some random person and tell them all the details. This is very uncomfortable.

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Anonymous Girl wrote: "...but I don't know how to get my poop examined without feeling embarrassed. I don't speak to my PCM (doctor) directly..etc"

Yeah, ok, random folks on the phone that work in health care, or a bunch of asshats, clowns, and reprobates on a poop humor web site..where would I go for medical advice???? Genius, lady, pure fucking genius.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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well i have this to and i havent told my mom and it is pinworms and if you have it it is usally itchy and you should take x-pin!! and cut your nails and wash your hands evey 30 minutes! and take a shower or bath every day!! and wash your seets and clothes ytou wore to bed every day!!!

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I am forever washing my "seets".....

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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Well, THERE'S your problem. Seets should be dry-cleaned!

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I am on Wellbutrin XR and Wellbutrin XL and experience both the small white spheres and the disk shaped yellow thingies. So glad to hear they are from the meds. Someone should contact the crazymeds website. If this aint crazy, I don't know what is.
What I don't know is what is causing the abdominal pain, diarrhea and cramping that accompany the white balls. And why don't have have the white balls all the time?
Damnit, guess I've got to go to the doctor after all. Poop!


For 2 days now I have had diarrhea and today the poop has turned into soft formed turds. Booth in the diarrea and turd forms I am seeing white balls and also white patches. I mean white white not off white but white.

I have had major abdominal cramps, barfing, and fever. The doc said I have the stomche flu that is going around. I did not tell him about the white poop because I was to busy barfing in his office.

It seems to me that this stomche flu is cleaning me out big time. I poop and poop all the time. I do not know where it is all coming from since I cant eat much at all. I think the virus is washing some parasites out. They say about 90% of Americans have parasites. And that ours are just not normaly the deadly long spaggetti looking type like you see in the poor countries.

Next week I am getting some herbs that kill off parasites ( black walnut, pumpkin seeds and some more)

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last night i took de-worming tablets and this morning i saw many many SMALL WHITE BALLS in my poo! I'm quite sure they were a large colony of threadworms that decided to evacuate immediately.

It was the first time I'd taken worm tablets as a (23yo) adult because I have felt slight itchyness in the bottom at night. Who knew I was so infested! gross! To anyone else that has found SMALL WHITE BALLS or threads in their poo, if you are itchy, it is most likely threadworm, roundworm or hookworm - which tablets will fix!!

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Hiya, I seem to be joining the ever growing list of people finding things in their stools.
I would live to say thank you so much to "Anonymous Coward (not verified) -- 02.10.2007"
who posted this quote & link
"The little white balls/spheres in my poop has been freaking me out for a few weeks. I take effexor XL (venlafaxine) too like many people here having same problem. I found this on the web:

"The extended release formulation of venlafaxine contains spheroids which release the drug slowly into the digestive tract. The insoluble portion of these spheroids is eliminated and may be seen in the stools."

I had at last worked out that is was my meds velafaxine/effexor that was causing it, but I was worried that I may have not been digesting the meds properly and that they therefore werent working, but its good to know that this can often happen. Shame they dont include this info on the box!!

A x

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HA. man i'm glad i came here. i googled my problem and it seems that EFFEXOR is the answer!! thanks you guys!! i was worried!!

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We love when this happens! Good to hear that you're relieved.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Sesame seeds? Whevever I eat McDOnalds, I always see sesame seeds.. From the bun of course

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I may never eat mole sauce again...

What if everyone farted at once?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

What in the HOLY name of CRAP?'s picture

This is the best site I've read in FOREVER! The last time I laughed this hard was when I first watched the "hahaha" baby on youtube.

I just googled "my poop looks weird", because I had no idea that half the freakin' world has LWB in THEIR poop, TOO!!! Seriously, who knew?

I take no meds, but a few supplements (no white or beige balls in the one capsule)...but I HAVE been eating a lot of fibrous veggies and Isagenix shakes and bars, lately. Since fiber busts cholesterol's ass and takes it out the bung-hole, I wondered if it was little cholesterol balls coming out in large numbers. NOW I think I need a parasite killer in my midst. humph.

N E who, I just wanted to thank you all for a dam good laugh. Especially cafeteria guy. I almost shat myself!

For a good time, visit: !

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I have these same tiny white bead things in my poop, also along with sudden diahreaa. It has lasted about three weeks so far. I thought about parasites, but the diarheaa didn't last more than a few days. I suspected giardia, which is a parasite, except that the runs didn't last and there has been no weight loss. But today I read a question like mine answered by an M.D. who suggested checking for giardia, where the feces is tested three separate times. Though I do use Effexor XL, I want to know for sure!

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It is parasites go on a parasite clense, get them out you will feel better, im on a 30 day right now by knowledge products called paraway.

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if u have gerd take apple cider vinegar organic only, take it with baking soda... i know cause i have it and it helps. if u have colitis i can't help u there cuz i'm in pain from it all the time. i take lots of capsules from supplements, i see white stuff too, one looks like capsule coating, the other like seeds, i dont know what the seeds may be just yet. good luck though, UFO thing made me laugh.

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Today I noticed some stringlike substance in my poo, which was not moving. It almost looked like hair covered in poo. I ate a bunch of snow peas two days ago. Is it possible that the string part of the peas just didn't get digested?

ana's picture

ok so anyone see any fecal liths in the poop

not LWB's picture

ok, I feel much better now...from all the laughing and from the vastly confirmed probability that the BIG white balls lurking in the midst of my toilet bowl are remnants of extended release metformin...(between a regular marshmallow and a mini mallow in size! eek.)

My brain had gone down the parasite path, to the "I'm so fat now, maybe I'm pooping out the extra fat from food that my body doesn't need" (ridiculous, I know) thought now a much more acceptable "the pills are really just little sponges that you pass naturally when the medicine is all used up."

Oh what a relief it is!

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Ok, I take Effexor and vicodin. I've been noticing for awhile these black balls in my poop about the size of a real small grape. Today I just couldn't stand it when I had about 20 of these things in my poop. So I got some toilet paper and picked on out, and I know this is gross, but I picked it up and squeezed it. It was very hard and plasticy like an olive sort of, but had nothing inside of it, it was pretty much a solid black ball. Sometimes I think that these Texas doctors might have put some radio-active material in me on purpose during an endoscopy, and they are just now coming out. I really think they did something evil to me. Or I'm just a really sick puppy, both physically and mentally.

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The sesame seeds in the stool are parasite eggs. And most people DO have parasite in their colons so it is wise to do a regular parasite program to rid your body of them. You can do Hudla Clark's parasite cleanse which consists of Black Walnut Tincture, Wormwood and Clove capsules ( I bet most people that would do this cleanse would definitely see strange things in their stool. However, you shouldn't do a parasite cleanse from November to March as our body's go into a form of hibernation in the winter months and it is too hard on the system. I know all this because I work in a herb store for a Master Herbalist and because I did the cleanse myself and saw dead parasites in my stool. You can get parasites from water (drinking or wading), going barefoot outside, from other people not washing their hands, from your pets, improperly cooked meat, etc. We had a lady come into the store who could feel a tapeworm moving in her stomach! She did the cleanse and got rid of it and other parasites. So that's the poop this subject!

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I find red, hard, circular "buttons" in my poop--if you mash it, there is a thick red and white mucusey stuff inside. Appears to be a larva of some kind. I don't take Effexor or any red pill for that matter. This happens several times a week lately. Any ideas?

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Guys, I'm only 15, and I've been really worried for that past few months, with the same problem. It started off as blood, and I thought I had piles or something, it was then followed by little white worms, about a cm long, and then I got really worried. Now, about 4 months after the worms started coming, I started seeking help, through means of google. I've been too embarrassed to say anything in the past, but I've only learnt, literally seconds ago, what the problem is.

What you are all experiencing, I'm guessing is the same as me. Bleeding is only a rare occasion, you may not have that, but the litle white worms, are Pinworms. These are parasites that nest in the large intestine, and at night, they come into the rectum to lay eggs. They wriggle around, and cause you to 'Itch yourself' in your sleep. If you are then to out your fingers in your mouth, you are transporting the eggs, and it'll carry on.

Pinworms don't usually just 'Go away' but there are things you can do:

Change your bed linen every 2 weeks, and soak them in hot water. Do the same with any towels.

Trim fingernails short (as this may be a way of the eggs being transported around) and discourage fingernail biting

Open the bedroom curtains/blinds, as the eggs are sensetive to light (Do not mooney out the window, lol)

shower or bathe as soon as you get up, every day, to reduce egg contamination.

wear clean underwear every day.

You can also go to the pharmacy,and get a treatment over the counter, however you may still experience itching 2 weeks after the treatment. The blood, and gooey sticky liquid in the anus, should stop almost straight away. THE TREATMENT: Threadworm can be treated with one of two medicines, mebendazole (eg Ovex) or piperazine (eg Pripsen piperazine)

Eggs can survive in dust for two weeks, which may lead to infection by inhaling dust. Children in childcare institutions are easily infected by each other, so if the problem persists after treatment, you may need another few try's, these worms dont give up easily.

If you are still un sure if what you have is pinworms, look out for these symptoms:

1/4" moving white wormsin your excretion.
Gooey brownish liquid (not your poop)

By the way, do NOT be too alarmed! it is a mild infection, and is totaly harmless. However it can make for an annoying and disruptive childhood..

Now, I'm only 15 years old, but I hope I have been able to help, at least a little. I may visit this site a few more times, but I probably wont make it a hobby, please tell me if the info I have given has helped. Thanks.

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i get these too, im wondering if they arearasite eggs, because im not on any meds. should just eat more fiber? plzanswer im a little scared.

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like its sounds like okra seeds dude

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I get the tiny white eggs too, and am taking Effexor xl. Glad to get an answer. Having little white eggs in you poo is enough to make you depressed..oh yeah, we are.

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hi guys, if you think u have parasites such as pinworms and u are too afraid to go to the doctor, just get over the counter PIN-X - i think this is what they give kids in third world countries too to rid them of parasites it's in tablet form. and if u are too afraid to be seen buying this then just order it online like at amazon or - regardless, it couldn't hurt. hope this helps people!

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I feel somewhat relieved. My three year old son has been having digestive issues since September. After tons of tests and a colonaoscopy. It has been diagnosed with food allegies. His stools have been pale,foul smelling and loose. Since I've had him on a vegan diet for a month now it has improved still on the pale side but it is solid, his stool is still not totally to my satisfaction. I've repeatedly asked the doctors to check him for parasites. In August he drank some water that had been sitting outside and since then I've noticed this change in his digestive system. Yesterday I noticed a few tiny strings of blood, it almost looked like little worms but I couldn't really tell, and the little white balls in his stool, some of the balls appeared to be shrimp like. I also noticed some seeds however, I do give him lots of rice so I brushed it off as that. I also thought the balls could have been little balls of fat especially since I've changed his diet drastically. The only medication my son is on is pulmecort for asthma, which I started yesterday, albuterol, nasonex, and flinstones multi-vitamin. My gut feeling is that it is parasites as I thought in the beginning. Which ones I don't know. I've done the flash light check while he has been asleep but I've never noticed anything unsual. He has been checked for parasites (via stools) but it has come back negative for any of the parasites. I'm really upset that I didn't collect the sample of what I found yesterday but I will definitely call his pediatrician on Monday and ask for him to be re-checked for parasites. He was tested for H-pylori (via blood test) and it came back positive but his gi doctor asked for a stool test and that came back negative so he dismissed it as a false positive which he claims he often sees in small children. I'm going to seek a different gi:doctor because after this site, I really feel strongly that he has some parasites. I feel that God has led me to this site because I've been praying insesantly for some answers and God is good. Thank you. Any sugestions would be truly appreciated.

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I'd suggest that you don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion and find out what your insurance covers. Also check your doctor's public record to see if he's ever had any complaints.

Go to your local pharmacy and ask about Pin X or other worm remedies, too.

And don't get discouraged. If he continues to bleed, see if it's possible that he's got other things like well, my dog just was found with giardia and has the the same symptoms your child has. It can be gotten from stagnant water.

If the doctors blow you off, consider taking a male family member with you. Sometimes doctors can be bullies.

Good luck.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Ohhh man I've been googling my balls of... til I found this thread! Thank you Moses (as well as Jesus) for the Internet! I've been worrying myself sick about thoose WHITE BALLS!

Of course my mind went about parasites, but none of the search result really really fitted thoose little white sesamy-alike things. And I have been Googling - beleive me..

I'm on Effexor like the rest of you depressed pooping bastards ;-), and consider rest my case thanx to this thread. White balls it is. Effexor is da criminal..

Thank you everyone for sharing this shitty (!) problem. Sorry for my english, I am from sweden (therefore I am .........NOT! (talking with Borat)).

Kisses and shities on everybody!


Anonymous Coward's picture

(i am consciously naming myself anonomous coward)
anyway, if it is indeed white and moving, the culprit might be something called pin worms. I had them when i was little, they scared the hell out of me. but the doctor got rid of them easily i just had to drink this gross orange stuff. However i am now noticing these white balls and i don't know what these are...

Effexor GRL's picture

Hello. I am on Effexor XR 150 mg. My dose was just doubled about 6 weeks ago. I never had white balls in my poo, but I do now. I freaked out. I am so glad this is more normal than I thought.

Relieved's picture

2/2008: Thanks to the folks who answered the question to LWBIMP as being time release medication tranport beads. I, too, wish the medication literature highlighted this. We have enough to worry about staying well. 'Just shows how (un)thorough any profession can be.

itseffexorxrtoblame's picture


i noticed this was already metioned but break open an effexor xr capsules and look

Anonymous Coward's picture

i have these little BLACK balls in my poo and was wondering if anybody has any clue what they might be

they kinda look like kiwi seeds but i haven't eaten any kiwi in a while so

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AC, if you had read the headline, you would know this is a thread for little WHITE balls in your poop. You will have to submit that post as a story.

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ok, for some of us this is actually pretty serious. Why do we have such a crap medical care that forces us on to try find others with similar symptoms who have hopefully more knowledge on than us on poop forums. I had stomach pains and poo problems for a long time and have been back and forth to the doctor with NO results! I returned to them a few weeks back when I had blood coming off my poo- quite a lot of it,and mucas. Wasn't my period and no sores on my bum etc.. this happened three days in a row. hasn't happened since- which leaves me unable to send in my samples the doctor requested of the unusual blooded poo :S Since all mt stomach and poo prob's I've become more poop aware, and I too have the tiny white flakey things in my poo.. that come in like clumps.. And I don't take any meds or vits. I wonder what the heck it is. And since trying to find some info I've found some pretty freaky allegations that there is wide spread bowel dysfunction, with some plaque like stuff that builds up in us that is bad bacteria that stops the good bacteria operating to carry nutrients where they should go. Whether it is true and some cover up or someones way of causing panic to make a quick buck I don't know . but why cant we get decent answers! At first I thought the white bits were undigested bread crumb particles, but knew it was too fine and crumbly for that, I stopped eating bread for the past couple of weeks and I've still got the white stuff.. I don't have to go looking for it its just there. I eat my fruit and veg... garr..

You kids who have wriggly bits in your poo and feeling shy- get to the doctors. They poo too, and have chances had worms etc.. and their kids, they are there to deal with these things, seen far more than you can imagine, its like putting on a band aid to them.

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I'm on Effexor as well, and have been concerned about the "little white balls" for some time. I had seen a tropical med specialist after visiting africa, but the tests yielded no parasites. Good to have an answer!

As for anyone who has anything "moving" in their stool - just suck it up and go to the doctor, with two refrigerated samples! No joke.

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AC, the only thing "moving" with respect to my poops is the people running out of the house.

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Ok.. my white balls in the toilet look like small white grapes... wtf??? Is it polyps passing out my body or what?

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You might want to talk to Daphne. She likes white wine.

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AC of 3/06/2008, those "white grapes" are the result of an ass gnome invasion, it is, in fact, THEIR feces rolling out your bungport. You're screwed, once you get an ass gnome infestation, you can't get rid of 'em, as Shit Volcano can attest.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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It is fascinating to know that I am not the only person in the world with strange things in their poo. Thank God.

I have had some kind of gastrointestinal thing going on for a couple of weeks -- abdominal pain and diarrhea. Since then I have noticed several yellow balls in my poo... I got brave and fished one out of the toilet with some tissue last night. (Yuck! Poop has some crazy shit in it as you may have noticed from the posts. Since I don't want to catch anything stranger than what I might already have, I dropped it in some very hot water in the sink and squirted some antibacterial soap in with it and swished it around to clean it up! Safety first kids!) Anyway, on to the yellow balls... I like another poster first thought it was undigested corn and realized I haven't eaten any corn lately. It was (and is) the size and color corn but it is a hollow shell. I do take Effexor XR, but this shell is way too large to be one of those tiny time-release beads. I also take Wellbutrin XL and I am now wondering if this is the shell -- discolored from traveling through my digestive system -- from one of those. Any one else have these larger poop balls????

I have most likely been spared great embarrassment by stumbling upon this site as I kept the darn thing put it in a tiny baggie and was prepared to take it to my doc a.s.a.p. I too went the parasite route and thought that this must surely be a rare, previously undiscovered giant intestinal worm egg!!! I could only imagine the havoc and destruction this worm must be causing in my gut... OK... So I have a wild imagination. I have been put at ease by reading all the other poop stories and will not run frantically out the door with my "giant worm egg" in tow to see the doc at 8 in the morning. Thanks everyone!

To those of you with white worm looking things in your poop. If it looks like a worm, it's probably a worm. I had pin worms as a kid and can tell you that they are no big deal. They do make your butt itch horribly. The crazy itching alone should be enough to get you out the door and to the store for a remedy. Go to Wal-mart. Those stores are so big that no one really cares or notices that you are buying worm medicine. Either that or keep your itchy ass and spread the worms to everyone you come in contact with.

Happy poopies everyone!

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I just started noticing white things in my poop, they don't move, and vary in size. I changed my diet about a month and a half ago. I eat mostly vegetables, fish, eggs, probiotic yogurt and brown rice. I cook everything in olive oil too.

Anyway, I used to be fairly constipated but now I am regular, with fairly big poops after every meal. They come out easy and require little whiping. Breaks apart when I flush the toilet. I don't think it's parasites and I'm not on any medication except a multivitamin and zinc caplets.

What the hell could it be?

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hi my name is kirsten and for some reason i have little white worms in my poop too.they aint nice are they? little white things running in and out ur poop discusting. and jimmy my step dad has it too and he keeps going i have magets in my poo and saying ur worms are bigger than mine does anyone no how to get rid of them? oh and i've tried the doctor.

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Step dads can be darn hard to get rid of, but thank god you apparently only have one. Jimmy's, I've found, are the hardest to get rid of because, in general, they seem to have few options. But you might try these: hide the remote, or better, sabotage the large screen TV. When he's not looking, empty out all the beer in the frig. And you'll probably have more luck talking about this with the sheriff than with your doctor. Good luck.


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I also have white balls in my poo, along with what looks like worms, but very small. Yes my bum itches at night, but didn't put it together. I have cronic pain and take many pain meds, along with constipation meds.

I like most of you fished out one of the "samples" prepared to take it to the doc, boy, I'm glad I found this page first! I still may ask the doc and see what he says. I also have pain in abdoman along with blood in poo. I don't take the pill most of you are taking. What to do?

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why do I poop a million little balls instead of normal poop?

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AC, look down toward the ground. Do you see feet or hooves? Report back with your findings, and we will advise.

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my stomach kills and its been happening for 2 years and my poo comes poy every 2 or 3 days i weigh 5 stone and no matter how much i eat i never get big my but is itchy and my i cant eat much.please im not sure if its serious and i have to force my poo out because normally it comes out on it should come out on its own

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Doctor's are terrible at diagnosing parasites in people here in the U.S. Clove kills most parasite eggs. Take fresh ground clove for at least two weeks, then start looking. Inducing diarhea will keep the things from getting mushed up so you can see their true characteristics. I had the pea sized things that popped......hundreds of them. I now take clove regularly.