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-- posted 5.16.02005 by Dan

Slim Pickens plays a California redneck captured by Japanese forces and taken to their submarine, where he swallows their sought after compass. The Japanese force feed him prune juice and put him in the head, awaiting "movement." His severe groaning brings delight to his captors' ears, but when they enter, he has faked it; he shoves them into the toilet and escapes.

1991: The Year Punk Broke

-- posted 11.11.02002 by Ryan Pooper

This video contains scenes of the bands Sonic Youth, The Ramones, Nirvana, Dinosaur
Jr., and more, through a particular 1991 European tour. At one point in the video we are
treated to the swirling of a large log dropped by none other than Thurstin Moore himself, the
great singer of Sonic Youth. While the dropping of the log is censored, you do get to
see the log itself, in all its brown glory.

2001: A Space Travesty

-- posted 6.2.02003 by The Big Wiper

Professional klutz Leslie Nielsen is sent to a space station on the Moon where he wreaks the usual physical comedy havoc. In one disco sequence, reminiscent of the cantina scene from Star Wars, with all sorts of strange lifeforms interspersed among the humans, the HUMAN RESTROOM has an 'out of order' sign placed over it. This causes a back-up of guys who have to go. One, who appears to have cramps and cannot wait any longer, heads instead for an enormous metal box labeled ALIEN RESTROOM.

No sooner is he inside than a bizarre-headed alien joins him, closing the door and initiating a series of box-rattling maneuvers, groans and shouts within. Although we cannot see what is going on inside, the alien soon emerges to the cheers and loud applause of the disco crowd.

Nielsen asks another guy nearby why the crowd is cheering and celebrating with the alien. "He only dumps once a year," comes the reply. Right after that, the guy with the cramps emerges from the box covered from head to toe in some kind of yellowish alien diarrhea with a look of complete disgust on his face.

51st State

-- posted 10.10.02002 by Thales

An OK movie with Samuel L. Jackson as a chemist who has developed some
kind of new drug. The movie involves lots of criminal organizations and such. It has
got quit a unique pooping scene: some gangbangers tries to hijack him, but they
get tricked when they test the drug. Instead of giving them the real stuff he,
gives them some sort of superlaxative. They all end up on the floor shitting
their pants while he gets away.

8 Crazy Nights

-- posted 1.21.02004 by Tyler Johnson

In one scene, the little old guy is pushed in a Port-a-Potty. Then, when covered in shit, he is frozen into a poopsicle. Then he is saved by deer licking the shit.


-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

A robotic kid named David (an invention of a
scientist) is introduced into the home of a couple to replace their
real son who is in hospital in a coma. Of
course, the robotic David has no social conditioning, so he walks in on "Mom"
while she is reading on the crapper. He doesn't realize that he's done anything
wrong, but Mom (who must be a Shameful Shitter) screams at David to get out of
the bathroom.

A Guy Thing

-- posted 4.14.02003 by Troutman Coolee

Paul, played by Jason Lee, is at a party at his fiancé's house (Karen, played by Selma Blair). Karen's cousin, Becky (Julia Stiles), shows up. Paul sees her without her seeing him, and recognizes her as the girl he recently had a one-night-stand with. Determined that Becky won't meet her cousin's groom-to-be that night (actually meet again, of course), Paul runs and hides out in the bathroom. When Karen comes looking for him, he tells her through the door that he has diarrhea.

He tries to sit the party out in that guise, but eventually the whole crowd comes gathering around the bathroom door to inquire if he is any better. Becky is among them, as eager as ever to meet Paul. Then Paul, eager to lend an authentic air to his disguise, squeezes a shampoo bottle to make a convincing simulated fart. All outside hear it and buy into the ruse. Becky gives an especially daintily "embarrassed" giggle at the blast.

The Air Up There

-- posted 4.14.02003 by The Big Wiper

Kevin Bacon plays a basketball recruiting coach at a high-profile Catholic college who has trekked to African to find his next big star. After arriving at the village of Winabi, Bacon makes every effort to participate in the tribal activities, including partaking of the local food and water. Soon, the good priest running the place is making jokes about Bacon's attacks of the Winabi Trots. In one incredibly prolonged sequence, Bacon argues with a pretty nun about basketball while obviously cramping up and grabbing his stomach before finally heads for the woods.

We next cut to a shot of jungle foliage, punctuated by the sound of a huge fart and then a grunt, as Bacon is obviously in the middle of a big, squatting dump. We see his face in close-up and he appears to be picking leaves off the branch nearest him.

But his crap is cut short when a warthog darts out from the bushes and rushes him. We see Bacon trying to get up and run, but his pants are still around his ankles, so he falls over. The warthog continues to charge, and Bacon sits up and tries to pull his pants up. Eventually, he manages to do so and runs as fast as he can for the hills, looking over his shoulder in terror. Pretty funny sequence when you consider the implications of Bacon being terrorized by a hog. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one!)


-- posted 11.11.02002 by Three Ply

Mitchell Goosen, the new kid in school, is constantly being harassed by the school
bullies. In one scene, Mitchell is in the bathroom taking a crap in one of the stalls.
Interestingly, the toilet paper is hanging up by the door on a chain. Suddenly, the group of
bullies led by Augie (early Jack Black) and Jack sneak in and dump water into the stalls,
soaking every roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. Immediately following this scene Mitchell
is seen doing the penguin walk down the school hallway as a result of not wiping.


-- posted 2.21.02003 by Syd

A modern classic. When Robert Hays has to fly a plane in trouble, he neglects to tell the control tower a vital piece of info. Reflecting on that, he tells an associate: "If he finds out about this, the shit will hit the fan." The following scene is just that.

Along Came Polly

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Toiletreader

Ben Stiller's character, an uptight New York Jewish nebbish on a date, tries to be cool and eats some VERY spicy ethnic food at a restaurant with Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston). This causes profuse sweating and audibly loud borborygmus, aggravating his extreme Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After much physical and mental anguish, he decides to use the restaurant's one staller and, of course, it's occupado with no hope of that changing any time soon.

By the time he and Polly get back to his apartment and she's found her keys, he's ready to explode! He asks to use the can, darts in and makes The Move. We see him in full frontal view (but no genital exposure) on the toilet as he farts, plops, groans, sweats and has a hell of a time dealing with his gastric misfortune. Her pet ferret makes a visit to him while he's doing his thing and he chases it, as best he can, out the door. He runs out of toilet paper and looks for creative solutions to clean up the mess. The ferret, back in the bathroom, is also a possible option!

He ends up using a piece of embroidered cloth that Polly's grandmother had given to her. He also tries, unsuccessfully, to flush it, which causes great concern and flooding. We see the flooded, overflowing toilet with the embroidered cloth in it and the shit stains on the porcelain. He also uses her new loofah pad on a stick for the clean up as well and Polly sends him home with it, wrapped in plastic.

It's well worth seeing just for this scene. Very funny stuff.

There's also a great urinal scene with big, fat Alec Baldwin, which employs some gross fart/piss humor and some touch-feely improprieties for Alec Baldwin that disgusts Ben Stiller's character.


-- posted 9.8.02004 by Pluh 2

As Amelie begins to flip through a French soldier's old letters home from WW II, the camera continually pans over her body as she reads them. The last shot shows her sitting on the toilet.

American Pie

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

Four guys vow to end
their virginity by the night of the high school prom. One of them Finch, is a
Shameful Shitter. He cannot take a shit at school and has to go home during
breaks to dump. This results in him getting the nickname "Shitbreak."

One of the other guys plans to cure Finch of his Shamefulness. So he slips him a
laxative in a drink. When Finch has to make a dash for the guy's room, the other
character directs him to the girl's room instead. We see him there in a stall,
rushing to pull down his pants when a group of chicks walks into the restroom. He
tries to hold his turds in until they go, but alas he cannot. We then hear him
farting loudly and a torrent of loose shit hitting the water. The chicks leave
the bathroom in disgust.

American Pie III: American Wedding

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Justa Girl

Fans of the American Pie trilogy will remember the character of Stiffler as an asshole with no boundaries or social graces. In this film he tries to prove he is worthy of being part of a friend's wedding by taking on the responsibility of looking after the wedding ring. A dog eats the ring and Stiffler is forced to follow it in hopes of retrieving the ring after it passes through the dog's digestive tract. Stiffler ends up with a load of dog crap wrapped in a napkin (or was it on a plate?) which appears to be a sweet treat for the wedding guests. He is forced to eat the chunk of dog crap and pretend that it is chocolate, rather than admit his mistake. The buildup to the first actual taste of poop is excruciating. The viewer knows it's going to happen, and even though Stiffler is an asshole, you have to feel for a guy who is about to down a hunk of dog doo.

American Splendor

-- posted 1.21.02004 by Dave

This movie is all about how mundane normal life is -- and how complicated normal life is. In one scene, Harvey gets his first letter from Joyce, and we see him reading it on the crapper. Later, in the play of his life, the set designers cannily put the toilet right there on stage. It's a comment about how in a story about every day life, the toilet is just as important as the living room.

An Innocent Man

-- posted 12.4.02002 by LosFecales

Tom Selleck is in prison, wrongly convicted. Another prisoner is threatening him, and Tom
must "take him out." His opportunity arrives when the other prisoner is taking a dump on the
toilet. After finishing his "doody," he stands up to walk out when Tom comes at him with a shank
and thrusts it into his midsection. Well, heck, at least he got to "finish the job."

Any Given Sunday

-- posted 10.15.02002 by Artful Dodger

Directed by Oliver Stone, Any Given Sunday is a thinking man's
movie about football. The poop scene comes during half time when the team is in the locker room. One
of the linemen was injured in the first half, and the physical trainers are
working on him. Suddenly he shouts "I gotta take a shit!" and heads to the
cramped bathroom. He drops his pants and sits down still in his gear, which
makes life difficult for the poor trainer that had to squeeze in beside him
holding an I.V. bottle. Apparently it was a smelly one, because the trainer
makes all kinds of grotesque faces.


-- posted 12.13.02004 by The Big Wiper

Will Ferrell is cheesy, late '70's, polyester-clad newsanchor Ron Burgundy in this hilarious send-up of the TV news business. When Veronica Corningstone (played by Christina Applegate), the first female anchor in station history, is hired, Ferrell attempts to impress her by taking her out and playing jazz flute at a nightclub. There ensues an insane montage consisting of Ferrell leaping on to tables, stomping wine glasses and moving all around the club while performing, including sliding under a stall in the men's room while a man is sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. Needless to say, the man is quite startled by Ferrell's brief, 'jazzy' appearance.

Anchorman: The Unrated Version

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Shyman

I would first like to add that scene this is the only reason for an unrated version, other than a few "F" words here and there.

Since Ron reads anything on the teleprompter, Christina Applegate's character types in "Go fuck yourself, San Diego;" and since censors weren't around in the 70's, everyone hears it. But Ron doesn't realize what he said until he's told and gets fired.

A little later after this moment, the owner of the restaurant that Ron goes to tells him that since he's disgraced all of San Diego, he must eat cat crap, as displayed on a plate in front of him.

Owner: That is cat poop.

Ron: I'm not eating cat poop.

Owner: That is cat poop!

Ron: I'm not eating cat poop!

Owner: You disgrace all of San Diego, you eat cat poop!

Ron: (sighs) If I take a bite, will you get me a big steak?

Owner: Yes.

Ron dives in to take a bite, but the owner thinks he hasn't eaten it at all. He still tells him to eat it and Ron cries loudly while screaming, "It's CAT SHIT! I'M EATING CAT SHIT! I DESERVE IT!'" and actually putting it in his mouth and chewing it. Crude, yes, but I never laughed so hard!


-- posted 4.21.02004 by LOL

This movie is about lethal South American spiders who hitch a ride in a coffin to some quiet American town. The spiders start off in the house of the man who bought the coffin, soon escaping and spreading throughout the house. In one scene, we see the spiders crawling around behind a toilet, which someone is obviously sitting on.

Assault on Precinct 13

-- posted 8.17.02005 by The Big Wiper

John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne are placed in adjoining holding cells in Precinct 13. There are no walls between the cells, only bars, so both prisoners can see and talk to each other easily. The poop scene occurs with Leguizamo sitting with his pants around his ankles on his toilet. His toilet faces Fishburne's cot, upon which Fishburne is propped up, trying to read a newspaper. Leguizamo's character is clearly uptight about having to take a shit in such an exposed manner and appears to be delaying the act with small talk. Leaning forward with a furtive expression on his face, he talks about what he did to get thrown into prison. Fishburne glances up from his paper and gives him a disdainful look.

Finally having run out of small talk, Leguizamo signs off with an, "Okay," and then starts grunting away. Fishburne continues to look disgusted.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

-- posted 10.10.02002 by Tirade

Austin is trailing Dr. Evil's second-in-command, No. 2, at a casino, and
follows him into the men's room. A Texan (Tom Arnold) is in the restroom at the same time.
They head to their respective stalls and get ready to go. While Austin is on
the pot, one of Dr. Evil's assassins pops out from a false panel in the wall and
starts to choke Austin.

Lots of grunting can be heard, and the Texan assumes
Austin is fighting a particularly belligerent turd. Austin flips the assassin and
dunks his head in the toilet, yelling, "Who does Number 2 work for!" The Texan responds, "You show that
turd who's boss!" A plethora of sound effects ensues, and Austin finally knocks
out the assassin. Both exit the stall and the Texan exclaims that Austin should
take it easy.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

-- posted 3.11.02003 by Zackary

Felicity goes to Fat Bastard's house at night and sticks a locator up his butt. They track him down the following day, only to find that Fat Bastard had taken a crap and pooped out the locator.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (more)

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Madonna's Colon

After discovering the tracking device in the station restroom, Fat Bastard's shite is taken to the lab. And not without success: it turns out Fats has eaten a plant which only grows on a tiny island... the one Dr. Evil's hideout is on! Isn't science a fascinating thing?

In the lab, the shit is being kept in what looks remarkably like a can for coffee. Austin drinks from it, during which there is a true gem of a dialogue with Basil:

Austin: Basil, this coffee smells like shit.

Basil: It is shit, Austin.

Austin: Oh, well, it's not just me then.


Austin: It's a bit nutty.

Austin Powers 3: Goldmember

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Slim Jim Junkie

Fat Bastard finishes a sumo match and heads for the locker room. He gives his muwashi (Sumo diaper) to the maid, says, "I pinched one off a bit too early," and then sits on the crapper to take a monster shit.

The Bad News Bears (original)

-- posted 5.16.02005 by anonymous

Poor Engelberg. The other kids are messing around in the hotel room and the bathroom door inadvertently gets knocked open, revealing Engelberg on the hopper, eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. One of the funniest things to a six-year-old. I still remember it, thirty years later.

Barenaked in America

-- posted 6.24.02004 by The Big Wiper

This rockumentary film by Jason Priestley follows the Canadian rock group Barenaked Ladies (BNL) behind the scenes on their first American tour. The very first scene features the guitarist, Ed Robertson, sitting on a toilet, full frontal, leaning forward with his pants around his ankles.

"So, you're about to get a glimpse into this band, like no other rock movie," Robertson says, then glances sideways at the toilet paper holders.

Later in the movie, Conan O'Brien comes backstage to the group's dressing room after an appearance on his show. Robertson and the other members present a plaque of their first gold record to him, and they mention that a camera is rolling. O'Brien says that he once had a film crew follow him around twenty-four hours a day, too, recording everything going on behind-the-scenes. Robertson chimes in quickly: "Yeah, I'm shitting!" And we cut back to more of that opening shot of him sitting on the toilet, only this time, he smiles at the camera, reworks a line from a song ("This is how I do it!") and gives the peace sign.

The Basketball Diaries

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

In an early scene in this movie about drug abuse among basketball players at a N.Y.C.
catholic school, the coach is checking out the gym restroom
stalls before practice for smokers. He pushes open one stall door to reveal Mark
Wahlberg on the crapper. He says, "Hey coach, I'm trying to take a
dump in here." The coach just stands there laughing and says: "Hey, it smells
like something died in here."

Beavis and Butthead Do America

-- posted 9.8.02004 by Shyman

This film is about Beavis and Butthead, two dumb teens who have no concept of life, but find reality through their television -- which is stolen. So the two go on a worldwide adventure trying to find their set. In one scene, the two are on a senior citizens' bus. The old folks stop at the Grand Canyon. While the old folks are looking at the gorge, B&B are looking at the ass of a donkey, and comment on how the poop is coming out of the ass of the ass. (Very clever.)

Beer Money

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Dropbrown

In this one, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack from Saved By The Bell) is talking about how the butter on the popcorn goes right thru him, right after he's chowed down on the popcorn. Soon after that, there's a wicked funny shit scene just like Dumb and Dumber.


-- posted 1.14.02005 by Shyman

In one scene, BeetleJuice is seen on the toilet looking at the newspaper, trying to find some new unsuspecting couple that has died. That's where he finds Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin.


-- posted 1.21.02004 by LOL

This movie is about a boy growing up in rural Australia, from his early years right to his twenties. In his early twenties, he joins the army and is involved in the Gallipolli attack in WWI. In one scene, there is heavy fighting. The Aussie troops, mostly young aspiring men, are fighting it out in the horrendously famous trenches. One young man has a sudden bout of diarrhea, and I think he runs off only to be blown to pieces by the Turk artillery.

In the other scene, still in WWI, the main character dude is in the military toilets. Some of his buddies are there, including one who's taking a shit in one of the dark, cramped stalls. We see his feet and pants pulled down. The stall is so small that the guy's legs are right up against the door. Well, he apparently says something that gets the main dude pissed, because he goes and kicks the guy's legs while he's seated on the toilet!

Big Fish

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Adam

Ewan McGregor sits on an elephant's back, saying, "Daffodils! She likes daffodils!" Then the shot goes wide showing an elephant dropping a load.

Big Fish (more)

-- posted 5.16.02005 by The Big Wiper

Overlooked in the previous description of this movie is a scene in which Ewan McGregor is severely beaten by the oafish boyfriend of the girl he wants to marry. Although McGregor ends up on the ground, bloodied, in a field of daffodils, he exacts the ultimate revenge when the big oaf is shown next reading a newspaper and grunting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles.

The exertion from the fistfight, however, coupled with the straining on the toilet, causes the big lug to keel over, face-down, on the floor.

Big Momma's House

-- posted 1.21.02003 by buttslice

Martin Lawrence's character, a spy, is putting hidden cameras in Big Momma's house. While he is in the bathroom, Big Momma comes home. He hides in the shower, but to his misfortune, Big Momma has to use the crapper. Martin holds back vomit as he is treated to a plethora of very long, very wet and very drippy diarrhea sounds. As she shits, Big Momma says, "There goes last night's cauliflower," among other foods that she ate.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Testy Kool

As Bill and Ted are traveling through time to pick up historical people, they stop in a Western frontier town in 1879 to meet Billy the Kid. The scene opens to a cowboy humming a song to himself as he finishes his dump inside a filthy old-West outhouse, complete with the sound of flies buzzing around inside it. A classic, all-American dump scene.

Billy Madison

-- posted 9.8.02004 by E

Billy (Adam Sandler) and friends perform the 'flaming brown bag of poop' on an old man's doorstep. The old man stomps it out and says, "It's poop! It's poop again!" Then Billy yells, "He called the shit POOP!"

Black Cat, White Cat

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Joe

In this hilarious comedy, filmed in what used to be Yugoslavia, an outhouse is rigged up so that at precisely the right moment, the seat will collapse, causing the bad guy, Davan, to nearly drown in a horrifying mixture of shit and piss. Worse, once he finally manages to climb out, he uses a large white duck to wipe himself off. (Poor duck.)

Black Ninja

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Dropbrown

The Black Ninja gives something to some kind of Mobster that's sitting on the can which makes it so the mobster can't move/doesn't have control of his body. Then there's some weird squeal sounds, unlike the loud scratchy sounds in other movies. The Black Ninja takes off and the last shot of the scene is of an empty toilet paper roll.

Blink 182: The Urethra Chronicles

-- posted 7.21.02003 by The Big Wiper

The shameless Blink-182 Boys -- Tom DeLong, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker -- are at it again in this rockumentary/movie/home video containing music videos of four of their songs, as well as interviews, travel footage and the usual fool-around bathroom stuff their fans have come to expect of them.

Three sequences stand out: the poop scene occurs during the segment honing in on drummer, First, with Travis Barker, he of the many piercings, tattoos and shaven head. An overhead camera captures the moment when DeLong and Hoppus (not shown on screen) push open a stall door to reveal Barker on the crapper with his pants around his ankles. Apparently not as shameless a shitter as we have been led to believe, Barker briefly holds his hand up to the camera, then bends down to try to escape scrutiny, muttering amused expletives during the invasion of his privacy. In an earlier sequence he is shown taking a piss and covering his equipment when the camera moves in too close.

Elsewhere during all this aimlessness, Hoppus is shown taking a piss at a public urinal with his pants down around his ankles, and DeLong and Hoppus invade a women's bathroom at an airport, running in and out of it while insisting they did not know it was the ladies' loo. Right!!!

Boggy Creek II

-- posted 11.11.02002 by Chief

A terrible excuse for a sequel... in one of the flashbacks, the Boggy Creek Monster
attacks a poor man while he's in an outhouse, doing his duty.

The Bogus Witch Project

-- posted 6.23.02003 by The Big Wiper

This spoof of 'The Blair Witch Project' features several different skit-like takes on the original movie. The most familiar of these has two guys and a chick, all in camping gear, tromping through the woods with a hand-held camera. One of the guys admits that they are apparently lost, and the chick, who is holding the camera, wonders out loud where their book of maps is. They all seem to split up at that point, and we cut to a scene where one guy, moving up the side of a hill, calls out to the other who is somewhere out of sight: "Mike, do you know where the maps are?"

There follows a close-up of Mike, taking a dump with his pants down around his ankles, and answering, 'No!' with a wince on his face, all the while tearing off pages from the map book he has secretly confiscated and wiping himself with them.


-- posted 4.21.02004 by Useless2and3

In this strange weed-based movie, there is a scene where Luke Wilson and Brittany Murphy are walking in the woods to meet Jack Black. The Murphy character keeps complaining about how she doesn't want to "shit in the woods." But eventually she walks off and squats down. Then from out of nowhere pops Jack Black. She quietly asks him not to kill her, and apparently finishes the job while Jack and Luke talk a little.


-- posted 4.21.02004 by Die-see

A short film all about a turd!

A boomerang is a wooden weapon used by Australia's indigenous people. It can be thrown a great distance, and made to come back to the thrower.

This film starts with a well-dressed woman on her way to meet her date at his home. We see her holding her stomach just before she knocks on the door. He greets her and she asks to use the toilet. She goes into the toilet, drops one and flushes. She then notices it hasn't gone down and flushes again and again. He is concerned and enquires of her, but she says everything is fine. She then grabs a bucket, fills it up with water and tries to flush it down, but no success. We then get a shot of the turd stuck in the toilet.

In desperation, she gets some paper, picks up the turd, wraps it up and places it into her handbag. The next scene, the couple is out walking when a thief comes up and steals the handbag. The next scene the couple is at a police station where the policeman asks her, what was in the bag... Then, a shot of the thief running and sitting down, opening up the handbag. With a look of horror, he says, "That's disgusting!" and throws down the bag. The next scene, the couple is walking and they see the handbag. The woman picks it up and the man asks is anything missing. She says everything is there, and smiles.

In the last scene, the couple is walking away from the camera arm-in-arm. The camera then zooms onto her shoe, where the turd and paper are stuck on the bottom of her shoe.

The boomerang has returned!


Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

-- posted 1.16.2007 by Suntower

Borat is at a dinner party with six Southern socialites from Alabama, one of whom is an etiquette coach. He excuses himself to go to the restroom. He comes back a few minutes later with a bag containing his feces and hands it to her. She reacts very calmly, thinking this foreigner has not mastered the use of the Western toilet, and takes him over to the restroom to teach him the ins and outs of how one uses the toilet and toilet paper.

The toilet etiquette lesson turns out disastrous as well. When she attempts to explain the concept of "wiping," Borat thinks she was about to do the wiping for him, and proceeds to drop his pants for her.


-- posted 2.21.02003 by Syd

In the future, businessman Jonathan Pryce has some work done on his heating system by rogue heating engineer Robert De Niro. Later, the government heating engineers show up and are pissed to find De Niro's been working on their equipment. So they come back to Pryce's apartment wearing head-to-toe clear plastic suits, complete with air hoses, and proceed to pull every hose and duct out of the walls and ceilings.

While Pryce stands outside wondering what to do, De Niro shows up. He takes a panel from the wall, removes Pryce's sewage pipe (which is filled to the rim), and switches it with the air hose to the workers' suits. While Pryce watches through the window, we see the workers suits begin to fill up to the top with brown, chunky liquid. One man's suit fills to the bursting point. Cut to outside, we hear a bang followed by shit hitting the window.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

-- posted 1.14.02005 by Troutman Coolee

Early in the movie the title character goes skydiving, probably prompted by her boyfriend, even though it terrifies her. She's being videotaped the whole time. On her landing, as fate would have it, she lands squarely in a pigpen, falling into a plethora of pig poop. Just as she stands up, the camera catches her butt, and it is at least halfway covered in poop.

The audience knows that it is pig poop, having seen the whole thing. But even though it is on the outside of her pants, it's conceivable to surmise it's the result of an especially messy accident involving her own poop. And especially because we soon see that that shot of her poo-covered bottom is actually being televised -- chances are the illusion is one that the movie-makers had in mind.

And, of course, since the whole skydiving incident had her what sometimes might be called "scared shitless", one could really wonder whether the pig poo on the OUTSIDE of her pants is the only poo in the vicinity thereof! By the way, when the camera catches her face, there's some poop there too.

Brighton Beach Memoirs

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Dana

A young Jewish boy living with a full household, Eugene is sitting on the john when his attractive cousin walks in on him. After screeching "SHUT THE DOOR! SHUT THE DOOR!" he laments, "The crapper. Nora saw me on the crapper!"

The Brothers McMullen

-- posted 10.10.02002 by Toiletreader

This is an Edward Burns movie about three Irish-American brothers temporarily
living together under one roof. One morning we see the youngest brother running out of the house wearing his
boxers only to collect the newspaper. He goes to the bathroom and sits on the
crapper. Just as he is settling in, his older married brother walks in on him
under some pretext, but he really wants to discuss about how he's cheated on
his wife.

The brother on the crapper protests that "He's going to the bathroom," but the married brother
just sits down and goes on talking about his situation. At one point, he says
to the younger one: "Hey how about giving us a mercy flush." The younger one
replies: "What do you expect?" The older brother says: "Well, I'll have to
tell my wife to change butchers." Before he leaves the bathroom, the older
brother says: "Hey, don't forget to wipe." It's a great poop camaraderie
scene, but you don't actually get to hear any pooping sounds.

Bruce Almighty

-- posted 10.1.02003 by The Big Wiper

In this typical physical comedy vehicle, Jim Carrey plays wannabe TV anchorman, Bruce Logan, who is temporarily endowed with the powers of the Creator by God, himself, played by Morgan Freeman. Among the many stunts he pulls off is teaching his wayward dog how to use the toilet and stop lifting his leg to spray the apartment furniture. At first the potty training consists of the dog standing and peeing like a man, but later in the film, Carrey's girlfriend (Jennifer Anniston) walks in on the dog, who is sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper while taking a crap.


-- posted 10.15.02002 by Dakota

An undercover cop (Damon Wayans) teams up with a crook (Adam Sandler),
whom he's trying to bust. The movie has drug kingpins and a generally silly
plot. After he successfully busts the Sandler character, Wayans shackles him
to a toilet bowl that is full of big turds and Sandler protests vigorously
about this indignity.

The Butcher Boy

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Gyrus

A great underseen Neil Jordan film about a troubled boy growing up in 60's rural Ireland. Taking psychotic revenge on the nefarious Mrs. Nugent, Francie Brady, the film's tearaway protagonist, breaks into her house and has a riot destroying her freshly-baked cakes. He then scrawls 'PIG' all over the living room, and, after being questioned by the narrator as to what pigs do, eventually the light bulb comes on, and he proudly drops his kecks to take a righteous dump on her carpet - with nuclear detonations on TV providing an apocalyptic background. Mrs. Nugent happens to walk in at this point, which is hilarious.


-- posted 12.4.02002 by Tod Loop

We see a close-up of a turd (actually, a Baby Ruth bar) floating in the
pool. A little girl screams "Doodie, doodie!!" and chaos ensues as the pool clears (and
a little boy is trapped by the turd). Eventually, the pool is ordered to be cleaned
and disinfected. The Bill Murray character does so, finding the "doodie" at the bottom of the pool. "Here it is!" he shouts, to the moans
of various onlookers. He sniffs it, then takes a bite.

Caddyshack (more)

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Grand Master

After the Bill Murray character takes a bite of the Baby
Ruth bar, he says, "It's not so bad," and the snooty wife of
Judge Smells faints.

Caged Heat

-- posted 6.23.02003 by WanGirlPoop

Caged Heat is a movie about a girl in prison. There is a scene where the camera is slowly moving through all the cells, and there is one girl on the toilet -- possibly pooping -- reading the paper. Nice scene -- sound heard of water, or poop hitting toilet water.

California Dreaming

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

Dennis Christopher plays a pale, nerdy Chicago guy who heads to California to hang out with surfers and try to be cool. He ends up staying with relatives, one of home is a young woman played by Glynnis O'Connor. Early in the movie, O'Connor -- apparently forgetting that the Christopher character is staying with them -- walks into the bathroom and pulls up her T-shirt, briefly exposing her tits to Christopher, who is sitting on the pot with his white briefs around his knees. He smiles sheepishly as she gasps in horror and leaves, while he tries to cover his embarrassment by hiking his briefs up his legs a little further in the ultimate nerdly defense mechanism, and the perfect exercise in Shameful Shitter behavior.

Car Wash

-- posted 4.14.02003 by Tom Scarlett

Melanie Mayron is sitting on the toilet at work (no stall, just a one-toilet restroom). She's got a magazine on her lap and is doing her nails... it looks like she's settled in for a while. A guy she works with appears at the window and (perhaps literally) scares the crap out of her. She's really embarrassed and later dumps water on the guy.


-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

Marooned on a tropical island with no one to talk to but a volleyball, Hanks uses the 'facilities' on-screen admirably. First, he is shown on the beach with his back to the camera peeing into the ocean--the ultimate urinal. Later, he is shown squatting in the bushes and then rising from what is obviously a dump. Very well done, Mr. Hanks, but who couldn't be shameless under these circumstances?


-- posted 2.16.02004 by Armo

In the darkly satirical movie adapted from the classic novel about a group of WWII bomber pilots, there is a poop scene involving the prissy Major Danby (Richard Benjamin). Major Danby is meekly entering the office of his gruff and earthy commanding officer, Colonel Cathcart (Martin Balsam). Danby doesn't see Cathcart at first, then hears the Colonel tell him to "close the door..." He turns and lays eyes on Cathcart, sitting on his unenclosed "command commode" in the corner, finishing off his morning bowel bombing run. The scene is very brief, but Danby's eye roll is definitely that of a very Shameful Shitter!


-- posted 10.10.02002 by Dakota

An American Korean war hero (played by Gary Oldman) attempts suicide and
ends up in Chattahoochee State Mental Hospital. This is a terrible place and
he rebels against the place when he realizes that the doctors are humiliating
the other patients, instead of treating them. He is punished by being forced to sit
on a bench for a prolonged period. Eventually, he can't help himself and he
pees his pants and then craps in them with obvious effort.

City Slickers II

-- posted 1.21.02004 by Carol

One scene shows one of the boys taking a bathroom break out in the desert. He sits on a cactus and thinks he has been bitten on the tushy by a snake! OWW~~!


-- posted 12.4.02002 by Chodo

The CKY2K movies were prequels to the whole Jackass thing. The Jackass guys show some
stunts, lots of skating, and some usually boring skits. In one scene, the camera is
right on the bowl line while one of the guys is taking a dump in his hotel room. He proceeds to
wipe and then walks around with his wad of paper covered in poo. He goes into one of his friend's
room and smears the turd-covered TP all over a sleeping friend's face. It was disgusting and
hilarious all at once.


-- posted 11.11.02002 by Gray

A guy goes into the convenience store, takes a nudie magazine
and goes into the bathroom. Close to the end of the movie, one of the store clerks can't
figure out what the hell happened to the guy. A girlfriend of one of the guys thinks her
boyfriend is in the bathroom and sneaks in and makes love with the guy in the bathroom.
Later it is discovered that the guy went in to do his business and to whack off, during which
he had a heart attack and died -- but to the girlfriend's infinite dismay, his
member neglected to return to its flaccid state...

Cold Mountain

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Troutman Coolee

The movie's hero, played by Jude Law, rescues a slave girl about to be thrown down a rocky ravine by a corrupt preacher who got her pregnant. After that the preacher, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, travels around for a spell with the hero. The preacher soon lets it be known that he is racked with constipation. Then at one point, in a burst of rejoicing, the preacher announces that relief is finally on the way, bolts to a place behind a bush, and squats to do the obvious. Interesting, but another cinematic tribute to the notion that "bodily functions" are somehow particularly the lot of villains and buffoons. Although the hero and the heroine, played by Nicole Kidman, spend at least as much time out in the wilderness, it just isn't the kind of movie that would dream of the slightest suggestion that they could ever be found squatting in the bushes to heed any call of nature!

Daddy Day Care

-- posted 1.21.02004 by Anonymous Pooper

There's a scene where Charlie lets a boy into the bathroom. The boy then comes out and says that he missed. Charlie looks around in horror, then closes the door in disgust.

Dances With Wolves

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Troutman Coolee

This movie received considerable acclaim, as well as criticism that some parts are ridiculous. The title is the English translation of the Sioux name given to Kevin Costner, a maverick "white" soldier in the U.S. old west, who is adopted by Sioux. I give the movie credit in part for having a worthy message. But of all the parts that might be called ridiculous, surely none are more ridiculous than the manner in which the film employs supposed humor about "bodily functions." If the movie were the first information about life on Earth received by an alien who just landed, the alien could well get the idea that "bodily functions" are solely the profound shame of villains and buffoons, and that heroes must not have any "bodily functions."

In opening scenes, a hapless demented soldier blows his brains out, apparently because of loss of bladder control. He says something like, "I just peed in my pants and I can't help it!" just before putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Soon, while the movie is still very young, we see Costner camping out with a man whom the movie depicts as an utterly coarse and vulgar slob. After seeing the title hero writing entries in a journal, the hapless slob lets out a fart and says, "Write THAT in your book!" in a corny good-old-boy-like tone. Soon, after the two have parted and gone their separate ways, Costner comments in voice-over that of all the disgusting people he has ever met, he (the farting slob) is the most disgusting.

Somewhere near the middle of the movie comes the real poop scene. Outside a fort are some more typical U.S. soldiers, portrayed in the movie as insensitive and exploitative hoodlums. They have found the title character's journal. They are squatted outside the fort, pooping. They tear pages out of the hero's journal to wipe their butts with.

Das Boot

-- posted 6.23.02003 by Mad Crapper

In the scene where the submarine is being attacked again, a guy is in the crapper, and he runs out of the door with his pants down -- a classic scene.

Dead Men Can't Dance

-- posted 10.15.02002 by Dakota

An elite group of soldiers is trained by being ordered to sit completely
still on an airplane for hours at a time. After a while, the sergeant (a
woman) instructs them to either hold in their "solid waste" or to let it go in
their pants. The camera shows the faces of several soldiers as they crap in
their pants. Liquid is shown coming from one soldier's butt area and leaking onto
the floor. Afterwards, there is a fight in the shower when one soldier
complains of the stench caused by an other soldier's crapped pants.

Deliver Us From Eva

-- posted 11.6.02003 by The Big Wiper

Gabrielle Union plays Eva, a young woman who meddles in the lives of her sisters and their husbands/boyfriends. They get fed up and hire LL Cool J to make her fall in love with him and thus get her out of their hair. Early in the film, one of Eva's sisters walks in on her horny husband who is sitting on the toilet reading the paper, and protests vigorously as she slinks past him to retrieve something from the bathroom counter. Holding her nose, she then makes tracks for the door as he waves his stink in her general direction and proclaims: "Yeah, get a whiff a' dat!"

Demolition Man

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Steve

Sylvester Stallone plays a cop who is cryogenically frozen for some crime, then thawed out in the future to track down his nemesis, who has escaped. At one point Stallone goes for a crap and finds that they don't use toilet paper in the future. One smart-ass comments, "Maybe we should tell him what the seashells are for."

Demolition Man (more)

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Kurtz2001

The previous poster forgot to mention that after the smart-ass's "three seashells" remark, Stallone gets in front of the credit fine machine and starts cussing, producing several fine credits because of violation of the verbal morality act. He uses these pieces of paper to relieve himself of trying to figure out the three seashells.

Denise Calls Up

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Paul

Three scenes: one depicting a female sitting on the toilet engaged with her laptop; another showing a guy with a magazine, chatting away on a cordless phone; and finally, the same chick again, this time just sittin' & obviously doin' her thing.

Detroit Rock City

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Trashcanman

This hot-ass cheerleader comes into the restroom to take a dump, and
thinks she's alone, but alas, our four heroes are hiding, standing on a toilet in the next stall.
She sits and starts to blow squeakers and let the juice fly. The guys in the
next stall are holding their noses and one whispers, "I didn't know girls made
sounds like that!" Eventually, the overburdened toilet with our four heroes on it
breaks and collapses the stalls.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

-- posted 10.10.02002 by Dakota

A professional fish tank cleaner played by Rob Schneider breaks an
expensive tank, and to pay for it becomes a male gigolo. Before starting this
new career, he consults his Dad, who is a restroom attendant in a fancy
restaurant. We see Deuce and Dad, attired in a tuxedo, standing in front of
the restroom stalls and talking. A guy comes into the restroom and enters a
stall. We hear loud farting and pooping sounds. Deuce looks in that
direction, but dad is unfazed. When the guy flushes
and comes out of the stall dad says: "Excuse me son. It looks like I have
work to do," with an expression of pleasurable anticipation on his face!

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (more)

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Matt Wright

One pretty classic scene that was overlooked was when Duece is getting together the money for the fish tank, and he's trying to retrieve an accidentally flushed fish from some woman's toilet. With a few mighty goes with his plunger, there's a big sploosh and he holds up the fish bowl to catch the rescued fish, only to catch a mighty brown log, which he then (with a look of embarrassment) hands over to the little girl who flushed the fish.

Divine Secrets Of The Ya-ya Sisterhood

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Troutman Coolee

Viviane Abbott 'Vivi' Walker (played at that point in the movie by Ashley Judd) is awakened one night because her three kids have caught some kind of bug, causing barfing and diarrhea. Her son has pooped in his pajamas, and she frantically makes him take them off and get in the bathtub. Moments later, in a frenzy to get out of the stream of her daughter's puke, Vivi steps right in the poop in the pajamas lying on the bathroom floor.


-- posted 2.21.02003 by Troutman Coolee

Professor Dexter Cornell (played by Dennis Quaid) discovers that someone has poisoned him with a substance for which there is no antidote. Before dying, he wants to solve his own murder. His bizarre means of doing so includes commandeering the aid of student Sydney Fuller (played by Meg Ryan) by gluing himself to her with super glue! While they are working on his case out in public glued together, Sydney announces that she has to go to the bathroom. She refuses to go in any men's room and he refuses to go in any women's room with her. So finally she squats behind a dumpster in an alley to do her business. It would seem to be to poop, since she discards her panties afterwards.


-- posted 10.22.02002 by Jay

This movie features a demon known as the "Golgothan" (aka the Shit Monster). He is easily defeated with a can of breath-spray.

Don't Try This At Home: Steve-O, The Tour, vol. II

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

This is basically a documentary movie of Steve-O of 'Jackass' fame doing a college tour of stupid stunts around the country. They do the usual things you would expect from the Jackass crew -- skateboarding on stair rails, jumping off cars and hurting themselves (Steve-O breaks his clavicle at one point), and some other really dangerous and juvenile things.

Among the grossest are two poop scenes. At one point Steve-O is shown on the toilet grunting while a big dude talks to him about another dude who once chased him with used toilet paper. Steve-O actually looks a little shameful on the pot -- his pants are hiked up around his crotch. But he makes up for it after he gets off by actually scooping up a handful of his poop, (shown close-up in the bowl) and throwing it at the bathroom door, where it sticks on the knob (close-up also shown).

The other poop scene is even more graphic. The director of the 'movie', a contemporary of Steve-O's whose named is Nick Dunlap, appears in the last scene standing next to a toilet in what looks like a nice hotel bathroom. He announces to the camera that he has to take a 'serious' shit, then reveals more. "I had some hot sauce this morning, so I'm not sure of the consistency."

The cameraman, laughing, then says: "Okay, dude, barge it!" Dunlap then pulls his pants down and hovers over the toilet. Hysterical laughter follows as he literally sprays the bathroom wall and the back of the toilet with some really major-league diarrhea. The cameraman and Dunlap just keep laughing as he continues the onslaught. A very graphic and gross poop scene, and not for the faint-hearted. BTW, the 'movie' ends on that note.


-- posted 1.2.02004 by Jackie

Totally gross movie based on a Stephen King story about aliens who invade the planet. They start out in an incubation period of some sort in a person's digestive tract. Not exactly poop, but there is a disgusting scene where one of the invaded people is on the john and the creature escapes via... well, you get the picture.

Dreamcatchers (more specific)

-- posted 4.21.02004 by Crapola

In the few minutes I saw, a character was sitting on a toilet seat with the lid down, trying to keep a monster in the bowl from escaping and killing him. Apparently, the monster had killed some unsuspecting pooper before, because the toilet tank and the bathroom floor were covered with blood.

Well, the guy got off the seat, and the monster came out. It looked like a long, snakelike turd with teeth! At one point, it brandished a toilet bowl brush at the guy.

Dreamcatchers (even more)

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Shyman

Rick (Eric Keenleyside) was walking around in fright. Meets Jonesy (Damian Lewis), who was hunting, stops to help Rick. Rick says he ate some berries in the dark (which were infested with alien babies that look like turds with teeth). He's offered to rest in bed. Rick takes the offer, and Jonesy and Beaver (Jason Lee) leave and comment on Rick on his nasty farts and horrendous belches.

In the next scene, Beaver and Jonesy check the room to find that Rick is in the bathroom, with a trail of blood leading from it. They ask where's he bleeding and tells them he's not. After several attempts at lying, Jonesy and Beaver knock down the door and find the bathroom covered in blood. The sink, the tub, and Rick himself are all covered in blood. It turns out those berries "went right through him" out of a hole in his ass (not the butthole... yikes!). The two find that there's something in the toilet that's going to kill them. Beaver stays behind and tries to keep the seat down, but it soon breaks out and kills Beaver, and uses Jonesy as a host.

Later, Morgan Freeman confirms that they're called 'Shitweasels.'

Dr. Dolittle 2

-- posted 6.2.02003 by Scott

Dr. Dolittle is in a locked bathroom with a bear that just ate two gallons of ice cream and is sitting on the toilet trying to hold it in. When Dr. Dolittle tries to open the window, which only opens about an inch, the bear lets out tons of farts as he experiences explosive diarrhea. Later, people react to the smell on Dr. Dolittle.

Dr. Dolittle (more detailed)

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Jeff

The bear gets depressed and starts eating the family's Cherry Garcia ice cream by the gallon. It eventually ends up talking to Dolittle in a small restroom facility, and when Dolittle decides to give the bear a chance, he hugs him, and the bear lets out a groan and a belch and says the ice cream is acting up. Dolittle then shows the bear how to use the toilet.

The bear barely fits on the toilet, saying it's not big enough. When Dolittle tries to leave, Riley waits at the door, making it hard for Dolittle to get out. The bear then starts swearing and groaning while Dolittle tries to open the window; but before he opens it, though, the bear lets loose and starts loudly farting for like a minute while Dolittle suffers from the smell. Later, people hold their noses when he walks by.

In another scene, birds defecate on the lawyers by acting like bomber planes.

Dr. Strangelove

-- posted 11.11.02002 by Dave

Towards the beginning of the movie, we see a girl in a bikini lying on a bed. The phone
rings. "Buck, should I get it?" she asks someone off-screen. From the bathroom, we hear
General Buck Turgidson shout, "You have to!" The girl (his secretary) reports that
General Turgidson is "very tied up at the moment." There is some back and forth as the secretary
relays the important information to the General -- Attack Plan R has been initiated, that's bad news --
until finally he has to come out (without flushing!) to grab the phone.

Dumb and Dumber

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Che

Jim Carrey is jealous of Jeff
Daniels because Daniels has got a date with the chick Carrey is infatuated
with. So Carrey slips him a big shot of "Turbo Lax" before the date and Daniels
ends up dropping a nasty dump at the woman's house in a broken toilet.
Visual and audio hilarity ensues.

Dumb and Dumberer

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Jesse

The prequel to Dumb and Dumber, this movie has one of the funniest poop scenes I have ever seen. Harry is over at his friend Jessica's house and sits on a heater. When he realizes that the heater has burned his pants, he asks to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Harry realizes that the chocolate bar in his pocket has melted, and tries to wipe it off his hand, getting it ALL OVER the bathroom. Since his clothes are covered in chocolate, he puts on a woman's business suit instead, while Jessica's dad proceeds to the bathroom. As soon as her dad (played by Bob Saget) enters the room, he says "Oh my God...he...shit...everywhere!" and proceeds to yell "Shit!" really loud for a couple of minutes while Harry, Jessica, and Lloyd have a conversation.

Also, in the last few minutes of the movie, a car sprays mud all over Harry. Harry runs into the middle of the street, and is hit by a car, with none other than Jessica's dad (Bob Saget) driving it. The mud splashes all over the car, and Bob Saget complains about the "shit all over my car."


-- posted 9.8.02004 by Chelsea

There are two bathroom scenes in this one. In the first one, Adrien Brody in the john, reading quietly to himself with his pants down. We can only guess what he is doing. The second scene shows Brody with a dummy, practicing his act in the bathroom with his pants down.

Escanaba in da Moonlight

-- posted 4.21.02004 by Splatter_Dan

Albert Soady and his sons Rueben and Remnar go to their deer camp in the upper peninsula of Michigan the day before hunting season opens. Since they are from the U.P., they are Yoopers. Rueben (Jeff Daniels) is distraught because he is forty-three and has never bagged a buck. After taking a ribbing about his buckless-ness from Remnar, Rueben runs off and seeks solace in the two-holer (or two seat outhouse). His father joins him (neither are taking a dump so it is not weird as you may think).

Rueben confesses to his dad that he is worried that he will never shoot a buck and will forever be known as the "buckless-yooper." He thinks that it is unnatural, and to prove his point he breaks out the Soady family bible -- AKA the deer camp log book -- which is used to write down how and when every deer was ever killed during deer camp.

It details the story of Alvin Soady (who at the time was the oldest Soady man not to shoot a buck) and how, during his annual opening morning crap -- a scene during which a portly older man was trying to crap so hard he was sweating and producing spittle from the force involved -- he heard a buck scratching around the backside of the two-holer. In mid-poop, Alvin aimed his shotgun over his left shoulder and fired. The next scene is a view from outside the outhouse where, just after the shotgun blast, you see a puff of smoke from the back of the outhouse and the deer flopping over into view from behind the outhouse.

Needless to say, Rueben is upset because this putz was able to do what he has not -- and he did it while taking a crap.


-- posted 6.23.02003 by dixylanddlight77

Matt LeBlanc and his monkey Ed are in a scene where the monkey has to go. You hear a lot of farting. (It was diarrhea.)


-- posted 6.2.02003 by The Big Wiper

In this send-up of reality-based TV shows Matthew McConaughey is regular guy, Ed Pekurny. He agrees to allow a webcam to intrude upon his life 24/7, and soon he has his fifteen minutes of fame and more. Early in the film, our hero is shown close-up clipping his toenails in the bathroom, but as the camera draws back, he soon informs us that he is also on the can (sweatpants hiked up discreetly around his crotch) and demonstrates a large pop-up mirror he has brought in to reflect the TV in the next room so he can watch while doing his business.

Later in the film, when interest in Ed's televised love life has reached a fever pitch, various viewers around the nation are shown on the edge of their seats. One is a young guy sitting on the toilet with his pants to his knees and using the same mirror trick Ed had unveiled in order to watch his own TV in the next room.


-- posted 5.16.02005 by The Big Wiper

Will Ferrell is Buddy, an orphaned baby who crawls into Santa's bag one Christmas Eve and is taken to the North Pole, where he is raised by Papa Elf (Bob Newhart). When he finds out the truth about himself years later, he sets out to find his real family and goes to New York City. There he is overwhelmed in child-like fashion by all the marvels he discovers.

In one scene we see a couple of bathroom stalls and hear a toilet flush, whereupon Buddy's head appears over the top of the stall after finishing (he is clearly standing on the commode). Looking down into the next stall, he addresses another occupant whom we do not see, and says, "Wow! Have you seen these enormous toilets?"

This is particularly appropriate because in an earlier scene in Santa's Workshop, Buddy retreats to a tiny elfin toilet for solitude, where he sits upon it in contemplation (but not for elimination purposes.)

Empire Records

-- posted 7.21.02003 by MaBoomFeelNice

In Empire Records, starring Liv Tyler and a few others
who made it in the biz, Debi Mazar was always shown in the bathroom, shitting on
the toilet. The only reason it was shown is because Liv
Tyler was in there while it was going on, doing makeup or

Empire Records (more detailed)

-- posted 5.16.02005 by anonymous

Deb, played by Robin Tunney, is in the bathroom with Liv Tyler, to calm her down. Liv Tyler's character was in love with an overage pop star who had a signing in the store; but she caught her BFF Renee Zellweger fucking him in the counting room. The irony of the whole bathroom scene is that throughout the entire movie, Deb and Liv hate each other -- but when in need, Deb pulls through for Liv cause she understands her pain, and then feels comfortable enough to use the facilities in front of her.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

-- posted 7.26.02004 by stubbadub

Uma Thurman plays a jobless woman with enormous thumbs who hitchhikes endlessly. The Countess (John Hurt, in his strangest performance), who designs feminine hygiene products, sends Thurman on hitch trip all the way to Texas to a makeover ranch for old women.

Unfortunately for the old women and the staff, a group of unruly feminist cowgirls take over. Preceding this whole process, Bonanza Jellybean (Rain Phoenix) is shown taking a dump in an open bathroom/outhouse hybrid whilst discussing chicken hypnosis with Lorraine Bracco. Truly a sight to see.

Excel Saga DVD Volume #3

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Slim Jim Junkie

Baseball coach Aesop needs Etchan and Hatchan to make his losing team win. He says that if Etchan and Hatchan do not coach a winning team, he will place a curse on them. The scene changes to a dirty public stall. He says if Etchan and Hatchan do not win, he will make it impossible for them to find TP. He said they will have to use colored pages of a weekly magazine. The scene changes to Aesop sitting on the can and not doing well.

Eyes Wide Shut

-- posted 1.21.02003 by Jack Meoff

As Tom and Nicole are preparing for a night out, she stops to relieve herself with Tom standing right there. No Shameful Shitter here -- the dainty wipe is even caught on camera.


-- posted 4.14.02003 by The Big Wiper

The first of two poop scenes in this move features one of the most obnoxious students, Ralph Garcia, demonstrating how to take a crap to his classmates. He says it's all part of an exercise of getting in touch with your physicality. To demonstrate, he sits in a chair on top of a table with his jeans down around his ankles, holding a roll of TP in one hand and grunting loudly and humorously as he negotiates his turd. His classmates laugh, but his instructor looks serious as a heart attack about it, as if he is grading every little grunt and imaginary plop.

Later in the film, several male students race towards the boy's room and climb on top of a toilet stall to peer through an opening which allows them to see girls undressing in the adjacent room. One of them comments on the 'little nipples like raisins' he is seeing. Throughout all of this, we hear someone playing a tuba. Then, suddenly, the weight of the boys atop the stall causes it to collapse, revealing another guy sitting on the toilet, pants around his ankles, playing the tuba while taking a dump. The chicks on the other side look up and scream at all the noise and commotion.

The Fantastic Four

-- posted 1.16.2007 by
The Big Wiper

When four astronauts get irradiated and develop super powers and abilities, they become heroes out to triumph over evil. The leader of the group is Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. He's able to stretch his body to incredible lengths. One of the first demonstrations of his abilities is a scene in which arm stretches into view, reaching from the bathroom and across the hallway for some toilet paper in the other room.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Jacque Hass

A young Judge Reinhold finishes dropping the kids off at the pool only to stand up and rub one out whilst watching a sultry Phoebe Cates. Most people don't pay attention to the quality taboo shit scene in favor of the less taboo masturbation scene.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

-- posted 10.15.02002 by Dakota

This movie stars Johnny Depp as "Raoul Duke" and Benicio del Toro as
"Gonzo." It is all about the drug subculture. In one scene Benicio del Toro
is heard taking a dump with good farting and shitting audio.

Fight Club

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

A disgruntled office worker (Norton) whose life has reached a dead end finds unexpected release
through violent fistfights, organized by his new friend (Brad Pitt). At one point,
we see the Norton character sitting on the crapper in his apartment bathroom reading a magazine and at the same time talking
on a cordless phone cradled between his neck and shoulder. His pants are around
his ankles so he's obviously taking a dump. The scene is just part of the movie
and no big deal unlike the poop scenes in most teen movies. What's great about
the scene is that a major actor is quite comfortable being shown on the crapper,
a message for Shameful Shitters everywhere.

Final Destination

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

Before the plane carrying the Devon character and his classmates to Paris takes
off, Devon has a vision of the plane blowing up which, of course, it does after
he and the other idiots leave the plane. Anyway, while they are in the lounge
waiting for take off, Devon's buddy persuades him that they need to take a shit
because they might otherwise have to do it on the plane after the effect of the
flight food kicks in. So they head for the restroom together and we see them both
sitting on the crappers in adjacent stalls taking a dump.

Final Destination (more)

-- posted 1.21.02004 by LOL

Aside from the airport scene, there is another toilet scene later in this chilling movie. It is night and Todd is headed for the bathroom. In a close-up shot, we see Todd put the toilet seat down before he pulls down his pants and sits down on the toilet. Apparently it was to be his last dump, because minutes later death finally "catches up to him."

The Fisher King

-- posted 11.6.02003 by AJ

Robin Williams has an extended riff, with sound effects, about a particularly splendiferous BM that caused him to see "little fat fairies floating around" his head.

Flesh Gordon 2

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Funhole

Flying through the ASS-terroid field in space, our hero Flesh Gordon has to shoot corks into hairy assholes to stop them from farting. There's also a musical number down in the Adult Baby Diaper Club, where our hero Flesh Gordon is treated to a family of singing, dancing TURDS! This movie is full of sick, twisted things -- ever been chased by an ass-crazy 15 foot penis???

FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

-- posted 2.16.02004 by StarChaser

At the end of Episode 2, when Canti transforms back from the howitzer to his usual robot form, he acts like he has stomach cramps. He looks at Mamimi and a roll of toilet paper flashes on his face with a question mark, then an empty roll, and out comes Naota, spiraling down in a steaming pile.

Flight of the Intruder

-- posted 3.11.02003 by Plonkin Donkins

On the aircraft carrier where most of the film takes place, Captain Danny Glover is plagued by 'The Phantom Shitter,' who takes sneaky dumps on various desks, in mugs, etc. Sadly, no full-on crapping on view, but it's the thought that counts.

Flirting with Disaster

-- posted 9.8.02004 by Pluh 2

Ben Stiller plays a scientist looking for his biological parents; his wife, played by Patricia Arquette, tags along, with their unnamed son. They also bring their adoption representative, Tea Leoni. Eventually, Leoni and Stiller start flirting. In one scene, Arquette is shown sitting on the pot in a bathrobe, discussing the matter of their attraction. She then picks up some TP and just before she wipes, we cut back to Ben. No noises ensue, but the scene lasts too long for her to be peeing.

Fools Rush In

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Bryan

Alex (Matthew Perry) and Isabel (Salma Hayek) are complete opposites, so of course they fall in love. Isabel is a free-spirited Hispanic woman while Alex is a stuffy white-bred yuppie. During the standard "getting to know you" montage that pollutes every romantic comedy, Isabel walks in to the bathroom while talking to Alex. She then pulls her pants down (to poop), after which Alex promptly leaves, feeling very uncomfortable. Isabel stands up, grabs his hand and leads him back in to the bathroom so that he may accompany her while she finishes pooping. Ain't love grand.

Formula 51

-- posted 4.21.02004 by Shitty Shawn

Formula 51 is a movie with several interlocking stories, but the plot revolves around a drug dealer (Samuel L. Jackson) who is stuck in England trying to sell a formula for a drug. For some reason he wears a kilt and, because of that, some crazy English skinheads attack him and call him "monkey boy." Racist bastards... anyway! They want his drug and he needs a lab, so he goes with them and makes his drug. Actually, he makes two types. About sixty seconds after he gives them a sample, the get explosive shits (revenge!). Their pants turn brown and they have to beg him for toilet paper. You see, that's what happens to racist people.

Forrest Gump

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Feacklefeeleack Jack

Forrest and Bubba arrive in Vietnam to meet Lieutenant Dan, who talks to them through the latrine door and then reaches for the TP.

Four Brothers

-- posted 1.16.2007 by
The Big Wiper

Four young men, two white and two black, all of whom were adopted by a white woman, seek revenge against the punks who murdered their mother. In one scene, the brothers are sharing a family bathroom together. One of the black brothers walks in to encounter white brother sitting on the crapper, while a third brother is toweling off right after a shower. There is a five-minute long conversation among the brothers, with Donnie Wahlberg sitting on the john the entire time.


-- posted 10.15.02002 by Stinkenpoopen

Our hero gets his sorry ass fired on his day off, and his dad yells at
him to "get in here!" (or something like that.) He finds his dad in the
bathroom sitting on the toilet, farting and crapping. Holding his nose, the son
asks if this can wait, but the dad says, "Hell no! I had to smell your shit
for years, now you can smell mine for a few minutes!" He has a can of
freshener in his hand that he sprays into the air after every few farts.

Friday (Scene II)

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Bobby

Smokey is ready to drop anchor. He can't "pinch no stinkin loaves" over
at Craig's house, so he goes home. But he's locked out, and with no other options,
he resorts to dropping trou outside someone house, with
some newspaper as TP. Crackhead Ezel walks up, asks what he's doing, promises to be quiet, and the next thing

Friday the 13th, Part IV (or maybe III)

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Syd

The opening scene is one of those jump scenes where a guy hears a noise out back and goes to investigate. We think it's Jason, but turns out to be a cat. This literally scares the guy shitless, because he frantically runs for the toilet where he deposits a very noisy load. Afterwards, Jason kills him.

From Dusk Till Dawn

-- posted 1.14.02005 by Bodo

Juliet Lewis pretends she's busy using her trailer's toilet while driving across Mexican border in order to hide killers from customs check. The boisterous officer takes a chance to tease her while she's "tied down" to the can. She chases him out and away, thus "saving" the two killers hiding inside behind the toilet door.

Fun With Dick and Jane

-- posted 9.8.02004 by Dug

This 1977 comedy features none other than Jane Fonda on the toidy. She and George Segal play a yuppie couple up to their eyeballs in debt. The two end up going on a robbery spree to finance their accustomed lifestyle. Following their first successful theft, they hurry home, and as they giddily discuss it, Jane lowers her panties, plops down on the toilet, and dabs herself with toilet paper. Of course, all of this takes place under a reasonably voluminous skirt.

Get Shorty

-- posted 9.8.02004 by The Big Wiper

John Travolta plays Chili Palmer, a loan shark in this Hollywood gangster comedy based on Elmore Leonard's novel. He is dogged throughout the film by, Bones Baroni, a mobster played by Dennis Farina. Halfway through the film, Baroni is shown sitting on the toilet in his home with some reading material, his loud boxers just below his knees. When the phone rings, Baroni pulls them up and gathers his pants loosely around his waist on the way to answering it, all the while shouting, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

The Gift

-- posted 4.21.02004 by Morphia Six

A semi-fictional biographical rock documentary about the band Jane's Addiction, directed by bands front man Perry Farrell. In one scene, the bassist Eric Avery is interviewed while taking a dump. The bit finishes with him neatly folding his loopaper before "The Big Wipe."

Gokudo DVD Volume #1

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Slim Jim Junkie

Gokudo has defeated the king's evil twin, and is now hier to the throne. He has to eat fancy royal foods, and in one scene, the butler barges in on him while he tries to pinch a loaf. The butler says "Your allotted bathroom time is up." Gokudo responds "I'm not done yet!" Soon, he decides that the king's life is not for him, so he disguises himself and runs away. He also rips some of the worst farts.


-- posted 4.14.02003 by Dean

In the beginning, Bond is sneaking into a Russian Air Force base. After bungie-jumping his way into the facility, he sneaks through the ventilation pipes and actually drops in on an unsuspecting Ruskie on the crapper, who looks up from his copy of the 'Pravda' just in time to get slugged unconscious by Bond.

Gone In 60 Seconds

-- posted 4.14.02003 by poopistheshiznit

Inside the garage/hideout, one of the guys leaves some food on the desk. As they walk in to the other room, the dog jumps up on to the desk to eat the food -- including the keys for the next three cars they're going to steal.

After realizing what happened, they give the dog some laxatives and wait for the dog to poop and grab the keys. You don't get to see it happen (gee, what a bummer...) but the dialogue as it happens is hilarious (some gang members are driving by: "WTF!? At least I don't get my jollies from playing with dog poop!")

Good Morning

-- posted 1.16.2007 by Heather FullNameHere

Yasujiro Ozu's Good Morning, a Japanese movie from 1959, is amazingly forward thinking (or regressive, depending on your point of view) on the topic of buttly emissions. The movie is resplendent with cute little boys who make cute little fart noises. You might mistake the fart noises for oboes or toy horns, but no... The boys have special ongoing farting competitions which may even be described as symphonic. One sad boy wants to be a top fart contender, but he tries too hard and craps his pants -- every time. I'm sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere...

Good Morning, Vietnam

-- posted 10.1.02003 by The Big Wiper

Robin Williams plays Armed Forces Radio personality, Adrian Cronauer, in this fact-based film that takes place at the pinnacle of the Vietnam War. Hired to liven up radio entertainment in Saigon with his irreverent, quirky humor, Williams' character soon draws the ire of the more anal-retentive officers on staff. In an early sequence, he is awakened for his dee-jay shift by fellow solider, Forrest Whitaker, and the two are later shown conversing while Whitaker stands and looks down into a stall with a low partition where Williams is shamelessly taking his morning crap.

The Goonies

-- posted 10.10.02002 by Klaus Kinski

Sloth and Chunk escape the Fertelli's
make-shift prison, and at one point they end up below a country club. They begin
screaming and shaking the pipes, which causes some serious problems with the
Crackers upstairs. The climax is when a burst of water ejects a fairly young
yuppie type from a toilet and he lands on the floor.

The Great Santini

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

Robert Duvall plays Bull Meachum, a gung-ho career military man who doesn't know what to do with himself during peacetime, so he runs his family like a boot camp. His first day at the new base, he goes to look up an old officer buddy of his and is told that his friend is indisposed. "In the crapper, huh?" says Meachum, who then sets out for the bathroom. Once there, he crouches down and spies a pair of military shoes and pants at half-mast on the far stall. He takes the stall next to it, waits for his friend to wipe and flush but grabs him by the legs just as he is about to pull up his pants and drags him under the stall, whereupon he shoves his head into the toilet and won't let him come up for air.

When he finally lets him up, he discovers that it is not his old buddy he has attacked, but a young soldier, who has a 'deer in the headlights' look on his face. (I would say 'scared shitless look' , but the dude has just taken a shit.) Realizing he must cover his ass and maintain control of the situation, Meachum and the soldier move out of the stall, and a general dressing-down of the solider begins. (Paraphrasing) "Son, don't you realize you only wiped twice? God knows what kind of germs are still on you. Don't you realize that hundred of soldiers and sailors were killed during the Pearl Harbor attack while they were taking craps?" Etc.

A completely hilarious toilet terrorism sequence, with the still-wet, quaking-in-his-shoes solider completely buying Meachum's diatribe by the end of the scene.

Guarding Tess

-- posted 10.28.02002 by Dakota

A secret service agent (Nicolas Cage) tries to get out of his difficult,
boring and demanding job protecting a stubborn, uncooperative, widowed former
First Lady (Shirley MacLaine), but she won't let him go. When he's just about
to give up on the job, she contacts the current President. On his "last" day on the job,
Nick Cage is shown taking a crap with his pants around his
ankles. His cell phone rings and it's the President on the line. The
President praises the agent for his great job in protecting the former First Lady and
tells him to keep up the good work. Nicholas Cage is so amazed to hear from the President personally
that he stands up in mid-dump out of respect! The look on his face is priceless!

Hamburger: The Motion Picture

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Jason

A fat person's group comes into Busterbuger and starts eating everything, including what is on other people's plates. The workers decide the only way to get rid of them is to give them all free chocolate-flavored laxative milkshakes. All of the members of the club drink them and start farting. They all run to the bathroom at once, farting all the way. They all pile into a stall with this old Japanese guy who decides to take a picture. One of the big fat ladies says, "NO FLASH, NO FLASH!" As the man takes the picture, someone farts and the entire bathroom explodes.

Hard Rain

-- posted 1.21.02004 by LOL

This is a movie about some town experiencing a massive flood. Almost everyone has evacuated. Some criminals are chasing down some guy with a ton of cash after the armed van he was driving got caught in the flooding. The toilet scene comes when the town dam is near bursting point, sounding sirens and alarms. The dam operator, who's sitting in a toilet stall, busts out of the stall in a hurry while struggling to pull up his pants. Hilarious.

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Troutman Coolee

On one of their many detours en route to the title destination, the two title characters end up for a spell on the Princeton University campus, looking for someone who can sell them some marijuana. But things go to pot in a quite difference sense. They meet two women named Chrissy and Clarissa, who express interest in smoking some pot with them. But before that could come to fruition, Harold and Kumar end up getting chased by a campus policeman who's also pursuing the guy who sold them some pot. They elude capture (leaving only the pot seller to get busted) by running into a women's restroom.

As soon as they do, who should enter but Chrissy and Clarissa. Harold and Kumar hide in the middle stall among three. At first it looks like the two ladies might be there only for the likes of brushing their hair and maybe powdering their noses (literally). Then one of them says to the other, "I gotta take a taco shit." She enters the rightmost stall and gets situated for the delivery. And then the other says, "I may have to go too." Then one suggests, "We could play battleshits like we used to!" Then each proceeds to let out some farts and some turds hit the water. After each telltale sound from one, the other is prone to exclaim something like, "You sank my battleshit!"

If you're up on your poop scenes, you may sense a bit of deja-poo in this one. Yes, similar scenes have been done before. But I think this is the best playing out of the concept I've seen yet, unless, of course, you prefer the super graphic poop deluge version in Not Another Teen Movie.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Jake

In the first scene in which you see Buckbeak the hippogriff, you would normally pay attention to Hagrid talking. But if you watch Buckbeak, he drops a load.

Head Over Heels

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

For reasons not worth explaining, four models
who live in an apartment near Freddie Prinze Jr. decide to search his
apartment while he's away. Anyway, he comes back while they're in the apartment
and they hide in the bathroom behind a shower curtain. Surprise,
surprise, Freddie needs to take a dump. You see him getting comfortable on the
crapper with a magazine and then dropping some real loud turds. The models
hiding in the shower are suffering agony because of the smell. He never discovers
that they were there.

Heaven Help Us

-- posted 4.14.02003 by Dale

Caesar, the fat kid/straight-A student in an all-boy Catholic school, is taking a dump whilegoing on about the greatness of his homework assignment to his friend Dunn, who is nearby taking a leak. Caesar reaches for the toilet paper only to be horrified at the sight of an empty roll. The first words out of his mouth: "Oh, CHRIST!"

He asks Dunn to look in the other stalls for any paper but there's none... and he ends up having to use the great homework assignment he's just been bragging about as makeshift toilet paper.

Henry Fool

-- posted 10.28.02002 by GDogg

Henry drinks too many espressos, rushes into the bathroom and has a long
and noisy bout of diarrhea while Parker Posey is in the shower. Somehow the
scene turns into a marriage proposal.

High Risk

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Corncob

This isn't *exactly* a poop scene, but it's pretty cool, so I'll mention it
anyway. The lead female is running from the bad guys,
and runs into the restroom. The thing about this restroom is that it's very...
elaborate. It's large, and the walls are basically one big VERY realistic mural.
The background of the mural is this jungle scene, and in the foreground are some
extremely realistic paintings of people in stalls sitting down on the toilets,
reading newspapers and whatnot.

So they're about to come in, and the girl quickly
sits down on a toilet, pulls a newspaper over her face, and freezes, hoping to
pass for a painting. It works for a while, but then they find her out. And then
(I don't remember why -- then again, maybe there WAS no discernable reason), the bad
guys decide to off her by filling the bathroom with tons of poisonous snakes. So
they do, and she has to climb out through a ceiling tile.

Hollywood Knights

-- posted 11.6.02003 by The Big Wiper

This early '80's teen movie features a very youthful (pre-Taxi) Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer as his girlfriend and Robert Wuhl (of Arliss fame), and concerns the last days of a drive-in hangout called Tubby's before Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement explode onto the scene.

The poop scene occurs when Wuhl, playing the wiseacre leader of the mildly-rebellious Hollywood Knights, plots against the fat, overbearing cop on the beat (Gaylor Sartain) that is constantly harassing all the gang at Tubby's. Noting that Sartain takes a crap like clockwork at a certain time of the evening there, Wuhl has his co-conspirators stop up the men's room john with TP and mess with the lock on the door so it can't be opened from within. Sartain is then shown pulling down his pants and shitting while reading; but when he later wipes and flushes, the toilet backs up and overflows, flooding the bathroom. He is unable to get out at first, thanks to the messed-up lock, and when he finally manages to prevail he falls head-first into a pile of garbage that Wuhl and his friends have dumped outside the door.

There are also other poop and pee-related incidents worth noting: Wuhl and the gang light a piece of dogshit and leave it at the front door of the hated school principal, who then steps on it trying to put it out; Wuhl farts Volare into a mike at the pep rally that same night; and he and his buddies all gang-pee into the punch at a dance later on, which Sartain, the principal and some of the teachers drink with gusto. Best line in this hilarious and raunchy flick comes from Sartain after sampling the punch (paraphrasing): "This has a little whang in it tonight."

The Hot Chick

-- posted 1.16.2007 by
The Big Wiper

Rob Schneider stars in this over-the-top farce about a popular high school girl named Jessica Spencer, who, due to the curse of some magical earrings, is transferred into thirty-something lowlife with Schneider's body. The first poop scene occurs when Schneider/Jessica goes into a club men's room having to pee, but finds the only single closed stall is in use. He/she is unable to stand up and do it at the urinal because she's too unfamiliar with her new equipment.

The bathroom attendant indicates to Jessica that there might be a long wait for the stall to open up, since he warned the fellow inside not to eat certain bar snack items. Just then we hear a greasy fart from inside the stall.

A second poop scene occurs when Schneider follows one of her friends into the boys' room at school. She looks over the top of the stall the guy is using, attempting to explain what has happened to her/him. The friend quickly pulls up his pants and charges out of the stall, completely grossed out by the situation.

House of Sand and Fog

-- posted 4.21.02004 by LOL

In one seen, teenage boy Esmail is locked in the bathroom with his parents when he has to go. He's forced to sit on the bathroom toilet with his Dad right next to him.

Ice Pirates

-- posted 8.17.02005 by Anonymous Coward

At the beginning of the film, two characters are trying to sneak aboard a spaceship. They cut through a bulkhead only to emerge in the ship's head -- right next to a toilet upon which is sitting a strange green alien being! The alien expresses his surprise and displeasure at the invasion of his privacy, at which time the intruders hit him over his head to shut him up.


-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

A group of students at a British boarding school plot
imaginary revolutions against the folks who run the school. In one
scene, a senior boy tells a junior to go warm up the toilet seat for him before
he takes his dump. In another scene, a guy is seen sitting on the crapper in the
restroom playing a guitar. His pants are around his ankles so he's supposed to be
taking a shit. At that point a group of boys come into the restroom dragging a
victim, a younger boy. They suspend him over a crapper with his head in the bowl
and keep flushing it. They leave with the poor dude still strung up with his head
in the crapper. The older guitar-playing guy on the crapper releases the
suspended guy when he's finished his dump.

Indecent Proposal

-- posted 1.21.02004 by Cathy

Near the beginning of the film, Demi is on the shitter whilst talking to her fella (Woody). You don't actually see her thrutch or wipe, and there in no mention of smell from Woody. But she is there for a while, longer then wee time. Bet Robert would pay more if he got to see Demi take a poop. Durdy burdy.

Editor's note: I asked Cathy to define "thrutch." She responded: "Thrutching is poo pushing... it's the combination of the face and the push.... like when you go gnnnnnnnn uuuu nnnngnnn. That's thrutching."

The Iron Giant

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Sean T.

Young Hogarth Hughes manages to ditch the inquisitive FBI agent by slipping him several Ex-Lax tablets. The following montage shows the agent growing increasingly exhausted as he takes repeated toilet detours, with toilet paper in hand.

The Iron Giant (More)

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Shyman

Several scenes before the infamous Ex-Lax milkshake, Hogarth and his mother are being bothered by a government agent asking about a train wreck -- while Hogarth tries to hide the robot's hand, which is going through the house. At one point, all three people hear a flush from downstairs. Hogarth excuses himself to the bathroom. Hogarth's mom and Kent start talking about the imaginary robot, then they head to the bathroom door, where the hand is playing with the toilet roll. Hogarth's pretends to grunt, and from the other side of the door, his concerned mother says, "This is why it's always important to really chew your food." When the hand falls out the window and hits the ground with a large thump, Hogarth drops his trousers and sits on the rim of the bowl to disguise the loud thump as a difficult turd. The two eavesdroppers stick their head around from behind the door, and Hogarth says, "Can't I get any privacy!?" She shuts the door with Kent's head still in the opening.

The Italian Job

-- posted 10.22.02002 by TC

Classic British film. In the slammer there's this geezer who runs the
whole British criminal underworld from his cell. He goes to take a shit
and two prison guards keep watch to make sure he has some privacy. One hands
him a big, soft-looking roll of toilet paper, and the other hands him a newspaper. Michael
Caine is in there to try and talk him into backing "The Italian Job".


-- posted 4.14.02003 by The Big Wiper

The Monty Python gang stars in this medieval tale of a quest to slay the mythical Jabberwocky. One of the Monty Python regulars plays young Dennis, a man in love with the very hefty Griselda Fishfinger, the daughter of a local merchant.

Early in the film, our hero is shown paddling a boat through the swamp where Griselda lives with her parents. Once there, he strikes up a conversation with his jumbo-sized girlfriend, but is soon interrupted by her father, who, as it happens, is right in the middle of taking a shit in a most unusual manner. Lacking an actual toilet, Mr. Fishfinger has shoved his bare bum through a large hole in the wall of the house, where it is suspended over the swamp water below. We see it fairly close-up and then in a more distant side view.

He talks to Dennis while farting and grunting, and then, if you look very closely, what looks like the beginning of a very solid turd emerges from his asshole from the side view perspective. We hear a loud splash, and Fishfinger remains in this suspended shitting position until the scene is over.

Jackass: The Movie

-- posted 10.28.02002 by Ryan

There are a few funny poop scenes in this movie. In one,
they are traveling in a van to a stunt and won't stop for a one of the
guys to take a shit, so he poops his pants. The funniest scene, though, is in the
hardware store. One of the stunts is to take a shit in one of the obviously
non-working diplay toliets. So he goes in and sits down with a newspaper in
hand a takes a nasty loud shit -- then leaves promptly when a worker questions

Jackass: The Movie (more)

-- posted 1.21.02003 by Imajin

Well I have finally seen Jackass The Movie, and it is the best when the kid does it on himself, and in the hardware store. And for a bonus part, at the end one of the guys had to get the toy car out of him. So he takes Ex-Lax and shits it out. We don't see it, and we don't hear it, but we see him on the can with a disgusted expression, and he drops the car (which is in a condom) on the floor, along with some shit around it. (That film is the best!)

Jackass: The Movie (yet another)

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

Overlooked in the two previous descriptions of this 'movie,' such as it is, is a scene in which Bam Margera's big, hairy father comes into the bathroom and pulls his pants down to take a dump. He is underway when Bam comes in and pummels him all over his body, literally removing the pajamas he is in so that he is completely naked on the toilet by the end of the scene. Bam's father protests to the effect that his son is 'taking this too far,' but really does nothing to retaliate.

Jane Austen's Mafia!

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Troutman Coolee

Sophia (played by Olympia Dukakis) sips on a laxative through much of the movie. Near the end she finally "has to go". She gets on a potty and lets out a resounding blast.


-- posted 1.16.2007 by
The Big Wiper

In this Gulf War story, Jake Gylenhaal is "Swoff," a somewhat rebellious soldier going off to war. In a particularly intriguing sequence shown in theaters -- but now relegated to the deleted scenes section of the DVD -- Swoff has a terrible attack of the stomach flu and is shown in a hospital gown behind the stall. A nurse shoves some food and medicine in a tray under the stall and asks him how things are going. A bit later, his drill instructor peeks through the crack in the stall and then flings open the stall door and confiscates the Camus book that Swoff is reading on the pot. Swoff begs him to return the book, to no avail.

Jersey Girl

-- posted 8.17.02005 by Shyman

Ben Affleck has lost wife (Jennifer Lopez) and is left with a little girl to take care of. When he has to take her to a press conference, everything goes wrong. Ollie doesn't know how to clean a baby or diaper it (we know this because we see him trying to wipe the baby, and he can't do that, either). He asks Jason Biggs and Jenny Smith (Kevin's wife who has a cameo), but she exclaims that "I may be a woman, but I don't know anything about diapering a baby."

Later, a man comes in with diapers and powder. He tells Ollie, "You're cleaning her wrong. You're supposed to clean her from back to front, not the other way around." Ollie says, "I know what I'm doing." But the guy tells him that "you're gonna give her crotch itch that way."

Joe Dirt

-- posted 1.2.02004 by The Big Wiper

In his quest to locate his real parents, Joe Dirt witnesses a meteorite crashing to earth and loads his space treasure onto his little red wagon. He is later informed that what he is lugging around is an airplane "shitsicle," ejected from an aircraft flying overhead. "See, you can even see the peanuts!" someone helpfully points out. Later, Joe finds what he thinks is an atom bomb in the desert and lugs that around, too. Labeled biohazard, the device, which turns out to be a septic tank, is detonated when a sheriff triggers it. Human poo oozes out and all over our hero. He is then shown singing about poo in the shower while scrubbing himself down.

John Goldfarb Please Come Home

-- posted 11.11.02002 by Bukkake Boy

A plane flies over a mythical mideast country, possibly spying. The country holds the
pilot hostage to help them with their football team, which they want to win against
Notre Dame. Problem: the team is a bunch o' losers. Without spoiling the plot, let's
just say that they cheat their butts off. In one pivotal scene, they intentionally induce
crippling diarrhea in the other team.

Johnny English

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Troutman Coolee

The title character is a klutzy spoof of a James Bond-type superagent. When he and two fellow agents penetrate the villain's castle-like fortress, the path of entry for him and the other guy among them turns out to be up through the sewer! They emerge into the crapper room, right out of the potties! Naturally, they are rather covered with poop!

The third agent of the trio, Lorna Campbell (played by Natalie Imbruglia), sees them in that state and yells "Oooh!" and holds her nose in extreme disgust. Thus the otherwise poignant meaning of the movie and this scene are somewhat spoiled by an oppressive cliche that down and dirty matters are a male preserve and women must express disgust at them.

Johnson Family Vacation

-- posted 8.17.02005 by The Big Wiper

Cedric the Entertainer and Vanessa Williams are taking their family on a car trip to a family reunion in Missouri. On the way all sorts of slapstick occurs, including a stop at a diner to have lunch. Someone squirts ketchup on Cedric during the meal, so he excuses himself to go to the bathroom to wash it off. Once there, washing up at the sink, he hears someone groaning and moaning in the stall. A pair of shoes are visible below the door. After a flush, a cook emerges. He makes some comment about there being no toilet paper. Then he retrieves his spatula, which he evidently took with him into the bathroom. On the way out, he touches Cedric with the spatula, freaking him out.

Jungle De Ikou

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Slim Jim Junkie

A girl is taking a #2 in the school toilet. Some jungle boy walks in on her. She asks, "What are you doing, you perv?" but she forgives the jungle boy, because how many toilet stalls are in the jungle?

Jurassic Park (Not A Scene)

-- posted 6.23.02003 by Dave

At least 10 different PoopReporters have suggested this database include the scene from Jurassic Park in which the lawyer runs from the Jeep into the outhouse. I've always said this isn't a poop scene -- he's not going to poop, he's going to hide!

So, to dispel the rumors, I offer proof. See? His shorts are still on!

Jurassic Park (An Acutal Scene)

-- posted 8.17.02005 by D. P. M.

A dinosaur is lying sick and Laura Dern's character is checking the animal's droppings. Jeff Goldbloom's character, Ian Malcom, looks on as Dern has her arms up to the elbows in shit. Ian Malcom makes the comment, "Now that is just one big pile of shit."

Jurassic Park III

-- posted 4.14.02003 by The Big Wiper

Early on in the movie, a rescue team that includes the mother and father of a young boy lost on a dinosaur-infested island after a para-sailing accident encounters the dinosaurs. One man is quickly snapped up like an hors d'ouevre, cell phone and all.

Later in the film, the rescuers hear the cell phone going off somewhere and think: "Great. We can find it and dial out for help!" What they fail to realize is that what they are hearing is the cell phone in the belly of the same dino that ate up the guy in one bite, and the dino is fast approaching.

They manage to escape, and some time later, the survivors hear the cell phone ringing again along a riverbank at night. This time they discover three huge mounds of steaming dino poop,

In unbelievably grisly fashion, the start sticking their arms down into the poop to retrieve the undigested cell phone. Before they locate it, they pull out a pair of glasses and a leg bone. One of the grossest scenes in movie history, for my money, since we literally watch a man turned into a turd over the course of the movie.

Just Looking

-- posted 6.24.02004 by The Big Wiper

Fourteen-year-old Lenny Levine gets shipped off one summer to his aunt and uncle's house when his widowed mother remarries and wants to enjoy a honeymoon period with a little privacy. Working in his uncle's store as a clerk, Lenny meets and develops a crush on the proverbial 'older woman,' whom he fantasizes about and spies on with binoculars.

On one occasion, Lenny's young cousin rushes to the back of the store to the bathroom door to inform him that his crush is about to drive away in her car. "I'm on the crapper," Lenny shouts through the door, followed by, "I'm wiping!" But the chance to catch up with and talk to the pretty young woman takes precedence, and Lenny bursts out of the bathroom with his belt still unbuckled, shirt hanging out and pants loosely around his waist, interrupted in mid-wipe.

He catches up with his fantasy squeeze out on the street and flirts with her while she sits at the steering wheel. As she drives off, we see that his pants have fallen down to his knees, and his cousin laughs at him.

Kangaroo Jack

-- posted 4.14.02003 by Megan M.

There's a scene on the airplane with two guys in a bathroom. Inside they're dealing with money, but from the outside it sounds like they're playing with poop!

Editor's note: I recently received a contradiction of this poop scene sighting. Can anyone confirm which is correct?

"Actually when the two guys are in the restroom on the plane. They really don't sound like they are playing with poop. They sound like they are taking it up the pooper from each other in some good manlove action. My pleasure to correct all you naive people." -- T Wrex

Kevin And Perry Go Large

-- posted 10.1.02003 by Honey Monster

An English film essentially about two typical teenagers on holiday in Ibiza with their parents. One scene has Perry releasing his brown trout into the sea, only for it to swim towards Kevin's open mouth.


-- posted 10.22.02002 by Carini

Woody Harrelson's character is in the bathroom with Randy Quaid's character, who
is Amish. Randy Quaid is taking a crap in the urinal because he doesn't know it's only for pissing...

Kings of the Road

-- posted 6.2.02003 by Tammy Clewell

The hero, who's traveling around the States in a van, walks out on a beach or a field (it's been a long time) and has himself a good morning crap.

Kiss Me Guido

-- posted 10.15.02002 by pr4552

There is a scene when the straight roommate takes a shower and then
takes a shit. We see him in full glory on the toilet -- and the kicker is he puts
toilet paper on the toilet seat, so as not to catch anything from his roommate.

Kiss of the Spider Woman

-- posted 7.21.02003 by SocklesSneak

This movie, set in a Latin American prison, stars William Hurt as Molina, a homosexual imprisoned on a morals charge, and his cellmate Raul Julia as Valentin, a revolutionary freedom fighter. The two characters couldn't be farther apart, but they become close companions while sharing a small cell that has no plumbing. The prison warden tries to weaken Valentin in order to get him to confess. One tactic is to put laxative in his food. After one such meal, Julia desperately has to shit, and yells for Molina to "get the bucket." He pulls his pants down but can't hold it in any longer and releases liquid shit into his underwear. Molina helps Valentin clean himself up, who asks "Doesn't it disgust you?" Although you don't actually see any poop, the scene is quite vivid.

Labyrinth of Passion (Laberinto de Pasiones)

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Ana Latentive

I haven't seen it, but it's described around the net in several places as having a poop scene. This is from memory of one description on the net (I can no longer find that site):

A woman had taken a laxative on the night before, and is on her way to the toilet when she is stopped by a guy who engages her in conversation. Despite several attempts to get away, he keeps her talking till she finally loses control, shitting herself, with some of it running down her legs.

Ladder 49

-- posted 2.23.02005 by The Big Wiper

In this firefighter rescue movie, a rookie, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is hazed during his first few days at the firehouse. On one occasion one of the veterans, played by Robert Patrick, walks into the bathroom with a newspaper in hand, opens a stall door, and says to Phoenix, who is at the sink, "There's no paper in there." But Phoenix is quick to point out that there is indeed a roll of toilet paper, just not attached to the toilet paper dispenser. Patrick makes Phoenix fasten the toilet paper to the holder, then closes the stall door while he begins to take his crap.

At that point another fireman, who has been observing Patrick's hazing tactics, lights a newspaper and sticks it under the stall door. We then get an overhead shot of Patrick, pants down to the floor, stomping out the fire and shouting, "Somebody's gonna pay for this!" Good firehouse hijinx all around, with a PoopReport touch!

The Ladies' Man

-- posted 7.21.02003 by Sweet Infinty

Leon is at the bar with Julie's ex-fiancé, and he challenges her white-collar straight laced ex to a nasty pickled bar food eating contest. They eat chitlin's and pig's feet and all the works, but then Leon concedes defeat after the ex unknowingly eats pickled human poop in sausage casing.

The Last Emperor

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Zong-Kong

The Emperor is a child being raised by monks. At one point the movie details the Child Emperor taking a crap into a chamber pot. The monks prepare for it as if it's an event. After the child is 'done' (adorned in robes and onlookers), one of the monks removes the bowl, and the camera shows a close-up of the monk rolling the bowl from side to side a bit, as the Emperor's fresh logs roll about in the bowl.

The Monk then deeply inhales of the poo.

The Late Shift

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Liquid Mayhem

After eavesdropping on an NBC meeting/conference call, Jay Leno calls Warren Littlefield the next day. Littlefield is on the toilet, and Leno accurately describes that he bets Littlefield is finally just getting a chance to sit down on the toilet after the long meeting. Leno's inside knowledge of the meeting catches Littlefield off guard, and he stumbles out of the bathroom pulling up his pants. No flush.

The Legend of Boggy Creek

-- posted 4.21.02004 by Mark

A man is sitting on the crapper in his bathroom, and a bigfoot monster reaches in through the window next to him, scaring him so bad that he runs out of the bathroom without even wiping!


-- posted 2.16.02004 by Hubert

Young Leo Lauzon is torn between two worlds: the squalid Montreal tenement that he inhabits with his severely dysfunctional (and largely insane) family; and the imaginative world that he constructs for himself through his writings, where he's Lèolo Lozone, son of a Sicilian peasant, conceived in a bizarre act involving a tomato. His experiences of growing up (especially his sexual development) affect his response to both these worlds. His gigantic mother has a terror of constipation, forcing Lèolo to sit on the toilet and PUUUUUUSH!!!

Lethal Weapon 2

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Chico

Danny Glover's character goes into his bathroom to take a crap. He is about
to wipe when he looks at the toilet paper and reads "Boom! You're dead!" He realizes
that his toilet is booby-trapped, and will explode if he stands up.

He calls Mel Gibson's character, and together with the bomb squad they work to
free him from this tricky situation before the itching and drying becomes unbearable!

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Douglas Poines

Sellers (Geoffrey Rush) is sitting on the toilet when his gorgeous Swedish wife (Charlize Theron) walks in and announces she is pregnant. He suggests she have an abortion. When she insists she will have the baby, he is speechless. There is a pause, then the plop of poop into the toilet. They laugh, and decide to keep the baby. I guess anti-abortion advocates have poop to thank in this instance.

Loaded Weapon

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Ken

A parody of the toilet-bomb scene in Lethal Weapon 2.
Samuel L. Jackson is on the can, and Emilio Estevez runs in, worried there is a bomb, shouting "What are you doing?!?" Jackson: "Taking a shit..."

Lost Angels

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

A troubled teenager is sent off to juvenile detention home. We see him being marched into the facility with other young men. Scenes follows with him trying to fit in and listening to the gossip of the other young tough guys. And then comes the bathroom scene. The troubled guy is shown mopping the floor of the boys' bathroom, which features a row of open stalls with low partitions between them in the background. After one guy flushes and stands up, a young Latino-looking guy with his pants down to the floor cranes his neck first one way and then the other trying to locate the toilet paper. The young black kid sitting next to him appears to be asking for it, or it may be the other way around, but there doesn't seem to be a huge supply of TP available, as there is one roll of TP that gets handed down and around. This is all background stuff and not on screen too long, but it does convey very well and very quickly the lack of privacy and tough environment of the juvie home.


-- posted 9.8.02004 by Arty

John Turturro wrote, directed, and starred in this film about three brothers who start their own construction business. In one scene, Mac (Turturro) has a family/business meeting in the bathroom. Mac sits on the toilet with his pants down and leads the discussion as one brother takes a bath and the other brother stands. Mac ends the meeting by flushing the toilet while he is still seated.

The Magic Christian

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Wonderpance

In this hilarious movie, Peter Sellers plays a rich businessman who adopts Ringo Starr so he'll have a son to pass on his business to. Basically, the whole movie is the two of them seeing what people will do for money. In one scene, they fill a giant vat with various disgusting substances -- most of which is poop -- and then drop in a bunch of cash to see if anyone will dive in to get it. Needless to say, pandemonium ensues as crowds of people flock to the vat for their chance to swim around in poo for some quick cash. It's a great, great movie.

Maria Full of Grace

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Troutman Coolee

The title character and two of her buddies, Blanca and Lucy, become "drug mules" who smuggle heroin from Colombia to the United States. They are given heroin wrapped in "pellets" made of latex, tied with dental floss. They swallow the pellets in Colombia. Then, when they reach their contacts in the U.S., they are expected to poop the pellets out.

Aboard a plane en route, Maria says she feels like she has to go to the bathroom. She goes in the plane's bathroom and sits on the potty with a rather distressed look on her face. Then we see her reach underneath with toilet paper as if to wipe. She catches some of the pellets that way -- and in the next scene, we see her washing off pellets and swallowing them again, the only way she can complete the mission.

Upon reaching their contacts at a hotel in the U.S., the three are told that they must stay there until they "shit out" all the heroin. Soon we see Maria squatted in a bathtub, where she is pooping out the packets of heroin, again with a rather distressed look on her face. She looks down at one point to see how many she has gotten out. Then we see her washing off the packets. Next we see Blanca exiting the bathroom, having successfully retrieved the packets she was carrying in a similar fashion.

Lucy is not so lucky. She is sick -- either constipated or ill from having had a packet burst inside her (a risk earlier alluded to in the movie). Whether she dies from her illness or is killed by the drug contacts, she's later found dead with her belly slit open to retrieve the heroin.

Master And Commander

-- posted 1.2.02004 by Dave

During one of the many establishing shots in which the camera sweeps majestically over the boat, astute viewers will note the old guy (the one with the plate in his head) hanging his ass off the bow of the ship. I'm pretty sure it was the shot when there was snow on the deck. Brr!

Master of Disguise

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Shyman

Pistachio Disguisey (Dana Carvey) is an Italian Boy-man, let's call it, that impersonates others -- hence Master of Disguise. His parents have been kidnapped and it's up to Pistachio to find them and save them, dressing anyway he can.

In one scene, after playing an Al Pacino impersonation, two henchmen try to find him again, except he's adopted a Robert Shaw (Jaws parody) impersonation, and he gets followed yet again. Then he runs into a field and a henchman steps in a pile of cow crap, and says, "I stepped on a cow pie!" The men go running, and Pistachio gets up and has a costume that looks like grass and a mask that looks like crap. The henchmen start chasing him, and, sure enough, it turns into a sort of Scooby Doo montage, with henchmen running and missing this man who's in the grass suit but not even blending in.

I should also mention that throughout the film, the main villain (Data, from Star Trek, that guy) always seems to laugh when a plan goes right, but soon goes wrong when he farts, then it becomes quiet shortly after.

(Interesting fact: poop humor, such as above, according to the MPAA, is acceptable PG humor. The director said so in the commentary track -- that as long as crap is not being used for sexual acts or crude and graphic humor. Weird.)

Matrix Reloaded

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Dave

Neo, Morpheus and Trinity go into that weird restaurant to see that French guy, the Merovingian. And he gives them a big lecture about how there is no choice, there is only cause and effect. We humans believe we have free will, but all we do is react to stimulus in a predictable manner.

To illustrate his point, he called their attention to a beautiful blond girl eating lunch with some well-dressed fellas. He sends over to her a dessert -- "a program I wrote myself." We watch her take a bite, and suddenly start shifting uncomfortably while a little moan escapes her lips. The camera switches to matrix view, and zooms in right between her legs where there is an explosion. The woman excuses herself for the bathroom.

Now, everyone thought that the girl had an orgasm, but we know better. At another part of the movie, they imply that every program within the matrix has to obey the rules of the matrix -- that's why that weird building was vulnerable when the power was cut... because it has to obey the rules of electricity. Now food giving a woman a sudden orgasm... doesn't sound like something that could happen in the real world. Food giving a woman sudden indigestion -- well, we've all experienced that.

This was used to show how humans are controlled by cause and effect. You give a person indigestion, even a beautiful woman, and she'll run to the bathroom. We have no free will -- our bodies are controlled by our biology.

To make the point, the Merovignian excuses himself from the table to conclude the conversation. He says something like, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I too am under the control of cause and effect. I drink too much wine, and now I have to piss. You see? Cause and effect."

And so this poop scene fits neatly with PoopReport's philosophy. Poop is the great equalizer.

Maximum Overdrive

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Gassious

Written and directed by Stephen King around 1983 or so, this is an adaptation of his short story "Trucks." The movie is all about what happens to Earth after passing through some strange "radioactive" comet's tale, and features an AC/DC soundtrack. Set in North Carolina, there is a great stall scene featuring a stereotypical good-ole-boy taking the noisiest, grumpiest, most cantankerous shit I've ever heard. I don't remember how he dies, just how crusty and boisterous that bowel movement of his was. Oh, and he's looking at some smut during his ablutions, too.

Me, Myself and Irene

-- posted 10.28.02002 by Lauren B.

In this movie, Jim Carrey plays Charlie, a too-nice pushover who bottles
up any unwanted emotion. Eventually, he just explodes -- and a second personality emerges whenever he
becomes angry.

The first time his second personality (Hank) leaks out, he
goes on a crazed spree. Earlier that morning, Charlie had walked outside and didn't see his newspaper, and
his next-door neighbor who was doing yardwork said that his wife had it on the
shitter. Charlie asked if she could return it when she was finished, and the
neighbor replied "Can't you just get one at work?!" So, later in the day, at
the end of Hank's first escapade, Hank marches right over to the neighbor's house (the husband is still
outside doing yardwork), goes inside (you then hear the wife's shriek as he
takes the paper from her -- she is still on the shitter?), comes back out,
pulls down his pants, opens the paper, squats in the neighbor's lawn and takes
a shit. You hear him grunting a whole lot, and then the scene shifts to show
chocolate yogurt being dispensed into an ice cream cone, only it looks like
its Charlie's shit. It's great.

Meet The Fockers

-- posted 2.23.02005 by The Big Wiper

In this sequel to Meet The Parents, Ben Stiller returns as male nurse Gaylord Focker, and Robert DeNiro returns as his bombastic, ex-CIA father-in-law, Jack Burns. The entire Burns family travels south to tropical Focker Isle in their state-of-the-art techno-motor home to meet Gaylord's parents -- two aging hippies played to touchy-feely perfection by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand.

Once everyone is settled in at Focker Isle, the poop references start flying fast and furious. Hoffman's character informs the guests that the upstairs plumbing is out of whack, so everyone will have to use the downstairs communally, where they have a rule: "If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down." Then Hoffman glances over to the toilet and says, "Whoops! I forgot my own rule!"

Later, DeNiro is taking a morning shower. He finishes and parts the curtain to find Hoffman sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles and a mile-wide grin on his face. DeNiro asks him for some privacy, but Hoffman replies, "I'm almost through," and the camera focuses on Hoffman smiling straight ahead with an almost angelic, flower-child expression on his face.

The movie also features a year-old youngster, whom DeNiro is training to be verbal by showing him flash cards. One of the flash cards shows a baby sitting on a training potty; also, DeNiro has taught the kid a signal to give when he has to poop. In addition, DeNiro's cat has been taught how to use and flush the toilet in the motor home.

Meet the Parents

-- posted 1.21.02003 by Piglet

In once scene, the septic tank has overflown and covered the back lawn. A truck driven by Owen Wilson pulls across the lawn and gets stuck. When Wilson guns the engine, the crap splashes up all over the entire family!

Minority Report

-- posted 12.13.02004 by pluh returns

A very unfortunate sequence of events transpires for poor Tom Cruise, and in order to fake out the futuristic security machines that litter his town, he has to get an eye transplant, which is performed by Peter Stomare.

While prepping for the procedure, Stomare turns his head and yells something in Russian. We then see his assistant, Greta, stand up off the toilet, pull her pants up with much velocity, and then turn around and return some crazy Russian babble. The scene is weird enough, but on the subtitle track of some DVDs, the line Stomare yells (in Russian) is, "Wipe your ass and get out here!"

Also, during a scene where some spider-like robots are infiltrating a house in order to scan the eyes of the inhabitants (they are looking for Cruise), the camera pans over four or five rooms, one of which contains an old guy sitting on the john, who properly pauses to get scanned.

The Missing

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Troutman Coolee

Cate Blanchett plays Magdalena (Maggie) Gilkeson, a frontier doctor living in a small wooden house in New Mexico. Early in the movie, Maggie's daughter is calling her to come help pull a woman's tooth. Maggie is sitting somewhere (we don't see where at first) and answers that she'll be right there. The camera pulls back and we see that where she is sitting is in the outhouse. Soon her daughter opens the outhouse door, and we see Maggie there rolling up tissue to wipe her rear.

Mississippi Burning

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Pluh 2

Two poop scenes grace this awesome movie. The first involves the near-hanging of a KKK member. When Gene Hackman cuts him off the tree to which he is tied, he yells, "Damn, Lester, you could really use a toilet."

The second happens when the KKK members are being arrested. Gene Hackman and the ever-awesome Willem Dafoe are going around and pickin' up the baddies when they come upon one suspect emerging from his outhouse. He pauses a second, and then bolts. It's kinda funny.


-- posted 10.1.02003 by Jeff Deel

This whole movie is about a giant poop monster!

More American Graffiti

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

Cindy Williams, her brother, and another girl have gotten caught in the midst of student unrest. Riot police have been called out to quell the protests, and the three characters seek refuge from the tear gas inside one of the school buildings. They race down a hallway, duck into a room and stand up against the wall to catch a breath. Suddenly, all three turn to the camera and make a terrible face at the sight of one of the riot policemen, helmet, billy club and all, shitting on an open stall in the bathroom they had inadvertently entered. The cop reacts by trying to pull up his pants, but nearly falls over in his haste, and the trio beats a hasty retreat.

The unedited version of this in rental stores shows the cop in full glory with his pants around his ankles.

There is also a 'poop the substance' scene in this movie involving the Charlie Martin Smith character, who has gone to Vietnam. At one point he is given the onerous task of burning barrels of shit collected from the latrines and slips and falls in the mess from one of the overturned barrels.

Mr. Bean

-- posted 7.21.02003 by anonymous

When Mr. Bean is performing his stealthy nighttime raid on the art museum, he puts laxatives into the guard's coffee, then switches around the keys to the toilet so that the guard will be delayed for quite some time. Throughout the raid you see the guard desperately trying to get into the bathroom, until he breaks the door down with a fire extinguisher. You hear him breath a sigh of relief as he finally sits down.

Mrs. Doubtfire

-- posted 6.23.02003 by The Big Wiper

This now-classic film features Robin Williams running around in matronly housekeeper drag for most of the plot. But when he first attempts to juggle his job at the TV station with his housekeeping duties for his wife and kids, he must do a quick change in transit. There is a scene in a men's room which opens with the camera at floor level, panning across the stalls and showing two men side by side taking craps with their pants around their ankles. Then we pan to the next stall where Williams is shown changing his clothes. He bumps into a man entering the bathroom when he emerges in drag, and the double take on the man's face is priceless.

My Bodyguard

-- posted 12.4.02002 by Dakota

In this great movie set in Chicago, a high-school boy, whose father is
the manager of a downtown hotel, is bullied by the tough dudes at his school -- with
young Matt Dillon acting as the main bully. Eventually, the boy hires one of the real large
students at the school to be his bodyguard.

In an early scene of the film, the young dude goes to
the restroom to take a shit. While he's on the crapper he hears the bullies, headed by Matt
Dillon, enter the rest room. He climbs up onto the toilet tank so his feet won't be visible through
the gap under the stall door. The bullies, however, find him as they systematically
push open each stall door. They then drag him to a stall where the crapper is unflushed and full
of turds and dunk his head in the toilet and flush. (That's just one example of why he needs a

Naked Gun 33 1/3

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Shyman

In the last few minutes of the film, Fred Ward is hooked to a bungee cord that sends him going up with a bomb in his hand. He flies through the roof and through the toilet with a guy named Papshmir on it. When Papshmir looks at the toilet, he says "Rocko?" Fred Ward, with toilet paper and crap on his face, goes "Papshmir?" and the plane blows up.

National Security

-- posted 11.6.02003 by The Big Wiper

Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn portray ex-cops who have been reduced to security guard status and spend most of this frantic buddy movie involved in car chases and the usual slapstick antics one would expect in this genre. At the end of one such chase, their vehicles leaps over and plows into some roadway construction barrels and lands in the middle of some porta-potties. The door to one of them flies open, revealing a dude wearing a baseball cap with his pants around his ankles, reading the newspaper while he takes a crap. Surprised and irritated, the crapper shouts, "Hey!", leans forward and pulls the door to in order to regain his privacy.


-- posted 8.17.02005 by Rowdy

In the satirical version of the Australian movie Ned, the title character is asked by Dan to go into town to get supplies, including penicillin for Dan's syphilis. However, getting annoyed with Dan constantly ordering him around, Ned purchases laxatives instead of penicillin to get some payback. Assisted by Dan's illiteracy, Ned's plan works. Dan pops the pills like M&Ms.

Then, one night around the fire, Dan's stomach starts to rumble and he gets cramps. But with only Ned's helmet to crap in, Dan unloads his guts into his fellow bushranger's famous headgear in possibly the longest and sloppiest crap in movie history.

There's more. The next morning the Kelly Gang are tracked down by troopers and are forced to make a quick escape, leaving Ned's helmet behind. After the troopers shoot at sticks in the camp site for a while (believing them to be the Kelly Gang), their Governor picks up Ned's helmet to demonstrate to the troopers who they should be shooting at and promptly gets covered in shit.

The New Guy

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Dakota

A harassed teenage nerd is transformed into an intimidating new person by a
prison inmate, and proceeds to live the cool life at a different high school. In one
scene a student sets up a video camera in the men's room to broadcast the high school
principal sitting on the toilet, farting and shitting.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Shyman

In the scene before this one, the main character, Alice (Lisa Wilcox), found out her best friend Kristen has been killed -- but before she died, Kristen gave Alice the power to pull people into her dreams.

Meanwhile, her brother Rick (Andras Jones) walks off to the toilet to take a crap.

Alice falls asleep in her dream, as does her brother, on the school toilet. He sees the stall door rattling; then it stops, opens, and cheerleaders come in the stall. Then his sister, who is in dream world, sees her brother. He gets out without flushing, wiping, or anything, and exits the stall, only to find out he's in the girls' room. There's a girl with a face burnt to a crisp. He goes back into the stall, only to find it has transformed into an elevator, and Freddy does some other stuff.

Though it was only for a second, it's very embarrassing to find yourself surrounded by cheerleaders when you're on the john.

No Holds Barred

-- posted 11.11.02002 by Matthew Jones

In this film starring Hulk Hogan as a championship wrestler (what a
stretch), his character Rip turns down an offer to wrestle for a different
promoter. The promoter is not to happy to hear this, and sends goons to rough
Rip up to make him change his mind. With the help of a bribed limo driver, the
goons corner Rip in an abandoned building. Their plan backfires, however, when Rip kicks
the ever-loving crap out of everyone until it's only him and the limo driver
left. The limo driver knows he has no chance of beating Rip and shits his pants in fear
(a close up of the back of his pants and audible crap noise follows). Rip stares at the limo driver and then smells what he has done and screams, "Ooooohhh Dooky!"

North Country

-- posted 1.16.2007 by Grandmaster Caca

In one scene, a young woman needs to urinate in a porta-potty. While she does, her male co-workers proceed to overturn the plastic shithouse with her inside. When it falls over, she comes rolling out of the door with a wave of shit and piss cascading over her. Another scene has the ladies' room vandalized with graffiti written in feces.

North Dallas Forty

-- posted 2.21.02003 by The Big Wiper

In a locker room scene before the big game, QB Mac Davis walks into the bathroom where three jocks are seated on the open stalls. One is reading a magazine while another guy waits for him to finish, and the other two are obviously concentrating real hard. All three have their pants below their knees. When Davis walks in, he says, "Well, all right, no wonder they call Chicago the Windy City!" Then he walks over to the sinks where a player is grooming himself and teases the guy about primping; in the background we see one of the players on the pot flushing his stink away. You can almost smell the stink, and Davis does a good job of swaggering around.

Not Another Teen Movie

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Dakota

In this parody of a teen movie, a high school hunk (Chris Evans) sets out to woo a rebellious plain
Jane named Janey and transforms her into a prom queen, as part of a wager.
In one scene, several dudes climb into the roof of the girls' restroom to spy on a girl
peeing. Things take a turn for the worse when she starts taking a noisy and smelly
shit. Eventually the roof and stall collapse into a classroom, leaving everyone covered
with shit.

Not Another Teen Movie (more specific)

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Shyman

A teacher is talking to his class about poetry, and one student makes a fart sound, signifying that poetry sucks. The teacher is dumbfounded, knowing how farts are funny, and explains real humor -- how slapstick is funnier than human excrement. (What a bad coincidence.)

One floor up, three boys (one that looks like Oz; a spiky haired rebel; and a kid who thinks he's Oriental) watch a girl taking a pee. It takes a turn for the worse when her farts get gurgle-y and diarrhea sounds every second.

She comments on how nasty they sound and almost falls off the toilet, but continues makes these sounds. Then the air duct falls down and the combined weight of the girl and three guys makes the floor cave in, and diarrhea shoots from the toilet in a graphic nature, covering the three boys, the teacher, and the girl in crap.

Nothing But Trouble

-- posted 4.14.02003 by The Big Wiper

At one point, Chevy Chase confronts Dan Ackroyd in Ackroyd's bedroom in an attempt to escape the hellhole Jersey down Ackroyd has trapped Chase and Demi Moore in. He steps in a bedpan full of Ackroyd's crap. His shoe becomes lodged in the bedpan, and he hops all around the room in an attempt to free himself.

Toward the end of the film, the entire city is beset with explosions from beneath (the fires of hell, perhaps?), and Ackroyd's female deputy is shown with her pants around her ankles, reading a newspaper while taking a crap, when an outhouse door flies open and she disappears into the fiery pit below.

Olivier Olivier

-- posted 12.4.02002 by Dakota

This is an account of a French country couple whose young son mysteriously disappears. Six years later, he "reappears" -- but this one is actually an imposter, a Parisian street prostitute who claims to have lost all memories of his childhood.

Early on, we see the true Olivier as an 8-year-old kid taking a shit on a crapper while reading a book. His over-solicitous Mom comes in the bathroom, kneels next to the crapper and talks to him. He asks her to wipe his ass. She asks why he can't do it himself. He says that it makes him feel sick. So she indulgently wipes his ass and then flushes the toilet for him. This is the only movie poop scene I know of where we actually see someone's ass being wiped. Anyone know of any others?

Once Upon a Time in America

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Dakota

Starring Robert de Niro and James Woods, this gangster film follows
the rise and fall of Jewish childhood pals on NYC's Lower East Side. In one scene, a
young dude is shown taking a crap in a communal toilet in a tenement building. The
toilet is at the end of a long hallway. He looks through an opening in the door and
sees an attractive chick heading towards the toilet. He deliberately unlatches the door
so that she walks in on him while he's on the toilet and sees his dick on display.

One Hour Photo

-- posted 10.28.02002 by Dakota

Robin Williams plays Sy Parrish, who runs a one-hour photo stand in a
giant Wal-Mart-like store called Sav-Mart. Sy is a real strange, solitary guy
without any relationships or friends in his life. As such, he lives his life through an
idealized family who bring their photos to him for processing. He
likes to imagine himself as part of their happy lives. In one
scene, he sits in his car outside their home watching them, and imagines what it
would be like to be part of their lives. As part of this, we see him sitting on their toilet
with his pants around his ankles, taking a dump.

Operation Condor

-- posted 10.28.02002 by Bill Spillman

Jackie Chan is a superspy saving the world from terrorists. At
the beginning of the film, he ends up in a young woman's apartment. When she
comes home, he hides in the bathroom. Wouldn't you know it -- she needs to take
a dump. A big, loud, messy, smelly dump. Jackie Chan is understandably
tortured by the noises and smells while hiding.

Out Cold

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Dropbrown

The Ski Kids have to take a drug test. They're told to go to the bathroom in the cup. So the dumb kid brings his cup out with a big brown log in it.

Pearl Harbor

-- posted 1.21.02004 by LOL

In this recent depiction of the 1941 attack, featuring Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale & Josh Hartnett, the toilet scene comes late in the film. The Americans are secretly headed for Japan across the Pacific to retaliate for the Pearl Harbor bombing when the fleet suddenly becomes known to a squad of Jap planes. Everyone rushes around in a panic to deal with the threat of being found out. In one brief scene in the bathroom (with open, doorless stalls), one dude pokes his head out of a toilet stall to see what all the fuss is about before hurriedly pulling up his pants in haste.

The Pest

-- posted 1.14.02005 by Daphne

In this comedy starring John Leguzamo, Pest (short for Pestario) has to avoid being killed in a human hunt by a crazy German aristocrat (Jeffery Jones). During the first hours of the hunt, located on a beautiful island off the coast of Florida (I think), Pest has to take a crap in the bush. He squats, talking to himself, when a deer comes along.

"I don't normally smell like this!" he yells at it, which runs away at the aroma.

The German hunter smells it too, and he instructs his son, Himmel, a flowery malcontent, to kill him. As Himmel turns around to get a gun, the rocket launcher strapped to his back goes off right towards Pest, who is wiping with one of his socks -- which, he mentions, is at least cottony and soft.

The blast blows him out of the picture, leaving his boots behind.

Phantom of Liberty

-- posted 1.14.02005 by Chris Hertzog

This is one of the great movie poop scenes of all time. Unfortunately, this movie is out of print on video and DVD.

The scene is an elegant dining room in a large house -- elegant except for one important difference. Instead of chairs around the table, there are commodes. As the party enters the dining room, each member approaches a commode, pulls down their pants, sits on their respective commode, and commences pooping.

A young girl speaks up, only to be quickly silenced by her mother: "You know it's not polite to talk when you're at the table!" The little girl looks down at the table, embarrassed.

There are several more instances (which I can't recall) of humor derived from inverting dining with pooping. However, the topper to the scene is this: One of the guests asks to be excused. He walks down the hallway and enters a small room which appears to be a bathroom. However, there's no toilet in the room -- instead, there is a low chair, about the same height as a commode.

He sits down in it, pulls at a handle in the wall, and a shelf emerges with a plate of food. The man then hungrily devours the food. He hears a knock on the door, and sees the doorknob jiggle. One of the other guests is trying to come in. Irritably, he yells out her, "Occupied!"

Pink Flamingos

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Spiff

In this film -- which lives up to its subtitle as the grossest film ever made --
Divine is a unwed, single mother who lives in a Caravan with her son, mother and
girlfriend. How is this gross? Well, her son has sex with chickens, her mother has an
egg obsession, and Divine herself shoplifts steaks between her flabby legs. What plot
there is revolves around Divine's efforts to keep her crown as the filthiest person alive.

If all of Divine's grossness throughout the film doesn't convince you, the famous final
scene of this film will. In it, Divine eats a doggie's poop moments after it's
deposited on the sidewalk!

Pirates of Silicon Valley

-- posted 1.21.02003 by Disco Poo

In a scene before Microsoft achieved world domination, Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall) and his Microsoft cronies are on their way to meet with Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) at Apple. Gates and his buddies are in the airport bathroom freshening up when Gates realizes he's forgotten his tie. His friend runs to the stall where a business man is taking a dump. The friend sticks his head over the door and offers the man $30 for his tie, while the man's on the crapper.

Obviously the man took the offer, because in the next scene you see Jobs complimenting Gates on his tie.

Police Academy IV (or V)

-- posted 11.11.02002 by Chief

I can't remember which one it is, but Lieutenant Proctor goes to take a dump in a
porta-john, and those goofy cadets pick it up by crane and move it to the center of a
baseball stadium, just as they started the National Anthem. They take off the top and
Proctor, confused at first, awkwardly stands (covering his bits with his comic book) and,
as appropriate for a police officer, salutes the flag. Dumbass.


-- posted 1.2.02004 by The Big Wiper

Ed Harris plays renowned artist, Jackson Pollock, in this biopic. At one point early in the film, Pollock's lover and fellow artist, Lee Krasner (played by Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden) emerges from their bedroom and trudges down the hall to the bathroom. When she opens the door, there sits Harris on the toilet, pants to his knees, smoking a cigarette. He looks up from his crap with a disinterested expression on his face as she turns around and leaves.

Porky's II

-- posted 4.14.02003 by The Big Wiper

In this sequel to the famous teen voyeurism movie, the same randy guys that found a way to spy on naked chicks in the shower are now out to get the uptight, anal girl's gym coach, Miss Balbricker. One of the guys informs the group that Balbricker is German, so she takes a shit at the same time every day in the same stall. They use this to their advantage by sending a small snake up the plumbing into the toilet where she always craps.

Balbricker is shown with her pants down around her ankles, swinging her legs back and forth and singing "That Ole Black Magic" while she takes her dump. Cut to a shot of girls and boys on the gym floor pierced by high-pitched screams emanating from the bathroom off-screen. Moments later, Balbricker waddles onto the floor frantically with her pants still around her ankles, while the snake crawls after her.

Pret A Porter (Ready To Wear)

-- posted 7.26.02004 by The Big Wiper

This elaborate, quirky and episodic Robert Altman spoof of the high fashion industry, which takes place during the unveiling of all the fall collections in Paris, features an amusing running sight gag. At one time or another throughout the film -- including the film's opening sequence -- at least half a dozen different characters step in or slide in dog shit somewhere and raise hell about it. One scene shows a miniature dog breed crapping on the floor of a fashion executive's mansion. The fashion executive who suffers this fate later chokes on a ham sandwich and winds up in the morgue, where the coroner scrapes something off of his shoe. In a hilarious subtitled sequence, his assistant asks him what he has found, and the answer is succinctly translated: "Dog shit!"

Prey For Rock And Roll

-- posted 9.8.02004 by Brian

"Prey for rock and roll" is a pun. A want-to-be rockstar woman is perhaps praying to become successful, but agents in the film are preying on just such people. In one scene, just as the movie starts, she is sitting on the pot and her voice is narrating. Perhaps she's doing the "think dump" -- there's no farts or anything to prove it's a deuce, but it's a pretty good bet.

Later in the movie, they're in a restaurant and Tracy, a pretty hot burnout guitarist, says, "Well, I'm going to go take a shit." She giggles and is gone a while.

Private Parts

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Daphne

In the very opening scene, a very prim woman is smoking a cigarette as she is interviewed about someone who isn't yet mentioned. When asked about the person, she replies that he once approached her to have a contest approved where a toilet would be awarded to the person who could produce the "largest bowel movement".

Then, he wears ass pants.

Go Howard!

Problem Child 2

-- posted 11.11.02002 by a dude

Juinor chases Trixie into the girls' bathroom. She enters and gets on a bowl in a stall to hide, and Junior goes in a minute later to find her. He pretends he can't find her and says he is leaving. She emerges from the stall and he pushes her back and onto the seat of the toilet. They talk smack and she lights a firework and puts it in Junior's hand. He says, "You're insane," and tosses the lit explosive into the bowl and flushes. They both run out of the restroom.

The scene changes to the school principal as he is running to relive himself of what appears to be a liquid load. He even pushes a grown man out of the way. The camera shows a view from outside the stall as he lowers his pants and drops on the toilet. Just then the camera pans to the plumbing in the school. In an instant the stall shot is back. The principal is launched into the air so hard that his shoes are left behind. A second later the water from the exploded toilet splashes back to the floor.

The principal is shown later in the film wearing a diaper so he can heal.

Problem Child 2 (more)

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Haggis McCrablice

There's also a scene where Junior's tomfoolery renders a dog catatonic. When it comes out of its frozen state, it excretes a steaming mound of feces three times its size. It reprises this trick at the end of the film after Junior's grandfather, Big Ben, proposes to the woman who almost married Little Ben. These scenes, as well as one of the most epic carny-ride vomit sequences I've ever scene, are invariably cut when this movie airs on cable.

Pulp Fiction

-- posted 10.10.02002 by Doniker

I would like to add Vince Vega's
(John Travolta) trips to the shitter in this, one of my all time favorite
movies. His first shitting scene was in that diner that was robbed. During
breakfast with Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), he interrupts their conversation to
say "I gotta take a shit." Then he grabbed his book to read and took his dump
while the place got robbed.

His second dump in the movie cost him his life. Vince was camped out in Butch's
(Bruce Willis) apartment waiting to perhaps kill Butch for ripping off the
gangsters. Vince set his gun down on the kitchen counter to drop a loaf in
Butch's bathroom and Butch sneaks in, sees the gun and blows Vince away with it
as he exits the bathroom. Any good hitman should shit with his gun!!

Pusteblume (aka Dandelions)

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Jake

This subtitled movie is one of Rutger Hauer's first. His girlfriend/wife goes to the bathroom and is upset that her stool looks like blood. She runs out naked and crying to him, and he goes to inspect it. He then replies something like, "Darling, don't you remember you had beets for supper?" He tells her not to worry, that "only beautiful things come out of your pooper". My memory isn't too good since I saw this about eight or nine years ago, so the actual lines might be off.

Raising Arizona

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Shyman

In this 80's classic, John Goodman and William Forsythe have escaped prison through the sewer system. Goodman climbs out of the ground covered in gooey crap, screaming like Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption and pulling Forsythe out feet first. Later they drop by H.I. (Nicolas Cage) and Ed's (Holly Hunter) place to hang out. After a while, Ed asks, "What's that smell?" and Goodman tells her that they climbed out of the ground and hit the sewer system, after telling them that they were pardoned. Their excuses are hilarious!

Rat Race

-- posted 1.2.02004 by Anonymous Coward

Jon Lovitz is a Dad. He and his family are racing against a bunch of other teams to win millions. They are driving and the little girl needs to use the restroom. Dad tells her to use a bottle, but she says it's a number two. He said they are not stopping, and she begs him, saying that she is "Prairie-doggin'." He asks what that means, and the son replies, "You know, when it pops in and out." The next scene is the car driving down the highway, with the girl's ass striking out. The next scene... they are on the side of the road, with the highway patrol.

Ready To Rumble

-- posted 6.23.02003 by The Big Wiper

Early in the movie, two young WWF junkies (Scott Caan and David Arquette) get temporary jobs in Wyoming at a county fair, vacuuming out all the porta-potties with a suction pump. After they have finished cleaning them, Caan turns to his friend, rubs his stomach and mumbles something about "too much coffee." Then he heads for one of the porta-potties himself, but not before turning to Arquette, wagging a finger and saying: "Don't you do it!"

Arquette gives him a cheesy grin, waits for him to enter the crapper, and then hurries over to turn on the vacuum hose. Inside, Caan is shown seated on the hole, blowing his nose and reading the newspaper -- but his ass is soon sucked downward by the pressure and TP flies everywhere. Arquette then turns off the hose, goes over and calls out to this buddy: "You all right in there?" Caan comes flying out of the porta-potty and wrestles him to the ground as the scene ends.

The Road to Wellville

-- posted 6.2.02003 by Borroxx

The young married fellow goes with wife to Dr. Kellogg's sanitarium and is soon given a big enema -- from a bulb-type syringe -- by a very attractive nurse. As she fills his bowels, the film switches immediately to a giant eruption of beer from a keg. What imagery! Unbelievable!

Robin Hood: Men In Tights

-- posted 1.2.02004 by The Big Wiper

Two scenes of note in this typical Mel Brooks' parody. In the first, all the Merry Men simultaneously emerge fresh from crapping in a row of outhouses to begin prancing around and singing a song about being the "men in tights." In the other scene, the entourage comes upon a blind man (who later becomes a sidekick) sitting on a john and taking a crap inside a house whose walls and roof have been removed and who is now, unbeknownst to him because of his condition, relieving himself in plain sight of the birds and bees and all comers.


-- posted 10.28.02002 by a dude

The character played by Edwardo Ruiz goes into the restroom at OCP and talks
badly about his superior (Richard "Dick" Jones). You see someone's feet and legs
in a stall (for sure taking a dump). Ruiz goes to a urinal and starts using it as
he talks his smack. In the background, the stall opens and Dick Jones walks up
beside Ruiz and the two have a heated talk. In this fight-or-flight condition,
Ruiz dribbles some urine on his pants -- I guess that's an added bonus for scat

The Rules Of Attraction

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Mary

In a part of the movie which lasts for about two minutes, James Van der Beek is on half of a split-screen scene.
It shows him grunting and wiping his ass. The director said they spent lots of time on this scene.

The Rules of Attraction (more specific)

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Jim Duda

James Vanderbeek is in the dorm bathroom, taking a dump, while a split screen is showing another girl walking to class. He makes all these faces while shitting, indicating a good one, and then he wipes his arse once and heads off to run into this girl.

Rumble In The Bronx

-- posted 6.2.02003 by Slim Jim Junkie

This chick Jackie Chan works with is being pursued by criminals. She goes to take a #2 in the top floor crapper of her store when thugs rip the wall down. Everyone on the street can see her on the crapper. (That was the first time I saw a girl shitting and I was addicted to that sight ever since.)

Runaway Train

-- posted 2.16.02004 by The Big Wiper

This manic action picture features Jon Voigt and Eric Roberts as prison escapees who jump from the frying pan into the fire when they hop onto a runaway train engineered by Rebecca DeMornay. But before the convicts get on board, they must plan their prison break. It involves climbing down into the prison sewer, where both men strip and then slather themselves with some of the poop lying around to make it easier for them to crawl through the pipes to the outfall. At one point, Roberts comments on the terrible stink, but Voigt has the ultimate comeback line: "Smells like freedom to me!"

Salo: 120 Days of Sodom

-- posted 7.21.02003 by DiarRHEA Perlman

This controversial film, directed by Pier Paulo Pasolini, is about a mansion run by four whores that caters to the fetishes of the high magistrates of 1940s fascist Italy. They kidnap 16 village teenagers and force them into fulfilling their desires, one of them being coprophilia. One of the most disturbing films you will ever see!

Saving Silverman

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Shyman

In this flick, Silverman (Jason Biggs) dates a girl Judith (Amanda Peet) who later becomes a Control Bitch, meaning Silverman can no longer hang out with his friends Wayne and J.D. (Steve Zahn and Jack Black) -- which becomes a problem. So they decided to pretend to kill her but actually kidnap her and lock her in their basement to say she's dead. After a while, their football coach, Coach Norton (R. Lee Ermey) has finally got out of prison for an attack on the referee. The first thing he asks is, "Where's the toilet?"

Zahn thinks quickly and tells him they have been using the yard. Zahn later explains to Black that their only toilet is downstairs, except they said they ate Judith (as a cover-up).

In one scene Norton is bent over taking a crap, with a bush censoring his dump. He asks for toilet paper but ends up opening their mailbox and using bills and letters to wipe his ass.


-- posted 5.16.02005 by Shyman

In this sick, graphic thriller, two guys are handcuffed in opposite sides of a room. One is Cary Elwes, on the far side by the door, the other is Leigh Whannell. The other guy is chained up to a pipe near the toilet and the tub. Elwes' character thinks there's a key somewhere, imagining the toilet. The guy pulls the top off the tank and it's not there, so they assume it's in the bowl, which has this awful baby shit green look to it. The guy sticks his hand in the bowl shouting, "Oh shit!" When questioned about anything in the bowl, the guy comments, "Nothing solid!" In my opinion, a truly sick piece of crap, but a great scene and an even greater movie.

Scary Movie 2

-- posted 11.11.02002 by a dude

In the opening bit, there is a parody of The Exorcist where James Woods is dressed as a priest. He commands the demon to leave the body, saying, "The power of Christ compels you." The camera pans out and you see him on a crapper. He appears to pass many wicked logs. He farts a little, and in his breaks between log-passing, he says, "Thank you Lord... you are most merciful."

Scary Movie 2 (more)

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Troutman Coolee

At one point Cindy (played by Anna Faris) tells a cat she's sorry she pooped in its litterbox. Then the scene cuts to actual turds (presumably hers) in a litterbox.

Scary Movie 2 (more)

-- posted 9.8.02004 by Shyman

Several weeks after everyone defeated the ghost of the mansion at the end of the movie, Cindy takes the parrot out of the mansion. While she's talking on the phone, the foul-mouthed parrot has violent runs and shoots bird crap at the wall, and then comments, "What the hell did you feed me?!"

Scary Movie 3

-- posted 7.26.02004 by The Big Wiper

The third movie in this series features a young white who aspires to be a rapper. He enters a hip-hop contest at a club. But before he goes on stage, he goes into the bathroom with a bad case of nerves. There, while leaning over the sink, he gets nauseated, turns around, kicks open a stall door and projectile vomits. It's only after he's finished that he looks up and realizes he has vomited all over the crotch of a young black guy sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles and talking on a cell phone. This is the only example of vomiting and shitting as a one-two punch that I have ever seen in a film, and it's not a pretty sight.

Scary Movie 3 (deleted scene)

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Shyman

May I mention that this scene is a deleted scene, so If you watch the movie and don't find it, it's on the DVD.

This alternate ending goes like this: The President is in Charlie Sheen's farmhouse, where the aliens were going to be stopping -- spoofing 'Signs' in a sort of way. The aliens were actually bad guys; and at one point, the Rapper Wannabe gets captured by aliens and says, "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry," and turns into a fifty-foot-tall Hulk. The Hulk starts kicking alien ass. The president (Leslie Neilson) says to his aide, "I've gotta get into this fight too, son," and starts straining, but instead craps his pants.

Normal, right?

It's starts to get funnier when the aide is changing Leslie's diaper. He's so old that he needs a diaper change, and while Sheen is covering his daughter's eyes, the aide is changing him, and picks up this large diaper with crap in the bottom and says, "When did you eat corn?" The Pres responds, "from that casserole at lunch. That was damn good."


-- posted 12.13.02004 by Julie

Secretary is a quirky sexy love story about two people who find fulfillment in the atmosphere of a BDSM lifestyle. This movie has lots of kinky glimpses and startles, but remains at its core a love story that adult movie viewers from all backgrounds can enjoy.

Immediately after Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) gets punished by her boss (James Spader), she retreats to the bathroom of the law offices to masturbate. She is overheard from the next stall by the paralegal (Lily Knight) who is sitting on the toilet, paperwork on her lap. The paralegal is obviously a person who works and poops at the same time.

The bathroom's decor is worth mentioning as well. The entire lawyer's office is decorated very strangely, and it gives the film a dreamlike quality. The bathroom is no exception. The stall walls go to the floor, as do the stall doors, which is probably why Lee didn't realize she was not alone. There are strange fancy light fixtures on the wall directly behind the toilet, and one wall of each stall is painted with a detailed black and white mural.


-- posted 2.21.02003 by Troutman Coolee

Darrel Witherspoon (played by Marlon Wayans) is testing an experimental drug that can vastly enhance any or all of his five senses. At a time when both his hearing and his sense of smell are made extremely acute, he hears and smells a girl named Tonya pooping in a bathroom well down a hall from him. He lets out groans of dismay at the smell.

Shaft (2000)

-- posted 10.22.02002 by TC

New York City police detective John Shaft (nephew of the original
1970s detective) goes on a personal mission to make sure the son of a real
estate tycoon is brought to justice after a racially-motivated murder.

The rich-boy murderer, Walter Wade Jr. (Christian Bale), hires a drug dealer
named "Peoples" Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright) to kill the only witness to the
crime. While attempting to deliver the money, he is "mugged" by Shaft and
another cop pretending to be street thugs. Without the money, Wade cannot pay
for the assassination already in motion. He attempts to explain the problem to
Peoples, who holds the conversation while taking a dump, complete with pauses
to squeeze out another turd.

Shallow Hal

-- posted 2.21.02003 by The Big Wiper

This poop scene is not actually in the movie itself -- it's in the credits. The Farrelly Brothers always seem to have something about shitting in their movies. This time they photographed the three assistant directors taking shits in the portable john. There is a credit scene with all three of them with their pants down around the ankles, relieving themselves at different times in that john.

The three assistants are identified by name, and two of them seem amused that they have been caught on camera crapping. One is smiling and the other is actually waving at the camera. The third one looks pissed that they have caught him with his pants down, but he doesn't budge.

You may have to freeze-frame or slow-down this sequence with your remote to fully appreciate this triangle of shitters, because it's only on-screen for about ten seconds. But it's funny and typical of the Farrelly Brothers.

The Shawshank Redemption

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Dakota

In the late 1940s, a straight-arrow banker (played by Tim Robbins) is railroaded for a double murder
and sent to prison for life. He eventually gains the respect of some
of the prison guards, and is put in charge of the prison library. In one scene, the Robbins
character is shown sorting books and old record albums. The guard announces that he has
to go "pinch a loaf." We see him sitting on the crapper reading a magazine. The
Robbins character locks the bathroom door from the outside so the guard is rendered helpless. He then plays an operatic piece over the prison
loudspeaker system and eventually lands up in solitary for this escapade.

The Shawshank Redemption

-- posted 1.2.02004 by Dave Dee

Also in this movie, Tim Robbins' character makes good his escape by crawling through the prison's main sewer pp getting covered in poop in the process. He even takes a bar of soap with him to clean himself up afterwards.

Short Circuit

-- posted 6.23.02003 by Frank

The robot lead (Johnny-5) is running away from all the other robots in his group. He gets one of them to run through an outhouse. As he knocks the walls down, there is a semi-large burst of poop from below... for no reason at all.


-- posted 12.4.02002 by Dalya

In the very first scene in the movie, a story book is being read by the narrator. At the
end, Shrek laughs and says "Like that's ever gonna happen! What a load!" Then he flushes the
toilet in his outhouse and punches the door open.


-- posted 12.13.02004 by Pluh 2

An English teacher played by Paul Giamatti goes on vacation with his friend before his friend gets married. In the beginning, while preparing for his trip, Giamatti is shown sitting upon the john with a little reading material.

Sin City

-- posted 1.16.2007 by

While being interrogated by Marv, a Mickey Rourke-type character, an unfortunate thug receives the "doodie dunking" of a lifetime. Marv continually dunks the man's head into a turd-filled bowl until he gets the information he wants. When the victim's head is pulled from the toilet for the last time, you can count three huge, Baby Ruth-size poops sloshing around the bowl.

Since You've Been Gone

-- posted 8.17.02005 by Brian

There's a "convention" of women in the ladies room. One of the women is a redhead who is sitting on the pot for a long time while the others are on the couches smoking during the conversation. It's not made clear that she's dropping a deuce, but it has to be for the length of time spent and the facial expressions.

Sleepaway Camp

-- posted 11.6.02003 by The Big Wiper

This low-budget teen horror movie takes place at a co-ed summer camp. A group of male bullies make fun of and persecute an introverted female camper named Angela, who turns out to have all kinds of horrible secrets. At one point, the ringleader of the bullies -- a studly jock-type -- is shown running in shorts and sneakers (no shirt) back to his cabin after lunch. He bursts into the cabin where two of his mates announce they are going to play some baseball and ask him to join them.

"Catch up with you guys later," the jock states. "I gotta take a wicked dump." Pay attention -- because this gets a bit gnarly. He then proceeds to the john, which is located inside the cabin. The camera focuses on him pulling his shorts down around his ankles behind the stall and remains at floor level while he takes his dump. Shortly thereafter, someone comes into the john (yes, it's Angela!), carefully barricades his stall without his knowledge, then goes outside and proceeds to slip a beehive or hornet's nest on a stick through the screen behind his stall.

The jock then hurriedly pulls up his shorts and tries to get out of the stall and eventually breaks the stall door down, but not before being stung to death by the angry bees or hornets -- a very undignified, unwiped ending for the young man.


-- posted 8.17.02005 by Rowdy

In the early scenes of this Guy Ritchie movie, Tommy and Gorgeous George drive to a Pikey camp site to purchase a caravan from Mickey "One Punch" O'Neill (Brad Pitt). As Tommy and George arrive, Brad Pitt can be seen squatting behind a car. You can't see what he's doing, but you can tell he's taking a dump. Then, as he realizes someone is looking for him, he stands up and pulls up his pants without wiping his ass. Adding credibility to this claim is Director Guy Ritchie. In the audio commentary Ritchie says, "That was Brad having a poo behind a car, which Brad and I thought was the funniest thing."

Later in the movie, Pitt is lying on a couch just before a big fight, badly hung over from his Mother's wake the night before. His manager Turkish gives Pitt a drink from his hip flask. Pitt takes a mouthful, hands the flask back, then sits up and shouts, "NEED TO TAKE A SHITE!"

Sorority Boys

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Doniker

Three college dudes dress up like chicks and join a sorority. One dude dressed like a chick heads into the bathroom with the sports page to drop a loaf. Some other chick keeps knocking on the door to try and get in to take a piss, and the dude gets pissed because he's trying to shit.

I was drunk when I watched the movie and I thought it was funny. It probably really sucks.

Soul Plane

-- posted 7.26.02004 by anonymous coward

In the beginning of the movie, the main character, Nashaan Wade (played by Kevin Hart) has some stroganoff on an airplane and has to take a shit in the lavatory. He ends up getting stuck on the toilet seat. The only way to get him off of the seat is to jettison everything in baggage, including his dog, which was thrown in there. His dog dies in the jet engine and Nashaan's ass is seriously injured. Nashaan sues the airline for damages. He wins and uses the money to start his own airline, which is what the movie is about.

Soul Plane (more)

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Slim Jim Junkie

The second poop scene in the movie involves Elvis Hunkee (played by Tom Arnold), the patriarch of a white family who gets sent on Nashaan's new airline by mistake. He enters a really nicely decorated airplane toilet, which even has an attendant. The attendant, noticing that he's white, says, "We don't get many of you." He sits down on a toilet engineered for ghetto booties. The attendant fetches a normal toilet seat labeled "Caucasian Adaptor." He sits comfortably, but he can't get started because the attendant is there. Once he gets his Shamelessness going, he rips a killer loud fart. After a few nasty farts, the attendant tries to help Elvis take a shit. He pulls out a stereo and plays Salt-n-Pepa's Push It. The attendant sprays deodorant and says, "Can't have the lightning without the thunder." His shit is so big that when it hits the toilet bowl, it shakes the entire airplane.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

-- posted 5.16.02005 by Shane

Cartman, Stan and Kyle are searching for information on a computer. They do a search for the word "clitoris" and come up with a bunch of porn sites. When they try and leave one, a German video pops up that has a man shitting on a lady. And one of them asks, "Is it Cartman's mom?"

Cartman: "Oh, very funny."

Stan: "Hey, it is Cartman's mom."

Kyle: "What's he doing now?"

They watch in disgust as he farts and they see it all. But we do not.

Spring Break

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

This film is exactly what you would expect it to be. Two nerdy college kids go to one of the Florida Spring Break spots and can't find a motel room. They soon hook up with two much more wordly dudes -- one is a ladykiller and the other is just a jarhead, but good natured. The four of them end up sharing one bedroom. The two studly types bring home two chicks that first night and start making out with them right away. There are just two beds, and the two nerds are forced to listen and watch as the studs start their action. They can't stand it and eventually crawl into the bathroom to cover their ears.

Cut to the next morning in the same bathroom. The chicks are gone, and this is your basic shit, shower and shave scene. All four guys are in the bathroom. One of the nerds is shaving, the other one is in the shower, the ladykiller is standing behind the nerd shaving, saying to him: "What the hell are you shaving?," and the jock-type guy is brushing his teeth, but quickly finishes and pulls his briefs down to sit on the pot. Cut to close-up of him grunting very loudly as he tries to manipulate what must be a big, hard, nachos and God-knows-what-else Spring Break turd. He makes so much noise and his face is so screwed up, his ladykiller buddy says: "Where are your manners?" The jock says, "Sorry," grunts quickly and coughs as his ordeal is ended, or so we imagine.

The nerd in the shower then opens the shower door, and the two studs agree to let them stay longer in the room with them. Why, I don't know. The shower nerd turns his ass to the group, and the guy on the pot pops him with a towel. Good, clean, bathroom fun for all.


-- posted 10.1.02003 by Honey Monster

A film about a group of Methamphetamine addicts contains the wondrously graphic scene where Mena Suvari takes a dump. You even get to see the floaters splash down in the bowl. When you gotta go, you gotta go.


-- posted 3.11.02003 by Junior

The Germans fight their way into a building where the upper floors are occupied by Russians. One of the soldiers sits down in disbelief that he has shit his pants -- but he is promptly assured by one of the other soldiers that he isn't the only one.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

-- posted 1.21.02003 by Larry Post

A bantha, a large land animal indigenous to Tatooine, drops a load, which Jar Jar steps in.

Sugar And Spice

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Troutman Coolee

Diane Weston (played by Marley Shelton) is a high school cheerleader, characterized in opening scenes as thinking "her shit don't stink." There is soon one of several scenes where she and four fellow cheerleaders are sitting in potties in five adjacent stalls, although all you see is their legs hanging down. All they seem to be doing in these scenes is changing their tampons, until Diane becomes pregnant and says she doesn't need tampons. Since she is sitting on a potty at that time, she must have something else to do into the potty, because she flushes afterward.

(One cheerleader has the bizarre name "Kansas," which represents a missed opportunity. Too bad we don't hear her straining, followed by the tell-tale plop-plop of two turds hitting the water. Then the cheerleader on one side of her could ask, "What did one turd just say to another?", and the cheerleader on the other side of her could answer, "Something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore.")

Anyhow, as the story progresses the pregnant Diane farts on several occasions, with other cheerleaders expressing aversion to the smell. Diane and her boyfriend (father of her unborn) become so hard-up for money that she and her four fellow cheerleaders decide to rob a bank. When driving to the scene of the heist, they are in a van with bad brakes, and it spins out of control. After the spin-out, one cheerleader desperately asks, "Ah, anyone bring an extra pair of panties?" That's usually cinematic shorthand for "I pooped in my pants".

Sweet Movie

-- posted 11.6.02003 by Dave (not that Dave)

In this Dusan Majavec film, the main character is on a roller-coaster of strange happenings. One is a meal hosted by German performance artist Otto Muehl and his gang, who have no problem pissing, shitting and puking at their banquet table. I believe the shitting part takes place on a freight elevator, as part of a contest, which is won by a female contestant. It's really quite astounding. The movie is full of craziness, but not all at this level. It's quite disjointed, but worth a look.

The Sweetest Thing

-- posted 9.8.02004 by anonymous coward

Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz take a road trip. During a rest stop, Cameron is anxious to go the ladies room -- but it is occupied by woman who claims that she had lamb curry the night before and is now "shitting out a Buick." The women then retreat the men's room, where Cameron uses the stall and Christina uses the urinal.

Talk To Her

-- posted 4.14.02003 by Dave

Benigno has gone to see Alicia's father, a psychiatrist. Benigno is in love with Alicia, and also insane. For some reason, the psychiatrist office is also their apartment. After his session, Benigno exits to discover the secretary is gone. Through opaque glass, Benigno sees Alicia in the shower. He goes down the hall, pokes around her room, and steals her hair clip. He bumps into her on the way out, and she gets a little freaked. She watches him depart. Just after he leaves, the secretary returns to her desk, picks up her phone, and says to her friend, "Hola, Lola! I just took an elephant-sized dump!"


-- posted 10.1.02003 by ComradeQ

In this coming-of-age movie, a girl is seen pooping into an ice bucket, complete with a couple of loud grunts. The bucket is then delivered to the guests at a fancy party, to their disgust.


-- posted 2.21.02003 by The Big Wiper

In this serious high school film, Nick Nolte plays a teacher who is trying to avoid being served a summons by an ex-student who is now a lawyer (Jo Beth Williams). One morning he sees her coming down the crowded school hallway and ducks into the boys' room. Williams is determined to serve him, so she says, "Okay!" and barges into the boys' room where we see a row of open stalls. On the first one is a light-skinned dude with an Afro with his pants down around his ankles. When Williams enters, he says, "Holy shit, lady!", stands up and faces the wall in an attempt to protect his genitals, I guess. She then crosses in front of a skinny white kid with his pants down to his knees two stalls down, and ends up right in front of Nolte, who is taking a leak.

Nolte says, "For God's sake, this is a boys' bathroom!" Her bitchy character replies something to the effect that she has brothers and she's not seeing anything she hasn't seen before. The Afro kid flushes and leaves, while the white kid peers around the wall with a disbelieving look on his face. Williams ends up serving Nolte the summons; when he washes his hands and she hands him the subpoena to dry with.

Team America: World Police

-- posted 8.17.02005 by Scott Black

In the original theatrical debut, the movie had a hilarious scene involving puppet sex between Gary and Lisa. In the unrated or uncensored version, the sex scene is extended, and ends with a hearty BM on Gary's face! EEEEWWWW!!!

The Terminal

-- posted 12.13.02004 by The Big Wiper

Tom Hanks plays Victor Navorsky, an immigrant from the fictional country of Krakhozia, which undergoes a coup at the precise time he is entering the International Terminal at JFK Airport. With no visa, no passport, and no country to call his own, Victor is required to remain in the terminal until relations with the new Krakhozian government and the USA have been established.

Until such time, Victor is closely scrutinized by the anal-retentive terminal manager played by Stanley Tucci. In one scene Tucci goes in search of Victor, who has taken up residence in a part of the terminal under construction. He walks into a large room and calls his name. In the background, Victor's head pops up from behind a partition, and then he raises his hand while holding up a roll of toilet paper, indicating that he is in the middle of dropping a deuce into a toilet hidden by the partition.

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Testy Kool

In this Tarantinoesque crime caper starring Andy Garcia, one of the characters is revealed to have coprophagic tendencies. When pairing up for some scam, an ex-con protests his selected partner because of his reputation in the joint of being a "brown boy" -- apparently, in solitary confinement, he went nutty and ate his own excrement.


-- posted 10.7.02002 by Dakota

Through a computer error, an attractive
College student played by Laura Flynn Boyle is assigned to room with two college
guys -- shy, intellectual Charles, who is gay, and an in-your-face, sex-obsessed
straight dude played by Stephen Baldwin. The error results in various couplings
and emotional complications.

The poop scene occurs when the gay dude arrives to
check into the room. The Baldwin character is sitting on the crapper taking a
dump with the bathroom door open and he asks the gay guy: "Who the fuck are you?"
Later in the movie, the gay guy and the girl admonish the Baldwin character
about not flushing the toilet after he takes a dump. He looks real puzzled and
when he eventually gets to understand what they are talking about, he just
brushes it off. He tells them that he's real proud of his massive dumps and
that's why he doesn't flush them. He says that in some societies the size of a
man's dump is considered a reflection of his virility. This was actually a good
movie and one of the characters was a model for shameless shitters everywhere!


-- posted 1.2.02004 by The Big Wiper

Overlooked in the previous description of this movie is a scene where the gay roommate is sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles, with some reading material in hand. The straight guy and the girl barge in on him while laughing and giggling and cutting up in the bathroom. The gay guy screams at them to get out and give him some privacy, but they more or less take their own sweet time doing so, and continuing to bug him while he tries to take a crap.

Three Ninjas

-- posted 1.21.02003 by crazygurl

Three boys learn karate from their grandpa. One night at home, their parents decide to go out, leaving a babysitter to watch them. Three robbers come in and lock the babysitter in the closet. They look for the kids, but can't find them. The kids pull a bunch of sneaky moves on them. At one point, they pour laxative stuff into a drink and two of the robbers drink it. It shows a good scene of them running and shitting.

Todd Haynes' Poison

-- posted 2.23.02005 by Musclestud61

This movie was a big (and controversial) hit at Sundance Film Festival back in 1991. It is three seemingly-unrelated stories interwoven into a single movie. The shit scene takes place in the third story, called "Homo," which is about two men who are imprisoned together. They have known each other since reform school.

A group of inmates are pacing around in a large room with a scaffolding-type structure in the middle. They walk around and around. At one point, a young man puts his hand in the air. The guard nods to him, and he climbs the ladder to the platform at the top of this structure, where he proceeds to pull down his pants and squat. We then realize that this is some sort of a raised outhouse. He proceeds to take a large dump (you can actually see it falling through the air to the hole below, and hear the splat as it hits bottom). His childhood friend, who has lusted after this man since his teen years, watches this intently.

The Toxic Avenger III

-- posted 6.2.02003 by Mr Scatterday Night

Toxie is sitting on the toilet and smoke effects and lightning are growling from the toxic waste he's depositing. Then his mother comes over and she can't stand his own smell!


-- posted 10.7.02002 by Che

Obi-Wan Kenobi, err, Ewan McGreggor, goes for a hallucinatory swim in a
very disgusting crapper trying to find a suppository he shat out.
Also, another dude in the movie shits the bed and ends up flinging it all
over his girlfriend's parents while they're eating breakfast.

The Triplets of Belville

-- posted 7.26.02004 by Shyman

In this animated French film, the old Madame Souza (I think that's her name) and her fat dog Bruno meet the Triplets of Belville. They invite her and her dog into their small but humble abode. As the five are walking to the Triplets' apartment, they walk past a hallway toilet that has turds to the top of the bowl.

True Lies

-- posted 2.21.02003 by Syd

In an early fight scene, Arnold Shwarzenegger goes into a public restroom, followed by some Middle-East terrorists intent on killing him. When Arnold walks in, the restroom is deserted except for an old guy seated in a stall. A gunfight ensues. First they knock against the side of the stall, then Arnold is knocked through the door. After the fight, during which most of the restroom is trashed, we see the old man, pants still around his ankles, shuffle to the door of the stall to inspect the damage.

Two Weeks Notice

-- posted 6.23.02003 by Poops Best Friend and doodooball123

Sandra Bullock ate too many chili dogs. Sitting in a long line of stalled traffic in Hugh Grant's car, she is about to explode with doodie! Out of the kindness of Grant's heart, he leaves his expensive car in a traffic jam, carries her to a mobile home and asks if she could use their toilet because of a poopoo emergency!

The Kind elderly people allow her to have explosive diarrhea in their toilet. The young children are frightened by the noise coming from the bathroom, but when you got to go you got to go. Then they left and made their way back to Grant's car just as the traffic started moving again. She had a stain on her butt the rest of the day.


-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

Toward the end of the film, Clint Eastwood and his pals have finally tracked down the villainous men who disfigured the prostitute early on. They are in a cabin playing cards, and one of them gets up from the table and heads towards the outhouse. Eastwood's young sidekick hiding in the bushes outside draws a bead on him from afar as he enters the shithouse, then waits a little while until the guy is settled in, kicks in the door and points his gun at him point blank while the guy is sitting there with his pants down. The guy holds up his hands, but Eastwood's sidekick shoots him anyway.

Later, the young man laments to Eastwood that he shot this guy 'while he was taking a shit.' That apparently is no way to go.

Up In Smoke

-- posted 10.7.02002 by Artful Dodger

Cheech and Chong go to pick up the
marijuana van. Cheech has to shit really bad so he scurries along to the
bathroom with his butt cheeks clenched. It's not exactly a dump scene per se, but
it always makes me laugh. Whenever I'm in that situation and I'm running to the
shitter, I always do my Cheech impression: "C'mon cheeks, stay together!"

Vampire's Kiss

-- posted 1.2.02004 by Roto_rooter

Nicolas Cage is going crazy, thinking he is a vampire. At one point he ducks into the men's bathroom at work, bouncing off the walls and moaning, "Where am I? Where am I?" It was meant to be more of a rhetorical, metaphysical question. However, the stall denizen takes it literally, responding, "You're in the god-damned crapper and I'm trying to take a dump! So cut the theatrics or take it to the ladies' room!" (Or damn near, I haven't seen the movie in quite a while.)

Van Wilder

-- posted 10.22.02002 by Griffin

Pre-med student Richard creates enemies throughout the whole movie. His demise
happens near the end when, before he takes his Northwestern
medical school exam, his girlfriend makes his good luck protein shake with
Super Colon Blow. He sweats it out through the exam and heads to his oral
exams. The only problem is, he left whatever colon control he had in the exam room,
and has no choice but to "explode" in the wastebasket in the room in which his oral
exam is taking place.

Weird Science

-- posted 2.16.02004 by Armo

Two unpopular teenagers, Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ian Michael Smith) "create" a woman with their computer. Their living and breathing creation is a gorgeous woman, Lisa (Kelly LeBrock), whose purpose is to boost their confidence level by putting them into situations which require Gary and Wyatt to act like men, one of which is a wild party. While at that party, Gary and Wyatt hide in the bathroom and Wyatt proceeds to take a dump (i.e., drop "wolf-bait") immediately before their respective love interests ask to use the bathroom mirror for "makeup." Funny scene!

Welcome To The Dollhouse

-- posted 10.15.02002 by Jenny

Dawn Wiener is an unattractive, unpopular middle school student. She enters
the bathroom one day, about to head into the stall, when her bully nemesis exits.
Dawn quickly rushes to the sink, pretending she was only there to wash her
hands. The bully confronts Dawn, and says something like, "You aren't here to
wash your hands. You're here to take a shit, aren't you?" Dawn denies it, and
tries to leave, but the bully forces Dawn into the stall and demands that Dawn
shits, right there, with the stall wide open and the bully watching. The scene
changes, so we don't know how it is resolved, but it leaves Shameful Shitters
everywhere shaking in horror.

Welcome To The Dollhouse (more)

-- posted 6.24.02004 by Frankilicious

The most important line is missing: when Dawn is confronted by the bully before she is forced into the stall, the bully asks, "You are here to take a shit, aren't you? I know you are because you smell like shit."

White Chicks

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Troutman Coolee

Shawn and Marlon Wayans play FBI agents. After they bungle a case by mistaking ice cream deliverymen for drug kingpins, they are assigned to be minders to two ditzy heiress sisters, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson. A hint dropped early is that one of the agents is lactose-intolerant. The agents are to protect the sisters from a would-be kidnapping.

It is important to the FBI's course of action somehow that the two sisters make it to a certain high society function. While the two agents are driving the sisters in an SUV from the airport to said function, things go wrong because the sisters' dog tries to jump out the window. The driver struggles and successfully saves the dog, but runs off the road in the process. In the crash, one sister gets a cut on her lip and the other a little scratch on her nose. They decide they can't attend the function looking like that. So, to maintain the appearance that the Wilson sisters DO attend the function, the agents decide to go there disguised as said sisters, hence the title.

The lactose-intolerant agent is the one who becomes disguised as Tiffany. Once in the country club setting, he eats an hors d'oeuvre that he finds out too late had cheese in it. Soon the apparent Tiffany is telling her friends how she must make a mad rush for the little girls' room. To the fake Tiffany's dismay, they all insist on accompanying "her" to the crapper.

Once there, "Tiffany" soon lets out blasts of noisy poop. The friends seem at first a bit startled that their dainty friend is taking such an explosively noisy dump, and before long they are fanning their hands in front of their noses trying to dispel the smell, and perhaps entertaining second thoughts about their insistence on accompanying "Tiffany" to the pooper. But in the end, the friends are accepting of the situation as reality, clueless of the actual illusion involved, assuring the audience that urgent, noisy and smelly poop is something that happens even to glamorous heiresses with such dainty names as Tiffany.

White Squall

-- posted 6.2.02003 by The Big Wiper

Based on true events in the early '60's, this movie recounts the fate of a 'semester-at-sea' sailing ship that capsizes in one of the worst 'white squall' Atlantic storms on record, resulting in a tragic loss of life among some of the students and faculty. The students-at-sea are all teenage boys, and early in the voyage they are rudely awakened to the start of the day by the insistent clanging of a bell. In their quarters, they all snap to, jumping out of their bunks (one hits his head in his haste) and scrambling around like headless chickens. In the background, one of the guys is briefly shown on the solitary toilet taking a dump, pulling up his white jockey shorts quickly to join his buddies for inspection on the deck above.

Wild at Heart

-- posted 12.14.02004 by pluh returns

While Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern are trying to dodge the law down South (Cage skipped parole), Dern's mother (in the movie and in real life) Dianne Ladd sends her boyfriend after them. However, a long history of organized crime screws everything up for Ladd. In one very surreal scene, an old mob boss is shown upon the throne, talking on the phone, and watching a topless striptease all at once.


-- posted 4.21.02004 by Shyman

This is a poop scene that never was. In one scene, Kathyrn (Elena Harring), tells Willard (Crispin Glover) that their boss, Mr. Martin (R. Lee Ermey), has been killed, possibly by an animal mauling. Willard tells her he's hungry and asks if they can leave. He goes to his coat rack to grab his coat and notices blood on the sleeve. Willard heads upstairs to look for a replacement while Kat asks to use his bathroom; however, he's all the way upstairs and can't hear her. A second or so later, she's tearing the duct tape off the toilet lid rim and supposedly "drains the main vein."

But on the DVD, the deleted footage shows that same sequence with a scene of her butt cheek sitting on the toilet. It was edited because Elena was uncomfortable with the scene. A second later, she flushes and moist rats climb from the bowl.

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!

-- posted 4.21.02004 by Troutman Coolee

The title character (played by Josh Duhamel) is a Hollywood movie actor. Rosalee Futch (played by Kate Bosworth) is a beautiful supermarket employee in Frasier's Bottom, West Virginia. Rosalee enters the title contest, wins, and travels to Hollywood for her dream date with the movie star.

Meanwhile back home, Pete (played by Topher Grace), one of Rosalee's co-workers, has long been madly in love with Rosalee, but has never told her so. After Rosalee returns home from her dream date, Tad suddenly and unexpectedly arrives in Frasier's Bottom to further pursue her affections. Pete is now really sulking over the apparent loss of his dream girl to Tad, and has a few things to tell Tad about how he expects him to treat Rosalee well. To do so, Pete bursts into a bathroom and opens a stall door where Tad is sitting on the potty with his pants down. After asking Tad to "pardon the intrusion," Pete declares, "You've won!" -- meaning Tad had apparently won Rosalee away from him. Then Pete goes on to tell Tad how special Rosalee, is and how Tad had better respect a lot of things about her, including her "six kinds of smiles." The conversation finally ends with Tad pulling off some toilet paper and asking Pete if he can have some seclusion now. Pete then complies, by shutting the stall door and leaving the bathroom.

With Honors

-- posted 7.26.02004 by The Big Wiper

Joe Pesci plays Simon, a bearded, alcoholic, homeless guy who 'lives' more or less around the Harvard campus. He is taken in by overachieving Harvard bookworm, Monty, played by Brendan Fraser, and given free reign of Monty's house, where he takes baths wearing Viking horns and otherwise fails to become inconspicuous among the other housemates.

In one sequence, Monty's housemate bounds into the house and up the stairs to the bathroom, whereupon he opens the door to find Simon, with some reading material, taking a crap with his pants around his ankles, and reacting to the intrusion in a genuinely Shameless manner.

Without A Paddle

-- posted 12.13.02004 by Troutman Coolee

Three childhood buddies go on a treasure hunt in the wilderness of Oregon, thinking they are out to find the loot taken by the infamous D.B. Cooper. After their canoe crashes over a waterfall, they try to find their way back to civilization while being pursued by marijuana-growing hoodlums whose fields they stumbled upon. They discover two girls living in a tree, Julia Butterfly Hill-style. One of the girls is even named Butterfly.

They climb up to the treehouse. Just before the pot growers find them there, one of the guys announces that he "has to go" and asks the girls, "Where do you do the doo here?" One of them shows him where they have put away bags that they pooped in, in a loft above their treehouse.

Soon the bad guys find them hidden out there, and start shooting at them and sawing at the base of the tree. To fight back, the girls start retrieving the sacks of their poop and dropping them down on the two hoodlums. We graphically see a lot of still soft and gooshy poop break out of the bags and ooze all over the intruders below. Gee, these girls had a remarkable poop output, or else a remarkable way of keeping a lot of poop soft and wet for such a long time!

Working Girl

-- posted 3.11.02003 by The Big Wiper

In this Academy-Award nominated film, Melanie Griffith stretches credulity as a ditzy secretary who wants to be taken seriously in business, teaming up with Harrison Ford along the way. In a very early scene, she arrives late for her job at an investment company and right off the bat answers an important phone call for one of the young guys she works with. "Where is he?" she asks. Another guy nearby helpfully pinches his nose with one hand and pulls an imaginary chain with another, indicating he is taking a crap.

So she heads to the men's room, knocks on the door, creeps inside without trying to see anything and calls the guy's name out nervously several times. She tells him he has an important phone call, and he asks her if she can't take a message or something. A guy standing at the urinals further inside the room listens to the exchange, but doesn't move, while Griffith continues to try to avert her eyes. Suddenly, we hear from the crapping guy: "Toilet paper! There's no toilet paper!" He then stands up in his stall and, his head clearing the top, turns to her and asks if she will get him some toilet paper.

She looks around, apparently far more embarrassed than he is, finds a roll and tip-toes across the room to hand it to him under the stall. She moves and acts like she is handling explosives -- or maybe even a turd. The guy thanks her, saying: "You're very kind."

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k 500+ points

The one in Dumb and Dumber was hilarious!!!

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j 1000+ points

Actually, I just saw that "shit splashing on girlfriend's family eating breakfast" scene from the movie "Trainspotting" for the first time the other day.

It was early in the morning and I too was eating my morning oatmeal and flipping though the HBO channels.

I was unexpectedly grossed out !! YUCH !!

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m 1+ points - Newb

These are great. You might want to add "The Brother McMullen," which has a great Irish dump/bitch about life scene. One brother walks in on the other while he's dumping and starts talking like no tomorrow, except that he asks the brother on the can if he's ever heard of a "mercy flush!" It's a very good film overall. It's an Ed Burns film...totally NY Irish and not very glamorous.

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Maybe someone can tell me what movie it was but I once saw a flick were a guy walks into "The most filthy restroom in Ireland", he takes a dump I think, but then he dives into the bowl in a psychadellic newage surreal thing. He dives in the water and swims around.

A Dude's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

It's not a movie, but Eminem's "Without Me" has him taking a dump with his junpsuit on while dressed as the old Elvis. First he pulls a submarine sandwhich out of the bowl and takes a bite. Later in the video he changes characters and shrinks enough to stand on one of the logs he had earlier laid in the bowl.

Very interesting.

curiousity's picture

Why doesn't any of the Bullies in these teen movies make the victim shit their pants in front of everyone!

Like Jawbreaker that would have been great.

Dave's picture
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Hey a dude -- i think that was the aformentioned scene in trainspotting.

Toiletreader's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Not strictly a toilet scene, but worth mentioning...

In "Dumb and Dumber," I think I recall that Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels has to take a major wicked four minute piss while the other drives the van. The one peeing fills up like five beer bottles (with sound effects) while the other tries to keep them from spilling, but it gets even better. All this activity in the van causes erratic driving and attracts the attention of a really dumbass cop. The cop INSISTS on testing the liquid in the beer bottles with a sniff and then a taste. It's hysterical.

I think that one of them also does creative pissing in a toilet stall like a little boy...he directs his stream in all sorts of direction in the toilet bowl as he realizes that some hot stall action is on the way to play!

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

The only problem with the pulp fiction scene is that when he puts the gun down, it's un-cocked. The bad guy proceeds to pick it up and fire it with out cocking it, or perhaps it was vice versa, anyway, just a funny blunder, he would have never been able to kill him.

doniker's picture
j 1000+ points

Their is a website (I am too lazy right now to look for it) that specializes in listing all the mistakes made in movies. For example, a guy could have the top button of his shirt unbuttoned in a scene, then they cut away show him again and it's buttoned, then show him a third time and it's unbuttoned again. Pulp Fiction has like 500 little mistakes in it.

AssBlaster2000's picture
PoopReport of the Year Awardj 1000+ points

that would be

Jason Poolick's picture

Van Wilder....I have 3 words for you..."Mega Colon Blow" laugh I've had in years!!

Spiff's picture

Great Idea! I've submitted a movie scene (the last scene in Pink Flamingos).

Wouldn't it be great if each listing also had a link to the IMDB entry for the movie? Mine is:

kev's picture

hey! you have to include dogma, that film has SHIT DEMON!! how cool is that?

TC's picture

What about Mr Hanky the Christmas poo from South Park? Oh and Trashcanman, you don't actually see Travolta putting the gun down you just see Willis picking it up.

doniker's picture
j 1000+ points

Don't worry TC, Trashcanman couldn't care less about Pulp Fiction. He was just bragging as usual because he has this fantasy that he is the No. 1 expert on firearms on earth. When his mommy lets him play with his water pistols he pretends they are real.

imajin's picture

well now that i had read these scenes of toilet humor in movies, i got to go and see all of it, because it seems so hilarious.

Fartie's picture

ba ba black sheep

sam's picture

one day i was craping my pants and i went in to the craper but it was full to the top with crap so i tryed to hold it in but i had to crap in the urinal i went back later that day and i found out that everyone else had also craprd in it too hehehehehehe.

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

well, after much pleading, dave refuses to include Jurrasic Park, so I'll just say it here, Jurassic Park, the lawyer!

warrior princess's picture

all the Austin Powers movies have some kind of bathroom part in them in International man of mystery the famous long pee part in The Spy Who Shagged Me (Fat Batards pooping) ,Austin at the casino mentoned above ,and in Gold Member the fart jokes galore

warrior princess's picture

The Spy Who Shagged Me (Fat Batards pooping)

jdog's picture

Where in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is there any shitting? There are several scenes of Benicio del Toro vomiting, and another where he's splashing around in the tub in his underwear, but I don't believe there is any shitting or farting involved.

Jack Meoff's picture

As Tom and Nicole are preparing for a night out, she stops to relieve herself with Tom standing right there. No shameful shitter here. The dainty wipe is even caught on camera.

Jack Meoff's picture

Oh, the aforementioned movie was "Eyes Wide Shut".

Piglet's picture

Okay, so they are manure scenes- but all 3 Back to the Future movies have grrrreat manure truck crashes in them!

Danny's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Not a movie, but Conker's Bad Fur Day (Video game for Nintendo 64, rated M). One of the bosses is "The Great Mighty Poo", who is a fifty foot tall evil pile of singing shit. Yes. SINGING shit. Also, you put out fire by urinating on them, but that's not poop.

Final Fantasy VII had some poop scenes. Early in the game, Barrett (a hero) terrorizes some guy into shitting his pants. A little later, you have to crawl throgh an air vent in the bathroom to reach an executive meeting that you want to spy on. As the suits are leaving, one of them notes the odd smell. The third scene is the most definate poop scene. At one point in the game, you find a man who REALLY needs to crap, but the only bathroom in the bar is being used by some sick lady. Being the hero of the game, you find some medicine for the woman, and (depending on what medicine you got her, Deorderant, Digestive, or Laxative), she'll give you perfume in thanks, and the poor barfly will be crapping for the rest of the game.

imajin's picture

Well i finally seen jackass the movie and it is the best as when the kid does it on himself, and in the hard ware store.And for a bonus part, at the end one of the guys had to get the toy car out of him. So he takes exlax and spats it out. it doesn't show, or hear him doing it but he is on the can with a disgruntled expression, and he drops the car which is in a condom on the floor with some shit around it.(that film is the best)

Piglet's picture

"Meet the Parents" has a scene where the septic tank has overflowed an covered the back lawn. A truck then pulls across the lawn and gets stuck- when he guns the engine- the carp splashes up all over the entire family!

pc's picture

Looking for the poop euphemism "dropping the kids off at the pool". Was that ever a line in a movie? I think so, but I cant rememeber which one? Any ideas? Please help!!!

donny b's picture

dropping the kids of at the pool was in the South Park episode where they were protesting Terrance and Phillip, and everyone had the shits.

Jimbi's picture

I believe that in one of the Jurassic Park movies some one gets eaten off the throne! (Me thunks it be the first movie. Look it rhymes!) I can't recall the exsact situation, so i'll let someone else do it. That is all.

The Big Wiper's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

It's the lawyer that gets eaten, but he's not taking a shit. He's merely hiding in the toilet. In fact, he's sitting on a closed lid. Not a real poop scene, although he undoubtedly becomes dino poop shortly thereafter.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

shagcatt's picture

51st state is no movie, its a sham. a similar movie however, goes by the name formula 51.

master cocksman e.'s picture

jdog,i totally agree, there is no shitting in fear and loathing in Las Vegas. whoever submitted that can eat shit right out of my ass.

rd's picture

There is also no shitting in "operation Condor". In fact, Jacky Chan is hidin' in a young woman's bathroom, but all we see is a very short scene of her running quickly to the toilet and sittin' down.

5wipesormore's picture

In Oliver Stones film about the Doors, Jim Morrison tells someone they can "Suck a fart outta my ass!" That became a phrase I would later repeat to a future boss .. and I'm sure many more

Brittiny's picture

I think poop is gross but Funny to look at pictures

WanGirlPoop's picture

This Site Is Great but I Have A question there is a movie where a girl is in the woods pooping i think its doc holly wood but i dunnno i thinkn mike j fox is in it also if u can tell me thanx

WanGirlPoop's picture

What Peoples Favorite Female Toilet scence farting pooping scenes? I Wnat 2 C Underground Comedy Movie Cuz It Show Super Model Takin A Dump like the comercial say

WanGirlPoop's picture

I Jus Wanna Say That If Ane One Can Send Me A List Of Movie Where Girls Fart, poop, pee that b AWESOME. cuz i have a lil collection of it now like caged heat van wilder fatal instinct porkys 2 so if u can dat b AWESOME thanx

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

WanGirlPoop where should I go to rent the Underground comedy movie

annoymous's picture

I know that they guy in Jurasic Park never intendedto crap, and that he only went in the outhouse to hide, but don't you think that he would have crapped himself in fear anyway? I would.

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

I saw Jurassic Park when I was nine, so I don't remember much from that scene except "When you gotta go, you go!"

Tangerine's picture

Please add the movie "SPUN"

It has a great poop scene.

WanGirlPoop's picture

Spun it involves a girl or boy?

jeremy's picture

On cats and dogs a cat gets put in the house and its realy a mean cat and coughs up this ball and the cat opens it and theres a big pile of crap or poop on the floor and the dog got blamed for it and the dog got put out side

honey_monster's picture

WanGirlPoop: Spun has a girl taking a very graphic dump. Its done by the skinny girl from American Beauty. Mena Servuiaoeaoera?????

anyonymus's picture

That chick didn't crap in Operation COndor, some of you people shouldn't lie.

Big Doug's picture

Kings of the Road(dir. Wim Wenders)(Tammy Clewell already commented above) is the first movie I have ever seen where the actor really craps on camera and you watch it come out!

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